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Who Did 9/11?: A View from Across the Pond

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It was the crime of the century and we review the likely culprits. The defining event of this new millennium, and how come no-one has been charged, or even lost their job, because of it? Why does no politician or academic dare to discuss it?
The author was a founder-member of Britain's 9/11 truth movement.

273 pages, Kindle Edition

Published July 4, 2018

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Nick Kollerstrom

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Also writes under the name Nicholas Kollerstrom

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February 5, 2022

Do you have suspicions about 9/11 after being subjected to the COVID-19 fiasco? Certainly, with the media and government's antics today, they could not have been very good 20 years ago. Well, you would be correct. Kollerstrom compiles the discrepant evidence regarding 9/11 and presents one of the most compelling and astonishing cases I have seen. You have to read this book to see the insights inside! A few of them are as follows:

4,000 Israeli families called into their government concerned that their family members died during the Twin Tower attacks. They had cause to worry, with the high percentage of their nationality working in NYC. Simple statistics would give around 500 casualties as reasonable for their nationality. But how many Israelis died who were in the Twin Towers? One! And that person was visiting for the day!

How could that be? Well, an Israeli intelligence firm with offices in the Twin Towers notified its member to evacuate two hours before the attack (!), saying that something bad would happen. Their company had a special messaging feature where you could send a message to all people of a certain category, so the supposition is that they sent such a message to all Israelis.

One of the supposed hijackers, Mohamed Atta, — a supposed fundamental Muslim, I may remind you — loved strippers and said his favorite food was pork-chops (!). His past girlfriend said that he spoke fluent Hebrew, after he proved it to her. There was another Mohamed Atta (the real one) in Germany, who had his identity stolen in 1999. He had a different height, different facial features, and his father said that he was so afraid to fly that he barely got him on a plane.

The BBC reported five times that WTC-7 had collapsed before it did. In fact, there was a reporter who went on television saying it had collapsed, while a news headline said the same below her, all while you could see WTC-7 in the background!

WTC-7 collapsed in 6.6 seconds. Its free fall collapse speed would have been 6.2 seconds. Looking at the video, you can clearly see its center fall back into itself. The official explanation is that fires brought it down, but fires have not brought down any single other building in history. The last person to go up to the main work areas of WTC-7 (where the governor & co. were supposed to be monitoring NYC security) said that there were explosions in the building, both above and under him. Furthermore, WTC-7 was found evacuated before any tower collapsed. The place where the top dogs of NYC were supposed to be dealing with the crisis was empty.

Two of the airplanes flights which had regularly gone from Boston to Los Angeles for many years suddenly stopped their flights — on September 11. They did not have flights scheduled on September 11. If you look up the other two flights' tail numbers on an national government database, they appear as if they are still active.

Flight 93 — which supposedly crashed in the middle of a field — was reported on by a local newspaper to have arrived at an airport at 11:45 AM on September 11, saying that there was an "bomb threat" which grounded it. Furthermore, the airport where crashed planes are supposed to land is usually filled with mourning relatives. Not one family member of the people on the flight showed up at Flight 93's expected destination — and the airport was waiting on them for hours!

The Social Security Death Index tracks any person and their respective social security number who has died. Four years after 9/11, only about 10-20% of the people on the plane are on this index. None of these people are on the payment list of the US Government for 9/11.

Five dancing Israelis were seen joyously jumping after the planes hit the Twin Towers. The police were called on them and their "company" was investigated. It was essentially a cover company for the Israeli Mossad (intelligence agency) and had maps of NYC with target markers, bomb equipment, and the van had on its outside a big, red "9/11" (!).

Osama Bin Laden categorically denied that he done the attacks a week or so after they happened. He also happened to be on dialysis at the time (surely a mastermind!). He went to an Arabic newspaper and said how the US government should investigate its own ranks for the attacks. Two Arabic newspapers reported his death in December 2001 and his will was found dated December 2001 a few years later. Just after this, a video was found of "him" saying he had foreknowledge of 9/11. This was "translated" by the US and released soon after, with it being the main impetus behind putting the blame on him. A French newspaper hired an investigative company to verify the video, and said it had a 95% chance of being a fake. Afterwards we kept "chasing" OBL but couldn't find him. Then our troops supposedly found him, but panicked and "accidentally" killed the person whose information we could have most used. Then, out of total coincidence, a dozen or so of the troops who "killed" him died in a helicopter crash. Good Lord . . .

A paper written by Neoconservatives in 2000 emphasized we needed an event "like Pearl Harbor" to start war in the Middle East and increase American global power. One of the writers of this paper was a key adviser to Bush and just happened to own a company which specialized in remote control planes, drones, and other airborne objects. He also just happened to be a hardcore Zionist. There is also the new purchase of the World Trade complex by Larry Silverstein, who just happens to have Benjamin Netanyahu as his best friend (the same Netanyahu who said Israel "benefitted from 9/11"). This owner got a massive insurance boost on his newfound purchase in early 2001 and just received full rights over the property in September 2001. He changed the security company to an Israeli security company that notified Israelis to escape, as laid out above.

So much evidenced was scrapped and pulled away before further investigation. The site where the towers fell was deemed a "crime zone" by Rudy Giuliani (a Zionist), and all wreckage was taken out at the first chance. None of it was studied. The plane that crashed into the Pentagon was supposedly burned up, and yet we recovered bodies from the site! The SEC insider trading records were destroyed (wow, how could that be important?). George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did not testify under oath and only did so behind doors for the 9/11 official commission. The Flight 93 crash zone was closed off very soon after it came down. Yet despite that, there were many reports that the hole of the crash was only 5-6 feet deep (and no plane skid marks were to be seen), yet the crater should have been around 25 feet, given the plane's size.

This is just a small percentage of the evidence . . . I implore you to read this great detective investigation!
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September 15, 2019
This book has been BANNED by Amazon!

Kollerstrom posits various theories for the anomalies seen in both the response to the attack as well as the attack itself. This book is recommended for both newcomers and seasoned researchers alike as it is broad enough to cover the basics and also chock full of references from across the truther spectrum.

Of particular interest are the final two chapters: (8) 9/11 and Zion & (9) Its Global Purpose, which analyze the Who and the Why, respectively.

Other chapters:
(1) 9/11 and the Enemy Within
(2) Nine Keys to 9/11
(3) The Last Days of bin Laden
(4) It Began With a Phantom Flight (AA11)
(5) The Mystery of Flight 93
(6) What Hit the Second Tower?
(7) Building 7: The Plan Goes Wrong

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