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Daredreamers: A Start-up of Superheroes

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India’s first start-up of superheroes with a mission of saving lives is here to kick ass.

Rasiq is riding the highs of life thanks to his successes as an investment banker. But his arrogance soon gets the better of him and he ends up losing everything he holds dear. Managing to salvage only his grit from the wreckage, Rasiq reboots his life and teams up with five uniquely talented superheroes to start a rescue venture
- DareDreamers.

These superheroes Nick: a crazy inventor; Halka: an inhumanly strong man; Arjun: a champion shooter; Natasha: a Bollywood stunt-double; Dr. Vyom, a medical Sherlock Holmes; and, of course, Rasiq: the mastermind combine their unique talents to deliver spectacular rescue operations. Their skyrocketing success, however, comes at a price an enemy hell bent on tearing down their fame and reputation.

Will DareDreamers defeat its wily adversary? Or will it become yet another failed start-up?

Treachery, action and adventure come alive to make DareDreamers a page-turner.

296 pages, Paperback

First published August 15, 2018

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About the author

Kartik Sharma

2 books68 followers
Kartik Sharma, a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, is passionate about books. Be it reading or writing, he found his one true passion in the written word.

His first novel - The Quest of the Sparrows, was published at the age of 23. He has since published his second novel, DareDreamers.

He continues to write fiction stories and philosophical musings on his blog: https://medium.com/@sykartik

Kartik currently lives in Switzerland.

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650 reviews564 followers
June 1, 2020
Father-Son duo (Ravi & Kartik) have developed a good page turner narration style. I have read their first book "The Quest of Sparrow". It was a spiritual fiction full of learning. I loved the book. So when I have checked their tweet about next book, I was attracted to it. Launch cost was around 100 INR so it has entered in my cart.

The story is divided into three parts. Each part has a common character, which is our protagonist Rasiq. He was IIT-IIM grad working in one of the best investment banking firms, earning a hell lot of money. In exchange, he has rented his life to the company. (As per Rasiq) He was so stressed out due to continuous slogging, he just cannot continue the job. On top of it, his personal life ruined after his breakup. He went to hometown and there he got the idea of a startup through a life-changing experience. The second part covers how he and his teammate established a company called DareDreamers. The story needed an antagonist which came as a shrewd established competitor to their company. He ruined their lives for a good long time. Read the book to know more.

Now coming to my personal feeling, the first part seems Chatan Bhagat styled story. I am glad it was switched faster. The second part was more of a superhero rescues, you will be thrilled to read them. Not to forget, you may find it less realistic, but I promise you will find them entertaining. The last part is the mixed-match of police and mystery case.

The interesting part was the character built up. You have Rancho (a tech nerd) in form of Nick, you have Dr. House of House MD (Medical Nerd) in form of Vyom. You have a sharpshooter, a body double (lady) and a bodybuilder. A perfect team of freaks (for the normal world) but unique for the purpose at the hand.

The narration style is simple and straightforward like "The Quest of Sparrows". I finished the book in 3-4 sittings. The language usage is also easy to normal one. Accidents mentioned (first 2-3 one) will bring smile on your face. The stunt narrated are also full throttle . They are conceptualised like an action movie. You can imagine a Bollywood/Tollywood movie based on the story. I would suggest not to apply much logic and let your mind flow with the book, then you would love it. Don't criticize based on your analytical mind.

Overall a nice read. Ideal for the age group of 16-40.

Detailed Review Link - http://chevusread.blogspot.com/2018/0...
Author Interview Link - http://chevusread.blogspot.com/2018/0...
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643 reviews475 followers
March 12, 2019
Wisdom tells us that there are two ways to live life – make the most of the situation you are in and cope with it on a daily basis, or be brave – follow your dreams and almost always you will find your way. Good books find a way to make this point with stories which engross. This book is fairly successful at that.

Rasiq completes his MBA and gets a job at a leading investment bank. He is one of the few from his college to get selected and is proud of that, as well as the salary he gets. In return for the good salary he draws though, he is expected to slog long hours, meet unsustainable deadlines and be part of a culture which is not exactly considerate or respectful. This takes a toll – on his mental peace as well as his relationship with his girlfriend Ruchika. The stress combined with the feeling of elitism his salary brings to him, makes Rasiq unpredictable and in one instance he beats up an attendant over a simple parking matter. He also goes out and buys a Harley Davidson bike on impulse, while his relationship runs into rough weather. This early section of the book narrates a very typical scenario well, with a touch of humour in parts.

Rasiq leaves his job, has a serious accident and very soon has lost most of his savings. However, his dad subsequently encourages him to pursue his passion of creating a startup for emergency services. Rasiq launches DareDreamers and the team he builds is a diverse one with Nick (a tech geek and collegemate), Halka (a security personnel), Natasha (worked as body double stunt woman), Arjun (a marksman) and Vyom (an imaginative and intuitive doctor). The team pulls off some dramatic rescues and saves lives. This, however, worries Rakeysh (the CEO of GForce – a security services company) and he is determined to see them fail. The story subsequently is about the successes and challenges the DareDreamers face – can they survive as a company and make money or will they have to fold up?

