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Corrupt Desires

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Phee knows that girls like her don’t get the fairytale…

Falling for a man like Bryant Holbrook is just begging for heartbreak. Rich boys don’t look twice at waitresses from the fog, at least not until now. One smart-mouthed taunt and his turquoise eyes are all over her. That cocky, bad boy grin tempting her with the impossible.

It should have stayed a one-night stand.

Now, it’s too late.

Phee is pulled into a world of danger and corruption where Bryant must put everything at risk to keep her safe, or risk losing her to keep his father’s dream alive.

*This is a standalone full-length novel with an intense, heroic Dom, BDSM, drama, suspense, and a world of corrupt men that make this fairytale darker than most. How far would you go for your happy ending?

NOTE: This book is based on an older set of novellas that are no longer available. They have been rewritten, revised into a single novel, and the story expanded to be dirtier, darker, and blisteringly hot!

318 pages, ebook

First published July 9, 2018

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About the author

Jennifer Bene

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Jennifer Bene is a USA Today bestselling author of dangerously sexy and deviously dark romance. From BDSM, to Suspense, Dark Romance, and Thrillers—she writes it all. Always delivering a twisty, spine-tingling journey with the promise of a happily-ever-after.

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September 4, 2020

I really loved the dystopian world Jennifer created in Corrupt Desires. It felt like it could be set in our near future and whilst it's never made clear if this is meant to be Earth or some other world it really didn't matter. The writing, flow of the story and plot are all of the usual high standard i have come to expect from this author, overall I enjoyed this story.

For some reason, that I'm struggling to identify, this just didn't quite grab me as much as her work usually does. I think part of it was the Phee wasn't the strong female character I prefer, she was rash and impulsive and a little TSTL at times. Strangely enough I still quite liked her, but there were also times I wanted to hit her! Bryant was what really drew me into this story, he was a dominant alpha but not in a overbearing way.

I'm also not a fan of insta-love, which this definitely is. We only experience their initial meeting and one date before everything goes crazy. For me personally this meant I struggled to believe that they had formed such a strong bond/connection virtually instantaneously. Whilst the book is written in the third person, it is always from Phee's perspective. So when major events happen we only get a one sided view, again my preference is to 'hear' from both the main characters, in order to connect with them. However this didn't prevent me from enjoying the story!

Their chemistry and D/s dynamic makes this one very steamy read. These scenes were not too numerous so that they enhanced the plot rather than overshadowing it.

The pace and action when we start to find out the real truth of Bryant, Phee and the COF was fantastic. This was my favourite part of the story and though it isn't needed in the story, I would have loved for this part to have been the biggest focus of the book and to find out more about the characters we meet here, their motivations etc. Though this would be mainly because it hits my love of all things sci-fi, urban fantasy and dystopian.

The story wrapped up really well, though be warned that there is a very dark scene towards the end of the book. For me this was the part where I most missed experiencing Bryant's perspective/ actions/emotions.
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September 1, 2018
Started off slow.. but then I started to like it.

Corrupt Desires is about Phee and Bryant. Phee, a hardworking waitress, is trying to stay on this amazing work grind so that she can survive this thing called life. Well, it was going kind of swell.. until she met Bryant. Oh man, did she irk him one night. After a few comments of him not looking for the right girl to challenge him.. he asked for her number.

Now this romance wasn't all kind of fluffiness. No, it was a bit confusing in the beginning. Mostly this was because of the two character being from two different places. I don't know why that bugged Phee so much.. but it did. She just didn't know what Bryant wanted from her. Well, girly, he likes that you have a mouth and you aren't going to sugar coat shit to anyone, anywhere.

Overall, it's definitely a version of Cinderella. It was cute and had some sexy and swoon-worthy moments. I ended up enjoying this towards the end of the book.. but I have no idea if or when I will be diving into another book by Jennifer.
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July 18, 2018
I started this with the intentions of reading a chapter or two before I fell asleep. I ended up staying awake until the wee hours to finish it. It was that good.

