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Buzzing anticipation. Floating weightless. Adrenaline rush. All the best feelings wrapped into an emotional high that never gets old.

I think I might be addicted to falling in love.

When rising rock star Jack Kingston comes to play on our college campus, I think he’ll be just another fix. Instead, he flips everything around and makes me question who I am, what I want, and why I do what I do. After he leaves, everything changes.

Pushing myself in the pool, struggling to keep up with my twin sister, it’s what keeps me from losing myself entirely. Swimming isn’t my passion. It’s my source of stability. When I find the courage to finally start pushing my boundaries, I discover success in ways I never imagined, both in and out of the water.

When Jack resurfaces, I'm forced to decide between facing my fears or letting them spiral out of control as my past catches up with me... threatening to pull me back under. It's time to sink or swim.

First published September 20, 2018

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About the author

Ali Dean

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Ali is a USA Today Bestselling author of sports romance. She has always loved to read, especially when there's a happily ever after, but found that there weren't enough books out there featuring girl athletes. So, she decided to work on that. Like the heroines in her books, Ali is an athlete, with running and skiing her favorite sports these days. Ali hails from Vermont and now lives in her own happily-ever-after in Colorado with her husband, two sets of twins, and golden retriever Pancake. When she's not pursuing an outdoor adventure, Ali's less healthy passions include ice cream, coffee, and beer.

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790 reviews32 followers
October 15, 2018
I loved this story, it was so breathtaking, so powerful and had so many emotions flying there.

Kick is a woman 'addicted' to fall in love, to feel that rush in meeting someone special and the rush of controlling the whole situation and leaving satisfied and like she rules the world. This arrangement works for Kick just fine. Until she meets Jack.
Jack is the leader in a band that is reaching for the top and gaining success each day. Jack meets Kick after a show in an alley and is taken aback by this confident woman that is filled with a fire that he just got dragged into her. But, Jack does not want the arrangement Kick's used to, and that will throw Kick off her balance and change her whole perspective about everything.

I read it in 2 sittings and just because I had to sleep or I would've read it through the whole night. The author's writing is great, simple, encouraging and easy to get drawn to.
Every aspect of this book was beautiful, everything Kick's been through was so realistic, it took my breath away sometimes. It really overwhelmed sometimes by how great and real this story was. I really enjoyed reading it, loved the secondary characters, like his family and her friends and I can't wait to read the first book, about Shay.

Anyway, well deserving 5 stars. Loved it! <3

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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1,934 reviews53 followers
September 19, 2018
[I received a digital ARC for an honest review]

After reading The Line Below I was dying to read Kick's story, and I was not disappointed!

Lydia "Kick" Spark is a hot mess. College is coming to a close, and she doesn't know what to do with herself. She feels like something is missing and to escape that feeling she has been losing herself in alcohol and one night stands. The only time she feels in control is when she can love them and leave them ? That is until she encounters the sexy rocker Jack Kingston and he throws her world upside down.

Jack Kingston is in a band on the rise, but he's isn't looking for the next hook up he's looking for long term. Jack is a sweetheart whose see through all of Kicks bullshit right from the start. When she offers him one night he doesn't accept her offer. He lets her know that he is interest in way more than one night.

After their encounter Kick goes off the rails and goes to far for her own liking. When she hits rock bottom, she decides it is time to get her act together. No more partying and one night stands. She buckles down with her swimming and becomes better than ever. Her Instagram presences and Blog are taking off, and she can start to see possibilities of what the future might be. When she comes face to face with Jack 8 months later, she a different girl than she was but no less broken on the inside. Their chemistry is still intense but in order for her to have more with Jack she has to face her past mistakes and come to terms with who she was and who she is.

Kicks story was raw and emotional and her relationship with Jack was real and honest. He was everything Kick didn't know she needed in her life. Ali Deans writing has grown so much since The Line Below and I loved Kick so much. I look forward to Ali Deans future releases!

"You're a real Fireball, you know that?" He says, chuckling in my ear.

"In a Flash, The Rocker on stage is just this guy who is in love with a girl, a hot mess of a girl, and maybe he's just as scared as I am."

