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The Royals #4

Padlý dědic

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Easton Royal je bohatý, chytrý a sexy. Jediné, po čem v životě touží, je bavit se. Následky svých činů nikdy nedomýšlí, protože ani nemusí.

Dokud se neobjeví Hartley Wrightová, která jeho bezstarostným životem otřese. Je jediná, která ho odmítla, přestože ji přitahuje. Easton se v ní nevyzná, a tím spíš jí nedokáže odolat.

Hartley o něj nemá zájem. Tvrdí, že by měl nejdřív dospět.

Možná má pravdu.

Výčitky. Pravidla. Nepřátelé. Poprvé v životě Eastonovi jméno Royalů k ničemu není. A brzy zjistí, že čím výš začínáte, tím tvrději můžete spadnout.

Kniha obsahuje i bonusovou novelu Poskvrněná koruna

Gideon, nejstarší z bratrů Royalových, byl z nich vždy ten nejrozumnější a odjakživa se s láskou staral o matku i mladší sourozence. Jako všichni Royalové má ovšem i on svou temnou stránku a tajemství, které dlouho střežil a jež ho připravilo o Savanninu lásku.

Savanna by na minulost po Gideonově boku nejradši zapomněla. Teď, když spolu obývají stejný kampus, to ale tak jednoduché není. Nemůže popřít, že ji Gideon stále přitahuje, na jeho zradu však zapomenout nedokáže.

Získá Gideon její srdce? Přesvědčí Savannu, aby mu dala druhou šanci?

464 pages, Hardcover

First published August 28, 2017

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Erin Watt

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311 reviews1,101 followers
August 13, 2017
 photo AC1175C7-1FB4-4454-899E-13C986A13BA9_zpsowujoyfp.jpg


Like I have no words!

Erin Watt has done it again and rendered me speechless!

When I first met Easton last year I needed his book like I needed my next breath and it didn't disappoint. I just LOVE him! I don't know if I want to sit on his face and hug him though.

It's so hard doing this review and ranting about this book without giving anything away so I'll just tell you that I was gushing at some parts, laughed out loud at other parts, repeatedly calling a character a cunt on a particular part and shocked as fuck at the rest.

Seriously though WHAT. THE. FUCK!

Loved being reunited with one of my favourite fictional families and it was a fucking hoot meeting some new characters! Bran <3


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January 19, 2020
This review might be mildly spoilerish.

I am angry! I couldn't wait for this book, and I've got this?

Easton had his problems in the previous books; yeah he's a drunk, has an addiction problem, has a thing for his brothers' girlfriends but he had a good side, too.
In this book?
He's back to square one. During the previous trilogy, he improved, mostly thanx to Ella. Now, he spends most of the book wasted. Every time he speaks to Ella, he's just mean to her. Saying rude things to her, basically telling her that Reed is cheating on her and is happy that he's away from Ella because she's a controlling him way too much. And then he realises that he shouldn't have said that to her and somewhat apologises.
I liked the scenes between Ella and Easton in PP, BP, and TP. But here? No! Really, Easton is bragging and whining how he's always left behind, etc. but honestly? He's just mean and almost bully-ish!

Then the twins and Lauren? I loved twins in the original trilogy; they were fun. And Lauren was sweet, and unlike everyone else in that school, she wasn't a massive b*tch. So I'm asking why?!

Then the whole Felicity thing? Ridiculous! Just plain ridiculous! :D Cannot stop laughing. So, she's supposed to be the next Jordan? She's just there for one and only thing.

So, I ranted for a while now, and I said nothing about the girl; Easton's love interest. I think that says something.
Easton says at the beginning that she's just plain. And I have to agree. She's just there. I don't even remember her that much. Yeah, the family issue somewhat seems to be interesting but they hid it till the end. So honestly? I don't care for her one bit.
Also, during BP I believe, Easton drops some hints about some mysterious girl, but suddenly we get some unknown girl. Come on! Don't drop hints like that just to completely disregard it later.

So what else remains to be said? In the end, Easton was just dumb. And since I'm talking about Steve.

In the end, there is a huge cliffhanger, and yet I don't really care. The cliffhangers at the end of PP and BP were more WTF for me. Yes, I wonder how it's gonna end . But honestly, I know that we are going to be in for a lot of Hartley drama, and I don't care for that.

Even though this was huge let down for me, I'll still read the next one just to see what's going to happen.
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3,915 reviews33k followers
August 29, 2017
4 stars!!!

 photo 20953303_10104089960847548_4209052526281410125_n_zpshmvte5nu.jpg
These Royals will ruin you.

While reading the first three books in the Royals series, I fell in love with Easton Royal. He quickly became my favorite of the Royal family and I’ve been dying for his book! When this hit my kindle, I couldn’t read it fast enough. And after that ending…. my god. Erin Watt knows how to do a cliffhanger. I can’t even handle what happened and I’m even more anxious to read the next book!
I’m the design flaw in the Royal family, the one who isn’t quite like the others, the one who crashes and burns more often than not.

