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Egoist #2

Obsession of the Egoist

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“You aren’t happy with me, you aren’t happy without me, so why the fuck should I leave you alone?”

Thrown out of captivity and into long-awaited freedom, Kuon is in limbo, left with the ashes of the future Yugo destroyed.
Unable to cope with the shards of his former life, he enlists to serve in Afghanistan. Two years later, back in Vienna, he’s once again stuck in nothingness, except instead of the white room, he is trapped inside his damaged body.

Made Yugo seethe with a thirst for vengeance he can never quench. If punishing Mio left him bitter, giving up Kuon wrenched his soul. Determined to let the past go, he concentrates on his future. Until their paths cross again.
Damaged. Aggressive. Hurt. Kuon still attracts him. Haunted by the memories, Yugo wavers. But when another man takes Kuon’s hand, Yugo decides to take back what belongs to him.

258 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 9, 2019

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About the author

Nero Seal

16 books544 followers
Journalist, poker player, casino events manager, designer, and SEO specialist, Nero Seal tried it all before committing to the idea of being an M/M fiction writer. Living in one of the most homophobic countries in the world, he has a lot to say. Being an avid traveler, he creates his imaginary worlds from the places he’s been and the people he’s met.
Characters always talk in his head, forcing him to write their stories, using his 49 kinks as the ultimate weapon of allure. When the voices in his head aren’t slaving him around, he is drawing, hiking, and procrastinating important things in favor of momentary gratification.

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1,038 reviews587 followers
December 24, 2019
3.5 Stars

Told in multiple POV, 3rd person. It’s the second installment in the "Egoist" series and has to be read in order. It’s slow-paced and dragged at some places. Nothing really important happened in this one. This isn’t the last book in the series and there will be more but still there were some loose ends like what happened to Kristina or what was about Gray, what was his main role in the story and what about Rick! I felt pity for him! Overall, it wasn’t as good as book one but still I liked it and hope you enjoy it as well!
Profile Image for Dia.
534 reviews133 followers
January 23, 2020
This second book in the Egoist series wasn't at all what I expected. As much as I enjoyed the first book, this one felt SO different. It felt too long and to be honest, nothing really happened for many, many chapters. I mean, nothing important happened between the main characters! I was in for Yugo and Kuon, and they circled each other most of the story.

Yugo is different here, he's not as pushy as before or as I would have wanted him to be. It was like reading about two new characters... they didn't even remind me of the MC's in the first book.

For some reasons I kept reading. I was curious about their future. I just hope the next book will give us more, as this one felt pretty slow and not as hot as the other books in this series.

“I’ve already freed him once, thinking it would be best for him. What did he do with his freedom? He went to Afghanistan and got himself blinded. There’s no way I’ll ever let him go again or hand him over to you.”
Profile Image for Starr (AKA Starrfish) Rivers.
898 reviews260 followers
June 24, 2020
First book: rape and lots of forced sex, and the abused got to like it
Second book: whatever, tiny short story
This book: MCs spend most time apart, not much sex otherwise, don't even know what this is.

I will probably not recall this series to continue reading if the next book comes out.

So weird.
Profile Image for Ula'ndi Hart.
884 reviews15 followers
January 27, 2020
Overall book rating: 3.5
Audio Book: N/A
Book Cover: 3

I’m doing this review with the least amount of words. Make your own assumptions.

I LOVED the first installment. And I'm sorry to say the second book didn't reach the same high for me personally.
Kuan was all over the place ( which to some extent I do understand) and there are so many "loose ends" and things going on in the background that I simply don't even want to go there.

I wanted Yugo to BE YUGO and I suppose he was in some instances, there were parts I really did enjoy, but the thing between him and Kuan was drawn out to the max and I still don't really know how anything is going to fit together in the long run.

I just wanted "them" Yugo and Kuan. Because it was so damn delicious in the first installment. Book two just messed with my excitement levels. Now, we not only have the spoiled BRAT Mio to deal with but low and behold, just for the hell of it Gray is thrown into the mix. Yeah! NOT YEAH.
Profile Image for Elin.
870 reviews7 followers
November 30, 2019
This book was given to me as an ARC, all opinions are my own.

