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Gentleman Sinner

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An all-the-feels novel of fierce love overcoming a dark past from the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling THIS MAN series.

Izzy White knows of the darkness in this world. After all, she escaped it long ago. Determined not to let her past beat her, Izzy has a secure, stable life with a job she loves in nursing. But one act of kindness will completely upend everything she's so carefully built-putting her right back in the crosshairs of danger she's been so desperate to avoid.

When Theo Kane shows up like a knight in shining armor, Izzy can't help thinking she's been saved from one threat and exposed to another. His imposing physique, the harsh lines of his face, and the wariness of everyone who comes close are just a few clues to Theo Kane's notorious reputation. The man is positively terrifying. But with Izzy, he's tender and a complete gentleman, and her fascination with the mysterious beast of a man becomes too powerful for her to walk away.

As Theo's demons come to light, running becomes even more impossible. And yet staying together could doom them both.

401 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 5, 2019

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About the author

Jodi Ellen Malpas

44 books19.2k followers
“I write for myself. Not what I think people want to read.” ~ JEM

#1 New York Times & Sunday Times Bestselling Author Jodi Ellen Malpas was born and raised in England, where she lives with her husband, her boys, and Theo the Doberman.

Writing powerful love stories with fierce, memorable characters is her passion – a passion that has taken her on an amazing journey into the world of romantic fiction. Her work is now published in more than twenty-five languages across the world.

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Want to read
February 13, 2019


Izzy White knows of the darkness in this world. After all, she escaped it long ago. Determined not to let her past beat her, Izzy has a secure, stable life with a job she loves in nursing. But one act of kindness will completely upend everything she's so carefully built-putting her right back in the crosshairs of danger she's been so desperate to avoid.
When Theo Kane shows up like a knight in shining armor, Izzy can't help thinking she's been saved from one threat and exposed to another. His imposing physique, the harsh lines of his face, and the wariness of everyone who comes close are just a few clues to Theo Kane's notorious reputation. The man is positively terrifying. But with Izzy, he's tender and a complete gentleman, and her fascination with the mysterious beast of a man becomes too powerful for her to walk away.
As Theo's demons come to light, running becomes even more impossible. And yet staying together could doom them both.
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January 19, 2019
A man should protect a woman. Not hurt her. And a woman should feel safe with a man, not afraid.
Thank you Jodi. This is a strong message which is a requirement in today's world.
A  story of scarred Beauty and tightly leashed Beast who takes it upon himself to protect his Beauty from all the monsters and if need be.... himself. This Beast is larger than life personality with the softest of heart in his chest, beating only for his Izzy.


His life is violent, chaotic and deadly. Not an ideal fertile place for love to sprout and flourish. His temper and temperament keeping all his family, friends and employees feet away for him.
Yet a demure and gentle little nurse breaks his impenetrable cage and frees his heart, stealing it for herself!
“How he lives, what he does, the way he handles things. No one can live by the sword and never get cut.”
JEM creates consuming love in its finest form, novel after novel. Be it Jesse, Miller, Jake, Jack, Josh and now Theo. There's nothing more endearing than a hulk of a man, lionine who protects his girl with ferocity and holds her gently. Jodi combines vulnerability and power in the same persona, making me want to admire them and cuddle them at the same time.


“I’m man enough to admit that I’m nothing without you. I’m man enough to admit that I’m so frightened that I’ll hurt you again.”
See what I mean, I want to hug him like a tree and hide him in my arms, saving him from the world, as he saved Izzy😍
I have to mention something here -everytime Theo opened his arms for Izzy to walk into his safe enclave, my heart just melted into a puddle. I swear I wanted to run faster than Izzy and just hide in his big chest Hugs and cuddles are grossly underestimated IMO!!!


Theo is almighty in strength, all encompassing in love and enormous in forgiveness.
Izzy is petite yet large hearted and utterly devoted. Daring and brave enough to venture close to him, her gentle demeanour calming the beast and taming him. She surrenders herself completely to his overpowering love
The only scary thing in this book is the FEELINGS!. What scares Izzy and Theo more than anything is not the ghosts of their pasts or the confining boundaries but what's brewing in their hearts and how apart their worlds are.
“I realize there’s a lot to know about you, And I know beyond doubt that I might not like some of it, but none of that wondering or worry is making me like you less. That’s what scares me.”
Very intense and passionate in narration, the book will hold you spellbound. I've always wanted to be able to jump in JEM's books because she creates heroes that love completely like every woman deserves to be loved. All her heroes carry their own cloud for us to land and float on, they have their own thing and they fight hard for their women. **sigh** all the heart eyes 😍


They make me swoon, make me dream and make me blush. So thank you Jodi for keeping the dream alive and pulse throbbing. Another immortal alpha lover joins the ranks of BBFs that make your hearts melt and panties moist😁
Hope you get to Callum & Jess book next
4.5 stars for Marshmallow coated in steel
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February 16, 2019
I have read multiple times and loved all the books by Jodi. It pains me to admit that this is my least favourite book so far 😕
I was expecting so much more.


