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Zombie Playlist

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reader warning, if you're sensitive to the occasional horror theme, smoking weed and nicotine, drinking vodka straight from the bottle, and a shit load of cursing, this epic fictional adventure may not be for you.

Some people are life sucking, soul destroying, end of world assholes…then there are zombies. Actually, they’re not really zombies, they’re infected, but you know, tomayto tomahto.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got my faults, too. My attitude down-right sucks. I’m untrusting. I smoke and curse too much, and I’m somewhat of a kleptomaniac. In a normal world, those faults help keep my rock queen facade intact. But in this new world, one raging with illness and torn apart by the desperate and stupid, I’m what you would call a survivor.

My plan was simple, stay alive and protect my teenage sister. When a silent man with a steely gaze shot his way into my existence, I knew that more than my life was at stake. Lawson Bishop had the potential to crack his way inside the hard shell of my heart and bring it back to life.

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First published February 18, 2020

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About the author

Kirsty Dallas

23 books768 followers
Kirsty Dallas is an international bestselling and award-winning author, however she has a really hard time spitting out the title 'author'. When people ask her what she does for a living, she starts by telling them about her part-time job as an optical dispenser before slipping on the end in a hushed tone, "I also write...and stuff".

Kirsty Dallas' stories are renowned for their raw honesty and engaging characters. Plots that delve into the frightening subjects of abuse, rape, drugs and violence are twisted into the pages of her books, bringing heart-stopping action and a roller coaster of emotion.

With Australian director and screenwriter, Chris Sun, Kirsty worked as script editor on the horror feature film, Boar. Boar was signed to Universal Pictures Australia and released in 2018. More recently she worked as script editor for Brendan Byrne's horror film, Our Social Playground, and in 2020 has embarked with Chris again on their next, yet to be announced, horror film.


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Profile Image for Val ⚓️ Shameless Handmaiden ⚓️.
1,828 reviews29k followers
November 21, 2022
4 Stars

This book was recommended to me by my friend Leigh WAY earlier in the year. I actually tried reading it in June, but wasn't loving it. I found the h to be a little frustrating at the time (which was surprising as she's my kind of gal) and I decided perhaps the book wasn't for me; however, if I had to pick one person on goodreads with whom my reading tastes most align, it would be Leigh. So I decided to give it another chance when I was in the mood and I'm really glad I did.

In fact, the book ended with me wanting more and wishing it was longer. Loved Shiloh and Noah's relationship and LOVED Lawson. Already feel like re-reading it and possibly upgrading it.
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1,586 reviews28 followers
May 24, 2022
*4.5* This is a tough book for me to rate and review. The h is not your typical h. She's hardened, she's crass, she has that "zero fucks to give energy" about her. She’s a rockstar, occasional drug user, she has a filthy mouth, an ass kicking attitude, yet she also gently sing songs for her little sister to calm her.

This book kept me engaged, entertained, and hopeful. It also broke my heart, and was so deeply beautiful and emotional. Ultimately I really loved that this author created a character that I initially disliked, and morphed her into someone who I was rooting for. Granted she made some idiotic choices here and here, but that only showed she was genuine.

Lawson. What an incredible MMC. This is a true HERO. He is mute, with eyes that hold all of his emotions. He's ex military, battle scarred, and filled with so much love for the Shy and her Noah.

What I didn't like.

-Some of the interludes. Like the wealthy compound with people that dressed up and ballgowns and suits for dinner, that was really weird. It didn't fit the flow of the story at all and felt like it was thrown in there just to add pages.

-Zombies that can fucking run?! Nope nope nope.

-Single POV. I think the story would've been much better with dual POV.

This book is not delicate. It has a graphic rape scene. And like with other zombie books there is gore and brutality, but because this is ultimately a love story, there is beauty as well. This is not just a romantic love story between two adults, it is also the love story between two sisters, one who is a hardened rockstar done with the world, her parents who abandoned her, a boyfriend who repeatedly cheated on her, and a world where she felt utterly abandoned by everyone BUT her sister.

Noah, I can't say enough about this beautiful character. A 17-year-old with Down Syndrome who has the biggest, most wide open heart for all those she meets. HUGE spoiler here.