4 star rating


318 reviews
September 21, 2018
Great mix for rock star and sports

Kick is a junior in college on the swing team with her twin sister. Jack is in a band trying to make it big. Kick has a love for more then just swimming she loves music and food. They have an interesting time coming together for many reasons. I loved the ride I got to take with these 2. This book is so different then any other I have read because it's not like any rock star book I have read. It was nice to read a book where the male character wasn't your typical alpha male. If your looking for a different rock star story with a mix of sports you will love this story.
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375 reviews208 followers
November 11, 2018
I really enjoyed in this book and Kick's story was more interesting than Shay's. But, I love them both. For me was very interesting that Kick was kind "bad" girl and Jack (rock star) was a good boy. That the thing we don't usually see in NA books and that really cool 🤗.
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547 reviews60 followers
September 19, 2018
After reading the Line Below, I was really keen to read Kick's story. In The Line Below we saw Lydia Spark AKA Kick, meet Jack Kingston the lead singer of a local up and coming rock band. The Line Below was written in Shay's POV, we know that she left Kick making her move on Jack after the concert but Shay leaves - so we never find out what happened next. Well Kick, begins with giving us this insight.

At the start of the book we get inside of Kicks head, we quickly learn that she is a girl, who feels lost and insignificant in many ways deep down. She doesn't know what direction she wants her life to go in. Kick likes giving others the impression that she enjoys being foot loose and fancy free, using alcohol and one night stands to get her fix and forget. However Kick is so much more complex than I expected her to be, and that is the reason I loved this book so much!

As we see Jack and Kick's first meeting in it's entirety, the chemistry is clear. What was refreshing was that Jack is not your typical rock star. He doesn't want to be a one time thing with Kick, he is drawn to her and wants more than a fling, and is not prepared to settle for anything less. When they meet for a second time his will power isn't as strong, he gives Kick exactly what she wants - sex, animalistic, fast, hard, done, gone and out of the door. It's only after this that Kick realises that she can't just forget about Jack that she really does want more from him.

2 weeks later Kick has had enough of being unable to think of anything or anyone other than Jack. Deciding to go out let her hair down and maybe hook up, Sse meets Nolan a piano player. The morning after feeling sore and very hungover, some hazy memories come back to her and shame is all Kick can feel. We did see the swim practice that follows that same morning in The Line Below, Kick is off her game a complete mess and still drunk; I thought it was a nice touch to link scenes like this between the books with both POV's shown.

9 months pass before Jack and Kick see each other again. Jack's career with his band is taking off and Kick has been starting up a blog and working hard on her swimming - yet neither can get the other out of their minds. When the pair re connect at a festival sparks fly!

This second Spark sister novel has a completely different feel to the first, with more angst, more complexity and a depth to the hero and heroine I was fascinated by. The emotional connection between Kick and Jack was evident from the start and never really faded, despite them not being a couple for a large percentage of the book. Ali Dean paced the story well, and used the separation to create a longing for the other that only distance can bring, I thought this was a nice touch. The distance allowed the reader to connect with the character on an individual basis; which I think this was really important for Kick.

The hidden cracks in Kick Spark's facade were realistic, endearing, vulnerable. Her struggle to understand and accept herself and who she is becoming was wonderfully written and an absolute pleasure to read. The nuances, twists and turns along the way in Jack and Kicks story on individual levels and as a couple, held my attention, and made me want to know more, root for them and Ali Dean really delivered - Bravo!
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210 reviews12 followers
September 19, 2018
Kick, she is the life of the party, beautiful, easy going and flirty. Not afraid of her sexuality or the fact that she likes to have a good time. Parties etc….She seems to have it all…...right?

Lydia aka Kick and her sister Shay are the Spark twins. They both attend the same college and Shay has her sites set on going pro. Kick? Well she seems more like ...well…. like she will eventually get to making that decision soon enough. One night Kick hits a concert, music is her thing along with swimming and blogging as well. Seeing Kings of Sound a band she caught on youtube, she knew Jack was the one she wanted to check out. End of concert she makes sure she meets him. And that was the beginning of the end for Kick and her one nighters…( she didn’t know it at the time).

