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An irresistibly steamy college sports romance.

Heath Taylor. Laid back. Easy going. Fastest guy on two skates and chill to a fault, at least that’s what they say. Until Kara.

Three nights together and I’m done for. Her laugh, her smile, the way my hand curves around her waist. She’s the one. Not a doubt in my mind...until I walk into my last class of the semester.

Kara, the woman of my dreams, is my new instructor. My hockey season and her career prospects are on the line. One false move--if anyone finds out--we’re both sunk.

On the ice I’m a beast that can’t be stopped, but thoughts of her are throwing me off my game. My fingers itch to feel her in my arms again. But risking everything could ruin what we’ve worked so hard for.

Life has a way of changing the best laid plans. And sometimes you can’t stay away no matter the promises you make...

296 pages

First published August 24, 2018

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About the author

Maya Hughes

40 books6,162 followers
Maya Hughes is an Amazon Top 20 author of swoon worthy, laugh out loud, and emotional new adult and contemporary romances.

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576 reviews3,330 followers
August 24, 2018
➳When the forbidden becomes such an addictive force that cannot be broken, Heath must show Kara that he is the ideal partner that she needs to have in this imperative college romance...

➳Knowing Heath from Shameless King, one knows what a down-right calmed individual he is. His love for hockey and plants is also another thing that should not come as a surprise as he is such a unique individual. The Kings of Rittenhouse as back with yet again another couple that will have you craving for more. We also get to meet a new character, Kara, Heath's new love interest. There is no way of denying how incredible these two are together, no matter what the consequences are once they find out what makes their relationship so forbidden.

➳There is also no denying that Heath is a smoldering guy, who also has a heart filled with pure admiration and compassion when it comes down to his hobbies, passions, and likes. When it comes down to Kara, there is also no denying that Heath will do everything he can to make her believe that she is meant to be with him. It's not just about the physical attraction between them both, but it's also about how their emotions seem to become one as a whole. Kara is an isolated individual who has focused her college life on studying and staying on track with anything that is scholar. Being a party animal is not her persona, making her stand out in the crowd when Heath first meets her. That's when all attraction takes place, and after one night filled with passion Heath cannot deny how much his head is wrapped around what is Kara.

➳Overall, there isn't much to say when it comes down to Heath and Kara because of the lack of spoilers. No matter what twist and turn Maya Hughes applies to their story, there is no accepting that you end up shocked with everything they go through. In the back of my mind though, all I kept thinking was about Emmett and Avery in this story. As per Shameless King, I only kept thinking of Ford and Olivia. We get to see these two in "action" in this novel, making it more aware to the guys, with the exception of Colm, that Ford and Olivia are just meant to be and are playing around each other.

➳But in this novel, my mind just kept wanting more of Em and Avery. That's the next novel in the KINGS OF RITTENHOUSE series that is coming, but my hands are itching for it already! Thank you to Maya for being such an incredible human being and one of my 2018 newest and favorite authors. This release is one of a kind, and one that will have you wanting for more of Maya's writing.

➳ARC kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review...

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August 15, 2018
3.5 Stars

This is really hard to rate. But since there were things I liked and things I didn’t enjoy, a middle of the road rating is probably most accurate. Starting with the positive….

The characters were likable, and I enjoyed them as a couple. I was intrigued with Heath from the previous book. Heath Taylor, 22, was a catch in this one too. He cooks, he knows his flowers, and his favorite movie is The Breakfast Club. This was off to a good start.

He was sexy:
“‘…that will make it that much hotter when I rip those pants off you, bend you over that desk and eat you out from behind when this session is over.’”

And so sweet:
“How was I supposed to go an entire semester without touching her? Without holding her and falling asleep in her arms? She’d already carved out a place in my heart…”

The guy knew how to woo on a date too. Too bad there wasn’t more time spent on that, and less spent on the story’s conflicts. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Kara Ellis, 23, was hardworking and smart, and I really enjoyed her approach to their initial “meeting.” She wasn’t self conscious about what she looked like naked; she wasn’t afraid to appreciate him naked; and this was quite refreshing in romanclandia where there are just too many blushing virgins. We need more heroines like Kara who can enjoy the experience for what it is and who have had some experience.

There was insta-love, but it wasn’t a big issue here because I could sense their connection. There was no OW drama—woohoo! This was looking good. So color me more than disappointed when the story dropped off in the second half.