While the ending was satisfying, it was abrupt and could've used a few more pages. The KU book ended at 89% and that's always a bummer when that happens. If it wasn't for Noah and Lawson, I don't think I would've enjoyed reading this as much as I did. They balanced out Shy’s hardness. I really wanted to see how Shy softened with real love.

Overall this is a really unique and fresh take on a female rockstar/zombie apocalypse/romance/BFF sisters story. HUGE thank you to Leigh for the recommendation!!
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1,446 reviews1,156 followers
February 18, 2020
…to create a shadow, there must be light

I’ve contemplated giving up writing reviews of late. I’m busy, I don’t have the time, my kids need me…and numerous other excuses have popped up as to why I should just give up. Then, a book like Zombie Playlist comes into my life and I HAVE TO SHARE!!

First off, I’m not a *Zombie Apocalypse* or *Horror* kind of reader normally. Kirsty Dallas dropped me a line telling me about her new story knowing that it wasn't my normal type of read and asked if I’d like to give it a go anyway. Well, Kirsty Dallas is the kind of writer who writes what she wants to write with passion and attitude and I LOVE her writing style. It’s kind of refreshing (for romance) to find an author who isn’t influenced by what readers want to read. This does not mean she’s trying to push the boundaries, hit “safety” zones or break through barriers of diversity, inequality or bias. It’s just that Kirsty Dallas is brave enough to write about real emotions and reactions, brought on by real tragedies… well as real as a Zombie Apocalypse tragedy and emotional battlefield can be.

Zombie Playlist has gut punches that leave you reeling, gore and grit to make you squirm uncomfortably, and emotions that play with your heart and mind. It’s also a story about finding strength in tough times, putting someone else’s safety ahead of your own, and looking past the shadows and remembering the light. I spent a lot of time contemplating what my own reactions to some of the scenes would have been. I have two children and a husband I adore; will I lay down my life to protect them? I would hope so. Would I stop their suffering if I could or had to? Not sure I could. Would I struggle, suffer and keep fighting in the hopes there was light at the end of the tunnel? I would hope so, but I’m not sure I would/could.

Two more things…read the blurb and Kirsty Dallas’ review to get the full picture. She gives it to you straight, and I know I couldn’t say it better. Also, I think Ms Dallas is brave writing a story and releasing it while the world is in fear of the coronavirus. Obviously, these are worlds apart, but I couldn’t help but worry that maybe one day this horror/zombie apocalypse could be a reality.

I loved Zombie Apocalypse and I highly recommend giving it a go. Kirsty Dallas has linked each chapter to a song and mentions a few others throughout as well. A playlist was created on Spotify and I’ve already downloaded it and listened to a few of the songs I was unfamiliar with. The story was great, and the accompanying playlist takes it to the next level.

Stacey is Sassy, received an advanced copy of this story. The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.
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1,226 reviews228 followers
July 30, 2020
Zombie Playlist from this new to me author Kirsty Dallas was awesome, I loved it from beginning to end. Shy is a rock star and she definitely acts like one but I loved her. She smokes, curses, drinks to much alcohol and is basically a beautifully flawed individual. What keeps Shy grounded is her complete devotion to her little sister Noah who is such a sweet, beautiful soul. It's this soul that makes it possible for the girls to meet Lawson a wounded soldier who is mute. He was so amazing to the girls and came to the rescue at the perfect time. As a team they were fantastic and I loved watching them grow closer and finally fall in love. Now I'm not going to lie towards the end my heart was crushed and I cried like a baby. Although it didn't turn out they way they all hoped I loved their HEA. Overall if you like Zombies and Romance this is the one for you. I can't wait to read another book from this author.
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2,163 reviews278 followers
February 17, 2020
At times exciting, sweet, definitely terrifying, tragic, yet hopeful, I absolutely enjoyed my foray into this post-apocalyptic world Ms. Dallas has crafted. There are characters here that I will remember for a long time. It was so good that yes, I immediately sought out the playlist and I’m adding it to my faves now.

Now, in the spirit of keeping things spoiler-free as possible, I’ll just say if you’re a fan of zombie horror films, there are familiar beats. However, Ms. Dallas surprised me with the affection that I grew to have for all these characters. That’s the mark of a good zombie story - when you care about the running buffet, and there’s real danger, it hits you smack dab in the chest when things go sideways.

