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Rachelle Martin is a hot mess.

After losing 110 pounds, she expected to be happily flirting her way through countless dates, not lost as a college dropout. Now that she’s arrived at her ideal weight, why isn’t she happy?

When an injury prevents her from running her dream race, she realize she can’t run from her ghosts anymore. Rachelle must take the one step she’s sworn she’d never take: professional therapy.

Can Rachelle push herself through pain and let go of the past? Or will her demons continue to haunt her one bad decision at a time?

You’ll Never Know is the unforgettable novel in the groundbreaking Health and Happiness Society series. It tackles the false idea of conditional happiness and the exhausting path to self forgiveness.

250 pages, ebook

First published August 1, 2018

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About the author

Katie Cross

80 books681 followers
My world revolves around my husband (who is a major hottie), my precious kids, my Vizsla’s who act like children, and the mountains.

I wear hiking boots instead of heels when I need to feel powerful, and on a bad day, I love a weightlifting workout. Actually, I love it on a good day.

I don’t eat bread because my thyroid doesn’t like it, although there are days I miss it. Especially ciabatta. Sweet potatoes are kind of my thing. Cookies too.

I write because I never stopped.

Author of The Network Series, The Dragonmaster Trilogy, and The Health and Happiness Society.

Email me at kcrosswriting@gmail.com

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Author 7 books79 followers
July 7, 2018
I'm a big fan of the HHS books - they're fun, real, and hit you right in the feels. There are so few books out there in women's fiction that are about weight that are REALISTIC! I mean, seriously. The HHS books are life changers.
Rachelle is such a relatable character, and her story has been my favorite so far. Sometimes, just losing weight isn't enough to be happy - you have to *like* yourself, and Rachelle's journey is something I think every woman can relate to on some level.
Jump in, you won't regret it.
(The books are stand-alone, too, so you can start anywhere!)
Profile Image for Carla.
616 reviews4 followers
June 25, 2018
This book took me by surprise, there are books that make you laugh, cry, dislike characters and brings you into their "family" but rarely do you get a book that makes you think. Love Rachelle, love who she is on the inside. It goes to say that when you work on the outside, you also need to work on the inside.

After losing a considerable amount of weight, Rachelle is still struggling until she is sidelined. She has to make some changes and learn to become her own person that she is now instead of living in the past and having past mistakes rule her life. This book is well thought out and your journey that you follow Rachelle along with is really an adventure into her becoming someone she can love and live with.

I loved this book.
1 review1 follower
June 25, 2018
After losing 110 pounds, she expected to be happily flirting her way through countless dates, not lost as a college dropout. Now that she’s arrived at her ideal weight, why isn’t she happy? When an injury prevents her from running her dream race, she realize she can’t run from her ghosts anymore.

This story is so well written that the themes resonate and ring true. I have never been in Rachelle's situation, been overweight and lost a massive amount of weight. But I have had my life turn out vastly different than I planned. When Rachelle loses her "role" as a fat girl, she must figure out who she is now that she is not fat. Likewise, who am I now that my life is different than what I planned? The writing is tight, the characters are real, and the issues are deep. This book is worth reading. It will stay with you.
Profile Image for Michelle.
37 reviews
June 25, 2018
I was amazed by depth of understanding Katr J. Cross showed in her writing. I'm a big fan of her fantasy writings and now this story as well.

Rachelle is so strong and yet so fragile. The relationships she has with those around her are heartfelt and touching. I found her incredibly brave in facing her past and her now.

This certainly isn't typical chic lit as far as I'm concerned. It was so much more.

