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Courting Carlyn

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Vaughn Yarborough is ready to trade the fame and glory of the international junior pro tennis circuit for college and a more settled life. First stop: spearhead a summer camp for underprivileged kids. The girl who’s agreed to run it with him has Vaughn more intrigued by the minute, but with the strict no-fraternizing rules, he’s got to figure out how not to fall for her.
When the boy Carlyn Sadowski has crushed on for years asks her to work with him for the summer, she has to pinch herself. When his world-famed coach offers her training for free, she can’t believe her luck. He could actually help her follow in her mother’s footsteps by playing college tennis. But when she finds out the catch is she’s got to convince Vaughn to go pro, Carlyn will have to decide between her dreams and the boy currently stealing her heart.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book features a super-hot sports star, the shy girl looking to grow her confidence on and off the court, and late-night shenanigans that would make your camp counselor blush.

150 pages, ebook

Published August 6, 2018

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About the author

Melissa Chambers

26 books631 followers
Melissa Chambers writes contemporary novels for young, new, and actual adults. A Nashville native, she spends her days working in the music industry and her nights getting lost in her characters. While she’s slightly obsessed with alt rock, she leaves the guitar playing to her husband and kid. She never misses a chance to play a tennis match, listen to an audiobook, or eat a bowl of ice cream. (Rocky road, please!) She’s a member of several online and local writers groups, all of which she treasures and is unendingly grateful for, and has served as president for the Music City Romance Writers. She is the author of the Love Along Hwy 30A series, the Destiny Dunes series, the Before Forever series (YA), Courting Carlyn (YA), and Two Boy Summer (YA).

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Author 1 book140 followers
July 22, 2018
I'm totally in love with Courting Carlyn and I'm not even a tennis fan. It is no secret that I'm a fan of Melissa Chambers. Her books are addictive! I think Courting Carlyn is my new favourite. Vaughn Yarborough is swoon-worthy material and the romance had me hooked. This book is great. It has everything I look for; two misunderstood characters, romance and a great storyline.

Carlyn dreams of following in her mother's footsteps. She is super smart and has already gained a scholarship to the college of her choice. Her mother was a talented tennis player and Carlyn wants to be part of the team she once thrived in. The problem is her dad has always been protective and money has always been tight. She is an amateur player. She has put the work into her tennis performance and she has the ambition, but she isn't in the same league as Vaughn. Her luck is about to change because Vaughn is in need of someone like her.

Vaughn needs to clean up his image. He has the tennis skills to go pro but he wants to go to college. The problem is the college he wants doesn't like his reputation. He has the summer to make himself more desirable. He wants to help underprivileged kids in a tennis summer camp. He needs a girl who can co-teach. She must be perfect if he wants to up his game.

Two people who want something, but find something they need. A summer to change it all.

5 stars out of 5.

Aimed at the 16+ U.k reader.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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5,055 reviews37 followers
August 6, 2018
This was a great YA read. It reads a little older than a typical YA book which added to the enjoyment. Vaughn Yarborough has spent the last few years playing tennis on the Junior Professional tennis circuit. Now he's ready to trade all that in for a little normal as he starts his first year in college. Before he can walk away he needs to get through the summer camp for underprivileged kids he's committed to. He needs to get through it without getting distracted by the very tempting Carlyn. She had a huge crush on Vaughn for years so when Carlyn is not only given the opportunity to help him with his camp but also get training from his coach on her game it seems too good to be true. Turns out it is!

I think everyone will enjoy this book, I definitely recommend it.
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3,430 reviews234 followers
August 6, 2018
He wanted to put down some roots. She wanted to continue her mother's tennis legacy. They needed each other to make it happen.

• Pro: I am starting with my favorite part - the romance. It was very sweet. Carlyn and Vaughn had been in each other's orbits for years, but circumstances finally forced them to get to know one another. I really liked the way they opened up to one another, and found some support where they least expected it.

• Pro: Summer camp is always fun, and so was tennis camp. The setting took Carlyn and Vaughn out of their element, and accelerated their friendship due to proximity and the massive amount of time they had together. There were lots of fun hijinks too.

