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Zane had made it big in the country music scene; he was on top of the world. Nothing could touch him…until a car wreck took his wife’s life and left his son badly crippled. Suddenly, the success he’d worked so hard to gain tastes bitter on his tongue, and all he wants to do is hide from the world and lick his wounds.
Late one night, idly browsing the internet, he finds Dr. Whitaker’s horse therapy camp, and makes the split second decision that if he’s going to hide out somewhere, hell, it might as well be the wilds of Idaho. Packing up his son but leaving everything else behind, he moves to Sawyer, wanting nothing more than the peace and quiet that comes with anonymity.
Then Nurse Louise comes strolling into his life, there to help his son recuperate. Zane quickly realizes, though, that his son isn’t the only one who needs her healing touch…

Coming June 2019, Strummin’ Up Love is the first novel in the Music of Long Valley series, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong language, and oh my, sexy times. Enjoy!

250 pages, ebook

Published June 1, 2019

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Erin Wright

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USA Today Bestselling author Erin Wright has worked every job under the sun, including library director, barista, teacher, website designer, and ranch hand helping brand cattle, before settling into the career she’s always dreamed about: Author.

She still loves coffee, doesn’t love the smell of cow flesh burning, and is currently living out her own love story in a tiny town in rural Idaho.

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1,823 reviews10 followers
September 30, 2019
This book is so good and really touched my heart. I love books where children play a main role. This book is especially poignant since the author had something similar happen to her niece which she explains at the end of the book. Zane is a complicated man that has a few demons tormenting him. He blames himself for the way his wife Tamara (who he was not getting along with) died and his son’s (Skyler) injuries. He is a well know country singer who leaves touring to supposedly spend time with his son. Once they are in Sawyer Idaho where there is a well know horse therapy camp for his son, he ends up hiring Louisa as his sons nurse and caretaker.

Louisa comes from a large Hispanic family where the brothers and sisters support each other. Louisa’s Aunt works for a family in Sawyer and recommends Louisa for the job as she was a nurse in a hospital that specializes in spinal injuries. Skyler is moody and loves to pull pranks on people who care for him. I love how Louisa handles him. It is so wonderful to see the changes in him and his father Zane because of Louisa. Nothing is ever easy so you can expect many up hill battles in the relationship. This book is so heartwarming that you can’t help but love it. I strongly encourage you to read the book. I was given a copy of the book and voluntarily wrote a review.
851 reviews3 followers
August 22, 2022
Another Winner

Poor girl meets superstar, etc. etc. is a not uncommon theme. What sets this apart (outside of Erin Wright's great characterization and sense of humor) is that the superstar starts re-evaluating his life at the start of the book, not as some epiphany related to his relationship. This makes the plot development much more realistic than usual. This book is also filled with real wisdom, not trite ideas. While it covers some important issues, these are handled gently and not didactically. Altogether another great novel by an excellent writer.
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17.4k reviews241 followers
October 13, 2019
Zane Risley, a country western singer, rapped on the bathroom door to hurry his wife, Tamara, along. He absolutely did not want to be late for the CMAs but it seemed inevitable now! She had been in there for hours already, fussing with her hair and makeup. He would gladly leave without her, but the gossip rags would go wild over that. They finally got into the limo and started the trip as the snow fell. But as his son, Skylar, excitedly explored the limo, they were involved in a bad accident and Tamara was killed.

Louisa Vargas was living back home in her mom’s small house with her ton of siblings. Living with Matthew had been what she wanted – even though she was only deceiving herself. Her mom told her to call her Aunt Carmelita, which was unusual since they didn’t see her often. She wanted to tell Louisa about a 12-year-old boy who ended up a paraplegic from a car accident 18 months ago. Zane needed someone to help take care of his son for the three summer months he was attending Dr. Whitaker’s horse therapy camp. Since Louisa was an RN who had specialized in spinal injuries, she would be perfect for the job. The unit she’d worked in was one of the premier spinal cord injury units in the US with people flying to Salt Lake to be treated there, so she was definitely the right person to help.

