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Amarillo Sour #1

Counting on You

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Is love worth the risk?

Math teacher Haleigh Parde has no desire to change her single status until she receives an invitation to her high school reunion. With her ex spreading rumors she needs a date and fast. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Haleigh finds herself meeting a blind date at a neighborhood bar called Amarillo Sour . . .

After watching Haleigh crash and burn, app developer Ian Henning makes her a proposition. If she'll provide honest feedback on his new dating app, he'll guarantee her a date to knock the socks off her former classmates. Even better, he—and the other Amarillo Sour regulars—will help her navigate the rocky road of dating.

Through setups ranging from awkward to absurd, Haleigh discovers her matchmaker might just be better than the matches. And Ian wonders if she's the answer to everything he's worked for professionally. Or is she something much, much more . . .  

306 pages

First published August 28, 2018

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About the author

Laura Chapman

21 books135 followers
Laura Chapman is the author of sweet and sexy romantic comedies, including Playing House, The Marrying Type, the Queen of the League series, and other stories. A native Nebraskan, she loves football, Netflix marathons, and her cats, Jane and Bingley.

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4,569 reviews475 followers
August 27, 2018
Counting on You is the first book in Laura Chapman’s Amarillo Sour series, and I’m in desperate need of book two. I fell so deeply in love with this book, I came to adore the characters, and I cannot wait to get more of the wonderful world we were introduced to. There is no doubt in my mind that big things are to come from this series, with this first book pulling a four-point-five-star rating from me, with there being promise of many more powerful books in the future.

I’m no stranger to devouring books in a single sitting, but my desperation to finish this book was a more powerful experience than I have had in quite some time. I started reading Counting on You with the plan to read a couple of chapters before bed, nothing more – yet before I knew what was happening, I was addicted and unable to put the book down. I had so much fun with the story, enjoyed so many elements, and will certainly be reading more of Laura Chapman’s work in the future (not just the Amarillo Sour series, which I am desperate for, but also her other work to see if I enjoy those other books as much).

On the surface, this is an adorable read about two people finding love in the most unexpected of ways. Which this story certainly is. However, it’s also one of those stories with heavier topics involved, one of those stories that you can easily connect with. The light-hearted nature of the story and the heavier topics the characters deal with are interwoven beautifully, creating a seamless story you will enjoy on many levels. You’ll be sucked into all the different elements, experiencing a wide range of emotions throughout.

I think the think that stopped this from being a five-star rating for me was the romantic comedy label. It’s another of those cases where I found the romantic comedy label had me expecting much more humour than I was given. There were some moments that did bring about a smile, some parts where I gave a snort, but there was none of the belly-aching laughter I hope to receive from romantic comedies. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews recently, though, I believe this is a reflection of my expectations when I see the words ‘romantic’ and ‘comedy’ next to each other, as I find I rarely get the level of humour I anticipate.

Nevertheless, Counting on You was an amazing read. I may not have been howling with laughter, but it certainly hit upon many of my emotions. It’s a book I’ll be thinking about for a long time, until I can get my hands onto book two and can get lost in more of the wonderful characters.

Without a doubt, this is a must read if you’re looking for a romance that will have you hooked from the very first to the very last page.
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38 reviews38 followers
August 30, 2018
Counting on you by Laura Chapman is the first installment in the Amarillo Sour series. It is a quick, funny, light-hearted and entertaining read with believable and likable characters.


The book opened with Haleigh needing a date for her ten-year high school reunion to rub in the face of her douchebag ex-boyfriend. The said douchebag dumped her in college post cheating, ruining her image and labeling her as the town crazy.

Haleigh was a strong, independent, pretty, intriguing, smart math teacher with dorky sense of humour. Now, Haleigh had been out of practice in the dating arena. She was entering unchartered territory and nothing was as terrifying to her as dating. Oh the pains of dating, I hear you girl!

That’s where Ian Henning, app developer-cum-date savior, came into play

Ian Henning was smooth talking, witty, charming, goofy, easy going and had a very guy next-door type personality. He was in need of a creditable reviewer for his world’s coolest dating app (where can I find something like that?). Desperate times call for desperate measures. So, a deal was struck between them and boy, was it a good one! Ian turned into the handy dating coach and Haleigh into the guinea pig for the app.

