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A Threefold Cord

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Grae Edwards and his co–stars Chris Willoughby and Ben Clyde work together well. Maybe they even have a chemistry. Certainly they are friends and Grae is tempted to ask for more … After the beautiful tart Chris has the temerity to turn him down, Grae settles into a comfortable loving relationship with the more chivalrous Ben. But the idea of Chris never quite goes away – and when Chris finally suggests the three of them spend a night together, Grae glimpses a solution he hardly dares hope for.

57,500 words

175 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 1, 2014

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About the author

Julie Bozza

31 books284 followers
Ordinary people are extraordinary. We can all aspire to decency, generosity, respect, honesty – and the power of love (all kinds of love!) can help us grow into our best selves.

I write stories about ‘ordinary’ people finding their answers in themselves and each other. I write about friends and lovers, and the families we create for ourselves. I explore the depth and the meaning, the fun and the possibilities, in ‘everyday’ experiences and relationships. I believe that embodying these things is how we can live our lives more fully.

Creative works help us each find our own clarity and our own joy. Readers bring their hearts and souls to reading, just as authors bring their hearts and souls to writing – and together we make a whole.

Julie Bozza. Quirky. Queer. Sincere.

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Profile Image for Mandy*reads obsessively* .
2,203 reviews326 followers
June 20, 2014

“The three of them stared at each other from where they stood scattered through the room. A small step. A giant leap.”

Julie Bozza and a m/m/m book, it's like this book was written for me.

I've noticed I seem to use the same words over and over when describing her stories, meandering and flowing..she just has such a unique way of telling her tale.
Gentle, slow and patient. Her characters are adults and they act like it, they feel strong emotions but are mature and careful and considerate of the ones they love.
I always seem to need longer to finish her books, I don't want them to end, I want to enjoy and savor them. I need to read slowly and carefully, I think because Grae and Ben and Chris have such important things to tell me and they are so very quiet, subtle and loving in the way they go about it, I need to pay attention, so as not to miss a word. There are different stories weaved in to the main one, the plays and shows the men act in help illustrate and reinforce the admiration and affection they all have for one another.

Grae is most definitely the one Ben and then Chris want. There is something about him that draws them. They both describe him as extraordinary, even if it's not something Grae sees in himself or even understands why they believe him to be special.
He and Ben fall in love, deeply in love, but Chris isn't someone that Grae can ignore.
I was happy watching the relationship develop, first between Grae and the truly wonderful and insightful Ben. But then I was captured by the emotions between Chris and Ben and Grae, the differences between the men, that slowly and with more bumps and bruises were shown when Chris came in to their lives more intimately.
I loved all three men, but Ben has a special place in my heart.

“Ben – Ben was their saviour, their anchor, their sails and steerage. As the other two clung on, he held them secure. “Somehow …” he mused, “we seem to make more sense with the three of us together …”

All I can say is, if you enjoy Julie's wonderful writing or if you like ménage stories ( and oh boy do I ever!) or you just want a beautifully told story with men finding their way together, this is THE book for you.
Like Grae, I just surrendered myself to this book and at the end it left me with a feeling of contentment.

“Grae closed his eyes and surrendered himself to being no more nor less than three-made-one.”

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1,642 reviews1 follower
May 15, 2014


I’m a big fan of Julie’s May/December novel Apothecary’s Garden and getting an early review copy of her new book A Threefold Cord was a chance I just didn’t want to miss. When I saw the title I couldn’t believe my eyes. A book title derived from a bible verse? That’s an intriguing novelty, and I just had to read how Julie would weave it into her story.

Well, what can I say? It was spectacular, marvelous, wonderful, I was moved beyond words by the beauty of this story. This book was not simply a read, I lived it, breathed it, felt it and experienced it… and it’s still with me. The writing just went straight to my heart, slow and steady, and is still there.

Julie wove a wonderful, emotional story around Grae, Ben and Chris, three guys who share one passion: the love of the theatre. As actors they work together well and complement each other totally. Their private life is another story though. Chris is the one Grae wants first, but the cute ‘tart’ loves his free life too much so Grae settles down with Ben. Of course working in the same line of business means they periodically meet and all three of them can’t deny the chemistry they have and eventually one thing leads to another…

I loved the guys from the start. Grae, the story’s narrative voice, an immensely talented actor, but fraught with self-doubt and torn between his love to Ben and his attraction to Chris. Ben, handsome, generous and noble, a great actor and skilled script writer. He loves Grae wholeheartedly and oh did I suffer with him when he assumed the worst… him losing Grae to Chris. Chris, such a cheerful, carefree soul but underlying you feel his loneliness, his sadness, his need to be loved, to be trusted.
“I don’t know why you two can love me this way when no one else in my life has, but you do, and I have so much faith in you … I can see why you love each other so much, I really can, and I can see why you trust each other. All I’m asking is for you to have a little faith in me as well.”