The continuing of the story between Kuon and Yugo is softer than it's predecessor. It follows Kuon as he struggles to cope with being let go and to live while having lost direction and purpose.

As it shows a more patient side of Yugo, it is slow building, and it lacks the edge and heat that ruled the first book. I did miss it, the raw state you are left in when the two collide together. But I got a taste, it simmered under the surface and I just wanted to let it burn me.

With the added characters and building plot lines, it felt like an intermission for the next book, the build up until the detonation. And I look forward to seeing it happen.

It's filled with angst, anger, confusion and internal struggles as both have a difficulty coming to terms with their own desires.
Profile Image for Chellabration.
159 reviews13 followers
January 22, 2020
Time of death 70%

I wanted to like this, I really really did... but it was such a contrast to the first book.
Nearly half the book was spent on the separate lives of our heroes, before they met again...

I didn't feel anything for them the way I did in the first book... I couldn't put the first book down, but I kept putting this one down and allowing myself to be distracted by anything...

Then a woman entered the picture... I'm not sure what he role will end up being as I can't...

Yugo seem too begish, too stalkerish, nothing better to do with his time-ish here. This didn't read like the first book... I'm not even sure what to rate it. The story started off so promising... I guess 2 stars maybe 2.5

The blurb promised
But when another man takes Kuon’s hand, Yugo decides to take back what belongs to him.

But at 70% in, it did not deliver.
Profile Image for JustJen "Miss Conduct".
2,269 reviews150 followers
December 13, 2019

4.5 stars - Thank goodness, this story picks up right where the previous one left off, and we don't have to wait very long to get the details of what actually happened. Quite a few twists happen, but they are just the beginning. In this installment, Yugo has set Kuon "free" as it sinks in that Kuon would rather take his own life than think about being with Yugo (regardless of their crazy relationship).

So, Kuon goes back to his old life but is at a complete loss as to how to integrate himself back into it, how to simply reappear at work, how to explain everything, etc. This is to say nothing of his issues regarding Yugo. With little regard for what his life has become, he enlists in the military where he quickly gains the reputation as a loose cannon. Two years have passed since his time with Yugo when Kuon is injured on a mission leaving him blind. Meanwhile, Yugo, not faring much better with his feelings for Kuon, finally steps back into his life.

This installment is a bit different in that much more time passes and the direction changes quite a bit. Yugo is now determined to have Kuon by his side once again though in a slightly different capacity than before - he wants him there willingly. But, Yugo hasn't just become a better man with romance on the brain. He is still the evil bastard he always was, and as more of this story unfolds, more turns are twisted and dots are connected, the story becomes about much more than simply Yugo and his seemingly brainwashed captive. The same complicated "attraction" is still there on both sides, but with Kuon's injuries, it makes things more difficult.

Suffice to say, I felt much more invested in this installment wanting to know more about the other players, more about Kuon's background now that we know more about his connections, and what will happen when Yugo finds out. Is it all part of a bigger plan and Kuon just wasn't able to resist the torture and inevitable psychological impact? All I know is that I was ready to keep going as soon as I turned the last page. This ends with more of a happy for now than the cliffhanger of the previous book, but I still felt left hanging and jonesing for the next one. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to get it. :)

Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.
Profile Image for Emma Jaye.
Author 41 books635 followers
November 28, 2019
In this second Egoist, Kuon is not the only one struggling. Its ANGST (yep in capitals so it must be true).
How do you go on when you're no longer useful in the world? This is Kuon's dilemma, his cross to bear and he's crumbling despite trying to maintain the stoic facade Yugo occasionally managed ripped from him.

But he is still wanted, by family, by an obsessive former colleague, by Yugo, even though the Black Duke released him to save his life.

These characters are realistic, not heroes. Some wear 'grey' hats rather than black, but no one gets a white hat.

After Love of the Egoist, I was on #TeamMio because I felt sorry for the poor misguided soul...

Mr Seal, you did it to me again. Good job!