The “dating phobia” actually worked here. It was believable and it laid a solid foundation for the story to come. A girl like that would feel jittery and could need a dating guide and all the tips and tricks she could get.

I loved their dynamics, witty dialogues and easy bantering. A few moments in there were adorably cute and others were of the laugh out loud variety. Funny cute romp and short quips from Ian were highly amusing.

He punched in another message. He’s British. Not God. You don’t have to hang onto his every word like you’re in a church.

Did I mention I love Ian and his sense of humor?

I loved the bio of Haleigh for the app in Ian’s words. It was quirky, fun and so like Ian. The author brought out his personality really well.

Laid-back teacher looking to cut loose after school. Straight-A student preferred, but not required. Dog lovers get extra credit.

Yes, I loved Ian.

Haleigh’s matches went expectedly awry. Soon their casual friendship and well thought deal turned into so much more. He couldn’t help wanting her and she couldn’t resist his charming self.

When the time for misunderstandings came, I was glad that the author didn’t drag out the issues. Things soon settled down. Characters quickly realized their relationship was more than the petty issues and reconciled (I loved the way of reconciliation.. pleasantly original). It was great to see the realization in Haleigh that she needed to face her demons and not get dragged down by them her whole life. It showed she wasn’t viewing Ian just as a crutch to her.

I was wonderfully surprised by reading this book. It was quick paced and casually done. It had fun and cuteness radiating off it in spades. It was a light, funny, sweet, delightful, and refreshing read with an easy plot. Add sassy, funny and humorous characters into the mix and it was a complete package. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Counting on you.
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2,045 reviews64 followers
August 27, 2018
[I received a digital ARC for an honest review]

Counting on You by Laura Chapman was absolutely adorable!

Haleigh needs a date to her high school reunion especially knowing her ex will be there. She wants to prove to herself and her old classmates that she has moved on. The problem is she hasn't dated since the break up. She agrees to a blind date and after it fails she crosses paths with Ian. Ian is a computer programmer, and he just so happens to have a new dating app launching and needs a test subject. They come to a mutual arrangement that will benefit both of them. Its not surprising when they end up falling for each other but being together is a lot harder than they thought it would be.

The main characters made this story for me. Haleigh was down to earth and nerdy, I share her love of Doctor Who. While my anxiety isn't anywhere as intense as hers, I felt her pain and struggles in her day to day life. Ian is a such a sweetheart. He is protective, caring and patient with Haleigh. Seriously his awkward adorableness kills me in the best way 😍

Counting on You by Laura Chapman was a fun clean romance that made my heart happy. I'm looking forward to reading the next books in the Amarillo Sours series !

"He caught himself entranced by that grin of hers that seemed to tease her lips a few seconds before spreading."


"God, he was cute. The self-deprecating humor, the sparkle in his eyes. Even the stubble on his chin and messy hair were appealing."

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1,572 reviews246 followers
February 23, 2019
As soon as I heard about this book I was curious about it, when it got discounted in price I finally took the chance and bought a copy. Counting on You sounded like a fun romance and when that was exactly the type of read I was looking for I picked it up. I had a fun time reading this book, the writing style is smooth and well done and I quickly got invested in these characters.

Hailey is a math teacher who's still single and has no urge to chance it, but then her high school reunion is coming up, her ex is spreading rumors and she decided she needs a date for the reunion. One of her friends helps her set up a date and when that date doesn't go as well she runs into app developed Ian who wants her help testing his online dating app and that way she can find a date for her reunion.

I have to admit I didn't really care for the whole finding a date for the reunion plot line, I wish Hailey would've just ignored what they thought of her and didn't let it get to her. But having said that I thought it did make sense and I understood that she did let it get to her. And I really liked how the reunion was handled in the end and it shows how much Hailey had changed throughout the course of the book. I liked the whole twist with her falling for the guy who was helping her find a date. Te matchmaker turning out to be her perfect match.

Ian and Hailey were both likable characters. I liked how they both cared about their work a lot and had jobs they enjoyed, they had some common interest and they just meshed well together. From their first meeting and the banter it's obvious they are good for each other. They don't think of each other as a potential love interest for a bit, but it's fun to slowly see the idea pop-up and then grow into something more. The way Ian cared about Hailey and helped her with her dating was so sweet.