I loved it all: the setting, the storyline, the Englishness, the theatre, Grae’s voice, his wonderful lovers Ben and Chris, even the cold spot that lingers on a landing in Ben’s apartment. :)

Ben, Chris and Grae are endearing and wonderful together, their journey to love is terrific and beautiful. How they managed to overcome their challenges to form a deep and everlasting love and to build such a strong relationship touched me deeply. It is a story with a written style and language that paints pictures, a soft, beautiful and poetic love story and a pleasure to read.

Oh, and I loved the plays. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, E.M. Forsters’s Maurice --->read Mark’s review, Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II and above all Doug Wright’s wonderful ‘I am My Own Wife’, based on a true story and the life of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf a transgender person who survived the Nazi and Communist regimes in East Berlin. When Ben and Chris give Grae the pearls Charlotte always wore it reduced me to tears.

Julie is a wonderful storyteller, a gifted writer, she is a genius at weaving magical, deeply moving stories. You just can’t help falling for the beautiful narrative, the will and the courage those guys show to just make it happen, against all the odds.
“That’s three of us, bound together.”

Love is love and it appears in all colours of the rainbow. When it comes your way, you better be ready to grab it with both hands. And once you have grabbed it, hold on to it, it’s a gift that needs to be cherished and to be held dear. And read this book!!! Do away with your feelings of ‘Three is one too much’. Just think about the love those guys found. Certainly a reason to overcome prejudice, but embrace the love, run with it. Thank you, Julie for a wonderful reading experience.

Btw, Julie made herself at home on the cozy SSBR guest couch and answered my nosy questions. :)

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562 reviews103 followers
May 14, 2014
This is my Julie Bozza debut, and what a marvelous experience that was! Her writing is amazing! The story is carefully written, the plot is slowly developed, and we can appreciate every word with calm and understanding! Adding to this amazing style, there is a fabulous story of a menage, which is something that I really adore!

One of the things that I love more about this kind of books, is to see how the author creates a menage that we can actually think that is doable... you know, something that could actually happen and be real. And the story of Grae, Ben and Chris, is just like that... it looks real!

Grae is the center... he is the one that everyone wants. He is intriguing and there is something enchanting about him! Ben is a magnificent man. He is mature, caring... he is tender and thoughtful! He is the balance! And Chris... the beautiful, happy and fun!

Together, they develop a fabulous and unforgettable relationship! Born with patience, this relationship grew with emotion and love!

As I said in the beginning, this was my first book by Julie Bozza, but I can assure that it won't be the only one! I love her writing and her style!

I bought this book the moment after reading Mandy's review and it sounded so good to me, that we made a a great BR!

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1,764 reviews3,835 followers
January 3, 2018
Polite Porn

What is polite porn, you ask? Three British dudes who are hot for each other, like to shilly shally often and are exceedingly polite to one another whilst doing so. In short, polite porn is A Threefold Cord. The sex was maybe a little too polite for me and a wee bit heavy-handed on the safety talk, but they seemed to enjoy it so, what is it the Brits say? Carry on ole chaps!

There is very little angst in this ménage story involving three thespians which, I have to admit, was a wee bit shocking, because thespians; but Grae and Ben transition to Grae, Chris and Ben with relative ease. It was somewhat refreshing but it also stymied my connection to them. I find I need a little angst and pain to glom onto characters. There were a couple of minor hiccups but I needed more to involve my emotions.

This was the crux of my issue with this book: it's a fence straddler. A straightforward slice of life story with a prosaic plot that's filled with tons of thespian talk, so it's not the most exciting read, but the characterizations were solid. Grae is a bit of a fussy wanker IMO, but both Ben and Chris are extremely likable and stupidly smitten with him despite so... *shrugs* Both Ben and Grae beat the whole Chris is a tart thing to a bloody pulp and that annoyed me more than anything else. Poor Chris. My heart went out to him.

As far as the narration goes, Preece was energetic and really got into it which will always be a plus for me. He subtly differentiates these three in a way that probably showcases various dialects from different sections of England that was lost on my backwards Murican ass, but I enjoyed all the Britisms. I could've done without the mention of tuna and tomato bisque, though.

