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Texas Sirens #5

Siren in Waiting

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Re-released in a second edition with new content.

Bethany “Mouse” Hobbes spent her entire life waiting, especially for the love of Bo O’Malley. But for the first time in her life, she is ready to start living, with or without him. She has found her dream, restoring a rustic farmhouse on the outskirts of town.

Trev McNamara left Deer Run a high school hero and has returned, his football career in ruins. When Trev meets Mouse, he discovers a passion strong enough to overcome his past. But can she accept his need for control?

Bo O’Malley has lived his whole life in the shadow of his brother, never committing to anything or anyone. When the woman he secretly loved all his life begins an affair with the man who betrayed his trust, Bo will do anything to claim her as his own.

Transformed by their love, will Mouse be enough woman for both of them?

391 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 18, 2011

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About the author

Sophie Oak

33 books1,621 followers
A lifetime devotee to the written word, Sophie published her first novel this year. Prior to becoming a novelist, she worked in theater and comic books. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and three precocious children, who wonder when mom is going to write a book they will be allowed to read. Her answer: probably never. Sophie believes in happy endings for everyone, no matter how extreme the story. Her stories may feature some of the fringe elements of sexuality, but at heart they are always about love.

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September 4, 2018
This is it. You understand? This isn’t sex. This is the rest of my life. I won’t ever leave you. I won’t ever touch another woman.”

I'm not usually a reader that enjoys super shy mousy heroines. So when you have a book in which the heroine's nickname is "Mouse", you give it some serious thought. Unless that book is written by Lexi Blake. Then you just dive in without batting an eyelash and be glad you did.

If you're a fan of the unrequited love trope like me, you're going to love this story! I became intrigued by Bo O'Malley in Siren Beloved. He comes across as the ne'er-do-well good time boy, but beneath the surface is the heart of a wounded man. And while we got bits and pieces of that in the previous book, it really becomes apparent here. Bo is a man of many layers. Bethany "Mouse" Hobbes has been in love with Bo since childhood but he's only ever seen her as his best friend. She's always been there for him in what's at times seemed like a very one sided relationship. Mouse is very much the epitome of her nickname in the beginning of the book.
He was never serious about those women, but one day Bo O’Malley was going to fall in love, and it wouldn’t be with her. He considered her a friend, a sister. They had an odd relationship, and there was no way it would last. When he found a serious girlfriend, she would be out.

Trev was the true draw of this book for me though. He's such a tortured and broken soul, yet there's something so powerful about his presence. This is a man that almost lost everything to his addictions until he truly hit rock bottom. D/s was a part of his saving grace, but discovering he's a Dom doesn't cure him. He's forever a slave to fighting his addiction. Trev has such a magnetic presence to him and the minute he's back in the small town of Deer Run, it becomes clear that things are about to tilt on their axis. The town doesn't want him and the gossip mill truly gets their fodder the second his sets his sights on Mouse.
Sometimes he was sure he was two utterly different people. There was the dumbass addict who didn’t care about anything beyond his next high, and the caveman who thought everything belonged to him. Those two sides of him fought constantly for control. He needed to make her understand.

I loved watching the budding relationship with him and Beth. And I truly loved watching Beth bloom into a woman she's meant to be under his attentions. She's sweet but fierce in her loyalty and love. She's impossible not to love. This was a menage but an MFM. And while I love me my boy touching books, but I'll admit that I really loved this change of pace. Their triage is unique yet no less powerful and loving. I loved watching all three of these characters grow into their own and find strength in each other.

Siren In Waiting was such a satisfying and sinfully sexy romance. With a dash of suspense thrown in, it was a guaranteed one-sitting sort of read that I loved from beginning to end.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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284 reviews
November 29, 2011
Okay. I know that I don't have time to do a decent review, but this book must be read. Sophie Oak lovers out there, you masses of menage lovers you, you will not be disappointed in this one.

I blew through it. This book sits at 90k plus, and I devoured it like it was a quick 20k novella.

I am not usually a fan of virgin tales. Read this as meaning my eyes roll back in my head with a chorus of 'yeah, right'. But I swear, Sophie Oak makes me a fan of things I didn't know I liked. Except figging. No matter how hot she writes that...nope.

Anyway, this virgin's story was fabulous. And her new sexual awakening empowered her. A favorite line...

"I'm a twenty-five-year-old virgin who can't stand up for herself. You had to change or you would die. If I don't find a way to change, I'm never going to live."

We get friends to lovers, a tortured hero who's a recovering addict, an idiot who can't see the good thing in front of him until another has it, and a shooting. Because really, I have come to expect that someone will die in every Sophie Oak book. Woman has too many men to keep track of with all these menages, she needs to shoot a couple every now and then. ;p

A bunch of our favorite characters make a re-appearance, and I loved re-visiting the old along side of meeting the new.

