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The world sees the portals as an invasion. For Lysa, they're an invitation.

The portals appeared without warning. Every thirteen minutes they take a thousand humans, leaving exact duplicates in their place. Now, chaos reigns and no one is sure anyone is still the person they knew. Whoever is sending the portals has destroyed human society without firing a shot.

Not everyone thinks the portals are a prelude to invasion. Lysa, a student far too bright for her own good, believes the portals might even be something wonderful. There must be a logical reason for the portals, and that means something alive and thinking on the other side of those shimmering holes in our reality. Her burning curiosity leads her to do the unthinkable; she leaps through a portal meant for another.

What she finds is a galaxy teeming with life, worlds beyond imagining, and two terrible truths: Earth is in danger, and the portals are a one-way trip. Stranded in an alien civilization, Lysa will have to use her ingenuity to find a way home and warn Earth before it’s too late.

Portals is book one of the Into The Galaxy Duology, an exciting action-packed adventure suitable for all readers.

252 pages, Kindle Edition

Published July 5, 2018

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About the author

Ann Christy

49 books221 followers
Ann lives by the sea under the benevolent rule of her canine overlord and an incredibly foul-mouthed cat. A scientist and Navy officer by profession, the writing bug somehow got inside her during her travels. She's now stuck with it and can't stop writing.

She writes fully immersive works of science fiction and apocalyptic fiction, often with a YAFA (Young Adult for Adults) twist. Ann is also a voracious reader, and adores a well-done audiobook. If she's not writing, then she's reading or listening.

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Profile Image for Aletia.
370 reviews4 followers
July 5, 2018
I'm in love.

Ann Christy always writes so vividly. With this particular story she introduces us to different ways of seeing, or, viewing ourselves/our world. I SO wish this was a book with photographs, because I would absolutely love to see what she has painted for us with her words. It may not be an action packed story, but you get something new with every paragraph. The worlds she has invented, and the story she has written, is absolutely unique. And I believe it to be utterly beautiful.

As a human, would you have the strength to survive in an alien atmosphere?
Profile Image for Jim Garrison.
69 reviews1 follower
July 26, 2018
Baked to perfection

Ann says that this book took two years to write. The quality of the story and writing reflects the authors hand. While it is targeted to a young adult audience, this 70 year old enjoyed it all the same. Well worth the money and time to read it. I look forward to the sequel.
Profile Image for Shawn Mcvay.
98 reviews8 followers
August 13, 2018
Well written start to a saga

An invasion that is not an invasion at all, one scared girl trying to adjust who can save the planet if she does.
3,093 reviews8 followers
July 7, 2018
"Life, above all, is my purpose."
Seventeen years old Lysa was in class at school when the first breaking news came of the mysterious window which had suddenly appeared, disgorging a man, exact twin of a bystander. The newcomer had seized his double, thrown him into the multicoloured swirling from which he had stepped, threw him into it and just walked away. The portal closed with a pop. "It's a magic trick" was the first reaction. But it wasn't. Soon, reports of similar recurrences were being reported world wide. Every fifteen minutes. For weeks.
So many theories. So much disruption, fear or expectation. People banding together for protection or rapture. Lysa and her mother stayed close every minute, fearing the coming of a portal for one of them. Then it does - for Lysa's mother. But it is Lysa who jumps in instead.

This beautifully crafted and written story is filled with colour, exploration and delight. But also the raw power of emotion. Without the violence usually filling the pages of a thriller, this book is still action packed with excitements and discovery. Although mostly aimed at a Y.A.audience there is plenty still to satisfy readers of any age
This is part one of a two parter and I look forward to the second with anticipation. Warmly recommended to anyone who still believes in the mysterious wonders of life and the inate courage of individuals.
Profile Image for Lissette.
Author 25 books104 followers
July 19, 2018
What if you were presented with an unexpected choice? Would you take it and see where it leads you? This is a thought Lysa has considered from the moment the portals began popping up on Earth. Most people think the portals signify an upcoming invasion. Others believe it's a sign the world is ending. For her, it's a means in discovering an entirely differently world.