The book has a number of things going for it - a good & different story, strong characters and good messages. There are aspects which could have been better though – one rescue involving a minister is silly, and a few others are overly dramatic & far fetched, and the personal relationships of the characters finds less space than it should (especially that of Rasiq in the later part of the book).

A book I certainly recommend. It might make you dream as well.

My rating: 3.75 / 5.

I received a free copy of the book for an honest review.
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268 reviews670 followers
March 1, 2019
A quick paced page-turner with lots of action for adventure junkies!
The concept is uniquely awesome, characters are well developed and the narration is pretty good. Although not very realistic, this sure guarantees entertainment. And the intriguing title is another plus.
Bollywood and Kollywood should consider taking tips from this duo to produce a decent popcorn movie.

Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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824 reviews3,217 followers
September 22, 2018
Daredreamers is a book for anyone planning to become an entrepreneur. The authors, being entrepreneurs themselves, have created a groundbreaking piece of fiction infused with adventure here.

As I started reading this one, I was expecting some real life drama the characters will face (which has been written way more interestingly than some novels these days) but all of a sudden, there was a twist in the tale and what a twist it has been!

The pages turn itself and soon you realize that you have not been moved since hours and your book is about to end. Having grown up in a culture of Happy Endings, you expect this book to turn into happy endings. And still you are not sure how this is going to happen.

The idea of this startup was unique. At least for me it was unheard of. The team demonstrated unity in diversity. They were perfect example of the team you wish you worked with. Each of these characters having their special task and attribute. Behind it all, Rasiq who worked so meticulously, leaving no loopholes.

Daredreamers had a very positive vibe about it. It stands out between the plethora of books. Again, books like this should be written more often and read more often.

All in all, I was certainly impressed by reading the bio of the authors. It was my second book by them and my experience keeps getting better. From spirituality to risk-taking adventures, they have got it all.

Those who are involved in startups, Daredreamers will ignite their spark again.
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103 reviews52 followers
February 17, 2019
A fast-paced book, with a new concept of a team of dreamers, who take to defeating what society expects from them and seeking out their own destiny. Nothing this ambitious comes free of cost, however, and our protagonists must face those who want to tear their wings down because of the threat to their monopoly over power and money. An impressive work from budding authors which promises much from their future work. The book, which is quite fun to read, is not without its flaws. The first hundred pages are quite clichéd, what with the engineer fed up with his job and the relationship problems, which we, as Indians, have heard over and again. The reasons of the anti-hero of the story trying to bring the heroes down were not convincing enough, maybe that's how things work in corporate sector, but it didn't make sense to me that a millionaire spends lakhs of money trying to bring down someone who are desperate even to survive. Overall, it was a refreshing read with a blend of humor, action, and moral-message well conveyed.
Profile Image for Ashok Krishna.
358 reviews52 followers
September 5, 2018
As I finished reading and kept the book aside, I was reminded of one of my school teachers. Being so fond of Indian culture and tradition, he used to tell us that the two great epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata – are the only two books worth reading in one’s life, if two books are all one is destined to read in one’s whole life. As we suppressed our chuckles at his hackneyed utterance, he used to elaborate on how the themes of those two books have gone on to determine or even dictate the plots of all other books, movies and dramas that have been written in India ever since then. Men meeting their downfall due to their covetous behavior and Goodness prevailing over Evil were two of the key take-aways from those grand epics of India, is what my teacher used to believe in.

Whenever I remember that teacher, I remember his statement as well and use it as a touchstone to check the events, thoughts and books prevailing in my life at that moment. This book by promising authors, the father-son duo of Sharmas, stands testament to that increasingly truthful statement of my old teacher.

Rasiq, a man ever torn between the rights and wrongs of life, like Yudhishtra, Halka, a mighty man of supreme physical prowess, resembling Bhima, Arjun, a skilled sharp-shooter like his namesake from the Mahabharata, Nick and Vyom, the intelligent innovator and a master physician, like the twins Nakul and Sahadev make the pack here. Accompanying them are Natasha, a brave woman like Draupati, sharing a platonic, professional relationship with all but one member of this pack, and Aslam, piloting them to their destiny, like Lord Krishna, literally.

Rasiq has an enviable life, attaining the pinnacle of academic success with degrees from IIT and IIM. However, the staleness of a high-on-pay-but-low-on-everything-else corporate life pushes him into emotional abyss. Rasiq quits his job and finds his destiny by forming a start-up that specializes in rescuing accident victims. Just as they start tasting success and feeling good about life, a wicked force starts shaking the ground beneath their feet. Were they able to overcome that evil force and grow their enterprising enterprise? Was the evil vanquished? Did Righteousness indeed free itself from the clenches of Evil? Read this book to find out.

