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Welcome to Charming High.
Sorry, we’re fresh out of charm …


I am a star.
I’m not famous, before you make that mistake.
Although, I guess I kind of am. Or I will be anyway. My future was planned long before I was born.
The definition of a star is a fixed luminous point in the night sky that is an incandescent body like the sun.
I am a star. I am fixed. I am luminous only when no one is looking. I was stuck to repeat the same night every single day.
Until I met Wreck. And he showed me how alive I could feel within my cage.


I am a knight.
I’m not a knight in shining armor, before you start thinking I’ll save you.
I am a knight in raging darkness.
Until I met Hallie. And she showed me how to break free of my battle-torn armor.

Wrecked is the first book in the Charming Knights series by Shana Vanterpool. An exhilarating upper YA contemporary romance series set deep in the lives of Charming High’s most beloved football team. Where the limits of good and evil are pushed, desires and dreams are twisted, and readers are immersed into the lives of people who have it all. Except their freedom…

Kindle Edition

First published August 2, 2018

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About the author

Shana Vanterpool

23 books372 followers
When I walk into a book store I feel at home. When I smell the pages of a brand new book things make sense. When I read I am who I always wanted to be. I read to escape and I write so others can as well. My family, my actress dog Bella, coffee, and a steamy love story are a few of my most precious things. Keep up to date with future releases: https://shanavanterpool.com

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August 2, 2018
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There were so many things I absolutely loved about this book, rich kids ruled by their father's, no escape out of their small town, stuck in their gilded cages with wings clipped, futures already mapped out for them. Now and then you'd see them trying to break free, to be their own person, only to be brought back down by their father's time and time again as bargaining chips to keep them in line.

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August 7, 2018
Love saw one thing and once it did, there was nothing left.

Rich high school kids who are controlled by the parents while living in a town that’s also run by their parents. All they want is to be is free, but they are chained to each other. The thing is their chains may be the key to their freedom.

Wrecked is a good read. It’s definitely a new adult read set in high school. It has a good build up between Wreck and Hallie. The side characters intrigued me from the start, and they all give off this Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liars vibe. How everyone is connected and everyone has secrets and lies. The love story is obsessive and intense. The side plots aren’t new per say, but they still made me feel for the characters. Like I wanted them to just be happy and get what they wanted and screw their parents over somehow!

The only reason I rated this three and not four is because for me the story does lose a little steam at the end. Nothing is ever easy for these characters and yet at the end it all seems way too easy. None the less I still enjoyed the book, the vibe of this story, and would read more if the author decided to write for some of the other characters in the story. I think she has potential for some really angsty new adult story lines!
Shelved as 'dnf'
August 7, 2018
This book was beyond me.

Hallie, the h
Poised, Loner, sweet and reserved

Wreck, the H
Flawless, privileged, and oozing self-entitlement

Both are super rich but are controlled by their parents. They are so privileged that it’s painful for them. There future is already decided. Both feel stuck in the cage and want to go free. (Oh....that bad?)

One of their interaction was so stupid. It’s not exactly first as they know each other from childhood but it was the first we get. The h’s housekeeper, an old lady who is like a mother to her is going to retire. And she is being replaced by some beautiful young girl. And that young girl previously worked in the H’s house. But she was fired as H and she played around. So the h asks the H to keep his dick in his pant and tell his parents to hire her back, so the h can get her old housekeeper back. Wow.

Wreck stalks Hallie from the webcam. He hates when she shows interest in someone else. But he did fuck around. So his obsession was stupid. In one of the scene were Hallie asks him whether he gifted shoes to one of the ow, he is like yes. He says that ow was giving a BJ to him and instead of swallowing his load like a real lady, she choked, and ended up jizzing all over her shoes. So he buys her new pair. And he is telling this to the h. Wow. What a love story!!

