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Havenwood Falls #17

How the Dead Lie

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Haunted by a horrifying past, Octavia Hollows has lived her life on the move. Like all supernatural beings, when she crosses into Havenwood Falls, she sets off the town’s protective wards. Unlike with most, the officials take immediate action, recognizing her as the powerful necromancer who, as a child, raised the dead in a gruesome public spectacle.

Still, they give Octavia a chance. Ninety days probation. No dark magic. Achieve that, and she will be granted residency. They even secure employment for her at Pyntz’s Butcher Shoppe.

A necromancer working in a butcher shop. What could possibly go wrong?

Just when she settles in and begins opening up to the possibility of a forever home, Octavia discovers a dead body stuffed in the shop’s meat freezer. He’s nude. He looks like a cover model. And now, thanks to Octavia momentarily losing control of her abilities, he’s alive … again.

Fearing someone would go so far as to kill to drive her out of Havenwood Falls, Octavia teams up with Willie, the resurrected hottie, to solve the mystery of his murder. They must work fast, though, before more corpses appear. Otherwise, Octavia could find herself booted from town along with an army of raised undead.

Welcome to the secluded mountain town of Havenwood Falls, home to sexy men, strong women, and neighbors who bite. Discover supernatural mystery, thrills, and romance in a place where everyone has a deep, dark, and often deadly secret.

This is a stand-alone story in the Havenwood Falls shared world, a collaborative effort by multiple authors across multiple series all in the paranormal fantasy genre, allowing readers to discover new authors and stories to fall in love with. Each author brings a stand-alone plotline, so they can be read in any order.

97 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 26, 2018

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Stacey Rourke

62 books725 followers

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Profile Image for Sarah.
3,343 reviews1,017 followers
November 27, 2019
How the Dead Lie is an introduction to Stacey Rourke's Journals of Octavia Hollows series, if you've already read the other novellas this gives you the chance to see first hand how she met her adorable sidekick Bacon and learn more about her journey started. It's also part of the Havenwood Falls series, I have to admit I've not read any of the other books in that series but as far as I can tell it's a multi-author series linked by a common location. From the characters we meet in this book it seems like Havenwood Falls is populated by a large range of supernatural creatures from werewolves and witches through to goblins and vampires and beyond. I'd actually be interested to try some other books in the series, it seems like a great way to find some new to me authors.

Anyway, I picked this up because I love Octavia Hollows and I spotted this additional story listed on Stacey Rourke's website. Octavia's story is one of those fun, quirky urban fantasy series that has you giggling your way through as Octavia stumbles from one disastrous situation to the next. This introduction to her world is no difference, I mean what else do you expect when you give a necromancer a job in a butchers shop? Hopefully this story will introduce some Havenwood Falls fans to a new series just like it's helped me discover Havenwood Falls.
Profile Image for Cheree Castellanos Edits.
286 reviews26 followers
September 6, 2018
With every new book I am amazed. Just when you think a MC can’t get any funnier or more likeable, bam, another Stacey Rourke book!
This was my official first book in the Havenwood Falls series, and let me tell you, I am hooked. This story was such an amazing introduction into this town and its characters, that I was definitely left wanting more. I love that you can get a jampacked story in such a short little read. I have many of these juicy nuggets on my TBR list now.
Octavia is a character after my own heart. Full of spunk, sass, and an I don’t give a crap attitude, all while secretly, majorly giving a crap! She wants to be accepted in a world that has never accepted her, and she is trying to accept that her life will always be the life of a gypsy on the move. She has amazing powers that are dangerous and extremely unique, and that most folks don’t even want to understand. Then Havenwood Falls finds her. And things get so much better as they also fall apart around her.
She gets a job at the local butcher working for one of my favorite grumpy characters of all time! And her powers lead her to a truth she never knew was there. This short little novella is jampacked full of action, hilarity, characters you can’t help but love even as you hate them, more hilarity, and the beginning of an epic adventure to come! I can not wait for the rest of Octavia’s journey.
Profile Image for Autumn.
2,183 reviews40 followers
October 25, 2018

I received this book to give an honest review.

What the heck, can this author not write she has an amazing talent!

I was so happy to hear she had decided to write a Havenwood Falls novella because this town is the town I would love to be in. There is so much magic, mystery, surprises, love all wrapped up in this small town.

I also love how we get a necromancer in this town. I mean I have read about them before in other stories but this author did an amazing job and I have to say I want more! I need more!

