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He is Mine

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For you, it was just a fling. For me, so much more…

NYPD detective Brad Moretti’s life is in tatters. A relationship destroyed by his boyfriend’s bipolar disorder has left him feeling guilty, inadequate and emotionally scarred.

Vivienne Aubert seems to have it all – a Hollywood career, supermodel looks, and a director husband about to make it big. And yet, a one-night-stand with rising superstar Damien Thomas makes Viv wonder if she hasn’t settled for second-best. Used to getting her way, she embarks on a ruthless quest to make Damien hers.

Unaware of Viv’s fatal attraction, Damien returns to New York, where a chance encounter with Brad sparks a prompt and rapidly growing affinity between the two men – which Viv is determined to terminate.

Can Brad head off her delusional desires before she destroys his newfound happiness, or will he fail to protect yet another lover?

318 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 7, 2018

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About the author

Mel Gough

14 books75 followers
Mel Gough loves writing about love – but with a twist. Nominated for the 2019 Selfies Awards, her bisexual romantic suspense novel He is Mine is a typical Mel Gough story. She needs her HEA fix, but on the way there will be thorns and fire, and sometimes brimstone. All right, that might be over the top, especially since her stories are firmly based in the real world - though not always in the here and now.

Born in Germany, exploring other realities has been Mel’s siren call since she was young. Books opened up a plethora of worlds, and soon gave her a strong love of the English language. After an MA in Anthropology, field work in the middle of nowhere seemed like one adventure too far, so Mel settled in London, which, to misquote Dr. Johnson, she will never tire of.

Mel loves to bend genres – her romances are gritty and dark, and sometimes there’s a dead body. She’s been told that her prose is beautiful yet disturbingly real. She’s curious about bygone times, and hopes to speculate about the future in one of her next books.

She was once asked “How to tell you're in a Mel Gough novel”
- You were either sick or in an accident, or you’re caring for someone who was
- You're bisexual (or your partner is)
- Your partner has unusual eyes (probably grey)
- Life sucks a lot, but then you meet someone, and things get better

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Profile Image for Kristine .
1,708 reviews11 followers
September 6, 2018
This is an outstanding multi-layered story that I couldn’t put down. The story is deftly told from multiple points of view giving insight into the characters thoughts. I hesitate to say too much because I don’t want to give anything away. This is a great story.
Profile Image for Joyfully Jay.
7,500 reviews426 followers
October 3, 2018
A Joyfully Jay review.

4 stars

This story cleverly meshed several plotlines into one thrilling ride. With each interaction, Vivienne became more unhinged, we sympathized easily with poor Damien, and we watched our cop, Brad, grapple with his guilt and fears, and slowly fall in love. There was a near perfect blend of heated sexual encounters, along with connecting storylines, that grew more and more exciting with each chapter (as a note, there are one or two fairly explicit m/f scenes here as well). Author Mel Gough manages to immerse us in not just two, but three lives simultaneously and never lets the waters get muddy. You feel such pity for Vivienne due to being privy to a brief chapter of her life as a child. You slowly grow to appreciate Damien, even while you may think he needs to reign in his sexual endeavors a bit. But, in my opinion, the real hero of this story is Brad. His character is unflinchingly honest, whether it is due to his grief and guilt about not being able to handle his ex-boyfriend’s mood swings and how it led to dissolving their relationship, or his understanding of why Damien acted as he did and how easy it is to give in to the infatuation that led the guy to Vivienne’s bed. These were some really compelling characters and the story benefited from the way their lives intersected.

Read Sammy’s review in its entirety here.

Profile Image for Leta Blake.
Author 60 books1,483 followers
September 7, 2018
Full disclosure: I did an editing pass on this book nearly a year ago.

He Is Mine is a fascinating read featuring a bisexual movie star, a cop, and a world-famous actress. It's not an MMF or MFM or menage book of any kind. It's more of a psychological romantic suspense with competing motivations between folks with plenty of money and fame but lots of problems. I enjoyed the book and found it an intense look inside the mind of a narcissist and the victim(s). I absolutely loved the difficult situation all three main characters found themselves in for various reasons past and present, and loved the winding road to the climactic ending.