• Pro: Tennis action was actually portrayed in this book, and I am a firm believer that there should be some sports in a sports romance.

• Pro: The couple who ran the camp sort of won my heart. They filled a parent shaped void for both Carlyn and Vaughn, and I grew to love them so much.

• Pro: The story was light and breezy and perfect for summer. Both characters had some issues they were dealing with, but the story maintained a lighter tone, which is what I have grown to expect and I appreciate, when I pick up an Entangled romance.

• Pro: That is how you do an ending! So much closure. So much happy. Chambers made some great decisions with how she constructed the last bit of the book by cutting away at certain points and presenting a small portion from a different POV. I thought it was really well done.

Overall: A fun and charming story of two people, who found each other while trying to find themselves.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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1,738 reviews151 followers
August 6, 2018
3.5 stars

***ARC received in exchange of an honest opinion***

I really enjoyed this book. Even though it's a YA read, it's more mature than most of the last ones I've read.

Courting Carlyn is the sort of light read I enjoy and I'm glad I chose to read it. It's a well written book and everything is wrapped up, leaving no lose ends. I wish some things were a bit more explored, but I was left satisfied in the end.
The charactes were very relatable and I liked their dynamics. And even though you could predict how most of the book would go, it wasn't written in a cliché way. The plotline was good and the execution too.

The book left me satisfied at the end and it delivered what it promised, so that's a win for me. I definitely recommend this read.
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435 reviews41 followers
July 26, 2018
I received Courting Caryln from the publishers via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This has no impact on my thoughts. My thoughts are my own.

I absolutely adored Courting Carlyn. I got that feeling right away that I just knew I would like it instantly and I kept wanting to stop reading to give the book a hug, but I didn't because I was on lunch breaks most of the time when I was reading it and I didn't want to get strange looks for hugging my e-reader. I also love those moments when I actually forget that I'm reading an advanced reader's copy book. This book was also the first one I had read by Melissa Chambers and I really liked her writing style.

Courting Carlyn had a famous tennis player in it and a girl that had a crush on that tennis player. They ended up having to work together at a tennis camp all summer with a no fraternizing rule. This did not stop the two from developing a friendship and then a secret romance. I really liked that the romance wasn't instant love. The build up was just right and it had all of the ingredients for a sweet summer contemporary romance book.

I'd definitely recommend this book if there are more readers like me that like the whole secret dating plot. It's definitely a five star read since I enjoyed it the whole whole way through. I also didn't want it to end. Thank you Netgalley and publishers for giving me the chance to read this!
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378 reviews24 followers
July 23, 2018
(Source: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to NetGalley, Entangled Publishing, LLC, Teen and Melissa Chambers.)

“It means, if you run around here in a bikini, I might get distracted, and we’ve still got a long summer ahead of us.”
“My bikini and I are going swimming. If you care to join us, we’ll try our best not to maul you.”

When I saw this book on my ARC request list, I instantly went for it. See, tennis was the sport that I always dreamed to pay, which I finally did, but unfortunately I was kind of late to go pro. However, it is the one sport, besides skiing that, that I always loved and will love. So YA, Romance, Tennis... could not be a better combination for me.

“You’re not walking away.”
Her smile widens, and she looks back down at that stone. “I’m not a very smart girl.”
“Now, we both know that’s a lie.” I wait her out just a bit. “Last chance to run. I won’t bug you about it ever again if you do.”
She meets my gaze, still smiling. “Now, we both know that’s a lie.”

The book was short, light, cute, interesting and fast paced. The author did not waste time on stupid drama. Yes, there still was a slight thing going on, but still, it did not ruin the feel of the story.

I really enjoyed reading about Carlyn, and I could not help but feel what she felt, because I had the same experience with tennis. Because I started late, I was good , but not good enough. Unlike her though, I did not continue, but if I did, I am sure I would have loved the experience. However, her being relatable, and hitting home so close to my heart, gained lots of brownie points for me. and Vaughn, well, that guy was awesome, and showed that even famous people have lives and personalities, and that they are not untouchable.