I liked their romance, they had some fun banter and I liked how they both grow to care about each other and are also understanding of the other. The only part of the romance I didn't like was the bit of drama/ conflict that was added at the end, I felt it wasn't in character and it felt added just for the sake of drama. But besides that small part I thought the romance was well done, I liked how it developed and how these two communicated and were there for each other. The epilogue was great too and I also liked how the reunion plot line got resolved.

There are also some likable side characters and I am looking forward to book 2, which will be the professor's story. I am looking forward to learn more about him and see who catches his heart. The bar Armarillo Sour played a big role in the story as well, it was the setting for a lot of scenes and I liked how the author creates a feel for the bar and its atmosphere.

To summarize: If you're in the mood for a fun romance read I would recommend this one. This was a fun romantic read and the type of book I was in the mood for. I liked Haley and Ian, they're both likeable characters and I enjoyed getting to know them. I liked how they met while Ian was helping Hailey date and slowly they grow to feel something for each other. They made for a great couple. I also liked the bar Armarillo Sour and the atmosphere it had, it was the setting for a lot of scenes in the book. All in all I had fun reading this book and plan to read some of the author's other books too and am looking forward to book 2 in this series.
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673 reviews12 followers
August 26, 2018

There is way more to this story than just a romance and redemption, or of a man having to choose between a career and being happy. We see that life isn’t about what others think of us, it’s how we perceive ourselves that matters. If we have just one person to have our back and we can stand on our own.

She just wanted a date for her reunion and he just wanted to someone to test his project.

Haleigh has a few weeks till her 10 year high school reunion. Her ex, Greg, is going to be there and after he cheated an her and left her broken-hearted and in ruins. She wants him to see her as renewed and redeemed. Will finding a date in an App help her out or make her seem more pathetic?

Ian’s life is all research, coding and work. His new dating App is about ready to launch and he finds Haleigh to help him beta test it. Throughout the research on the dating App they began spending more time together and discovering more about each other. Does she NEED to continue finding dates on his app and does he WANT her to keep finding dates on his app?

“I always figured I slow down and enjoy life someday. You make me want someday to be today.”

I got so happy seeing this Haleigh and Ian come together, discover their feelings and fall in love. Laura Chapman has written a realistic love story, one where you see the reasoning why they could have fallen for each other, then seen their faults and how it can break them down but also learning from their mistakes to build themselves back up.

There is a bit of an awareness of panic attacks and how life can be so consuming and overwhelming that it helps having someone there who unconditionally cares about you to settle. Being one of the many that has battled with anxiety, I can greatly appreciate how the author has me feeling normal.

I’m excited this continues as a series and glimpse Haleigh and Ian throughout other people stories in the bar where they, and maybe others, fall in love, The Amarillo Sour.
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1,316 reviews6 followers
January 23, 2019
Counting on You by Laura Chapman is book one in the Amarillo Sour series and I for one, can’t wait for the next book in this series. I listened to this book through audible and while the narrator took some getting to use to, I still enjoyed the story.

Haleigh is a high school teacher with a reunion coming up. A reunion where no one thinks she will show because of a bad breakup. Her ex-boyfriend even thinks she won’t show, but Hailey is set to prove them wrong and decides she will bring a date, just to show the town and her douchebag of an ex that she’s over him and doing well.

Ian Henning is an app developer who believes he can find the right date for Haleigh. Haleigh will have a date to her reunion and Ian will have a reviewer for his newest dating app. But once they spend time together, it won't just be any guy who will be right for Haleigh, putting Ian in the running.

A light-hearted read full of entertaining characters and witty dialogue.
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7,225 reviews142 followers
February 24, 2019

Audiobook Review: Counting on You by Laura Chapman (Author), Rebecca Hansen (Narrator)

The first time around I was charmed. The second time around I was emotional. The third time I fell in love. Laura Chapman makes every time feel like a new experience. Counting on You is hard to put down, no matter how many times I read or listen to it. Less than perfect proved to be the perfect match for the romantic in me. I loved it.
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Author 104 books2,701 followers
March 9, 2019
Counting on You is a must listen. I loved the fact Haleigh was so down to earth and not afraid to let her geek show. So many of us can relate to her “problem” in the book. Living in a small town I so get it.

