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Everyone dreams of meeting their soulmate.
The person who completes them.
For Peyton and Noah, they grew up together, falling in love along the way.

Wedding bells are ringing.
And the couple who almost wasn’t,
Is going to be.

Peyton and Noah invite you into their life.
To spend some time with their family.
As they prepare to walk down the aisle.

First published December 18, 2018

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About the author

Heidi McLaughlin

97 books6,954 followers
Heidi McLaughlin is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of The Beaumont Series, The Boys of Summer, and The Archers.

In 2012, Heidi turned her passion for reading into a full-fledged literary career, writing over twenty novels, including the acclaimed Forever My Girl.

Heidi’s first novel, Forever My Girl, has been adapted into a motion picture with LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions, starring Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe, and opened in theaters on January 19, 2018.

To stay connected with Heidi visit www.facebook.com/authorheidimclaughlin or heidimclaughlin.com

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2,828 reviews921 followers
December 16, 2018
4 beautifully romantic happy ending stars

With this novella, Heidi McLaughlin has given us what is essentially an extended epilogue to Holding Onto Forever, the first book in the Beaumont – Next Generation series. Peyton and Noah’s love story was an angsty and emotional friends-to-lovers story that ripped my heart out, and I love that we got to see a bit more of their happy ever after as they plan for the day they have both been dreaming of.

“We were destined to be together, to walk through lie as one.”

Yes, it’s wedding time! Peyton has graduated from college with a series of exciting job opportunities to consider, and Noah is living his dream as starting quarterback for Portland. Life is good, but Peyton finds herself struggling to cope with the life choices ahead of her, and with the trauma of the accident that brought her so close to death.

I truly felt for her and her confusion as she fought to figure it all out, but by her side she has the most incredible man who loves her like crazy and would do anything for her.

“You’re too good to me.”
He brushes the hair off my shoulder, drops his hands to pick me up. “I’m good because of you, Peyton. Without you, I am nothing.”

Noah is a dream. Sweet, supportive, loving and affectionate, he holds nothing back from Peyton, wanting only her happiness and to make all of her dreams come true. And he is everything that you would want in a partner as he holds Peyton’s hand through all of it. He himself has some things to figure out, but what I loved about this book is that there’s no stupid drama. Their relationship is strong, they are committed, and that doesn’t change. They have each other and that’s all they need, and they work together to move forward and start the life that they always wanted.

“Thank you so much for loving me.”
Again, I’m doing what I’ve always done, and push her hair behind her ear. “I don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t love you.”

This is a gorgeous read that take place during the timeframe of the last book in the series, Chasing My Forever (Quinn’s book), so we get to see a bit of that story from a different perspective. And with all of the Beaumont characters a part of the action with all their fabulous dynamics and relationships, this is a fangirl’s dream that had tears in my eyes as we get to be a part of a very special moment for all of them.

I loved it – 4 stars!

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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662 reviews20 followers
January 13, 2019
OHHHH this story is perfect. I loved them so hard and can’t wait for Liam to be a grandpa!!
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1,042 reviews274 followers
May 29, 2019
4 Peyton and Noah Stars

I'm really glad we got a chance to catch up with Noah and Peyton again. I felt like this gave us a good look at their relationship and what happens when the HEA is hovering just in front of our couple but is just out of reach. I preferred this to their first book. Good character development and interesting twists, plus a gorgeous ending.
HEA? Yes
Cheating? No
Profile Image for Sharon.
1,595 reviews15 followers
December 19, 2018
What an amazing story written by Heidi! Peyton and Noah are trying to get married, she's always dreamed of a Christmas wedding, but everyone knows you don't get married or have babies during the football season!
As Peyton struggles with her decision on her dream wedding, or Noah facing ridicule for planning a wedding during the season, she's also trying to come to terms with her accident, and finding a job, she's overwhelmed.
Noah is determined to make her dreams come true, no matter what. He almost lost her once and he won't let anything hurt her, he loves her more than anything!
It's not often you find your true love at the age of five, but these two have been through hell and back and they will fight to be happy no matter what!
I fell in love with this book, Heidi did an amazing job bringing us their story in true Heidi form! All I can say is this gets 5 high fives for a love story so well written, you don't want to miss it! Grab this one now!!
Profile Image for Steph (A Brunette and Her Books).
455 reviews23 followers
December 13, 2018
After a tumultous few months, Peyton Powell-James is finally living the life she wants with her best friend turned fiance, Noah Westbury. But with that life, comes choices, comes doubt. And out of that doubt, comes a love so pure, Heidi does a fabulous job of bringing two souls torn apart through life's circumstances into one perfect coupling that allows readers to remember why the fell in love with this entire series in the first place.