We are introduced to Octavia who has it rough. It isn't bringing the dead back to life especially when you don't mean to. If you have read about this town then you know that Octavia will be in a probation period and will have to have a tattoo on her. Yet, with her working in a butcher shop you know something has to go wrong right or it wouldn't be Havenwood. Octavia will have a mystery on her hands and will be up to her and the mysterious guy to figure out what or who is behind it all.

I really loved the sense of humor that Octavia had and how strong willed she is. She isn't a woman who will back down from anything and that is a good trait to have. I can't wait for you all to read this!! Pick it up!!!

Check out my other reviews at fallenoverbookreviews.blogspot.com
October 27, 2018

This is my very first Havenwood Falls Novella that I have read so far and I am now wanting to own the rest of them!!
Read my full review at https://blackwords-whitepages1977.blo...

This was for sure a shocking story that I never saw coming.

The characters were incredible!! I loved meeting Octavia and learning about her powers of bringing back the undead. She was such a joy to read about and I absolutely love Bacon too!! Can't forget BACON!!

The story-line was phenomenal!! I never saw the shocking mystery of this story coming until it was revealed. I will admit that I had the clues all wrong, but that is how Rourke rolls. You think you have it figured out and then....BAM!! You are so wrong!! This makes for an amazingly suspenseful and edge of my seat story from beginning to end!! Did I mention my favorite is BACON? LOL If you have yet to grab this story, I highly recommend it!!
Profile Image for Crystal Gray.
1,085 reviews31 followers
October 19, 2018
This was my first glimpse into Havenwood Falls. I knew if I started with one of Stacey's I would love it. I was right! This town is so magical, I have to have more.

Back to THIS book. Octavia is a hoot, yes she has her struggles, and a rough start to life but she makes the best out of it. Guy, oh goodness how could you not like him! I can't wait to see how her story turns out! Yes it ended in a bit of a cliffy.
Profile Image for Briana.
79 reviews1 follower
October 26, 2018
Octavia has had a hard life always on the move. Something always happens whether it is she is being chased out of town because she isn't "normal" or someone wants to use her powers. She feels she will be on the move forever until she happens upon Havenwood Falls, a small haven in the mountains for supernatural to coexist with humans. Of course with several rules to protect them all.

Octavia is placed on probation upon coming into town. The town council decides to test her by putting her in a butcher shop where she needs to have no events happen for 90 days. All seems well until she accidentally brings a dead body back to life. Octavia thinks he may have been planted to try and drive her out of town.