This is so not my type. They are forced to interact with each other.
I give up.
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August 28, 2018
I just can't bring myself to read anymore. DNF at 51%. I was actually pretty hooked when I first started reading it, but then it just went off the rails for me unfortunately.
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August 6, 2018
So this is my first time reading this author and if I’m being honest I’m not sure how I felt about this story. The blurb caught my attention and it sounded different and intense. When I started reading, things started out fine but as I continued I had some issues with the story. I’m doing my best to remain spoiler free but the hero, Wreck, had some serious issues that needed to be addressed. Wreck is supposed to come off as a teenager but at times he felt like an older man. Wreck had the world on his shoulders and he was so intense and would get mad and flip out over the tiniest things. Wreck also had stalker traits as well. No matter the reasoning it was creepy. Hallie was trapped in her own prison as well but it was wasn’t as bad as Wreck. The storyline didn’t live up to my potential. I couldn’t relate to the characters or connect to any of them. The weird thing is that even though I didn’t enjoy the book, I couldn’t stop reading. I had to see what was going to happen and I kind of felt the ending to be lackluster. So honestly I have no feelings after reading this book. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t like it. I’m just..... Please don’t let my review stop you from reading this story.

*Read for free in Kindle Unlimited*
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Author 10 books149 followers
August 2, 2018
This is one of my favorite books of the year.

It was like Paper Princess meets Bane. I loved everything about it. The reason why i gave is 4 stars is before the first half. Wasnt really big on the whole creepiness of "Wreck". But other than that i was cheering both of the main characters on. This was my first read by Shana Vanterpool but it is the first that made my top favorites. K cant eait to read the rest of the series.
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1,017 reviews160 followers
July 16, 2018
"In my thoughts. In my sights. In my desires. The object of my deep dark obsession."

Darkly hypnotic, tantalizingly twisted, and poetically written, I got lost in the deep, dark, and beautiful, yet completely unexpected story of a young couple doomed from the beginning, or so it seems. Like puppets on strings, their entire lives have been orchestrated by their parents, chock full of secrets, lies, betrayal hidden beneath the decadence, power, and endless potential of these young characters. Reading well into the night, I couldn't put Wreck and Hallie's story down for even a minute to catch my breath.

"He was the gravity keeping my star in place."

Hallie and Wreck bounced from almost strangers, to enemies, to lovers and all things in between throughout the story and it was intense, riveting, and held me captive, dying to know if they could escape the clutches of their prophecy. All in all a wonderful, twisty, and exciting read!! I thank the Author for providing a copy to review!!