Phee is a young girl working hard as a waitress to survive. Like all girls she dreams of the fairytale romance. Bryant is a hot alpha rich guy. He’s not looking for a girl but Phee and her smart mouth has him in a tizzy.

This is a brilliant read. It’s an intense standalone with lots of twists.
I’ve got to say I’m so glad I didn’t know there was a dystopian feel to this story or I’d have given it a miss. This was a great read. Can’t wait to read more from this author.
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July 20, 2018
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3 1/2 ⭐️'s

I have to admit that when I started this book I was really really confused and to be honest it didn't end -the confusion that is- Phee is a waitress in the lower end of town (the fog). She doesn't believe in fairytales or a better life. But for some reason, she is looking out into the "fog" (not the real fog) and is dreaming of kings and queens. So when she has to go back to work she meets some men that are not very nice. And Phee has a mouth on her.

Bryant is one of those men. He seems to like that Phee has a mouth on her and asks for her number. He is not from the fog. And Phee can't figure out what he wants from her. But all he seems to want is a date.

Maybe Phee will find her happy ever after. But there just might be a few bumps in the road first.

So I am on the bubble with this one. Not sure if I liked it or didn't if that makes sense. I would not reread it, and I am not sure if I would recommend it to be honest. But would I read another story by Jennifer? I think I would give it a try. See bubble.
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July 2, 2018
Cinderella story.

Please, do NOT read the above in Bill Murray’s Caddyshack voice. For the novel Corrupt Desires, by Jennifer Bene, think more of a sexy Morgan Freeman-esque voice. That low timbre, growly, right to the solar plexus tone will fit the bill quite nicely not only as a descriptor for the main love interest for the protagonist of this story, but also because you’ll definitely want to be thinking sexy, as this novel has that in spades. This is a Cinderella story of sorts, but with darker, more gut-wrenching plot twists than anything Charles Perrault wrote.

Corrupt Desires is set in a near-future, somewhat dystopian society, where the novel’s heroine (Ophelia, or more commonly addressed as Phee) works in the high-rent district, while she comes proverbially from ‘the wrong side of the tracks.’ She meets Bryant - a dominant, cocky, and somewhat assertive mid-level member of the government - while serving him at the diner she works in. The story follows them as they discover their mutual attraction (and ‘tastes’, shall we say), deal with some very intense (and dark) issues which life puts them through, and ultimately find their own fulfillment and happiness with each other. Oh, and along the way they have some very hot, tasty (no pun intended) and enticing sex to keep things interesting. Not that you’d expect that from a Jennifer Bene novel, but – surprise! surprise! :-)

As with many (most) of Ms. Bene’s stories, the protagonist is a strong-willed, empowered woman, who has all the normal fears, desires, and conflicts that any of us do. That is one of the things that the author excels at; creating these SFP’s (Strong Female Protagonist’s) that keep the reader coming back again and again. This novel is no exception. Phee embodies these characteristics in a relatable, likeable, and realistic way, foibles and mistakes included. She is not a ‘Mary Sue’ by any stretch; she has moments where, despite her best intentions, she recognizes her weaknesses and falls prey to them, even as she struggles knowing better. This makes her a much more powerful and compelling character, because she doesn’t induce any eye-rolling moments where she goes ‘Superwoman’ in a way which tests credibility. In fact, some of the most intense (and disturbing, fair warning) moments in the book are when she does go through these moments of crisis. It’s because the reader can relate to their own feelings / knowledge that when confronted with something as extreme as described in these scenes, we probably wouldn’t have the internal fortitude to stand up to it exactly in the manner we’d like to believe we would, no different than Phee. How Phee deals with those moments, and comes through them without losing faith in who she is, even while recognizing the compromises she’s been forced to make, is what reinforces the character’s true courage and mettle.