I loved You'll Never Know.
Profile Image for R. Jetleb.
Author 12 books5 followers
January 14, 2021
If I could rate it higher than 5 stars, I would! What an awesome read! I connected with the characters and themes in this book in a way that I rarely ever do. I was invested in Rachelle finding her happiness and was immensely satisfied that Rachelle's mom was also starting down the path to better health. I literally slowed down reading at the end of the story, not wanting the book to end. A worthwhile, entertaining, enlightening read that does it without being preachy. The book has left me with many things to ponder.
Profile Image for Amanda Faith.
Author 6 books14 followers
June 25, 2018
Katie Cross is definitely an author you need to add to your shelf if you like Chick Lit. She is such a talented writer. Her characters are true-to-life. Readers can relate to the joys and heartaches of the story. Have a box of kleenex ready. Once I started reading, I could not put it down. This is one book that will rock you to your soul.
47 reviews
September 17, 2022
What do you do when the one thing you've been working for is suddenly taken away from you? Who are you? Rachelle thinks she knows but she really doesn't. She has a hard road ahead of her and a lot of darkness to find her way through. This book will hit you where you can feel it but you won't put it down because it might be you! I highly recommend it!!!
Profile Image for Evelyne Holingue.
Author 5 books14 followers
July 21, 2018

Rachel has lost weight. Lots of weight. For months now she follows a healthy diet, exercises regularly, and stays away from her beloved frosting-covered cupcakes. Rachel should be proud of her achievement and be content. After all, she’s healthier and looks great. But she may have shed pound after pound Rachel is still seeing the chubby girl she used to be. Exercising has become an obsession. Now training for a marathon, she ignores her best friend’s advice when she suggests slowing down. No way. Rachel must run this marathon. Her life depends on it. Only then will she be truly successful and happy. But when Rachel trips on the treadmill and badly injures her ankle, the marathon is soon out of the question. Rachel fights against her physician’s orders and still believes that she can make it in time for the run. For now, however, she’s unable to train and is loosing herself.
In You’ll Never Know Katie Cross tackles the topic of women's relationship with food, the quest for perfection and everlasting happiness with a set of relatable characters. Rachel’s mother is, as it is often the case, the reason behind her daughter’s unhealthy relationship with food. She’s a binge eater and even though she’s not instantly likeable, she still loves Rachel and will grow through the novel. Because she has her own reasons for hiding her broken heart behind bottomless bowls of cereals, loads of bacon, and super sized sodas.
Fortunately for Rachel she has her friends, the rocks in her shaky life. Each with her own personal story and relationship with food and exercise too, but like the musketeers, always supporting each other.
Rachel, on the other hand, has never trusted men and has preferred serial dating to the risk of an honest relationship. And when one young man she really liked stuck around she broke up. Was she afraid to be liked in return? This will change, though, when she meets an intriguing young musician who slowly becomes a friend.
At the heart of the story there is the bakery, the lovely Frosting Cottage, the place of temptations that Rachel wants to avoid at all costs, but can’t any longer when one of her friends offers her the chance to work there. Initially 100% against Rachel finally accepts, now that she can’t train for the marathon and needs a job to stay away from her depressed and depressing mother. She’s now not only surrounded by delicious looking cupcakes but she has also to make them. Frosting included. Her worst nightmare is happening. And yet, this is while working at the Frosting Cottage that Rachel will start therapy and embark onto a real change journey that will bring back her early childhood and take her to the roots of her problems.
There is a lot to love in this novel. Being a French native I adore desserts and perhaps even more making them, so I particularly enjoyed the bakery setting and the baked goods’ yummy descriptions. A woman owns this shop and another of Rachel’s friend runs her own business too. This is a great modern addition to the story.
Whether affected by Rachel’s exact life experiences or not, You’ll Never Know will resonate with any young or older woman dealing with the destructive power of self-hate and the illusion that the way you look affect your level of happiness.
In any life situation hope is always within reach, even when it seems inaccessible. You’ll Never Know remains a positive novel, which tells of the power of female friendships, the importance of professional therapy, the necessity to forgive self and others, and the realization that happiness comes from within.
This is a novel by a woman for women.
To be read with a nice cup of coffee or tea and a yummy cupcake too.
Profile Image for Tiffani.
50 reviews
July 16, 2018
I absolutely love these books that are part of The Health and Happiness Society series!! I could NOT stop reading this and read it during every spare moment I had. Waiting on water to boil? I was reading. Target run? Sat in the car for an extra 10 minutes and read.

You'll Never Know is the 3rd book in the series but works as a stand alone as well. There are characters from the other books, but its not completely necessary to read those before diving into this one (although I HIGHLY recommend it!)

