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The Leangains Method: The Art of Getting Ripped. Researched, Practiced, Perfected.
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The Leangains Method: The Art of Getting Ripped. Researched, Practiced, Perfected.

4.13  ·  Rating details ·  884 ratings  ·  118 reviews
Never do cardio. Forget sit-ups. Eat when you want but don’t snack. Breakfast? Who needs it. Spend less than two hours a week in the gym to double your results in half the time, because less is more.

Sound like a reasonable diet and exercise advice? To most people, it doesn’t. But as crazy as it sounds, these statements are part of the winning formula behind Martin Berkha
Kindle Edition, 323 pages
Published August 16th 2018
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Average rating 4.13  · 
Rating details
 ·  884 ratings  ·  118 reviews

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Aug 17, 2018 rated it really liked it
This book has been hyped up for a long time and doesn’t live up to it IMO. While I did learn some things from reading the book, particularly more specific details about the thermogenic effects of food, overall there’s nothing in this book that will change anything that I’m not doing already. This is a diet book and revolves around tracking calories. I’ve never tracked calories and probably never will as I see it as a huge hassle and I have no desire to lose fat as I’m already very lean. Martin m ...more
Martin Berkhan
Aug 19, 2018 rated it it was amazing  ·  (Review from the author)
Shelves: get-better
Well, I damn sure wouldn't have bothered for anything less. 😂 ...more
Matheus Resende
Jun 26, 2020 rated it it was ok
Yet another book that claims to be against the fitness industry but just reinforces it lmao
Good takes on IF, not very sure about the author's ideas on lifting.
Skipping curls, triceps extension...? Come on
Jan Zavrel
Aug 21, 2018 rated it liked it
Unfortunately for me, I have expected more, way more. Based on the testimonials from names like Mike Mathews I thought that I would learn something really groundbreaking. This feeling was hyped even more by the author himself during the introduction where he claimed repeatedly that this book will literally blow my mind. After a long, maybe too long personal history (I wasn't really interested in, to put it bluntly), he finally revealed what's in general just another high-protein diet with sort-o ...more
Paul Thomson
Aug 19, 2018 rated it it was amazing
If you're only going to read one book about diet and exercise...

But seriously. Martin has taken all of the complexity out of strength training and nutrition and presented it in a way that is easily digested. As he points out, we're inundated with information these days, and so it's good to have a lot of the noise filtered out. It's also refreshing to see someone be honest about what is research based vs what is personal observation and preference, and not just try to sell snake oil. After many y
Whiskey Tango
Aug 26, 2018 rated it it was amazing

I’ve known and read of Martin’s works for at least four years and only one other person has been as influential in my training then him and that’s Michael Matthews. So when I heard that he finally (finally!) was publishing a book after about ten years of prodding from his readers to do so I was excited to see what the man could produce when given a chance for the mainstream to hear his voice. So what’s the verdict? Excellent just as I hoped.

What I love about Martin is that you’ll get
Sep 26, 2019 rated it liked it
Good summary, but if you've read his greatest hits on blog nothing new, just a little more polish, new photos, and less depth (quick hits summaries). Has more details/anecdotes on how to adapt program to women, which is nice. A lot of Berkhan's personal story for first chapter or two he doesn't share as much on his blog, as well as interesting bits about his depression/disillusionment pursuing fitness for awhile (hence why this book took so long to come out and the industry capitalized on Interm ...more
Mar 02, 2020 rated it did not like it
The author wants you to literally throw your money down the toilet. I'm not kidding.

Blog posts written into a book by an arrogant author who has binge eating disorder. He also wants you to LITERALLY throw your money down the toilet by eating too much protein while he is talking about giving you freedom of choice while eating.