Alright there is alot going on here in this story, one of the most important (there are a few) is what Kick goes through one night. I think as a woman, as a person who has experienced similar situations just like Kick, so similar it kind of freaked me out. Anyway, not to take away from this review. When one is traumatized by an event, it is hard to move forward. Some move forward but it’s really not moving forward. It’s going thru the motions, eventually that catches up with you and when it does it can hit hard!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED every part of this story. I devoured this. What Kick goes through and how she gets to the other end of it only makes her a stronger person and made her relationship even stronger. I LOVE Jack too. His persistence and love for Kick, *sigh. LOVE HIM.

This story touches on some very important and real life issues we as women face. With tears in my eyes, shaking my head and telling Kick it’s wasn’t her fault *sigh…...I could not put this down. Forgiveness starts within yourself. Please give this a chance. I promise you, you will love it.
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138 reviews
September 23, 2018
*Received this book in exchange for an honest review*

After reading The Line Below I couldn't wait to read Kick's book and man was it definetly worth the wait.

Lydia "Kick" Sparks is basically me in a book (minus all the partying part). I could relate to her on so many levels. Like not knowing what she wants to exacatly do in the future. So instead she drinks her nights away and has one night stands. The only time she feels in control. Little did she know that was about to change when she meets a sexy rockstar by the bame of Jack Kingston.

Jack Kingston is part of an up and coming rock band. When he meets Kick and all she wants is a one night stand with him, he declines knowing that he wants more than just a night. He's not looking for just one night stands anymore he wants the real thing.

After that night Kick goes too overboard and decides it's a time for a change. She instead focuses on her swimming and begins to excel. She also has a instagram and blog that begins to take off opening a future of possibilitites. But she has yet to overcome something that happened in her past.

Kick and Jack meet once again eight months later and the chemistry between them is off the charts. But to fully give her to Jack she must first overcome her past demons. Boy was Jack a big help to her during these times.

This story was emotional. I now need to go another box of Kleenex. Kick and Jack's relationship was just so real. An overall great story.
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5,265 reviews55 followers
September 22, 2018
Pretty intense view of a really talented young collegiate female swimmer who falls for a member of up and coming rockstar.

She works through a bunch of stuff and all the time Jack was there for her. Great book boyfriend despite Kick being a bit of mess and maturity punching through. Great writing!!!!
Profile Image for Elle Love Books.
200 reviews21 followers
October 5, 2018
Wow this book was really good. I received an ARC for my honest review and I am really sorry that I couldn't read and review it on time for the release day I apologize for that to the author who is becoming one of my favorite authors now coz this book was truly amazing. I loved and enjoyed it so much. I must say I loved Lydia's aka Kick POV story more then her twin sister Shay. I don't know why maybe because Kick was such a complex character and I liked how she grew up through out the book. she was so messed up. Partying and having one night stands. Showing people that she was enjoying life but she doesn't really knew what to do with her life. But she changes so much and I think the reason for that was Jack who is a member of upcoming rock band. Oh my how I loved Jack. He is not your typical rock star. He was sweet and he gave Kick his love. He told her that he wants to have so much more with her then just one night stand. I loved their chemistry. So strong.
I really liked this book it's a must read for me. Loved the writing and the pace. I definitely recommend it.
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345 reviews97 followers
September 10, 2018
I really enjoyed this book! It took me a little while to really get into this book. But boy once I did I could not put it down. It was hard to read at first just because Kick is so messed up. I loved the way she grew through this book. You can see it as you read that she doesn't have good self esteem and is going downhill, and so its just really hard to see someone treat themselves poorly. (I am trying really hard to spoil this book) I really loved Kick and Jack's story. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. I honestly cannot wait to go back and read more of Ali's work. I loved watching these characters grow through out this book. This is a must read. This is a must read guys!
Profile Image for Amara.
2,203 reviews52 followers
September 17, 2018
I liked Kick much more than The Line Below. I think Kick is so much more complex than Shay, and Jack more than Jett too. My only complaint was that there seemed to be no resolution to the . And that’s just fucked up. Additionally, I also really wanted Jack to go all macho caveman on Nolan.

So happy that Kick and Shay decided to continue their swimming! Now, let’s get Townie and Coco’s story:)

Yo, I got this arc from the author, but my review is honest.
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284 reviews16 followers
September 22, 2018
Kick is a book that has soared above all other books for me this year. It is the epitome of coming of age in the modern world. The romance is all-consuming and just down right beautiful.