Beth is our heroine. Everyone calls her Mouse because of her timid personality. Until Trev comes along fresh from Training with our favorite Dom and shrink Leo. He makes sure Beth's name and voice are finally heard. Her "best friend" and eternal crush Bo, really takes notice. We have a M/F/M menage here. Loved it.

I also fell in love with Wanda, who got to chat with our heroes every time they ended up in jail.
Which was frequently. Wanda may rival Mel for side character awesome. And there was a slight joke about her being a good Domme. Hmm...maybe she could school Mel and his woman in the arts after a little training. And here I go with the 'what ifs'. Sophie's books intertwine, and her world is one that I love going back to, because after all these tales and the little bits and pieces that you see tie all the stories together, this place feels like home. A wacky home with a lot of rope and sex toys. And really, I can't think of any place I'd rather escape to. 5 stars.
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3,889 reviews263 followers
April 28, 2022
This was book 5 in the " Texas Sirens" series. Trev McNamara's life is in ruins due to drugs and alcohol when pictures of him surface doing lines of cocaine he loses his job as a quarterback when his coach offers him a chance to get the remining 10 million dollars he has to be clean for three years he takes it and trains with Leo. Bethany “Mouse” Hobbes spent her entire life waiting, especially for the love of Bo O’Malley who is hitting every woman that comes his way she just bought a fixer upper she finds some clothes and where a sexy sun dress that gets his attention. Bo O’Malley is Aiden's little brother his father did a number on him he feels that Trev let him down he has issues of abandonment. When Trev comes back to his hometown of Deer Run the locals are not friendly he said some mean things in the press about the town while at the diner eating with his sister Shelley and her husband Bryce he sees Beth and knows that he found his sub. I hated Bryce and didn't trust him I knew he was up to no good. Trev is holding on by a thread when Beth decides it is time to stop waiting for Bo she goes to the bar where she runs into the woman Bo is currently banging Trev comes to her rescue and they hook up. I liked all these character's I liked that Trev stopped people from calling her Mouse and I liked that she learned how to stand up for herself. I liked that Bo was willing to share her after he realized that he is in love with her. I also liked that one of my favorite McKay-Taggert employees Liam O'Donnell came to help Trev when Shelley thought that he had relapsed. When she is almost shot Beth gets in trouble because she didn't ask for help. When his agent comes to town Trev makes a choice to stay after going into the bar with Li and Leo to get Bo who they thought might be a sub only he's not but he agrees to share Beth. This was a good read and I was glad to see that Bo grew up. This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. I also love the narrator of this book as I listened and read it. I am looking forward to reading and listening Leo and Shelley's story.
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3,336 reviews1,017 followers
September 3, 2018
I have been loving Lexi Blake's rereleases of her Sophie Oak books this year, I've become totally hooked on her fab erotic romances and Siren in Waiting was just as good as I hoped it would be. Reading the blurb I hadn't caught on that Bo is Aidan's (from Siren Beloved) brother so that was a nice surprise and it meant we got the chance to catch up with Aidan, Lucas and Lexi too which was a bonus.

Bethany (known as Mouse) has been in love with her best friend Bo for as long as she can remember but she's tired of waiting for him to notice her and is finally ready to move on with her life. Bo will always be important to her but it's time to put herself first for once and she's planning to do that by buying the house of her dreams and restoring it to its former glory. Trev was a professional football player but the pressure was too much for him and left him spiralling into drug and alcohol addiction. Now he's been clean and sober for nearly 2 years and he's returned home to make amends to his sister while working on a local ranch. Bo has spent his whole life being left behind by the people he cares about, by the brother he adored and then by Trev, the friend who he looked up to. Beth has been his only constant but he's scared to act on his feelings for her in case he ends up losing her too. But when Trev returns and makes a move on Beth Bo realises that if he doesn't take action soon he could lose his chance forever.

I have to admit I wasn't sure I'd like Trev, I'm very wary of addicts and was worried about the kind of man he'd be but he was actually a total sweetheart and I loved him from the beginning. Yes he has his demons but he's worked hard to overcome them and what I liked most was the fact that he knows his battle is an ongoing one, he hasn't been magically cured but he is determined to fight his addictions every day for the rest of his life. I loved the way he treated Beth from the very beginning, she was such a sweet girl but due to her shyness and not wanting to cause trouble she tended to let people walk all over her. Trev stood up from her from the moment they first met but he didn't just protect her and keep her in a bubble, instead he helped to build her confidence so that she realised what an amazing woman she was and learnt to stand up for herself.

It actually ended up being Bo that I struggled with at first, he could be quite dismissive towards Beth and although I don't think he meant to hurt her he was definitely upsetting her regularly with his behaviour. It took a while for me to warm up to him but you soon start to realise that he's actually a nice guy but one who is so focused on worrying about what people will think of him that he makes stupid mistakes. Once he started to understand how his actions affected Beth and admitted to himself how much she really meant to him he worked hard to make amends and prove his feelings to her. Bo and Trev had been good friends before but Trev's actions when he was in his downwards spiral had put a huge wedge between them and it took time for Trev to earn back Bo's trust. There wasn't any romance between the two of them, they were more like brothers, but they both understood how much they each meant to Beth and were willing to share their lives to make her happy. Their bond was more than normal friendship though and they both got the extra support they needed from having each other in their lives, Trev had backup and an extra crutch to lean on when he was worrying about his addictions while Bo found a friend who would always be there for them and they worked really well as a triad because of that.