I do think it’s important to stress there is ALOT of danger in this ‘verse, and as always, some of the scariest moments come from the humans left to deal with the fallout, not the zombies stumbling along. I also have to give a content warning for those who are sensitive to sexual assault, this may not be the book for you. Alot of violent situations arise that up the stakes for these characters and kept me on the edge of my seat and yes I got a bit misty, especially towards the end.

When all is said and done, by the time I turned off my kindle, I felt as if these characters had more than earned their HEA even if it was bittersweet. If post-apocalyptic horror romance is your cuppa, I think you’ll enjoy this.

**ARC provided by Enticing Journey Book Promotions for review**

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945 reviews100 followers
January 14, 2021
Interesting, faulty heroine, who loves her sister beyond all else. So therefore, a great gal. Strong, silent hero who is wonderful. But the ending? Hmmm...still not sure it was what I wanted.
Profile Image for Ashleyjo.
826 reviews414 followers
July 6, 2021
I think the author views this as a spoiler, but I think readers deserve to know the characters before getting into a book. Rape isn’t the only trigger for reading. As the mother of a deceased handicapped child and having no clue that a teenager with disabilities was in this book, that hit me hard, and what happens to her in the end is gut-wrenching.

I really loved the three unconventional characters in this book. It’s a beautiful story of sisterly love. The romance between the mute soldier and the FMC is also unconventional and lovely. Relationships here are so strong and pure. This isn’t so much action zombie as it is about the relationships formed between the three characters. Tragic and beautiful, but if I’d have known that one of the characters had Down Syndrome, I wouldn’t have picked up this book.

The middle of the book was rough. It was kind of like inserting a plot apex that didn’t really fit. Awkward. Weird. Just not good.

The danger and dramas didn’t have the ebb and flow to be suspenseful.

The religious stuff didn’t detract from the story, but it also didn’t ever end up serving a purpose. It didn’t change or confirm anything within the characters. So, why bother if it’s not actually part of their development?

Character-building was fantastic. Real people. Real reactions. Everything about the characters was just very organic. 5 stars.

World-building was mediocre. 2 stars.

Plot surrounding those amazing characters was subpar. 2 stars.

The ending was abrupt. HEA but way too abrupt and close to big death of a character.

Profile Image for Kirsty Dallas.
Author 23 books768 followers
December 13, 2019
I've never been an author to write to market demands. My creativity is honest, I write what inspires me, I write what excites me, and Zombie Playlist excited the freaking hell out of me. I'm hoping in a romance market currently flooded with contemporary and rom-com, that this mixed-genre book will capture the reader's hearts like it did mine. Zombie Playlist is DIFFERENT. It's got some horror slipped in there, but it's also romance it's comedy, it's adventure, it's action, it's drama, it literally has something for everyone. In saying that, I urge readers who do take a chance on Z.P to be cautious of sexual assault triggers, and be prepared for ugly tears. #sorrynotsorry

Character sneak peek

Shiloh Summers Rock goddess, nicotine warrior, kleptomaniac. Oh yeah, this girl is special. She's also loyal to a fault, prepared to swing a golf club, and she loves her sister as if she were her own.

Noah Summers a free spirited, trusting, loving down syndrome teenager. She likes the usual teen stuff, cool clothes, dancing and Bieber. She also has a strong faith in religion, and adores her rock sister 'Shy', even if she does curse too much.

Lawson Bishop an all alpha male and tenacious former soldier. Oh, and he's mute. He loves his rifle so much he named him J.J (judge and jury). He's loyal, he's mischievous and after finding the sexy as sin rock queen Shiloh Summers, there is no way he's letting her stubborn-ass go. He'll fight for her and her sister until his last breath is taken.

Okay, I've given you all I'm willing to give, now it's up to you to take a chance on Zombie Playlist. Release date early 2020. #watchthisspace

February 18, 2020
A great read I totally recommend, especially if you enjoy dystopian, apocalypse kinda-romances.

This is one of those books that you devour, it's definitely a "I'll put it down at the end of this chapter, or maybe the next, or maybe in half-an-hour," read that will keep you up way, way, way past your bedtime. I adored Shy, Boo (Noah) and Lawson to the moon and back. This trio made me laugh, had me terrified, caused me to swoon and broke my heart. That's not quite true, it was the nasty, evil author who tore my heart to shreds😉 .