I weight around 90 kg(200lbs) and I have 3000 calories daily requirement to not lose weight. I would have to eat around 300 – 400g of protein by his logic every d
Jul 18, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Very brash yet extremely informative
Karsten Walker
Sep 17, 2018 rated it it was ok
What a letdown. Martin explains just aspect of a higher protein version of the work Lyle McDonald put out over a decade ago. The writing quality is about equal to a college sophomore who feels extremely empowered that they have been able to present a coherent thesis. For taking 10 years to write it is sparse on new information not found on his site and roughly 1/3 of the book is simply edits of his site posts. Another 1/4, the intro, is a boring, typical story of a nerdy kid that decided to get ...more
Aug 16, 2018 rated it it was amazing
This is the book that I've been expecting with the most excitement ever, in my whole life. Checking periodically since 2012 if there were going to be any updates about the book, I had to convince myself that it was never going to come out. I had abandoned hope and settled for re reading the old stuff to see if my new self would get something new out of it, and I kept learning new things, but the same questions remained for a very very long time. How to structure a workout? How many calories? How ...more
Shaun Moss
Oct 26, 2018 rated it really liked it
Shelves: health
The program is excellent and I've made great progress since adopting it. As a vegan I've had to adapt it slightly, and maintain about 40% of my daily calories from protein, rather than the 50-60% that Martin recommends. But I'm still getting great results. The biggest problems with the book are its rather arrogant tone, and sour grapes re other people's success in the fitness industry. But if you can overlook this the program itself is quite good. ...more
Oct 27, 2018 added it
Maybe I missed it somewhere, but I didn’t see any material discussion in the book on bulking, which is what you would think Leangains is about. Rather, this is a dieting book. Quick summary: eat a lot of protein. I think the author is definitely right on that, but there’s not much here you can’t get on his website or from a lot of other sources. I did enjoy reading this, but it’s better as an inspirational read than as an information source in my opinion.
Oct 08, 2018 rated it it was amazing
One of the most original and insightful books on fitness/dieting that I've ever come across. Martin Berkhan is the "Nassim Taleb" of the fitness world and is an expert at cutting through BS. Some of the most interesting insights I had from the book:

-Weight training is far more important than cardio while dieting (to ensure that you maintain muscle while you lose fat)

-There is a process known as the "thermic effect of food" (TEF) in which calories are expended in order to use/store food (so that
Keith Silvas
Mar 28, 2019 rated it really liked it
Been waiting for this.

I have been following Martin on for years. His research and rage against broscience played a big part in me finally daring to drop the 6 small meals a day and become a “training minimalist”. I’m happy to own his book. Thanks for finally writing this Martin.
Nov 07, 2018 rated it did not like it
A real disappointment

It is more a story about the author than it is about leangains. I was curious about the book because I've visited before and I thought this book would give more insights in the method. Instead we are given a history lesson on the authors life and The book is a big let down.
Sep 17, 2018 rated it it was amazing
For just a few dollars you can ruin the plethora of PDF:s, youtube channels and lenghty podcasts which tries to tell how to eat and train for good looks and strenght. Thank you Martin, really. You have saved so much time for my future self.

Some poor souls may wonder why pay 9.99 for a book, especially when the author already gave away the “secrets” for free. To those people I can only say: Your loss. Not a long read but clear cut, condensed and no nonsense. Martin sets an example as an outlier
Guilherme Zeitounlian
Aug 22, 2018 rated it it was amazing
I’ve been waiting for this book since 2013 / 2014 — when I first found out about Leangains, Martin’s excellent website.

Since then, I read a lot about diet, training, and intermittent fasting, in a variety of sources.

But I kept coming back to Leangains — specially because Martin had authenticity and courage in an industry severely lacking.

And those qualities are present in the book as well.

If you are familiar with Martin’s work, you won’t find a “secret” or any kind of new shiny object here.

Sep 19, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: fitness, reference
I am by no means an expert in this field, still I wanted to write this review since Martin requested it at the end of his book. I previously read BFFM by Tom Venuto and this is the second book I read about fitness. I can say this book taught me some valuable information like why protein high diet is better choice, what kind of training method is best, which exercises matter the most, and much more.

I will write my review based on the things I liked and I didn't like about the book and I will com
Sep 20, 2019 rated it really liked it
As a consistent gym-goer that has gone through many different training programs and diets, I think the ideas laid out in the Leangains method is the most sustainable and scientifically backed. While I found the information in this guide useful, I'm not sure I'd recommend this work as a book for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with the solid advice or ideas in the content. All of the contents of this book can be found on the Leangains website for free and with far less fluff and unnec ...more
Bruno Arine
Sep 20, 2018 rated it really liked it
Shelves: fitness
I had first heard about Martin Berkhan in 2013. His no-nonsense approach to nutrition and exercise was novel back then, almost out of this world. My first thought was, "a fitness guru who walks his talk, supports his claims with scientific papers, AND is aware and sincere about the studies with faulty methods? Surreal." I turned immediately into an avid reader of his blog, and after losing 10 kg in 2014 after putting his ideas into practice, I spread his gospel among friends and family. Well, th ...more
Christian Davies
Nov 24, 2019 rated it it was ok
Having been transfixed by Martin’s elaborate intro (more of a brief life story) I was quite certain this book would be amongst the handful that have changed my life.