These books are full of sweet romance, scorching hot sex and come with just a little action and danger to add an extra edge to them. The whole series has been brilliant so far and I'm already looking forward to the next book!
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September 15, 2018
1.5 stars

Good lord, I hated Bo. I didn‘t like him in the last book, but I thought that was because he was young and stupid. Starting this book, he didn‘t grow up at all. Some of his comments in the first half, I thought were downright hideous. And than snap! In the blink of an evening EVERYTHING changed. Yeah, not not buying that. Not even in a shallow threesome, bdsm story.
I didn‘t like Mouse too much either. And no I will not call her Bethany, because she is a Mouse and stays a Mouse.

The chemistry between the characters was practically non-existent for me, I couldn‘t get into the story at all. And to be honest I wasn‘t impressed with Shelley either, although I really like Leo - the pair that will come up in the next book. I am hesistant to pick it up.
December 25, 2015

I almost slipped to review this book. Lol Sorry. The main characters is really new and never appear in the previous book except for Bo O'Malley. He's Aidan brother who turns to be a gorgeous piece of man. And here she is, Bethany "Mouse" Hobbes is an ordinary introvert woman and Bo's BFF. Bo always care for Mouse and vice versa but they never admit their feeling towards each other that will lead them into trouble in the future.

Trev McNamara once is a golden boy from Deer Run but now he's just a fallen star. He's an alcoholic, drug addict and party man. Through a friend, with Leo Meyer's help, Trev already sober for 2 years and back to Deer Run. He found Bethany is an interesting submissive girl and he determined to get her. Trev also learn and enjoyed his role as a Dom and that's why he want Bethany. I don't have problem with Trev. He's the good guy who has no idea the trouble in his hometown. But when Bethany is in danger, he protect her at all cost.

Bethany never know what come after her. After his father died, she bought an old house who always give her trouble but she didn't care. She always love Bo from afar although they're close because she's timid. Bo is her only friend and didn't want to lose him. Her first meet with Trev changed everything but not her love for Bo. Trev isn't for her rebound. Although Bethany looks weak and naive, she's reasonable. I'm so glad there is no drama in their relationship.

Bo always care for Bethany but he distanced himself. When Trev claimed Bethany, he couldn't control it. IMO, Bo is quite difficult person in this story. He's not brave enough to step and declare his love. And his hate for Trev isn't mature. After I know Bo's terrible past, I could understand his feeling. I liked how he solved his problem with Trev before they jump into menage relationship with Bethany. I know it's not easy but they did it anyway.

Although there are BDSM scenes but this is the most romantic book in this series. All of them are so sweet and sometimes over-the-top. Bethany is like Cinderella with two Princes Charming. LOL! Trev is the Alpha and Dom in their relationship because BDSM give him more control. He's quite pervert, though. Bethany is really submissive with her timid attitude but she's very comfortable with her sexuality and willing to explore with Trev and Bo. My problem is Bo always a vanilla and get corrupted by Trev. He turns into kinky but he's not a Dom. He just enjoyed their menage relationship with spices in the bedroom. Maybe Bo is the only man who isn't Dom in this series and that makes me hard to like him although I enjoyed his protective and perv side.

Overall I liked this much better than Julian's (He met his menage with insta lust). Slightly but not enough to love it. I need more bonding between Trev and Bethany. Their chemistry is in there but not enough to click. It was slow paced, though. I enjoyed the thrill when everything goes down the hill. However, Trev's sister has really interesting story with Leo Meyer (The Club Dom in Residence + Leo's therapist). I couldn't wait to read their story ;)
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July 31, 2015

I’ve actually started reading this book awhile back. But I have stopped and forgotten that I was reading it. It was because I was in a ménage bdsm mood and so much of that stuff in so many weeks is quite overwhelming, and shall I say, kind of tiring.

But here I am, trying again to read this and getting a fresh start although I may have to reread the first 2-3 chapters again but well, Trev is such an asshole and I love assholes, so you see.

Anyway, Bethany ‘Mouse’ Hobbes is a natural submissive. She’s a pleaser. In love with her best friend Bo. Someone who’s been bullied all her life, not standing for herself thus the name Mouse.

Trev McNamara is a world class asshole. He’s a quarterback and been at the top of his game and yet he threw it all away with booze. Handling pressure is not his strong suit.

Bo O’Mailey is quite the manwhore kind of guy. He was a guy you can push around because all he wants was to fit in. But even if he’s that guy, he was stand up for Mouse until the restaurant thing where he became a grade A asshole, up in Trev’s alley.

