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The Perfect Duet #1

The Left Side of Perfect

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The Perfect Duet is a FRIENDS to LOVERS contemporary romance with one epic twist that will leave you breathless and emotionally SATISFIED! Bestselling author, Meghan Quinn will have you on the edge of your seat, saying OH MY GOD what just happened in this epic, heart-felt and beautifully written romance.

For better or for worse,'til death do us part . . .

The better captured me; she's who stole my heart.
And made me realize I couldn’t live without this woman.
The worse of her took my breath away--kicked me when I was down and twisted me into a million knots.

When I first met her, I thought she was someone I would never see again.
The second time I ran into her, it was a random coincidence.
The third?
I didn’t know it at the time, but she was the girl I was going to marry.

But life isn’t always perfect. You have to take the better and the worse--even if it means giving her up, having her slip between your fingers, and letting her walk away.

I’m getting married.
This is forever, 'til death do us part.

254 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 17, 2018

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About the author

Meghan Quinn

102 books24.6k followers
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When I was in high school I occasionally read books but was consumed by other teenage things so I didn't take the time to appreciate a good book on a cloudy day, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. It wasn't until I received a Kindle for Christmas one year that my world completely flipped upside down. When looking for books I came across the Contemporary Romance genre and was sold and I haven't turned back since.

You can either find my head buried in my Kindle, listening to inspiring heart ripping music or typing away on the computer twisting and turning the lives of my characters while driving my readers crazy with anticipation.

​I currently reside in beautiful Colorado Springs where the sun is always shining and there is a trail waiting to be hiked on every corner. I share a lovely and warm home with the love of my life and my five, four-legged children.

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317 reviews3,127 followers
November 2, 2018
Well ... darn :( I really wanted to love this book, but had the hardest time connecting with the hero.

Honestly the storyline didn’t pull me in, which was a bummer because I loved the MC is an active duty fighter pilot.

This is also my first read by this author and I really tried to get into her writing style. Pretty much f-bombs on steroids. It is definitely a scorching hot read, but way too descriptive for my personal taste.

Okay, so all I have done in this review is complain and whine. So why three stars? I finally “felt” a connection at the 80% mark, peaking my interest and giving me hope.

It is almost impossible to tell you much about the plot without giving away too much, but it is a second chance romance.

This is book one of a duet and ended on a cliffhanger. I do plan to read on as I am too curious to see how all this plays out.

I am certainly in the minority camp with my opinion. Oodles of five star recommendation reviews!
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1,260 reviews10k followers
August 30, 2018
*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

”To me, there is a left side of perfect. The right side of perfect is what society deems worthy of this title. It’s the kind of perfect you believe doesn’t exist, but in other’s eyes, it does. And then there is the left side of perfect, my favorite kind. That’s the kind of soul-bearing perfect, full of flaws and shortcomings. It's the most beautiful side of perfect…the imperfect.”

The right side of forever provides the relationship that stays with you, the relationship that’s imprinted itself so deep into your bone marrow that you live and breathe for that person.

I have a huge girl crush on Meghan Quinn now! I know I will read whatever she writes. The Perfect Duet is a super addictive, all-consuming read! If you haven’t read "The Blue Line Duet", I highly recommend that you start with those books first, and it's not just so that you get Colby’s full story, but also because that duet was PHENOMENAL!!

I thought Colby was a decent character in the previous series, but I didn’t fully appreciate how amazing he was until I read this duet. The thing with Meghan Quinn is she can take a character that you may not have cared for in her previous books, and completely changes your mind about them when she writes their story. Colby may have been unlucky in love before but this time unbeknownst to him, he’s got the love of two women. I knew who Colby belonged with from the start. Never for one second did I think the other woman was right for him.

I’m combining my thoughts for the entire duet into this one review so that I can keep it as vague as possible. All I can tell you is that this has some seriously painful angst but it hurts so good!! I thought Meghan Quinn was the best romantic comedy author but damn can she write beautiful angst filled adult contemporary romances as well.

Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 4.5
Heroine: 5
Plot: 5
Angst: 5
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

THE LEFT SIDE OF PERFECT is currently available! What’s amazing is book two will be released tomorrow! There is no waiting to get to the conclusion!! One-click people!!