Seriously, people? Don't do thaaaaaaatttt. Just because they both start with "t" does not mean they belong together.

Tomato and tuna bisque aside it was an easy listen with a generous amount of sexy times between three men who are hot for each other and aren't overly dramatic.

Recommend to ménage readers, Anglophiles and readers who like angst-free reads.

Boy Meets Boy Reviews

A review copy was provided.
Profile Image for Barbara.
433 reviews87 followers
May 16, 2014
With some AWESOME friends!
Another BR HERE
 photo oie_A1eU8A0eggC0_zpsd1a546ee.jpg

Julie Bozza, never read anything of this author until now and … WOW… Love it!
Her writing gets into your soul, the characters express their feelings in a beautiful way – with a brithish way of a poetic love story - Brilliant! What I loved most about it is that it felt honest... it's a book about three people in a relationship, Grae, Ben and Chris!! And they build such a strong relationship, without any discrimination only a wonderful LOVE, and I was "swept of my feet"!

 photo oie_Agd9oTIU8TaX_zps5f1e3f51.jpg

It´s a Threesome story… and I´m very fond of them, so thanks to my fav girls for another fantastic BR!!

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1,134 reviews192 followers
July 21, 2014
3.75 stars

Menages, are not my favourite reading tropes. They seem so problematic, I always feel anxious about the relationship, whether someone is going to feel left out, how are things going to work out, the fallout if not, the ability to share . So before starting, I wondered if Bozza was going to make this work and how and if I was going to like it.

Bozza just took all my worries and interweaved them into Ben, Grae and Chris and their story and took me along for the ride. I was there along, muttering, this is crazy, not going to work, oh yeah it does, no that is too much, oh it’s working and so on and so forth. All this with effortless style and a particular voice which drew me. I know that while it seemed effortless Ms Bozza, it was not and this I appreciate. The pacing of the story was leisurely which worked well in some points for me, less so in others. Funnily enough I could empathise with Ben and Chris more than with Grae through whom the story is told. But I could understand this as Grae’s view of himself was often unsympathetic and he saw the others through rose tinted glasses.

All in all, I liked reading this and the new perspective it brought me. Although menages remain something I do not jump into with reading glee, Bozza made this work and I am going to jump into her other books.

Profile Image for Heather K (dentist in my spare time).
3,843 reviews5,557 followers
November 1, 2014
Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

If you like your ménage with a stiff upper lip, Brit style, then I'm sure you'll love this one. I, on the other hand, had some problems with it.

This is my first book by the well-loved Julie Bozza. To be honest, I own three (!!) of her other books but they seem to have disappeared into the black hole that is my Kindle. I've been dying to read her stuff for quite some time, and so I jumped on the chance to get a review copy of this one.

I'll start with the positives. They are many lovely things about this story. It is a mature story with very little unnecessary drama between the main characters. They talk about their issues. You won't see any tantrums or melodrama here, folks. I could have kissed Julie Bozza's feet for making this story so sensible. I happen to hate when authors use misunderstandings as plot points, and I was thrilled to bits that there was none of that in this story.

Another fabulous thing about this one was the careful writing style. It felt practiced, like the art form that writing is supposed to be. Nuanced and well edited, I think that Julie Bozza really thought about her story and her word selection.

Now, the flip side of that is that I often felt that this story was lacking in the emotion department. Sure, I read about the reactions that these men had to each other and read about their love blooming, but I felt removed from them as characters and didn't feel the emotions firsthand. I wanted more. More energy, more umph, more something from the story that I didn't get. Maybe it was because the characters sounded too old and too wise for their 20-something age bracket, maybe it was the British thing, but something felt inauthentic and remote.

I also had some issues that might be uniquely mine. I hated how the story started out and re-read it a few times because I felt like I was missing something. It sort of jumps right into the story and the relationship between Ben and Graeme with very little set up. Ben also had one of the fastest transitions from straight-ish (never been with a man) to GFY/OFY that I've ever seen. A total waste. I love the tension in a long, drawn-out gay-for-you so I really missed that here.

Admittedly, ménage is a hard sub-genre for me. I have read some that I've loved (Fun With Dick and Shane) that I found very believable, but most ménage books feel unrealistic to me. This book definitely veered towards the unrealistic spectrum in my mind. The way that the relationship formed was realistic, but I still have a hard time imagining this relationship working out long-term.

All in all, this was a nice, elegant story, but it won't be making my favorites list any time soon.