Phee’s love interest in this novel – Bryant – does yeoman’s service as her counterpart in the story. He struggles with his own demons, and some of the best interplay between Bryant and Phee comes out of their interactions when they are discussing / dealing with those. Their relationship does contain milder elements of a traditional BDSM, D/s dynamic – be forewarned, if that is something which does not suit your tastes. That being said, however, those elements are by far not as overwhelming as is the case in other novels (including the author’s own Thalia series), so even if that isn’t your cup of tea, it shouldn’t dissuade you entirely from reading this. Bryant plays off Phee so very well, and there are scenes in the latter half of the book in which the interactions between the two of them are so alternately heartbreaking and then heartwarming that for no other reason those are the ones that should make you want to read this. Given the situations that these two have been put through, how they deal with the conflict is both gut-punched inducing, and then soul affirming in the end.

If there were a single complaint I have with the book it would be this; the author provides a rather bare-bones framework for the overall world-building aspect of the novel. Especially at the beginning, this can be a bit off-putting. You get the basic conceit of time / space of where this is taking place, but there are certain elements of the locale that are left frustratingly vague, along with any explanation of the ‘why?’ of the locality that is pretty much left to the reader to fill in. While that in and of itself wasn’t a deal breaker, there were moments that I really wanted to understand the why’s and wherefores about Lakehurst (the main locale) a bit better without having to make guesses about it. When placing a novel outside of a standard, recognizable location (whether contemporary or historical), world-building is so important, in my opinion, and, unfortunately, the novel lacks depth in that to a certain degree. Corollary to this is that certain aspects of some of the character’s backstories are impacted by the thinness of the world building. We obviously know their reactions to specific situations / conflicts, but to what degree does the world they live in / were brought up in affect those reactions and choices? That is in some cases simply not provided, and it is left for the reader to assume. The ‘fog’ (something alluded to quite frequently in the novel) is a thing that affects not only the characters in the novel, but – unfortunately – to the reader also.

That being said, the issues of world building are minor in comparison to so many other aspects of the story that they in no shape should deter the reader. There is simply too much wonderful interplay between the main characters (and some of the supporting cast too!), and the development of their relationships overrides any minor inconvenience of the aforementioned. Additionally, whether it was intentional, or just serendipity, there are portions of the novel that are eerily analogous to certain current events taking place (two words, as way of an example – special rendition). Those instances serve to further heighten the tension within the story. There are scenes which are simply heartbreaking. And yet in each case they are followed with moments that lift the characters up and beyond the pain and tragedy, so that those events do less to define the characters than how they deal with and overcome those events does. Those are the moments that will stick with you, and hit you with all the ‘feels’. At least they did for this reader.

In closing, if you have read either of Ms. Bene’s previous novels Fae or Tara (Daughters of Eltera Series), you should be quite pleased with this one, and I highly recommend getting it. If you are a first time reader, then you’ll do well to choose this as a first novel to enjoy (and then pick up the other two to follow!). Not only will you find the strong female protagonist we’ve come to expect (and love), but also the strong, supportive partner standing with them, helping them to overcome the obstacles life has place in front of them, and come out the other side stronger together. Along with some hot, grin-inducing sex as icing on the cake!
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September 13, 2018
The story takes place in a dystopian world where the setting is split between The Fog - the poor side where the sky is never seen - and downtown, the cleaner side that caters to those with money. The main character, Phee, is from The Fog but works at a cafe downtown. One day she waits on a downtown man, Bryant, who becomes intrigued by her and talks her into a date. When Bryant flakes out after their night together, Phee becomes convinced he’s just a jerk that decided to toss her aside, but Bryant soon reappears and Phee realizes she’s gotten herself into more than she expected.

I couldn’t get into this one. The characters came together much faster than I anticipated and even with the drama, their relationship was very insta-love and not enough character development before that happened. I don’t think it helped that there’s only the heorine’s POV so it was hard to connect with the hero at all. And with that lack of connection, I found myself underwhelmed and skimmed the love scenes.

This is the first time I’m making this complaint about a Bene story, but it had a lot more telling than showing. There was also a lot of Cinderellaesque thoughts going through the heroine’s mind that got repetetive. She wasn’t a doormat, but she wasn’t as strong or resilient as I’d come to expect from Bene. I was a little disappointed with her.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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July 13, 2018
Whenever I read Jennifer Bene's books I can't help get swept up in her stories and the absolute alpha hot men and the sassy women that bring them to their knees. This story wasn't the usual dark flavor Bene writes with but it was just as delicious. I thought Phee and Bryant were sexy and so swoony.