"I love you with every part of my charcoal soul. The only reason it isn't black is because of you."

~~~Erika, Book Haven Book Blog
366 reviews1 follower
July 16, 2018
How do I properly describe a book that destroyed me in all the right ways? A dark YA? Dark romance? Enemies to lovers? Suspenseful YA thriller? Wrecked is all of that and more. I read this book in hours, and couldn't put it down (sorry Mom, who was trying to have a conversation with me). This story is so unique that i couldn't think of any other book like it. And I read 80 books a year.

This story is about greed, wealth, secrets and lies and it revolves around Hallie and Cage. Two teenagers unsatisfied with their lives and being played as pawns by their fathers, realize they have more in common than they may have originally thought. They are bent, beaten and blackmailed into the fathers ' master plan. They resent their role, but it isn't that black and white. And when they start to fall in love, secrets come out, making them feel more confined than ever before.

Cage is not easy to love. He feels that his heart is black. After all, his father said he was named Cage so he always remembered who had the key. You will find that Cage will do anything for Hallie, and it's his actions that make me feel like this story is a bit dark. And then you discover that their fathers are not just devious and greedy. They are evil incarnate. But again, nothing is what it seems. The secrets keep coming until the very end, and there's not what I consider a traditional HEA. But this ending works.

Vanterpool is clearly an adult, but her prose is stunningly authentic to the teenage experience. Yes, these aren't your average teens, but they still have the same emotions as every other teen. The teens experience love and lust, heartache and happiness...sometimes not being able to tell the difference between them. What do you do when you feel trapped? When you want to break out, but don't see a way? Maybe you cling to an unconventional love that bloomed from obsession.

" He was too gorgeous to ignore, off-limits, and so untainted by Charmant he smelled of freedom and gardening supplies. "

"I felt nothing period but a deep dark rage. It kept me going, that burning candle. Have me a reason to know myself before I lost it all to the falsity of my future."

" I guessed it made sense for someone who didn't care at all to be the master of everyone's empathy. "

" That kiss wasn't happiness, it was sealing holes so bigger ones wouldn't implode. But it had been what I craved. A measured recklessness, like falling toward the earth and engaging my parachute right before I plummeted. It was living and disobeying in the middle of rules and lies. "

"My fingers wrapped around his shoulders and I rode on my toes, holding on to him as Romeo and Juliet tasted their end."

" Because in some weird place in my heart, the burning in his eyes looked a lot like madness, and love was never far from madness. "

"Riches and legacies sometimes masked poverty and scars."

" I am overflowing with rage and love. I wasn't even sure they were different. To live is to rage, and to rage is to love. "

"Resenting this life doesn't make you any less part of it."

These are just some of the quotes I loved. It all transported me back to high school, where I wasn't rich, but lonely and fearful of the future. My feelings were just as mixed as these teens. And as the secrets poured out of the pages, I cried for all of these characters. I'm not sure I'm going to forget this book for a long time. It's stamped on my bleeding heart.

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August 4, 2018
"Riches and legacies sometimes masked poverty and scars."

Shana Vanterpool is always an Author who knows how to slay with her angsty writing!! I would definitely describe this story as a Enemies to Lovers, Dark YA Romance that had quite the suspenseful edge to it.

Within Hallie and Cage's (Wreck) story we get secrets and lies surrounded by greed and wealth. Played like puppets on a string Hallie and Cage's lives are pawns to their fathers empires.

With no love from the people who are supposed to love and cherish us the most. Hallie and Wreck have to fight for their own happiness. Their fight to some sort of happiness might just be harder than they have ever had it.

" I am overflowing with rage and love. I wasn't even sure they were different. To live is to rage, and to rage is to love."

These characters drew me and i become hooked on where their paths would lead. There is so much intrigue with this new series and i can't wait for the next book.
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3,745 reviews217 followers
August 2, 2018
When the genre YA is attached to a book. I usually steer clear. When I chose this book to read I think I might have skipped over the YA part of the synopsis. But once I start to read a book. I tend to have to finish what I started. So I decided to finish the book and see if it would surprise me.
As stated before when starting this book I was a little skeptical and wanted to go on to the next book. But as I went in I couldn't stop. It had the dark elements that I love so much. It had so many emotions in this book that I was unsure of what to feel from page to page. The relationship between Wreck and Hallie was one you weren't sure if you hated to love it or loved to hate it. But it was intense and one you couldn't help to root for. I am so glad I took a chance on this book. This is truly a top read of 2018.- By Vanessa
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2,731 reviews1,296 followers
August 8, 2018
3.5 Stars!

Wrecked was an intense ride filled with secrets and lies. Hallie and Wreck were addicting and compelling and I could not get enough.

This novel was not like most enemies to lovers stories as I wasn't quite sure what was going on at times. Hallie and Wreck were both privileged offspring of their parents who wanted nothing but to keep them in the dark amidst secrets and lies. They were puppets who were attached to their parent's strings.

Without giving away spoilers, I enjoyed this story and can't wait for more. 3.5 stars! ~Ratula
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1,896 reviews43 followers
August 3, 2018