Profile Image for Millie  SK.
167 reviews
December 11, 2019
This book was the most anticipated that I have ever read. I must say it didn’t disappoint one bit. It is not as dark as Love of the egoist but still as good. I think if a rational minds wants to make sense of Yugo and Kuon’s relationship they need to see Yugo in a different light which Nero Seal executed beautifully( although I love Yugo the way he is in all his evil and asshole glory). Yugo is used to instant gratification whether people give him everything he wants out of fear or he takes what he wants by force. He had to learn patience in this one, and we all know he has the patience of a toddler. So every time he doesn’t gets his way, he threw a tantrum. Kuon on the other hand poor thing can’t catch a break. He was freed by Yugo, but then manages to get himself into another situation that was even worse than the white room. He struggled with depression Which made him frustrated and angry with everyone around him. When he crossed paths with Yugo almost 3 yrs later, they had such a hard time connecting with all the changes that had happened in their lives and the resurface of old feelings. I love the introduction of the new characters, it gives Kuon options to move on.
Apart from the MCs my next favorite character in this one is Tobias. Although I’m not 100% sure if everything he did for Yugo was because he wants to be a good friend or he was trying to distract Yugo from something else; time will tell. Oh and poor Mio, he’s gonna blow a gasket when he realize what’s going on and I wouldn’t want to be Yugo.
This series is a must read. It is well written, interesting characters, plots are well developed, the storyline flows seamlessly and the best part it’s super hot.
Profile Image for StinaA.
666 reviews4 followers
November 27, 2019
Obsession of the Egoist, is one highly sought after book! But the wait was so worth it!
The story continues were we left off in book 1, Love if the Egoist. Biggest cliffhanger ever, btw!!

"You aren't happy with me, you aren't happy without me, so why the fuck should I leave you alone? You have nothing to give me? Fine. I have many things I want to give you. I came for you, and you will be mine again whether you like it or not."

Huh, but is it really that simple? Read to find out!

I had a few thoughts about what this book would contain...I wasn't even close!

"Breaking a beast was easy, but what about gaining his trust and acceptance?"

It's a dark story, but not as dark as the previous book. And we get more of ... yeah, I wanted to write some of my thoughts..but if I did, I would give major spoilers and I won't do that!

All I can say is; I love the chemistry and connection between Yugo and Kuon!!
September 23, 2020
Man, I wish I would have known that this wasn't the last book in the series. I REALLY hate waiting for the next book in a series.

This was like a 180° turn from the first book and it was kind of jarring because I was was expecting the same dark theme, but it was completely tame comparatively.

Kuon went off the rails and joined the military and got himself hurt, Yugo was besides himself wanting Kuon back and it looks like Mio is gearing up for an attack.

I felt terrible for Rick who was a complete doormat and for the woman (I can't even remember her name) and her daughter. I would say Kuon has a golden D but he wasn't even sleeping with anyone.

I can't find any info for when the next book comes out so hopefully I can remember what all went on when it does come out.
181 reviews39 followers
August 6, 2021
This is a lighter read than the 1st book in the series, Love of the Egoist. Since I didn't enjoy the sadist capture-bondage theme of the 1st book, I like this one better. They are 2 different animals, if you look closely. Gone are the torture - rape, beating, humiliation. Instead, Yugo, the captor, is almost considerate and kind (in his own way of course), and helplessly in love. Kuon, still confused as ever, comes to terms with his obsession with Yugo. There are scenes where I can almost describe as "sweet", if you can believe it.

Reading the two books, I come to accept the fact that I don't have enough nerves for torture-heavy books, or Stockholm-syndrome theme in particular. I'll be very reluctant to read those books if I come across them in the future.
Profile Image for Lindsay Crook.
951 reviews32 followers
November 27, 2019
This was sooooo worth waiting for...This picks up right from the big ass cliffy left by book 1..
I love the dark and dangerous vibe this series has going on and Yugo is one of my favourite characters..I hate being so vague but I don't wanna spoil it just know that this is a must read.
Profile Image for Ruth Kamau.
647 reviews33 followers
November 16, 2021
I don't know what I was expecting, but this book had wayyyyy too much going on. I got bored at some point even.