Profile Image for Kaje Harper.
Author 73 books2,496 followers
June 13, 2014
Julie Bozza has a knack for writing lovely, warm relationships that are not saccharine or simple. Here, she turns that talent on three men, all actors. Grae is gay, but a very private man. He's cast in a series with two co-stars who really turn his crank. The problem is that gorgeous Chris is a cheerful opportunist, who is probably shagging half the cast, male and female. And Ben is straight. But things get turned around when Grae's attempt at just one night basking in Chris's good nature gets him turned down, and a tentative pass at Ben gets taken up. Grae finds Ben unsure and unpracticed, but willing and delighted. And one night becomes two, then more. Grae and Ben fall in love. But when Chris blows back into town, all gorgeous and desirable and fun, Grae still has an eye for him. And to his surprise, Ben does too.

A couple of guys might share a third for a fun night of hot sex. But what happens when it hurts to let go of that third guy in the morning?

The three men in this are seen only through Grae's eyes, and yet they are well-delineated, distinct characters. Ben is perhaps the least complex of them, and a little perfect, but then we see him through Grea's besotted eyes. Chris makes the heart ache just a little, the cheerful slut who shared body and moments with a parade of lovers, but never shared his heart, because he didn't think he was made for that, or worth it. And Grae is the pebble in the shoe at times, his self doubts translating into a pessimistic viewpoint which leaves him unable to see this thing between them all working out.

This is a slow building of love and trust, with obstacles that are real, never too big or angsty, but fitting for the story. It's a smooth, warm ride, with a sweet ending.
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1,693 reviews53 followers
November 1, 2014
I am not a great fan of menage stories because realistically they seem so fraught with all kinds of difficulty. I am also biased against these kinds of stories because I dislike polygamy and menage stories bring polygamous relationships to mind for me. Polygamy is alive and well in our world today and I have friends who grew up in polygamous homes. Such relationships do work but they are not easy, not something I would wish to experience. Having said this most m/m menage stories are very positive and a bit too idealised for me but I did enjoy this one. Not really a surprise though because the author knows how to tell a story.

Julie Bozza's writing always feels poetic to me. Her stories are like tapestries carefully woven together, each stitch quite simple but contributing to a beautiful and graceful picture. A Threefold Cord is very much like that too as she weaves a story of three men who find love together. Generally I find menage stories overflow with pages of mechanical sex scenes (yawn, yawn) but this is very different. This story reveals the delicate coming together of three men and how their friendship develops into a relationship and into love. The story is very realistic as it gently paints a picture of doubts and questions, and three men who are sensitive to each other yet willing to give way to something they sense they each need.

It is not just an ordinary coming together of three men but of three people with lives, professions, families and how these weave into their lives as a trio as well.

Best of all is the context of the story with the three men as talented actors willing to explore their talents as directors and playwrights and also businessmen. All of this woven into a wonderful story.

There is a very mature feel to the writing here. I feel as if I have read a book which has been written for a select few. It has a feel of being carefully crafted instead of being just another book thrown onto the mm production line for the masses. I bought a paperback copy and I am so glad I did because it is a story that I feel happy to have invested my time in.

Another great story from a wonderful author.
Profile Image for Eva.
363 reviews161 followers
May 16, 2014
Spectacular, marvellous, wonderful...

"Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12

How can I miss a ménage?

Not a chance ...

With this one I was moved beyond words by the beauty of this story. The writing was simply wonderful and story was fresh and believable ... even though it was hard to believe *sigh*

Grae, Ben and Chris, three guys who share one passion - the love of the theatre and work together and complement each other and all three of them can’t deny the chemistry they have and eventually one thing leads to another...

The journey to love was terrific and beautiful. How they managed to overcome their challenges to form a deep and unconditional love and to build such a strong relationship made my heart swell big time. Brilliant!

"And now we shan't be parted no more, and that’s finished."

Every moment together was full of soft, tender and wonderful...
Overall purely magical love story that was such a pleasure to read!

Highly recommended spectacular M/M/M romance

Beautiful BR with beautiful friends here .
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553 reviews33 followers
May 6, 2014
This was really good! It is delightfully British, and it's actually a believable ménage story. As for why it's not 5 stars for me, well, I didn't completely fall in love with any of the three men, nor did I feel strongly emotionally invested in their love story. These days, a book has to really make me feel something to earn that fifth star :)
Profile Image for Mercedes.
1,075 reviews92 followers
March 21, 2018
OK, so in short I really loved this book. And I just want to put it out there that whether you love menage or not, it is very likely you will enjoy this book too. In terms of craft, this is quality writing. So there is that. In terms of whether you will enjoy the menage story I think you will too. How that develops is something to behold.

