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Deciphering the Gospels: Proves Jesus Never Existed

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The idea that Jesus may never have actually existed has been around in modern scholarship for over a century, but it has never been sufficiently proven. Yet critical analysis shows that every account of the life of Jesus can be traced back to the writing now called the Gospel of Mark, and the Gospel of Mark was originally written as a fictional political allegory in reaction to the First Jewish-Roman War of 70 CE. In this book, author R. G. Price presents a unique analysis of the Gospels to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Jesus of the Gospels never existed. Looking especially at the Gospel of Mark, analysis shows that the writer of this gospel had read the letters of Paul and used Paul as the basis for his Jesus character-Jesus's teachings are actually Paul's teachings, not the other way around. The core of this case is proven largely through analysis of the biblical texts themselves, by demonstrating clear textual relationships that show us how the original story of Mark was written.

370 pages, Paperback

First published October 27, 2018

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R.G. Price

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835 reviews
December 23, 2018
While lacking an official academic training in a relevant field, R.G. Price (no relation to Robert M. "Bob" Price), Mr. Price has done an extraordinary job in both summarizing the history of the developement of christianity and in discussing the issues involved in orthodox and near-orthodox christian beliefs in what/who Jesus was, or whether he even existed. Much of the book consists of summaries of the major scholarly views on when and by whom the bible "books" were written, concentrating on the Pauline letters and the gospels. Then he adds his own theoretical twist to the common academic understanding of the relationship of these works (especially the Synoptics) to each other and to proto-christianity. While there are a couple of clumsy paragraphs here or there (like I could do any better), his thesis is clear, logical, informed, and well stated. I am jealous of the ability of a fellow amateur to write such a tremendous addition to the literature of the christian history and the mythicists. Christian or not, this is a book to read if have an interest in the history of the christian movement.
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August 9, 2019
Thorough account.

The book is a convincing analysis of the existence of a corporeal Christ and it does what it says on the cover. It’s quite hard going simply because the author takes considerable pains to undertake a judicious and calm look at the historicity of the central figure in a world religion. In the end, faith can’t get over the essential tenet that there is no basis for a living Christ and all the superstructure of belief is based on fiction. In the end, Clem Attlee got it right - ‘Don’t mind the ethics, can’t abide the mumbo jumbo’.
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August 29, 2020
Powerful and persuasive read

Powerful summary of reasons why Jesus did not exist purely from the evidence presented by charisma themselves. I found this a relatively easy read and though even as an atheist and a general subscriber to the Jesus myth I did not necessarily agree with everything in the book I found the overarching argument will presented and quite persuasive. I would have reviewed more detail airtime the literary allusions in the gospel need mark though.
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January 7, 2020
Before taking time to write something, please first take time to study. And this book is a reason why the author should take this advice!
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