This book was an excellent read. I read it in one sitting. Follow through the adventure Octavia, her not so dead anymore stranger, and Bacon (her new pet undead pig) take in trying to figure out who might be trying to chase her out of town. I was worried that right as Octavia found a place that could work for her for once that it would be ruined by the not so dead body in the freezer. This book will keep you entertained until the very end and had me laughing out loud at times. I can't wait to read more about Octavia and Bacon in the future. I highly recommend How the Dead Lie
Profile Image for Marissa.
520 reviews
October 26, 2018
How the Dead Lie is an installment in the Havenwood Falls series featuring a necromancer named Octavia whose arrival in town literally raises alarms. She winds up having to stay for an extended visit during a trial period where she is given a job at the butcher shop. Necromancer working at a butcher shop - what could possibly go wrong? The only negative thing I really have to say is that the book started off a bit awkward. I felt like I was arriving the middle of a story, but things do eventually start to fall into place. I found the flow of the writing very enjoyable and would definitely be interested in reading other books by this author. One of things I most appreciate about the Havenwood Falls universe is that it allows readers to discover new authors. If you're looking for something fun with a bit of mystery featuring a spunky lead heroine who has a soft spot for bacon, then Octavia is the girl for you. Looking forward to reading more of Octavia and her trusty sidekick!
Profile Image for A Belle & A Book.
639 reviews17 followers
October 21, 2018
As a fan of the Havenwood Falls Collective, I am stoked to see that Rourke is a part of the HF Family. No matter the genre or character, Stacey Rourke instills a piece of herself into each. I love her affinity for a strong female MC who is smart, witty, and badass. Octavia Hollows, of How The Dead Lie, is all that and a necromancer to boot. I love her snarkiness, quick wit, and sass. To top it off, she brings back a nude guy she finds in the freezer, whom she affectionately names Willie. If you aren't peeing in your pants from laughing too hard right now, then this book is not for you. This laugh out loud addition to the HF family is definitely in my Top 5. Even if you are new to HF Collective, you do not need to read them in order. Rourke fans will find that this novella is classic Stacey.
Profile Image for Paranormal Tendencies.
249 reviews17 followers
January 22, 2019
Octavia Hollows (love her name!) is a necromancer who has found herself in the cute little town of Havenwood falls. She’s become somewhat of a drifter because of her unique talents and is wary of calling this place home, but the pull to the town in strong. The town itself is full of other magical creatures. They don’t immediately trust her but let her stay on a probationary period on the condition that she not use her powers to reanimate the dead. She’s sure she can pass this time easily, until the dead guy in the freezer….
Octavia is a great character! Havenwood falls is full of really colorful characters. I especially liked Guy the butcher shop owner/hobgoblin. He is a hoot! In true Stacey Rourke fashion, this book is funny and exciting! I am really looking forward to reading more about Octavia and the town of Havenwood Falls.
5 stars for How the Dead Lie!
Profile Image for Amanda Floyd.
62 reviews
October 18, 2018
I've never read a book by Stacey Rourke before, but she has a new fan! I was hooked from page one and couldnt put it down. Octavia is a Necromancer who gets a job in the local butcher shop. Honestly its every bit as funny as it sounds. Octavia is funny and snarky which I absolutely loved. She is quite possibly my new favorite Havenwood Falls character! Can we please get a book with her and Callie? The names she created for the Court were fantastic. Pissy Smeagol is just great. The story isnt just humor as there is mystery when Octavia accidentally uses her powers. This is a fun and entertaining book that is definitely worth picking up. Excuse me while I go find more of her books.
Profile Image for Dana Fraedrich.
Author 12 books103 followers
January 5, 2019
I was pleased I had no idea where the story was going most of the time. When we got to the twist in the end, I was pretty shocked, and that’s one of my favorite things when I’m consuming entertainment. And I almost never find books where the necromancer is the protagonist. Plus, she works in a butcher shop. Hijinks ensue. Hooray! Unfortunately, I didn’t really like the sense of humor throughout the book. I love me some snark, but I feel like there’s a line between clever snark and petty high school snark, and this book, for me, tended to lean towards the second type. And the dialogue (IMHO) was really clunky. Still, it was a good romp.
Profile Image for Jodi.
1,072 reviews
January 9, 2020
This genre is not my normal, but this novella was funny and quirky. The story moved quickly and keep me involved in wanting to know what's going to happen next. Octavia is a necromancer, someone who raises the dead and her past is horrible, sad, lonely and continues to follow her as she looks for a place to stay. She was a great character, and her boss Guy, who is a butcher, is wonderful, grouchy, short but a heart of gold side character. And, how can you not love a little pig named Bacon, who was also brought back from the dead by Octavia. There are more novella's that follow Octavia's journey and I will definitely be checking them out.
Profile Image for Diane Ehlers.
Author 5 books37 followers
March 30, 2021
As I was reading this I wished I read this before the rest of the series. Reason why is because the last book in the Octavia Hollows Journals, Dead as a Doornail, had similar scenes and dialog that it felt like I was reading the same book again sometimes.

However How the Dead Lie may not have been the prequel I wanted but I know this was written sometime before the actual series for the Havenwood Falls collection. I still enjoyed this and actually learned something new about Octavia's past which is who killed her ex, Elba. That was a completely unexpected twist and I loved it! I was shocked, I didn't see it coming!

Profile Image for Samantha.
1,457 reviews24 followers
March 6, 2019
I always enjoy Rourke's storytelling and this novella was no exception. I loved Octavia's spunk from the start. The charmed little town that she had ended up in was full of good possibilities for her, as well as some danger so it seemed. The supporting characters were lively and kept things moving in an entertaining way. There were plenty of twists and turns as secrets were revealed and hobgoblins showed their softer side. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read more of Octavia and Bacon's adventures. I will definitely be looking into the other books in this series as well.
Profile Image for Tabi Ann.
1,102 reviews3 followers
October 27, 2018
Excellent Read

Wow, talk about leaving me saying damn I didn't see that one a coming. This was an amazing read and it had me laughing so many times. I will tell you that this story will give you some suspense and some shocks too.

Octavia is trying to find a place where she belongs, but will she find it in Havenwood Falls or will forces beyond her require her to continue on?