This is the second book by these authors that I have been given an opportunity to read and review. Having had a couple of not-so-inspiring experiences reviewing the works of first-time authors, I gently refused when Mr. Ravi Sharma offered me a copy of their first book to review. Convinced by his gentle approach and his assurance that I could share a candid review, I read through their first work ‘The Quest of the Sparrows’. Built around a unique plot, peppered with thoughts on spirituality and purpose of human life, it turned out to be a truly enjoyable read. So, when Mr. Ravi Sharma offered a free-copy this time, I grabbed the opportunity gladly, hoping for something different. And, the authors didn’t deceive.

The plot is unique, the style is fun, the overall execution is commendable. Though there are a couple of negatives, like the added dash of sleaze in the first part of the book and the occasional spelling mistake one finds here and there, the dash of humor and presence of many inspiring thoughts make this book a smooth read overall. A real page-turner that Mr. Sharmaji and his son can both be proud of!
Profile Image for ~ ipsita ✦.
112 reviews38 followers
September 3, 2018
A Start-up of Superheroes
Author: Kartik Sharma & Ravi 'Nirmal' Sharma
Publishers: Rupa Publications
Publication Date: August 15th 2018
Genre: Superhero Fiction, Adventure
Page Count: 296 ( Paperback )
Source: Review Copy sent by the Author
mybookishvibes rates: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 5

My Review:
Rasiq, a first-year analyst and working as an Investment Banker, who's at the tops of his life and career after completing his engineering and securing the best job and an equally brilliant girlfriend after moving to the city of dreams, Mumbai. He then soon finds himself in a deadlock in the busy life schedule and begins to lose all his hopes and dreams in the chaos of his day-to-day life on basis and going on repeat. Rasiq being the Dreamer as he is couldn't let all his dreams collapse as a mere sand castle and starts the much needed soul searching after quitting his job with his motto 'in or out; never in-between' rather arrogantly and returning to Delhi.
While ideas and dreams takes more than passion to flourish and come to live, he gets the sudden idea of something big after the hard smack of reality and realizes his true ambitious nature and dares to dream.
He builds up a start-up team of six, a group of people with different abilities with their passion to hope and dream making them even stronger, an accident rescue team, giving them hope and another chance to excel at what they truly love to do and their compassion.
Rasiq with Nick, his classmate, a weird techy genius in everything and anything related to internet,
Halka, a giant hulk of a bodyguard,
Natasha, another of his batch mate and an excellent stunt artist,
Arjun, an award winning Archer and aimed sharpshooter
MD Vyom, the best and intelligent Doctor;

broken by the society's standards and boundaries, and shattered by the expectations and the harsh reality of life,
Can they breech the of reality and their imagination and ideas and add more power to people's lives? Can they outshine the darker shades of their evil competitors at a business level?
Or is it true that every start-up plan ever established on passion and dreams must suffer the damage and finally to sink their ship of hope?
Real-life superheros in saving people's lives and helping in disasters,
Will this small group of six people's dreams ever fly in the never-ending sky?

This thrilling and adventurous book by the awesome duo of father and son writers is clearly entertaining and even much more fun to read and enjoy the lives of these young saviors/modern superheros.

My Thoughts:
The cover was just brilliant and eye catching, with the background so beautifully drawn for a start-up of a superhero book, is admiring.

The story was the best thing that really impressed me. Starting off from the ups and downs of Rasiq's life to the formation and beginning of his plan and while the plot of this book was one that had a major impact on readers. While following the highs of their success and lows of their fall, and finally realizing their aim was written magnificently without any flaws.

The characters were the masterpieces, each had a greater appearance and were equally important for the story. I loved their friendship, love, support and understanding in every situation and their strong belief on each other, that was so perfectly strung together by the authors.

And lastly about the Adventurous Stunts and Missions, I have no words left! I'm completely in awe with all the works the authors have done.
It couldn't have been said any clearly!
Indeed, this is a kick-ass start-up of an equally kick-ass team of superheros.

Final Verdict and Ratings:
With that said, I'd absolutely love to give this book a big applause and 5 ⭐ shining stars of victory! I can definitely see this book coming to live as a movie and giving an awesome fun time to everyone. So if you're anything like me who wants a mix of action and adventures with equal amount of fun and reality slamming you on the head, definitely give this book a go! I can assure you won't regret a bit or a penny :-!
And I'm also hoping for a book 2 of this amazing read, cause if in that case I will be sure to get my hands on it fast anyhow!

