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Titans #1

Sexiest Billionaire

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Titans—An exclusive private society of the world’s most powerful, ambitious gentlemen.

She’s his friend’s daughter. Off-limits to a man like Jax.

Jaxon Mills is stunned — then furious — when sees his biggest investor’s daughter at one of the most exclusive clubs in New Orleans, dressed in a scandalous outfit and wearing an inviting smile. The tempting woman with the compassionate heart is supposed to be tucked away at grad school, where’s she safe from men like him.

Willow Henderson has one escape from her overprotective family — the French Quarter. There, she can be anonymous, even if only for a short time. But she never expects to come face-to-face with Jaxon, a sexy self-made billionaire Dom whose arrogance is matched only by his bank account.

Jax, an avowed workaholic determined to outrun his troubled past, has never allowed a woman to distract him. Until Willow. And when he discovers she’s a virgin, it’s more than a dominant urge that flares. It’s an honorable instinct he hadn’t known he was capable of.

He will do anything to make her his.

***This story contains plenty of steam! It’s a standalone story with a feel-good happily ever after. ***

96 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 13, 2018

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About the author

Sierra Cartwright

113 books1,435 followers
Sierra is a USA Today, International Best-Selling author who wrote her first book at age nine and hasn't stopped since.
Sierra invites you to share the complex journey of love and desire, of surrender and commitment.
Her own journey has taught her that trusting takes guts and courage, and her work is a celebration for everyone who is willing to take that risk.

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6,671 reviews146 followers
March 15, 2023
Purch Amazon July 20, 2018
2 stars for what I was able to read
It's more me than the story, so don't let this review sway you one way or the other.
DNF at 21%
It was boring me. Felt like just another erotica billionaire romance and I just couldn't read anymore.
I need more in ALL my stories now of days.
Maybe it's my age. Maybe I've hit that threshold of having read so many books of so many genres that virtually everything seems the same.
I'm done torturing myself
October 27, 2018
I have a history of loving Sierra Cartwright. The Mastered series was my jam. But it’s been a long while and I’ve read a lot of M/M in between. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t love this book? Or maybe it’s because this book is ridiculous.

Her: Didn’t expect to run into you in a BDSM club.
Him: You either.
Her: Your voice is very Dom-y and even tho I can’t see them b/c you’re wearing clothes, I love your chiseled abs. Spank me?
Him: Sure, but no one else will ever spank you again. Only me. I’m serious.
Her: You’re not serious so ok to the spanking.
Him: I could love you.
Her: Fuck me.
Him: Sure. Afterwards we’ll get married.
Her: No.
Him: Yes.
Her: Your voice is very Dom-y.
Him: We’re getting married.
Her: Ok.
The End

I love a forced marriage in a regency novel but in a contemporary romance? It’s ridiculous, and in this novel in particular, wildly out of place. I’ll give Ms. Cartwright a chance and read the next one. Hopefully it will be less nuts.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
1,512 reviews6 followers
December 17, 2022

This book was ridiculously rushed. Although they're acquainted, they don't know one another, but one night together and they're engaged. Then after all that they've already done, he decrees no more sex (although they're living together) until their marriage. She doesn't like him, she allows him to dominate her. She's not looking for a "lifestyle" Dom, she wants to be an independent woman, but she allows him to just take her over, she lets her mother pick her wedding dress and arrange everything. I thought from the opening scene and her backstory that she'd show some backbone but she never does.
Profile Image for Deborah.
346 reviews19 followers
June 28, 2018
No Chemistry

This book felt rushed. There wasn't any substance and it lacked a character connection. I couldn't get into this book because I didn't believe in the characters. They seemed basic and boring even though the author tried to make then seem important.