Until Next Time... Tabi

Profile Image for Rebecca Rogers.
150 reviews18 followers
November 5, 2018
Best Novella Ever

I adore this author and after reading this novella I am excited to see what other adventures are in store for Octavia and Bacon! I giggled and snorted through this entire thing. I got odd looks and whispers because I could not contain myself. Mrs. Rourke has truly outdone herself with this addition to the Havenwood Falls community!! I loved the story, the quirky supes and the world of HWF!!! This is a must read for everyone!
Profile Image for Jamie Knowles.
18 reviews
October 27, 2018
This novella was my first experience with the Havenwood Falls series. I really enjoyed the banter between Octavia and her butcher boss\reluctant friend. I loved the development of Octavias character and her personality. I am looking forward to the next book! I need to know where Octavias quest with Bacon goes next!!
Profile Image for Lita.
1,899 reviews2 followers
November 3, 2018
Very good story and very well written. I liked Octavia's spunky attitude and the relationship she developed with her boss, seeing past his grumpy exterior. I would have preferred the book to be longer, but at least the story was more or less complete with a lure for the next story. I still maintain that $3 is a lot to pay for a story less than a hundred pages long.
Profile Image for Jo.
478 reviews2 followers
November 8, 2018
Super cute, quick read with tons of wit and laugh out loud humor. Loved it!

Favorite Quote:
“Aw, are you going to miss me?”
“Hell no!” he huffed, his brow furrowing into a deep V. “I got used to not having to deal with people at the shop. I want you to get your ass back here, so I can go back to not having to talk to shitheels.”

Profile Image for Two Nerds With Words.
935 reviews51 followers
December 12, 2018
Fun & Quirky

A great short filled with sass, wit, and superb banter made this book a brilliantly entertaining read. With a wonderful cast of characters and a very likeable lead, this paranormal cozy mystery was fast-paced and highly entertaining. I can't wait to follow this character's journey.
Profile Image for Tricia Randall.
131 reviews7 followers
October 27, 2018
A paranormal mystery with laughs. How the Dead Lie had me giggling from start to end. Octavia is cheeky, bright, and a bada$$ necromancer. Her pet...well, you'll have to read about her pet. It's a cute one. I highly recommend How the Dead Lie. It's an awesome mystery with some humor added in.
Profile Image for Jen.
367 reviews1 follower
October 31, 2018

I want more! Lol. I highly enjoyed this book. It was full of my favorite emotions. Laughter and sarcasm. I did not even suspect many turns in the story. I can not wait to hear more about Octavia's journey. And of course more Havenwood Falls.
Profile Image for Beverly.
253 reviews40 followers
December 28, 2018
So fun

This was a fun quick read.And Octavia is hilarious I can't wait to read more of her adventures. I highly recommend this book to everyone you can't go wrong with it or any that are set in this quirky town.
Profile Image for Sam Miller.
74 reviews44 followers
February 20, 2019
Wonderful book! mystery, romance, humor. What more could you want in a book?! I suck at reviews but I had to review this because I absolutely loved it, and can't wait for the first book Stacey's new series about Olivia and her little pig, Bacon.
894 reviews11 followers
August 18, 2019
I'm not sure how this fits into the Havenwood Falls saga, but as a prequel to the Journals of Octavia Hallows series, it is adorable. I loved getting to see some of her backstory. It was just as fun as book 1. Looking forward to reading the rest.
Profile Image for J.A. Cintron.
Author 3 books23 followers
October 27, 2018
I need the other book fast or Octavia might need to reanimate someone... Also if undead pig named bacon doesn't catch your attention you need to reevaluate your life.
Profile Image for Megan.
163 reviews9 followers
February 22, 2019
Snarky and satisfying. I loved every second of it and am so glad Octavia and Bacon are getting a full serial series!
Profile Image for Ashley.
280 reviews
March 12, 2020
Great Read!

Stacey Rourke is an amazing story teller! Octavia is sarcastic, powerful, and a badass! I can’t wait to read more about her and Bacons adventures!
Profile Image for JOJO (jojoxobooks).
52 reviews2 followers
April 7, 2023
I will start by saying this book pulled me out of a reading slump. I absolutely loved this story. I loved the world building and the sassy personality of Octavia. The end was unexpected and left me needing more. There is so much mystery and piggy cuteness packed into this book. I can’t wait to continue Octavia’s Journey.
November 25, 2018
Stacey Rourke never fails at bringing you amazing books. How the Dead Lie is captivating and thrilling. It's a paranormal mystery. It has Stacey's witty humor and well developed characters. As always there are many twist and turns you don't see coming. I have stopped trying to guess where Stacey will lead you in a book, because nine times out of ten she will head you in a completely different direction which has your jaw hanging open. You will not be dissapointed. ​ I look forward to the next book. I do hope it is longer because I want to know everything there is to know about Octavia.
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