[ Thanks so much to the author for providing me with the book in exchange of an honest review ]
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230 reviews18 followers
December 28, 2018
Daredreamers is a apt name for the book , well if you can dare to dream it than you have it.
The book revolves around Rasiq who is our protagonist an IIT-IIM graduate who has landed with a dream job in the city of dreams Mumbai.( Which in itself is no small feat)
However only after he becomes the investment banker and is working extra hard and gets extraordinarily paycheck for two years , he comes to the realisation that he is not meant for it.
Well the amount of his gain were less then the cost . And all of this leads him to become a superhero in the most realistic way . The settings and the world formation is interesting and pragmatic.
The pace is appropriate, neither too fast nor too slow. The language relaxed and easy .The interaction between the characters are clean and down to earth and the scene descriptive and emotions well explained.
The characters are well developed and quite diverse , they add abit into the book through their diversity .
The climax gives much needed twist to the story which manages to hold the attention of the reader to the very end.
I would recommend this to book to slightly more patient readers as actual action in the latter half of the book . Overall it get 🌠🌠🌠🌠 from me .
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1,092 reviews69 followers
August 24, 2018

Blurb-Its the story of Rasiq who is doing high profile job as an investment banker. But he is dissatisfied with him job and wanted to do something on his own. He has a girlfriend named Ruchika. One fine day he decided to quit his job. His colleague, family and everyone warned him about his thoughts. His personal life also suffered a lot due to his decision. After a period of time, with few persons, he decides to develop a rescue management system that alarms about accidents take place in the city. Read further in the book that how he executes his plan and will he be able to be successful in that? Read to know how hurdles come into their plan and ho do they overcome through them.

I liked the book. Basically startup and entrepreneurship is far away from my subject and understanding but still I understand the whole concept and book. So its easy to understand. Nice and interesting plot. After a long time, I came across the different story then routine one. Language is nice. Well written book and easy to understand. Amazing twist and turns plotted. Story holds your attention till the last. Definitely worth spending your time for reading this one.
Profile Image for Mihir Patel.
7 reviews5 followers
September 18, 2018
i have written quest of the sparrow and after reading it i have been eagerly waiting for their next. this book turned out to be more amazing as compared to their last.quite entertaining, dramatic. i read it on a lazy Sunday afternoon after cancelling my binge watching plan, it was worth it.
Profile Image for booksandreads8.
180 reviews12 followers
June 17, 2019
This book follows Rasiq. He works in a big investment banking firm. He lives a very topical job life. Working for long hours and non-existent amount of rest. He may get a big pay check, but life is not so beautiful. In order to get settled and have a secure future. He ignored his dreams and his shot at being happy. Rasiq feels trapped and bored with his life. A failed relationship just adds right up. That’s when he decides to change his life for better and start a venture for himself this time.
This book is for everyone in conflict about their career and life choices. It basically tells you ‘Dare to dream’. I finished this book really fast and I flew through the pages. This story provokes you to think again. To wonder if the life you are living is the one you wanted to live. The language is really easy and story is amazing. The cover is hilarious to me.
Profile Image for Mugdha Mahajan.
436 reviews56 followers
August 27, 2018
The story is about the unique startup named Daredreamers commenced by Rasiq and his partners- Nick, Halka, Arjun, Dr.Vyom and Natasha.

Rasiq was at the peek of his career while working as an Investment Banker, but he was not satisfied with his job. He wanted to do something different and fulfill his dreams. He quit his job and left Mumbai to start his new venture. While back at his native place, he meets his old friend Nick who works at his home and loves experimenting with things and Rasiq realises that he needs to work up on his dream too rather than wasting time.

After many fail attempts, Rasiq came up with an idea of starting a business of helping people by protecting them from any possible accidents or dangers. With his team of 5 he started THE DAREDREAMERS consisting of his partners - Nick: a crazy inventor; Halka: an inhumanly strong man; Arjun: a champion shooter; Natasha: a Bollywood stunt-double; Dr. Vyom, a medical Sherlock Holmes; and, of course, Rasiq: the mastermind combined their unique talents to help the people in danger. Initially they were looked down by many large corporations because they were new to the market but after showing their  spectacular rescue operations, many large corporations hired their services. They got really popular within a short span of time.

But with their success, their competitor, the owner of the G-FORCE was going berserk. He being scared and insecure of his position in the market, planed to destroy the Daredreamers. He hired Mr. Narad Money who owned a Reputation Defamation Company and goes to every possible extent to satisfy his customers and destroy his competitor. Will Rakesh Aurora be able to defame the Daredreamers and ruin their business? Will the Daredreamers be successful in their startup or will be perished from the market? 

You definitely need to read the book to get your answers.

I absolutely loved the story and the concept of the business started by Rasiq. I loved each and every character and their abilities left me in awe. The author has perfectly blended the elements of love, thriller, mystery and betrayal. The language is easy and understandable. The narrative is crisp and the book is fast paced. Though I absolutely adored the book but one thing that I didn't like was the love story of Rasiq and Ruchika. The author didn't mention about them after a clash between them during their airplane ride. Rest everything is okey. 

Definitely Recommended!

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Author 70 books154 followers
February 28, 2019
For detailed review, please visit my blog post.