She pulls away with a grin on her face and pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, and then lets go.
“Better than your first kiss with that carpenter guy?” I ask.
She meets my gaze and then closes in again, her lips almost touching mine. “I’m not sure. I’ll let you know after we do this some more…a lot more.” Her lips are back on mine, and I’m just now understanding the amount of potential this summer has to be really freaking fun.

The honesty behind their stories, behind the whole story will make people love it as much as I did. Them being so relatable to us, will encourage and motivate YA readers, teenagers to not give up and go for their dreams. Do not be encouraged, you might not be the best in what you do, but the most importing thing is to do your best and be the best of YOURSELF.
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154 reviews11 followers
August 10, 2018
I really enjoyed this book. It was a really adorably sweet romance. I really liked the authors writing style with the two POV. Sometimes its easy to get lost or confused but I was entranced from the first page. I like the teen romance I watch a lot of teen dramas but this was written with not so much drama which was nice. I Really loved the story. It was filled with humor and romance. I loved Vaughn and Carlyn. From the moment I met them I wanted them to get a HEA. I also really liked the secondary characters. Sometimes that is not always the case. I can´t wait to read more by this author!!!
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Author 36 books431 followers
August 12, 2018
I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads

Young Adult age-range: 12+, includes kissing and adult language.

4 Stars

Courting Carlyn hit many of my favorite notes. A slight love-hate vibe in the very beginning. Summer Camp crushes. Angsty dilemmas. Warm and Fuzzy of first love. The moral of doing what is just and right.

Carlyn's aspirations are to get onto the university's tennis team. The seventeen-year-old has an academic scholarship but longs to follow in her mother's footsteps in memoriam. The only issue is how she isn't from a wealthy family like her peers, rather working at the country club to use their facilities than being able to afford trainers and alike.

Vaughn is the 'it' boy, well on his way to being a superstar of tennis. Broody, secretive, and labeled a bad boy, clearly Carlyn has been harboring fantasies, just like every other girl in the vicinity. Too bad he thinks she purposefully lost them the doubles tournament to spite his trainer- bring the love-hate angst.

Thrust into running a summer camp together, Carlyn needs the training via Vaughn and his trainer, and the paychecks are much-needed too. But Vaughn is doing it to clear up his image, so he can attend the same university Carlyn is so desperately trying to get accepted onto their tennis team.

The side characters were engaging and original, creating the perfect backdrop to Carlyn and Vaughn's verbal banter and avoidance of wanting one another. The older couple who owns the camp wants no fraternization. The trainer is tempting Carlyn to manipulate Vaughn. Carlyn's dad is not a fan, of either boy superstar or the past superstar. Age-appropriate angst abounds in this first crush, warm and fuzzy novel.

I highly recommend to those who are addicted to the young adult genre, readers who enjoy a good sports theme, and fans of the author.
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412 reviews69 followers
August 1, 2018
**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own**

Courting Carlyn is a sweet, coming of age story about two teens finding themselves--and love. All Carlyn wants is to make the tennis team at Avery, the college her mom attended when she was alive. But, Carlyn's chances of making the tennis team are slim. Enter Vaughn Yarborough, resident tennis star. Vaughn needs Carlyn's help. He wants to go to Avery but the university wants proof that he won't cause any scandals if they admit him to the university. This causes Vaughn to create a tennis camp for under-privileged kids, but he needs a female tennis counselor with a squeaky-clean reputation.... such as Carlyn.

Carlyn accepts Vaughn's offer which allows her to not only be paid for her counselor position, but she also gets the opportunity to train with his coach. However, his coach has an agenda. He wants Carlyn to persuade Vaughn to go pro rather than going to college...in exchange, he'll train Carlyn and help her make the team at Avery. But, Carlyn is falling for Vaughn...will she choose love or her dream of playing at Avery?

This book was a light, fun read. It has a couple of tropes in it such as: instalove and shy girl crushes on popular guy. These tropes don't take away from the story at all, I just wanted to mention them in case you aren't a fan of these particular tropes.