Despite the whole zombie-causing-virus thing that was going off, this felt such a real story, so believable. That is entirely due to a combination of excellent plot, great writing and amazing characters. The only reason this didn't hit the full 5 stars was that we only got Shiloh's point of view. Whilst I did believe in Shy's feelings for him, and he truly is a hero in all senses of the word, not having anything from Lawson's view point made it difficult for me to fully connect with him.

When the author claims this is a genre/trope crossing book she isn't kidding. At times the romance almost takes a back seat, but in a good way. Too much smoochy-woochy, touchy-kissy-feely emotions would have weakened the story. Would have distracted from it, especially given the dire situation they were in. This really is quite a different read, with very different-to-the-norm characters. If you're looking for something different to read then do try this.
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1,087 reviews467 followers
November 5, 2022
This book really surprised me. We follow Shiloh, a female rocker, and her younger sister Noah during a zombie apocalypse as they travel to their grandparents' remote house. When Shy and Noah get in trouble, they are saved by a mute veteran named Lawson, who then accompanies them.

The journey is long, hard, and rife with tribulations. But the sisterly bond and the slow burn romance bring some much needed light into this dark new world. Shy is not your typical romance heroine. She's loud, bold, and crass, and I love her. She's made up of sharp edges and she only softens for her sister Noah...and eventually for her love interest Lawson.

I can't really find the words to describe just how much the relationships in this book brought me joy and pain simultaneously. Noah, Shy, and Lawson may be one of my favourite trios of all time. I just loved their dynamic as a group. The sisterly bond was so incredibly sweet and wholesome. And I looooved the romance between Shy and Lawson. He was the perfect foil for Shy. They really complemented each other as a couple.
“You're loud, you're bold, and you're beautiful. You're not silent, and you save me from the stifling quiet I'm trapped in.”
The final act is unforgettable and packs an emotional punch. That's all I'm going to say about it because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I definitely recommend staying away from reviews with spoilers until after you're done the book. One thing I will mention though is a huge trigger warning for a graphic rape scene. It doesn't last long, but it is graphic and incredibly disturbing.

The theme of religion is prevalent in this book. Noah believes in God, but Shy does not. And this is a point of contention between the two sisters. But I thought it was very interesting how Shy's perspective on religion evolves as a direct result of certain circumstances.

Lastly, this is an indie book on KU, so expect typos and some grammar mistakes. If this were a traditionally published book, I would have been a lot more annoyed.
“Tears are prayers too, they travel to God when we can’t speak.”
Profile Image for Rose.
321 reviews24 followers
June 5, 2022
I totally loved this! So much fun and the writing was super enjoyable to read. I laughed, cried, swooned, and was on the edge of my seat. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with how well the author captured the MCs chemistry and intimacy throughout the book especially considering the H can’t physically speak and never says a word the whole book. I loved Lawson!

I wanted some more spice. There was only 1 full sex scene. I don’t think the book necessarily needs it but I would have liked to see that physical manifestation of their relationship because I adored the two of them together so much. I just wanted more of them. I haven’t read this author before so I don’t know if this is how her books are or if there were less in this one because of the nature of the story.

Overall: 4.5
115 reviews3 followers
January 25, 2020
When I started reading this book, I had a real WTF am I reading moment. I am a huge Kirsty Dallas fan and I know she has an eclectic style of writing that not many writers possess, so it should not have in any way had me sitting here feeling quite so mind blown.. That is the only way I can think of to describe what I was reading. I finished the book in a day & I have been siting on it for 2 days trying to find the words to write my review.
This is story that should have been filled with doom and gloom however, it was filled with hope. On the surface it was about death and destruction, but if you open your mind it tells a story of courage and determination. It is in a sense about the end of the world, but what I read was about life and love.
This is one of those books that strips you emotions raw. It has twists and turns, and pure hold your breath moments. The romance is slow burning and not rushed and the anticipation almost jumps off the pages, but when it all falls into place it is pure and it is breath taking. The dry humour is well placed and well timed and the innocence and honesty of the relationship between Shiloh & Noah is remarkable and pure. When Lawson comes along he completes the trio and brings and undeniable balance to complete their circle.
In this story the enemies are obvious and the allies subtle, the level of humanity that is shown in some parts is both soul destroying and uplifting. The places Kirsty Dallas went to in her imagination to ensure her characters survived had me thinking that if I were to find myself caught in his situation in real life, I am sticking with her. She will get us out of any situation! The depths of creativity she went to for her characters to survive this life changing event was extraordinary and I reckon she could save the world with it should we ever be taken over by a zombie like infected apocalypse.. just sayin...
So, whether you like books about zombies or not (and it's not really about zombies), this is one book you most certainly want to pick up and devour, the only problem is that once you get started, you may not want it to end!
Profile Image for Gayle.
242 reviews8 followers
January 28, 2020
Good lord my heart!
Someone pass the wine ASAP because man I’m a complete mess.