Skylar has not been the perfect patient. His father, who had been on tours with his successful music career had not really developed a deep relationship with his son. He loved him, but he didn’t know how to be a dad and turned his son over to others to care for his needs. So Skylar pulls pranks on his caregivers until none want to take the job. When Louisa arrives, she is exactly what both Skylar and Zane need. She handles his pranks as only a woman who grew up in a loving family with a ton of siblings can – no screaming or yelling, just a quiet handling of the issues with fairness and love. Skylar begins to trust her as she approaches everything with a true desire to help and inspires him to want to try harder. She also sees Zane’s pain and guilt and what it has done to him, and she helps him to see what he has been doing to himself. Will Louisa’s loving touch heal Zane and Skylar? Will she allow herself to be drawn into their lives since she has become so important to them both? Is there a HEA for this beautiful woman and the two males she has come to love?

This is such a beautiful, loving story about friendship, trust, loyalty, and healing. The characters are simply amazing, the kind of good people everyone should have in their lives. The story line is outstanding, providing hope and love and the empowerment to reach out for what you need to achieve! Immerse yourself in this amazing book – it will touch your heart in the best way possible.
Profile Image for Kym.
579 reviews
October 3, 2019
Love story yes, but this one is packed with so many emotions!

Louise is amazing, simply amazing! Her character jumps off the pages with wisdom and understanding way beyond her years. Every aspect of her personality is that of a caring, intelligent individual.

Zane is work-in-progress after the sudden death of his wife and his son becoming crippled after a horrendous car accident. This is not to say he was all sunshine and roses before but this brings him to the point of taking a break from his country music star life for the benefit if his son. As it turns out, Zane has healing to do, as well.

Skyler, Zane’s 12-year-old son, is struggling in adjusting to his new normal after the serious auto accident. Yet there are other factors here effecting his outlook, plus the normal 12-year-old antics many preteens engage in. And Louise, coming from a large family with many younger siblings and her professional nursing experience deals expertly with Skyler - reading him like a book (no pun intended!). She truly helps him gain physical and emotional strength and healing while giving him the love and encouragement he needs.

Watching all three grow and heal is touching and beautiful!

This is a wonderful start to yet another fabulous series from Erin Wright. A definite MUST READ!

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, however, this is my honest opinion.
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2,830 reviews55 followers
October 2, 2019
With layers upon layers of pain, guilt, and remorse, this romance takes one on a roller coaster of emotions as Zane firstly loses his wife and then finds himself having to deal with his son's paralysis and violent outbreaks of temper. Having found a horse therapy camp where Dr Whitaker has had good results, Zane removes both himself and his angry son to the small Idaho town of Sawyer, where the residents are just people waiting to become family. After another failed attempt at keeping an in-house nurse, Zane employs Louisa in a last-ditch attempt to get the help he needs. Skyler has a mean streak but doesn't take into account Louisa's younger siblings who have been her training ground for dealing with pranksters. The plot of this novel is emotional and painful, pulling the reader into the lives of the characters and making one feel their deepest feelings. All of the characters have flaws, but they are all real people dealing with the fallout of real problems. I found myself falling in love with Zane and wanting to cheer Louisa on as she makes a stand and refuses to accept the easy way out of dealing with problems. I was also delighted to meet up with the Miller family once again and the lives of the people in Sawyer. Although this book forms a part of an ongoing series, it is nevertheless a standalone and comes to a happy and well thought out conclusion. I received a copy of this novel as a gift and this is my honest and voluntary review.
Profile Image for Connie.
1,580 reviews5 followers
October 5, 2019
I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

I just loved this story. I am so sad to see it end. Zane and his son come to Idaho so Skylar can attend a riding camp that Dr. Whitaker runs. Zane and Skylar were in a car accident 18 months prior that also killed his wife Tamara. Skylar was left a paraplegic. Zane isn't close to Skylar as his is a country music star and it was Tamara who wanted and cared for little Skylar. The young boy is acting out and chases away all of his aides. On a recommendation, Zane hires Louisa to care for Skylar. Louisa is a nurse that worked for one of the top hospitals in the country for spinal injuries. She also has 5 younger siblings so she knows who to care for one who pulls pranks on others.