I loved that story had a touch of a dystopian feel. I loved learning about the classes of people and the Fog. I was hooked and compelled from the very first page. Phee was my favorite part of this story as she was outspoken and blunt and such a strong heroine. I also love that this story had the trademark sexy and steamy that this author is known for.

All in all, this was fantastic and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future! Bravo! 4 Stars! ~Ratula
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July 1, 2018
I already loved Of Fog And Fire, the first version of this book. But it ended much too soon. This was my review at the time:
this is a fairy tale where the prince (Bryant) and Cinderella (Phee) topple the tyrannical stepmother (government).
With the help of their merry band of faithful helpers (ex-military, etc), they end up righting the wrongs and in charge of the future welfare of their subjects.
But since this story comes from Ms. Bene's pen, it has explosions, and kidnapping, and well placed offings of bad guys, and whips, and paddles, and lots of steamy, hot scenes.
Well done Ms Bene!

And now she has topped herself and picked up the tale when the mundane work of governing a divided country begins.
And it is not just cheering and celebrations. There is heavy opposition from adherents of the old regime and they are not above using the methods of that regime to get back to power.
Bryant and Phee are growing ever closer and their relationship is well documented.
But that exposure brings with it dangers they had not anticipated.
Oh, and have your hankies ready for a walk in Montroix Park!
Enough said.
Just this, if you thought the first part was hot and steamy, wait until get to the end.
Even better done Ms Bene!
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216 reviews4 followers
July 2, 2018
When you finish reading and realize it immediately transported you to another dimension, kept you captivated until the last page and then leaves you thinking about it for days later, you know you have just read a really good story. Jennifer Bene is known for her shockingly dark and super hot stories, however, this book does a fabulous job of showing her flexibility and skill as a writer. A tale with jam packed action, mystery and suspense showcases the author's talent to the max. A fabulous story of Phee and Bryant, expanded beyond expectations, that brings the couple through darkness from the thick fog and raises them into the light through their love. 5 huge stars!
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3,065 reviews10 followers
July 13, 2018
I was not expecting what I read but, I love it! I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire ride. Just when you think you know what's going to happen, you don't. There are twists and turns, BDSM, suspense & yumminess. So good that I finished it in one sitting.
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June 30, 2018
This book had me all over the place. In a good way. There was action and danger. Oh, it was hot also! Phee and Bryant are not your likely couple. From two different sides of the track. But through fate they found each other. It's emotionally charged. It took me on their journey through these two peoples lives. I loved the story! Towards the end have tissue for sure. In the conclusion, Phee and Bryant get their HEA despite all that they had to endure to get there.
1,518 reviews11 followers
June 30, 2018
I really liked Phee and Bryant's story! Phee is one of my favorite female leads so far. I loved her and Reagan! Bryant was also such a sweet, fierce man! I am usually not a fan of political type story lines but this one kept me interested and wondering what was going to happen next!
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914 reviews12 followers
July 9, 2018
Phee, a waitress from the fog working in a downtown restaurant meets Bryant, a man that lives and works with the COF. The Cabal of Freedom is really just the powers that be at the moment but they are ruthless and destroying the lives of those they think are below them. Bryant is more than he appears to be and once he meets Phee, he wants to be better and much more for her. Phee can't seem to understand that she really does have something of value to offer Bryant and once they have established that their intentions toward each other are true, nothing can seperate them. Of course there are horrible circumstances that try to keep them apart and try to destroy their lives in one way or another but they do have each other and their very supportive friends. The political ups and downs along with Bryant's uncle who is only second in command do their best to ruin the lives of the people living in the fog, along with the budding love of Bryant and Phee. I really wasn't sure, as I read, who to trust and what to believe, but kept reading as it revealed such complicated situations. I felt happy most times but then felt unsure about how, if ever they could all come through such upheaval and hurt. I was confused many times as I read, I thought nothing could harm the love I was seeing between Phee, Bryant and their close friends and supporters, then it all came crashing down. In the end, tears were shed, smiles of joy were shared and somehow, the fog was lifted.
I totally enjoyed the story in spite of the angst, tears and sometimes terror. What a story!!!
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628 reviews7 followers
July 7, 2018
Oh man, I picked the worst possible time to read this story. I should have waited until winter and settled down in the snow somewhere because this story was meltingly hot and now I’m all hot and bothered and it’s too damn hot out to cool off. Phee and Bryant are an amazing couple and you will find yourself unable to put it down as you become desperate to find out the outcome.