Kick Spark is a mess. A big hot beautiful mess and it just may be her best characteristic. It makes her wild, free, and addictive quite honestly. The drawback is the strain she puts on her heart and head through out the book as well as making it hard to find her inner balance between all her talents. She definitely will pull your heart strings. However, at the same time, she can be so focused and has a heart of gold that will lead her to protect her loved ones to the end of the Earth. Her growth is transcendent and I think her story should be read by all 17-22-year-olds.

Jack Kingston is the heart and soul type of hot and swoony book boyfriend. He is a walking anomaly with his rocker ways and dedication to his mom and little sister. He is the perfect missing piece to complete Kick without over shadowing her own shine. He is the type of hero we need in more romance novels.

Ali Dean can write sports and now we know she can write the gritty rock scene and has further developed her ability to write the heart and gut wrenching scenes. This book is for those who love rockstars without all the drama. This book is for those who love a story about how a girl becomes a girl boss. This book is for those who love characters that feel deeply and love intensely.
Profile Image for Garden Of REden.
1,163 reviews62 followers
September 23, 2018

Kick is a book that has soared above all other books for me this year. It is the epitome of coming of age in the modern world. The romance is all-consuming and just down right beautiful.

Kick Spark is a mess. A big hot beautiful mess and it just may be her best characteristic. It makes her wild, free, and addictive quite honestly. The drawback is the strain she puts on her heart and head through out the book as well as making it hard to find her inner balance between all her talents. She definitely will pull your heart strings. However, at the same time, she can be so focused and has a heart of gold that will lead her to protect her loved ones to the end of the Earth. Her growth is transcendent and I think her story should be read by all 17-22-year-olds.

Jack Kingston is the heart and soul type of hot and swoony book boyfriend. He is a walking anomaly with his rocker ways and dedication to his mom and little sister. He is the perfect missing piece to complete Kick without over shadowing her own shine. He is the type of hero we need in more romance novels.

Ali Dean can write sports and now we know she can write the gritty rock scene and has further developed her ability to write the heart and gut wrenching scenes. This book is for those who love rockstars without all the drama. This book is for those who love a story about how a girl becomes a girl boss. This book is for those who love characters that feel deeply and love intensely.
Profile Image for Julia.
145 reviews
September 18, 2018
I actually enjoyed Kick way more than below the line. Below the Line told the story of Shay Sparks a college swimmer who has to decide if she want to become a pro athlete while falling in love with Jett Decker, who as an Olympian is already where Shay wants to be. Lydia Sparks, or Kick as she is called, is Shay's twin sister and also a swimmer. But whiler Shay takes her training seriously Kick is not wholly into the game. She likes to party, hook up with guys and has an Instagram account with a crap ton of followers where she blogs about her favorite food or her favorite bands. On a concert she meets Jack the lead singer in an up-and-coming band, and while Sparks fly, Kick doesn't think she is ready for a serious relationship. Then something else happens that really screws with Kicks equilibrium and she has to decide what she want from life.
Kicks story talks about some really important and sometimes very serious stuff. There were parts that made me cry.
Kick is another great book from a great author and I can't wait to see what Ali Dean will write next.
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201 reviews
September 16, 2018
4 1/2 Stars

Ali Dean is an author that writes more of less YA/NA sports romances that I definitely adore as the sportsmen's devotion and reaching of their dreams differ from other College type stories where most of the main heroes do not know what they want to do with their life.

When I read The Line Below, I already knew that I really want to get a grasp of Kick's story as she was the "wildest of the twins". During the Shay and Jett's story, Kick started to change and she did not explain the reasons to anybody. In The Line Below, it was impossible to understand what happened to her and why the wildcat changed so much. The Kick explained the reasons and actually I liked Lydia (Kick) a lot more than her sister. She felt real with her struggles to be different from her sister, with her problems with their mother etc. Actually, she felt more human with her "human" emotions and problems.

Of course, I would like slower development of her relationship with Jack, but maybe that happens so fast if it is meant to be.

Very nice and easy-to-read story.

*I received an ARC from the author's team and voluntary reviewed the book.
September 9, 2018
I absolutely LOVED Kick in The Line Below and I could t wait to get her story! Dean did not disappoint with Kick and Jack!

Their attraction was off the charts but both were going down different paths! Unsure of herself Kick made one mistake that changed her whole outlook on life! When fate gives her a second chance at forever it’s up to Kick to decide if Jack is worth it and if she’s willing to give herself to love completely!