This story hooked me in and kept there as it unfolded. Counting on You is a sweet, clean romance, but also so much more. This story just goes to show you can find love in the most unexpected places. You just never know.
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1,857 reviews59 followers
May 21, 2019
I enjoyed this sweet story. It was an interesting idea wit the app and how things all went down. This is my first book by this author, but I will definitely be reading more of her work!
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1,470 reviews62 followers
September 9, 2018
I have to say I love it when characters have their geek going on. Haleigh is fab. I love that she's a Doctor Who and Torchwood fan! This is the second book in about a month that had a Doctor Who reference. Can I get a Squee please?

Haleigh is an interesting sort of heroine. She gave up dating after getting burned by her high school boyfriend, who is now super successful and coming to the 10 year class reunion. That whole premise could have spoiled the book for me, because of the very high school nature of the other teachers that are in her graduating class. Also, I have to say I can't fathom how some of them ended up teaching in the same school district they graduated from. That's quite an anomaly.

However the book is too adorable for me to be annoyed by that. I adored Haleigh and Ian more than I thought possible.

Ian the app developer is her perfect fit and you can easily see it from the start but how they get there is what makes this book so darn close to perfect. I just loved the characters and I really could identify with Haleigh so much, well except being a math teacher, I sucked at math, but her issues with panic attacks hit home for me. I know them. I have them. They aren't fun. The reaction to this issue by her ex makes him a big ole douche canoe for me.

Ian has his own issues, though his involve his dad that complicate his career as developer of apps.

Haleigh's experiences with the app to find a date for the reunion are comical at times, but not overly so, but these missteps help bring her closer to Ian, and that's all that matters.

Gossipy friends and a jealous co-workers send things topsy turvy, but it makes for a sweet conflict before the HEA.

This was just a wonderful read!
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1,768 reviews4 followers
April 10, 2022
I’m in a quandary with how to rate this book. There were definitely 4-star chapters, but there were also solidly 3-star chapters. 3.5? Bump to 4 or leave it at 3? There is a lot going on in this book, maybe too much. Haleigh Parde is facing her 10-year high school reunion and certain humiliation. Her high school sweetheart, who went down in flames when they got to college, is making sure there is plenty of humiliation. Haleigh has to prove him wrong. Or, actually, that the scumbag didn’t really tell the truth.

In her effort to find a date for the reunion, Haleigh tries a new dating app and nothing goes right, each date seems to be worse than the previous one. Ian, the developer of the app and Haleigh’s dating coach, is witness to it all. Sounds like a pretty typical setup and in that regard it is. You know what’s going to happen between Ian and Haleigh. But there are many other issues that come to light throughout the book. There are lessons to be learned within the pages of this book.

Now, the annoying, bringing the rating down…Haleigh’s supposed friends leave a lot to be desired. It seems like they never left high school, especially Nina. Why, when you know she is the biggest gossip in the area would you consider her one of your best friends? You’re not in high school anymore! Get adult friends! Haleigh is so wishy-washy at times I wanted to pull my hair out, better yet, pull her hair out! Even the relationship between Ian and Haleigh felt more like high school than an adult relationship.

Now you understand the quandary.
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1,256 reviews108 followers
September 4, 2018
Finding love in the most uncommon places and in unexpected ways is how Haleigh and Ian's story came to be. We've all been there - getting invites to our high school reunion and worrying about who to bring as a date. Too bad for you if you aren't yet married or have not been in a relationship yet.

Upon learning about her ex-boyfriend taunting her single status on their upcoming high school reunion, Haleigh crawled out of her dark, gloomy shell and seriously set herself out there to sought out her date and probably pretend partner in the said reunion. She wanted to prove to everyone that she'd already moved on from her good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend (who was bringing his wife to the event).

When she met Ian, he was just looking for someone to test the dating app that he developed. And Haleigh seemed to be the perfect match. One thing led to another, like spending more time together (and flirting). What happened next, is for you to find out.