I was given an advanced readers copy of this book and have decided to leave a voluntary honest review. Wow where do I begin this book was nothing at all what I expected it was way beyond any expectations I could of had. This is definitely not a pretty story or happy ever after. Its was two teen struggled with for there whole life's and had no choice. It's also what there friends struggled with as well. Trust me you will enjoy this book more than yiu think. I know I did.
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1,737 reviews
August 13, 2018
Good grief... It was bad. I didn't like the characters or the storyline.
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969 reviews7 followers
August 13, 2018
Usually I love these genre of books but this is just eye rolling ridiculous characters and their behavior is unbelievable.
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August 4, 2018
Wrecked Charming Knights Book 1
By Author Shana Vanterpool
Genre: Mature YA Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Pages: 256
Reviewed by Mandy for Janise’ Jivin Book Blog

“Cages were to keep you in. The worse thing would be to be in someone else’s and still be stuck in my own.” - Hallie

Hallie Goodford was the princess and heir to billions but she was like a bird stuck in a cage with clipped wings and wanted to be free her entire life. There was nothing more important than to leave everything behind, Charmant, GA was full of nothing but those who had money and those who did not and were owned by those who had it, and well she was literally bought by her father on the day of her birth and she hated it and the life and lies that came with it. Hallie tried to be More of a person than the uppity pricks she went to school with, she digit like flashing her money and social status around, but that was all too soon going to end when she inherited her father’s company and fortune. But more was at stake than that. Her heart was at stake and she just doesn’t know it yet.

Cage “Wreck” Wreckmond was the bad boy the football player with demons who wanted out to play but his father had him by the balls so bad that if he even stepped out of line he would squish them so hard that Wreck would feel it for years and he knew it. Wreck hated that he was always bated and played to have the one thing he thought he couldn’t have and that was Hallie Goodford, his father was an evil bastard who threated to take her away if he didn’t play by his rules. Cage wanted out of his gilded cage as well and did everything in his power to protect Hallie from afar but it was becoming way too much and with it being senior year he can take it anymore and the time to act is now, but how will she react to him coming on so strong and show his demons, can she love someone as damaged as Wreck, or can she come to love Cage the man who has loved her for 18 years?

“Her eyes were the night, this blue so deep it looked black, with the faintest smattering of light blue flecks, like the sky at night. Looking into them could make a man feel like he wasn’t so trapped, wasn’t so empty.” – Wreck

“To Love is to Rage, and to Rage is to Love”-Hallie

With everything that is happening behind the scenes that Hallie has been kept in the dark about, but is slowly coming to light and Cage is slowly coming to reveal to her is it possible for them to stand side by side and take down the big bad that is their parents and change their destiny’s together and still have the life that they want together in their gilded cages and make them not so much a prison but a palace?

I must say that this is the first book that I have read by Shana Vanterpool and I have come to love Hallie and Wrecks characters, I was so engrossed with the book that I felt like I was there watching from the side lines of the love and hate and carnage that was playing before me. As I was reading I had my ipod on and the song Drops of Jupiter by Train came on as Wreck was talking about how Hallie was his Star in the dark & his whole universe would light up and be so much better with her in it. Shana has done a wonderful job with this story that I hope there is more to the Charming Knights with maybe Storm and Ryder’s story or more to Hallie and Wreck. So thank you for writing such a wonderfully well written YA Mature book of coming of age and what some have to go thru even if they don’t know until it might be too late to fly.

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August 2, 2018
Wrecked is the first book in the Charming Nights series by one of my favorite authors, Shana Vanterpool. I love her words so much that I didn’t read the synopsis before I jumped in. She writes it, I read it. This one is actually upper YA! I don’t read many YA but when I do, I want more.

Hallie feels like she lives in cage. Surrounded by gold bars, and the privileged. She wore her mask but she wasn’t like the rest of them. She wanted out when others wanted in. Her peers wanted what she had but all she wanted was to be loved. Her parents saw her as an investment. The lone heir to the Goodford Financial throne. She hated that her life was planned out before she was even born. She didn’t get to make her own choices. Who she was friends with. What car she drove. Who she loved. What she wore. And if she didn’t obey, there were consequences. She never felt she could feel free until Wreck set his eyes on her.

Wreck accepted his fate. He was getting out of here. He would survive for two reasons. One, he knew how to put up his walls and not let them in. And two, Hallie Goodford. His dark obsession. He knew he would always have her. That was the plan but he resisted until now. He couldn’t ignore the way he felt about her any longer. It had to be now or never. He had been watching her from afar and now it is time to get closer to her than ever before. Will she end up fighting him off or fighting for him in the end?

Wreck and Hallie’s relationship is complicated. Charming High, the town surrounding it, and the people who own it are not your average Joe’s. They are some of the wealthiest people in the world. The ones with power and influence. So imagine growing up in that world. You have to grow up fast. So, Wreck and Hallie may be eighteen but they have seen things that others never will. It’s like living in a bad soap opera. The family dramas. The greedy assholes. The crude businessmen and women. They don’t want to be like them. They want to be free, alive, and not their parents. But, can they do that if they fall in love with each other? Two heirs of two thrones.