Fully recommend.
Profile Image for Cee Brown.
1,305 reviews35 followers
September 9, 2018
¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)
✮ (¸.•´✶"Wasn't what I expected."

I won't lie, when I was asked to review this book, I hesitated because I am really not a fan of MF books anymore and those scenes just don't interest me. But this was a weird mash up of activities that I truly enjoyed and applauded Mel Gough and her writing ability. This book revolved around three person whose lives somehow intertwined.

Firstly, Viv, a spoiled, narcissistic woman with delusions of grandeur. Viv had turned her life around, and scored a Hollywood husband, but he could not give her the one thing she wanted.

Secondly, Brad, a New York City cop whose life would never be the same following a break up from his mentally ill boyfriend.

And, lastly, Damien, a rising Hollywood actor who only wants the best for his child while divorcing his wife.

Three lives collide as fate pulls and draws two of them together and another tries to destroy their happiness. I was riveted. Glad for the plot, and the action involved and rooting for the men as they fought to be together. I found Viv to be the Glen Close of this book and I actually ended up feeling sorry for her despite everything she had done. I now understand the need for a female character.

I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from the author.
Profile Image for Tee loves Kyle Jacobson.
2,474 reviews172 followers
December 11, 2018
First I have to say that Mel did an amazing job writing this story from three people's POV's. I know it can be difficult but she pulled it off and had me on the edge of my seat screaming at my kindle and then crying because things were going south for Brad and Damien. I really HATED I mean HATED Viv she was a biatch and she was out of control and a spoiled brat who got what she wanted when she wanted and when she didn't she raised hell and let everyone know she was not happy.

Brad I loved the most because he was strong and determined even after he was hurt from a past lover he still gave his heart and loved hard. He knows he wants to be with Damien and he is willing to fight Viv for him. She may have had him for a night but Brad is determined to keep him for life.

I loved how this story fell into place and was not rushed because it made it more believable. The slow rise of the relationship between Brad and Damien was epic and made it feel like a real story. Viv I have no good to say about her. She is all about her and her feelings and no one else matters. She is SELFISH to ninth degree!
Profile Image for ML.
1,130 reviews1 follower
December 9, 2018
This book has a very interesting premise.
The only problem is that a lot of the characters were very unlikeable.
Viv was the most unlikeable. That is probably by design. Her obsession over Damien though seemed far fetched. She went from a semi- functioning person to a stalker. Why was she so suddenly a stalker?
Damien was a bit of a push over when it came to her.
For example the Bowery Hotel benefit.
I wish there was more of the Brad and Damien relationship than the Viv stalker part.
It’s still worth the read for that part of the story.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Stealth.
33 reviews
April 26, 2019
Wondering how characters would come together!

I like how the story starts as two different stories. Curious how it will all come together? Couldn't put it down. Good read!
Profile Image for Annie.
1,708 reviews24 followers
September 10, 2018
3.5 stars- Different but took a while to draw me in

I really enjoyed this author’s other recent release and, after reading the blurb, jumped at the chance to read He is Mine. I always like to mix things up and try something different from my norm, and this novel was definitely that with its multiple main characters, points of view, and involved storyline. He is Mine ended up being a mixed bag for me. The unique plot was memorable and well-planned out with plenty of twists and details, but there were aspects that had me less enthused.

Admittedly the writing style in He is Mine wasn’t my favorite. The third person present tense point-of view and staccato rhythm often felt awkward and stilted, and was a far cry from the easy-to-read, comfortable approach in Miss Gough’s previous work. Those elements combined with a less than likable main character in the spotlight for much of the book- especially the first portion- made it difficult to really sink into the story. Once Damien and Brad meet, I found my interest ratcheting up, but I didn’t feel like I got a balanced story about them. Though they had a supportive, sweet partnership, their love story felt rushed and overshadowed by Vivienne’s role. Consequently, I missed out on some relationship and character development as well as the burgeoning chemistry. Perhaps my critical view has more to do with expecting a romance with a controlling ex subplot versus what often felt like a psychological thriller with a side of romance. Regardless, He is Mine was definitely different and memorable and left me interested to see what the author’s creative mind comes up with next.