At first we meet all three of these guys, as they are working together on a show. There is Graeme who is gay, Chris who is bi and Ben who is supposedly straight (aren't they always conveniently so?). I am not going to tell you how it all plays out because it is best for you to see it unfold on your own. Just know that is beautiful, lovely, imperfect and totally worth your time.

There is no doubt that Julie Bozza has a flawless way with words. On some of her other stories I have read I felt that sometimes the story lingered. But here I felt the story flows right along. There were no lulls but the story is not rushed either. As a reader I am ALWAYS greedy. I always want to know more. So even though we are gifted an epilogue I am still wondering what happens later. So I must trust some of Grae's parting words: "Between us, I reckon we'll always be able to work things out."

PS. some people I was thinking of as the characters in this book:

Ben - Matt Smith
Grae - Tom Hiddleston
Chris - Hugh Dancy or Henry Cavill
Profile Image for MLE  .
Author 3 books86 followers
September 9, 2014
Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Initially I had a bit of a hard time connecting with the story. It felt a little stilted to me, and I had trouble warming up to Graeme. I didn't like how it felt like Ben was almost a relationship of convenience. Chris seemed to be the one he really wanted, but he settled for Ben. I also was a little uncomfortable with how quickly Ben seemed to open up to Graeme. However I started warming up after the time skip, and I saw Graeme and Ben's life together. I liked how Chris was brought into things, and I liked how each had to struggle with the relationship. I loved seeing their bond grow, and develop, and I enjoyed seeing how things unfolded throughout the story. I loved that the men were working actors. No super famous movie star billionaires, but people working to make a living at something that they loved. It made them feel more like real people to me, and I appreciated that. Overall a good story.
Profile Image for Pjm12.
1,852 reviews41 followers
May 2, 2014
I found this clever, uplifting and most assuredly written. The pace, tone and narrative arc are all perfect.

The characters, especially the three boys, are depicted with flaws and fears, but they are almost always honest with themselves and others. The point of view is totally Grae's, so we rely on Ben and Chris' very biased views of him to develop our own understanding. Through Grae's eyes, Ben and Chris emerge as fully formed people, willing to risk for love.

It all felt very organic. I loved the way Ben and Grae found each other. I loved the way Chris integrated into this couple, and I especially love the use of the the stage plays to keep everything moving forward.

I actually could rave on about this one. It felt so real, and no issue was dismissed or shoved to one side. They dealt with Grae's jealousy and Ben's protective nature and Chris' vulnerablities. And Grae's mum was just a little bit awesome.

Will definitely reread this.
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524 reviews60 followers
Want to read
July 14, 2016
Where`s the book, damnit?
Day off, time to read, nice weather, I want to take the book with me....
Is there a book-buying jam at Manifold? *drumsfingers*

Got it!
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88 reviews21 followers
Shelved as 'mm-to-read'
November 17, 2014
To read this or not? Every book i've read by Julie Bozza has been a 5 star read for me, but I have yet to enjoy a m/m/m book. *sigh* what's a girl to do. Sads.
Profile Image for Lo-Lo.
255 reviews
May 7, 2014
I haven't been reviewing ANYTHING recently; neither good, bad nor favourite... It appears I am rather reluctant to communicate in any form of eloquence (1-5 stars just about does it) how I feel about a book, so imagine my surprise when it turns out this book has managed to provoke some form of reaction from me. And here it is... *rubs hands*

First off let me be clear - I won't lie and tell you that the ménage-à-trois theme particularly gets me in the mood - so you could say that this had its work cut out to win me over (though I might add that Fun With Dick and Shane gripped me entirely with Gilli's cheek and charm... ah, Gilli *sigh*)