I, for one, had never been a fan of dating sites or apps. But I find this things interesting and intriguing. Learning more about love matches and finding the possible "The One" through online connection was made even more interesting by Laura Chapman's Counting On You. This has been a short read, but it's full of emotions and packed with fun and heart-melting scenes. I loved how this story made me smile and giggle all through-out the night. Can't wait to read the next romantic story in the Amarillo Sour series!!
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380 reviews37 followers
September 5, 2018
Counting on You is a sweet, fade-to-black romance with a fun cast of characters and an interesting premise. Haleigh needs a date to save face at her high school reunion. More importantly she needs to get back on the dating-horse! When her first blind date is an absolute bust, she draws the attention of one of the patrons at a local dive bar. Ian hatches a plan. Haleigh will help him to test his new dating app and he will guide her through the process. To turn her luck around, Ian enlists the help of the barkeeps and regulars at the Amarillo Sour.

It's all easy peasy until Haleigh and Ian fall for one another.

All in all, I enjoyed the story. I had a few issues with character development and some holes in the narratives. I wanted more. I wanted the characters to be fleshed out better and I wanted the events to flow better. But, overall, I love the storylines and I really enjoyed getting to know the interesting crew of regulars that make Amarillo Sour their home away from home. With such an interesting crew, the potential for more good stories abounds. I'm hoping this is just the start of more good times to come!

An advance copy of this book was received from the author. Receipt of this copy did not impact the content or independence of this review. This book received a 3.5 Overall Rating on BFF Book Blog. BFF Book Blog also uses a set of icon ratings. This book received additional icons for: hero, romance, supporting characters, sweet and happily ever after.
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452 reviews
April 26, 2019
I liked the story line for this book it was unique in a lot of ways. It was also a very sweet and clean romance. Haleigh's 10 year high school reunion is coming up. She doesn't want to go but after her ex-boyfriend broke up with her at the beginning of college and claimed she was crazy as his excuse her entire class will know that if she doesn't show up it is because of embarrassment and humiliation. Now her coworkers are encouraging her to find a date for the reunion. The problem is that Haleigh hasn't dated since she broke up with her ex all those years ago. One thing leads to another and Haleigh gets roped into beta testing an online dating app, she will give her account of using the app and going on 12 first date from beginning to end the app developer, Ian. In return for Haleigh's help Ian will give her dating advise and if she doesn't find someone to attend the reunion with her, Ian will go as her date. What could go wrong. Of course after spending so much time together and getting close, they realize that maybe they don't need the app after all.

What I didn't like was that both Haleigh and Ian are such pushovers. Everyone walks all over them, and does what they want without any retaliation from either one. The only time they do push back is at each other, which causes a big blow up and misunderstanding. Glad they finally found their backbones even if it wasn't till the very end.

608 reviews14 followers
August 31, 2018
Originally reviewed for Chick Lit Central (www.chicklitcentral.com)

I enjoyed the unique story line to Counting on You; the need for a date for Haleigh’s reunion, her use of a newly developed dating app, all while forging new friendships within the type of bar that felt reminiscent of the Sam Malone days at Cheers. It was fun to see her break out of her shell while going on various dates, mostly cringe-worthy, scenarios that are carefully monitored by Ian. It’s in the crash and burn moments that we get to really see who Haleigh and Ian are as characters, and as potential love interests.

I could see spending time with the both of them, right there at the Amarillo Sour. They’re the type of characters who feel true to life, a skill Laura Chapman excels at. A subtleness into the budding relationship between them, an honesty that develops over time. The kind of relationship that we need to root for. And having gone to my own ten and twenty year reunions, I know how stressful and awkward it can be. Usually, the first thing out of a former classmate’s mouth is, “What do you do for a living?” followed by, “Are you married?” Haleigh feels the pressure of not feeling as though she measures up to certain standards where her love life is concerned, and it doesn’t help that her ex will be there.