The road to Zane and Louisa's HEA is one that kept me glued to my e-reader. There were some very touching scenes that really make you feel the emotions that the characters are. I loved the dual POV. It really made for an enjoyable experience.

I love all of the Long Valley novels and seriously want to move there. The characters from prior novels are seen here so I don't have to say goodbye to them. Yes, they really seem like real people and friends. Ms. Wright has done a fabulous job in creating Long Valley.

This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend. There is one small sexy scene but it in no way was overly graphic in detail and basically was glossed over.
Profile Image for Natasha Skinner.
383 reviews1 follower
May 17, 2022
1) don’t judge a book by its cover
2) really good story line
3) you can tell the author really did her homework on dealing with the paraplegic injury that Sky dealt with. Further evidenced by her words at the end.
I kept wanting to listen because I thought the story really drew me in.
4) I liked the interracial relationship Luisa being Hispanic and Zane being a white guy. I really liked how the author brought the cultures out.
5) I definitely enjoyed the humor in the story

Couple of things I didn’t love
1) Luisa kind of had a superiority approach to things. There were plenty of things she pointed out in Zane but she didn’t really seem to have issues she was dealing with. It kind of made the story seem imbalanced, with her more of a motherly type.
2) the chemistry just wasn’t there. When those moments happened like the first kiss it was like whoa where did that even come from then they jumped to in love with no build up. It didn’t feel like a natural evolution.
3) pointing out that Zane was a situational alcoholic was interesting. I’ve lived with them so I’m not sure I’ve encounter this type of alcoholism but the way that pretty much resolved with out further conflict after one conversation was unrealistic.

I thought the narrator was pretty good, the spice level I would say level 1-2. I have listed to 4 other stories a while ago all set in this town. So this book and the others can be read in or out of order.
85 reviews
October 1, 2019
“Strummin' Up Love!!” is another book in the Long Valley series and a story that is touching and very close to Erin’s heart. It is the story of Zane a Country Music Star and his son Skyler who is confined to a wheelchair after a car accident that also took the life of Zane’s wife. Louisa Vargas is a nurse who has left her job after a failed relationship and is hired to be Skyler’s nanny for the summer while Zane is in Sawyer so his son is attending a horse therapy camp. The involvement of a child as a main character makes this story an emotional and poignant read that is expertly written and medically researched by the author. It is also a second chance romance as Zane and Louisa struggle with their developing feelings for each other and Zane grapples with his guilt over his wife’s death and his son’s medical condition. I won’t go into any more details on this story because it is such an excellently developed plot with strong and endearing character that it needs to be read to be enjoyed. I highly recommend this book.
I received an Advanced Readers Copy. It was a pleasure to read and review this novel.
Profile Image for Curly Bibliophagist .
369 reviews2 followers
October 1, 2019
This is another hit by author Erin Wright. I automatically buy every single one of her books. They have a wonderful combination of sweet, down to earth and sexy.

Zane is a country music sensation. He works hard to be the best he can. Too bad his wife seems bound and determined to make him miserable. When his wife is killed and his young son, Skylar, is paralyzed in a tragic accident, Zane is left to raise his son by himself. He realizes how little he knows about his Skylar. Skylar turns into a sullen hellion.

Louisa thought she had it all. A fantastic job as a nurse, a doctor boyfriend and an awesome family. When her relationship with the doctor falls apart, she is forced to leave her job at a premier spinal injury hospital. With no job prospects she is forced to move in with her family. Thankfully, she hears of a job taking care of a young, paralyzed boy.