‘What’s your story, Izzy White?’
‘What’s yours, Theo Kane?’ I retort.

I loved the beginning of the book. There is mystery around Izzy and Theo. Theo is an interesting stalker (my favourite kind). One night he saves Izzy from a dark alley after she has defended a young hooker.
After that Theo seems obsessed with Izzy. He follows her to her work, he follows her at Las Vegas where she went for holidays.
He keeps saving her and following her around. He demands dinner with her. And her time. At some point, Izzy will take her chances and will have a fling with him in Las Vegas. But then they will need to go back to their everyday life in London.

‘Us happens,’ he finally says, simple and straight to the point. Except I’m not sure what us is.
‘What will us be?’
‘In truth, I don’t know.’ He sighs. ‘But I’m looking forward to figuring that out. If you’re happy to come along for the ride. Are you happy to, Izzy? Do you want to explore what us could be?’

And then the story of Theo and Izzy becomes messy. Out of control and full of unnecessary drama. Which I normally don’t mind...but in this case I did not find Theo likable at all.

Theo does one stupid thing after the other:
-He makes Izzy lose her job
-He makes her look guilty in front of her work colleagues as he creates the worst possible scene
-Invite her rapist to his club
-Punch her on the face, by mistake... but still...
-After she falls unconscious on the ground, instead of looking after her and of apologising to her, he goes and cold-bloodily kills the man that she was trying to stop him from killing in the first place.
-Then he disappears.
-Instead of grovelling back to her, she looks for him like a mad woman.
-He never tried to make Izzy feel better. He only tried selfishly to punish himself.

His excuses?
*I am broken.
*I don't want to be touched.
*My daddy did not love me.
*I cannot control my temper.

The reaction from his mother after Izzy got punched and she managed to open one eye because the other one was not functioning?
‘I told you to let him calm down, sweetheart. Why didn’t you leave him to calm down?’
Excuse me... WTF?

I am sorry, but I could not see him as a broken man who is ready to be fixed. I though that most of the times he was a needy, selfish jerk. Izzy felt safe when he was close to her, but I couldn't understand why and it was never justified enough.
If I was in her shoes, I would have get rid of him from the second that he cost me my job and my reputation.

P.S. on the other hand the love story between their friends, Callum and Jess, sounded really interesting. I would love to read their book, if there is one.
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February 20, 2019
1 - "...Keep your distance..." Star.

DNF @ 28%

If Christian Grey and Jesse Ward decided to split and merge their DNA and load the result into a human cyborg, you'd get Theo Kane.

Similarly, if Ana Steel and Ava O'Shea did the same you'd likely get a close approximation of Izzy White.

Then Jodi Ellen Malpas, puts all the tropes, important personality traits, characteristics and quirks from all the however-many books from the FSOG & This Man series, and does a lucky dip style draw for the ones she will mold together to make this story into something, pretty much gives you; Gentleman Sinner.

I have spent the better part of a day trying to get into the story all the while in the back of my head continually going … 'Jesse does that', Christian had that problem', 'Izzy is just as annoying as Ava was when she did that', 'Oh that happened in Fifty/This Man'. You get my drift I am sure.

But what decided it ultimately in regards to me calling time on the book was reading the most unsexy, first sex scene between a couple (who have spent virtually no time together and still know absolutely nothing about each, particularly as the H is acting like a rich stalker at that point too).

I think because I was annoyed and a bit turned off by the pair of them, that it exacerbated my dismay at the lack of discussion to a certain predilection and what it may entail for the other participant, to the unreasonable treatment of that person, and the lack of provision of safe word (bearing in mind this is the first time they have sex, and it is not your common garden missionary variety, and one of them has past issues with being mistreated as well), to the whole cringeworthy act itself which felt completely off in all aspects.

This isn't a short book, I'll likely finish it by reading a few chapters here and there when I soak in the bath, but it's definitely not one I want to spend hours on. Mainly because I have read this type of story many, many times before and I didn't feel any connection between Theo and Izzy. The book up to where I stopped was told solely from Izzy's POV, I can't help thinking getting in Theo's head may have helped things a bit, but hey the skeptic in me wonders if that may afford the author another book at some point in the future. Although I stand corrected if his POV does crop up further along.

Not a winner, and not the first time I have had this problem with this authors work post Jesse Ward.

ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest sum up.
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February 6, 2019
So I’ve only previously read 1 of Jodi Ellen Malpas’ books but when I saw this book come up for review I jumped at the chance. The cover is beautiful, simple yet it grabs your attention and after reading the book I can see how it fits the story perfectly.
The storyline in Gentleman Sinner is fantastic. Jodi created a world that I want to be apart of. There are some very dark elements to this story. Rape and extreme violence. Some readers might not be ok with this.
The thing that was a bit disappointing was Izzy revelation of what happened to her. Not the revelation itself but the way it was delivered. I would of liked more detail of what she went through. She said in the book that she was basically kept prisoner at one point but the details were kind of skimmed over. But it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the story.
The characters in this book are amazing. Complex with layers you get to peel back and find out more.
Izzy is on of the best female characters I have read in a long time. She’s had a hard time in part of her life, but she has picked herself up, moved on with her life and has got a good career and future ahead of her.
Theo Kane.
What can I say about this man.
I love him.
I loved everything about his character. He hasn’t had an easy upbringing but he’s getting through life the only way he knows how.
These two characters make my heart happy. Their story had me gripped from page 1 and I was on the edge of seat the whole time reading. I couldn’t put the book down.
I love Izzy’s best friend Jess and Theo’s best friend Callum. I seriously hope they get their own book because it would be a one click book from me!
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January 21, 2019
*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

He looks lethal but beautiful, hard but soft. My body is in chaos, my nerves burning, all in response to what I’m faced with. My want has gone through the roof and desperation is now crippling me. He looks like a warrior, raw and primal. A fighter.

In ”GENTLEMAN SINNER”, Jodi Ellen Malpas has done what she does best—she’s written another crazy all-consuming romance between a domineering and charismatic Hero and a feisty Heroine who doesn’t easily give in to the Hero’s commands. I instantly fell in love with the storyline and characters and while it may not be fair to compare this book to the ”This Man” series, I can’t help but say that I got all the same “feels” from this new story that I did with the series that started my love for this author’s writing.

Theo Kane is a formidable book boyfriend! From the moment he was introduced in the story, I was hooked. He’s dark, mysterious, and broken. He’s feared by most but doesn’t have the same effect on Izzy. Theo comes to her rescue when she is attacked on her way home from work. From the moment that they meet, there is an intense attraction that has them instantly gravitating towards each other.

Izzy is afraid of her growing feelings for Theo. She doesn’t give over her trust easily. She’s haunted by her past and keeps it bottled up inside. Izzy tries to reject Theo’s advances but she is no match for his tenacity and once she gives in to temptation, the passion between them burns white hot!

While they both want so desperately to know about each others painful past, neither is willing to reveal their awful truths. For the entire story, I was left on the edge of my seat, trying to figure out what made these characters tick and wondered how their truths would eventually come to light.

Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 5
Heroine: 5
Plot: 5
Angst: 4.5
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

GENTLEMAN SINNER releases on February 5th! Fans of Jodi Ellen Malpas will not be disappointed. This is a story that you’re going to want to devote a full day to because it is unputdownable!!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Q9nkuD

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/GentlemanSinnerJEM

AppleBooks: https://apple.co/2NNFujH

Nook: http://bit.ly/2wO9xRj

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2oIH1wz

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2NmIIh6

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February 15, 2019
Something was missing for me when it came to this couple’s relationship. I need to think more on what exactly it was before I write my review but I definitely was a bit disappointed with this book. I didn’t hate it; but I certainly didn’t love it either! Review to come!
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February 18, 2019
Move over Jesse Ward cause Theo Kane is coming to town!

I am in love with how this couple began. Izzy is a nurse who stumbles upon a beaten woman on her way home from the hospital, only the perpetrator has not left yet. In comes Theo to save the day and boy did he make an impression.

There is a lot of mystery about both Izzy and Theo's past that you know was very bad for both of them. What I loved was how Izzy seemed to be the only person that Theo could stand touching him. He avoided all physical contact except from her. When he realized how strong of a connection he has to her, he knew he would never let her go.

If you are a fan of the alpha types who take what they want, then you are going to love Theo. Izzy is hesitant due to her past and Theo just bulldozes right through. He pretty much stalks her in the very beginning. His care for her is very sweet though. He knows how precious she is and just wants her safe.

You don't know Theo or Izzy's full story through most of the book. You just know it's not good. There is a lot for both of them to overcome but what I loved was that it was never an interference form other men or women that stood in their way. The conflicts in this book were all due to their personal demons they were fighting.