Profile Image for Tina.
255 reviews85 followers
May 18, 2014
I’m a big fan of Julie Bozza’s previous work. After my initial surprise at a ménage gay romance novel titled after a Bible verse, I found that A Threefold Cord is another great book by a favorite author. I found it to be uplifting and cleverly written. The pace, tone and narrative are all excellent, as if forming their own threefold cord.
Ms. Bozza’s characters here, especially the three MCs, are written to allow us to clearly see their flaws and fears, while almost always honest with each other and themselves. Most of the story is related from Grae's view, but Ms. Bozza enables us some means to understand his insecurities through the (somewhat biased) viewpoints of Ben and Chris. As shown to us through Grae's eyes, Ben and Chris develop as layered, multi-faceted characters who are willing to take a risk on love.
Julie Bozza has created a powerful and emotional novel about Grae, Ben and Chris, three men who have in common their love of theatre. Their chemistry as actors when they work together is undeniable. Their lives off stage and screen are not always so harmonious. Grae initially wants Chris, but Chris loves the freedom to sleep around too much to settle down. Ben appears at first to be a consolation prize, but he and Grae settle down into a happy, loving life together. Being in the same line of work has the three periodically encountering each other. Chris makes an offer during one of these encounters that both Ben and Grae take a chance on accepting. It is immediately evident that their on screen chemistry as a threesome spills over into the bedroom.
Ms. Bozza writes in a way that made their coming together feel very organic. I loved the way Ben and Grae found each other. It seemed important that the two of them become an established couple first, so that they were secure enough to welcome Chris’s integration into their lives. I adored the way Julie Bozza used the staging of the play to keep their relationship and the plot moving forward.
I don’t mean to imply that it was a smooth ride for our three guys. It felt real, sometimes painfully so. Every issue was faced head-on. I fell in love with these men from go. Grae is an extremely talented actor, but plagued by self-doubt and deeply torn between his love for Ben and his attraction to Chris. Ben, generous and selfless, is a talented actor and script writer. He loves Grae completely and deeply and it nearly broke my heart to see him hurt when he assumed the worst; that he would lose Grae to Chris. Chris comes off as a carefree soul but beneath that, the reader senses his loneliness, need to be loved, and his desperation to be trusted.
A Threefold Cord was beautiful, moving, and wonderful. I completely enjoyed it. The setting: the pure Britishness of it. The plot which had the theatre almost being a fourth member of the relationship between Ben, Grae and Chris. It is a beautiful and intensely emotional story. Highly recommended.
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255 reviews37 followers
June 27, 2014
Just when I thought I knew myself: my likes, dislikes, things I will and won’t tolerate in a book. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Julie Bozza walks in with her book about a polyamorous love affair among three actors.

I don’t even like books with actors as MCs. I have an extremely hard time accepting the dynamics of a three-way relationship (let alone a successful one). But it’s Julie Bozza! And it’s new! How could I not even try?

A Threefold Cord is told from Grae’s POV. Grae, Ben and Chris have worked together on a project, and as it’s closing down, Grae approaches Chris—who’s known for his equal-opportunity promiscuity—about a fling. Grae is shocked and wounded to be turned down by Chris, but he’s even more shocked when straight-guy Ben approaches him for a one-off romp after overhearing the rejection.

So Grae and Ben begin this really sweet, uncomplicated relationship, but it’s clear Grae is a restless soul and this introduced some tension for me. I loved Ben! He’s caring, attentive, giving, loving...selfless. Just all the things a guy could ever ask for in a partner. Would Grae break Ben’s heart? I’ll tell ya, I was waiting in the margins ready to pounce if so. Nobody hurts my precious Ben, got it?! (I had my fists up, I promise).

And that, friends, is the beauty of Bozza. There’s a formula (a Kool-Aid, if you will) to her writing, and I’ll drink it every single time: Conflicted MC + Tender-loving MC = Potential Heartbreak.

Oh, but look. Here comes Chris, and he’s holding…a proposition. And what a sexy, steamy, delicious three-way proposition it is. Go, you, Chris.

Does it work? Will there be jealousy? These are actors. What happens when one leaves town and the other two are left alone together? Will they stop loving/wanting the third? All those questions are why polyamory is a bitter, jagged pill for me to swallow.

A Threefold Cord did drag a little toward the end, and these guys felt heaps older than the 20-somethings they were supposed to be, but those things aside, this was a great book. I can’t tell you if it works; that just wouldn't be fair. But this is Bozza we’re talking about; her formula doesn't leave anybody hanging.

Has Bozza changed my mind about all ménage? Heck no. But if she’s writing about it, I’m reading it…and probably liking it lots. :)

3.5 stars

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359 reviews23 followers
September 1, 2014
*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

This is the book to read when you're tired of immature drama and big misunderstandings. These characters are adults who genuinely care about each other and are willing to communicate with each other and work on their relationship together. They don't hurt each other for petty reasons and they aren't careless with their love.