What I love in this book is that how Trev stood up for Beth/Bethany. Being angry at everyone who calls her Mouse because of the demeaning of it. I also like how he pushed Beth to be the person she became here.

Well, with Bo. I don’t really know about him. He’s like Beth in some aspects, always wanting to please and yet he is not a submissive. He may enjoy dominating in bed but he’s not really a dominant. And well, I think he’s not even a switch. But whatever he is, he completes both Beth and Trev in a way that if it’s only the two, the relationship would be missing something and it wouldn’t be perfect.

Bethany became Trev’s addiction. I love her character development in this story. She learned to be a bitch, well in a good way. That at least is good enough for me.

They didn’t really have more scenes, just a little training in the bedroom and the cabin. I guess it was something fresh that them visiting Julian’s club wasn’t portrayed here. But with all that I’ve loved in this book, I wish for something that I think is missing. Well, Trev and Bo are not bi, but the way they interact, I wish for them to kiss and make love. I don’t know, I have a feeling that they will someday get into the act and then their relationship will be a true threesome.

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July 19, 2020
Actually 3.5 stars

Shy Bethany Hobbes has had a crush on Bo O'Malley her whole life, but he's never thought of her as more than a friend -- until she moves on. Trevor McNamara was the local football hero, until his substance abuse addictions ended his pro football career. Now he's back home, trying to get his life restarted, and finds himself attracted to Beth. Bo realizes what he's lost in Beth, but is it too late? Or are the three of them ready to forge an unconventional relationship together?

I think the original version of the Texas Sirens book were early Lexi Blake/Sophie Oak books, and it shows. There are too many extraneous bits to the story (townspeople hating Trev, townspeople hating Bo's family for their unconventional lifestyle, the inclusion of Liam, large parts of Trev's sister's story)... it distracts from the main plotline.

But my big problem is with Bo O'Malley. He basically ignores Beth for ten years, and only changes his mind once Trev is dating her. Did he expect her to wait forever while he screwed the rest of the women in town? I get that Sophie Oak writes menages, but Beth and Trev would have been better off without Bo. Their relationship was so sweet, with him helping her to finally gain confidence in herself while building up the confidence he lost due to his addiction.

I do adore the scene where the romance writers use Beth's predicament for inspiration (and ask her questions while she's literally tied up).
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1,514 reviews164 followers
June 2, 2017
Another GREAT story in this series. Absolutely, loved it. Wonderful theme of believing in yourself, forgiveness, taking charge of your life, and accepting yours and others faults. I loved the dynamics between Trev, Beth and Bo and of course it was a treat to see past characters again especially Leo. Can't wait for his story.
I don't want to give too much away, but the teaser at the end of where Trev, Beth and Bo are heading to made me squeal and anticipate what's going to happen next. hehehe
I am obsessed with Sophie Oaks' books and am now sad that I've finished this one.
Just did a re-read. Still love these books.
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3,222 reviews100 followers
June 23, 2019
Bethany, Trev, and Bo
Overall the story was ok, but the meek girl who wants a Dom I am just over that whole storyline. I am glad Bo ended up being a second Dom and not submissive as well.

Bo is Aidan’s brother from the book before.
I really have nothing else to add.
I liked the narration...
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2,734 reviews135 followers
September 6, 2018
I hated Bo. From the moment I started the book, I had a strong dislike of him and it never went away. In the first chapter that was narrated from his point of view, I kept thinking that he didn't deserve Bethany and "you are too late dude". It might have to do something with the way he kept mentioning Clarissa and even said to Bethany that after they went to have dinner he would leave her and go see Clarissa. If Bo never entered the menage picture I would have been fine with it. He is an angry kid and he doesn't grow up. The other two parts of the trio were likable and I liked them more. I am not sure how Bethany went from a 26-year-old virgin to someone who has sex with practically a stranger hours after meeting him. I didn't mind that instant connection, but Bethany's reaction was a little abrupt. Trev has made mistakes in the past and he is now living a renewed life, trying to become a better man and deal with his addiction. I would have loved a scene or two where is struggling with the need to drink when things got tough.

I liked the plotline with the person who was trying to scare Trev and Bethany away. It was my favorite part of the book and I was more interested in finding out what was going on with the attacks and everything instead of wanting to see how the menage would work. My dislike of Bo might have something to do with this. For the first time in forever, I was not rooting for the trio and I actually wanted one less person in the relationship. It's unfortunate, but the triad didn't work for me.

Leo is next and I am very eager for his story!
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1,813 reviews594 followers
August 27, 2018
“I’m your Master, Bethany Hobbes. I’m the center of your world. You’re damn straight the center of mine.”