This is a standalone book and has the sweetest epilogue. The author did leave things open to possible explore two of the side characters. I'm really hoping that is in her plans cause she gives us just enough to have me curious.
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1,360 reviews1,442 followers
February 5, 2019
5 Stars!
(ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR/ Forever-Grand Central Publishing)

-My love for her holds me prisoner. Her faith leaves me in awe. Her hope encourages mine. And her touch reaches my soul. She is my peace. My cure. My love.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Izzy White has worked hard to overcome her dark past and move on with her life. She's broken free of the fear that used to control her, and has built the life she wants. She lives in London with her best friend Jess, and has a job as a nurse that she loves. She finally likes who she is, and where she's at in life. Then she acts on instinct to show someone in need kindness, and puts herself back in the type of danger she's tried so hard to avoid.

When Izzy finds herself in trouble she meets a mysterious stranger named Theo Kane. He's a massive mountain of a man that's built like a gorgeous gladiator. He's so freakishly big, he should be frightening, but there's a softness in his eyes when he looks at her. At first sight he comes across as dark, dangerous, and intimidating, but for some reason she's not afraid. Instead she finds him magnetic, alluring, and exciting. There's a sense of ease that's unfamiliar, and she can't deny the insane attraction she feels for him. No matter how much she tries to pretend she's immune to him, his physical presence just does things to her. She's drawn to him, and experiences an explosion of desire every time he touches her. She's never felt anything like it before. He's complex, intense, overwhelming, bold, and demanding, but also makes her feel safe. He throws mixed signals, but also gives her incredible pleasure she soon can't live without. He's become an addiction, and even though she's seen enough violence to last her a lifetime, she dives head first into his world.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Theo Kane is completely captivated by Izzy White. He relentlessly pursues her even if it's a little stalkerish. He wants her bad. He can't explain his reaction to this woman. There's this powerful connection between them, and she has his undivided attention. She challenges him and frustrates him, but he wants to explore this crazy effect they have on one another. She's intoxicating, and he's utterly consumed. She brings light into his dark world, and has completely hijacked his heart.

Izzy never wants to be weak and vulnerable again, but Theo makes her happy. He makes her feel valued and untouchable. She feels like she's known him forever, but she's terrified of how he makes her feel. He's wooed her, and shown her a tenderness others don't see. As they both become too attached to one another will their secrets and past threaten everything that matters most to them?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

-“There aren’t many things in this world that I desire, Izzy. It’s a short list, and therefore I have plenty of time to dedicate to each item on it. You are now at the very top.”

-“My skin on yours, I crave it.”

-“The first time I touched you, you had me. I’ll never be able to explain how it felt. How it feels now.”

-Theo Kane is like marshmallow coated with steel. He’s a big softy in a hard exterior. He’s a certain kind of cut handsome that I think only I can see.

-I don’t tremble in my boots or shake with dread in his presence. Instead, I quiver with want and vibrate with need.

-I feel like I’m dancing too close to the sun, and, bizarrely, I can’t wait to be burned.

-His touch. Oh, God, his touch. It’s like an intense, deep warmth that starts in one spot before spreading in every direction across my skin like cracking glass.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

WOW, I just loved this book!!! Jodi has done it again! I was completely hooked throughout this story. It's dark, sexy, and deeply emotional but also had me laughing. It's full of secrets, tragedy, and intrigue. It's about survivors, and the healing power of love. I couldn't have loved this man more. Theo Kane hit me with all the feels. Just loved this man so much! I am absolutely desperate for a book for Callum next!!! PLEASE!!!!! <333

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1,118 reviews580 followers
January 26, 2019

Title: Gentleman Sinner
Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas
Publication Date: February 5, 2019

Can this woman do no wrong?! seriously!
I sound like a broken record but I have honestly NOT come across a book written by Jodi Ellen Malpas that I haven't enjoyed. I love her books! I love JEM's alpha men.

Trust Jodi to write a book where the characters suck you into the story and gets you hooked from the get go.

Trust Jodi to write a book where the sexy love scenes literally scorch the pages.

Trust Jodi to write a book where the storyline is unpredictable and always always so ADDICTIVE!

Gentleman Sinner is outrageously fantastic!!

From my loves, Jesse Ward (This man series) to Miller Hart(One Night Series) to Jake Sharp (The Protector) to Drew Davis (All I Am) to Jack Joseph (The Forbidden) to Josh Jameson (The Smoke & Mirror Duology) and now, Theo Kane, Jodi Ellen Malpas's alpha men always have and always will steal your heart.


I got to tell you though, It's impossible for me to ever pick a favourite from all the amazing alpha men that Jodi has brought into my life (Yes, I am that delusional hahaha). Jesse Ward is my first love but then the rest of them came and I knew I was screwed. Now we have Theo Kane.... WOW guys. WOW! Theo Kane? Yowza!

Add the Gentleman Sinner to your TBR list. Highly Recommend it.
TRUST Jodi  Ellen Malpas to write a damn good book filled with so much angst and chemistry you'll be fanning yourself. LOL!

