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Dark Places, Evil Faces #2

Dark Places, Evil Faces Volume II

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Dark Places, Evil Faces is Volume 2 in this Horror and Dark Suspense anthology series. Including works of fiction by Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Ketchum and many more. All the proceeds raised from the sale of this book will be donated to Rethink Mental Illness.

501 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 20, 2018

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Mark Lumby

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669 reviews26 followers
January 31, 2019
Dark Places, Evil Faces volume II
Published by Dark Terror Publications on 26th October 2018
501 pages
This book consisted of 31 short stories, perfect for when you need a short burst of horror. Every story was different, with various lengths and subject matter.
Starting off my review is Lisa Vasquez’s story is Mazie Shade of Winter. George was a successful author, happy with his life, then tragedy strikes making him a widower. 2 years later, we join him whilst he is trying to finish his latest work. Battling a storm, there is something more sinister than forked lightning. Reading this story you can feel George’s sense of loss and the guilt he had for not being there. However, the further you go into the story, you soon realise that George has something to hide. As the storm intensifies so does the story. With the basement having history and the constant clicking noise, you could understand George’s fear. However, when the lightning lit up the basement, not only was George’s secret revealed but there were a few unexpected surprises waiting. A creepy story.
Other stories I enjoyed were:
Man of Renown by Terry Grimwood: Set in 1888, Emily was always in fear, whether it was from violent clients or the Rips, a sadistic group of men. On one hectic night, a quiet unassuming gentleman came to her rescue and started a very unusual friendship. As you read this story, you are transported to the Victorian streets, the descriptive writing has you imagine the sights and sounds and Emily works her trade. The ending was unexpected and could this be another explanation of the deaths at the time.
Christmas with the Dead by Joe R Lansdale: Christmas time and Calvin wanted to decorate his house. What was different this year was the town was populated by Zombies. One thing I enjoyed when I was reading this story was the unusual way the people were turned. This was a story of survival and remembering the dead. A new friendship is formed and a festive ending.
Red Shoes by Andrew Lennon: Following Kurt and his vicious fixation with red shoes. This story is told over one night as we follow Kurt following his next victim. Whilst on his journey, he reminisces about his victims. The tension builds right up to the end as you are waiting for him to strike.
An Acquired Taste by Pippa Bailey: Detective Pascal is in charge of an unusual case. Men are found in their beds naked and in a coma. Their only mistake was to be in bed by themselves, asleep and having a window open. Whilst we knew who was behind the attacks, it is only when a specialist joins the team do the details come out and you can see the struggle that the Detective has in believing the facts. Fast paced fantasy.
Daddy’s Little Girl by Dale Robertson: Hayley’s parents were separated, all she wanted to do was stay with her dad. After finding an unusual box at a car boot, events start to unfold. The story draws you in with how sweet and innocent Hayley is. As you are reading the story, the true horror of the box is revealed and whilst the ending was to be expected the build-up wasn’t.
As well as the short stories there are two touching tributes. Lisa Vasquez writes a moving tribute to Draven Ames and Wrath James White writes a tribute to Jack Ketchum and after both tributes, there is a chance to read a short story by Draven Ames and Jack Ketchum.
As mentioned this book is for charity and with its bumper pages you will sure find a short story to please you.
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371 reviews26 followers
November 23, 2018
Charity Horror Anthology

Dark Places, Evil Faces is Volume 2 in this Horror and Dark Suspense anthology series. Including works of fiction by Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Ketchum and many more. All the proceeds raised from the sale of this book will be donated to Rethink Mental Illness.

I don’t get to write a proper review of this anthology because I am the editor. However, I will say that it was a great pleasure to be the editor for this amazing collection of authors and stories. The passion that each of the writers put into their work is moving and their enthusiasm for the project was humbling. The stories range from dark and haunting to psychological horror to extreme horror with a bit of everything in between. Really there is only one extreme horror story and it is a doozie. I enjoyed it.

Included are stories by two authors who are no longer with us, each with a tribute introduction by one close to them. Also included is an illustration introduction for each story by Joe Young. This is a massive collection of incredible work by many wonderful writers from around the globe.