I was amazed by the originality of ideas. I liked how each of the incident and the rescue was crafted in detail, and how all the team members play together in crisis. I particularly liked the one that involved home minister. It was something I had never heard of or read about.

The team goes through a roller coaster ride of failure and success, joy and bitterness, fame and shame. But they stick together.

The story of Rasiq and his team of DareDreamers is written in simple language. It demonstrates values like strong sense of self, teamwork, leadership, caring and supporting family. It has drama, suspense, romance, and occasional dose of philosophy.
Profile Image for Ravi Prakash.
Author 52 books63 followers
February 24, 2019

In the beginning, I really liked the Prologue and its great message within, "A broad life is always better than the long one."

As I went forward in the first part of the book, it occurred to me that people are right when they say, "Don't judge a book by its cover." I mean, going through the first part, I was thinking, "Is this the DareDreaming stuff, being an investment banker in an MNC and dangling between the questions like, "What am I doing" and "What should I do." Well, one can't ignore the importance of money, but money is certainly not everything. There comes a time when you realize and ponder over the questions like, "Where is the life taking me off?", "Did I really want this?", "Am I happy doing this and hoarding money?", and such other questions reflecting existential crisis in a person's life.

So, here is our protagonist, the main DareDreamer, Rasiq, an alumnus of IIT and IIM-A. You can identify him with the writer himself mixed with a lot of fiction. The novel begins with his first day as an investment banker in Mumbai and how he handles the work- a kind of geeky daredevilry. He has also a girlfriend named Ruchika who has a guest appearance in the beginning of the novel.

Rasiq worked for two years almost in the company and earned huge money. One day while going in taxi, he bought Harley-Davidson, just out of whim, because he wanted to spend the money. Amount in his bank account made his mind swing, one day he beat a middle-aged guard just because he prohibited to park his bike- and Rasiq hated himself for doing this, he ought not to do this .Once he had also proposed Ruchika to live with him in a grand apartment in which he was moved, but she rejected. Since then, they were not seeing each other. He also came to know from her close friend Priyanka (with whom he slept one night accidently) that Ruchika is spending weekends with her boss. And then one day, he receives a call from Ruchika with the news that her mother is dead. He went with her to console and while returning they blamed on each other for being insensitive and had a quarrel. Eventually, they broke up. One day while brooding over all these events and his past life in IIT, IIM and his visit in France, he realized that he had never thought that his life would be so pathetic and it would come at a point of self-loathing.

He decides to quit his job and returns home, Delhi. He wanted to think peacefully what to do next-something meaningful, but by his dad's continuous pestering to get another job, one day he leaves the house in rage with his bike and met an accident. He was saved though, by a narrow escape. This accident enlightened his mind and he thought of a business of safety- to save people from such accidents. Rasiq decides to arrange a rescue management team.
This is the point from where the story really gets exited. Rasiq needs more men for this start-up and thus he meets some person with extraordinary skill. Nick- Rashiq’s college friend and crazy science geek, Halka- a bodybuilder, Natasha- a stunt woman, MD Vyom- a doctor and Arjun- a shooter and archer. Besides these, there are many other interesting characters also that you should find yourself while reading the book.

As the reputation and business of Daredreamers grows up, they have to face the wrathful conspiracy of rival company G-Force’s CEO. His rival hires another person to malign the image of Daredreamers.

Now, the whole story of Daredreamers is about how they save people, how they get trapped in to the conspiracy of their rival and how they come over this. The narration is quite good, descriptions are picturesque and dialogues are crisp. Daredreamers are shown to rescue people in 5-6 missions and at every mission you get the sensation of suspense, adventure, and science.
This book of 288 pages has a lot offer you. Success, Failure, Family, Happiness, Love, Friendship, Teamwork, Leadership, Science, Adventure, Suspense, Exotic Places, Romance and much more such things revolving around a person’s life.
81 reviews4 followers
September 11, 2018
Name- DareDreamers
Authors- Kartik Sharma, Ravi Nirmal Sharma
Genre- Fiction, Adventure
Pages- 288

DareDreamers by the father-son duo of Ravi Nirmal Sharma and Kartik Sharma is a fun and adventurous story of Rasiq and his budding start-up, with a very unique idea.

Rasiq, an IIT-IIM graduate moves to Mumbai to work as an investment banker. Though the work load is a lot, the fat pay cheque at the month end gets him all set for the next. But soon he realises that this is not what he wants. He quits his job and moves back to Delhi planning a start-up. Finally, he comes up with this unique idea of having a start-up that provides safety to people and instant help in case of SOS. Facing a lot of difficulties in the beginning, he doesn't lose hope and is now successful with a wonderful team of Halka, Arjun, Dr. Vyom, Nick and Natasha. Each member has a different skill set and talent which makes DareDreamers unique. But competition in the market starts bringing him down. Will Rasiq be able to deal with the pressure of being an entrepreneur? Will he be able to keep alive his dream and his company?