I enjoyed this story, but I didn't love it. The romance didn't feel 100% real to me, so I didn't feel all that connected or invested in the characters. Although, I do think the tennis aspect of this novel helped make it feel more original and new. Overall, I think this is a cute, light, summer read.

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579 reviews115 followers
July 24, 2018
**Thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review**

So this was my very first Melissa Chambers book and I'm so happy I got an e-arc of Courting Carlyn since I really wanted to read something by this author and I didn't have a chance yet to buy one of her books. The synopsis sounds great and then there's the disclaimer: Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book features a super-hot sports star, the shy girl looking to grow her confidence on and off the court, and late-night shenanigans that would make your camp counselor blush. This makes you want to start reading it RIGHT AWAY, doesn't it? It sure made me want to read it asap haha.

And it did not disappoint! This book was a one-sitting read. Once started, I just couldn't stop reading anymore and I lost a lot of sleep over it but it was totally worth it haha. It was so much fun! It was light-hearted and it was a thrilling read thanks to the addictive chemistry present between the main characters. I just really loved the chemistry these two main characters felt towards one another - sparks were flying guys, really! - and the development of their romance was just really beautifully done.

I especially loved the character development of Carlyn. She starts out being insecure about her tennis-talent and she develops so much throughout the story. Just loved it. She was really likable and relatable I think. She was funny, smart and stood up to Vaughn. Even though she was insecure on-court, she definitely wasn't off-court and I loved that so much! She's a great counterpart to Vaughn I think. And seeing her fall for him, was so much fun to read. I can't blame her, cause Vaughn is definitely boyfriend-material, sigh. But truly.. Rading her pov was great. I loved reading her thoughts and her reactions to what Vaughn said and did. It made me smile a lot.

He gives me this little grin I'm starting to notice he does where he sort of bunches up one side of his mouth, exposing a dimple that isn't there with his regular smile. I turn from him. Look away from the grin.

The setting was really great to read about; this tennis-summer-camp in the middle of nowhere with a lot of likable minor characters present, popping up everywhere. It was easy to visualize it all and it felt like I was really a part of it all. And I love it so much when I feel like that when I completely forget about the 'real' world around me.

Overall, there weren't a lot of surprises story-wise, hence the 4 instead of 5-star rating, but that doesn't mean I didn't like this story. It comes really down to this:
I LOVED it! This is an addictive read right from the start. It has lovable characters - understatement because especially Vaughn is so dsfghbdhjfbghdbfg YUMMY and cute and crush-material, there's great chemistry present like I said and a beautifully developed romance. There are a lot of likable minor characters present and the writing was just so good and addictive. I was hooked right from the start! I can't wait to read more by this author! And I'm definitely planning on getting myself a printed edition of this book. It's a perfect re-read book as well.
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1,591 reviews98 followers
August 10, 2018
Vaughn is trying to redesign his image from party boy to straight laced college guy. He wants more than anything to get into the prestigious Avery but he has to show the school that he has what it takes. But first he needs the help of the sweet, kind-hearted Carlyn. She is the one to help him do just that.

This is my first book by Chambers and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. This book and these characters were absolutely adorable and definitely loveable. I am not sure if this is planned to be a series, but I could see a couple stories blooming from it. And I would be one of the first to read them. I will also be checking out the author’s other works as well.

I loved the gradual change that took place with Vaughn. He was so very sweet and charming all through the book, but he just got even more so as the book carried on. I loved the way he took care of Carlyn all throughout their time together. I also adored that Carlyn, though a good girl, would sometimes show a different side when with him. They brought out the best in each other.