I love that Jack is the perfect mix of hard and soft that Kick needs! He’s not a rocker asshole but he can be a fierce male when need be and he has this softness towards Kick that reassures her that she’s perfect the way she is! They are each other’s other half! It’s Kicks demons that threaten their love!

Beautiful story and with it my love for Kick and Ali’s writing has grown!
18 reviews
September 24, 2018
WOW! First I have to give a disclaimer, Never start any Ail Dean book in the middle of the week. Nothing will get done and you will not sleep until the book is finished. ALWAYS read on the weekend! Kick was by far my favorite book by Ali Dean, and I have read all of her books. Kick, the character, was extremely complex. She is such a wounded soul that you can't do anything but hope that she sees herself like everyone else sees her. It was interesting to read about Kick first in The Line Below, Shay's book. Through Shay's eyes to see a slightly crazy but totally in control Kick who does what she wants and doesn't care what people think. In Kick, you see the darkness the Kick hides and see the reasons for her behavior. The entire book shows Kick's evolution into the person she wants to be. I would definitely recommend this book!
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1,371 reviews31 followers
September 20, 2018
Kick is the second book in a duet about the Spark sisters (The Line Below was book one). I was really interested in Kick's story following the brief snippets we had of her and Jack in The Line Below. In Kick, we still have Ali Dean's unique spare writing style and some sports elements but I kind of felt like the swimming took a far back seat in this book. In its place is a deep dive into self-worth issues and the always topical exploration of women's sexuality and the ways society has informed thoughts and opinions on what is okay or not. So many of Kick's thoughts and feelings are heartbreaking because they are so common in the real world. The subject matter was a little emotional due to that in places, but not so heavy that it made you want to stop reading or anything.

Similar to Shay and Jett in The Line Below, Kick and Jack have a kind of "insta-love", but it worked better for me in this book because of the issues Kick has causing there to be a longer road to their HEA. As I said previously, the sports elements were further in the background in this one, but I still had my "sports movie race climax inspirational crying" scenes (hey, I'm not a writer, don't judge haha) which I always love in this author's books.
23 reviews2 followers
September 6, 2018
I enjoyed reading this book. I loved the first book in the series and liked this one as well though I rate the first one higher. This one was hard to read at the beginning only because Kick is so messed up. We can see it as we read that she doesn't have good self esteem and is going downhill, and so its just really hard to read and see someone treat themselves poorly. However, it is very evident that she grows throughout the book as she dealt with 'crap' that happened. (don't want to spoil it)
Kick and Jack's relationship felt a little bit like "instalove" which normally annoys me, but it wasn't too bad in this book. It's just bothersome when a character is suddenly all about the other character but there's really no reason for it other than the character's look and "I could see the tough and vulnerable side in her face that she tried to hide..." stuff. All in all, it's a really good book. If you love Ali Dean's other books you'll like this one too. :)
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3 reviews
September 16, 2018
I received an ARC of this book for a fair and honest review. I’ve been eagerly waiting for Kick’s story after reading The Line Below. As much as I loved her sister Shay’s story, Kick’s story was so much better.
Ali Dean is a great sports themed romance author. She never disappoints. Her heroines are always strong feminists who strive to be and get better, and not in just their sports but their deep rooted issues.
Kick really grew as a character in this book. I was rooting for her from the beginning and the chemistry between her and Jack is undeniable. Kick seems so confident and sure of herself from the outside but she was hiding some self esteem issues and reading about her struggles pulled me in and I couldn’t put the book down.
I enjoyed this book and I’m sure Ali Dean fans will too.
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2,797 reviews242 followers
September 20, 2018
You don't have to have read The Line Below to read this one but if you did read that one then you already met Kick (Lydia). Kick and Shay are twins and they both are swimmers. Shay is a the more serious one and Kick is the party girl. Something happens to Kick and she decides to focus more and party less. I really liked Kick. She meets Jack who is a rising rock star. Omg Jack is heart melting amazing. Him being a rising rock star, I expected him to cocky or jerky but he's not. Kick really grows throughout this story. She has real life struggles that just made me want to hug her.
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1,509 reviews73 followers
May 16, 2022
Kick by Ali Dean is a college sports romance that I listened to on audio narrated by Stacey Glemboski. This is the second book in The Spark Sisters duet.