We are headed back to Deer Run to saddle up with Beth, Bo, and Trev! Siren in Waiting is book five in Lexi Blake’s (writing as Sophie Oak) Texas Sirens series and one of my favorite ménage romances from this author. A character like Bethany “Mouse” Hobbes is really able to speak to a reader like me. I can relate to her on so many levels (except for the ménage part, of course. I WISH, am I right?). She’s this genuine, honest, and loyal soul and the perfect heroine for this story! Bo is as frustrating as they come, but I didn’t love him any less. He eventually got on board and then it was all FEELS from him. Trev is PERFECTION! That’s all I have to say about that man. Just…YUMMY perfection! The dynamic between Trev and Beth was scorching HOT, and then when Bo comes into the picture…I can’t even! It’s sexy. It’s sweet. It’s erotic. It’s romantic with a dash of suspense! I loved it all! If possible, it was even better the second go-round!

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1,868 reviews306 followers
September 6, 2018
Listen, I LOVE the shy, unassuming heroines. I know they aren't always the most liked, but I adore them! Bo and Mouse were close and she thought it was an unrequited love on her part. Trev leaves HS a hero footballer but comes back a damaged man. When he starts something up with Mouse, Bo finally gets his act together! So, instead of a love triangle (which you know I hate) they have an unconventional MFM relationship. I enjoyed the character growth in all 3, but especially Mouse. She doesn't suddenly become a badass or anything, but she does begin to see she has worth and that people love her. Overall, I think these 3 might be my favorite characters from the series so far; however, I will say there are times I wanted to throat punch them for their stupid behavior. But, all 3 of them have hangups they need to work through, so I tried to be patient.
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1,357 reviews79 followers
February 1, 2019
I think Trev McNamara might be my favorite Lexi Blake male character to date and that is saying a lot. I'm also once again astounded by how deeply this book touched me; it never fails that I find myself in tears at least once every time I read a Siren or Bliss book and Siren in Waiting is no exception. From Beth's plight and unerring kindness and grace, to the fierce protectiveness yet deep vulnerability of Trev, and even Bo's obliviousness and pain - there is so much emotion and heart and depth to this (and every Lexi Blake/Sophie Oak) book. Add to that the extreme sexiness, the action and suspense of the plot, and the side characters that you can't help but to love and be invested in... this is a world that I long to go back to again and again. I am DETERMINED to start the Masters and Mercenaries series ASAP! 4.5 out of wine glasses.
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215 reviews
April 26, 2012
I liked the personal romance between the three and didn't think the author had to put the heroine in danger to round this story out. It wasn't needed, or maybe I'm just tired of the theme - girl in danger, guy rescues - ?????
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2,828 reviews143 followers
September 4, 2018
It’s easy to have preconceived ideas about a character when her name implies her rather introverted personality, and when it comes to Bethany “Mouse” Hobbes, her nickname completely exemplifies her demeanor, and while for some alpha heroes may take issue with Bethany’s ‘mousey’ behavior, the two men who want to claim her are more than happy to have a natural submissive to play with and love.

I’m always intrigued with how the logistics work out as well as how the differing personalities blend in a ménage relationship, and with how at odds Trev McNamara & Bo O’Malley seem to be with one another as well as what they as well as Bethany want and need from each other, it’s clear these three have a lot to work through, individually, as friends, and then as a threesome because if their past issues aren’t resolved before they head into their new dynamic, it won’t last and something tells me these three need it to last.

Out of the three main characters, Bethany definitely shows the most growth and the more she comes out of her shell and takes back her life in a way that makes her feel alive and independent, the easier it is for her to give this new relationship a real chance despite her past heartache due to Bo’s obliviousness.

At times, both Bo and Trev were wild cards. My opinion of Bo was already judgmental due to his history with Bethany, so it took quite awhile for Bo to grow on me, and even when I was finished with their story, I still wasn’t completely sold on the idea that he could make things work between the three of them. There’s a lot of ego and issues these two men need to work through and Trev’s addictive personality is not something that will ever go away; he constantly struggles with that part of his personality and while he holds it at bay, it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

In keeping with Sophie Oak’s storytelling and plotting, there’s a bit of suspense involved in Bethany, Trev, and Bo’s book, and while it probably wasn’t necessary to include that type of conflict given the amount of concerns that needed to be dealt with, it still adds a bit of mystery and intrigue amidst the love affair that occurs throughout Siren in Waiting.

4 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
295 reviews3 followers
October 19, 2019
This is the 5th book in the Texas Sirens series. You should read these books in order.

I met Trev, Bo and Beth in Pure Bliss. At that time, I didn't know they had their own book. What made this book more interesting is that I knew they would end up together I just didn’t know how. I was on the edge of my seat.

I am enjoying how the author co-mingles the characters from her other series. Liam O’Donnell from the Masters and Mercenaries series has been mentioned in a few books in this series. He also has his own book A Dom is Forever.

In this book he is open and funny. I wish I could meet the characters in her books. They all seem like such genuine people, at least at the end of the books they do.