Absolutely loved this book and Chambers’ zeal for writing an excellent romance. It is a fantastic, well written, quick read that I 100% recommend to anyone looking for a sweet YA read.
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Author 18 books396 followers
August 29, 2018
I always get lost in Melissa Chambers books, and COURTING CARLYN was no exception. I LOVED this story, from the first page to the last. Contemporary YA romance, summer camp setting, teenage angst, stolen kisses, long-standing crushes, and (wait for it...) TENNIS (YES, TENNIS!), all wrapped up in a superbly-written, heartfelt package. Somebody make this a movie, please?
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456 reviews4 followers
February 27, 2019
At the beginning Carlyn was a great character, funny, sweet, smart, I loved her chemestry with Vaughn. But then 75% into the story, this determined girl turned into a clueless marshmellow *sighs* super disappointed.
And the plot was nice, cute, entertaining, but then there are those subplots that lead to nowhere and some loose ends hanging around there.
I gave it 3 stars, because this book is really good, actually if it wasn’t for the last 25%, it could have been more than that.
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342 reviews15 followers
August 7, 2018
You guys… this book was just so adorable and touching! It was lighthearted, humourous, entertaining, and delightfully heartwarming. I smiled the entire time reading this novel and believe it or not, I even had a few drop of tears.

When I saw Courting Carlyn on Netgalley, I was instantly interested in reading it because my boyfriend plays and loves tennis. He isn’t pro cause he started late, but I think he’s pretty damn good. He also tried to teach me a few times, but my coordination is not that great. I just do a lot of watching and from time to time, hit the ball over the net to help my boyfriend warm-up. Anyway, I just have to say that watching my boyfriend play is really sexy, hot, and thrilling. I may be biased, but honestly watching tennis matches is incredibly intense. I’ve seen a few live matches at Indian Wells and it was utterly exhilarating! So, of course I couldn’t pass up reading this book. Not to mention the forbidden romance between two rising teen tennis players in a summer camp setting just sounded so fun and seemed like the perfert summer book.

And you know what… Melissa Chambers had me hooked from the very beginning and my oh my… This book totally ACED EVERYTHING I enjoy in contemporary romances. The writing style was superb and fantastically engaging. I really enjoyed both the POVs. The plot was really entertaining and had plenty of action, thrills, swoons, and kisses. The characters were really likable and a lot of fun. I absolutely adored Carlyn and Vaughn. I loved their easy going and adoringly cute chemistry. They were just so darn precious and their sweet moments together had me smiling like a fool… a fool in love with this story. The romance…completely loved it!! So deliciously fun and wonderfully developed. And the ending was absolutely perfect… Really really love this book. I was expecting to have some fun reading this, but it was also surprisingly emotional and gave me a good warm feeling in my heart.

I fell so hard for Carlyn and Vaughn and enjoyed all their scenes together. Vaughn was athletic, hard-working, funny, and definitely a more than meets the eye kind of guy. I loved his confidence and his gentle sweet side was just too adorable! He definitely made my heart melt and had me swooning. Carlyn was very relatable and I really enjoyed her character development. She’s very smart, a little sassy, quite funny and just someone I see myself being friends with in high school. They just fit so well together and like I said, their chemistry was just so amazing. Watching them try not to fall for each other was also nostalgic for me. I don’t want to give too much away, but there was a scene with pillows that my boyfriend and I totally did when we first met. There were so many sweet moments that I just can’t… these two are sooo cute together!

I also really liked the side characters and relationships in the book. Fred and Nancy were great and the ending scene with them was just so heartwarming. Carlyn’s father should get the Father of the Year award for trying to be supportive, loving, and the best father he can be. Jeffrey may come off a bit selfish, but his intentions were good and he really cared about Vaughn. I also liked how Trinity and Carlyn got along so well and the kids at the summer camp were all quite interesting and fun too.

This book was smashingly addictive, wonderfully thrilling and such an adorably sweet summery YA contemporary romance that will have you zooming through the pages. I truly had a fantastic experience reading Courting Carlyn and can’t recommend it enough.

I most definitely told my boyfriend about this book.

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher and author in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Review can also be found on my blog - Sincerely Karen Jo
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317 reviews
August 22, 2018
Title: Courting Carlyn
Author: Melissa Chambers
Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for letting me receive a digital copy of this book before its official release date.

Vaughn Yarborough is ready to trade the fame and glory of the international junior pro tennis circuit for college and a more settled life. First stop: spearhead a summer camp for underprivileged kids. The girl who’s agreed to run it with him has Vaughn more intrigued by the minute, but with the strict no-fraternizing rules, he’s got to figure out how not to fall for her.