I just loved this story. It is obvious that the author has done a lot of research for this book. And I know that the storyline hits close to home for her. This book is part of a series but you can read it by itself.
Profile Image for Elaine .
423 reviews3 followers
October 2, 2019
I just love the small town characters and romance of Long Valley, Idaho. Erin does a perfect job of capturing all the good things and bad things about small towns and Strummin' Up Love is a wonderful addition to the family. This time the subject is a serious one with a boy paralyzed following a car crash that killed his mother. His father is a famous country-western star who gives up his career to be with his son. But he doesn't have a clue as to how to be a father to an angry, scared and frustrated kid. Not until Louisa comes along as his nurse. This well-written book has many other themes like the struggles of an Hispanic women to succeed in a profession, dating your boss, using alcohol to escape with and family. The book is full of feeling, heart and steamy romance. It is a stand alone book but you will be introduced to other Long Valley characters and you will want to get the rest of the books to get their stories.
Profile Image for Vivian Chrisman.
2,792 reviews5 followers
October 8, 2019
Price of fame...

I'm sure that at some point we've all looked at a celebrity and thought that they had it all. What's the price of that fame? This story addresses that as well as several other topics. Zane's rise to fame hasn't been easy. Sure, the talent is there but his family life has suffered. He and his wife are a toxic mix. Zane also has no idea how to be a father to his son Skyler. When an accident leaves him a widow and Skyler a paraplegic, Zane thinks he's discovered the true price of fame. Luckily a trip to Sawyer puts Zane and Skyler in touch with Louisa. Louisa has her own issue she's trying to recover from and helping Skyler for the summer is a great way to escape. With a little help from the folks of Sawyer, these three may learn to heal and move on...together. I loved this story! I will tell you that it will pull at all your heartstrings. It may also make you rethink a few things.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
824 reviews
October 12, 2019
This is a beautifully written, impactful, heartwarming story that sent me through a roller coaster of emotions. After a car accident that took his wife's life and left his son wheelchair bound, country music star, doesn't have a clue how to be a father. After reading about a horse therapy camp, he decided to enroll his twelve year old son, Skylar. Louise is a nurse with a background of care in spinal cord injuries so Zane hires her to be his son's nanny for the summer. This woman is truly wise with amazing understanding of not only Skylar's needs, but Shane's vast shortcomings. I just loved the way she opened up opportunities for dad and son to interact and grow together.

Told from a dual POV, author Erin Wright brilliantly takes the reader on a journey with them. This plot is painful, but loving and I couldn't help but "feel" their deepest feelings from regret, frustration and anger to hope, love and joy. I truly loved this book! Brava, Erin!!!
Profile Image for Gwen Smith-leak.
237 reviews2 followers
October 7, 2019
Zane who is a Country singer has lost his wife and son is a now paralyzed . His son now being paralyzed has anger issues And he doesn’t know what to do. So he signed him up At a horse therapy camp.. Zane moved them to Idaho to attend the camp . Zane son had gone through many in house nurses so he had to find one in the town. Louisa is a nurse who use to work in a hospital in a specialized unit . She was told about Zane and his son who was paralyzed . She took as a Challenge that she could help the family. Louisa was good with Skylar she got on his level and wheeled him in . As time wen on Zane and Louisa because close but not admitting it. The story move with so much emotion between all characters that you find yourself rooting for one of them to do something. Louisa was good for this family she really made them work for a good reason
13 reviews
October 8, 2019
This is by far my favorite Erin Wright book, and that’s to say a lot, considering I LOVE every single one of her books. This book has so many incredible elements, and is definitely one that will appeal to everyone. This is the story of Zane, Louisa, Skyler and as she often does, Erin brings in our favorite characters from previous books. This makes the reader feel like they’re a part of the family and living in the amazing town of Sawyer, Idaho. Like any amazing book, this book draws varying emotions from the reader but ultimately leaves the reader settled at its conclusion. Loved, loved it! Totally worth the time I took to zoom through because I couldn’t put it down! Yes, it was 4am in the morning but can you blame me?

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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1,327 reviews10 followers
October 9, 2019
What an emotional book!! I couldn't put it down.

I have to admit I LOVED Louisa!! This woman could handle pretty much anything that was thrown at her. She had this perfect balance of compassion and tough love. She seemed to know what Zane and Skylar needed. Everything from pranks to angry outburst that hid hurt, this woman handled it all with such grace. She was also so down to earth.

Zane is a huge country star who hit some major life bumps and isn't dealing very well. On the outside he's trying but yet to those that matter to him..he's not. He's trying to do right by his son but with his son being so angry Zane just doesn't know to help or talk to him.