The authors have presented a very unique and interesting story to the readers with elements of thrill and fun. The writing is good with a tight narration and detailed description of the missions they undertook. Though the story was a little predictable at parts, it kept me engaged. It is a pretty easy and quick read, especially to be read between two intense books.
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626 reviews31 followers
September 3, 2018
A startup is defined by Wikipedia as:
“A startup or start-up is an entrepreneurial venture which is a newly emerged business venture that aims to meet a marketplace need, want or problem by developing a viable business model around products, services, processes or platforms. A startup is a new business venture designed to effectively develop and validate a scalable business model.
Start-ups do have high rates of failure, but the minority that have gone on to be successful includes companies that have become large and influential.”

There are many tech startups in all over the world. But a startup of super heroes? This is certainly a novel idea. The book is divided into parts and action starts from part 3.

In part one RASIQ joins an investment form in Mumbai. There he works 24x7 without breaks. His girlfriend of college days leaves him because he cannot devote time to her. on top of it he has to deal with office politics. Then when he breaks down he decides to resign and do something of his own. He comes back to Delhi and assembles a team. These superheroes Nick: a crazy inventor; Halka: an inhumanly strong man; Arjun: a champion shooter; Natasha: a Bollywood stunt-double; Dr. Vyom, a medical Sherlock Holmes. They want to provide safety and rescue solutions to companies in emergency situations. There is Rakeysh Aurora and Narad Money which are threatened by DareDreamers. They try to bring them down by any means possible.

The story is nice but it moves at a very slow pace. In First part there is no superhero but only Rasiq and the story is very cliched of a bored corporate employee. There is gradual build up of superheroes but it is merged with startup story. These two does not gel very well. There is a forced attempt to merge “Avengers” with “Silicon Valley”. In the end it does not do justice to any of these. The editing should have been tighter and story could have moved at a brisk pace. 3/ 5 stars.

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679 reviews11 followers
September 8, 2018
When I started reading this book, and after reading the few chapters I was just confused about the title and the cover, honestly it was not matching - up with the story. But when I read the whole story it become clear. Sometimes in life you get a very good job and that paya you a huge money, but deep inside you feel like you're not happy with your job at all, it seems like you become the slave of others. You forgot your own happiness. But that thing can change your life forever. It's the story about six people who dared to do something out of box and chase their dreams. It's the story of adventure, new journey and a new challenge.
The story is really engaging and page Turner.
The cover is really good. And the title is appreciate. The language is simple.
A must read book.
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135 reviews21 followers
September 10, 2018
I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset.

I absolutely loved this book!
People who follow my reviews must certainly know how strict i am with my ratings. Hence when I give this book five stars, trust me that it certainly deserves it.

The book came to me as part of a review program, and I am very glad it did. I am certain that I would not have picked this up otherwise. And am also certain I would've definitely missed out on something great!

The story: The story is of one Rasiq, and his journey from being an MNC slave to being a part of a start-up of daredevils. The narrative opens with Rasiq's first day in Bombay, the city where dreams come true, as an investment banker. While the first part of the book discovers the struggles faced by Rasiq in an extremely hectic job, it also discovers the changes that money can bring in a man's life. The struggle to balance work with the rest of his life has been portrayed beautifully, along with the struggle of being in a difficult and unrewarding relationship.
In contrast, the second part of the book shifts gears as Rasiq decides to quit his job and invest in a start-up of super heroes. While the blurb details why exactly 'DareDreamers' a start-up of superheroes, the readers will also understand in the pages of the narrative that the service offered by the start-up is no less than that of heroes. Amidst competition and cheating and cunning competition, will the start-up survive? Will the dare-dreamers' dreams be crushed under the weight of politics and treachery? The narrative is one hell of a roller-coaster ride, leaving no time or space for the reader to get bored.

The stunts were OTT, but I think that was the fun part. they truly lived up to the description 'superheroes'.

The language: The biggest plus point of the book was the fact that it was edited! And it is a shame for me to admit it, but most new books authored by Indian authors lose majorly on this ground. It was nice to read a well-edited, proofread book. The language is flowy and simple. No unnecessary fancy words thrown here and there for the sake of it.

The characters: Most characters are sketched well. The character of Rasiq's father is extremely endearing. He was my favourite background character. Even the character of the main villain had shades of grey to it, making him more believable. Narad Money, of course, was a man without any conscience.

The end: The end was satisfactory. This book made me feel quite happy.

Definitely recommended. The father-son duo have done a wonderful job and I hope more and more readers get to enjoy their work.
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August 21, 2018
The book provides a unique plot based on an inimitable start – up idea. It captures the current scenario where more and more people are leaving the conformist professional lines and building up companies on innovative ideas. The book is also a commentary on the mechanized lifestyle that people lead and the increasing competition in each sector in the modern times. The narration was stimulating and the characters lovable. I particularly liked the interesting philosophy of the protagonist’s father and admire the marvellous relationship that the protagonist and his father shared.