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2PODqtt
Amazon UK: http://amzn.eu/d/eaaEeOb
Amazon CA: http://a.co/d/aerRAMi
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2BXjfXb


Amazon US https://amzn.to/2LDF8KB
Amazon UK https://amzn.to/2PPMFJA

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987 reviews1,851 followers
August 31, 2018
Now Available

Here’s the thing, I officially crown Meghan Quinn as the Queen of owning my heart in this crazy book world we live in.

Why you ask? Let me say this, her writing, it captures me, it wrecks me, breaks me, beats me down and puts me back together. Her writing takes my heart hostage. These last few stories I have read by her, the Blue Line Duet especially, she completely screwed and manipulated my thoughts and feelings. So with saying this, Miss Quinn don’t you dare do that again in the second installment in this series. I am begging you to please be nice to my heart and keep it in tact

My heart is in my feet right now. I fell in love with this man in the Blue Line Duet. I adored him, wanted nothing but the best for him. He didn’t get it. He didn’t win at happiness. He lost the girl. And now he has the chance at getting a second chance at happiness and the love that he craves. But, BUT, it isn’t with WHO I want it to be. I’m selfish. And of course this brilliant author is spinning this amazing story with so many possibilities in book two that is coming up for this duet. This isn’t a threesome, there isn’t cheating, there isn’t anything inappropriate going on, this is simply just best friends that have the rarest love ever.

These two fast made best friends have a connection that many long to have with someone. Their friendship, the trust, the connection, the closeness, it’s just so simple. I love them together. But there is Sage..... yes there is Sage.

I’m on to book 2 to see how this whirlwind of a story ends........

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Author 102 books24.6k followers
August 30, 2018

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2PODqtt
Amazon UK: http://amzn.eu/d/eaaEeOb
Amazon CA: http://a.co/d/aerRAMi
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2BXjfXb

I don't want to give anything away! So I'm going to keep this simple.

This is an epic romance, one that will take you on one hell of a journey.
Your heart will bleed.
You will laugh.
You will swoon.
You will ask me WHY???
But in the end, it will all work out.

The Left Side of Perfect releases August 30.
The Right Side of Forever releases August 31.

Back to back releases so you don't have to wait!! See what all the buzz is about by starting with The Upside of Falling and The Downside of Love.

You don't have to read The Blue Line Duet, but it does give some back story.

Read them here: https://amzn.to/2Lax0RJ
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288 reviews273 followers
August 29, 2018

The Left Side of Perfect & The Right Side of Forever Duet by Meghan Quinn
GENRE: Second-chance romance/Military Romance

Do you believe that certain people enter our lives at the time we need them the most, whether it be for good or bad and whether we notice it for what is at the time or not till way after, that those people are there to help us get to where we need to be, they shape us into the people we need to become? Some serve their purpose and then leave us others stay on the sidelines long after continuing the journey with you.

This is that story. It follows Colby and Ryan journey in finding their right side of forever.

” It’s easy to fall in love: to be infatuated with another person, but what makes a love lost a lifetime is the foundation it’s built from.”


This is a hard one to review, not because it’s bad, well obviously not because I gave it 4.5 stars but it’s one of those books that you have to read for yourself, take the journey with Colby and Ryan to really experience every emotion. Sit on the edge of your seat suspense and nail biting angst, taste all the tears, hear the heart-warming and tear jerking moments. Share their moments of clarity and self-growth in not only finding love but finding peace and acceptance within themselves.

Colby stole my heart, can I please duplicate him and keep one for myself. Dirty talker, check! Man in uniform, check! sweet, caring and unbelievably good in the sack! Check, check, check! God Meghan you have ruined all other men for me now!

The story is so rich in character development, both Colby and Ryan had some real issues to overcome and we watched them grow throughout the story and work through these issues which are real and relevant in today's society. Metal health awareness is a big one, learning to love yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin which I am certain most woman can relate to. We are given this image of a perfect woman and it’s impossible to live up to that kind of perfection. I love the “left side of perfect” connotation and I won’t go into explaining it all as it will be too much of a spoiler but it was a fitting and beautiful way to look at subject. It really touched me.

Clear your schedule before starting this duet as I was not able to put them down. I loved the story, loved the characters, loved the writing and loved, loved ,loved the ending!

“The journey was a son of a bitch, but the end result was worth it.”