Profile Image for Jos.
1,694 reviews110 followers
June 30, 2018
DNF I didn’t realize it was a bdsm read. I don’t have anything against it but it’s not my thing either. I don’t mind a little but when I first started reading I realized right away this wasn’t what I enjoy reading about:( But that’s ok I will def try more from this author because I thought her writing was great it was just the content that wasn’t for me!
Profile Image for Erin Lewis.
4,190 reviews134 followers
June 18, 2018
4.5 Star Review Sexiest Billionaire by Sierra Cartwright
Sierra Cartwright is one of my favourite writers in the BDSM genre. As I have come to expect from a book written by Sierra Cartwright, it was extremely well written and flowed well.
Jax can hardly believe his eyes when he spot’s his friends’ daughter at the BDSM club he frequents, The Quarter. Jax is not only furious that she is there but he is even more furious with himself as he realises that he is tempted to give her what she wants.
This is a novella so you know that the story is going to be fast paced. I must admit I was surprised just how fast Jax and Willow went from zero to full throttle. However that being said, this is one novella that packed a punch; the only down side is I would have loved a full length book about Jax and Willow, however I hope to find out what they are up to in future books.
I am excited to see what comes next in this series.
Profile Image for Carol Doveatt.
109 reviews3 followers
July 1, 2018

Sexiest Billionaire pairs Jaxson Mills and Willow Henderson in a steamy, so sexy, so delicious, and loving relationship. I enjoy reading stories with dominant men who know exactly what their woman needs and how to give it to her, and yet have that sweet side that allows them to be so caring. The moment they meet they go up in flames and the attraction gets stronger and more combustible.In one sense Jax feels Willow is off limits as her father is known to him, yet he cannot fight the primal attraction he feels for Willow, and she does not want to fight the attraction as he is everything she wants and needs. This was a very fun very quick read for me and I so look forward to reading many more books by Sierra Cartwright!!!
Profile Image for Chalice.
2,595 reviews76 followers
June 8, 2021
The couple: Jaxon and Willow

Romance genre: bdsm
Part of a series: Yes (Titans)
Length: 93 pages

Plot: Jaxon is hanging out at his favorite bdsm club, when he sees Willow, the daughter of one of his business associates, walk in. He can't believe it, but there she is. When he sees another dom walk over to her, he quickly goes to interfere, determined that nobody but him will have her. He's pretty persuasive, so shortly, he has her following him into a private room to do private things. He then persuades her to let him drive her back to her hotel, where he ends up staying the night, although it ends in a fight when he tells her they'll get married. But remember he's persuasive!

Character development: Jaxon was infuriating - I can see why Willow was annoyed with him at least half the time! He was arrogant - but at least he recognized that he needed Willow to humanize him. He was also impulsive, except that in this case it worked out for him. She was right to be wary of him, but in the end, it turned out that he had both his and her best interested in mind. I guess what didn't make this a higher rating for me is strictly personal: I wanted to see a little more between them than just the spanking. I know the book said they talked, but because it was fairly short, I didn't see it, and with the (little but still there) age gap and lack of prior relationship, it was difficult for me to believe that she would just jump into the relationship. And I'm not a bog fan of the bdsm club kind of story. Still, it was a good story.

Next book in the series: Billionaire's Matchmaker
Profile Image for Katherine.
512 reviews
June 20, 2018
Wow, when Sierra writes short she doesn't disappoint.

The characters in this book are beautiful and fleshed out. They have unique personalities and attributes which in a novella is a beautiful thing as most authors tend to skip the character stuff for plot or sex but here it's beautiful woven together because without the characters the plot and sex make no sense. A beautifully written story, where the sex is hot and the romance jumps of the page.
Profile Image for Julie Kirby.
916 reviews11 followers
January 26, 2019
I've probably read these out of order, I started with Billionaires Matchmaker, but don't feel I lost anything from the story.

I really liked Jax and Willow their chemistry dragged you in, but most definitely kept your interest, I liked how they were around each other her sassyness, his dominance it was a great combination.

The relationship between Jax and Willow was off the charts hot! they might have done things back to front but they made it work, A fantastic quick, hot sexy read.

