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Welcome to Autumnboro, New Hampshire, where the romance is sweet, the lattes are spicy, and more than leaves are about to fall...

After calling off her fall wedding, horror novelist Amy Fox is left with a broken heart, a mega case of writer’s block, and a serious aversion to all things pumpkin spice. When she receives news that her grandfather has broken his wrist driving through a Dunkin Donuts—literally straight through the front windows—five hundred miles away, in her hometown of Autumnboro, New Hampshire, Amy has no choice but to return to check on him. If she doesn’t make sure that he’s back on his feet, Grandpa may be moved into assisted living, and Amy’s beloved childhood home will be put on the market.

Knowing she must return, Amy worries about the only thing worse than pumpkin spice—a reunion with Kit Parker—her childhood best friend, first love, and entire reason for skipping town in the first place. As the two reconnect, a second chance seems possible...if only Kit weren’t holding on to a secret that just might unravel everything.

Set against the scenic backdrop of the White Mountains, New Hampshire, Pumpkin Everything is a small town, sweet romance, and the perfect way to kick off the fall season! A pumpkin spice latte wouldn’t hurt, either.

194 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 1, 2018

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About the author

Beth Labonte

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Beth Labonte received a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She worked as an administrative assistant for fourteen years, turning to writing as her creative outlet in an excruciatingly mundane corporate world. Beth now writes full-time and resides in Massachusetts.

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240 reviews144 followers
October 17, 2022
BRING OUT ICED PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES AND PUMPKIN SCENTED CANDLES!!!!! Pumpkin Everything is the first book in the An Autumnboro Sweet Romance series written by Beth Labonte. What better time of the year is there to read a book about Halloween, carving pumpkins, pumpkin scented everything, crisp crunchy leaves, and beautiful fall colors? After I started reading this book, I learned that it was turned into a Hallmark movie, so you know what that means? I have to run to it. I absolutely loved everything about this book, it was so perfect for the fall season. Pumpkin Everything just screams fall vibes and Friday night lights. I fell in love with the cover, I mean, YUM!!!!! But once I started reading, I fell in love with this quirky little town and all the characters. This was my first book by Beth Labonte, but i'll definitely be sure to read her other books. Grab yourself a copy of this book, a warm fuzzy blanket, any warm or iced beverage, and just dive into this story because once you start, you won't want to stop. The characters were very lovable, the setting just felt gorgeous to me.

Amy Fox is a horror novelist, she called off her fall themed wedding, and is now left with a broken heart, and a case of writers block. After calling off her wedding, Amy hates anything pumpkin spice or anything averted to pumpkin scented. One day, Amy receives a phone call from her mother that her grandfather broke his wrist driving through Dunkin' Donuts, like, literally drove straight through the front windows, five hundred miles away in her hometown of Autumnboro, New Hampshire. Amy is now living in Pennsylvania, but Amy knows she must return to Autumnboro to check up on her grandfather and make sure that he's back on his own two feet because if she doesn't her grandfather may be moved into assisted living, and her childhood home will be put on the market. Nothing in Pennsylvania is holding Amy back anymore.

Knowing she must return back to her hometown, Amy worries about the only thing worse than pumpkin spice, Kit Parker. Amy and Kit were childhood best friends, each other's first love, and Amy's only reason for leaving Autumnboro in the first place. Amy and Kit were seniors in high school when Kit lost his mother. Kit was always so happy before the passing of his mom, he and Amy basically did everything together. After Kit lost his mom, he turned into a completely different person, he never wanted to do anything, he became depressed. Fast forward a little bit, their senior prom came around the corner, Kit and Amy were supposed to go together, but Kit's depression stopped him. No matter what Amy did it was never enough for Kit, Amy tried everything in her willpower to be there for Kit, but nothing worked. After high school, Amy left town without telling anyone why she was truly leaving.