I, for one, hope this is not the end of the Beaumont series, because I know I'm not ready to let go of these characters just yet.
Profile Image for MJLovestoRead.
1,852 reviews46 followers
December 29, 2018
I have to admit I have loved this entire series from the very start with Forever My Girl. And considering the author had said she would never write about the offspring of 4225 West, I am more than happy she relented and gave us this next generation.

With Peyton & Noah, I love their love and the support they continue to get from their wonderfully boisterous extended family and friends. Having been through what they had to get to the point where they will finally be husband and wife is a miracle in itself. But I never doubted that they would find a way to be together forever.

There is a ton of indecision wrt their work schedules and Peyton's job opportunities and I will be honest when I say that it started to get a bit repetitive. The doubt Peyton seemed to harbor since her accident was understandable but it got a bit old at times. Thankfully Noah is still as caring as ever and let his bride-to-be come to her own decisions with the time she needed.

At times I felt as if more could have been written and certain parts expanded. Especially Peyton's feelings about her time in a coma and the feelings she had with respect to her Dad, Mason. From one chapter to the next, days or weeks would fly by and I could have read more about what transpired even though some had been covered in prior books.

Overall I do enjoy this Beaumont crew and can only hope we get to revisit them from time to time to catch up on how they are all doing. They will continue to remain a sentimental favorite of mine.

3.5 stars.
Profile Image for Jill M.
1,161 reviews72 followers
December 11, 2018
Peyton and Noah have this special place in my heart. They’ve been through so much and Heidi gave them the perfect continuing HEA. She wrote this story with lots of heart and emotion, taking us on a special journey of two soul mates preparing to be man and wife. It’s about support and family and living your best life. She blew all my expectations out the water pulling on the heartstrings and making me a blubbering mess.

I absolutely loved that Heidi weaved this story with Quinn’s story giving us a little perspective from that story as well. You will not be disappointed when picking up this book and you’ll definitely have a full heart and smile when you flip that last page. I can’t wait to see where the next generation goes…

Profile Image for Darcy.
12.2k reviews417 followers
December 24, 2018
I really liked this one. Liked how it wasn't just about the wedding, but their life. I especially like how Noah was ready to support Peyton in her career, to the point where he was ready to make a huge career move to make sure that Peyton got what she wanted.

The wedding itself had me in tears, loved the quiet moments between everyone, loved the vows and the HEA.
December 28, 2018
Great addition to the series! Thank you for sharing Peyton and Noah's wedding prep with us. Huge thank you for showing us the whole Beaumont gang again. It was like being at the best family reunion throughout the story! Loved it all! Perfect holiday read. Sweet love story! Read the series and fall in love with this family.
Profile Image for Princess.
420 reviews77 followers
March 18, 2021
.....I struggled with this rating. I expected such a sweet story and was so looking forward to the wedding. What I got was much of a repeat of Quinn’s story. It wasn’t fluffy. It was actually pretty dark. Elle has been pretty much unlikable in the last 3 books and Peyton just seemed so immature at times. Definitely not my fav
Profile Image for Lindsay.
1,022 reviews4 followers
January 20, 2021
These stories are too much the same. The characters don’t change even when it’s completely different people... the stories are the same. This one had no excitement to the story at all. It was very boring.
Profile Image for Amanda Ivie-Reichardt.
116 reviews4 followers
December 27, 2018
Not as good as expected

Ive always enjoyed the series but this book dragged for me. Loved the last few chapters but there was still some forcing my way through it to finish.
Profile Image for Sandy S.
6,291 reviews158 followers
December 18, 2018
4.5 stars--

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 18, 2018

Bells will be ringing. It's the wedding everyone's been waiting for and you're cordially invited to the Christmas wedding.