So why the 4.5 stars and not 5?
Did someone say drama? I felt like I was reading an episode script from Days of our lives! He knew her because she dated him and they are best friends who used to be engaged yarda yarda yarda ! Lol no seriously though, I have to be honest I did struggle with the in-depth intimate details the author went into with Colby and Ryan’s relationships with other people. I felt it was not necessary to go there, yes they were in other relationships but there was no relevance to sharing those intimate scenes. That’s just my opinion though I don’t like to read about my hero’s or heroines in a Romance novel getting it on with anyone other than each other hence why it lost half a star but no biggie.

I kindly received and ARC Copy in exchange for my honest review

MY RATINGS: (All ratings are out of 5)
OVERALL: 4.5 Blushing Stars.

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September 14, 2018
4 ⭐'s

I love when authors switch things up and don't write the same ol' thing as everyone else and that's exactly what Meghan Quinn did. Her writing captivated me from the start seeing how it had angst written all over it, how could it not?

Ryan (the heroine) is the maid of honor at her best friend's (Rory) wedding. She was asked by Rory to watch over her ex-boyfriend, Colby, as there was a bit of broken bro-code by his close friend, Stryder (aka the groom). (No worries as everything is good now.)

Colby is for the most part is pretty introverted. He has no problem interacting with people but he would prefer to be flying (he's an Air Force pilot) or at home reading (gotta love that). Ryan brings him out of his comfort zone for sure. She's also not shy walking around him topless (even if we find out later she has some issues with her body image). The topless part stems from them ending up having a pretty steamy one night stand before he heads home to Las Vegas.


Three months later (and no further contact with Ryan), Colby meets fellow introvert Sage. Colby's tired of coming home to an empty house and since Sage is a military brat, she's completely in the know about Colby's job and accepts it. This thrills Colby to no end and so begins their relationship.

What? I know, right? dum dum dummmmm...enter ANGST...or so you would think. Ryan ends up moving to Las Vegas for a job and eventually sees Colby. She wouldn't mind a repeat of their night together but is very understanding when she meets Sage. She's actually happy for the two of them...at least in the beginning.

Colby and Ryan agree to be best friends. Colby loves how Ryan brings things out in him and how he can be himself around her. Of course, Ryan realizes after a traumatic event that she's actually in love with Colby and she "tries" to stay away...

Phewww....like I said, angsty...and then some. The ending is pretty heart breaking BUT the author released the second book the very next day which was amazing! Believe me, you will want to have it ready to go!
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1,597 reviews774 followers
August 18, 2018
Release Date: August 30, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Military)
Actual Rating: 5+ stars

Every time Meghan Quinn writes a book I say to myself, "Wow, these truly can't get any better." And then she writes more books and I think "Well look at that, they do." The Left Side of Perfect is utter perfection. I loved the Blue Line Duet so much, but this one? Outranks it by far. Maybe it's the characters, maybe it's angst, or maybe my excitement. Either way, it stands apart from anything I have read in months. I felt moments of frustration, moments of sadness, and moments of pure joy. I wanted to throw my iPad across the room a few times, yell at Meghan (she's the sweetest), and then cry myself to sleep. But then I continued on and realized this this messy and realistic journey was worth my soaring emotions. If an author can do this to you then you know you have a good book/series on your hands.

Friends, this book DOES end on a cliffhanger. It will also put you on an emotional roller coaster and twist your heart. BUT, it's so worth it in the end. I was lucky enough to read BOTH books in this duet and can tell you with all sincerity to push through and finish it. It's WORTH IT. Such a beautiful love story with all the emotion.

I won't go into plot details because that would spoil the whole story. So just remember this is a duet and The Left Side of Perfect MUST be read before The Right Side of Forever. I hope everyone will give it a chance and fall very much in love with these books like I did.
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1,074 reviews2,469 followers
August 30, 2018
This was everything I never knew I wanted! Meghan Quinn has written a truly unique book that will push romance readers beyond their boundaries and cause them to fall in love! What she's done with these duets is nothing short of impressive!

I honestly didn't know what to expect, so when you grab this book (WHICH YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD) prepare for the unexpected! It's emotional, messy, and so real. Prepare to fall in love!

What I Absolutely Loved:
Ryan – her character development and growth. She's one of my absolute characters, ever! Ryan and Colby’s friendship – it’s a thing of beauty. A perfect setup for what I’m hoping will be an amazeballs love story.
The Prologue is life! Pure Brilliance.
The smexy times are FIYAH!