For one, I think my patience with student-teacher scenarios is wearing thin, and this one felt contrived in that regard. On one hand I feel like if you’re really into a person, a few months of friendship wouldn’t hurt, nor should it be taboo. Again, the forbidden angle felt forced. Or the simple, mature solution would have been to notify the appropriate university personnel that you already know each other/are involved. No harm, no foul. Surely something could have been worked out if it was a university large enough to have graduate students teaching undergrad classes (not all colleges allow this in the first place). But the story’s eventual resolution turns out, perhaps, to be too convenient. I’m sure this school’s policy on credits was not the one on file during my college days.

I might have been able to shrug off most of that, along with a few errors I picked up along the way and some pacing awkwardness, but then came more angst and…well, personally I felt it went too far. I don’t like depressing twists in my romances, mostly because some of those things I’ve either lived through myself or known others who have. Like many others romance readers, I read romance to escape, and this one hit a personal trigger.

Told via Heath and Kara’s alternating first person POV, the first half is sweet and sexy, but the later half is drug down with angst. It just clouded the whole story with a sad feeling. This couple had a ton of potential, but their chemistry eventually became overshadowed by a plot that came to rely too much on angst and a twist that felt like cheap shock value rather than the development of a mature relationship. I also craved more of a sweeping epic epilogue to overcome so much of the depressing turn of events.

This is probably my last one in this series. I’m still not connecting with the rest of the series characters. In fact, in both books I found the references to them tiresome, their stories hinted at but their characters never fully dimensional. For different reasons, their premises are not romantic to me.

Safety Recap:

*I volunteered to review this ARC. All reviews written by Book-Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions. In the interest of providing unbiased book reviews and to avoid misleading other readers, it is the blog’s policy not to withhold or delay any reviews no matter the star rating. To the best of my knowledge, this title was presented to the blog without any conditions or stipulations.
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2,991 reviews689 followers
May 23, 2020
OK read.

I had a high expectation for Miss Hughes. After all she is my favorite NA romance author. I thought the story will involve a lot of angst and something forbidden. But it turns out mild angst and a lot of sex.

Nothing wrong with the sex. It was hot. I want more twist and more plot. More heat. More comlication to make this story alive.

The main characters are likeable characters. Nothing new.

Well anyway, overall this is OK read.

3 stars
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382 reviews205 followers
September 14, 2018

Before everyone frowns at me in disappointment, I wanted to read this with nothing but intense enjoyment, but certain aspects made it difficult. While the characters have good development, the plot they were given wasn’t… fantastic. More on this later. First, I want to discuss the positives.

In some ways, Kara and Heath almost have an instant love type relationship, but they have enough connection to prevent it from being unrealistic and too extravagant. I would have preferred some more time exploring their romantic relationship, because Heath could be wonderfully sweet and charismatic, as well as dominating and commanding within the bedroom.

Kara is an admirable character. Driven and intelligent, she’s confident with herself and not self conscious about admiring a handsome athlete’s naked form. I consider this characterisation refreshing, also much appreciated, amongst a fictional world filled with blushing virgins and constant self-conscious young women.

She'd been mine since the second I'd laid eyes on her...

The plot felt contrived and eventually convoluted. Perhaps the student-teacher aspect would’ve interested me more if it started earlier rather than later, creating some good push-pull dynamics, as well as creating a bigger sense of forbidden romance between Kara and Heath.

However, it also felt as if the taboo angle was forced, to create some form of tension within the seeming perfect relationship, because realistically either person could have notified appropriate university employees to rectify the conflict of interest situation.

I couldn’t get around the sudden angst-ridden plot twist. Maybe that makes me heartless, but whatever, because it felt like another forced angle to separate the characters from each other. Kara and Heath’s story could have been brilliant, but the couple’s chemistry was overshadowed by heavy angst and unexpected twists that, to be honest, felt like added cheap shock value.

Will I continue reading this series? Yes, I’m a completionist, not a quitter. I also love hockey romance enough to keep reading on. I also want Colm and Ford’s stories.

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1,481 reviews179 followers
April 16, 2020
So I had absolutely no worries keeping my head in this book. After I finished Shameless King I jumped on KU to grab the next one and saw that there was an introductory novella and just as I was about to one click it I saw a few reviews saying how badly it made them want book three. And since I was already feeling that to my soul I thought I had best just jump into this one.