All of the work has been donated for the cause, Rethink Mental Illness. Buy a copy for the cause and enjoy these timeless works for years to come.

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30 reviews6 followers
November 12, 2018
I don’t really write reviews but I knew I had to write one for this. Every story in this anthology stuck with me and one even made me gag. Horror at its finest, short and sweet.
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185 reviews
June 13, 2019
This was a pretty good collection of stories. There were only two that I really didn't like.
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9 reviews
April 30, 2020

The last story for me. I felt his pain over his mother and I wanted justice for him. I was glad his father got that ending.
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Author 48 books7 followers
March 31, 2020
Probably not the best thing to be reading late at night with the world as crazy as it is at the moment. The short stories in this anthology are thought provoking, cringey and horrific, as they should be. I highly recommend because the dark places are indeed full of evil faces.
Profile Image for Lynn Moomin.
17 reviews
November 15, 2020
Fulfilling collection!

This anthology, "Dark Places, Evil Faces" is one of the best collections of a wide variety of horror....there's something to be found for everyone. Ghost stories, stories of the horror created solely by humans, a dabble of the supernatural boogeyman. You're guaranteed to find more than one story that will creep you out and raise the hair on the back of your neck as you're reading. Enjoy!
134 reviews
February 11, 2021
Definitely a must read

Really great mix of stories. I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a great mix of horror stories. They are well written and will keep you engrossed from the beginning to the end.
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165 reviews4 followers
April 12, 2019
This was a strange one - I bought it because I loved the first one to pieces, but this is a jumbled mess, and I take it; riding on the success of the first (cause that was awesome, and surely I am not the only one who thought that). This collection is all over the spectrum, and not all the stories are horror. It is like either the short story is really good, or really lame, there is no in between. And I would say that it's half and half. Is it worth reading? Sure, you get a good amount of stories for your money and as I said, the good ones are real good. I would recommend it, just don't expect it to be as good as the first, even if this one have way more acknowledged authors.
June 30, 2019
Great horror anthology

I would say this is one of the best horror anthologies I have read. Most are hit and miss with the stories but this one did a great job of choosing good writers and interesting stories.
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29 reviews
January 10, 2019
This book was so lame, couldn’t even finish it. Every story seemed to have the same premise, not scary, pure unadulterated shit. Did add an extra ⭐️ for Rethink Mental Illness.
Profile Image for jody scheppmann.
34 reviews2 followers
December 25, 2018
Great short stories!

For anyone who likes a story before bed..this is the perfect one! Each story gets your imagination going and makes you feel like your in the room with the characters
Profile Image for Sea Caummisar.
Author 67 books403 followers
January 25, 2020
2020 reading challenge ( Anthology). This book was kinda awesome. The intro got me in the perfect mindset to journey into these stories. I absolutely loved some of the stories. And others were just okay. A few bordered too much into scyfy for my tastes. But that's how it is with any Anthology. This is the kind of book that you can't go wrong with. I did skip two stories after reading them about halfway through... But that's okay because it was such a long book so it still felt worthwhile.
Profile Image for Chris.
198 reviews1 follower
January 17, 2020
Surprisingly good collection. I probably liked most of the stories here. Of course, there were I few I didn't really care for. My favs include Resonant Evil by Graham Masterton, Ain't Nothing Free by Lex H. Jones, Just Waiting by Ramsey Campbell, Brownie by Myk Pilgrim, and Bully by Jack Ketchum.
155 reviews10 followers
November 27, 2018
Nice anthology

A well compiled collection of dark tales that lived up to volume I. The book is a standalone, that may be read without reading volume I. Available on kindle unlimited!
280 reviews
December 28, 2019
Usual mix of stories but this time mainly good ones. There was only one that I gave up on but the rest are all good and short ways to pass the time.
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945 reviews51 followers
December 29, 2019
Another typical anthology where some of the early stories are good, as was one of the very last ones, but the remainder ranged from forgettable to just not good.
Author 6 books1 follower
June 26, 2020
this is a stranger volume than the first! not a bad thing! i'm giving it 4 stars for originality and keeping my attention. The short stories were very interesting!!
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