When the boy Carlyn Sadowski has crushed on for years asks her to work with him for the summer, she has to pinch herself. When his world-famed coach offers her training for free, she can’t believe her luck. He could actually help her follow in her mother’s footsteps by playing college tennis. But when she finds out the catch is she’s got to convince Vaughn to go pro, Carlyn will have to decide between her dreams and the boy currently stealing her heart.

This is the kind of book I'm talking about wanting to read when requesting a novel published by Entangled. Surely, I've read two books by Melissa Chambers before, so I knew what I got myself into. I even looked forward to it. I was bit more disappointed in the second novel I read by her, but now Courting Carlyn had me feeling really good again.

I'm not a sports person. Like, at all. I used to be a dancer, but that's about it. Which is why I was surprised, finding myself liking the idea of two tennis obsessed people, finding their way in lives and finding each other. There was a lot of sports involved in this book, but it never bored me. Maybe also because I just recently played tennis for the first time and actually really enjoyed it. But yeah... Back to the book. I liked reading about how determined Carlyn was about getting into the tennis team she wanted to, how she pushed herself and still enjoyed what she did. You don't get that a lot. And then there's Vaughn, who seemed so much older than he actually was in the book. Already a celebrity, I assumed he was in his twenties. Turns out he's just eighteen. I have no idea about these kind of things, but it sure seems like even teenagers are known in the business.

Carlyn and Vaughn are both really stubborn characters, but the way they acted around the kids in camp they were looking after, or even the way they acted around each other, was totally different from their usual personalities. Or an addition. People will probably say the two of them were too predicted, and sure.. A bit, maybe. But it's really about their paths, I think. Also, about how much of an adult some of us need to be, even at a young age. Those parts really broke my heart, but I liked the way this novel still stayed true to itself and remained a light read.

It was refreshing to see how Carlyn's character changed through the pages. You could actually follow her become more self-confident and more adult. And with her help, Vaughn cracked and wasn't his all-too-serious self anymore. They were good for each other and it still seemed so natural.

If you're looking for a sweet romance on the last days of this year's summer, I suggest you pick this one up. It's worth it!
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2,412 reviews18 followers
August 7, 2018
I received this eARC novel from NetGalley. This is my honest review.
Release Date: August 6, 2018

Carlyn needs to get into her dream school, and she NEEDS to be on the tennis team. She's been playing tennis her whole life - it's the only thing she can do to feel connected to her mother who passed away when she was young.

But when she keeps messing up at trials for her dream college, she sees her dream going down the drain. And let's not get started on how badly she freezes up when Vaughn Yarborough is around. After that terrible double match where she did terribly, she has always felt embarrassed around him. So when he comes up with his very infamous coach, asking if she would help with a tennis camp, Carlyn wanted to say no, but said yes to be able to work with two professional and talented people to up her tennis game to play at her college.

The more she is around Vaughn, the more she realizes that Vaughn is not who he seems to be. He's just a normal guy, who right now wants a normal life. And the more they are around each other, the more attraction is flying between the two of them. Too bad they have an absolutely no fraternizing rule, and Vaughn has to be on his best behavior to have a chance to get into the same school that Carlyn wants to get in.

When secrets come to light, hearts are broken and dreams are crushed. But both Vaughn and Carlyn need to revisit their dreams and see what they really want for their future.

This was a cute novel. I love sport romances, and I really loved the fact that tennis was a big part of this book. Some sport romance novels are about the sport, but they having nothing about the sport. I have learned a lot about tennis from this book, which I loved!

I feel so much for Vaughn. He breaks my heart and I just want to hold him and make him feel loved, because he doesn't get love that much in his life. So to see him with Carlyn was amazing. And it's so funny, because he is so popular, but he is so awkward when he's around Carlyn. They are two different types of people, and they are intimidated by one another so much.