Ann Christy is the type of author whose story draws you in from the get-go. I love her ease of storytelling. She presents us with a story that makes us think from the moment we begin reading. While this is a work fiction, it makes us wonder if there's something more out there. Do aliens truly exist amongst us?

In Portals, Lysa makes a decision that changes her life and that of her mother's forever. Despite the fact that she now has to live with her decision, she can't help but wonder as to what is happening back on Earth. Granted, she's been given a few answers when it comes to the portals themselves. It still doesn't change the fact that her world has been torn asunder.

I keep wondering what will happen with Lysa and her mother. Will they ever see each other again? Will the Earth return to its former state? What about those who've stepped/been thrown through the portals? Hopefully, we'll learn more about what's going on in book two soon enough.
422 reviews3 followers
August 11, 2018
I love this story, the first in this series.

I'm a little ticked that my first review disappeared. Maybe I can revive it. Trust me, this story is worth your time!
Profile Image for Stephen.
51 reviews
July 18, 2018
Fantastic story, great characters.

While Lisa is the main character, I found that Jack shined just as bright. By the time the end of the book rolled around I was pretty bummed that there were no more pages to read!!

This was a very enjoyable book , and pretty unique. Hope the sequel arrives soon.
July 15, 2018
Science fiction with a twist

Really enjoyed the story. Not your usual science fiction. Part I enjoyed the most was that there were 3 main characters who were well developed with a few minor characters. This allowed the author to truly get into the characters themselves.
July 9, 2018
Starting with full disclosure; the author provided me an advance copy of this book in exchange for a review. No restrictions on the nature of the review were expressed or implied.
Portals is the title and the Portals are a passageway to ….where. More to the point, why? Ann Christy doesn't bother with the how of the portals but the why gives her a Heinlein-like opportunity to examine our presumptions by taking them out of context. That's a big bite of the literary apple and one she handles well. Don't strap on your blaster, this book isn't about titanic battles it's about what ifs. One of the what ifs is a saver. Saving life-forms with promise from catastrophic fates not of their own making. Our protagonist is a teen girl (there's some conflict for you) who was an uninvited participant in the mission to rescue humanity. I'll recommend the book while offering two cautionary notes. First, sometimes the narrative seems like a travelogue; second, it is planned as at least a two book set and you will really want the next one.
Profile Image for Leisel.
250 reviews1 follower
July 6, 2018
This was a nice unexpected find from author Ann Christy. A easy read but certainly left me with some great questions about what if this could happen! Sorry don't want to give out any spoilers for any readers, but can say you will find it hard to stop reading. The story revolves around the main character Lysa and her attitude of wanting to see the positive whilst the rest of society is bent on seeing the portals as a negative. Does the human race deserve to be saved? Interesting theme used too, is how at the moment earth is being slowly poisoned by humankind and how this story demonstrates a related link to what is happening.

This book was provided free from the author for a fair review.
July 2, 2018
What an amazing book! Ann Christy has never let me down, and this is my favorite book of hers to date. The author has an amazing ability to get the reader invested in her characters right out of the gate, and having just met Lysa, I cannot wait to read book two once it's published. As always, well written, funny, intelligent, and emotionally impactful (that ending, wow..) This book also interestingly touches on the question of "what is sentience?" One character's interpretation of it might surprise you. I've bought and thoroughly enjoyed the Silo 49, Dark Collections, and Between Life and Death series from the author, and I have to say that Portals is absolutely of the same caliber as her other works. This is the first advanced copy book review I've done, and I was honored to be asked to do so. I will definitely be purchasing book two when it's released. Thank you for another great book Ann!
Profile Image for Gene.
411 reviews4 followers
July 10, 2018
A fun book with lots to think about. Good characterization & action without any dragging sections.
135 reviews3 followers
June 28, 2018
Great read.

Many thanks to the author for providing an advanced copy of this book.

As a hard science fiction fan, I had my reservations whether the story line of this series would work for me, but I know Ann Christy to be an talented story teller as I've read every book she's written and have yet to be disappointed.