As Amy returns home, she learns so much about Kit. As Amy and Kit reconnect, there's a possibility of a second chance for these two, if only.... Kit wasn't holding onto a secret just could just unravel everything. Amy lost her grandmother, so the only thing keeping her grandfather in her childhood home is his connection to Amy's grandma. Amy's grandma, owned Pumpkin Everything, a little store in Autumnboro, New Hampshire where they sold everything pumpkin. At times this book broke my heart, but it left a smile on my face at the end. It made me giggle so many times I couldn't even count. I loved all of the characters, even at times when I wanted to slap one of them across the face for secrets. Amy has a decision to make, either to stay in Autumnboro or return to Pennsylvania. I often found myself cheering on these characters. After reading this book, I want to take a trip to Autumnboro, New Hampshire and meet all these lovely people. On to book two!!!!!
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2,309 reviews24.7k followers
October 25, 2021

Pumpkin Everything is book one in An Autumnboro Sweet Romance series by Beth Labonte. This is my very first book by Beth. It first grabbed my attention with this adorable cover. I mean, yum! But once I started reading, I quickly fell in love with this quirky, lovely little town and all of its residents.

Amy Fox is twenty eight years old. She grew up on Autumnboro, New Hampshire where anything pumpkin is a part of daily life. But as soon as she graduated from high school, she ran with a broken heart, vowing never to return. Now, ten years later, Amy is a successful horror novelist. Her grandfather has driven his car right into the front of the Dunkin Donuts in Autumnboro, and broken his wrist. If Amy doesn’t agree to go back and help him out while he recuperates, her mom is threatening to sell the family home and move grandpa to an assisted living facility. She wants to help her grandpa. She doesn’t want him to lose his home. But if she goes back, she’s going to have to face the person she left behind.

Kit Parker and Amy were high school sweethearts. Their story is one romance novelists dream of. They literally grew up together. Kit’s family rents the bottom half of the house Amy’s family owns. When they were in high school, they went from best friends to more. But then something happened in Kit’s life that turned his life upside down and everything fell apart, including losing his Amy. But now she’s back and he has a second chance.

This was such a sweet story. I should mention that it is a clean romance. But seriously, you don’t need the sexy times in this book. The mental images of all the autumn decorations, the leaves, all the pumpkin stuff. I would be in heaven. I could literally smell the pumpkin spice. I think I’m going to need to do some baking now. Kit and Amy are given a second chance to make things right. But will the stars finally align for them? Or was their story destined to end all those years ago back in high school?

I enjoyed this so much. It was engaging and fun. It is a quick read. I read it in one day. I definitely plan to read book two, Maple Sugar Crush, which is Josie and Riley’s story and takes place around Thanksgiving. I also look forward to looking through some of Beth’s other work.

For more about this book and so many others, come and visit me at Carol's Crazy Bookish World.

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Author 8 books326 followers
November 10, 2022
A cute fall-themed second-chance romance set in small town New Hampshire. I got this book for free during an Amazon freebie day and what a wonderful find! I saved it until September because it seemed like the perfect book to read when the weather was turning and you were in the mood for pumpkin spice lattes and cozy, crisp nights, and this book didn't disappoint!

When her grandfather is in a minor car accident, Amy drives up from Pennsylvania to help. Fall is in full swing, complete with maple leaves, doughnuts, pumpkin spice and lots of plaid. Oh, and also there’s her ex who she dumped back in high school when he was going through grief over the loss of his mother. So there’s that small detail to deal with. This was a cute, quick read with lots of GREAT autumn notes if you’re looking for a cozy, fall-themed romance. Five pumpkins in the autumn department and it was great to take a little trip up to New Hampshire for this delightful read!

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717 reviews348 followers
November 8, 2021
3.5 stars

This was a sweet and very light second chance romance set in a lovely small town filled with fall and pumpkin everything. I liked how warm and cozy it felt, like watching a Hallmark movie.