I loved Trev and Beth right from the start. Trev was so gentle with Beth; it was so sweet. It took a while until I liked Bo. He walked all over Beth and then gets jealous when Trev comes home. At least that part in the book didn’t last long. I liked how the author brings all three together. Bo mans up and becomes the partner Trev and Beth need. The ending is good and I love how Trev gets to use his throwing arm again.
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4,199 reviews133 followers
August 29, 2018
5 Star Review Siren In Waiting (Texas Sirens #5) by Sophie Oak
I really enjoy Ms.Oak (Lexi Blake’s) style of writing and Siren In Waiting was one of those reads I could not put down. Perhaps because all 3 of the main characters are broken souls each searching for something just out of their reach.
Bethany “Mouse” Hobbes has been in love with Bo O’Malley forever, but she is tired of waiting for him to sit up and take notice of what is staring him in the eyes.
When Trev McNamara returns to his hometown with his NFL career in tatters, he meets Mouse and is attracted to her. However Trev is a Dom and he isn’t really looking for a sub. Bo is furious as he has been in love with Mouse for years but has never acted on it.
When Trev realises the depth of Mouses love for Bo he encourages him to join them. Will Trev and Bo be able to overcome their differences and join forces to overwhelm and subsequently claim Mouse or will she run away?
Although Siren In Waiting is not a long read, I found myself reading well into the night. There was romance, danger and suspense woven into the story and the scenes were smoking hot. The emotional issues that each of the characters has to go though for them to get their happily ever after meant that this book was at times raw and gritty.
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3,985 reviews319 followers
September 5, 2018
Siren In Waiting is the newest bdescription

ook from Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak and I absolutely loved it. As a matter of fact I've been really enjoying this Texas Sirens series as a whole.

Trev was a different kind of hero. But I loved him all the same. He was an addict, and the events that lead him to that place were easy to understand. But the fact that he did what was needed to get on the road to recovery and to get himself clean shows an inner strength that I can really respect. Reconnecting with Beth and Bo is exactly what he needed but he wasn't sure he deserved. I loved the interactions between them all though.

Beth might have been called "mouse" but once I leaned more about her it was clear to see she was anything but. She was a great leading lady who was very relatable and whom I loved watching her grow and come into her own confidence as I read.

Bo didn't start out as someone I liked in the first book he appeared in that I read, nor much in this one. However he quickly grew on me once he got his head on straight and started fighting for what was important to him, sometimes quite literally fighting.

This book might have had a lot of people and things going on, but it was easy to follow and I enjoyed every moment of it. I am looking forward to reading more from this series and just more from this author in general.
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September 23, 2018
***ARC Provided by the Author and InkSlingerPR***

3.5 Stars

Off we go, again, to Deer Run. And, other than it's name, this is shaping up to be quite the town.

Lexi Blake has, I think, to not only create characters I want to get to know, but towns I wish I lived in. And, this title is no exception.

I think, and I am pretty positive, that this is one of the Sophie Oak titles I have read previously. But, it still feels fresh and I know the author is going through and updating the books as needed, so you don;t feel like you are in a town that existed years ago.

This time, we meet Bo, Trev and Bethany "Mouse". And, they meet one another. And, the fun they have is hot, and steamy, and a lot of fun. This, obviously I think, is a menage title. While these are not my favorite, I found that this one worked well. Usually, my main issue with menage titles is I always feel like there is one of the characters who is filler...let me explain. When there are 2 men, it seems like one is a developed character and one is there so the author can have sex scenes with 2 men and 4 hands. This was not an issue with this title, and I felt that all of the characters existed strongly on their own as well as in the relationship.

I enjoyed this title and I recommend it.
September 4, 2018
***This and other reviews can be found at www.imasweetandsassybookwhore.com ***

Siren In Waiting is another release by Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak that I overall enjoyed. I hate to say this but Siren In Waiting was never my favorite of this series but don’t think I didn’t like it. I did, and I still do but I just didn’t always feel the chemistry between Bo, Beth and Trev when they were in one on one situations but get these three together all at once and well that chemistry is smoking hot for sure.

Siren In Waiting as well as the other books in this series are a true guilty pleasure for me and the perfect escape when I need something a little sexier and hotter than normal. Then again I love a good ménage romance as long as it is done right and this author knows how to write them right. The balance between characters at times is a hard balance to find and while didn’t always feel that balance between Bo and Beth it was there but I think Trev is who really made this ménage work and be the glue to hold them together.

I can’t wait to rediscover another book in this series. If you haven’t read this series before you will want to catch up because this is still an all-time favorite series of this book whore.
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March 3, 2019
5 stars for one my favourite books. I loved Trev, and Bethany, they are amazing characters with just the right level of angst and personal growth. Bo was not a favourite H for me, he's juvenile, selfish and I wanted him to be better - even at the end, he still wasn't grown up. This book had a little mystery, the right level of steam, and a great HEA that showed how love could help an addict manage his life. Loved it - one of the best in the series.
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September 6, 2018
A very interesting/different take on a menage than I have previous read. I liked it. I think everything happened way, way too fast, but overall I really enjoyed this. It was a one-sitting read, and I stayed up way, way too late to finish it because I had to know what happened.
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January 4, 2020
Books where shy, quiet girl learns to be bold may be a trope, but it is a beautiful one. Loved this!
January 20, 2012
Originally posted at: http://whippedcream2.blogspot.com/201...