REVIEW: 4.5 stars--PEYTON AND NOAH is instalment 3.5 in Heidi McLaughlin’s contemporary, adult BEAUMONT: THE NEXT GENERATION romance series, a spin-off from the authors Beaumont series. This is the continuing story of Peyton Powell- James and Portland Pioneers’ quarterback Noah Westbury, in the months preceding their Christmas wedding. PEYTON AND NOAH should not be read as a stand alone. I recommend reading the series in order for back story and cohesion

NOTE: Some of the events of PEYTON AND NOAH run parallel to, and crosses over with some of the events in CHASING MY FOREVE-Quinn and Nola’s story line. If you have not read the previous instalments in the series, there may be some spoilers in my review.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Peyton and Noah) PEYTON AND NOAH focuses on the upcoming wedding between journalism graduate Peyton Powell-James to the love of her life quarterback Noah Westbury. It’s the off-season for professional football and Noah is hoping to pin down a date for his upcoming wedding to Peyton James, a date that revolves around the Christmas holidays. Life and everything it has to offer continues to push at our story line couple including the opportunity of a life-time for Peyton that may or may not come with ulterior motives. Second thoughts and questions about the who, how and why find our heroine struggling with a direction in life, including what was and what will never be.

PEYTON AND NOAH is an ensemble story line that brings together most of the James and Westbury families we have come to love. From football games to holiday celebrations, heartbreak and happiness, the members of the rock band West 4225 and their extended family and friends is a force to be reckoned with when one of their own is in pain or hurt.

Heidi McLaughlin pulls the reader into a story line of family and friendship, happiness and hope, love, honor, and happily ever after. A thought-provoking, real and inviting tale where fairy-tales really do come true.

Copy supplied for review

Profile Image for Yoneidis.
1,866 reviews6 followers
June 23, 2020
Peyton and Noah’s wedding finally arrives. Although it seemed that it was never going to arrive since they still did not have clear the date of the wedding. With Peyton still undecided about what job offer to accept, in addition to the problems and traumas that she still has since the accident make her constantly doubt. But Noah is by her side each step of the way.
I ❤️to see this couple get their HEA with a dream wedding.
I can’t wait to continue reading about this great family, and above all I want to read Paige’s book( Noah’s little sister) and Mack.

“I can see the gears spinning, the thoughts cranking away. I know you, Peyton, so I want you to stop. Don’t ever question my love for you or look for a hidden message in my words. Your parents aren’t married, it works for them. Our wedding date is months away, and we’ve yet to decide on the simplest things, like a color theme or the flowers. I’m hoping you’re doing that with your mom, with Elle, and maybe with my mom and Paige, but if you’re not, and this date doesn’t work for us, tell me. I’ll marry you right now, tomorrow, next year, the year after that, if that’s what you want.” “What did I do to deserve a man like you?” “I ask myself the same question every day about you because you are the love of my life, and I hate that we wasted so many years.”

“Where are we getting married?” “Where my parents did,” Noah tells me. “At six p.m. I’m hoping you’ll meet me there. I’ll be the guy standing at the front, with your brother and my dad by my side, waiting for the love of his life to walk down the aisle with her dad by her side.” I turn and pull Noah into my arms. “I’ll be there. I promise.”

“You are my light, my happy, my everything. Today starts our forever.” My hand covers the watch, holding it in her hand. She rises to kiss me. It’s soft and perfect. “Merry Christmas, my love.”
Profile Image for Kathryn Linke .
2,117 reviews23 followers
December 17, 2018
4.5 Stars

Like many other readers I adored seeing Peyton and Noah grow up throughout the Beaumont series. Their memorable journey began with Holding Onto Forever and their special bond, and connection has continued to build and grow despite their tumultuous past, with each addition to the series.

In this title we see this pair of soulmates prepare to walk down the isle with the help of their loving and supportive family and friends, many who are favorites from the original Beaumont series, and the Next Generation series.