If you're a fan of emotional stories, this is your jam. I felt all the feels. I laughed, I cried, I nearly threw my kindle. It's a wild ride folks, but so worth it in the end.

4.5 Stars
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1,118 reviews581 followers
August 28, 2018
I feel like every time, right before I'm about to start a Meghan Quinn book, I think to myself "How is this author going to ruin my heart now?". Now, I don't say that to be mean... Meghan Quinn's books always have an ability to creep up on you and slowly tear you apart... I guess, in a way, we all like to torture our heart and our soul hahaha

Full review + Excerpt link: The Left Side Of Perfect 

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870 reviews73 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
October 8, 2018
I got to 4% and realized by sneaking a peek ahead that this story is not for me. Too bad because the covers are delicious.
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2,067 reviews112 followers
August 29, 2018
***5 ‘Stepping Stones’ Stars***

Truth #1: Technically there should be two separate reviews going up, and I had planned on doing that, but when you have book one and two on the Kindle at the same time and stopping to review book one before starting book two becomes physically impossible...well, you just let it ride.

Truth #2: This will be a vague and possibly/probably verbal vomity review.

Truth #3: I was kinda hesitant to dive into this one.

Truth #3 probably comes as no surprise to anyone who read The Blue Line duet. That duet caused a lot of...turmoil for some and although I enjoyed it, I had all kinds of crazy rolling around in my head about what would be in store for us in this one. This isn’t to say that I wasn’t looking forward to Colby’s story, nor that I didn’t trust the author to give me a good read, but the hesitation was there. And though things did start off a little slow for me, and I had a mmmhhmmm moment, I ended up getting totally sucked in and adoring ~ even when groaning in frustration ~ this book. It gave me all the feels and more. I mean talk about hitting all the right buttons ~ even the eye rolling ones. It gave me the HEA I believe our MC’s so richly deserve and has wishing there were more words to read when it comes to them.

Colby. I adored Colby after first meeting him in The Blue Line duet and that feeling only got stronger in this one. He’s matured and though he is still very much the regimented Colby we first met, there is a lightness to him you can see. He is still broody and has a difficult time with dealing with his emotions at times, but he is also protective, caring and has honor stamped on his soul.

“Her” Now some may know, thinking they know, guessed, who the girl is and if you have kudos to you, but as there is still some mystery surrounding her, I’m going to err on the side of vagueness. This girl, this woman was someone who upon first encountering her, I was chill with. I liked her, but wasn’t taken by her. But as the story evolved and I got to see behind the facade, I found I connected with her on a level I didn’t expect. I may not have experienced all she went through but I GOT her. I felt her. I not only empathized, but sympathized on a level that gave me a pretty damn good gut punch and in the end I adored her. She is vibrant, sassy, compassionate and strong.

Their journey to their HEA is a definite journey will a lot of bumps in the road, but one that they both needed to go on and I really enjoyed watching their relationship evolve. They were compatible in more ways than then could have ever thought possible giving each other a safe place to land and yet different enough that they challenged each other to be more and in the end I loved where they ended up.

While I don’t believe this one will cause the same….turmoil as The Blue Line Duet did, there will be some who just won’t be feeling it for various reasons, but such is life. For myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, and I will admit that being able to read the books back to back was a definite bonus, but Ms. Quinn did a great job at bringing these perfectly imperfect characters to life and making them feel real and having me want more of them even after there were no more words to read. As for the secondary characters, we get to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Rowdy and Bent are my fav’s, but I’m hoping we get to see more of the entire crew at some point in the future because there were a few things simmering beneath the surface and I really want to know if/how it all works out for them.

~ Copy provided by the author via InkSlinger PR & voluntarily reviewed ~

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1,854 reviews484 followers
August 31, 2018
Meghan Quinn offers her fans the epic love story we were all waiting for. Smoking hot and reserved Colby Brooks is ready to embrace his happily ever after, but first he needs to see and understand the Left Side of Perfect.

In spite of his less than ideal upbringing and mostly negative feedback from his mother and step-father, Colby Brooks has achieved his goal. Becoming a fighter pilot was a dream he shared with his deceased father and grandfather. And now he wants more. He wants what his best friend has. Love. But can fate put him on the same path as the woman he’s destined to be with or will take him on one too many turns and force him to let her go?