The audiobook was excellent. I really enjoyed Lisa Larsen's narration.

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948 reviews75 followers
September 28, 2020
Sweet, funny and wholesome seasonal romance. It was refreshing to read something without descriptive sex. If you want that in a romance, you won't find it here. This was a sweet second chance love story with an autumnal theme. It wasn't cheesy or cringy. Just the right amount of heart warming for the season.
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612 reviews265 followers
November 15, 2021
I liked this book well enough at the beginning, especially the lovely setting (New Hampshire small town in the fall), but soon got annoyed at the self-centered MC who was prone to martyrdom and mean-spiritedness and could not see further than her own nose.
Profile Image for Aly.
2,279 reviews66 followers
October 7, 2019
Re-read it yesterday and it was just as sweet and funny as I remember. So glad to know book 2 comes out in a few days😆

So two days ago I posted a review on Goodreads saying how I love fall and pumpkin flavor things and yesterday, Amazon recommended this book to me. Coincidence ? I don't think so either ;p

Pumpkin Eveything is the story of a self-published horror novelists who's back (after a decade) in her hometown of Autumnboro, a New Hampshire autumn theme small town, to help her grandpa get back on his feet after he drove through the window of a Dunkin' Donuts. She'll also have a second chance at romance with her fist love, the former boy-next-door/best friend who became her boyfriend that she let down when he couldn't get over his mother's death. I know it make her sound like the bad guy in this story, but teenage love, like every other story, is a little bit more complicated than that and Kit have no hard feelings about that.

If you expect and want a love story full of drama and sexual tension, that's not it. But I don't think this book tried to be something other than what it was : a sweet story, and that's why I found it so charming. Just know that if you require sex scenes in your romance, you won't have it. There's so many things I enjoyed about this book. First, it was funny but without being OTT. There's an amusing running gag and the references, it was my kind of references :p I liked that both Amy and Kit were still young at heart but without being immature. I absolutely adored the character of Amy's grandpa, a nice and touching man who doesn't want to be treated nor considered like an invalid. The best part : the town's annual tradition and the MC Halloween's costumes.

I have one warning left : this book will probably make you crave a pumpkin spice latte or muffin, just saying ;p
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1,238 reviews56 followers
October 21, 2021
I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet and charming story! This has been on my TBR for a while and I’m so happy to have finally gotten to it! It was the perfect fall read full of autumn leaves and Halloween and scarecrows and apples and pumpkins.

This adorable and delightful, clean romance was exactly what I wanted and needed. It’s full of small town goodness with characters that are so dang cute you can’t help but want to visit there and meet them.

There is plenty of humor in this adorably charming read. I found myself chuckling quite a few times.

Need a feel-good story that’ll make you smile, warm your heart, and fall for pretty much everyone in it? Download this book, grab a pumpkin spice latte, settle in and get cozy. I definitely recommend this one.

Beth Labonte was a new to me author and I can’t wait to read more from her. I will definitely be reading Maple Sugar Crush!
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217 reviews55 followers
November 2, 2019
A charming, fall-themed read about a girl returning to her hometown to help her grandfather and getting a second chance with her first love. I love this author's writing style and humor. The colorful cast of characters and the beautiful setting made this book an easy and enjoyable read. I love Amy and Kit's romantic relationship - their history, their second chance story and HEA felt like a sigh-worthy and complete journey. I also loved that Amy was a writer who wrote about the town and its residents that she left behind; this story arc was funny and concluded well. Overall, an entertaining and lovable story filled with pumpkin everything (and appropriately so).
Profile Image for Emily Banocy-Newman.
434 reviews4 followers
November 2, 2021
I read this for autumnal fluff and I was not disappointed. Very cute, very sweet and very pumpkin spiced. It made my fall loving heart happy and made for a nice break from the heavier books I've been reading lately.
Profile Image for Jennifer.
450 reviews7 followers
October 17, 2022
3.5 stars

It's October right now, so the perfect time of year for this book! It was a cute story, but it must be said that Beth Labonte is a fantastic writer! The whole story was so VIVID in my mind!! Her writing style is fantastic!