Highly recommend ANY book by one of my favourite author!



September 14, 2020
8$ for a book that has been written by thousands of authors. This author has gotten greedy. All of the sudden because she got her series optioned by passionflix she thinks her books are the sh*t. And I'm the sucker who paid for this. Yep. going to ammy to get my 8$ back and I'm not even ashamed to admit it. 😏

The poor broken hero who can't be touch and the poor sap, pushover, doormat, weak heroine who thinks she can cure him well with you know what!

“You could hit me, Theo. Smack me or punch me full force in the face. And I’ll get over it. I’ll heal and forgive. Because I know it’s not your fault”

And..... A couple of pages later?... He did... He hit her so hard that she blacked out and she got a black eye. She ran after him, chasing him, screaming and crying for him and he left her after he killed a man, she kept calling him for days and weeks. Did he feel sorry for punching her? Well that's up to debate for me. Sorry I don't think he was.

I really have no words for what the heroine said to him. How stupid can you be? No woman in her right mind IRL would forgive a man that hit her so hard she blacked out. It doesn't matter that he wasn't "aware" when he did it that's still doesn't make alright. Oh let's blame it on he can't stand to be touched or that she was advised not to do it. What kind of humans are we if we don't get bother by this? What does it say about us? If this were me? I would have run the other way, I would have hidden the pregnancy from him. Cause yes, let's complete the train wreck with, "oops I'm pregnant even though I was on the pill" 🤦🏻‍♀️
I wouldn't have let my daughter close to him like the heroine did.

This mofo should've just stayed dead when he was pronounced dead after he disappeared for weeks and all the sudden it's a miracle that he resuscitated when heroine touched him. 🙄
He was cured of his touch phobia miraculously by his baby. Like Maddea says Hallelujer.🙌🏼
If only this could be so simple. 😒
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February 11, 2019
3.5 Stars

If you are a fan of the "This Man" serues, you'll love this book. It is a repurposed version of the original.
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1,227 reviews569 followers
January 25, 2019
(ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR/ Forever-Grand Central Publishing)

Gentleman Sinner brought out mixed feelings in me while reading it. Some parts I liked and some I didn’t. I enjoyed the secondary characters. Izzy’s BFF Jess and Theo’s friend Callum. These two and their interactions with the main characters Izzy and Theo are what made me enjoy Gentleman Sinner. The book started out great for me. I liked Izzy and her working as a nurse. She passionate about her job and it’s her safe haven. Her first meeting with Theo was terrific too. Mysterious and intense.

I’m sad to say that I struggled a lot with Izzy and Theo. Their relationship needed more development or a build up. His pursuit of her and them being intimate was just too fast for me. I needed more story to establish a connection between them and sadly I never got that. For me their relationship was just sexual. I didn’t believe in them as a couple.

The tone of this book is at times dark because of Izzy and Theo’s past but thankfully Jess brought out the fun side of Izzy and also her bantering with Callum was great. The epilogue tied it all together and I saw a new and wonderful side of Theo. Despite the mixed emotions I overall enjoyed Gentleman Sinner and I hope I get my wish and get a book with Jess and Callum. That would be awesome.
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888 reviews697 followers
January 31, 2019
All-in-all a sweet and enjoyable read. Yes, it was fairly predictable and it was pretty full of well-worn tropes and clichés. There were elements I enjoyed, but the plot was not strong. I really enjoyed Theo and Izzy’s banter and the sexual tension, but I've read books with similar plot lines.

Three stars because I liked the book. It was a good read. Not terribly thought provoking though, but a good solid romance. Some predictable elements but a fun read nonetheless.

In short:
Hero 3/5 | Heroine 4/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 3/5 | Writing Style 4/5 | Steam 3/5 | Romance 4/5 | Angst-Suspense 3/5 | Darkness 3/5 | Humor 1/5 | Secondary Characters 4/5 | Drama-Conflict 3/5 | Mystery 2/5 | Twists 4/5 | Pacing Steady | Action 3/5

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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2,176 reviews1,234 followers
February 15, 2019


Well. I really liked it. BUT ... the whole time while I was reading I had this vision in my head that this book was just like what would happen if THIS MAN and FIFTY SHADES had a baby.
It was all so close to parts of This Man with the insta and extreme and over-everything. And so much Fifty with the not-touching et cetera. BUT also ... it's what we love, right? We love those cinderella stories and we will read them until the end of time.
I loved Theo and Izzy and Callum and the others. It was adorable, heartbreaking, sexy, crazy-over-the-top-silly from time to time, but pfff - I liked reading it! ☺ (I could've done without the religious stuff, but it wasn't too bad.)