The thing I loved the most about this book was how raw and real Rachelle's emotions were. There were many times that I was right there with her, having had the same feelings myself. The ladies of The Health and Happiness Society let her have those emotions but told her what she needed to hear without it being sugar coated (see what I did there?? Yeaaahh??). I think we all need that kind of honesty in our lives.

Certain parts of the book were predictable but not in a bad way. I feel like when you read contemporaries it just comes with the territory. 

You'll Never Know takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Rachelle struggles with trying to figure out who she is without labels. She has to dive into events of her past and also deal with current issues. Her therapist asks questions that everyone who has struggles should ask themselves.

My Rating:

Overall, I gave this five out of five stars and I really enjoyed it. Its kind of a grown up Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with a sprinkle of The Biggest Loser. If you are in the mood for a contemporary I highly recommend this one. Also look for the other Health and Happiness Society books by Katie Cross. I promise you won't be disappointed! 
4 reviews1 follower
July 15, 2018
Katie Cross has once again hit the mark with the latest instalment of her Health & Happiness Society series. Rachelle first appeared as Lexie’s confident, over the top best friend, but in this book we see the real Rachelle that lies below the tough exterior. She believed that with losing weight her life would come together, but she just swapped one addiction for another: food for exercise. When an injury leaves her unable to exercise she doesn’t know what to do and begins to unravel. As she starts to work through her issues, stemming from being abandoned by her father and left with a food addicted mother, Rachelle begins to find her true self and to learn to love herself as she is, to find her true worth. Katie Cross really brings out the emotions in her HHS series and this book is no exception. In reading this book I rode the roller coaster of emotions along with Rachelle. I laughed, I cried and I truly saw pieces of myself in Rachelle. This book has inspired me to take a closer look at myself and find all the best parts of myself that I love, and forgive those that I don’t. I truly recommend this book to anyone who’s ever felt unworthy or unlovable, as it will show you that we are all worthy and deserving of all the love. Thank you Katie!!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
22 reviews
June 27, 2018
When I look at a person who has lost a lot of weight, my mind automatically thinks they must be so happy with all that weight they lost. I never really realized or dawn on me that people that lose weight, still have an inner battle going on within themselves. This book written by Katie Cross really opened my eyes to see what a person is struggling with after they lose weight. Katie also has a way of opening the readers mind to think about the problems they’re having in their life. Gives ides about how to get help. The book also makes you think about how you can serve others. This book was enjoyable and very easy to read. When I picked it up I did not want too put it down. I wanted to know more of what was happening when it was going to happen and how the problem was going to be solved. Rachelle is a character who you will fall in love with instantly. You will yearn to know more and more about her life as she goes to therapy and gets the help that she needs. What a great book Katie Cross!
Profile Image for Kelly.
56 reviews2 followers
July 6, 2018
This d the 3rd book in the Health and Happiness Society series. I suggest reading them in order, but it isn't necessary.
This is a story about Rachelle's journey to happiness. She decided to become the exact opposite person that she was in the past. Losing weight was her first step in her journey. She is now only ,o the away from her final goal of finishing a marathon! After she has completed the race, she will be happy and totally transformed for ever. While training for the race, she ends up having to face the past that she thought she left behind and a future she will truly be happy in. This book made me want to take notes at parts and left me thinking of my own life in others. I asked myself the same questions Rachelle was asked, and to my surprise, I didn't know the answers!
This is a must read for everyone who has had to face something you feared and wanted to just move past. You will be happily surprised to find the journey thought provoking and insightful. I really enjoy the book and all of the characters. Add this one to you to-read shelf now!
Profile Image for Mary.
90 reviews
November 20, 2021
One of my favorite authors has done it again! You'll Never Know is the third book in the Chick Lit Series. I couldn't wait to turn the page to see what happens next.
Katie Cross doesn't shy away from delving into serious matters. Real matters. Rachelle is one member of the Health & Happiness Society. She lost over 100 pounds after a devastating evening with the man of her dreams. She's on track to run her first marathon but then her plans are derailed. She is forced to dig deep into her life to find out why the marathon is so important to her and how she gets down to the bottom of her problems and starts dealing with them to become the girl she wants to be.
This book is for women of all ages. Thanks to Katie Cross' writing style, you'll hurt for Rachelle and will be her biggest cheerleader.
You'll want to start with From BonBons to Yoga Pants to meet the girls in the Health and Happiness Society. You'll be hooked!!
Profile Image for Loni.
81 reviews
June 28, 2018
Wow! Katie Cross has done it again! This book was amazing and I think everyone and anyone should read it! In a world where there are so many should’s being pointed at each and everyone of us (we should be this or do this or act like this etc.) This book will help you realize that they all don’t matter! You are amazing just the way you are, each and every person. Something I think everyone needs to realize and actually believe! We are all our own worst critics and quick to point out what’s wrong with ourselves, while pointing out the same things about others positively. This book, will make you think about you and your life differently by teaching you ways to love and forgive yourself as you follow Rachelle on her own journey of figuring out how to love herself. Be prepared to start loving yourself and viewing yourself in a more positive light! Definitely a must read!
Profile Image for Laura Mae.
108 reviews
August 10, 2018
Face your fears