I loved that we really got to see two people grow in this book. Both Skylar and Zane had demons they needed to deal with and not hide from. Luckily for them Louisa was just the woman to help both of them.
713 reviews3 followers
October 22, 2019
Strummin' Up Love is the first book in this new Long Valley series. Zane, a famous Country Music star is as broken as his son but his trauma is not physical. After moving to Long Valley so his son Skylar can attend a Horse Therapy Camp, Zane hires Louise to be Skylar's nurse. After a shaky start Louise begins to reach both Skylar and his dad.
This brilliant and emotional book is packed full of amazing and much loved characters from previous Long Valley books which adds both depth and layers to an already amazing book. I am sure that we will be seeing Zane, Louise and Skylar in future books as they are strong, genuine and extremely likeable.
Erin Wright is a tremendous author who once again welcomed me to Long Valley and made me feel right at home. I loved this book and cannot recommend it highly enough.
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2,187 reviews12 followers
October 1, 2019
Zade, a superstar country singer, needs a nurse to take care of his wild paraplegic son during his camp summer in Sawyer. Louisa needs a job after quitting her job as a nurse in Salt Lake Hospital when his boss cheated on her. Can two different people fall in love and overcome all their fears and struggle in life? A powerful story with real people, with real problems and issues but willing to face them to become a better person. Erin Wright tells us real life’s Stories not about Prince Charming and sweet princess but with strong and not so strong people facing challenges everyday. I really love Sawyer and their townspeople.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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2,377 reviews13 followers
October 4, 2019
Zane is a very famous country singer who after an accident, where he lost his wife and his son resulted injured, decided to go to Idaho to Adam Whitaker’s horse therapy camp.
Louisa is a nurse in a spinal injury hospital, but she gives up her job because of her relationship with her boss. However, she isn’t jobless for too long as her aunt Carmelita gets one for her.
I loved to see all the Millers and their wives and children, to see they get along better than they did in the first book of Long Valley Series.
This book is the funniest Erin Wright has written. I laughed out several times and there was a question Skyler asked his father that cracked me up. If you want to know which one, you’ll have to buy the book. You won’t regret it.
Profile Image for BP34.
5,686 reviews32 followers
October 11, 2019
This is the first book in the Musicians of Long Valley Series and is a great start to the series. Well written with strong characters and an engaging plot. A county western music romance that will have your Kindle humming. A great book that was hard to put down once I began. Zane was down on life and love since a wreck took his wife's life and left his young son a paraplegic. Tamara, a gorgeous nanny brought life back to all of them. The chemistry between them was electric and she brought so much compassion, encouragement, and empathy to his son. A beautiful story that was well-written and a joy to read. The characters are well-developed and likable and the storyline is engaging.
543 reviews1 follower
October 13, 2019
This was quite the emotional love story but not quite what you think. The country singer Zane was a little self involved in the beginning and went through a tragic event that set into motion a road of self discovery. Like all of this author’s work this story had humor, great character development and gently handled issues. Louisa was the nurse that came to take of Zane’s son and made Zane take a good look at himself. Their story was hard to put down and I didn’t want to do anything else but find out more. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I especially liked reading about the other characters from previous books.

I received an ARC of this book and voluntarily reviewed it.
4,269 reviews10 followers
October 14, 2019
Real problems

Zane is s country star who was on his way to the CMAs a year and a half ago when his wife died
In a car accident and his son was injured.
Tamara wasn’t his great love and they were on the verge of divorce.

Louisa is a Latina nurse living at home with problems of her own.

Louisa becomes Skylar’s nurse and in doing so, helps heal Zane.