And I am so glad I did. Even if I cried a lot more than I was expecting to. Like seriously there was a load of emotions in this story that I wasn't really expecting. Especially with Heath being the laid back slightly impulsive one he had been painted to be in the previous book.

But it just goes to prove that sometimes even those closest to us don't know what's going on under the surface. And that was true for both Heath and Kara. They both had a few broken edges that fit together beautifully to give them a calm surface.

Their story was one that was made complicated by their pasts and their futures. But in the present you could feel their connection and chemistry and I just wanted them to work out from their first meeting.

And although I loved every page of their story I kind of felt ripped off by that epilogue. I know it was to have me racing to Amazon to grab the next one but I already have that. Thank you KU. So I really just wanted more Heath and Kara, happy and together and a glimpse into what next for them. Fingers crossed I'll get that as the series progresses. But now I have to go start Ruthless King even though I know it's going to hurt I have faith Maya Hughes won't let me down.
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658 reviews1 follower
May 22, 2021
The premise of this book is that their relationship is forbidden because she's the T.A of one of his classes. The first half of this book was before they find out, and then something else happens and the book gets so sad.
I loved the characters, I'm just not a fan of the book.
my rating for this series: 1. Ruthless King
2. Heartless King
3. Shameless King
4. Fearless King
5. Reckless King
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2,080 reviews262 followers
August 24, 2018
Rate: 4,5 / 5 stars

We finally got more of the Kings wooh ooh! It's no secret I fell in love with all the Kings when I met Declan and I had been so excited to get more of them. I am so happy we got to see them all together again. I am living for these guys!

I loved getting to know all about Heath, he seemed like such a chill guy but there is so much more beyond what he puts out in the world. He has his own demons and they get to him a lot but he always seem to pull through and be there for others in a way he needed for himself. Heath is a truly unique guy, I have never met anyone like him and that does make him special and this book proved how much. I loved him and felt so much for him and what he went through, past and present.

Reckless King started off just right, all the kings together making me happy. Then Heath meets Kara and oh boy the sparks fly, the tension is on fire and then it explodes in a hotel room bed. These two were so perfect together, I loved watching them get to know each other and open up about their pasts and struggles. Kara was there for him through a really rough time and watching Heath react to that tragic event really broke my heart. Oh I never thought this book would make me cry but shit did it. Maya shocked me a little with what happened and I kind of want scream at her a little for what she did because omg my hearts hurts. How could you? Why did you? *cries endless tears* But I can't deny that it added depth to the book and all the angst to the story and Heath and Kara's relationship too. It just hurts though. And believe me I want to say a lot more about it but I ain't about to give spoilers.

This book was so good. Maya writes chemistry like no other and I just love watching her character relationship's flourish. It's so exciting and fun and I just enjoy it so much. Reckless King was so much more than a simple sports romance/forbidden romance. There was so much to both these characters, so much hurt and demons and angst and then all the stuff going on with the side characters... it was just amazing. I just know this whole series will go down in history in the romance community. It sure will in my book. We are only on book 2 and I already love this gang so much and I couldn't possibly be more excited for all that is next!
Just like in Shameless King we got a lot of hints of the upcoming books, Ford and Olivia, Emmet and Avery. Oh boy I am so ready for that last one. Major breakthrough happened in this book and I am just beyond excited to see how it all plays out between them and how they will get back to each other after everything they have been through. My fingers are hitching for it all.

➳ARC kindly provided by author, in exchange for an honest review.

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1,013 reviews142 followers
August 27, 2018
I have fallen in love with Maya Hughes’ writing and her Kings of Rittenhouse series. Reckless King is the second installment, and while it is a stand-alone, you don’t want to miss the first book, Shameless King and the series prequel, Kings of Rittenhouse. In Reckless King, Heath and Kara have a steamy one-night stand that leaves them both wanting and asking for more. They connect on an emotional and physical level, and it feels as though there is a lot of potential for a meaningful relationship but the semester begins and through a twist of fate, Kara is Heath's instructor. Dating each other is forbidden, and they are don’t want to say goodbye.
I love both Heath and Kara. They have amazing chemistry and a captivating dynamic, and you cannot help but root for them to get their happy-ever-after. They’re well-developed, likable and relatable characters, whose personal trials and tribulations add depth and complexity to the romance. Reckless King is a sexy and swoony love story with a lot of heart, and I can’t wait for more from this crew.