When is a woman no longer a Mouse? When she’s taught to be the natural confident submissive that has been simmering in wait for the perfect Dom.

I think I’ve said this about every Texas Siren book but this truly may be my favorite…so far! Bethany “Mouse” Hobbes is such a loveable and honest character she won me over immediately. She has always been the soft spoken, often overlooked, comfortable fixture in the town of Deer Run and rightfully earned the nickname “Mouse”. Having said that, when Ms. Oak first introduces us to Mouse she had just taken the first steps, on her own I might add, in securing a future for herself. In my mind, after reading the book, this was a very important piece of the story because it meant that she was ready for change when it presented itself. She simply needed the guiding and strong hand of a Dom to give her the confidence to pursue her dream.

Speaking of the Dom, Trev McNamara, broken ex-football star and recovering drug and alcohol addict, couldn’t have been more perfect for both Beth and Bo. In true Sophie Oak fashion, Trev’s story begins with a tie-in from one of Ms. Oak’s first books. Anyone who has read either the Texas Siren or Bliss stories is used to crossovers between these two fantastic series. Without giving too much away, I have to say I did not expect to see the familiar face that sets Trev on his path to true love and one incredible HEA. Trev isn’t looking for one sub, much less two, when arrives in Deer Run but he can’t deny the chemistry he immediately feels for Beth or his desire to take Bo in hand.

It’s not uncommon for a hero or heroine to have personal growth as a story progresses. Really, it’s pretty much expected when it’s romance. The challenge, in my opinion, is for the author to make that growth both believable as well as tangible to the reader. Ms. Oak certainly succeeded with Beth, Trev and Bo. Each character has emotional challenges and/or personal demons to fight. At the same time what they individually bring to the D/s relationship is vital and necessary for the success of all involved. One example of the well developed and gradual change is how Beth begins the story as Mouse but is anything but a mouse by the conclusion. And it only required the “threat” of a good figging, LOL.

One of the stories I’ve been anticipating, very impatiently I might add, is Leo Meyer’s tale. Ms. Oak knows how to keep her fangirls happy by nicely setting the stage for Leo, Shelley and Wolf to fight for their HEA somewhere in the near future. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Even if you are new to the Texas Siren’s books you can enjoy Trev, Beth and Bo’s story. There are quite a few names and faces that pop into the story and it certainly makes more sense if you’ve read the other books but it isn’t at all necessary for enjoying Siren in Waiting. Ms Oak is an amazing story teller and will have you coming back again and again.

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November 23, 2011
Again, I'm astounded by how much I'm addicted to this series and Ms Oak's writing. Everything about this story is excellent!

For the first time in the series, there's no M/M romance, just brotherly love between Bo and Trev. I like their relationship a lot because they understand each other and they're more of brothers to each other than their biological ones, not that Trev has a brother.

Before I start the crux of this review, I'd have to say that the small town setting keeps me glued. There are a lot of stereotypes I see in the movies, there's always the cheerleading captain/prom queen/bitch of them all, the quarterback, the losers/nerds, and those who're just trying to fit in, that they forget themselves to please others.

Trev got fired after failing 3 drug tests and that was the end of his football career. He's been given a chance to fix himself up until he gets his contract money. Going back to his old hometown and being a foreman at a ranch seems the best thing to do to pass the time, but what he didn't expect was to meet Mouse, or Beth as he likes to address her.

I liked Beth the moment I read about her. She's extremely shy, making her mysterious and because most people in small towns are narrow-minded and shallow, they just take her for granted and brander her as "that girl who follows Bo around". It's really sad because her own best friend, whom she cared, loved, and is in love with just can't see her as a woman. Buying the "haunted house" has been a breakthrough for her, a sign of independence, and when she wore the dress, her assets were prominently displayed - and Trev definitely noticed. She's being constantly described as curvy and plump, and I like that she's voluptuous.

Bo finally realized what he has until Trev got to her first, since Trev was the only one who saw her as a woman and he showed how much he desired her. Bo was really stupid but at least he realized that he hung out with the wrong crowd.

The story touched me deeply, especially when Bo finally declared he's inlove with Beth and he was just in denial. The mystery and suspense angle really worked for me, I was anxious for a while but then I thought I solved the mystery, and it turns out I was wrong (that's the part I love), and Trev saves the day.

It's funny how Lexi writes erotica involving menages and BDSM, and in her latest story, the hero saves the day, instead of the heroine unlike her previous novel, and it seems like Ms Oak was inserting herself in the book, like a cameo role only in disguise.