Zombies, it’s not a topic that I’ve ever read, and to be honest it’s not something that I’d ever find myself picking up, because zombies right? Definitely not my thing.
But to my own surprise I accepted the challenge and picked Zombie Playlist up anyway.

What the actual heck?
No, just no.
I can’t even deal right now.

Zombie Playlist, its perfection people, pure perfection.

I know, I know how can a novel about Zombies be perfect?

Well let me tell you this…..

Zombie Playlist isn’t what you may think. It’s deceiving in its title even though the title is fitting. And I know how cryptic that sounds, but god its true. What you think you’re walking into, yeah look you have it all wrong.

Shy, Noah and Lawson’s story is one of absolute heartbreak, fear, pain and suffering. Their story is one of survival, taking you on an intricate journey of suspense, filled with heartbreaking moments and unforgiving scenes that I know will literally take your breath away and hurt your soul.
But it’s not all doom and gloom, actually it’s far from it. Because although the darkness of the their journey sits like a heavy cloud over your head on a rainy day, you are gifted with the warmth, trust, humor and love that bleeds from the pages straight into your heart.


I want to rate Zombie Playlist more than 5 stars, because personally I think it deserves so much more. Yes granted it’s different to what we are normally used to by Kirsty Dallas, but the way I see it, Zombie Playlist, yes although different, it’s brilliantly different and as a reader I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

A HUGE 5 star read

Profile Image for Britt Chaotic Creatives.
1,414 reviews87 followers
January 27, 2020
This book filled a special place in my zombie loving heart. There’s not much more I love than a good romance with a heaping of zombies and the apocalypse, but finding good books that fits that criteria is the definition of finding a needle in a haystack. But alas, I have found that needle with Zombie Playlist! The perfect ratio of swoon to to action Zombie Playlist grips you immediately and keeps you captivated for the entire wild ride.
Shiloh is my kind of character, brash, sarcastic, brave...really the list is endless. She’s no wilting flower, damsel in distress kind of woman. Not even a little bit. She’s determined to fight her way through the apocalypse. I freaking loved her. She’s not all cold steel though, her softer side that exists for those she cares about shows just how fiercely loyal her love is.
From the get go Zombie Playlist is almost not stop action. I found myself constantly in edge waiting to see what was coming and how everyone would get through this. Feeling every ounce of emotional that Kirsty Dallas pulled from me with her captivating writing I truly feel like I’ve run a marathon and now I’m just dying for more. This is definitely an author who’s books I’ll be devouring in the future!
Profile Image for Ga Books LoverX.
2,288 reviews22 followers
February 18, 2020
A little bit about me? I LOVE zombie and dystopian books, like absolutely love. When I saw the information for Zombie Playlist, how could I NOT want to help the author to promote this book? The cover is great, the blurb draws you in, and you start reading it and BOOM, you CANNOT put it down!

Yes, you get all of the feels from the zombie apocalypse, but our heroine is not the typical one that you read about in these types of books, she is a rebel and hard and generally doesn't like people. I absolutely LOVED HER! And the leading man, talk about pretty much perfect- I am definitely a fan!

All in all if you like quirky heroines and the strong silent-type men in the middle of the zombie apocalypse with some real feelings and humor, you need to read Zombie Playlist ASAP! Side note, the playlist was SO on point as well- great job Kirsty Dallas, I freaking loved it!! 5 stars from me!

PS: Thank you to Kirsty Dallas and Enticing Journey Book Promotions for allowing me an advanced copy of the book to read and review honestly! <3
Profile Image for Julia Red Hatter Book Blog.
644 reviews32 followers
January 27, 2020
Can I give Zombie Playlist more than 5 stars? It deserves all the stars. ALL THE FECKING STARS. I was quickly swept up in Shy's world and all the danger surrounding it. The writing put me right there with Shy and Noah. Scared of every sound and sniffing for death at every corner.