The book promises a high dose of drama, action and passion. It is inevitably clear from the book’s cover art, which is another thing I like about the book. DareDreamers has thus, been a wonderful, light summer read. If there is a part 2 in this series, I will definitely read it as I enjoyed this book.
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August 23, 2018
Well done guys! I expected to enjoy the book primarily because I know the authors but I did not expect the book to grab me by the gut and not let go until I finished it. I found myself hooked from chapter 2 onward, got invested in the lives and adventures of the characters and frantically raced through the chapters itching to know what happens next. There's potential here for deeper character sketches though. I would love to read a sequel if there's ever one, to follow more DareDreamer rescue stories, and to know Halka and Natasha as well as I know Rashiq. Looking forward to your next book.
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August 24, 2018
It is an excellent Novel. The cover of the book is gracious and relevent to the story. The story of the book is great. The language of the book is simple and lucid... It makes a good connection with the reader...The setting of the book is set in Mumbai, and one can see in the very first chapter the particular culture of the people from mumbai. I would advice all my friends to read atleast once... This is really a good book... All the characters of this book are welly portrayed in this book
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August 23, 2018
The book was well-paced and has a certain rhythm to the story lines. Skilful writing, realistic as well as unique characters (especially the hero), and a plot full of twists and turns makes the book a must read for all young adults in the dilemma of having to choose between a flourished career or chasing their dreams of a start up. The book rekindles the optimism in one's mind taking you away from all the negative thoughts and instead focus on positive possibilities to redirect all the energy to an unstoppable effective determination.
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August 18, 2018
As someone who has worked in the investment banking world (having a similar disgruntled experience), I felt an instant connect to Rasiq and it was hard to put down after. Must read for anyone who is looking for inspiration to make the plunge for his big dream.
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August 31, 2018
To be honest when I got this book I wasn’t much happy with the cover of the book. I thought it will be a boring one but No! I actually enjoyed it. It turned out very interesting. Coming to the story, it revolves around 6 characters- Rasiq, Nick, Arjun, Halka, Natasha and Dr. Vyom.

Rasiq had high profile job in some investment bank but he wasn’t satisfied. Everyone has different dreams so he also wanted to do something else on his own. Later he decided to quit the job and joined others and made a rescue team- “Daredreamers” who rescue others who were in danger.

My review: I liked the book very much. The most important thing that I liked is, it was full of action yet light read. Had high dosage of drama and was interesting. According to me it should be read by those people who love reading thrillers. Definitely it was worth reading for me!
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September 10, 2018
The cover of the book is very eye catching and different. A book with a very different story and plot. I loved the story and the concept. A perfect blend of success, love, friendship, thriller, passion, drama and mystery. I loved the backstory of the discovery of the startup idea. And the idea is very unique.
The characters are wonderful. Each and every character has an important role in the story. My favorite characters were Natasha and Vyom. But I also loved the way Rasik's character developed. I also enjoyed the bond he shared with his father and the way his father always cracked jokes.
The events seemed very dramatic as times. I felt like I was watching a movie.
Though some parts seemed unrealistic but overall a very entertaining read.
Definitely a must read.
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July 2, 2019
This is my first read of co-authors which is a father-son duo. The cover and the title of the book according to me goes hand-in-hand. The way story is protrait is in an outstanding manner. I really liked the plot of the story, which was full of adventure and action, which made this story a page- turner for me. The way they fight for the upliftment of their venture-Dare-Dreamers. The pace of the book is average not too slow not too fast, Narration and language is easy for read. The book covers all the aspects of a startup, infact it shows a close view ( deep) of a start-up. The best of the book was it kept me engaged in it, i was like what is next now, indeed a page-turner.
Recommended to all the beginners, A Good Read.
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September 26, 2018
Starting from the cover and title of the book is apt according to the plot. Title is very interesting. It is not difficult to guess the book from the book’s title and cover page, that this book is a great collection of struggles and inspirations.

The book is blend of emotions, love, friendship, thriller, passion, drama, mystery, satire and realism, success, failures, betrayal, modern criticism, dream, family, struggles, adventures and many more. The plot is unique and different from the most Indian writer’s write.

Rasiq is an investment banker who is struggling hard with new job work pressure which is not allowing him to sleep or any time for family or friends. He is very busy with the corporate world doing hard tasks, day and night to earn a large amount of money as his salary. On the other hand it is because he is recruited as single person in place of five bankers. After struggling for two years as a banker, he finally quit the job for following his passion and start his own business. He faced lot’s of torches from his father’s side for resigning the well paid job and forces to Rasiq to find a new job. On the morning of a small argument with his father on his carrier and future he leaves the home and drives the bike crazily and ended up at a small accident. From there he get’s an idea of starting a business on safety.

I don’t daydream, I dare to dream. That makes me a DAREDREAMER.