The sex was more of lovemaking, it was passionate and intense, written with such clarity I was caught up with it. Bo is definitely not a sub, but he's a little off the mark for a Dom. I'm glad he patched things up with Trev because they have chemistry as brothers. I'm also glad how Beth stood up for herself. All characters have developed one way or another.

I'm glad I discovered her books and I can't wait to read her other works.
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September 5, 2018
Goodness, where the town of Bliss is quirky and fun, the town of Deer Run is freaking awful. Full of prudish, narrow-minded asshats with a mean girl or two, it’s not a place I’d want to spend time at. The best thing about it is it’s the home of Lucas, Lexie and Aiden, the MC’s from Siren Beloved, the fourth book in the Texas Sirens Series. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Siren Beloved, Deer Run just sounds like a sucky place to live.

Trev McNamara, Bo O’Malley, and Bethany Hobbes are all seriously broken. Trev is a disgraced ex-football player who is also a recovering addict. Bo has serious family issues and has been let down by every male figure in his life, including Trev, and Bethany is the town doormat. Seriously, these three getting together was a disaster in the making, which made it all the sweeter when things started working out.

All three had lots of growing to do before they could pull off being in a relationship, much less a menage. It’s unusual that the sub is the most mature of the bunch, but Bethany needed to find her backbone and fast. It worried me a bit that Trev was the dominant of the trio as he was fighting an addiction that he didn’t quite have a handle on yet. As for Bo, his maturity level seemed to be stuck at the angry teen which brought its own set of worries.

The more they trusted in each other, the farther each came into their own. My problem was I closed the book hopeful for them but not as sure as I like to be that they would make it in the long run. I think I needed more time with them working as a group to fight back all their demons to fully believe in them.

Siren In Waiting dealt with the tough subject of addiction which made for an angsty read, but the little bits of humor, especially from Leo and Liam helped even it out. I enjoyed my time spent with Trev, Bo, and Beth, even if I still don’t like the town of Deer Run as a setting. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Blake has in store for Leo and Shelley when I get my hands on the next book in the series.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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June 7, 2016
3 stars. This was the story of "Mouse"/Beth, Trev, and Bo. Beth, nicknamed "Mouse", is an "old maid", never been kissed, and social parrhiah in their small town. Her best friend is Bo, who she has crushed on forever. He is a manwhore, who only sees Beth as a friend and takes her for granted, treating her just as badly as everyone else in town. He is also annoyingly worried about what everyone thinks of him in town. Trev is a professional football player from the town who just moved back after undergoing rehab for a drug and alcohol addiction. Actually, his rehab was dom training at a BDSM club, but whatev. He meets Beth, thinks she is the perfect sub, and wants her instantly. She decides to give up on her feelings for Bo and accepts Trev's proposition. But by doing that, Bo realizes what has been in front of him all along and that he is in love with Beth too. Beth wants both of them and they become an unlikely threesome. Throw in lots of drama with Trev's sister, Shelly and her crazy husband, Trev's manager, Beth's house being broken in to and vandalized, and lots more.

This was an ok read. It kind of dragged on. For a book I expected to be an easy. smutty read, it was pretty tedious. The characters were all kind of annoying and there was more drama and less sexy times than I expected. Overall, it was just pretty meh.
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September 2, 2016
Bethany has loved Bo for over a decade. He never saw her until Trev came back home as the prodigal son. Well, Trev came home but very few wanted him. Trev is a disgraced former pro football player who is a reformed drug addict and alcoholic.

These three bring out the best in each other. I really enjoyed this story as Ms. Oak never disappoints. Her scenes are hot and smexy. I enjoyed every little bondage and D/s scene. I do have to state that this was pretty light BDSM yet it was so tastefully done. Returning to the cast of characters in the Texas Sirens was fun. I liked seeing Lexi again. I really enjoyed see Leo. I want a story about Leo and his brother Wolf from Bliss so badly.

I've been thinking about Ms. Oak's books and I think I know why they speak to me so much. Siren ones are about redemption with second chances. And the path to redemption is not pretty. People face adversity at every turn and it makes them stronger. The way that loved ones pull together is so alluring for me. This is why I love the Siren series. Well, and there are so many dominant men that just make me weak in the knees.
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June 16, 2014
Well, actually, I give this book 3.5 stars.
I think it was a step down from the previous ones, simply because of the fact that it wasn't a real threesome. I would have loved it more if Trev and Bo had also been involved sexually with each other.
Another thing that bothered me - in the previous book, the twins Ben and Chase had the last name Dawson, and here they were Ben and Chase Michaels...

Other than that, it was all pretty good.

I felt like Bo may have forgiven Trev too soon, especially in light of what's happened to him that night with his father.

I think that kid Austin is worth saving, and I wish someone'd saved him and we'll hear about it later.

I'm VERY interested to see what Shelley has in store for us. I definitely hope she's a brat! I can't wait to see how Leo handles her.

I also didn't like the fact that they left their hometown, Deer Run, even if it's for Bliss.

To sum up, I think Sophie Oak can and has done better.
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