Shy is a total badass. I loved everything about her. She has no idea what she's doing but she will survive and she will do anything to make sure her little sister Noah does as well. Noah is the soft to Shy's hard. Noah wants to save everyone and doesn't quite realize the danger that surrounds them. When they meet up with Lawson, that's when they learn to live again. Not just survive. Lawson stole my heart. The sweet soldier with no voice. The man who makes it his mission to get Noah and Shy to safety.

Zombie Playlist is everything you look for in post-apocalyptic reads. Survival, romance, loss, guts, blood, the worse type of humans, and hope. All that and so much more!
Profile Image for Jemina Venter.
35 reviews11 followers
January 24, 2020
I’ll preface this by saying I am a huge fan of anything written by Kirsty Dallas. I love Kirsty’s writing style in everything from her romance dramas to her rom-coms.

I’m not particularly into horror, but I do enjoy a good dose of Zombie every now and then. (This will be my 3rd or 4th zombie-themed romance.)

Straight up, Zombie Playlist – A Rock Zombie Romance is a spectacularly awesome dose of the undead!

I became crazy attached to Shy, Noah & Lawson on this unputdownable survival adventure! And it really is unputdownable. I know because I tried (out of sleepiness in the late hour). I picked it up less than 5 minutes later to keep reading until 3am!

Even if zombie’s aren’t normally your gig, if you enjoy a badass & sassy female protagonist who also has a vulnerable side protecting her younger, stubborn sister, and a quiet, badass protector that doesn’t overshadow our main lady, you will want to read Zombie Playlist!

It’s funny, suspenseful, sweet and heart-wrenching amidst some crazy-arse zombie-apocalyptical human behaviour that will have you feeling angry and scared and pissed right the hell off as you read Shy! I would 100% re-read this and I hope that anyone who is reading this review gives it a go!
February 19, 2020
Zombie Playlist is so much more than they title suggests.
Yes, it has zombies..but the characters within these pages are so unique, captivating and endearing.
The world building and storyline is bloody brilliant!
I ugly cried..over a zombie book and I’m not ashamed.
Like so ugly cried and listened to the playlist more times they you would care to know.
Even if you’re not a fan of post apocalyptic ~ zombie books, give this one a try.

Plot~ 5/5
Main Characters (hero/heroine)~ 5/5
Secondary Characters~ 5/5
The Feels~ 5/5
Pacing~ 5/5
Angst~ 5/5
Steam/Hotness/Chemisty ~ 5/5
Theme or Tone~ 5/5
Flow (Writing Style)~ 5/5
Backdrop (World Building)~ 5/5
Originality~ 5/5
Ending~ 5/5
Book Cover~ Cheeky perfection
Series~ stand-alone
Source~ Kindle eBook - ARC for honest review
Would I read more from the author? Yes
Would I recommend this book? Yes
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341 reviews7 followers
January 11, 2020
I do not like the Zombie genre in books. I never read books written in this subject, but when Kirsty Dallas writes something...you give it a try. OMG, talk about captivating, heart racing, unputdownable books - this is the one. I devoured this. I fell in love with Lawson, Shy, Noah and even Justin and I'm no cat person. This author has turned my reading soul upside down. You all need to read this gem. The playlist is even spectacular. I'm excited for everyone who gets to read this for the first time ❤️
Profile Image for Kylie.
25 reviews
January 19, 2020
Oh, my word! That was an epic journey that I did not want to put down. This isn’t just a romance story, it’s a battle of survival, it’s an epic road trip, it’s music, and of course zombies.

“Survive now. Cry Later” … just like the books tagline, I did just that, I survived all the feels, and I cried. I also fell completely in love with Shiloh! I loved her smoking, her cursing and I loved that she does everything fiercely, including protecting those she loves from “shithead zombies”. I had the honor of being one of the first to view the cover, and I can tell you it is SPOT ON! It represents everything Shiloh is. As for Lawson, he has this silent, steady nature that makes you swoon! And Noah…no words. She just embodies everything humans should be. Trusting, kind, carefree, she’s a beautiful character.