I'm loving these Titan's and can't wait to get Rafe and Hope's Christmas story.
Profile Image for Vondetta Carter.
732 reviews6 followers
December 24, 2022
Her Prince did come

Willow was on a getaway weekend in the NO..Jax was at one of his fav spots when she entered. He knew who she was. He knew no needed to get to her but him. She knew him because of being his company with her father. They spent a night that changed both of their lives. Great read. ..
Profile Image for Mayas.
1,671 reviews43 followers
June 25, 2018
Top for Keeps

Sexy, fun, and pure domination. You have to read on and get caught up in the whirlwind with Willow. I was all, “Yes, Sir” in a bratty way too.
Profile Image for Kristin Kent.
Author 1 book4 followers
July 9, 2018
This novella gets a three star rating from me, not because of the set up. I actually found that intriguing. Girl attends a BDSM members only club, only to find someone who she knows. Jaxon is a nationally known social media mogul, and her wealthy father is one of his largest investors. Okay, good set up for a potential conflict. The repartee, also was enjoyable as they discussed and bartered back and forth, as to what and what would not take place between the two of them, if anything. Things went slightly south for me, after he demanded they'd be together and once he found out she was a virgin, he demanded they marry. Now, at 90 pages, there can only be so much story development, but we went from an unexpected meeting to an agreed upon BDSM scene to an engagement within approximately 24 hours. Then, it skips to a conversation with her parents, neither of whom are surprised when she calls home and tells them she'll marry Jaxon. The epilogue is hurried information with her mother doing everything including picking her gown, because she's too busy with her collegiate career. I enjoyed the writing of Ms. Cartwright and would very much consider trying another one of her books, where an actual storyline can be brought to fruition in a longer format. This was way too rushed.
Profile Image for Lynn Edgar.
149 reviews3 followers
February 14, 2019
A spicy short story!

Sierra Cartwright never fails me when I want a hot BDSM story! It was a perfect combination of personalities that brought this book to life!
Profile Image for Linda Dunn.
965 reviews20 followers
June 24, 2018
Spankology 101

Jaxon and Willow were very entertaining and delicious to read about. Willow is the only daughter of a major contributor to Jaxon's business empire. Willow feels stifled by her parents over protection of her and ventures out on occasion to BDSM clubs to release her anxieties and stress. Jaxon is shocked when he see her walk into one of his BDSM club hangouts, but also intriqued and curious as to why she is there. The sexual attraction between them is immediate and intense. Jaxon quickly realizes after a "session" with Willow she means more to him than just a bottom to his top. Jaxon has no intention of letting her be anything other than his, and his alone.

I wish this story had been longer, but I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
Profile Image for Patricia Brigman.
19 reviews1 follower
July 11, 2018
Good Love Story

I really enjoyed this book. I was hooked right from the beginning when Jax first seen Willow in the club. This is a good love story.
Profile Image for Deborah.
951 reviews4 followers
July 25, 2018
Holy smokes Batman!! This book is scorching hot!! Sierra is one of my favorite writers and she never disappoints! Her books are always interesting, well written, and are paced well!

Jax is dumbfounded when he sees his top investor's daughter at an exclusive BDSM club. Knowing he doesn't want any other dom to touch her, he struggles with wanting to touch her himself. He understands what Willow needs and feels he can certainly give her what she came for. She needs a bit of convincing though.

This book starts off with a bang and never lets up! So sexy, so hot-you won't want to put it down! I liked the story and totally enjoyed seeing Jax be so caring with Willow. Yes, he was strong and dominant, but I liked his softer, compassionate side too!