Smokin Hot Book Blog Email
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1,644 reviews149 followers
February 4, 2019
It's been a while since I enjoyed a JEM book, since This Man in fact, something that must be a constant pain to top.

In this we have Theo, a built, charismatic, gorgeous chap who is pretty persistent in going after our girl Izzy.

I cannot lie, there are a few similarities to other stories in this that niggled me; his weak spot (it's a bit of a spoiler so I won't say what that was) and his line of business being the main ones. While it was its own story, I was aware of them as I was reading and I kept having to remind myself not to draw comparisons. It wasn't easy though.

That aside, the chemistry was strong and the smut hot and I raced through this, finding it hard to put down.

Towards the end there was another scene that tested my patience because it was a tad too far fetched for my liking, but the story did redeem itself with a glorious epilogue.

Complete story. Recommended for fans of Jesse and Mr Grey, you'll love this.

**Thanks to the publisher via netgalley for the arc.**
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3,462 reviews2,356 followers
February 5, 2019
This book wasn't bad. I appreciated the fact it had no OW drama, and we didn't have to hear about how much of a whore he was. I think my main issue with it was that there just wasn't anything new here. It was predictable, and this type of plot has been done a billion times already. The damaged anti-hero that doesn't like to be touched and the damaged heroine that saves him...sigh. I did love both Jess and Callum though. They were a highlight in this one for sure.



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935 reviews654 followers
February 5, 2019
2.5 - 3 STARS

If Jodi Ellen Malpas' This Man series, Kristen Ashley's Knight, and EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy had a love child, it might be called Gentleman Sinner... unfortunately though, there were some pivotal pieces missing in the development of the dynamic between Theo Kane and Izzy White that hindered my reading experience. I think Theo steamrolled in, going full Jesse Ward crazy, a bit prematurely and instead of it feeling sexy and addictive, it came off feeling toxic and creepy. 

Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of things I enjoyed about this book. I never wanted to stop reading but part of that I attribute to the fact that I was anxiously determined to find the quintessential JEM magic that I've so easily found in the last several books I've read from this author. This time though, it evaded me. I love a broken hero and the way Malpas crafts a story around him and the "normal" girl that comes out of nowhere and mends all that is damaged. But this one was so similar to sooooo many other stories I've read, by both Malpas and others, that I really struggled with finding something special and memorable in these pages. Aside from the epilogue, which I found adorable and sweet, if not a bit too perfect, and a handful of pretty romantic scenes peppered throughout, there wasn't a whole lot about Gentlemen Sinner that rubbed me the right way. 

Yes, it's romantic and sexy mostly. But it's also a bit over the top. There was a lot of OTT drama and I never felt truly immersed in it in a way that felt real. I felt like a spectator in this book rather than the emotionally invested captive JEM usually makes of me when I read her books. I loved Jesse Ward's special brand of crazy but maybe it's because it was properly cultivated over several books. Theo's problems, his obsession, his history, his road to healing and freedom from his demons... basically everything that makes him HIM... well, maybe it was just too much for one book. The build was missing something and I just never bought in. 

I adore this author's stories. They're messy and emotionally turbulent. They're sexy and volatile and often unpredictable. Gentlemen Sinner is absolutely all of those things and while I really liked these characters and the premise of their story, this one, sadly, just left a lot to be desired. 
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February 8, 2019
Gentleman Sinner by Jodi Ellen Malpas is definitely a shiny 5 🌟.
I'am utterly convinced that Jodi Ellen Malpas has a alpha male making machine somewhere (which I would love 😉) which I'm sure she added a bit of Jesse Ward (This man series) and a bit of Miller Hart (One night series) which then released Theo Kane into our world.
Theo Kane is definitely the new alpha book boyfriend, He's possessive, strong, controling, loves with everything he has and has a fear of being touched and like always a heartbreaking story.
If you're look for a easy read with plenty of naughtiness , a strong love story (but not in a traditional sense) a story line which can be a little frustrating at times as well as being heartbreaking but ends with a happy ever after (which we all need sometimes)then this is the book you need to read .
(I have my fingers crossed for a Jess and Callum book because we are left a little hanging there) 🤞🙏
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February 6, 2019

★2.5-3 STARS★

Izzy White is a woman who although has been subject of the cruelty finds peace in caring for others as a Nurse. She’s worked hard to forge a way for herself and her sense of pride is palpable. She’s compassionate to a fault, so much so, what should have been an uneventful walk home from work ends with her being in a position of real danger.

Her saviour is an imposing figure whose intrigue overrides her very alert sense of caution. He’s obviously dangerous but the care he takes with her is what I suspect prevents her from being able to walk away from him. Theo Kane is an intimidating figure with scars that go deep, but Izzy seems to be the balm that soothes them.