Grae, Ben, and Chris are all actors who meet while filming a miniseries together. The book is written though Grae's eyes and framed around each of his subsequent performances after the miniseries is wrapped up. I really enjoyed this framework for the book, as each of Grae's performances changes him in small ways and enlightens his view of the relationship between himself and Ben and Chris. I found the writing lovely and very evenly paced. If I had one complaint about the structure, it would be that Grae remains a bit of a mystery even at the end of the book. Because we see everything through his eyes, I didn't feel like I got to know him as well as I did Ben and Chris. Since he often doesn't see the best things about himself, it sometimes wasn't easy to see what Ben and Chris saw in him. I would love to see the relationship from either Ben or Chris's point of view as well and I would happily read more books about these three men.

I will admit to being completely seduced by the Britishness of the whole book, although I wasn't completely seduced by the characters themselves. I found them all likable but I didn't have a strong emotional reaction to them. I think I was hindered a bit by Grae seeing Ben and Chris through such rose colored glasses while not thinking highly of himself at all. Particularly Ben seemed a bit too perfect at times and by the end I missed the emotional vulnerability that I saw in him at the beginning. I really appreciated and enjoyed the lack of drama and fighting, but I needed something more to really draw my heart into the story.

That's not to say the rest of me wasn't fully engaged by this book. I read it easily on a quiet holiday morning, with pauses only to glare at people interrupting me. This is only my second book by this author, but between this and The Definitive Albert J. Sterne, I know I will definitely check out more of her work.
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November 11, 2014
I received a copy of this book via Goodreads' Don't Buy My Love in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 stars for a quiet, contemporary M/M/M romance.

Graeme, Ben and Chris are all British actors, filming a miniseries for television. Grae is gay, Ben is straight, and Chris is bisexual. All three men get along very well, have a certain chemistry, which extends to the wrap party, where Grae, usually a rather aloof chap, offers himself to Chris. Chris, reluctantly, turns Grae down, knowing he won't be able to commit to Grae. Chris is a 'tart' which means he sleeps around...often, and has no wish to "settle down".

Grae was down for a one-nighter, but he's disheartened to have been rejected. Good thing Ben is there to pick up Grae's pieces, and bring him back to bed. It seems stalwart Ben isn't straight--or no longer wishes to be, if he can have Grae. In fact, they seem to make a right time of it for months, Grae even moves in. Then, he meets up with Chris. The sexual tension is fantastic, but Grae walks away.

Of course, when Chris ends up at Ben and Grae's door that night, neither man was expecting Chris's solution: ménage.

I really enjoyed this story. It wasn't sloppy, sex-wise, and the men work through the dynamics of their three-pronged relationship carefully. Grae tells the story, and he's, for me, the least likable--mainly because it seemed he lacked confidence in himself. Both Ben and Chris's are head-over-heels for him, and he's almost reticent to believe he's worth it.

There are some graphic descriptions, and a surprising percentage of them are emotional, rather than physical. The story itself was quietly understated, with low stakes--could they make this work? Did they want to? Could Chris stay faithful? But the emotional resonance was firm. When I say Grae was the least likable, it doesn't mean I didn't like him, I did. In comparison to both Ben and Chris, however he pales a bit. But that may be an unfair assessment as we see the story filtered through Grae's unflinchingly honest POV. He knows he's a bit shiftless in the home, and quite happy to have Ben or Chris wait on him. It's not that he's lazy--he's just not a "joiner" which made it fun to watch Ben, and late Chris, engage him.

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September 9, 2014
3.5 stars. Grae is a private man who keeps the fact he's gay private. That's not easy when working with two men on a tv series that grab his attention. Chris, a self proclaimed tart, is Grae's first try but Chris turns him down. His other co-star Ben then steps in to take a shy turn at Grae. Ben is straight but something about Grae grabs him and before long they are a couple. They have the usual couple troubles, different backgrounds, different families, concern their work will separate them from time to time. But Grae has never gotten over his attraction to Chris and when Chris comes on the scene Ben awkwardly agrees to a threesome.

This scene sets the tone of the book for me. It shows Ben's insecurity in his relationship with Grae, it shows Grae's as the lead of the relationship, and it shows Chris' seemingly easygoingness with being the third of an established couple but makes you wonder why.

The book is all Grae's POV and while the author does a good job of showing Ben and Chris through his eyes, the story still lacks some of the emotional pull that their POV could have brought.

Ben and Chris worship Grae and as amusing it was to watch Grae fluster from this, I didn't understand it either, another point a varied POV could have brought.

The ins and outs of having a third are well and realistically drawn though I know I would not have been able to accept what those three men were willing to accept. The problems and jealousies aren't sugarcoated and while I liked the resolution I questioned how quickly it occurred.