Honestly I'm not sure if there's much I remember about this.
Profile Image for Josh Dale.
224 reviews5 followers
December 14, 2019
After book one I was shocked to see Kuon is still alive and with us. The author has done a great job of showing us what happened at the end of book one. And the phycological games begin once again.
We catch up with Kuon two years after he was set free by Yugo (the mafia leader). To rebuild his life and find himself Kuon joined the Army. But unfortunately he was blinded whilst serving.
Two year later Kuon feels lost and useless, unable to see and reliant on others to do the most basic things.
We follow the frustrations of Kuon as he tries to move forward whilst awaiting surgery on his eyes.
Suddenly Yugo reapprears in his life and stirs up all kinds of emotions, ears and yes desires.
Yugo always gets what he wants usually by taking it no matter the consequences or other peoples wishes. But this time he wants Kuon to want him, of his own will. We see Yugo struggle to contain is usual actions.
Add into the mix Kuon’s Army friend Rick who wants Kuon himself, and a woman with a young girl that has the same sight issues, and Kuon’s emotions and desires are shot to hell.
Kuon knows he is unable to give rick the love he needs, and he is attracted to the woman and could see a happyish safe family life.
But he can not shake off his feelings for Yugo, and the excitement and danger that is Yugo, but how does he know it is not just the Stockholm syndrome all over again.
We travel the constantly thrilling and dangerous path with twists and turns and mind games that we saw in book one.
We get to know more about Yugo’s past, and Mio is lurking in the background causing chaos and trouble for Yugo. Which I am sure we will see more of if there is a book 3!
All in all another thrilling and exciting story in the gritty mafia world. Certainly building on the great foundations of book one.
Profile Image for Colchicine.
231 reviews5 followers
December 25, 2019
I'm sooo obsessed with this story!
The passion, the twisted plot, the hatred, the love……
Profile Image for Jairo.
79 reviews1 follower
March 1, 2020
It was not as messed up as I expected. A little bit too sweet for this kind of story.
Profile Image for Cassie.
384 reviews31 followers
March 16, 2021
I do not want this to be over!! I want more for sure. Finally there is a bit of a shining spot on this series at the end. It is actually really great to see. It is still dark, but this book was really about finding oneself and trying to come to terms with what you want. There are still sooo many things I want to know and so many things left hanging. I still whole-heartedly think this is a wonderful series and am about to read the shorts. I found that I understood Yugo a lot more in this one, and I liked him a lot better. I also still loved Kuon and thought the addition of both Kristina and Rick were a nice touch. I liked that you got a bit more of Mio and even Tabias. It was just a great read. I hope this series does continue. I will definitely be the first to pick it up.
Profile Image for Lid Hime.
60 reviews3 followers
February 9, 2020
And here it is, and here it is:

So I didn't want to come here and rate it because then I would have to write a review, and I knew I was going to do it because I have things to say about the book.

I didn't think it was possible as sometimes with anticipated sequels that's never the case but, Nero Seal managed it. This book is better than the first one. It really is. And here I was fearful I wasn't going to like it as it was so anticipated and there was a hype about it- and it happened with me earlier this year that another long awaited mm sequel book was realised and I could only give it 3 stars and didn't like it much. But no. It's not like that with Obsession of the Egoist.

I have to give it to the Author, he knows what he's doing and what his characters are about, plus there aren't plot holes or contradictory character's personality. His writing is consisting with that of the first book too.

Four thing to note about the story and then I am done with this review.

1-. Yes Yugo did engage in Oral sex with Mio and that's why Kuon noticed the sheets changed in Yugo's bedroom in book 1. It's not explicit but it is referenced. Yes I wanted to know about that too, I am weird like that. Oddly enough it didn't bother me as much as it should have, Yugo doesn't seem to love Mio in that way. More like he did it so the boy would stop bothering him. Also about Mio, I kind of hate his guts.

2-. Kuon is one of the most self-respecting, good, loyal, honest and brave, guys (bottoms of mm romance) out there. He is precious and I loved how didn't do what every person who entered in contact with him wanted/was pressuring him to do; like his brother with the hooker or the woman with her ideas of a making a family with him.

3-. That fucking trip to Yugo's farm killed me dead. Yugo's italian. And Yugo is more than what we are lead to believe in book 1; I think this book was a little more about him too, about his thoughts, motivations and his personality. He has more, to say it buntly, screen time or pov.

4-. For a moment there, this couple made me remember my favorite/number one mm couple of all time (Alexei and Benjamin) and to me that's saying a lot. The same passion and the same devotion is there... and it will become something amazing.