I think I will save book #2 for a few months, so I can feel autumn-y again in winter. The autumns in Canada are FAR too short!!
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926 reviews24 followers
October 26, 2021
“This town wouldn’t know a good book if it climbed out of the Hellmouth and kidnapped the mayor.”
“Nightlife Negative,” I murmured, recognizing the opening scene of my debut novel.
— Kit Parker and Amy Fox

With the line "Grandpa’s driven through Dunkin’ Donuts!”
“So what?”
Pumpkin Everything has one of the more amusing openings. Yes, the set-up is in the blurb but I didn't expect it to be the opening line. This is a gorgeous and easy to read 🍂seasonal story🎃. A second chance love, communication just missed and playing with the concept of the boy/girl next door. Also the love of family. The two main characters are Amy Fox, a horror writer with writer's block who recently kicked out her good for nothing former fiance. And Kit Parker childhood downstairs neighbour and her first love whom she ran from at seventeen. Amy is a character full of something just a bit more than guilt for her leaving and never looking back to her small hometown. In 10 years she's never visited home, not once, not to see Kit or her grandfather Tom. To make matters worse she never explained to Tom why she was leaving. Never said goodbye to Riley, Kit's younger brother and someone she saw as a brother. This is what the book deals with Amy coming to terms with her own actions and past.

What Pumpkin Everything does do, but I'm not sure how well, is work with the ideas of depression, getting help and guilt. Kit and the handling of his own past and trying to help Amy come to terms with it too. But Riley, Riley and that repressed anger were not entirely unexpected but shown in exactly the right place, time and way. It does help to remember that when Amy leaves she's 18, still somewhat immature and unsure how to help on a very real level. She has been living with her guilt and the repercussions of it for years. Kit's behaviour is endearing around Amy and her thoughts.

I know book 2 in the Autumnboro Sweet Romance duology (Maple Sugar Crush) is Riley and Josie's story and that makes me so happy. I adore Riley Parker and his whole deal, former goth (is there really such a thing🤭), works in a funeral home, very much death positive (Mother Death would be so pleased). Riley and Josie both deserve happiness. Josie absolutely deserves a man who won't use her for her millions. Riley needs to know he can be accepted for who he is and what he does.

Look this Pumpkin Spice likely won't set the world on fire but I can see why people like it, especially during fall/autumn. I will say for me it will likely be forgettable but mostly if not only because I read it as a way to deal with my slight insomnia between 11:30 and 3ish am. But that does not diminish how much I enjoyed it as I was reading.

The one that got away. Was that what he was to me? He hadn’t gotten away like some determined fish struggling free from a net, emerging triumphantly into open water. No, I’d dumped him out. Weak and with a broken fin, I’d dumped him out into the ocean, over the petty offence of not wanting to take me to the prom, not knowing or caring if he would make it on his own. How could he be the one that got away, when I’d let him go? — Amy Fox

Read for Autumn Readathon by Lilium 2021. Filling the prompt: "Jack-o'-Lantern: a book that reminds you of Halloween"
Look it's set in a town called Autumnboro. While Halloween in my country is in Spring Halloween is inextricably linked with Autumn. This does have scenes set at Halloween they really aren't the focus and that is such a pleasant thing for me.

A representative gif:

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Author 1 book446 followers
October 13, 2019
Cute autumnal cosy stories are exactly what I need right now as work is leaving me no time to physically read, so this was perfect. We follow Amy, a struggling writer, who has to move back to her hometown to look after her grandpa. A town called AUTUMNBORO, there’s pumpkins everywhere, crunchy leaves, crisp mornings, everything you could possibly want from autumn!