Loves: How they met. I really do love a sassy female lead. How well Bryant and Phee complemented each other. The secondary characters were wonderful. The suspense. The drama. The fog. Their oh-so-smexy scenes together that practically melted my Kindle. All right. Fine. All of it. I LOVED all of it. Happy? I am.
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736 reviews2 followers
July 1, 2018
WOW, WOW, WOW. What a story. Originally this was called Of Fire and Ice which I read, but Jennifer has gone in and really changed and improved it. I will say she added more sexy scenes and gave you a deeper look into each of the characters. You will fall in love with Bryant and Phee along with Easton and Regan. I will not tell you about the story because I want you to read and enjoy like I did. I will say this is HEA. Enjoy.
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306 reviews
July 2, 2018
Some books you read, and they're so good, wicked, and intense you have to put it down and take a break from it. Yeah, this is one of them. This book is a mind trip from the start. It take place over a good bit of time, and oh my Gods the things that happen. Phee and Bryant go through he!! in this one. Phee, in all of her softness has boldness, and is not one to be left behind in any situation, no matter how dangerous. And Bryant, her alpha match in every way, has a caring side, yet a really bada$$ one as well, and is a protector to the extreme. And in the bedroom. I. Can't. Even. 🔥Beyond hot 🔥 Through the ephemeral fog, where the lights float like phantoms, to the highest skies, where you feel you can fly, this book takes you on a trip you have to experience to believe. It's a MUST read!!
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750 reviews16 followers
July 5, 2018
Phee (Ophelia) was born and raised in the Fog which is classified as the wrong side of the tracks.
She's sassy and can't seem to keep her mouth shut to save her life.
Bryant is the pretty rich boy who comes into the cafe where she works one day with his uncle and head of security.
She challenge him to take her on a date.
From there things get interesting and steamy between the two.
Can they survive all that is thrown their way??
Let me just say i Love Eastons character, he's the type of person you hate to love.
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July 7, 2018
When I started this book I wasn't expecting the depth and layers to the characters or the story itself.

Ophelia (Phee) is a girl born on the wrong side of the tracks or a better description would be a girl born under the fog. Less fortunate and forgotten, the citizens of the fog have struggled against the control of the upper-class for as long as Phee can remember. While her mother used to fill her head with fantasy and delusions, Phee grew up wishing for the impossible...a white knight in shining armor who would love and cherish her. But her knight turned out to be a dangerously sinful, powerful man with secrets of his own. No knight at all but a king of fire.

With the city on the brink of a revolution, Phee finds herself thrust into the fray with only her king to save her.

I found myself relating to Phee and her dream for a more fantastical life than the one she'd been dealt. I would highly recommend this book, it has some dark twists and a little bit of kink but I think fans of Jennifer Bene's work will really enjoy it.
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2,800 reviews66 followers
July 1, 2018
Where do I start? This story had more emotions that I've read in a very long time. I can't really go into details without giving the story away but Jennifer Bene has added to this story a lot of things that just brought way more to the book. Phee and Bryant are written so well, you almost feel like you are going through this journey with them. I laughed, I cried, I got pissed off and my heart broke in parts of the book but it's more intense than it is dark. Do yourself a HUGE favor and get this book!!! Once I started, I couldn't put it down!!!! If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would!!
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July 9, 2018
Corrupt Desires is a great mix of romance, adventure, and intrigue, mixed with spicy sex, all of which combines to make a perfect story.

Phee and Bryant's story is the classic girl from the wrong side of the tracks meets boy from the right side of the tracks and they fall in love kind of story. Only it's so much more than that.