Colby has suffered his fair share of heartache, he hasn’t been lucky in love but during his best friend’s wedding to his ex-girlfriend he’ll find comfort and a friend he thought he’d never see again. A few months later though, they find themselves living in the same city and become the best of friends. As their friendship strengthens so does Colby’s conviction to marry his caring and very understanding girlfriend.

The story is a funny, heart-warming and heart-breaking tale of people whose friendship and care for one another helps them heal and get one step closer to true happiness. Meghan Quinn creates authentic bonds between all the characters, continuing to build a Top Gun like world of close-knit air force pilots. The plot delivers several twists as Colby continues to look for love. This is an endearing story of lost souls trying to find themselves.

This is character driven tale in which Meghan Quinn expertly develops her characters, from the protagonists to the secondary characters like Rowdy, Balboa, Bent and Colt. I fell in love with the very swoony Colby Brooks in the Blue Line series and was thrilled to be reading his story. I laughed, swooned and even shed a tear. I was hooked from start to finish. Unfortunately, this book ends in a cliffhanger. Fortunately, its companion releases the very next day.

The Left Side of Perfect is the first book of the Perfect duet by Meghan Quinn. It is a touching, sweet and sexy contemporary romance, told from both points of view with a cliffhanger. And even though my review is vague, I do want to ease some worries, there’s no cheating.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via InkSlinger. I am voluntarily reviewing this title. *

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705 reviews206 followers
September 4, 2019
I was dreading this book, DREADING. I had all those scenarios playing in my head, and none of them was something I wanted. Turns out, I liked it more than I was expecting.

Anyways, girl 1 hasn't won me over (she's freaking annoying. I didn't like how she manipulated Colby into having sex with her, and how she invaded his privacy, especially when she pretty much begged him to talk about his sex life with girl 2 like wtf), so I'm team girl 2 (I'm a lost cause). But most of all I'm team Colby with HEA.

I really hope I don't hate the next book like I hated The Downside of Love, but I won't hold my breath. Better to go in with zero expectations. Sorry, but I'm not trusting the author lol.


P.P.S. Even though I feel in my soul the next book may not end the way I want, I'm still glad for this one.

Aug 05
So, it's Colby's book.

I just read the unedited first chapter, and I'm already mCFUCKING PISSED! I WANT TO PUNCH STRYDER FOR THE AUDACITY, I EVEN WANT TO SLAP COLBY FOR BEING NICE ABOUT IT **deep breaths**

I really hope the h isn't Ryan, she seems freaking annoying to me in this preview. I'm hoping there's a plot twist like the one from the Duet and Colby ends up with a girl who isn't connected with the woMAN WHO BROKE HIS FUCKING HEART. Ok, I'm chill.

edit: I just read the blurb, and it doesn't seem like he's talking about Ryan. It doesn't make sense if it's Ryan since the first three times he ran into her she was with Rory all that shit. IDEK anymore.

umm i wonder if this is colby's second book... ahh all i want is for my boy to get his happy. for real this time.
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1,673 reviews1,281 followers
August 31, 2018


This is a such a hard review to write because I don’t want to give one single thing away. Bear with me.
This duet, like the one before, is going to gut you. Truly. It portrays the complexity of love and the hardships of friendship.

Everyone, for sure, needs a Colby in their life. As if I couldn’t be any more in love with this man! He has stolen my heart and soul. His compassion, love, friendship...it is just everything single thing. I enamored with this man’s soul!

I didn’t know my heart would break for Ryan as a person. Meghan Quinn did me in with those flashbacks, and I love the depth it brings to her heroine. With each moment, I began to cheer her on and love her just as much as Colby.

Sage is a new character to the series along with a whole new yummy host of Air Men, and I love them all, which is what makes these books so hard to read and process. It is what makes you want to throw your kindle out of the window. There aren’t any villains or bad guys, just people with broken hearts and people who you can’t really blame.

This story isn’t what you are expecting, even if you read the last duet. It is emotional and charming, and it will break your heart for all the girls of the world. It will make you want the fairytale and the happily ever after, but you never know with Meghan Quinn because this is the romance of real life, a true examination of the this emotion we all seem to chase.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review
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925 reviews34 followers
August 17, 2018
I wasn't sure when I started The Left Side of Perfect I would be able to make it. I mean, Meghan Quinn broke me with the last duet. It was totally unexpected and nothing I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams. She took a huge chance as an author and it paid off. She surely wouldn't put us readers through that again, would she?