The Britishness of it I did love. I don't read much from British authors and the dialogue and turns of phrase pleased me.

I did enjoy the story very much. Any niggles are personal preference more than any issue with how it was written. I'd love to take a look at these guys again, say 10 years or more in the future.

I received a free copy of this story as part to the Goodreads M/M Group DBML Program.
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June 7, 2014
I must admit, I had a hard time getting into this, but once I did, I found a beautifully written story that tugged at my emotions. This book delves into the minefields of a threesome more than any other menage story I've read, in a way that ends up being both fascinating and painful. The main drawback for me was the formal tone of the characters. It made them seem much older than their actual age (which I believe is mid-20s). Still, Julie Bozza continues to prove herself a master of lovely, thoughtful storytelling.
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February 10, 2020
Congratulations Ms Bozza. This book has provided me with the most realistic / believable expose on how a M-M-M polyamorous relationship could be played out. The bonuses of course include very attractive main characters (Ben is the best) and several highly entertaining hours of guilty-pleasure reading. Thank you very much.
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August 13, 2016
Julie Bozza gets into the heart of her characters and puts them on full display - bruised, battered and bound back together by love - like no other. Astounding. Brilliant. Mesmerizing.
October 18, 2014
A copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

In A Threefold Cord, Julie Bozza explores the triad romance of Grae, Ben, and Chris who meet while acting in a a miniseries. Grae develops a deep attraction to the beautiful Chris, a bisexual man who takes many lovers without forming any lasting emotional attachments. While Grae also feels a lesser attraction to Ben, he does not act on those feelings because he assumes Ben is straight. Chris is interested in Ben, too. After making the same assumption, he also does not pursue Ben.

When Grae finally gets the courage to approach the promiscuous Chris, he is hurt and surprised when his advance is rebuffed. He misunderstands why. Simply put, the timing is not right for Chris "the tart". He is not ready for a serious, committed relationship and knows that a casual encounter with Grae would never be enough.

Observing this exchange between Grae and Chris, Ben decides now is the time to proposition Grae. He reveals he has no hangups about gender. It's all about the person for Ben, and Grae is the person he wants. Although their one night affair blossoms into a committed relationship and even love, Grae's intense desire for Chris never diminishes. Chris eventually returns to claim Grae and discovers two things: Ben is not straight, and he is Grae's lover! The stage is now set for the beginning of their 3-way love affair.

Ms. Bozza tells the story of three mature adults who work hard at being caring and unselfish. Most of the time they actually succeed. In fact, their romance is unlike any I have recently encountered since I began reading this genre. No hissy fits. Potential misunderstandings are quickly addressed and not allowed to fester. One of the MCs is always willing to initiate a discussion no matter how sensitive the topic. Their goal seems to be to maintain the emotional integrity of the relationship by employing open and honest communication. In my experience this is often difficult between two people and should be even more so when an additional personality is included. That these guys truly believe in the strength of three is reflected in their behavior.

Since the author only allows us to experience this story from Grae's perspective, I feel like significant facets of the personalities of Ben and Chris remain a mystery. I miss never seeing the dynamics of their relationship when they are Grae-less. I also miss the absence of love scenes that just include Chris and Ben. And since Grae obviously has some issues with his self-perception, I question how much I can trust his view of Ben and Chris.

Overall, I enjoyed reading A Threefold Cord and give it 3.5 stars. Julie Bozza has delivered a well-written, thought-provoking book. I don't often continue to reflect on what I've read after turning the final page, but this book has made a lasting impression on me. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.
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March 14, 2016
My feelings toward the complete piece of work are rather mixed, I'm afraid to say I didn't feel much..
Brilliant writing and great storyline, but there were a lot of things I personally missed in a really captivating story, most of all, the characters just didn't satisfy me :(

A Threefold Cord is mellow, mature and intelligent, I felt calm and collected while reading, it's a lot of things many books are not!

But then there was no sexual tension, the mc's feelings didn't reach me (I never knew what anyone really felt somehow) and perhaps it was just really too mellow for me.

I did enjoy the fact that it wasn't all about them having a big hump-fest, the writing was great, but then again I just didn't feel their love and passion.. it was just real calm and sedate....?

I still think it's a great piece of art, if that does make any sense, because, very sadly, in the end, personally, I felt a little bored and annoyed with Grea.

I'm sad to say I was rather confused and indifferent, instead of emotionally attached to either of them guys :(

The last 15% were nice, and all seemed finally settled.. the epilogue was short and...not much, really.

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