*eARC received via PA. The author and PA had no influence over this review*
Profile Image for Mari  Cardenas.
2,049 reviews23 followers
September 8, 2018
3.75 Stars

He's Mine is billed as a MM psychological romance with MF elements. I have to warn you though, if you don't like MF in your MM or if you prefer a little more romance/relationship development in your suspense books, this story might not be right for you.

Perhaps I should've known Vivienne would have a larger role than I anticipated from the blurb, but really, I think she had more page time than both the male leads put together. She was interesting, and there was so much that was wrong with her, but she took over the whole story at one point, to the detriment of the rest of the characters.

Brad was likable to a certain point. I got why he broke up with his ex in the way he did, although it was cowardly, especially since Aiden had so many mental issues. And then we have Damien, who was so blah, I just wanted to shake him. Frankly, I can't say I felt much of the insta-whatever they fell into after they met, it was like an afterthought with all that was going on with Vivienne.

The story is told from several perspectives, and the MCs don't even meet each other until 44% into the book and then it's instalust/love before Damien goes all cold and then pressing full steam ahead until the end, which left me wanting more of everything, honestly. I wanted more of a resolution with Vivienne, principally, it was a bit anticlimactic after how much the book focused on her.

I know this review sounds pretty negative, but in reality, I enjoyed the book (despite it being written in third person present, which took a lot getting used to and the other issues I mentioned), it was entertaining and I couldn't really put it down, so give it a try, perhaps you'll agree with me or perhaps you'll like it more than I did, but I'm sure it'll leave an impression on you.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***
Profile Image for Edga.
1,670 reviews20 followers
September 3, 2018
An epic story, with a bit of everything. It's a second chance tale of two men who have made mistakes in their lives, one fatal, but once they meet, are ready to move on with one another. It's a very dramatic story which moves along steadily, interspersed with lies, action, suspense, darkness, and a very fatal attraction.

It is a MM romance, but is very different from your usual boy meets boy tale. It's an emotional story, with a fair bit of angst, and a hard earned HEA. It does heavily involve a thread regarding mental illness, depression and suicide, so if these are triggers for you, please be aware.

On the whole, it's a well written book, if a little wordy at times, but has a strong storyline. It was certainly a different reading experience. I would, however, liked to have read more about the MCs, after they finally got together. If you like a bold, dramatic and emotional story, this is the book for you.
Profile Image for Maria Vickers.
Author 63 books374 followers
September 8, 2018
Fatal Attraction, suspense, love, emotional upheaval, etc...He Is Mine by Mel Gough has all of that and more. I'm going to admit that it took me a little bit to get into this story, but once I did, I didn't want to put it down. I almost felt like it gave me whiplash...in a good way.

The story revolves around Damien. Vivienne wants him and is determined to have him, but once he meets Brad, their relationship grows. However, Vivienne isn't willing to let go. Things get complicated and scary. Hold on while you read this because it is a bumpy ride.

I absolutely loved this story and everything about it. There were a couple of times that I thought it dragged, but the characters and the plot held me captive. It flowed very well and I hated the times I had to put it down. One click this book today! 4.5 stars!
Profile Image for Terri.
1,363 reviews
September 8, 2018
This book is very original and often quite dark. Brad and Viv each want Damien, but only one of them has a healthy desire. How does Brad handle it when the beloved actress sets her unstable sights on the man Brad is coming to care for more each day?
The story is told from dual viewpoints, Brad's and Viv's. We see the feelings each of them has for Damien, and we see Damien's actions and reactions from their POV. This is different from what I'm accustomed to, but it really works here. The desperate obsession that becomes stronger and stronger inside Viv is creepy and frightening. The love that grows between Brad and Damien as they deal with stressful, sometimes heartbreaking, situations, makes the read easier and is very satisfying. This story is intense, and it's a fascinating page-turner. Excellent writing!
Profile Image for R.
1,745 reviews
August 26, 2018
This book is about a cop, Brad, who loses his boyfriend to mental illness. An actor, Damien, who is fighting for rights to see his daughter. An unstable actress, Vivienne, and her downward fall into madness.

The two men meet and quickly start a relationship. Not realizing that the one nightstand Damien had with his leading lady would impact their lives.