I liked the relationship that bloomed between Lydia "Kick" and Jack. They had an instant connection, but I liked that they had to work for the relationship. I also really enjoyed getting both of their points of view throughout the book. It really brought the story to life.

Stacey did a great job on the narration. I look forward to listening to more of her work in the future.

I would recommend this book if you like sports romances, college romances, or contemporary romance.

Audiobook Obsession Reviewer
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5 reviews2 followers
September 10, 2018
Ali Dean books don't disappoint. Was provided arc for review. Kick started off a hot mess, but got her stuff together. Jack had his asshat moment or two, but ended up being a unicorn(cause how many guys know when they mess up and then have the balls to apologize, all without being told what they did wrong) 😆 Now I'm gonna go read the first in the series,The Line Below, cause this book was that good.
Profile Image for Tracy.
56 reviews1 follower
September 13, 2018
At first, I was wondering if I could like Kick at the beginning, because she was that much of a hot mess and had a lot of self esteem issues. However, the more I kept reading, the more I fell in love with her character. Her insecurities were relatable and watching her grow throughout the book was pretty inspiring. The chemistry between her and Jack was HOT and you automatically developed a crush on Jack from the get-go (with the exception of a moment or two). That's only expected though, because face it, all guys tend to have moments like these in real life. I kinda wished this book was a little longer, only because I enjoyed reading it so much. Plus, there were a few things that I was hoping to get a few more details on, but I was overall satisfied with the ending of the book. If you're trying to decide whether or not to read this book though, you most definitely should. You won't regret it!
3 reviews
September 19, 2018
Once again, Ali Dean knocks it out of the park. Fell in love with Kick’s character in The Line Below, so I’m glad that she got her own book. While I won’t get into any spoilers, I will say that this is definitely one of Dean’s most mature books yet and Kick and Jack’s chemistry is off the charts, and I think they may be some of my favourite characters yet! If you’re a fan of Ali Dean’s past work, then you’ll absolutely love Kick. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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445 reviews6 followers
January 9, 2020
Stacey Glemboski does a really great job bringing this story to life. I enjoyed her narration and it drew me even further into the story.

You know when you just like a character from the start? This happened with Kick. I just like her and the way she is and how she grows throughout the story. Jack seems a little too good to be true, but I love the way he is with her. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I really didn't want it to end when it did!
Profile Image for Beth Ann.
88 reviews1 follower
September 20, 2018
Sweet With A Spicy Kick

Ali Dean knows how to write her heroines with just the right amount of sweet, and kick-a$$. I loved the journey of the Spark sisters, and when Jack enetered the picture in Kick's life, I knew sparks would fly and I was in for a wild ride! (I'd like my own Jack to serenade me, please...swoon!) Just dive in...you won't be able to put it down!
Profile Image for Kelsey Buriedinabook_k Lehman.
297 reviews13 followers
September 23, 2018
Holy wow, I was really blown away with Kicks story. It's so much more gut wrenching and unexpected than The Line Below.

A great read of self discovery and appreciation. It started out slow to me but the more I read the more invested I became. Oh and Jack is everything . He understands Kick and really helps her along the way. He's sweet and vulnerable, total book boyfriend material
Profile Image for Reyne Clark.
376 reviews46 followers
September 9, 2018
I recieved an ARC of this book for a fair and honest review. I must say I always enjoy Ali's books, but this one blew me away. I think her writing style has matured with this book. I truly enjoyed Kick and all her insecurities and loved watching her evolve as the book progressed. Great read!
Profile Image for The Redhead.
268 reviews23 followers
October 10, 2018
Kick and Jack stole my heart. Ali Dean writes a sexy story about Kick the wild college girl trying to figure out what she wants with her life and Jack who is more down to earth than most up and coming rock stars. It works. Jacks devotion to Kick made my heart swell up with happiness. So often you read a rock star book and it's all about the hook up with groupies. I loved that Jack is not like that. The controversy in this book was difficult to read about but was an honest representation of how it could happen. I respect how the author did not turn Kick in a victim who couldn't overcome her emotional battle.
Jack and Kick are an amazing couple. When a book leaves me wanting to know how a couples story will continue you know they hooked you.
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