And start living. That's Rachelle's story. And, it's a darn good one.
Within every person who's lost weight is the get person they were before. Sometimes it's quiet and other times it shakes the cage and shouts loudly.
Explore why you were that way and it's so much easier to handle. That's what Rachelle is on the path to doing. Though this story was difficult at times to read - whole lotta internal squirming going on- you resonante with her. She's a wonderfully written character who's amazingly life-like, believable, and so very real.
Though this could be a stand alone book, do yourself a favor a d read all of them in the Health and Happiness Society series.
Profile Image for Becca Hicks.
80 reviews
July 10, 2018
I think most everyone can identify with Rachelle’s story in some form or another. She is real, faults and all, and she makes you just fall in love with her. This author has a way of writing that is therapeutic in a subconscious way. While reading I was making mental notes (and real notes) with ways that I could improve my life, love myself and to allow myself a little more grace. I am still thinking about this book and how I want to teach my daughters about self love, making mistakes and overcoming trials and struggles in a positive and healthy way. Read this. You’ll feel better. I promise.
Profile Image for Marti.
184 reviews
June 27, 2018
Most of the time when I read, it's complete escapism and I don't remember many details as soon as I finish. That's not the case with this book; it will stay with me for a long time.

It is very well written; it rang true with believable characters that I cared about. But most of all, this book made me THINK. Quite by surprise, I'd pause occasionally to consider how the struggles Rachelle was dealing with related to me and my life.

I loved this book. I didn't want it to end. I know I'll re-read it.
Profile Image for Joanna Bennett.
36 reviews4 followers
July 10, 2018
Katie has a way with words that seriously just keeps me riveted. Her writing is fun and real, it makes it easy to stay engaged in the book. But it also makes it easy to apply the the book to yourself. I've never had to lose 110 pounds like Rachelle in the book, but I have had my own vices when it comes to food/exercise. I love that the theme of the book isn't that you have to do and be perfect, but rather that you need to love yourself and others.

And if that review doesn't make you want to read the book, the cover should. Cause, cupcakes.
2 reviews1 follower
June 28, 2018
I love that this book really makes you look deeper into yourself. Even if you don't struggle with weight loss you can still connect with this book. We all have those inner demons we struggle with. Weeks after finishing this book I'm still trying to define myself without "roles". It's very rare that I have a book that instead of using it as an escape it teaches me something. I love Katie and all her book!
Profile Image for Lianne Takach.
23 reviews1 follower
June 28, 2018
Oh, Rachelle... we could SOOOOO sit down and have a BIG cup of coffee and a cupcake, of course! I am just out of a boot myself & may have to put up the running shoes permanently. I get it! I am so disappointed- I was training for the Virginia 10 Miler, but that's not going to happen this year (insert big sigh here). Like you I'm sorta lost and a bit pissed. But, you've taught me it is ok to let it go. You have given me too many feels girl!
Profile Image for Nati.
2,084 reviews10 followers
July 18, 2018
Rachelle has lost 110 pounds and her next goal is to run a marathon. But when an injury in her ankle prevents her from running it, she is lost. But The Happy and Health Society will help her realise that she is not happy, even after losing so much weight. She has to face the demons from her past in order to face her future. A very emotional and inspirational story about love, friendship, forgiviness and what really matters in love and who really we are.
2 reviews
July 15, 2018
Just finished You'll Never Know. I loved the flow from the first two books to Rachelle's story. I loved that during her journey to finding her self-acceptance she came to realize her potential and talents, while working on eliminating the negative thoughts about herself and examining the source. Also, kudos to how you addressed not only Rachelle's struggle, but that of her mother, and how her reclusion affected their relationships with themselves and others.