I am so glad I got a chance to read this book! It was sweet and funny and heartbreaking and full of tension. I can see a lot of readers really liking this book!
September 17, 2018
🎾🎾🎾Original Review HERE🎾🎾🎾

What can I say, I'm a sucker for contemporary YA sports fiction, who knew! I wish I had this niche of fiction when I was in high school. Maybe it would have made all the broody athletes more tolerable... probably not but I would have enjoyed looking at them a bit more. Ah nostalgia. You seriously couldn't pay me to repeat high school but I do love reading a good coming of age story and Entangled Crush book always deliver! 💯

I was a little hesitant with this one because I have absolutely no interest in tennis. None. Although, I do think the outfits a freaking adorable and I have serious leg envy. But Courting Carlyn was an adorable, sweet romance without being cliche, plus who doesn't love a summer camp romance?

The alternating POV's between Vaughn and Carlyn were entertaining and humorous. I think high school girls will really enjoy the flirtatious banter between the two. Carlyn and Vaughn were really relatable for a teen audience but especially for senior athletes who have to make big choices that will begin to shape their future paths.

I also enjoyed exploring the history that drove each one toward their goals. And of course one of my favorite plot points to fall upon, neither one gave up a dream for love! 🎉🎉🎉 Points for both love & life goals!

Basically, this is a total swoon worthy YA read and it doesn't matter if you know anything about tennis or not. If you need a sweet coming of age romance with a little teen angst and a tennis ball, then grab Courting Carlyn!

X🎾X🎾X🎾X🎾, Nat
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627 reviews10 followers
September 3, 2018
Look, it's an Entangled Crush novel. That means I'll love it. Quite honestly, I think I have too much of an obsession with their imprint. Genuinely.
Ok, but seriously now, I really fricking enjoyed this book! It was such an interesting dynamic to see in this novel between Vaughn and Carlyn. I mean, between running a camp together, to playing together, and of course slowly falling for each other, I really enjoyed seeing their relationship bloom. I think in a lot of ways, that their circumstances helped them to really fall for the other person. Carlyn missing her mum, and Vaughn really just being done with the pro-tennis track. It's people who are both a little bit sad, and a little bit tired that often have really beautiful romances.
And I think that Entangled always does a really good job of finding authors who can make your heart hurt for the character when they go through their heartbreak. That's personally, something I find really special and incredible - that you can physically feel pain for someone's fictional, emotional heartbreak. I think it's magic.
But regardless, a great novel as always - a fantastic fluffy teen (or for adults too- who am I to say you can't?) read.
NB: I received an ARC of this novel from Entangled via Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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July 29, 2018
I was excited to have the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book on NetGalley.

Tennis means the world to Carlyn. Unfortunately, her game is lacking, both on and off the court. Hot shot phenom Vaughn asks her to work with him at a summer tennis camp for underprivileged kids, but she’s still mortified about how she flubbed their one and only doubles match. The offer comes with an added perk--training time with Vaughn’s top notch coach. She can’t turn down an opportunity to improve her play. Working side-by-side with Vaughn, Carlyn discovers there’s much more to him than a handsome face and a killer back hand. The owners of the camp have a strict no fraternization rule. If Carlyn and Vaughn are caught kissing, she’ll lose the chance to take her game to the next level and he’ll never clean up his reputation as a lothario.

Not only is it easy to fall in love with nerdy, speed-cuber Carlyn and sexy, swoon-worthy Vaughn, the camp kids are sure to win the hearts of readers, game, set, and match.

COURTING CARLYN serves up a charming and heartwarming young adult romance.
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August 27, 2018
If I had to use one word to describe Melissa Chambers’ Courting Carlyn, it would be cute. This is just the kind of book to read when you want something light and entertaining.

Carlyn wants desperately to go to Avery and be on their tennis team like her late mother did. Unfortunately money has always been tight, and Carlyn’s dad has been her coach and he hasn’t always pushed her the way he should have. When Carlyn has the opportunity to work at a tennis camp for underprivileged children, she jumps at the chance especially since she’ll be able to work with her crush, Vaughn.

Vaughn doesn’t know what to think of Carlyn, in light of the fact that he’s positive she played badly during their doubles tournament the previous summer on purpose. But he soon learns that she didn’t lose on purpose, and that they have a stronger connection than he might have originally thought.

I love sports romances, and this one was no different. Although much of it was predictable, it was well written and kept my attention. It has heart and a sweetness that is appealing.