This was like those cute Christmas romance films, except it’s autumnal! It was so much fun and I’m so excited to see that the author has a sequel out now following another character! Autumnal romances are a new favourite thing!!
Profile Image for Bookishrealm.
1,839 reviews4,660 followers
November 12, 2019
Update! Here's my full review: https://bookishrealmreviews.blogspot....

Not For Me

I was super excited when I found this book on Kindle Unlimited; however, it didn’t live up to my expectations. I was hoping for a cute fall romance but ended up reading a main character that was far from likeable. I feel like Amy was determined to never take responsibility for her actions especially when it came to decisions that she made. I don’t like that the resolution to the plot was one that was ultimately solved by her grandfather when she’s the one that needed to come to a moment of realization. There was a lot of woe is me and “I did wrong BUT...” and I just couldn’t get past the fact that everything was so easy for her. The writing wasn’t bad, I just don’t think that the story was written for me. I’ll be doing a full review on my blog.
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1,291 reviews118 followers
September 22, 2020
This is a fun seasonal read about coming home after being gone for far too long. I felt a connection with Amy because she had complicated feelings about home when she left years ago, and she really had to look those feelings in the face when she moved back. She lives with her grandfather, who is precious. The townsfolk are quirky and everyone is likable. The the story is full of the colors of fall, cool weather, scarecrows and pumpkins, and a little bit of Halloween. I appreciate the humor in the story and there are a few fun pop culture references. Also, the author's fondness for New Hampshire in the fall really comes through.

I downloaded this one after Amazon recommended it to me. I'm so glad I took a chance on it and found a new author to read.
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444 reviews23 followers
September 26, 2020
Easy going second chance romance. First pages were all laughter, and so was the rest of the book.
Amy reconnects again in her childhood town, meets her ex lover after 10 years, has grudges from almost all hometowns... But she make it work!

Easy read!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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703 reviews20 followers
October 21, 2020
Seasonal cozy clean romance novel

Seasonal New England charm ... Autumnboro, NH lives up to its name and everything pumpkin adds to the charm.

Amy, the main character in this cozy romance, hasn't been home in years, but an accident brings her back, giving her a second chance with Kit, her high school boyfriend. Amy has a good connection with her grandfather, even though she hasn't been home in years, and I adored that relationship.

Her reasons for skipping town and especially for never coming back were very childish, but she was young, so I'll give her that, but it kind of bugged me that things were just back to normal so fast. As a horror novelist, she based a lot of her characters on the quirky residents and had to deal with the fallout from that, so life wasn't perfect. All difficulties were a bit to quick and easy to fix and tie up neatly with a bow.

I do enjoy a cute small town romance but thought this one was a little to easy breezy but to be honest I am tempted to read the second one since I did enjoy the characters and small town autumn feel ...
Profile Image for Katie (Hiding in the Pages).
2,870 reviews209 followers
December 3, 2019
(3.5 Stars) Visiting New England in the autumn to enjoy the splendorous colors of the leaves is definitely on my bucket list and I loved visiting vicariously through the pages of this story. Autumnboro lives up to its name and everything pumpkin adds to the charm.

Amy hasn't been home in years, but an accident involving her grandfather brings her back and right back to where she was before she left, giving her a second chance with Kit. Amy has a good connection with her grandfather, even though she hasn't been home in years, and I adored that relationship.

Her reasons for skipping town were kind of childish, but she was young, so I'll give her that, but it kind of bugged me that things were just back to normal so fast. As a horror novelist, she based a lot of her characters on the quirky residents and had to deal with the fallout from that, so life wasn't perfect.

I do enjoy a cute, clean, small town romance and thought this one was sweet and gentle and I could almost smell the pumpkin spice.

Content: mild romance
Profile Image for Kristyn C.
21 reviews
September 13, 2022
A book with the coziness of Fall and the sweetness of maple candies.
Pumpkin Everything checked all of my boxes for a feel good, Fall read. Amy and Kit are clearly endgame from the start, and darling Grandpa adds a humor and wholesomeness that would make the coldest Fall night feel warm. And growing up in New England myself and frequently visiting New Hampshire, all of the references made this book feel like home.