Phee takes two busses and a train to get from her apartment in the fog to work at a diner downtown. That way she gets to see a little bit of sun and blue sky every day. Normally she ignores the people in her diner, other than to smile and take their order, but one day, a man with the eyes of a sea god comes in. When he starts talking about not being happy with the women he dates, she butts in and says that maybe he's dating the wrong women.

Bryant comes to the diner with his uncle, who is a high muckety-muck in the government. When he sees the beautiful Phee and she challenges him, he just can't resist. He calls her up and asks her for a date. Their date should have just been a one night stand, but it turned into so much more than that.

Phee and Bryant never really have it all that easy, even though they have this fairy tale romance going on. But neither one of them ever give up on their relationship. One thing that I really like about Phee is that she is joyously and gleefully kinky. A lot of times, you see heroines who don't know that they are submissive and like a little hanky-spanky until they meet the heroes. However, that's not the way it is with Phee. She knows what she likes, and she's more than willing to let Bryant be the one to give it to her. Bryant is strong and a warrior, but he doesn't want to negate Phee's strength. Together they are stronger than anything else.

I can never wait to read whatever Jennifer Bene writes, and with stories like this, is it any wonder?
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Author 69 books472 followers
December 21, 2018
4.5 Corrupted Stars

Jennifer displays an extreme versatility as a writer and is capable of creating a world and characters that keep you on the edge of your seat.

An excellent balance of story, character development for both the main characters and secondary characters, world building and of course a hot and desirable icing on the cake to give it a kick.

I LOVED the forbidden aspect to the relationship between the characters. A masterfully written seperation of class and status between Phee and Bryant, and an intense struggle to eradicate the forces trying to keep them apart.

There was a fire between these two characters that set the pages alight with their personalities, strong will and on several ocassaiond the bedsheets.

This story seemed to have a very dystopian feel to the setting which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's not a very used setting in romance so it was a pleasant surprise.

My only reason for docking half a star was due to some slight repetition that I noticed with regards to Bryant's eye colour. It did not detract from my enjoyment of the story I just didnt like the repetition.

Overall an excellently written and dark dystopian romance that kept me hooked. Jennifer lures you in with passion, fire and action, then into a lulling sense of security before dragging you back into the line of fire.

I did not read this story prior to the update and re-release as Corrupt Desires but I cannot imagine this story being anything less than what it is in this form.
607 reviews4 followers
July 8, 2018
WOW! This is quite an exciting, suspenseful, intriguing, fast-moving story. It easily grabbed me from page one, with the interaction between two people from totally different backgrounds, who share a deep sense of justice and caring. Then it got better!

Phee is the cute, smart girl from the wrong side of the tracks, in this case “from the fog.” Bryant is the attractive, wealthy gentleman from the “downtown” where the sun could still shine through. They connect quickly, because of her sassy mouth, and their connection grows deeper and faster than either had anticipated. With their burgeoning love comes outside forces that embroil them in an action packed, intense conflict between the have and have nots. Phee and Bryant work together to overcome tyranny and improve conditions for the less privileged citizens.

There are battles and violence and political suspense. But throughout all the angst their love never falters. The sex is hot and the love between Phee and Bryant just fills the pages with a kind of ethereal beauty that tugged on my heartstrings.
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July 9, 2018
This story was more than I expected. I think readers who love conspiracy stories, stories about rebellion...will really enjoy Corrupt Desires.

Outside of the BDSM element, this wasn't my usual read, so I have to say it stretched me a little bit. But the underlying fact never wavered. I was highly entertained by the very spunky Phee, kept in suspense with the rebellion story line and all that entails and absolutely loved the BDSM relationship between Phee and Bryant and even Regan and Easton.

As far as the emotional spectrum readers will go from very high highs to some very low lows. I love the emotional rollercoaster. It is honestly my most favorite part of reading. I giggled at Phee's bold and sassy personality, and without giving out the whole story ran through elation, fear, despair and joy.

I would absolutely love to see Regan and Easton's story if ever this were a possibility.

Reading time for me was a little under 5 hours and while this is totally doable in one sitting, I had some adult things I needed to take care of.