If you’re looking for a cute novel to read now that the US Open is here, try this one.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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July 25, 2018
This was such a fun and quick read. I've never played tennis, but I related so much to the MC of Carlyn. She was very down to earth, smart, and determined. Vaughn was a great male MC. He's a star tennis player that just wants to relax and better his image so he can go to college. I liked that the characters were multi dimensional. The camp setting and secondary characters of Fred and Nancy were so fun. I think the book had a nice flow to it. It was funny, romantic, gut wrenching, and exciting. Though I do wish the ending wasn't as rushed, I'd definitely recommend it. I can also see this book turning into a series with two new characters.
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July 16, 2018
Thanks to NG for the ARC! Super cute summer romance between two tennis players, Carlyn has had a crush on Vaughn so she accepts when he offers her a partnership plus coaching in a summer tennis camp for underprivileged kids. They hit it off and become c;loser but they are not supposed to fraternize at camp. Vaughn's coach works with both of them trying to convince Vaughn to go pro and Carlyn that she can make her college team. Sparks fly and then everything comes out leading to a cute but pretty predictable ending. Quick adorable summer romance read!
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August 2, 2018
Courting Carlyn is a sweet YA story. Facing ones dreams and watching them slip away isn't exactly easy, so when Carlyn gets a chance to change that she jumps on it. But... That chance...Well, it comes with a huge complication, Vaughn Yarborough, teen heartthrob of the tennis world. Can we say hubba hubba!?!

Just one problem, crush or not, there's no chance of "hooking up" with her celebrity co-worker. No relationships allowed- camp rules. It wouldn't be so hard if they didn't actually like each other.

Sweet and sporty, this tennis duo will have you smiling the whole way through.
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August 4, 2018
Courting Carlyn is a sweet YA romance.

Carlyn and Vaughn are both tennis players about to start college. He is a well-known force in the tennis world, and she is hoping to play tennis at the college her mom did. Sparks start to fly while they work together at Vaughn's tennis summer camp.

As much as I enjoyed the tennis and romance, I think the character connections and growth throughout the story are its best parts. Carlyn and Vaughn felt like real teenagers just trying to figure out life.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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November 19, 2018
I knew from the very first page that I was going to adore this book. The romance is positively swoon-worthy and brilliantly paced (no insta-love in sight.) The build-up created the perfect amount of tension and I could. not. stop. reading. I just wanted everything to work out for the main characters. I’m a firm believer that if it’s a sports romance, then there should be a lot of mentions made about the sport and this did not disappoint, I feel like I really learnt something about tennis. Overall this is a really sweet, contemporary romance that i’d highly recommend.
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July 23, 2018
I liked reading about tennis and the camp. Even though it was slight it was a nice change. Vaughn and Carlyn were likable. Carlyn was one to go after what she wants. Vaughn was a bit used to getting things done for him school wise but was a hard worker with his sport. Jeffery was a bit back and forth for me. Seemed to easy to write him as a better person than what he seemed to be in the book. Overall this was a good summer read. Loved how she wrote the ending.
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August 7, 2018
I love everything about this book! Carlyn and Vaughn have a really cute and natural chemistry. The story was engaging and the conflicts seemed organic. And I love that Melissa Chambers chose tennis as the backdrop for this story. This was my first Melissa Chambers novel but it certainly will not be my last.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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August 7, 2018
I know absolutely nothing about tennis, but this book is way more than just tennis. The story was amazing. I could not predict what was going to happen next. It took my emotions on a ride. I was happy one minute and then sad the next. The plot, setting, and characters were so well developed. I highly reccomend this book to anyone who likes a romance story without a whole lot of PDA!
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August 7, 2018
Courting Carlyn is sweet, just the way I like. Vaughn and Carlyn had the hots for each other from the first time. They click right away. There’s no waisted time when it came to getting to know each other. They bonded through their experiences and they enjoyed being with the kids in camp. Vaughn was super sweet and thoughtful. As a reader I couldn’t help but gush over this teen romance. A short and a sweet read for all ya romance lovers.
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