ARC provided, but this review was voluntarily and honestly written.
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327 reviews92 followers
April 18, 2021
in the previous book I really liked heath character and i looked forward to see more of it in this book.
At the beginning I didn’t like how the story started and how fast heath and cara relationship was going. But I decided to keep reading anyway. That was the best decision i’ve ever made. When the impossibility of keep going with their relationship showed, i really started to understand heath character ,all the slices of his personality , his insecurities , his problems and worries. I really enjoyed this story and I’m definitely ready to start emmet and avery story right away. I’ll keep you posted, but for now I absolutely recommend this and the previous book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars.
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784 reviews962 followers
November 20, 2021

“Life was about choices, and I’d made one that might ruin everything, but there were times when nothing else mattered other than being with the person you loved. ”

i wanted to love this but i hate the insta-love/lust trope as well as the student/teacher trope. i was bored and didn't see the chemistry between them. honestly, i had a feeling in shameless king that something would happen to preston and fuck i cried here.

i hate how i saw it coming because shit didn't line up. other than that i didn't really care for the plot. heath is a refreshing character because he's actually so sweet. he's like a golden retriever so fluffy and cute. i loved kara. they made a good match but i just hated how they got together i wish there was something MORE.
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235 reviews68 followers
December 18, 2021
I wish I enjoy this more but i didn’t…

I never thought that I would finish this book…It was an experience for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it but some parts were good. I had zero motivation to read this book. I push through because I didn’t want to dnf this and I know the first two are not great.

It’s very insta-love which I haven’t mind in the past but in books like this, I mind because these are realistic scenarios and you want to read a build-up relationship. I get insta-attraction that is real but after two nights and heath said he was in-love…nop.

Also, I didn’t like the author choices…like the forbidden romance between them and then Preston death…I just think it was unnecessary. I’m no fan of forbidden romance because they are always a way to be together and you just waist your time not being together. Preston death it was noo for me. He was loved side-character.

Kara is amazing, I like her storyline. She is definitely supreme here but I saw a lot similarities of Kara and Mak which I didn’t enjoy that but authors choice, of course. Heath is sweetheart but inmature in some ways. Nothing bad about these characters I just didn’t feel connected to them.

The idea is perfect but the execution was boring. I was bored… Anyways, I am still pushing through this series like THAT EPILOGUE? EXCUSE ME? I love the scenario that they chose and Emmet’s & Avery story is the one i’m waiting for :)) (also, ford and olivia too)
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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3,565 reviews373 followers
August 27, 2018
I really enjoyed this book and very happy the author didn’t go in the direction I initially thought she would to add more angst to the story, believe me there was enough going on with out the added drama it would have caused.

I previously read the first book in the series so I met Heath before and really liked him, there was something about his quite demeanor that called to me. I knew there had to be hurt and possibly even abuse at the core of it and unfortunately I was right about that but he made the most of his life and is heading in the direction of playing for the NHL once he finishes college and now he has found the perfect person to share his time with, Kara.

Kara has also been through a lot in her young life and is doing everything in her power to show her adoptive parents they can be proud of her. My heart broke for her at times but don't get me wrong Kara is a strong person and she is going to get things done so don't get in her way. ;)

Kara and Heath are great together, the chemistry is hot and they work well together. Heath and Kara both have things that have to be worked through and there is a big turn of events that had me crying but as I mentioned earlier I am very thankful that the author didn't turn things around to give the story even more angst.

I would recommend reading this series in order because of the way the books overlap and the players are always together, I must admit that even though I am excited for Emmett and Avery's story which will be out soon the one that I am most curious about is Fords....will his have a bit of a taboo factor with him going after his best friends younger sister??? I hope so! :) Happy Reading!!!

You can see this review along with an excerpt, the authors playlist and a $25 Amazon Gift Card giveaway here Nadine's Obsessed with Books
Reckless King
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338 reviews2,815 followers
May 5, 2021
I am officially OBSESSED with Heath, a hockey player and he loves plants!?!? I need my own version of Heath asap. This book was perfection!! I'm so excited to read the rest of the series!
August 14, 2018
"She'd been mine since the second I'd laid eyes on her, and I'd broken her heart."

Reckless King straight up wrecked me. I was so emotional throughout the whole book that I even cried multiple times. I love the story Maya Hughes tells throughout this book. This book is SO much more than your typical hockey/sports romance. Heath and Kara's story was painfully beautiful, in so many ways.