Giving this entertaining story 5 stars!

Review by Corrie H for Lamplight Review and Promotion
**I received an ARC for an honest review

Phee knows that girls like her don’t get the fairytale…

Falling for a man like Bryant Holbrook is just begging for heartbreak. Rich boys don’t look twice at waitresses from the fog, at least not until now. One smart-mouthed taunt and his turquoise eyes are all over her. That cocky, bad boy grin tempting her with the impossible.

It should have stayed a one-night stand.

Now, it’s too late.

Phee is pulled into a world of danger and corruption where Bryant must put everything at risk to keep her safe, or risk losing her to keep his father’s dream alive.

*This is a standalone full-length novel with an intense, heroic Dom, BDSM, drama, suspense, and a world of corrupt men that make this fairytale darker than most. How far would you go for your happy ending?

NOTE: This book is based on an older set of novellas that are no longer available. They have been rewritten, revised into a single novel, and the story expanded to be dirtier, darker, and blisteringly hot!
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July 9, 2018
Her King Of Fire and Her Power Struggle

Now I know why I love Jennifer Bene’s Magnificent reads. Wow the inimitable Ms Bene does it again with this amazing, thrilling ride from start to finish! I just love this author she never disappoints, she keeps you glued to her superb reads for the whole journey. A journey you do not want to end! I highly recommend this magnificent page turner as a must read NOW!
Ophelia Everett aka Phee has a minimum wage job as a waitress. Her mom’s magical stories and light broke when she became sick as she was convinced the Cabal Of Freedom were trying to kill her. Her mom died when Phee was 14 and Phee always remembered her grandfathers words “Don’t set your sights too high”. Her grandparents also died and it left her wanting more! The COF kept the people of Lakehurst living in the fog away from Downtowners as much as possible, even to the point of killing them off one by one! Phee meets Bryant Holbrook in the restaurant she works at, and there is an instant attraction between them. Bryant was arrogant, privileged and cocky but Phee agrees to dinner with him. Bryant’s uncle was a member of the COF. Will Phee be a pushover for Bryant or is she just a waitress from the fog? Why has the COF got a kill order out on Phee? Why is Bryant trying to help her when he is one of the COF? Can Phee rise to his challenge? There is no falling for the fairytale for Phee, she knows she is better than a fairytale! Can she be taken out of the fog or will Bryant extinguish her fantasies and light? The only things she has to hold on to! Can reality be better than dreams? Will Phee and Bryant seek there justice and vengeance for the people of the fog together? Could Phee be a warrior and wear her crown?
I am volunteering to leave a review for an ARC of this book.
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July 3, 2018
I really love Ms. Bene’s books.
She’s a very talented author and storyteller.
She writes in many genres so it shouldn’t have surprised me that Corrupt Desires had a dystopian vibe to it.
It was an interesting storyline and plot to read and think about.
The characters are all fantastic!
Phee is a waitress who’s head is always in the sky.
She’s a dreamer and her mind instantly creates a fantasy around a person she sees or at a place she’s at. Her mom created fairytales of new worlds and unique superheroes for her. So Phee’s imagination is creative.
Even though her fantasies always have her daydreaming she’s not some scatterbrained girl.
She’s not ditzy nor silly. She’s sassy,she’s strong and she’s feisty as hell!
She’s speaks her mind and her personality is endearing.
Bryant is her opposite.
He holds a high powered job. He’s stern,serious and much is demanded of him.
He’s used to being in control and having people apease him.
Bryant is domineering in all aspects of his life.
When Phee and Bryant something ignites in both of them.
Their journey together is dynamic!
Filled with intrigue,danger and raging passion!
I also loved the secondary characters,especially Easton.
Loved the ending!
Yes dominant can and do have a romantic side ♥️

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July 9, 2018
Review Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

“Sinister control, greed for power, gritty truths and realities”