Thank you, Kirsty, for letting me be one of the privileged few to read Zombie Playlist before it officially goes live to the public. And I will say it again, you have a way of taming a wild and crazy idea, and filling the pages of a book with such deep emotion.
Never stop doing you! xxx
Profile Image for A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog.
2,814 reviews148 followers
February 3, 2020
Zombie Playlist could have easily been a cheesy b grade horror, however, it is bigger than the Zombie title suggests. It combines a well-written story, a unique and unpredictable plot, with plenty of humour, strong characters and complex relationships that pushes Zombie Playlist beyond a good read into a great one.

The action starts from the get-go. The heroine, Shiloh, finds herself in a Zombie apocalypse. The world where she was a talented musician has gone to hell. What used to matter is now redundant. Saving herself and who she loves is her only goal. I can see this book being made into a television series, it had the same feel as shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural and The Walking Dead.

This is a story like no other I have read before. I loved everything about it. The gore and survival, mixed with the emotions, love and romance works; even though it sounds like it couldn't.
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30 reviews4 followers
January 2, 2020
Holy Shit !!!! I am at a loss for words I abso-fucking-lutly LOVED Zombie Playlist!!! It took me for one hell of an emotional ride! Lawson and Shy quickly became some of my fave characters..! All I can say is when Kristy Dallas writes dystopian/apocalyptic standalones she slays it and always leaves me craving more!
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239 reviews2 followers
April 15, 2020
Book-Challenge 2020: Book 34

Ok, this was heavier than I thought ...

Zombie Playlist isn’t your average romance. Our heroine - Shiloh - is a though, pot and cigarettes smoking, constantly cursing, often pissed off, famous rock star. Her only joy in life is music and her baby-sister Noah. So when actually a Zombie apocalypse breaks out all Shy can think about is getting her sister and heading to her grandparents farm in the middle of nowhere.

It takes quite a while before we meet our hero - Lawson - and wow, what a meeting we get. It was a very heavy scene, let me tell you.

This book is not for people with sensitivities. You got everything here: from killing zombies, killing people, rapists, theft, breaking and entering, brutality, guns, the decay of humankind, cursing, violence, etc. etc. you‘ve got the whole zombie apocalypse color palette.

And it‘s great. At times Shiloh can be really annoying (the reason for the star reduction), but Noah and Lawson make it worthwhile. Noah is a darling. I loved that Kirsty writes here about a person with Down Syndrome and portraits her in a lovely, respectful and wonderful way. She did a great job there. And Lawson? Oh man, never thought I enjoy reading about a mute hero so much.

This was an excellent read (). If you’re not overly sensitive, I highly recommend it.
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March 27, 2020
No I didn't cry, you did. 😥
I was a little hesitant about reading this story because zombies aren't my kind of thing but geez I loved it. Shiloh, Noah & Lawson what an amazing trio. They went through so much and I hope if we ever have a zombie apocalypse that I get a strong, silent type like Lawson to fight with. In the words of Shiloh "I wasn't completely opposed to having a little eye-candy on this awful bum-fuck of a road."
Ms Dallas you are freaking awesome and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
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July 21, 2021
Currently at a little over halfway done. I hate the heroine. She is so obnoxious and lacking of common sense. She is constantly getting inebriated in situations that are not safe. She finds alcohol while in Walmart scavenging and decides that it's the PERFECT time to drink it and of course runs into zombies a few minutes later. She's in this weird, dangerous cult situation but decides that smoking weed and getting drunk is the move. Don't get me started on how she goes to a gas station to get gas and cigarettes, stumbles across the zombie that used to work there, KILLS said zombie and then proceeds to LEAVE without getting what she came for. Girl, you killed the danger, its safe now, grab your cigarettes and get your gas. In what world does it make sense to leave and be forced to find those things at another gas station after you've done the work to make the first gas station safe? The fact that she stopped to find a map after having stopped and been inside TWO gas stations at that point. Why weren't you looking for a map along with your much needed cigarettes? Of course this stop to get a map ends with a gun to her head, a stolen car with supplies inside and a traumatized younger sister. Due to having to walk they end up kidnapped and she is in the beginning stages of being raped (already penetrated) before the hero shows up to save the day. I've read the other reviews about the younger sister dying and I'm fully convinced its going to be because of how incompetent the MFC is. The author's ENTIRE plot relies on the heroine lacking common sense. The hero isn't much better. His gut is telling him that they shouldn't go with this person who seems all too eager to get them to come with him. But the unintelligent heroine and her baby sister want to go because the man promises them a hot shower and hot food. You are a soldier, your gut and common sense is telling you that this person is not to be trusted but you let two inexperienced people talk you into it, of course this decision doesn't end well. Shit gets weird fast and they know they should leave but decide to leave THE NEXT night. Obviously that doesn't go as planned and they are drugged and locked in cages in the basement with a zombie in another cage connected to them. The two adults in the situation are not smart.