"The hurt you gave was the hurt you got."

Heath is such a broody, emotional, and damaged guy. He has gone through the ringer as a kid, and even as an adult, life isn't coming to him easily. He doubts himself as a hockey player, as a boyfriend, as a student. He tries to do the right thing in every situation, but sometimes it just wasn't enough. He is selfish at times, and he is so damn loveable at others. Serious book boyfriend material going on right here!

Kara is such a strong heroine, and she too has been through a lot. She doesn't want to let anyone down and she is guarding her heart even when it is screaming to take a chance. She was one of those female characters that made me love reading from the female POV. All of her doubts, concerns, worries, and fears for her future were so real. I wanted it all for her at all times. She deserved that much and more!

To explain without giving too much away what I meant by this book has SO much more than just your typical hockey/sports feel- it touches on so many things. It has the typical romance, heartbreak and healing for sure. But it also has a journey of self realization, finding true happiness and recovering from a devastating blow. This book made me cry with happy and sad tears. I enjoyed the characters, the storyline, the scenes and pretty much the whole entire book to sum it up nicely. I want and need more of these boys in my life and cannot wait to see what is next. 5 huge stars from me!
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383 reviews36 followers
August 23, 2018
Maya Hughes really knocked it out of the park with Reckless Kings. From brilliant writing to entertaining characters. To hilarious moments and those that felt like your heart was being ripped out. This book had it all. It was the perfect balance of humor, sexy times and delicious angst. This story will consume you. You will be lost and swept away in the story of Heath and Kara. Before you know it, you'll be devouring the pages, flipping through them as quick as you can, but at the same time savoring each and every word.

There’s not much else to say other than this book is a total must read. This was a fabulous tale from beginning to end. These characters and their story were just amazing, taking me for one hell of an unforgettable ride and by the end, it left me with all of the feels. I wish that I could tell you more, but you are just going to have to pick up this book and experience it for yourself. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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122 reviews562 followers
August 9, 2021
4.5 OKAY YES THIS ONE WAS SO GOOD, I love Heath so much he’s so adorable and also super overprotective. Kara is a very strong heroine and I just really liked her determination. This was insta chemistry, right of the bat these two clicked and ugh it was so cute, I just loved how they both took care of each other when hardships came. Also I had no idea this book was gonna make me freaking sad??? Like I was not expecting that at all. Definitely read this and the ending had me screaming I need to start the third book right NOW.
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774 reviews290 followers
February 18, 2021
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾☆ 3.25 stars ☆☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Loved Kaya, honestly. This book... I liked it, but it felt unfulfilling. Some things weren't talked between them and idk. The first part was just sex, basically. Not complaining, but when we got to the "forbidden" part, I didn't believe it. Or like, it wasn't a big deal. BUT THEN, PRESTON. This part reminded me to Elle Kennedy's Off-Campus series. If you have read that, you'll know why. But here it HURT. It was saaad, and my heart hurt for Heath, my boy was going through it. Overall, I like this book, it was okay. Some parts felt way too rushed which made me not be super into it.
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586 reviews19 followers
May 2, 2020
I was really bored by this book, I liked the characters well enough, I don't actually have a problem with them, but the story just didn't made interested enough, the instant love and commitment was strik one, at the beginning he speak about how much he likes a challenge, she really wasn't one, the only challenge about her was for him to wait while she ate, that was strike 2! After that I just lost interest, I just powered trough because this series was recommend to me and wanted to see the fuss, then I got to the accident and just wanted to see what happened to the boy (that sucked btw); but at the end I just wasn't interested enough in this book, I didn't hated, it just bored me@
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569 reviews438 followers
Want to read
August 11, 2018
I may just read this whole series just because I love the book cover model of this one, I definitely have a weakness for long hair in men.
August 23, 2018
*I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book*

4.5 Stars

Oh my gosh, my cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. Ever since finding out that Heath was the next King in line to get a book I was over the moon ecstatic. The small glimpses we got of him is Shameless King was not enough. I couldn't wait to get his full story. And I was definitely not disappointed.

I was pleasantly surprised by Heath. There's more to this laid back guy. Yes, he's fun and outgoing, but on a deeper level there's so much more. He had me yearning for his emotional side. And boy, I got it and then-some. Heath had me feeling everything. The depth in which how much his character grew had me wanting and needing more of this carefree and amazing guy. He had me smiling so big and swooning so hard.