This is a great story with a strong female character. The author has captured the mind of a 17 year old perfectly and how confusing they would be to an alien race (or anyone else for that matter). I found it fun to ponder how complex and sometimes contradictory our social behavior would be to an outsider. I found the book to be well paced and a page turner that kept me up longer than I would like at night reading.

I am certainly looking forward to volume two.
Profile Image for Susan.
71 reviews
September 14, 2018
Another reviewer's comment that Portals reminded him of the golden age of SciFi really resonated with me. With a 17 year old heroine, an innocent first love sub-plot and a fast paced non-technical storyline, it reminds me of the first books that captured my attention in high school. Lysa moves from being disgusted by cockroach-like aliens (which seems appropriate in the beginning) to thinking they are "cute," to realizing that they are people to whom she owes a debt of gratitude. I was disappointed in the transition to "cuteness" at first and thought the author had flubbed her chance for a teaching moment, but I didn't give her enough credit. I've never read a nicer request for a review which inspired me to take the relatively rare step of writing one.
Profile Image for Debbie.
353 reviews8 followers
October 26, 2018
Wonderful book! There is nothing at all about this story that I didn't love. As always, Ann's characters are varied and distinctly individual. Lysa is a realistic teenager, albeit a very smart one, facing a unique situation. I've got to say, though, I think the alien characters are terrific. Really, how can you not love someone named Drives Too Hard.

There are several tales within the overall plot that give depth to the characters. Hub's story alone is pretty amazing, and there are others. A lot of work went into this book, and the result is a complex and fascinating story set in an intriguing universe.

Read and be entertained. Highly recommended!
June 26, 2018
A quick read (for me), kept my interest all the way through the advance reader e-book copy. As book 1 of a 2 book series, I'm going to be reading the second one.

There's no 'bad actor' or antagonist in this book, aside from the reactions of some humans to the portals. Hopefully something will come along in the second book to throw a wrench into the works.

Overall it reminds me of the first half of Heinlein's "Podkayne of Mars" or "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel".
August 12, 2018
Interesting twist on teenage love story

Although I enjoyed this book, I think it's geared towards the younger teen\adult anticipating first love, as the main character is a teenage girl who finds a boyfriend, and feels the way all girls feel at that age. I felt the author did a fine job with character development -human and alien. I thought it was an interesting story, rather unique and I want to read the second book as well. The book is slow moving, an easy read.
23 reviews
September 17, 2018
Not Quite An Invasion BUT Possibly The Best Alien Invasion You'll Ever Read

Ann Christy has written such a tight and well-defined story! Her deceptively gentle storytelling gets under your skin until you care very much about all of her gentle, interesting, likeable characters. The reader learns about the cultures and beings right along with Lysa, the main character. They become well-defined "people" and cease to be "other" for the reader. There are no loose ends left hanging in this awesome story and the end makes complete sense in all its devastatingly beautiful perfection. It has been a long time since I finished a novel and sobbed, especially a YA novel.
Profile Image for James.
Author 2 books13 followers
August 3, 2018
I know this is probably a "teen" novel, but everyone is a "good" guy. There is no real conflict, at least not between any of the characters. The prose is excellent, but I'm not sure I will read the sequel (second half) to this.

Also, the characterization of Earth and its species as being unique seems totally unjustified. If I do read the sequel (second half), I would hope the author justifies this assertion.
9 reviews
July 19, 2018

This is a fun young adult sci-fi novel, with an unexpected twist on an alien adventure. Check it out! Well written.
5,161 reviews21 followers
November 7, 2018
Lysa is a girl still in school when really strange things begin to happen. Portals start opening around the Earth. A physical duplicate of a nearby person emerges and the human one seems unable to move as the duplicate picks them up and throw them through the portal and then walks off.

Obviously this is causes great panic and fears of an invasion. The problem becomes personal for Lysa when a portal opens in their home and the person stepping out is a duplicate of her mother. That replacement, though, is shot and killed.