What I liked?
Everything. Zane isn’t perfect, far from it. Louisa is his match but is dealing with her own stuff. Real problems, real feels.
Idaho is not Nashville but it’s where they belong.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
129 reviews1 follower
October 19, 2019
The first book in the Musicians of Long Valley series revolves around a famous country music singer, Zane, his son who is in a wheelchair, Skyler and a nurse who specializes in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, Louisa. Zane and Skyler came to Idaho so that Skyler can attend a horse therapy camp. Skyler was pretty hard on the nurses that Zane hired and then by luck he was able to hire Louisa. Louisa helps them both mend their broken lives, and of course sparks fly between Zane and Louisa. Plus we get glimpses of some of the other members of the Long Valley books that we are familiar with. Overall a very good book!
1,653 reviews3 followers
October 19, 2019
This a great coninuation in the Long Valley series. although part of a series you can read alone but keep in mind you meet previous players in the long valley world.In this book Zane is a famous country music star with a son he never really wanted and a wife he wanted to divorce. well on the way to an awards ceremony there's an accident where his wife dies and now his son is a paraplegic. His son isn't doing good so he looks for therapy options and finds horse therapy where Louisa helps bring father and son closer and maybe a little more then even she sees coming

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
October 4, 2019
If you haven’t read any of Erin’s books, you are in for a treat!! OMG! This is the best yet! I absolutely love how she intertwines all of her Long Valley characters in each and every book! This story goes far beyond her normal HEA! It goes from misery to death to injury and denial to hope and love! It hits all levels of enjoyment in a book. THIS is what I love about Erin’s books! I can’t wait for the next one and the next one and the next one!!!!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
3,255 reviews27 followers
October 6, 2019
Strummin' Up Love is another great story set in Ms. Wright's Long Valley. I love that the books stand alone, but I do not have to say goodbye to the characters in previous books because they appear here as townspeople. Louisa, Zane and Skyler and wonderful characters. Louisa is a miracle worker, getting Skyler to care about his recovery and helping Zane heal when he did not realize he needed healing. Despite the seriousness of the book there are some really funny moments. As always with books from Ms. Wright. I got nothing done until I finished this satisfying romance.
2,360 reviews7 followers
October 13, 2019
This was well written, has an intriguing storyline that kept me entertained and the characters are amazing. A hot country star who goes through tragedy and has to find his way back. A Nurse who makes a mistake in her personal life that causes her to quit her job without notice. Zane and Louisa have sizzling chemistry but they try to fight it until they can't. I absolutely loved everything about this book from the characters to the touching storyline.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
32 reviews
October 13, 2019
I am a big fan of Erin Wright. Her books let me escape the pressures and doldrums of my life and explore another world. Strummin' Up Love does not disappoint. Erin has the ability to take normal everyday life - serious or not - and turn it into an amazing tale of love and perseverance that never grows old and always delights. The characters are not always likeable - that is life - but they grow and become more. You root for them, laugh with them, cheer for them, cry for them.

Don not miss out on this amazing story!

1,566 reviews7 followers
October 14, 2019
Another wonderful story from this author.
At some point everyone's heart needs to heal and this is a wonderful story of how your heart can heal.
Zane, Skylar and Louisa all have pain from their past. And as these three come together they slowly start to heal themselves.
This is a wonderful story that takes us on a journey of forgiveness and healing. The characters are very true to life ( just take away Zane's fame) All are trying to find their new normal.
As with all these stories there is an HEA but nitvwithoutva come to Jesus moment.
I was given this book for an honest voluntary review
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1,851 reviews14 followers
November 3, 2019
now here is a book i thoroughly enjoyed and could not put down even though it was pretty much a given how the story would unfold. Louisa is everything you would want the female lead to be. Zane starts out as exactly what i would not like a male lead to be but for me a good writer is one who takes a character that i absolutely do not like and then turns them around to be someone special and Ms Wright has done this with Zane and to a lesser extent with Skyler. I have not tried this author before but after reading this one I will def be venturing further into the stories of Long Valley
Profile Image for Lady M..
1,040 reviews3 followers
October 1, 2019
I really had a hard time with Zane at the beginning. I didn't know how the author could possibly redeem him and make me like him. Why do I doubt? Louisa is just awesome! You think after having read all of her books, I'd know better by now. Erin Wright is one of my go-to authors that I read sight unseen. Her books always have so much emotion, but it's balanced with fun and cute and sweet and you just can't get enough. I highly recommend reading all of her books
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