Peyton and Noah runs concurrent to Chasing My Forever so I highly recommend reading it before reading this title. A great addition to the series, full of the heat, heart and humor I've come to expect from Ms McLaughlin's writing.
Profile Image for Jade Davis.
331 reviews1 follower
March 14, 2019
I read the Beaumont books a while back then couldn’t wait to read the next generation books. I went back and caught up on the previous books I had to catch up on. I love these books. It’s the big family and the different characters! It’s so well rounded.

I did really enjoy this novella. It’s a follow-up to the first book in the next generation. It was good too as it spanned over the course of the three books so it did jump time a bit.

I loved the story of Noah and Peyton! They had been friends there whole lives. It wasn’t till they were older did they realise.

I am so happy there will be another novella for when they start a family.

I also feel I need a novella for the Mack and Paige relationship! Especially with her protective brother and father!
Profile Image for Amy Johnson.
947 reviews6 followers
April 11, 2019
I really enjoyed "Peyton & Noah" by Heidi McLaughlin. This my new favorite series and it's off to a great start. I thought this book was going to be more centered around the wedding without the repetitive back stories... but overall, it was still great and still high on my list!
I'm so glad that this amazing series will continue on through the eyes of the next generation... can't wait to see how it evolves along the way. I hope with fingers crossed that there will be more....
This is a great series to read if you have read the original Beaumont series - it can stand alone - but would be so much better if read afterwards... not to mention that the first series is amazing, so why wouldn't you read it!
Happy reading...enjoy!
Profile Image for Tina.
Author 1 book26 followers
June 21, 2019
While this was a little drawn out, it was a good addition to the Beaumont Universe.
Peyton struggling to come to terms with dying and coming back, seeing her deceased birth father and momentarily wanting to go with him could have used more exploration.
I would have preferred it to the overly repetitive lines of how much Noah loves her and doesn't want to lose her.
The actual wedding was lovely and as mushy as you expect. The vows between Peyton and Noah were well written and emotive.
It was clear this book was specifically about the wedding because career decisions and Peyton's mental health were set aside slightly.
I would have liked to see her follow up with the woman from the group. There is more to Peyton and her experience with death.
Profile Image for Krista.
971 reviews62 followers
December 18, 2018
3.5 stars

I was excited to get this little novella after reading Noah and Peyton's story to begin with. We start this with Peyton struggling to come to terms with living through her accident and how she should live her life, while trying to plan a wedding for herself and Noah.

Noah struggles with how to help Peyton, but loves her and vows to always be there for her.

The reason I am giving this a 3.5 is because it jumps around a lot with lots of side happenings with other members of their family. Overall I liked this, just needed to be sharper tuned.

One click to find out how their wedding turns out.
December 18, 2018
What a fabulous novella Peyton and Noah is. An extension to their story all Beaumont fans need to read.
After all the trails and tribulations Payton and Noah have endured over the last few years they are finally in their happy place with their wedding to look forward to, but as a few insecurities start to rear their ugly head will they finally settle on a date, make it down the aisle and get the happily ever after they both so much deserve.

Can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed this book. It definitely comes highly recommended by me!!!
(Please be aware this book can not be read as a standalone you must have at least read Holding onto Forever first)
Profile Image for Jamie  Zishka.
803 reviews10 followers
December 18, 2018
This Novella will bring you closure on Peyton and Noah's life. I would give this a 3.5 stars.
I did get a bit confused with this story as it brought so many characters into play so I felt like it was skipping some parts and not pieced together the best.. but fans of this whole story starting with the Beaumont series will enjoy seeing how this all comes together.

Peyton is trying to find her purpose in life since her accident and Noah is trying to gain his footing in his career.. both trying to find the time to get married... will it all work out? Or will Peyton doubts about life cause a problem.