I was addicted to this story from the very beginning. I might be thirty-seven but I am a fan of teen drama. Yes, I watched Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and Riverdale and loved it. Teen drama is full of angst but then add in the wealth and privilege and it’s extra. Everything. It’s always intrigued me. So, this story. It got me. The way Wreck could go from star football player/king of the school to openly romantic on a dime was fascinating and oh so fucking hot. He definitely wasn’t perfect and I loved that about him. He had his weaknesses and Hallie had hers. They also had their strengths. They are both strong characters. Protective characters.

Overall...it’s a story full of secrets, angst, love, heat, and laughter. I am very excited about the next book. These Charming Knights are something else.

P.S. I know not all wealthy teens and adults are this way.


This city would never see me sweat.
I was trapped, but I was still me inside of my gold bars.

Drunk Wreck was a pissy PMS’ing tween dignitary. “I’m going to change into something more comfortable. When you change your tampon, and take a Midol, come find me.”

“Secret for a secret?”

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276 reviews22 followers
October 3, 2018
Full Review can be found at http://www.thegraduatedbookworm.com

First, I would like to thank Shana Vanterpool and her publicity team for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review! Now let me start off by saying that this was NOTHING that I thought it would be! Something about these characters made it almost impossible for me to let go of their story!

Right from the beginning you see how both Hallie and Wreck communicate and interact with one another. Wreck is that bad boy who is so misunderstood that you can't help but feel bad for him! For myself, it really made me think about the wealthy families and how realistic it seems that the children get sucked into the business, whether they want to or not...

Hallie is what you would call the goody two shoes, however she has her own demons and secrets that people outside of the wealthy community wouldn't know about. It's like there is a constant façade to hide their real emotions to the public, while internally screaming to be set free from all of the strings that they've been tied to.

t also doesn't help that there were quite a bit of steaminess just to get the point of connection across. There sure was some tension that could have been cut with a knife, but it slowly burned towards the end, and I think the way that they came out at the end was amazing!!

There was something about Wreck that clearly pulled both myself reading it and Hallie, and even though there was a lot of pain, you can see that they both grew up towards the end. Quite a few twists came out and I was really shocked, and totally thought about it earlier on but didn't think that it was true!

Overall this was a great read! I think that the rest of the series are going to be great, because you're getting sucked into the lives of some of the wealthiest kids just because they were born into it! Getting to see how they are stuck between a rock and hard place, you see the choices they have to make based on the cards they were dealt...
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August 6, 2018
So this is the first time I have read by author Shana Vanterpool. I've passed some of her other books before and thought, hmmmm those look good I should read them, but I've just not had the time to actually stop and read anything by her yet. I also have to say that I'm not a big reader of young adult books, I'm mean I'll read them. But I just don't go out of my way to read them. But something about this one just jumped out or stuck out to me and made me want to read it.

Now usually this is where I seperate my reviews and talk about the two character's by themselves. But I think I'm going to talk about them together this time.

Oh Hallie and Wreck.... Wreck and Hallie.... These two were born into a life of privalage, fortune, secrets, lies..... These two probably didn't stand a chance staying apart from each other. They were destined to be together. I felt for both of them, having the families they did. I really liked Wreck when he would let his walls down and just be himself and let Hallie see the real him. I also really liked Hallie.

I really enjoyed this book, I thought it pulled you in from the beginning to the end. I didn't want to stop turning the pages. I felt myself loving the angst and drama in this book. I hated their parents for them and everything they put Wreck and Hallie through. But I also found myself at times really trying to figure out what was going on. I wouldn't say I was confused, but I definitely felt like at times I was reading between the lines more than needed to be read between and that maybe the facts were right in front of my face. But I really did enjoy this book and can't wait for more.

I'm giving this book 4.5 Stars out of 5!!!!

***I received an ARC of this book for my honest opinion***
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490 reviews45 followers
November 14, 2018