Their relationship is a complex one and there are many factors which make it dysfunctional to anyone looking in. Theo has zero boundaries and I found myself leery of some of the behaviours he perceived as acceptable. I have no doubt they would deem to describe their relationship as passionate, but at several times I was more incline to find frustrating a more descriptive term.

It was an incredibly strong start but ultimately I found the dramatics overshadowed the story, and with it my enjoyment of it. Sins were although forgiven with the epilogue. I enjoyed witnessing how far they had come together and at last meeting the Gentleman behind the Sinner.

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February 6, 2019

5 'My Peace. My Cure. My Love' Stars

Two words: THEO KANE!!! WOW, just WOW!
Seriously prepare yourselves, The Gentleman Sinner BLEW. MY. MIND! Without a doubt one of most absolutely and utterly heart-grippingly beautiful and GRAND love stories I have ever read!
Jodi Ellen Malpas did what I never expected possible, creating and giving us Theo Kane, the ultimate romance hero, reaching right there to the level of God-like proportion book boyfriend that Mr. Jesse Ward reigned. Yes, he's THAT EPIC!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

“We’re worlds apart but so fucking close.”

Izzy and Theo’s story broke through all my emotional barriers and won a spot in my all time favorites romance novels of all time. How could it not?! Both with such troubled backgrounds, and so strong but deep down so broken, that they instantly recognize a deep connection with a mere touch, a mere look, and then realize that maybe the other is exactly the cure for their broken spirit…. Awww, that’s exactly what the stuff my romance reader dreams are made of!

“I’ll be whatever you want me to be. Your god, your prince, your knight, your king.”

There is no denying Ms. Malpas’ brilliant story telling talent, incredible world building and most of all complex and relatable, but still epic characters that are forever branded in our minds. I thought no one could reach the level of greatness of Jesse Ward, and I was wrong because in Gentleman Sinner we meet his contestant, and up there ‘God Like’, Theo Kane, with all the love (OMG, I’ll not post so it’s not spoiled but just check out his poem to her!!! Swooooonnn!), devotion and obsession of the first, but even better without all the distracting OW drama, yes, this story was focused on them, and their broken pieces and past, and I LOVED EVERY WORD in it. A love story for the romance history records! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Our connection is earth-shattering even when I’m tied up and unable to reciprocate in that one small area of our relationship. Because I touch his soul.

The hands of the woman who touched me and refused to let go.
The hands of the woman who cured me.

ARC kindly provided by the author via Social Butterfly and Forever Romance for an honest review

For full review with Blog Tour, check out my Blog post,
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Want to read
July 24, 2018
★Gentleman Sinner...
February 12, 2019
Meet our new sinner..Theo Kane.
He's dark. He’s Alpha. He’s hero. He's delicious, and the very epitome of dangerous!


Izzy White knows of the darkness in this world. After all, she escaped it long ago.
Determined not to let her past beat her, Izzy has a secure, stable life with a job she loves in nursing. But one act of kindness will completely upend everything she's so carefully built-putting her right back in the crosshairs of danger she's been so desperate to avoid.
When Theo Kane shows up like a knight in shining armor, Izzy can't help thinking she's been saved from one threat and exposed to another.
His imposing physique, the harsh lines of his face, and the wariness of everyone who comes close are just a few clues to Theo Kane's notorious reputation.
The man is positively terrifying.
But with Izzy, he's tender and a complete gentleman, and her fascination with the mysterious beast of a man becomes too powerful for her to walk away.
As Theo's demons come to light, running becomes even more impossible. And yet staying together could doom them both.

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December 29, 2020
I love Jodi Ellen Malpas books and compare to all other series of hers, I struggled with this one. It took me longer to read. I give it 3 1/2 stars, I didn't connect with these characters for some reason. The book was not bad and I did enjoy but it was a forced connection cause I love the author.

It start with Izzy walking home from hospital after she got off from work. Izzy is a nurse and just did a gruesome shift and wanted to get home quickly. Izzy to this short cut which cuts off at least 15 mins from her journey when she runs into a woman beaten up, because of Izzy passion she decides to help this woman and also due to her past. However, the assailant wasn't gone and Izzy feared her worst nightmare was coming to past again. So Izzy braced herself for the worst, but it never came her dark knight came from no where and rescued her and the beaten woman. When she looked at this stranger his size alone was intimating. As he Thank her for saving his friend they touched and things were not the same again. This stranger just keep showing up. Izzy is very hesitant because her past won't let her live in the future. Izzy finds out quickly that Theo has a secret past also and with the both of them being damaged with their past will they be able to move toward their future.
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February 11, 2019
Broken hero that cannot be touched,heroine that was attacked and wants to fix him...the usual.
Then,he kills the attacker (yay!), but « accidentally » punches her so hard she blacks out. Somehow,he does not apologise or go to a bloody therapist to fix his « I punch anyone who touches me » issues, but just disappears because he is consumed by guilt(as he should be), then turns up weeks later to her workplace( conveniently it’s a hospital), dies,comes back miraculously,and is cured from his « touch issues »,hea, the end.