Get to clicking and see what happens.
Profile Image for Kelly.
524 reviews4 followers
December 20, 2018
Peyton & Noah by Heidi McLaughlin is one that i could not put down. From the very beginning, I have been in love with this series. These characters are ones that you can relate to and feel every emotion they encounter. I feel these books can be read as stand-alones, but I guarantee that reading just one book is not an option. Once you start these books they are so hard to put down.
This book to me was full of happy emotions. Peyton and Noah's journey is one with ups and downs. They have been through so much, but they have been through it together. The feels and emotions bring the reader into the character's life. I can not wait to read more books from Heidi McLaughlin.
Profile Image for Ashley Hermann.
49 reviews
December 20, 2018
Payton & Noah

**Five Stars*** Heidi has done it again with Payton and Noah! It is amazing after so many books following the same family, we still feel so connected to these characters. This book picks up a few years after Payton’s accident, and although Payton’s body has healed her heart and mind still need some work. Noah is working hard to make a name for himself as a quarterback, struggling to balance being there for the team and being there for his fiancé. But the love that Payton and Noah have shared their entire lives will persevere to their HEA! An amazing story and exactly the wedding that Payton and Noah deserve.
Profile Image for HG7.
463 reviews
December 25, 2018
This family is one of my favorite fictional families and I love that I feel like the Aunt who has watched them all grow up together. It started with a Liam's return to Beaumont, to a kid he never knew he had. To the man that kid turned out to be. Peyton wouldn't be who she is without Liam and Harrison, or Quinn, but I love how Mason is STILL my favorite character. With all the rock or football stars, the dead guy still steals the show. Love how he was honored throughout all these stories.

Thanks for another sneak peak into the next-generation of Beaumont. Looking forward to them grandbabies ....
Profile Image for Lisa.
781 reviews5 followers
December 18, 2018
I have loved the characters of Beaumont since the very beginning and I have absolutely adored watching Peyton and Noah grow up through out the Beaumont series. Then going on the the emotional ride that was Holding Onto Forever had me loving them even more. So I was so excited when I learned we were gonna get this novella and watch them finally marry. McLaughlin did not disappoint. This one was just as emotional and had me swooning hard!
I can't even tell you how much I loved this one! I highly recommend picking this one up! You won't be sorry!
Profile Image for Chivii Cuello.
137 reviews2 followers
January 4, 2019
Se me hizo tan largo de leer. Parecía que no lo terminaba más. Necesito diálogos por dios. Me duerme tener que leer y leer pensamientos. Lo único que me gustó fue los detalles de la historia de Quinn cosa que me spoilee TERRIBLEMENTE. No me di cuenta que este viene después. :(
Saltaba en el tiempo la historia y todo seguía lo mismo. Es la historia de la boda de ellos y lo único que mostraron es a ella eligiendo el vestido y nada más.
Nada interesante. Y me aburre cuando cuentan cosas del deporte porque no entiendo nada. Sorry. Este libro no fue para mí.
Profile Image for Becca Whaley.
970 reviews5 followers
October 20, 2022
Im a blubbering mess finally seeing Peyton get everything she’s ever wanted . Also I can happily say that no man this author ever writes will take Harrison James’ place in my heart. They don’t come any better than him . Yes I know this is Noah’s time to shine but Harrison is my one… I do love how Noah and Peyton both were willing to give up on things to protect the other, to make the others dream come true. It’s what true love is all about. I love how the family all came together so much in this one….
Profile Image for Amber Boyd.
664 reviews14 followers
December 19, 2018
As a lover of all things Beaumont and all things that Heidi McLaughlin writes, I was eager to experience Peyton and Noah walk down the aisle. And can I just say I was NOT DISAPPOINTED AT ALL!!! Heidi did so good with this pair. So many emotions in this story. I laughed, sighed (Noah is swoony goodness) and there were tears; but only the good kind of tears!! So grab your tissues, a glass of wine and get ready to toast the newest Mr. & Mrs. Westbury!! ♥️♥️♥️
Profile Image for Amazeballs Book Addicts.
2,782 reviews242 followers
December 17, 2018
This one is a quick short read. It's more of Peyton & Noah's story and this time there's going to be a wedding. Noah is playing professional football and Peyton has graduating from college. Peyton is struggling with life decisions but that just makes her so much more likeable. Peyton and Noah have so much love for each. As they both go through some stuff but there was no doubt in my mind that these two what have a wonderful wedding.
Displaying 1 - 30 of 122 reviews

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