A great start to a new series!
Profile Image for Sharlene.
198 reviews
July 16, 2018
I normally love Sierra’s book but this wasn’t my favourite. Jax is in a BDSM club when he sees Willow, his friends daughter. Within hours he has figured out everything about her, taken her virginity and asked her to marry him. If you like BDSM then this book is for you. Sadly I think I’m going off this type of story.
Profile Image for Dar.
3,511 reviews64 followers
July 22, 2022
I loved that Jax is just a bull about Willow! Even better, she responds to him and loves every second. Not right away, and not that she wants to, but he has her number and she can’t resist. It isn’t that he doesn’t listen to her, he does, it’s just he makes up his mind pretty quick and takes steps to make his desires happen 😊
Profile Image for Angel Payne.
Author 93 books3,280 followers
May 20, 2019
Absolutely loved this book--especially because I read the series out of order! That didn't diminish my enjoyment of the plotting or story for this one at all. I'm in love with Sierra Cartwright's Titans in the worst--and best--possible ways. Wow. Just wow.
Profile Image for Lit. 4 Ladies.
327 reviews12 followers
July 23, 2018
4 Teacups / 4 Handcuffs

“I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

Rene’s Thoughts:

★ I am really enjoying this new sexy series by Sierra Cartwright, and can't wait to meet the other Titans!

★ So far, this series seems to promote the idea that BDSM scenes do not have to be sexual in nature. So having a virgin who is a member and participant of a BDSM club seems completely plausible within the narrative. The dynamic and power exchange between the couple is the focus, and what makes this novel so hot.

★ One of the themes in this novel is not judging people by your first impressions of them, especially when you don't know their story. Willow had an instant dislike for Jaxon when she met him years earlier, although she was always attracted to the sexy Dom! Her opinion of him changed once she got to know, and understand him better.

★ Willow was my type of heroine! Not only does she know what she wants from a scene and a man, but she's intelligent and not afraid to grow as a person, i.e. admitting she was wrong about her assumptions of Jaxon.

★ Jaxon takes his responsibilities as a Dom seriously, and there is something extremely hot about a man who does. 

★ We got the couples sexy coming together, but I'm greedy and would've liked to see their courtship. SPOILER: It may have been sexless, but that doesn't mean it didn't have to be sexy too...

Happy Reading!

Lit. 4 Ladies: https://wp.me/p31uud-4hE
Profile Image for Joanne Carr.
754 reviews2 followers
July 2, 2018
Jaxson goes to the club and who does he see coming into the club but Willow his friends daughter. Willow sees Jaxson and was trying to pretend that she didn’t see him. While sitting at the bar another Dom came up and try to talk to her but Jaxson told her she is with him. Jaxson and Willow scened together but she told him no penetration and he was okay with that. The first spanking sent her into sub-space. The more he spanked her the more turned on. Jaxson and Willow go back to her room where after a couple of hours later he asked her to marry him she had been a virgin until him. She was so surprised she couldn’t understand why he wanted her to marry him. Sitting at the bar a friend comes over to talk to Jaxson and he tells him that they are engaged. Willow had no idea that he would take it that far. The next morning laying in bed she gets a call from her father congratulating her even though she hadn’t made up her mind. Jaxson had called her father to ask permission.. Jaxson wanted to be married in a week but she put him off. Will Jaxson convince her to marry him or will she sneak out and leave him.
Profile Image for Kelly Kemmerly.
616 reviews8 followers
July 2, 2018
Let me first say that I haven't read a book by Sierra Cartwright that I didn't enjoy! She writes from the heart with so much realism that you are swept away and become part of the story.
Jax and Willow are not a perfect match. Jax is her father's friend, colleague, business associate. He is older, wiser, and by far the most powerful man Willow has ever met.
Willow's grad school demands are manageable, but she periodically needs the release that submission gives her to feel grounded again, free. She attends the club where she knows her identity will be respected with the utmost discretion. This night was no different until she sees Jax, her father's friend, sitting at the bar all alpha male hotness and that arrogance that lingers from his pores. Holy hell she knows she's doomed as soon as his voice caresses her soul with her name on his lips.
Sexiest Billionaire is complete surrender with a smattering of sexy banter, undeniable attraction, and love without boundaries. A gorgeous read!!
19 reviews
July 4, 2018
Free from Amazon

As a free offer from Amazon, I decided to give this a shot. . . . Honestly, this is way way out of my reading zone, so I don’t feel I could give a completely fair review. I was surprised when I came across the D&M stuff (I think that’s the initials for it), but didn’t want that to effect the scoring.