Initially, we’re introduced to Haleigh and the situation with her ex as merely a rumors situation- he’s spreading them, she’s working hard at dodging them. As the story unfolds, we learn more on why this particular failed relationship was so damaging for Haleigh. Another string of moments that felt real, and honest. While the central romantic theme to this story is incredible, watching Haleigh transform took the prize for me, with serious character evolution that many of us can easily recognize, and identify with.
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4,082 reviews25 followers
January 23, 2019
Laura Chapman can write the most lovable characters and Counting on You is no exception. Haleigh is getting ready to go to her high school reunion, but is uneasy since Greg, her ex will be there. After overhearing her conversation, Ian, a date app developer, offers to let her be the beta tester for the app and find herself a date. And the fun begins. There is a lot in this story, not just about dating but real life situations. Chapman handles each one with gentleness and compassion. I especially love Ian, as she has made his character a little clumsy, that computer geekness coming through but with a warmth about him too hard not to fall for. Haleigh is perfect as she is, learning about herself and accepting who she is. It's a wonderful listen!

Rebecca Hansen voices the story with enthusiasm. It's my first listen by her and I found her pace good and her voices easily distinguishable. She brings the dating world some excitement with the many characters she is given with the many dates Haleigh goes on! I will be watching for more from her.
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2,461 reviews8 followers
January 12, 2019
A Wonderful & Sweet Story! Great Listen🎧

Counting on You
Amarillo Sour, Book 1

By: Laura Chapman
Narrated by: Rebecca Hansen

“Amarillo Sour” is the only thing sour in this book, it is a sweet and enjoyable book. The storylines are interesting and well written. The characters are likable and nicely developed and the chemistry between the leads, Haleigh and Ian, is off the charts. I loved how Haleigh grew as a person, grew stronger and more self confident. So glad she finally stood up for herself by the end. Yay for Haleigh!! Also glad Ian came to his senses, he is a nice guy, kind and thoughtful, they make the perfect couple. Laura Chapman, thank you for another great story I am looking forward to see what is next for the “Amarillo Sour” series

I listened to the Audible edition, Rebecca Hansen does a nice job narrating and telling the story. She brings the characters to life from the pages to your ears.

Thank you 🎧AudiobookObsession
25 reviews
February 11, 2019
The book started off strong, then halfway through it went downhill. First of all, Haleigh and Ian took too long to admit they were into each other. There’s nothing more irritating than two people liking each other but wouldn’t say so. What a waste of time.

Second, Haleigh had panic attack over, what, every day chores? Come on! I was an ex panic attack sufferer and I know other sufferers too who had panic attack over silly things but this one took the cake.

Third, that final fight. Oh God that was excruciating. Haleigh was mad at the world and she took it out on Ian, who was lacking backbone so he didn’t chase after her.

Last but not least, some supporting characters are good, but some are pain in the arse. Nina, Taylor, Greg? Real people hardly behave like them at their age, but hey this is a work of fiction, so whatever.
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4,422 reviews1 follower
February 8, 2019
A light hearted story about a woman, Haley, who finds out her old boyfriend and embarrassment is going to be at her class reunion. Enter a new dating app in the beta stage. Ian, the app code writer, & Hailey make a good if not completely understandable couple.

I happen to live where the story takes place, Lincoln, NE. I don't find many stories like that and it added another bit of interest for me. Of course, I had to wonder about finding people who cheered for the MN Vikings football given the craze here for the Huskers. It would be close to blasphemy. :)

Rebecca Hansen did an admirable job narrating.

I recieved a Audible copy of this story, at my request, in exchange for a honest review.
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202 reviews5 followers
February 27, 2019
Thank you to Rebecca Hansen for providing me with a free audiobook in return for an honest review.

Math teacher Haleigh is unlucky in love and desperate to find a date for her upcoming school reunion after hearing her ex-boyfriend trash talk about her and being determined to prove him wrong. After a blind date fails she meets Ian, the developer of a new dating app who wants to test his product.

This was an interesting storyline, I really liked character Hayleigh - I can usually relate with the socially awkward characters. I did like how she had a hidden sense of humour. Ian was quite a likeable character too, especially as the story went on and the bond between the two began to grow.

Narrator Rebecca Hansen did a great job of this story.
Profile Image for Susan (The Book Bag).
835 reviews71 followers
September 3, 2018
Counting on You is full of very likable and entertaining characters. I loved every minute that I spent in Haleigh's world and in the Amarillo Sour bar. Once again, Laura has created a wonderful story that grabbed me from the first chapter. I was totally immersed in the story line and enjoyed watching Haleigh and Ian work through the dating app issues, and their own issues. I always feel so comfortable with her characters and I love reading about their lives.