Six hours later with The Left Side of Perfect & The Right Side of Forever under my belt, I can happily say in this review that Meghan Quinn has written what is probably one of the most heartbreaking, gut wrenching, most beautiful love stories that I have EVER had the pleasure of reading.

Both books were a lesson in love, understanding and self acceptance, something we all need to dig a little deeper and learn a little more about. What I took away from this duet? Well, that I will make it to the left side because I already have the right side :)
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1,013 reviews142 followers
September 4, 2018
Recommendation appeared on USA Today’s Happy Ever After on September 4, 2018.

Meghan Quinn amazes me with her versatility to write both swoony, laugh-out-loud romantic comedies and deeply affecting, poignant love stories. The Perfect Duet, which includes The Left Side of Perfect and The Right Side of Forever, is the latter, and it is a heartrending and memorable journey in which a one-night stand between two lonely hearts evolves into a steadfast friendship and then gradually blossoms into an epic, soul-shattering romance. This story is complicated, twisty and will squeeze your heart until it feels as though it might burst, and it’s an extraordinary experience. The Perfect Duet is a phenomenally written, beautifully paced and utterly captivating romance with real emotional depth that leaves you exhausted and satisfied.

ARC provided, but this review was voluntarily and honestly written.
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1,327 reviews291 followers
September 2, 2018
Apesar de estar receosa de ver como essa história se desenvolveria, realmente gostei. Poderia ter tirado algumas cenas, mas o conjunto foi bom e me manteve curiosa.
A interação dos personagens foi muito boa, sem drama ou forçação de barra.
Vale a leitura.
Profile Image for Jill M.
1,229 reviews76 followers
August 19, 2018
Meghan once again pulled on those heartstrings. I wasn’t sure my heart could take another torturous ride. Colby deserved his happily ever after. She took us on a journey. Her words give you all the feels. This story is different and exciting filled with lots of angst and emotion. I laughed. I cried. I felt the happiness. I felt the pain and the heartache.

This DOES end in a cliffhanger and it will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. But it will be worth it. I had the pleasure of reading both this and the Right Side of Forever back to back and I’ll tell you it will get better. You’ll want to push through and it will be worth it.
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230 reviews23 followers
November 9, 2019
”To me, there is a left side of perfect. The right side of perfect is what society deems worthy of this title. It’s the kind of perfect you believe doesn’t exist, but in other’s eyes, it does. And then there is the left side of perfect, my favorite kind. That’s the kind of soul-bearing perfect, full of flaws and shortcomings. It's the most beautiful side of perfect…the imperfect.”
Profile Image for Red Cheeks Reads.
2,184 reviews367 followers
August 30, 2018

I fell in love with Meghan Quinn’s writing in her romantic comedies, and she has written some of my all-time favorite books. Her style is unique and refreshing, and the way she weaves punches of feeling into her amusing and sexy romances has never failed to entertain me. Then came The Blue Line Duet, an intense military romance, where she dropped the humor to focus on the emotion. It was a daring departure from her previous works, and it was wildly successful. That duet was positively captivating in the way that grand, epic love stories should be told.

Like everyone else who read The Blue Line Duet, however, I was left wanting more. Quinn picked up that gauntlet here in The Perfect Duet, and this couple’s romantic saga begins in The Left Side of Perfect. A timeless, sweeping love story, rooted in friendship and in pain, The Left Side of Perfect left me pondering exactly how much someone would sacrifice for the person they love. Quinn takes her readers on a gut-twisting, heart-wrenching exploration of the bounds of true love in this story.

Meghan thoughtfully laid the groundwork of this tale, building it from scratch with fantastically well developed characters who were so relatable, the reader cannot help but emphasize with them. It was evident to me from the first page that this would be a long and difficult journey to love that would be as devastating as it would be beautiful. Rich with many emotions, Quinn brought forth feelings in me that I was wholly unprepared to feel. I ached, I sobbed, I railed at the characters—and the author. I was riveted in place, weeping as I read, moved by every single facet of this story. I was literally blown away by Meghan’s attention to detail here, and those critical elements of the story – the background, the explanations, the memories and flashbacks – all came together like the pieces along the outside edge of a puzzle forming the history, the foundation, of this couple.