4.7/5 stars.
Profile Image for Ana.
917 reviews
December 18, 2019
I loved it. I was a little skeptical of how this story might work, considering where the previous book ended, but it worked perfectly to me. I wasn’t fond on each of the main characters before, but the story was so interesting, I needed more. Any doubts I had about the mail characters before, was clear here. I end up loving them as I didn’t thought I could. I am particularly charmed by Yugo and how much of him remain and still was able to show an interesting character development.

It was slow paced by most of the book. Generally that might bother me a bit, but this time the story was so interesting that I didn’t mind. I didn’t lose my attention. The last chapters were so exciting that I just couldn’t read them fast enough.

I loved the internal struggles both main characters had. I think it was what I loved the most of the book. How hard it was for them to just give up their pride and tell the other how they feel.
The only issue I had about it, and it might bother only me, was that my favorite character from the previous book had only a tiny appearance. I missed him awfully and I hope see a lot more of him in the future. Other than that, it was a great book. It won’t work as a standalone, so beware of reading the first one and its warnings before trying this one.
Profile Image for Kirstin.
1,755 reviews15 followers
December 8, 2019
The wait for this book was excruciating, but so worth it. From the mind of the masterful Nero Seal, we are thrown back in where Book 1 left off.

2 years later, Kuon is on his own, trying to get past the kidnapping and falling for his captor, Yugo. Living a shell of his life, he can't keep from thinking back to his time with Yugo. And Yugo hasn't forgotten Kuon either.

I was so entranced in the depth of emotion and feeling that Yugo and Kuon had before, I couldn't wait to find out what happened to them, and I was not disappointed. This book felt like a completely different story, with Yugo figuring out what was important and what he wanted, and Kuon realizing what he was searching for.

Nero Seal writes an in-depth, well thought out story that had me in suspense the entire time. This was so much more than just a bridge to book 3. This was the aftermath of an emotional roller coaster with an ending that had me even more enthusiastic for the next book.

Honestly, this book was so satisfying. While not as dark as the first book, this had me hooked from start to finish!
Profile Image for Isabel.
208 reviews
November 29, 2019

the state of being obsessed with someone or something.
"he cared for him with a devotion bordering on obsession"
an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.
plural noun: obsessions
"he was in the grip of an obsession he was powerless to resist"

When it all starts with the perfect choice to title this second book,
Obsession of the Egoist, you have to start reading, ASAP!!
Let's go back to Vienna, to a very different Kuon who lives in a personal struggle, where Yugo debates himself between make him come back to his life and let him live with his choices, to Mio who will have to learn to live with his choices. And much, much more…
Anguish, Anger, Despair, Love, Fight so many emotions in this new book.
Mr. Nero Seal, you are a brilliant master, who has created characters that hold us to the last written word and beg for the next book.
Profile Image for Mary Ann.
16 reviews1 follower
December 5, 2019
It's going to be hard to review this without spoilers, but I'll try. I was relieved that Kuon physically okay after that nasty ending in the first book. Mentally, he's a wreck. Which leads him to make decisions that land him right back in a hospital, worse than ever.
Meanwhile, Yugo is miserable without Kuon. Is he obsessed or in love? Both? He needs Kuon, but this time he's giving Kuon a choice. Kind of...
Mr. Seal has left me with more questions than ever. Events are happening in the background that make me worry for both of their futures. There are some huge questions about Kuon's past. And that little pest Mio is now in the wind with lots of money and information.
Profile Image for Philomena Callan Cheekypee.
3,874 reviews396 followers
December 14, 2019
Oh my dayz. I was super excited to see this book was being released. After reading book one I had high expectations for this story. Yugo and Kuon. Crikey these two drive me mad. The will they won’t they had me ranting away as I couldn’t anticipate which way it was gonna go. This is a superb read. If you enjoy m/m then I highly recommend this gem. The author exceeded my expectations with this story.
96 reviews24 followers
Want to read
November 23, 2019
I cannot wait for December 9th!!!
29 reviews1 follower
November 28, 2019
What can I say I absolutely loved it, definitely a twist I did not see it coming. Worth a read 100%
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