So, what does Lysa do? She jumps through the portal. She finds an incredible place known as the Hub. Some of her questions get answered but there's still a lot left. She meets a being that is to help her adjust to her new life and she even ends up getting to meet actual aliens. (The aliens, particularly the Kassa, are really fascinating.)

She also finds out the history of the Hub and what it's role is. She learns, too, that an asteroid is due to impact the Earth and wipe out almost all life.

She feels that if she can get to the Earth she can calm the people down and get the process of saving the humans get back on track. To do that all she has to do is steal a spaceship and get back to Earth without anyone finding out that's her plan.

There's also the problem of an alien atmosphere she will have to get through without dying.

A really, really enjoyable story.

1,403 reviews1 follower
October 4, 2018
Delightfully written

This may be the most delightful novel that I've ever read. This isn't a YA or Teen or NA or College audience story, this is a human, very human story about change and hope. One other reader said this author writes vividly. That is utterly true. Another referred to the story as perfect. Again completely true. It is a nice book to remember what teenage years were or could have been for some adults and made me look at my own more kindly.

Humans are only one set of characters and these characters are all engaging. The main character is precious. She embraces the wonder in finding herself on an alien space station and sees opportunities in her circumstances that most adults have been trained to ignore. It's quietly exciting to read.

I recently decided that most science fiction was hopeless. It is so dominated by horrible writers and bad writing but this gem of a novel has turned my opinion around. One of her novels easily outweighs thirty of the other type, I feel.

This is the first writer that I've decided to follow. You will enjoy the book tremendously and at the least be pleasantly entertained.
Profile Image for Jenny.
52 reviews
January 12, 2019
Fantastic! I love that the main character is a Hindu teenager living in America. The author does an amazing job of connection you to Lysa experience and her cultural perspective as she experiences life pre and post portal experience. Bonus point for making this book into series, I'm starting the second one tonight.
16 reviews1 follower
October 29, 2018
Pleasant exploration of sentience and the vast possibility of life in the universe.

Several intriguing concepts not encountered in my sci-fi readings before. It was a fun read. And conveyed characters emotion well.
20 reviews
September 15, 2018
Outstanding story in a coherent reality

The fantastic (as in "fantasy") reality is consistent in its depiction, making it interesting and, eventually, acceptable. Great planning. Also, the story is appealing primarily, I think, because the characters are continuously revealing hidden layers and depths...becoming more "real" over the course of the book.

The one annoying glitch for me as a reader is periodically being whipped out of that world by a word or phrase calling attention to itself. When awareness of a word emerges, the disbelief can no longer be suspended. Using the wrong case for pronouns (e.g., “leaving he and I”) or misspelling (“a real trooper") causes me to lose the immersion into a fascinating world.

Beta readers and writers who have mastered spelling and grammar (not to mention writers who do more than spell-check) would be ideal. I think this writer is precise and a great story-teller (!) but could use a guide to grammar.

Still, I enjoyed the book and I’m grateful it promises only to be a duology rather than an extremely wordy trilogy or pentalogy. Thank you.
Profile Image for Karen Simmons.
36 reviews1 follower
November 5, 2018
A wonderful world

An awesome story. The interactions between different species and how well they interact makes me hope that when humans finally meet extraterrestrials we will do so just as well. There is such a great underlying feeling of hope to save humanity all through this book that I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Ann.
1,112 reviews6 followers
August 25, 2018
Portals by Ann Christy is book one of her Into The Galaxy series. Portals is an interesting story about abductions and alien life forms. This is an easy read, not a lot of technical information that makes the reader's eyes glaze over. To me this is more a YA novel.
Profile Image for Warren W..
Author 5 books1 follower
October 5, 2018
Wonderful story!

I totally enjoyed this adventure. It was a unique plot for me. I’m a real sci-fi fan, and this really hit the spot. I hope, here is more!
Profile Image for Lynne Cunningham.
74 reviews6 followers
November 6, 2018

Thought provoking! I really liked the characters and could visualize them and the setting through the authors words. Looking forward to book 2!
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