Love is rarely ever a straight shot to happy or an easy ride, and Meghan drives that point home with thunderous success in this story. The Left Side of Perfect is the beginning of something monumental and life-altering. Something bigger than the parties involved, and as is the case with all great love stories, it wasn’t easy to take. But I know that what Quinn started here will be worth the heartache and the struggle to get to other side, and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for it. Five smooches from me for The Left Side of Perfect by Meghan Quinn!
~ Danielle Palumbo
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August 30, 2018
I knew it wasn't going to be all blue skies and without some bumps. As Colby continues his search for happily-ever-after, readers are going to have to suffer the agony and heartaches. My thoughts are scattered from left to right and I have no idea which way the wind will blow. It's a mixed bag at this point and I'm not sure which one I prefer.

Leaving it at this until I've read the last installment.

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September 8, 2018
4.5 🌟🌟🌟🌟!! Awesome read!! I really like it... Starting next one ...asap
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July 12, 2021
Ugh… this is like a bad soap opera. For the record, this series is my first of Meghan Quinn, so I really had no idea what her writing style is. I’m hoping this series is different than her norm because if it is, I may have to reconsider reading the other books I own by her. I thought that she wrote funny and fun novels. I knew this one was a little more serious, but for the love of god. So much whiplash. I’m only diving in to the last one just to see who ends up with who.
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August 29, 2018
Rate: 5 / 5 stars

I'm gonna keep this short because nothing about this duet should be spoiled, read nothing besides the blurb and go in blind from there.
I know that most of you who read or just heard about the Blue Line duet are very scared and upset but guys GIVE THIS DUET A CHANCE. I was scared too and believe me I was mad too about the events of the other duet, it still hurts but once you read this duet you will get it. I am astonished. I was not expecting to love this duet SO much. Honestly, I knew I had to read it because my baby needed his HEA and I was not going to miss it.

But honestly everything about this duet was perfect!! P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I could cry tears of happiness. Even when I wanted to scream and my heart was being squeezed while reading The Leftside of Perfect, I was loving it. I binged this duet like crazy. I could not nor wanted to put it down and it was that good. And after reading the end of book 1, I couldn't wait a second before diving into book 2... and then I almost died because that first sentences of chapter 1 freaking tricked me and I honestly wanted to die and then I kept reading and I was so freaking relieved omg... that was fun.

I honestly have no words to describe how much I actually loved this duet. It just... I got it, I understood. Meghan might have pissed me off and hurt me like hell but oh god did she have it all planned out in the beginning and it never felt so right. Seriously, everything fit. I GET IT. I feel like a had a moment while reading this duet. And you'll get it too guys when you read it, you will! So please if you're on the fence about reading this, please please don't be and do yourself the greatest favor and read this duet! Because believe me it is so so worth it. I can't say it enough. It was so good, so perfect, so sweet and heart wrenching but oh so RIGHT!

I feel like I should be screaming at the top of my lungs for people to read this duet, specially the ones who read the Perfect Line duet. And to those who haven't, honestly don't pick it without reading the other duet because I feel like you'll be missing the whole essence and magnificence of this foursome if you don't read all 4 books in order. Yes, it's journey and the roller coaster your feelings will go through will seem like it's not worth it but it is, I swear you'll get it once you reach the end of The Right Side of Forever. You will get that the way things are is how they were always supposed to be. And it is glorious. This duet made me so happy, I still have some sort of resentment towards what happened and I think it will always be there, a little something something but The Perfect Duet made me see that things turned out the way they should have and it was amazing watching my baby get his HEA. And boy were they perfect for each other. And getting to see him supporting his best friend and being so happy for him mended all the hurt from the Blue Line duet.

I had every intention on keeping this short but then all the feelings came back and my love had to come through. #sorrynotsorry. I could actually go on and talk in detail about the characters but since that's a major spoiler to those who haven't read it, I'll shut up.
Seriously though please read these books!!

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August 30, 2018
I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

After reading Meghan Quinn's Blue Line Duet, I know that she is capable of ripping my heart out and making me fall for characters who will not end up together but yet her writing is so emotional and creative that she keeps readers everywhere coming back for more. So to say that I was feeling a myriad of emotions before starting the Left Side of Perfect is an understatement. I was so giddy to be back with Colby again, yet hesitant because I just knew that Meghan Quinn was going to take us on a long, bumpy, and twisting road that will always end up in happy ever after...but maybe not for the characters that we first thought. It wasn't long and we were cuddled once again in Colby's warm embrace and watching his journey begin again and his friendship with Ryan develop and their steamy connection stop us all in our tracks. Little did we know that there will be another character that we will grow to adore while I at the same time not wanting to.