Kara has a lot on her plate. And most of all, she doesn't want to let anyone down. She's going through some personal things that have taken over her time. On top of that, she has to focus on school and make sure she's on track to fulfill her goals. She doesn't have time for anything else and that includes falling for a hockey player. But sometimes you don't have a say when you're heart is in control.

Heath and Kara gave me major heart eyes. Their chemistry was through the roof. They were so good together. In the time of need I loved how Kara was there for Heath. Heath also wanted what was best for Kara, even knowing that that meant having to let her go. Health and Kara were both selfless, thinking of the other's happiness instead of their own. They were the perfect match, and made for each other.

Reckless King punched me with an emotional jab I did not see coming. Filled with witty banter and humor. I liked getting back to this world of hockey players who make my heart go boom. I don't know how long I can go until the next book. Emmett, Emmett, Emmett, oh how I desperately NEED your book! I'll be waiting on bated breath until I finally get all the details with what the hell happened with you and Avery. Ahhhhh, I cannot wait!
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156 reviews10 followers
August 25, 2018
I am thoroughly enjoying this series. It's no secret I love hockey romances-- make it a new adult hockey romance and I'm a goner. Though this is a standalone series, I think you'll want to read each one in order as they come. Why? Because this team, these friends, are special and incredibly entertaining. They are important to each other and vital to every couples story.

Heath and Kara have quite a few demons. Each dealt with a not so pleasant childhood, but seem to be thriving now, but the doubt never really goes away. Maya surprised me with this one. I'm going to stay away from spoilers, but I will say this-- Reckless King had my heart in a vice. When it was good, it was so good. When it was sad, I couldn't get to my box of tissues quick enough.

Now I'm left wondering if Declan or Heath is my one true love. I guess I shouldn't decide just yet considering Emmett's story is next. I feel like I've been waiting for him since the prequel novella!!!!
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765 reviews82 followers
September 3, 2018
The Kings of Rittenhouse are back! Every King gets their own book and this book is about Heath! All of them can be read as standalones, which I love. Heath and Kara's story is a simple yet deeply emotional story. They have completely different personalities that blend so well together. Watching these two tackle their own demons while simultaneously healing each other was beautiful. There were also so many aspects to this book that felt a little all over the place, but in the end, love conquered all. I also really loved the little-forbidden aspect that was put in there, it really was a surprise but increased the intensity and emotions. Get ready for one hell of a ride! The Kings did not come to play!
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483 reviews28 followers
December 14, 2021

Me gustó pero lo que le bajó la calificación fue el instalove, conexión entre los dos desde la primera mirada pero me faltó más desarrollo al principio de la relación ya que se conocen y dos/tres, no recuerdo exactamente cuántas horas después ya están en un hotel y pues no, aunque he de decir que la autora supo manejarlo.

Pero la relación entre ellos, al igual que la anterior, es muy sana.

A pesar de eso obviamente voy a continuar con esta saga que la verdad me está gustando bastante
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284 reviews
September 1, 2018
*3.5 stars*

Half way through it really picked up the pace and became really interesting!
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August 10, 2022
this was so good for around 60% and then it just went so downhill and i think it needed to be longer to fix the things that got messed up
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March 31, 2021
I freaking loved all of this! I already loved Heath from the beginning and his personality, and his book did not disappoint.

Heath is funny, caring, and overall just such an interesting guy. Also, the fact that besides hockey he loves taking care of plants...are you kidding me this man is literally perfect. Kara is an independent woman from the start and I think I loved her so much because she reminds me a lot of myself. She never minds doing things alone and only trusts a select amount of people. Y'all these two have chemistry from the moment their eyes meet and I soaked every second of that shit up! They made me feel so many different emotions and I could barely put this one down.

I love series like these because their friendships are everything and I get so attached to each of them that I can't wait to continue reading!
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September 11, 2018
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What a great second book in these Kings of Rittenhouse books. I loved Heath.

Kara is in the process of getting her professor degree. She is Heaths TA in his independent study class. These two have heavy chemistry. When their emotions get in the way of school what will they do?

Again I loved this story,
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August 18, 2019
i’m so sorry but i didn’t connect at all with the main characters of this book, i found their plot ridiculous and every thing they did was simply stupid
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