Thank you Katie Cross!
Profile Image for Kelsey Langenfeld.
223 reviews5 followers
July 17, 2018
I love the Health and Happiness series! You'll Never Know is no different. This is a story about Rachelle, who has lost 110 lbs and is still fighting with the real life ramifications of her old life and the struggles to be healthy, mind body, and soul. You'll Never Know, delves much deeper into the the mental health realm than the previous 2 books in the series. Rachelle's issues are realistic and unbelievably real life. Great addition to a wonderful series!
July 18, 2018
The Health and Happiness Society books are not mindless twaddle, they have all helped me look at myself and discover new pieces of me to love, but to date this one made me think the most.

I enjoyed getting to know Rachelle as she discovered her self-worth. It is easy to be drawn into the story and I love the characters . There were times I laughed and times I cried, and even a couple times I wanted to hit something in frustration. I highly recommend reading You'll Never Know!

Profile Image for Nati.
2,084 reviews10 followers
July 18, 2018
Rachelle has lost 110 pounds and her next goal is to run a marathon. But when an injury in her ankle prevents her from running it, she is lost. But The Happy and Health Society will help her realise that she is not happy, even after losing so much weight. She has to face the demons from her past in order to face her future. A very emotional and inspirational story about love, friendship, forgiviness and what really matters in love and who really we are.
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69 reviews10 followers
November 30, 2018
Rachelle Martin ilk kez Bon Bons to Yoga Pants'te karşıma çıkmıştı. Evet kendine güveni vs iyiydi hoştu ama bir türlü ısınamadıydım. Sonra bir baktım azıcık yardım aldığı zaman o da sevilesi bir karaktere dönüşüyor. Annesiyle, babasıyla, beklenmeyen dramasıyla, kendini dış dünyadan soyutlayışıyla, her şeyi yüzüne gözüne bulaştırışıyla ve en önemlisi her şeyin bir sebebe dayandırılabilmesiyle gerçek bir karakter. Güzel hikayeydi sonuç olarak.
Profile Image for Chelsea.
Author 71 books297 followers
November 6, 2019
Wow… Rachelle’s story is gritty, intense, and filled with tons of issues that we didn’t know she had from the previous two books. Her story is less about weight loss (like the first book) or finding herself (like the second book) and more about forgiving herself. The ending offers an HEA of sorts, along with a heavy dose of reality and how to accept that reality as an HEA. This is a relatable story that really delves deep into the human spirit.
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40 reviews1 follower
July 8, 2018
This book is a fantastic read! Very delightful, yet thought provoking as well. There are several amazing life lessons or “take aways” from this book. It is so relatable on many levels. This is the 3rd book in The Health and Happiness Society series, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all 3! I can’t wait for books 4 and 5 to come out!
Profile Image for Jeana.
2 reviews1 follower
July 15, 2018
Katie has done it again. I yet again have been able to put myself as a the main character in her books.

I have struggled with the thoughts that Rachelle had in the book...if I lose 20 lbs I will be happy.....If I get into a size 5 I will be happy.

That is not what I should be thinking. I need to stop. Thanks Katie for sharing the struggles that most of us can relate to.
Profile Image for Kim Ehman.
1 review1 follower
July 17, 2018
If you love Chick Lit then you will definitely love this book as well as any other Katie Cross book. Her writing is truly inspiring and finds ways to connect with you on an emotional level you never thought possible. I could not put it down and it helped me to become aware about things in my own life that I was ignoring. Honestly you will need some tissues for this one. Love, love love!
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