I hesitantly rated Pumpkin Everything 5 stars for only a couple reasons:
1) Amy is a little immature to me. Being nearly 30, I expected a little more from her character.
2) Kit and Amy reconcile pretty quickly and unrealistically, in my opinion. Even though the past seemed to have been forgiven, I’m not sure any real people would fall back into each other’s arms that quickly. Their first kiss caught me by surprise because it happened so soon and so randomly — it seemed as though the author panicked a little. I would’ve preferred a bit more of a slow burn, which I know would have been a little difficult with this book being only 189 pages entirely.
3) Only 189 pages. I could’ve read so much more of this sugary sweetness.

Pumpkin Everything is the perfect book for those who love the Fall season, love a wholesome romance, and love heartwarming family stories.

And, obviously, those who love pumpkin everything.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,411 reviews47 followers
January 3, 2021
רומן רומנטי חמוד באווירת סתיו אמריקאי וניו אינגלנד. העלילה מתרחשת בעיירה (הבדיונית) אוטומבורו, כביכול בירת הסתיו של ארה"ב.
איימי וקיט הם חברי ילדות ושכנים, שבתיכון הפכו לזוג. אימו של קיט נפטרה בפתאומיות והוא מתרחק מאיימי, שבסופו של דבר מתייאשת מהקשר ביניהם, נפרדת מקיט ועוזבת את העיירה כדי ללמוד בקולג' בפנסילבניה. הוריה עוזבים לפנסילבניה בעקבותיה, ובעיירה נשאר סבא שלה לגור לבדו בבית שלהם.
איימי הופכת לסופרת של ספרי אימה ולא חוזרת לעיירה, עד שסבא שלה שובר את היד, והיא מתנדבת לחזור להשגיח עליו ולהתמודד עם המצב שהשאירה מאחור. ספר חמוד שכתוב בצורה משעשעת, קלילה וכיפית. אני ממשיכה הלאה לספר השני בסדרה.
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1,225 reviews58 followers
September 9, 2020
This book was such a cute fall read. This book follows the journey of Amy Fox, a famous author who was recently jilted by her cheating fiance. While trying to find the inspiration for her next book, her grandfather is in need of some help after he runs his car into a Dunkin' Doughnuts and broke his wrist, Amy decides to go back to her hometown. Can Amy face all that she left behind including her first love Kit?
This book was full of humor and finding your ways back to those things that are the most important like love and family. I absolutely love the small town feel this book had, especially had all of her books had been based on the town and its people. I also was completely drawn into the story, which had me grinning at all the cheesy feelings this book invoked. Kit and Amy were a great match. While both were in love with each other as teens, they both had a lot of growing up to do in order to become they people they were meant to be. Overall, this book was perfect for a sweet fall romantic book. I can't wait to read the next book in this series!
Profile Image for ♥ Kym.
174 reviews6 followers
May 3, 2020
I have read Maple Sugar Crush a few weeks before. The book and story gave me a descriptive homey, orangey and autumn imagination even though we don't have autumn in where I currently live. The way it was told made me want to experience Fall and the tradition and scenic views (and pumpkin spice latte!)
784 reviews12 followers
November 21, 2019
Cute story, set in a picturesque town. I originally picked this book because it sounded like a Thanksgiving read. Turns out it was just Fall. Halloween makes an appearance in the last chapter. I still enjoyed it, but I probably would have read it in October instead. A nice second chance romance.
Profile Image for Lindsay♫SingerOfStories♫.
689 reviews86 followers
November 17, 2021
Really cute read. MC is recovering from a recent break-up and returns to her hometown to care for her aging grandfather. Here she finds her first love all grown up and ready to reconcile...but is she?
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