I don’t want to spoil the story so this review is not very in depth. There’s a lot of angst and I felt that Brad and Damien’s relationship took second place to Vivienne‘s stalking of Brad. Not an easy story to read.

Review Copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads.
389 reviews3 followers
September 2, 2018
Well what a read! This book covers just about everything. There's a romance running through the middle along with intrigue that will keep you guessing.
Brad is a cop and a good one. His relationship has ended but that doesn't stop him worrying about his ex.
Damien is an actor who gets a part in a good film.
Viv and Victor are the Hollywood couple that everyone wants to be.
Viv thinks back to her childhood and how her life is now she seems to have it all.
When she has an encounter while filming her life spirals out of control.
Nothing's easy and when Brad meets Damien things seem to heat up however life is never easy. This book is a really good read and will keep you turning the pages.
Profile Image for Morgan.
184 reviews37 followers
September 8, 2018
This book was just so ..interesting. Vivienne was just so far gone ...and you were given enough info about her past and present throughout the book to understand how she got to where she is at the end of the book. I hated her husband. Like fuck him with a bat. Vivienne actually took over the story. The romance between the two MCs was definitely overshadowed by her. I almost would've also loved to have briefly seen a random person and what they thought of Vivienne when she was stalking Damien. Like hell... at one point she was in a bubble tea shop for like 3/4 hours waiting for Damien to come home. She was SUCH a stalker.
Profile Image for Dara Nelson.
Author 15 books33 followers
September 17, 2018
While this was a good story, there’s a reason I’m not giving it more than three stars. There’s too much glossing over to many back stories. First there’s Brad and Aiden but they’re over when this starts so why have it be a story line. Then Brad hooks up with a guy and it’s so brief that I felt like it was unnecessary. Then there’s Damian and Viv. I never felt chemistry between them, only anger or just a weird vibe. Then there’s the whole stalking thing, the migraines, Aiden again (again, I felt it unnecessary). The whole thing felt disjointed and like a jumbled mess.
Profile Image for Kathryn Manzella.
3,408 reviews26 followers
August 25, 2018
An amazingly intriguing story. The characters are well developed and I found myself feeling for them and what was going on. Viv isn't a nice person but glimpse I to her upbringing and the world she lives in and the fall of her mental state makes her real. Damien has a lot going on and Brad is still haunted by his past relationship. The chemistry they share is hot though.
I received this book as an Advanced Readers Copy and am voluntarily leaving my honest review and recommendation
Profile Image for Sue Ouellet-Cofsky.
2,068 reviews28 followers
August 27, 2018
As I was reading this...I wasn't really sure what I was in for...honestly at first I was a bit lost as to how it would all come together but I'm glad I kept pushing on because it came together maybe not beautifully but definitely explosively. Not your traditional romance or love story and maybe not your typical HEA but we do have love, we do have steam and we have suspense as well. I enjoyed the story.
5,698 reviews34 followers
September 7, 2018
this was an interesting and rough read.. i am not big on mf reads anymore.. but this one was so much more then that.. it had so many emotions and raw things going on.. viv was a horrible person.. with a horrible story and it explains her a lot but doesn't make her right.. and the other two had so many things they had to figure out as individuals.. it was all together a good story but a very emotional story
Profile Image for Joscelyn Smith.
1,818 reviews13 followers
August 11, 2018
Bunny boiler

This was a story worthy of being a Hollywood movie, man...some people should come with a warning label. Like 'Warning: I'm likely to turn into a stalker.' At every turn I was left wondering what would happen next. These characters were flawed and a bit broken which made them very relatable, their story was engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Kirstin.
1,756 reviews15 followers
September 11, 2018
This wasn't one of my favorite Mel Gough books, but it was intriguing. I liked the characters of Damian and Brad. They both had something that was worthwhile. From the start I disliked Viv. I found myself glossing over most of her chapters as her personality just turned me off from the start. I honestly didn't see where this was going until the end, which was fun.
Profile Image for Doreen Frantz.
328 reviews4 followers
September 7, 2018
A good story reminiscent of the movie Fatal Attraction. Loved the well thought out characters. Brad is a cop and Damien a celebrity who has a fling with Viv who becomes obsessed with Damien. Truly a good read with romance and suspense included.
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