Best part of the book ? I honestly was expecting her to find out she was pregnant during the H’s disappearing act, br she did not! At least one cliché avoided.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 7, 2019
First off, let me say that, by chance, several years ago I picked up This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas and was floored by her writing. I have read all of her other books and have been a huge fan of them all. This does not give her an easy ride when it comes to my review of her latest book. Gentleman Sinner. In fact if anything, I am a harsher critic, I have extremely high expectations.

Jodi is in a league of her own when she writes about hot alphas and strong women. Theo and Izzy are definitely strong characters who were an intense, interesting, delight to read about. Their individual backgrounds make them hard to get close to, yet, despite the odds, there is an immediate zing between Theo and Izzie.

Gentleman Sinner set the pages on fire and was undoubtedly Jodi at her finest. Theo is a tattooed, sexy, dark, strong alpha and Izzy may not consider herself strong, but she undoubtedly is a fantastic kick-ass heroine.

The story is a high energy and seriously powerful story line that from the start to finish, maintained a level of tension intermingled with plenty of passion. In typical Jodi fashion, there is so much more to the story than romance or sex. (Don’t worry, there is still plenty of that!)

I would be remiss if I did not mention Jess and Callum whose attraction leapt off the page and made me laugh out loud. As with all of Jodi’s books, Gentleman Sinner’s other characters are interesting, well developed and all have their own story to tell.

Theo is undoubtedly one of Jodi’s darker characters and this is one of her darkest books. You should go into this book knowing that it contains violence, both physical and sexual, but that they are relevant to the story and not there for shock value.

Jodi Ellen Malpas never wastes a word in her books. The intense Gentleman Sinner is packed with passion, romance and believably flawed characters.

She gripped readers imaginations when she released This Man and Gentleman Sinner shows that there is no sign of her immense talent waning!
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February 7, 2019
Jodi has done it again! Gentleman Sinner is stunning. Izzy and Theo, together, are so hot steam will be pouring off the pages as you read. Individually each character has demons and ghosts from their pasts. They both struggle but their instant chemistry and connection pull them together. The storyline is a battle of wills and I was hooked from the start.
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April 29, 2019
***Available Now***

I really like the characters. The sex is hot. The pacing is very slow for me.

I know that all these parts of the story will eventually come together and matter, but I’m having a hard time pushing through to get there.

I had to DNF. I just was never able to get into this story.
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February 6, 2019
I can always count on this author to write a story that will steal my breath and make me fall in love!
Gentleman Sinner is mysterious, intense, flirts with the darkness, but simultaneously is solely about two people healing each others wounds. I was caught up in the inevitable romance immediately and did not want it to end.

The fact the Jodi Ellen Malpas consistently delivers these male leads who completely take over everyone and everything, but feel completely new and different astounds me. Theo Kane is right up there with Jesse Ward and Josh Jameson in the hall of favorite BBFs. Gah! Even their names are sexy AF. I'm completely mad for Theo. He's such a big softy.....well for Izzy.

Plain and simple. I loved it!
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January 23, 2019
3.5 Stars

I’m a little sad because I had lots of expectations for this book. I was really excited but what I found was that it reminded me of the This Man series. There were similar aspects in this book that kept jarring my mind back to that series and thus I didn’t really fully enjoy Gentleman Sinner like I should have.

Theo Kane is a formidable man, larger than life and has a dark edge to him. He has an unavoidable chance meeting with Izzy and he knows this woman is different and meant to be his. Izzy is a nurse and not looking for a man. She has a past that is hard and traumatic. But meeting Theo envelopes her in a safety that she has never felt before. But each have secrets they are not willing to divulge to each other. Their feelings for one another are instant and their sexual chemistry is hot....but, there is a twist. And the twist goes back to his past.

Theo has a secret business. He has a best friend, Callum, who is also his bodyguard/driver/business associate and Theo’s mum, Judy, helps in his business. Izzy has a best friend, Jess, that she lives and works with. I enjoyed all these secondary characters. They added an added layer to Theo and Izzy’s story and I’m hoping that Callum and Jess get their own story.

So while I enjoyed the story, I just didn’t fully love it. Too many similarities for my taste and it be honest, The This Man series is one that can never be copied. I know Gentleman Sinner isn’t an exact copy but when coming from the same author, it sure didn’t feel original in my opinion.

*advanced copy provided by Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review*
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