I was wrong.

It was enjoyable at first. Martin asked all the right questions, made all of the right statements. I lapped it all, “yes, this is me, I am the guy that works hard in the gym, eats clean but never really gets it right!!” Needless to say, I was amped up by the time that overly long - and on retrospect, unnecessary - intro
Giorgos Makropoulos
Jan 09, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Many people are claiming that this book has nothing more to give than just a more organised and contained version of the site, plus some meals or counting strategies not unique to the approach. Guys..allow me to remind you that you are buying the book (especially for someone who was not tuned with him all these years) for 12 BLOODY DOLLARS... a drink in the club in some places (possible to be mixed with methanol too if you are lucky) costs more. Even if someone has read most of the material onli ...more
Fabio Gabriel de Magalhaes
In this very well researched book Martin lays out the Leangains method for losing fat. It starts a bit slow, with the author describing his journey from fat kid to modeling when adult and all the ups and downs in weight and crazy diets in between. It is good to give some context but I wish this section were shorter.

The second and main section describes the Leangains method. Its main tenet is relying on dietary induced thermogenesis (DIT) of foods, or how much energy is needed to break down, use
Sep 17, 2020 rated it did not like it
I wanted to like this book, I really did.

But it just is not well structured or thorough enough in any of the topics it sets out to cover. What I seemed to get out of it was fasting, and starting strength but with drop sets. But that was a one sentence summary that could have replaced the whole book. His advice on excessive protein, crazy amounts of caffeine, go for it fructose, and calorie-and macro-counting comes across as rather dated at best (this book came out in 2018 - it should not be so d
Aug 23, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Great Overview of Leangains

I loved the book and I'm so glad Martin released it to the world!

I will say that I think you are somewhat hard on some of the fasting competitors out there that "plagerized"

I learned a lot from leangains but it was never offered in a nice little package to get people started on a proper training plan. Covering the basics. Lift hard, hit your calories, and get protein in.

Others in the industry offered that and helped people change their lives. It's not like they offer
Brett Kronewitter
Jul 09, 2019 rated it it was amazing
I stumbled upon this book through the web while looking for information regarding fasting and exercise. I read an article by Dr. Jason Fung and in the comments, a blogger posted a link to Martin´s web site. I rarely give 5-star ratings, although I feel this is justified because Martin doesn't only explain things well, he shows you the results (photos page 50). I have for many years been an amateur athlete competing in half marathons, marathons as well as triathlons and ev ...more
Terry Kim
Sep 05, 2018 rated it really liked it
I love this method of Leangains!

The Leangains Method is a combination of Diet (Intermittent Fasting) and Workout Plan (Gym). I would rate this method 5 stars that really had an immediate impact in my life and is something that I will follow for a very long time.

This book is 1/3 Biography, 1/3 Diet and 1/3 Workout. Similar to the concept of the method, it is Simple, Straight forward and most importantly EFFICIENT. Not to be sour or salty, I did feel that most of the books contents can be found re
Franklyn Gonzalez
Jan 11, 2019 rated it it was amazing
This book and some of Lyle McDonald's content are good sources of nutrition and diet. I shouldn't even call it as "diet" as it's more of a lifestyle to eat healthy and not "if it fits your macros".

I thought it was helpful that the author gave out his formula for tracking weight, which is what I'm doing now. I'm trying to bulk up to help with the progress I'd like to make at the gym. I never track my weight, only when I feel like it. But now that I've learned this weight tracking formula Martin h
Aug 24, 2018 rated it liked it
1) Love how easy Martin makes it to set up the diet and assess progress - hands down the best part of the book and worth paying for just to read that.
2) Enjoyed reading the personal history
3) Having DIT explained in detail was nice, I have known all of it for 20 years, but it’s good to know things haven’t changed since then
4) Would have expected a chapter about leptin, or if it’s not important a paragraph why it wasn’t included
5) Didn’t enjoy the complaining and whinging about other people “ste
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Perfect timing, exactly what I needed now 1 5 Aug 31, 2018 08:14AM  

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