Edit: Finished reading the book. Just no. The whole plot was the heroine and sometimes hero being irresponsible and/or lacking common sense all the way down to having unprotected sex with ejaculation inside of her (you couldn't at least pull out?).............during a zombie apocalypse...? I just.........
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February 23, 2020
Loved this Zombie Romance.

I loved this Zombie Romance it was quirky, sweet and quite romantic considering it's a Zombie story.
It was a very emotional read at times too, my heart broke for everything the characters endured.

I loved the bond between Shiloh and Noah they had a deep unbreakable connection and I adored Shi for her fierce protective side when it came to her little sister.
Shiloh was strong and sassy and I loved how she gave zero fuxks what anyone thought of her, she made me laugh.
Noah was very endearing and sweet for a Belieber. It was impossible not to love everything about her and the way she chastised her sister made me smile.

The star of the story for me was the strong silent Lawson the way he protected two strangers when he could of looked the other way, he was very magnanimous. He's exactly the kind of hero I love.

This was a fantastic engaging story with a well written plot it flowed well and kept me glued to the pages.
I loved the playlist too.

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February 9, 2020
Holy moses! Zombie Playlist is one of the beat written zombie books I have ever read. That is saying a lot because I have read a ton. This book has everything you need in a zombie book. Obviously zombies, a motivating factor, and a loss of humanity.

The plot of this book is off the chains. Not only did the author do a great job actually thinking out the story line, but the characters fit in perfectly. I loved the unique challenges and how the author slowly reveals more about each character.

The heat in this book is not missing. The chemistry between characters sizzle until its bound to explode. This book has an amazing writing style. I really liked that each chapter ends with a song, hence the title. It was well thought out and planned.

This book is for the zombie lovers for sure. It is well written and easily in my top zombie books. I plan to reread this book many times.

Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5
June 2, 2023

+loved the female lead, she's 100% my type of girl.
+Really enjoyed our silent male lead as well
+I'm a sucker for a zombie romance that isn't cringey, so this ticked that box nicely

/romance wasnt built up too much, but also wasn't instant fall in love so can't hate it too much

-huge time skip at the end, boo. Give me domestic bliss after all the headache in more than just an epilogue
-(SPOILER) the sisters entire existence just kind of felt tacked on, and I feel that way in her death too. I figured it was coming, but she really just felt like an annoying tagalong
-religious agenda was here the entire time in the form of the sister, but it starts going crazy at the end. Not my thing and was honestly a turn off as it kept being brought up over and over toward the end
April 26, 2022
Kirsty Dallas gets it.

I don’t often give 5 Star reviews. You have to be out of this world, beyond spectacular, slap me silly good to rate 5 stars in my world.

Zombie Playlist did not disappoint. There was not a single line in this story that had me thinking “you’ve gotta be kidding me,” or “give me a break.” This book was well written and the playlist was spot on. This was a fast read, more about the relationships than the zombies and survival. Though I wouldn’t have minded more of that, I enjoyed every minute of this.

Shiloh, Noah, and Lawson were so good together. I didn’t want to say goodbye to them. I think about the years between the last chapter and epilogue.

At the end, there is a snippet of another one of her books. It’s so good.
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October 24, 2022
I randomly stumbled upon this book & am so glad I did! I love all things zombie’s, music, & romance novels… so seeing this book I decided to give it a whirl!

SO GOOD! What a touching story, the journey Shy goes on & her bond with her sister Noah is beautiful! There’s action obviously cause zombie 🧟‍♀️🤣
But the whole plot just keeps you enthralled. And Lawson! Oh Lawson! I loved him! He’s protective, but not in a chauvinistic way! The way they slowly all come together & become a family unit is beautiful. The end broke my heart a bit, but it was such a damn good book!!
Spice wise not much, but some is in there. Definitely a slow burn. But honestly zombie’s kinda put a damper on everyone sex lives 🤣 so I can forgive the lack of spice 🤣
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