I received an Advance Reader Copy for CORRUPT DESIRES written by Jennifer Bene and voluntarily reviewed this book. I loved this story! This clearly demarcated society made for quite an engaging read! We have Phee who felt fortunate enough just to have a best friend to battle through her waitress shifts with at the Elsinore Café located downtown, a place where she can enjoy the sun, because where she lives is in the veiling fog. She grew up believing in fantastical creatures and other wonders until it all came crashing down with the passing of her mother, who had kept insisting of strange happenings no one could believe or support. When Phee has to serve a sexy downtowner at her table who was associated with the Cabal of Freedom, the current controlling form of government, she engages in a freely voiced conversation with Bryant, who is at once wholly captivated by this beautiful woman, a breath of fresh air to him in the life he is mired in, unbeknownst to Phee. He pursues her, but after one magical evening, Phee’s world becomes utterly upended, and suddenly, she is pulled headlong with Bryant into what becomes a fight for their lives, for the truth, for change - something she never saw coming, but it became one she was not going to leave his side to battle.
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September 5, 2018
Big Brother👹🔫🔪 Is 👀Watching You

Sci-fi Adult Romance

Phee💃💋 lives in the lower, poor part of the city, where the fog never lifts. She takes a train and two buses to work at a diner that is above the fog. The sunshine mesmerises her and she spends too much time daydreaming.
Her boss, Alex, the chef, chastises her for making the customers wait. Her best friend thinks Alex wants to date Phee💃💋.

One day, Bryant🐺🍆🌋👋,a man she calls the sea God, comes into the cafe with two government men. His turquoise eyes literally glow. He is tall, ripped💪, handsome🐺, and well dressed, obviously wealthy. He gives her a large tip and she gives him her number. A girl from the fog can dream, can't she?....

ARC Received from HG.
I also got the book📑 with KU.

This is a book📑 about adult love, and about an oppressive big brother government that has spawned a resistance movement. Bryant🐺🍆🌋👋 is part of the resistance and his 💘love for Phee💃💋, drags her into it, too.
Bryant🐺🍆🌋👋 is a baaaad naaasty Spankenstein👋👋, and Phee💃💋 loves it!

Recommend! Great story!
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Want to read
August 31, 2020
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Phee knows that girls like her don’t get the fairytale…

Falling for a man like Bryant Holbrook is just begging for heartbreak. Rich boys don’t look twice at waitresses from the fog, at least... not until now. One smart-mouthed taunt and his turquoise eyes are all over her. That cocky, bad boy grin tempting her with the impossible.

It should have stayed a one-night stand.
Now, it’s too late.

Phee is pulled into a world of danger and corruption where Bryant must put everything at risk to keep her safe, or risk losing her to keep his father’s dream alive.

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July 14, 2018
I can't stand it! This is sooo good! It has everything I want in a reading experience...an alternative world, a beautiful couple, hot BDSM elements, evil dudes, good guys, awesome action and adventure, and a spectacular plot. I was twitching in my seat and panting and engrossed to the exclusion of all else. It starts with terrific world building in this dystopian-like story with the sun versus the fog. The strife between the elite that can see the sun and the lowly fog people and the chasm between the two foster rebellion in this exciting, twisted, dark tale. Our heroine, Phee, is from the fog and a dreamer of fantasies while our hero, Bryant, is a sun-born Alpha turned rebel. These two are not supposed to mix but it's insta-lust/love and nothing can stop them. They are so hot together. The author takes us on a fantastic thrill ride with twists and turns and OMG moments that will leave you breathless. And that doesn't even include the sizzle between our lovers. This is five stars all the way.
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September 1, 2018
Have to say when I started reading this book I expected something totally different. I was expecting a dark romance but instead it was more of a dark dystopian world and a romance between two people that were never supposed to interact with one another. Phee is from the Fog and Bryant is part of the higher ranking downtown with ties to the government. But when the two meet, none of that matters. That is until someone decides that the two classes should remain separate.
This story featured plenty of action and intrigue as the government and rebel forces clash. Throughout it all, Bryant and Phee become almost the symbol of the new government, a hope for a better future. Which means of course there is plenty of romance as well. For me, this book proves that Jennifer Bene is able to write across multiple genres and still manage to pull readers in and not let them ago until way past their bedtimes!
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