Also, I'm so excited that this is only the first book in Laura's new Amarillo Sour series. There are so many other interesting characters in this book and I can't wait to learn their stories.
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Author 17 books235 followers
April 10, 2019
When an author I like publishes a new series, I get excited about the prospect of getting to know new characters and their places over several books. Laura Chapman’s Amarillo Sour series introduces us to a whole cast of funny, fresh people who connect at their local bar. Ian and Haleigh start us off with their story. Chapman’s characters have depth and sincerity, in addition to being a fun read. I liked how they both overcame real life barriers and experiences and pushed each other to grow. Shouldn’t love make us better people in the end? Maybe while I’m waiting for the next book in the series, I’ll have to go back and re-read her Queen of the League books. It’s football season, after all.
385 reviews54 followers
January 10, 2019
The dreaded high school reunion is coming up. Haleigh can’t go and face the ex who dumped her... but what if she can find a date? Never mind the fact she hasn’t dated in almost 10 years...

Ian has led his company in the development of a new dating app. They just need a good beta test and testimonial to present to the potential investors...

Can a mutually beneficial agreement be arranged between Haleigh and Ian, or will they get more than they bargained for?

Counting on you is a clean, sweet story with lovable, realistic characters. Rebecca Hansen’s narration was well done.

I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and I have voluntarily left this review.
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2,080 reviews5 followers
January 17, 2019

This was a delightful little morsel! I really enjoy fake relationship stories and hearing them build that friendship and/or romance up over time. Ian was such a fun character. He was light and fun and really what Haleigh needed. I really like the sense of fun in the story with the serious issue still being prevalent but not in your face.

This what the first time I listened to Rebecca Hansen. I liked her narration. Miss Hansen does have an extremely soothing voice. I enjoyed the narration even if I did miss a male narration. Overall, I'd listen to this narrator again!
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August 30, 2018
You know those times where you think, "Oh, I'll read a couple chapters before bed and then I'll go to bed early and get a good night's sleep," and then you look up after you've finished the book and it's 2 am and you're totally not getting your good night's sleep? Yea that was this book for me. I loved the relationships and the characters. I loved how Haleigh is this amazing confident person but has anxiety that she's been able to learn to live with it her own way. I love that Ian learns things about himself and how to deal with his work-life balance (don't we all). I was able to relate to both of the main characters so much and I can't wait for more in this series!
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January 24, 2019
Romantic comedy at its best,

I absolutely loved Laura Chapman’s Counting on You. The first meet was original and the story line very creative. Haleigh and Ian’s banter was priceless and watching them slowly discover that their relationship had shifted beyond friendship was very satisfying. Loved the secondary characters, I look forward to reading the next release in this series and hope that Rebecca Hansen narrates future books. She really brought the characters to life and her comic timing was perfect.
I was fortunate to receive an audible code via Audiobook Obsession.
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January 24, 2019

What starts as a lighthearted approach to the familiar "desperately need a date to my high school reunion" trope develops into so much more.
While I'd still count it as a romantic comedy, it also tackles some more serious topics and weaves them seamlessly into the story.
All in all, I enjoyed getting to know (and falling in love) with Haleigh and Ian and their Amarillo Sour posse, their story truly warmed my nerdy little heart.
I can't wait for the next book in the series - helloooooo, professor! :)
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February 5, 2019
Counting on You by Laura Chapman really pulled me in. I found myself wanting Haleigh to overcome her insecurities and for her ex to have karma visit him. This book is a sweet story and Rebecca Hansen does an awesome job of bringing the characters to life. I enjoyed the distinguishable voices she gave the characters. The story was original and is a standalone listen. I will most definitely listen to more books by this talented author and narrator. I requested this review copy audiobook and have voluntarily written this review.
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April 12, 2019
Counting on You: Amarillo Sour, Book One was a great read by Laura Chapman. Haleigh is a math teacher who doesn't want to change her single status until she gets an invitation to her class reunion. Her ex has decided to spread rumors about her and now she needs to find a new date. She decides to go on a blind date at Amarillo Sour, a bar that Ian is at. Ian is an app developer of a new dating app and offers to help her after he sees her crash and burn on a date. I absolutely loved reading Haleigh and Ian's story and can't wait to read more by the author.
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