So, I’ll focus on the writing and plot. The writing was decent and kept me engaged with its style and buildup. The plot was bare, especially since it only took place over a span of about half a day and the majority of that time wasn’t spent talking or in character/story development, let’s just say. The fact that *Spoiler Alert* the male role, Jax, was completely aggressive in his obsession to marry her after sleeping together was very concerning and a bit barbaric. But, maybe that’s what submissives are looking for in a hero.

I honestly vacillated between a 2.5 and 3 for this and decided on three, simply for people who may enjoy this kind of subject matter.
103 reviews1 follower
May 2, 2019
Insta-love, insta-lust?

OK for the length because it's very short. This author just demonstrated insta-love in the best way. It's the instant recognition of an attraction that likely forms because of looks, body language, personality, intelligence all rolled together into someone therefore found very compelling. This developes, for some, as they come together and mature as a couple into a lifelong love that started at the first interaction. The difference between Insta-lust and insta-love is the immediate desire for a long term connection of more than a sexual nature. It may start on a slightly shaky foundation but since the growth is in a positive direction from the beginning, it qualifies as insta-love! I, from observation and experience, refuse to accept any other definition. The characters are appealing but I wish there had been more exploration of the both of their lives so the reader could know them better. The story feels like insta-love that fizzled because we really never have the opportunity to know them except on a superficial level.
Profile Image for Tanja.
247 reviews
June 23, 2018
I will not say this officially, but I do love a man when he's being stubborn and claims he knows what's best for you and often just does what he pleases !!! and I love reading about such man even more.
Jax is just the type of guy you misjudge and take in the wrong way. but at the end he proves you wrong and you love him even more. and even grumbling we have to admit he was right (ego boost !!!!)
This is my modern fairytale, short & sweet, plus it really packs a hot and sizzling punch. its a short novella about Jax and Willow and you will get ticked by him and you will roll your eyes at her, but you will love this story. its a signature Sierra book, and makes you want more. Even with her longer books, you want the juicy details, you always want more with the way she writes, and this novella is no exception.
just to get me over till her next book, but let's be honest, I need the next book like 5 min ago !! on to the next one. I smell a Sierra re-read coming.
440 reviews6 followers
August 13, 2018
Sexiest Billionaire was my first experience with Sierra Cartwright's writing and I liked it very much.
As for the story, it contains very mild BDSM elements, nothing hardcore just really cratching the surface of a complex world of giving and receiving pleasure.
For me it was rather a relationship/marriage of convenience type of story just because the hero had to line up quite a few as alluring as noble things to convince the reluctant heroine, but of course it blossomed to a lovely HEA.
Jax knew what he wanted, he was a shrewd business man, dominant in both the boardroom and the bedroom. He accidentally met Willow in a club he frequents and immediately saw his friend's daughter in a very different light. Willow's escapade to the club soon transformed into a life altering experience for both of them.
It was a fast paced, quick and very entertaining read.
I will definitely read other books from this author.
2,662 reviews
November 24, 2018
Very short, not the 146 pages it says

Willow is the only daughter of a wealthy couple. She is going to school but every once in a while she needs a little kink. Jax is a friend of Willow’s father and is totally shocked when she comes into the BDSM club he’s visiting. He wants her for himself so he offers her what she needs. She has only scened with Doms never had sex with any of them. Jax is happy to be her first and wants to be her last. After being together for about eighteen hours, he asks her to marry him. But she’s still in college and wants to help people. But Jax has fallen for her and will do anything to keep her.
Great story. BDSM. Sex. I believe this is the first time reading Ms. Cartwright. Both are so stubborn and Jax falls in love so quickly. Spankings, sex, and ice.
Displaying 1 - 30 of 197 reviews

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