Rasiq start-up Daredreams Pvt. Ltd. with a team of five super talented peoples with unique quality Nick a crazy inventor and also a friend from his college, Dr Vyom a medical expert, Arjun a champion shooter, Natasha a Bollywood stunt double, Halka a strongman.

To know more what happened next grab the book.

Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple way to comprehend for any kind of reader. A book which won’t require the use of a dictionary, a book which evens an amateur reader would love to get indulged in. It’s a Bollywood type story. The author has portrayed each and every character with utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story. The narration of the story is gripping though predictable at some times and unreal-table in few places. The story is fast paced. Father-son duo had beautifully crafted about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, start-ups, business achievements and the revolving relationships and the struggles the faced.

Overall an engaging read with twist and turns like Hindi Masala Movies.
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September 13, 2018

A group of talented forthcoming young people set out to save the world with unique high end technology. The premise with humongous possibilities could be developed into a bestselling novel as well as blockbuster movie. Dare Dreamers is one such book for which possibilities are boundless.

Rasiq an fresh IIM graduate joins his first job as an investment banker. With zero rest and abundant money, Rasiq's life becomes aimless. Feeling the heat of boredom and monotony, Rasiq decides to quit his job to start something of his own. Nevertheless he is unable to decide what he should start off with. After a distressing pressure from family and society to do something, Rasiq finally lands up on a novel idea of a start up. With the help of five unique and extraordinarily talented individuals, Rasiq starts his start up named DareDreamers- These superheroes Nick: a crazy inventor; Halka: an inhumanly strong man; Arjun: a champion shooter; Natasha: a Bollywood stunt-double; Dr. Vyom, a medical Sherlock Holmes; and, of course, Rasiq: the mastermind combine their unique talents to deliver spectacular rescue operations.

The title Daredreamers and the cover image is reflective of the whole idea of the book. A new generation start up to help people who meets with an accident at a lightning pace is not more a fantasy. The idea of a group of youth coming up with unique idea is no longer a rarity. PayTM, Uber,Byju's App,Other online stores, etc have given us numerous examples of ideas that could be shrugged off as a fantasy. Hence the overall idea if DareDreamers could not be written off as a fantasy. It is indeed a futuristic fiction of a father-son duo. Since the book was written by a father-Son duo, the relationship between a father and son is depicted subtly without losing the depth. The consistent pace is the highlight of the book. It takes off as a YA romance, which could have been cut short but the build up was justified considering how the tale develops. Once the start up takes off, the growth is quite slow, which in itself makes the book a realistic one.

Apart from the five super human figures which could not be counted as superhumans as such since we have come across similar individuals in our lives. In a era before the multi speciality hospitals came into being, we have had doctors who used to diagnose the diseases by simply examining the patients, which justifies Doctor Vyoms characters. Similarly most of the characters have a real life example.

The scenario with Rasiq and Ruchika could have been depicted better. The ambiguity behind the relationship and that around Ruchika's character pulls down the conviction with which the scenario was built up. The same obstructs the possibilty of making the book a perfect thriller.

I can vouch for the fact that a start up similar to DareDreamers will come up in the near future.
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September 11, 2018
"Once you embrace your value, talent and strength, it neutralizes when others think less of you." - Charlaine Harris


India’s first start-up of superheroes with a mission of saving lives is here to kick ass.

Rasiq is riding the highs of life, thanks to his successes as an investment banker. But his arrogance soon gets the better of him and he ends up losing everything he holds dear. Managing to salvage only his grit from the wreckage, Rasiq reboots his life and teams up with five uniquely talented superheroes to start a rescue venture - DareDreamers.

These superheroes Nick: a crazy inventor; Halka: an inhumanly strong man; Arjun: a champion shooter; Natasha: a Bollywood stunt-double; Dr. Vyom, a medical Sherlock Holmes; and, of course; Rasiq: the mastermind combine their unique talents to deliver spectacular rescue operations. Their skyrocketing success, however, comes at a price an enemy hell bent on tearing down their fame and reputation.

Will DareDreamers defeat its wily adversary? Or will it become yet another failed start-up?


Daredreamers is a book with a very unusual storyline and a really brilliant idea. Start-up of real life superheroes is indeed a very fresh concept.

The story starts with the daily struggles of Rasiq. His sector frustrates him big time and he really has no passion left to continue the job. Though this is a common thing to write about nowadays, but despite of this fact, the author duo shines in expressing the frustrations of Rasiq magnificently. His increasing anguish in most of the things is something which is brilliantly captured.

The pace of the book is fast in the beginning but in the middle sometimes it tends to get a bit monotonous, but the compelling storyline hides it beautifully. The narration is also noteworthy. Nowhere it felt like the story is going downhill. The simple language also helped the book to make a stand.

The book is also fantastically edited and the story seems very compact. There are a few loopholes as well but they couldn't stop me from loving the book. This is a book which I thoroughly enjoyed. And once again kudos to the idea!

Rating and Recommendations:

4/5. Go for this book and have a thrilling ride with The Daredreamers.
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