I don't think I got exactly what I thought I was going to be getting with this book but that doesn't mean that I didn't still love what I did get. I've been in the mood for all the angst driven, steamy ya. This delivered but it was unexpected also. I know that probably doesn't make much sense. But this book kept me reading. This was my first time reading this author and I am happy to say that I'd already bought her latest release and I can't hardly wait to start it. But I need more of this series. I was really hesitant about starting this because it says it's the first of a series and I was so worried about a cliff hanger. But I am happy to report that you can go ahead and read this and you won't be left with a bunch of unanswered questions. This story follows Hallie and Wreck and their families have money. What I like to call "stupid money." Actually, more than stupid money.. all of the money. But Hallie and Wreck have been in each other's worlds all their lives without actually interacting that often. But their families are warped and they hold the strings. They set them on a collision course that neither could be saved from. Our characters are high school seniors but this story moves forward at a break neck speed. But what's weird is this never felt like instalove to me. Thank goodness because I really don't like instalove. I just really enjoyed the story personally. I found it highly entertaining and it pulled on my heartstrings. Which is hard to do without deploying over used tropes but this book pulled it off. My heart broke for these characters and cheered them on. I really hope the author comes through soon with the side characters of this story and their own books. I NEED them. I would recommend this for sure, to just about any romance reader.
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250 reviews2 followers
August 9, 2018
I absolutely loved how messed up this book was. It was insane with all the controlling, threatening those the characters’ loved, how money-hungry some were. Then you had the kids who were so flawed …

Wreck was not redeemable at all, except for his love for Hallie, which was REALLY intense and real-world scary. However, when you realize what Hallie meant for him, when you see his POV, you can’t help being okay with it, as Hallie eventually was. He is the most insane and dynamic character I have ever read. He was immature, a stalker, obsessed with one thing in life, and prone to screaming in people’s faces and ruining lives. And yet, he was fiercely protective and loved to the depths of his black soul. Oh, and Wreck’s real name … totally wrong. So wrong. I gasped out loud when I got to that part of the story.

Hallie seemed pretty normal, though she did have the whole “I demand it, so let it be done” attitude. She was the most mature character in the book, yet she loosened up a bit for the first time in her life with Wreck. She was loyal, she had dreams, and she protected those she cared about. And I felt so bad for her in the beginning of the story. Not that I didn’t later, but her quick backstory in the beginning was so heartbreaking for a teenage girl.

This book is not a sweet, HEA YA. The only thing YA about it is the fact that the kids are in high school. It’s dark, it’s depressing, it’s filled with troubled people and the extremes they will go to, to escape the lives they were born in. There are so many dark secrets revealed. There is underaged drinking and drugs. There is violence and abusive relationships in all forms. It’s a wicked book.

Wickedly good!
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644 reviews32 followers
July 16, 2018
Wrecked is a different for me. The whole story was completely different, and that's not a bad thing. These two people will shred your heart, gah the emotional and physical abuse Hallie and Wreck go through. Their entire lives. Will have you hurting so hard for them. Then you get a peek into their souls, theirs souls that a gilded cage hide. This world was intricate. These kids are pawns for their fathers, there is no love or warmth in their lives. Just manipulation, lies, and secrets. Hallie and Wreck carve a bit of happiness from each other, even if it is strained and a bit obsessive. I loved their interactions and I loved both of them.

It's hard for me to leave a great detailed review for any book, because my go to is to accidentally spoil a book. I hate doing that. But this is one of those books that the reviews need to be a bit vague, because one small thread could unravel the entire story for someone. Shana Vanterpool weaved an exciting yet intricate world that leaves you questioning what you really know and wondering if love can truly survive in gilded cages. I've always loved Shana Vanterpool's writing and Wrecked is different but still has her signature style. This will be one that you can't put down!
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2,105 reviews11 followers
August 10, 2018
By Shana Vanterpool
4 stars
Reviewed on behalf of 3 Degrees of Fiction Book Blog

I quite like reading YA romance stories, not all the time but sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit so when I read the blurb for Wrecked I was intrigued. I haven’t read anything by this author before either so I was really looking forward to getting stuck in. Overall I really enjoyed the story it was what I would expect from a YA story, I thought that it was well written and had a great pace and flow to it.
I really like Cage and Hallie, I thought that they were well suited and I enjoyed reading about them. I think that despite everything that went on around them where they lived it was great that they still found each other. I enjoyed the angst, the secrets, the twists and turns – it kept my interest until the end – although I did feel the ending was slightly more abrupt than I was anticipating. I also did enjoy the originality of the storyline too; it was nice to not be able to predict what was going to happen within the first few chapters!
A really good YA story and I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series!
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59 reviews6 followers
August 4, 2018
”My mind, body, and heart, had somehow rearranged around Cage. Apart, they’d scrambled, scattering in the sky like misplaced planets.”
* I received an arc for my honest review *
First of all let me get this off my chest; I AM IN LOVE AND THIS BOOK IS SO FREAKING GOOD I AM CRYING.
Alright, now that that is out, let’s get a bit more professional haha.
This book is such an amazing, extraordinary, original story. I have never stumbled upon a story quitelike this. This is such an original tale that I can barely get my thoughts into words.

Wreaked is on my Top 5 books EVER. The details, the constant plot twists, the confusion, love, heat and constant gasp moments. I am so I love with this book it is insane. I have found a new favorite author, and book.

The development in the characters, how they open up and trust each other when there was no one to really trust. When they became so completed with each other.