I didn't think I could grow any closer to this solemn and solitary man Colby Brooks as I did in The Upside of Falling...boy was I wrong. This hero had me under his spell from the moment that he started to charm Ryan at his best friend's wedding while giving her his one word broody answers and kept me there among all the twist and turns his story takes.

Getting to know Ryan under all the many layers of makeup, flirty persona, and put together outfits was a real eye opener and drew her closer to my heart. We get to see the scarred and self conscious little girl underneath and it just makes me love her all the more. She is so much more than just the “life of the party” that she comes across in The Line Duet.

I could tell you about the newest character that grabs onto our hearts and starts making us feel all the mixed emotions for Colby and his happy ever after, but where is the fun in that? You must make all these discoveries like I did, in the midst of page flipping and heart palpitations and will he and won't he conversations in your head.

Meghan shows us how paths are sometimes only meant to cross for a little while and then we are meant to move on, if only for a brief time. Life is sometimes more about the journey that makes us grow on our way to our destination and she lets that lesson simmer in the back of our minds and has us feeling it down deep in our bones. While we shake our heads saying “No” our heart is opening up to new characters and saying “Yes”. I am out of my mind with mixed emotions after reading The Left Side of Perfect and I cannot wait to jump into The Right Side of Forever to see if she gives us what we want or takes us all on another journey we never expected like the The Blue Line Duet.
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August 30, 2018

Firstly I highly recommend you read The Blue Line Duet before reading this duet to better understand the main character and how his character has developed up to the start of this duet.
I had to read the blurb to make sure I was reading it correctly....Colby Brooks is getting married?? I thought I must of got my information wrong and this wasn't even Colby's story. I love Colby, he endeared himself to me so much in the previous duet and I so wanted to see him find his person and happiness so this was exciting news for me.

However, Ms Quinn is a master of her craft and weaves a plot that keeps readers wondering and second guessing exactly whom it is that has brought the smile to Colby's face.

The first book is a bit of a triangle, though no cheating, as Colby starts to open up a little and I loved seeing the flirty playful side of him. There are two women that it could be, one a character we met in the previous duet that I was surprised about initially but as her character developed through this duet I found her to be not what I expected at all. And a new character that just may be the perfect match for Colby. And thankfully I had the second book to go straight into as we were left on a cliffhanger.

The second book was everything I needed it to be and I adored every word of it even if it tore my heart up. We see more of one of these characters and how life and circumstances have broken them down but how the right person can lift them up and put them back together before realising it has worked in reverse for them too. Vague maybe but I think this is a story for readers to experience for themselves.

A fantastic, emotional, angst riddled rollercoaster read that will leave you smiling like a fool. Go click both duets and enjoy.
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August 27, 2018
Meghan, Meghan, Meghan - what are you doing to my heart?!?!

If you have been following Meghan's most recent writing adventures, then you know who this book is about. If you haven't, then you need to jump on board and see what the excitement is all about.

The Left Side of Perfect is the perfect beginning for this duet. It's the start of heartbreaking and emotional romance that will tear you apart and leave you breathless.

This book does end in a cliffhanger (one I had anticipated but still enjoyed) and continues on in the Right Side of Forever.

I have to say that Meghan definitely through me a few loops on where she takes this story. There are parts that I had not anticipated at first but eventually figured out on my own but was still gutted.

If you are like me, after you finish this one, you will immediately go right into book 2 and gobble that one right up.

Another amazing book from Meghan!
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August 29, 2020
Not What I hoped for

I’m not going to lie, there were elements I loved in this story and then there were countless times I had to stop and think.

To me when I read a story I want that happily ever after, the commitment that goes wth it. But here I just can’t see the it. I didn’t like how Colby freely discusses he sex life wuth Sage. Too me that’s private. Sage was a likeable character but I don’t see how she was necessary to the story. You can see what’s going to happen and when nice characters are caught in the middle it’s all down hill.

The cliffhanger ending that I knew was coming left me flat. I’ve bought the second book but there’s no urge to dive in at least not like other series I’ve read. It’ll be there to read when I get around to it.

Honestly if you’d told me after I read it not knowing who the author was I would never have picked it. So totally different from her other books. It didn’t feel like her. Her voice was not on paper.

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