I have so much faith and trust in these human beings that my heart is so full it can’t fit anything else in there. ⠀⠀
I am speechless. Completely speechless. ⠀⠀
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August 17, 2018
Rating: 4 "My little Star" stars

General Thoughts: Wrecked is the first novel in the Charming Knight series. The story centers around Hallie and Cage, and is told in dual POVs. They live the fictional town of Charmant, Georgia and both attended Charming High. There story deals with them trying to navigate the struggles and pressures put on them by both their parents both together and separately.

Hallie: I thought Hallie was a sweet and strong Heroine. She was reasonable and didn't whine about her circumstances but learned that beautiful things can happen even in her golden cage as she calls it. I thought that she dealt with her circumstances with grace. She was funny and definitely separated herself from the rest of the residences that lived in Charamant.

Wreck/Cage: I loved him. Enough said. Alright so I didn't love all of him but most of what he did I loved. I like that the story didn't immediately jump into telling you that he had been in love with Hallie all his life. The author eased us into it with flashbacks and glimpses into what he was doing now (Like this sweet gifts from W *sigh*). And the cute and sweet things he did to help make her life easier even when she never asked him to were amazing and heart wrenching. Learning about what happen to him when he was a teenager made me sad. But I loved that he never let it hold him back from still loving Hallie with all his heart. Now however there were some aspects with Wrecks character that bothered me a little, like his tendency to stalk and obsess over her. But all in all I thought he was fantastic start to finish.

Final Thoughts: I really thought this was a great first installment to the series. I'm extremely interested in reading Geoff Ripford's story and if he gets his wish...

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August 10, 2018
I almost didn't actually read this story because it was set in a highschool setting, but in the end I decided to pick it up because of the author behind it. I really did enjoy this story as it reminded me of the whole gossip girl richy rich class of teenagers. As the story was flowing there were some parts that were a little bit weird for me but I did still enjoy reading it. If I had to criticize anything about this book I would say the ending... it was intense in parts of this book so when the flourish died so quickly it left me thinking that's it? and wow that went quickly and with no fuss like the rest of the book. I would give this book a 3.5 stars and still recommend to others.

Hallie and Wreck have an unconventional relationship.. they were born to be together... but there will be demons they have to fight to get where both want to be.. but will they be able to get there and get rid of what has been holding them back all there lives?

Get to one clicking to see what happens.... Can't wait to see who is up next in this series!
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August 3, 2018

Sometimes a book comes along that just rocks your entire world. This is a YA book that has everything! It has a town that houses the richest of the rich. It has secrets and rules that are set in place for those that are that privileged. Hallie is the heir to a family fortune, she is expected to live a certain way and follow the rules that are set in place for her. What to wear, what to say, to make friends with the right people. What happens when you fall for a boy that doesn’t want anything to do with these rules? This book is so good you won’t be able to put it down. This writer had so much skill that you will feel like you know these characters. Be prepared to be pulled in!! This book has secrets, love, angst and Is a bit dark. Honestly what more could you want!! Absolutely fabulous read.
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September 30, 2018
When the genre YA is attached to a book. I usually steer clear. When I chose this book to read I think I might have skipped over the YA part of the synopsis. But once I start to read a book. I tend to have to finish what I started. So I decided to finish the book and see if it would surprise me.
As stated before when starting this book I was a little skeptical and wanted to go on to the next book. But as I went in I couldn't stop. It had the dark elements that I love so much. It had so many emotions in this book that I was unsure of what to feel from page to page. The relationship between Wreck and Hallie was one you weren't sure if you hated to love it or loved to hate it. But it was intense and one you couldn't help to root for. I am so glad I took a chance on this book. This is truly a top read of 2018.
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July 20, 2018

Oh my goodness... Can you say Welcome to Charmant? Wreck and Hallie were two amazing characters. I loved how they interacted with each other and the build up of their love. The secrets... the betrayal... If you were apart of Charmant, you weren't ordinary. You couldn't be. Your parents just wouldn't allow it.

Wreck and Hallie was able to find each other despite everything. When they were together, they weren't Cage Wreckmond and Hallie Goodford. They were just Cage and Hallie. It was lovely to see. I keep wondering will I see Charmant again? Will I get a glimpse into Rip's life? Will Storm ever break out of his shell?
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August 2, 2018
This is the first book in a new series, and going by this introduction, it is going to be an all-round phenomenal series! This is Hallie and Wreck’s story, and it is a dark, suspenseful, emotional, twisted read, as well as filled with secrets, lies, greed, evil, and love. This talented author has done an amazing job in penning this story, and I was totally hooked and intrigued throughout this thrilling page turner. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series, and as this is one of my favourite authors’ I cannot recommend her work highly enough!
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