Easton Royal is the reckless Royal, he’s the fun Royal, the live by the seat of your pants Royal. He’s different from his siblings in that way. Now that his brother Reed is gone, he’s the oldest in the school, but the last thing he wants is to run it like Reed did. He’s not about that life. He’s the middle child of the Royal gang. He’s fun-loving and sweet at times, but also self destructive. He needs something to keep him on track. Or someone. Enter Hartley.
Hartley is a nice distraction. A puzzle whose pieces don’t all fit together.

Hartley and Easton don't appear to be anything alike or have anything in common. Where Easton strives for that attention, Hartley wants none of it. They make an interesting pair. Though Harley doesn’t want to ‘be’ with Easton (at least thats what she says…) they become friends.

Easton is still one of my favorite characters in this series. I loved getting to know him more. I just want to hug him big after reading this book. So why not a 5 star read? Honestly, as much as I love Easton, I needed Hartley’s POV. I feel like I would have gotten more out of the story that way. And the first half never gripped me straight away like the other books in the series, but that last half… it really got my attention. Once I got past that half way mark, I couldn’t put it down. And the end… Seriously. The end left me freaking the heck out.

This writing duo does amazing things. Their co-writing is flawless and their ability to write addicting stories hasn’t changed. If you love books that keep you on the edge of your seat, make you want to keep turning that next page, and have plenty of laughs, but also lots of angst and drama, pick this one up! Be prepared to, once again, be ruined by these Royals!

 photo 20953814_10104089960852538_6758844290384099331_n_zpsl9mq6vpp.jpg
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129 reviews203 followers
March 23, 2018
I remember giving "The Royals, #1 - 3" between 3 and 4 stars, but after rereading them earlier this year to get ready for "Fallen Heir" I wanted to deduct a star from my original rating, because there were just so many things that annoyed me..
I never felt any chemistry between Reed and Ella, shit even Ella and Easton had more chemistry, and I felt like Ella went from being such a strong main character to just being weak and bland in a few chapters.
I did however like the brother-sister relationship she developed with Easton. I think that’s something both of them needed, and it let us see a more vulnerable and real side of Easton, which I was looking forward to seeing more of it in this book. I was also exited to finally see why Easton did the shit he did. Welp..


Reeds off to college, Ella went from being meh to acting like an insecure child and Easton is still being screwed up Easton.

I think I’m going to bang that girl."

"I don’t get a response. But then again, I’m Easton Royal. I don’t really need one. I know she’ll come around. They all do."


Fallen Heir focus solely on Easton and Heartlys relationship, which disappoints me, because I really wanted to se Easton evolve as a character- and not just the cliché "changed for the right girl". The book is also fairly repetitive with Easton stating "he doesn’t hurt anyone" and later realizing everything he does hurts someone- over, and over, and over again.. Does this mean he change his behavior you might ask? No.
Easton and Heartlys relationship for the first 30% of the book also mimics Reed and Ellas from the second book, with Heartly asking (on the verge of begging) Easton to just leave her alone, and Easton completely ignoring that and turns on stalker mode. So attractive.

“I just told you I don’t want the attention and you tried to kiss me in front of the whole school! But you don’t care what anyone else wants, right, Easton? Only what you want matters, because you’re a Royal, remember?”


He also becomes butthurt when she throws his name back at him, but still feels it’s okay to use it when it suits him.

Erin Watt sure is known for shocking cliffhangers, and one of the reasons I continued reading this book was because I’ve read so many reviews stating what an amazing twist it was, but by the end of the book I just didn’t care.

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422 reviews16.9k followers
September 10, 2017
You can find this review and more on BookNest!

If you thought Reed was royally messed up, then you haven't met Easton.

“I’m the design flaw in the Royal family, the one who isn’t quite like the others, the one who crashes and burns more often than not.”

Easton Royal is rich beyond imagination.
He uses his money to feed his addictions.
He's the member of a family that loves him.
He's always alone.
He parties hard like there's no tomorrow.
He knows that his tomorrow will be bleak.

Hartley Wright seems well composed.
Her life is turned upside down.
She's a loner.
She won't let anyone get close lest they find the truth.
She wants to keep Easton at arm's length.
She wants him, but maybe not enough to let him ruin her.

They're both good at pretending.
“I told you, trouble follows you wherever you go, Easton.”

Teenage drama, backstabs, addictions, desire and a slow burning romance? Count me in! If you look up the word addictive, you'll find Erin Watt as the definition. It doesn't matter that their characters are so messed up you can't untangle them even if you dedicated your whole life to that end. It doesn't matter that you desperately wish to smack some sense into them before all Hell breaks loose and damage control is just not possible. Nor that the halls of Astor Prep with their petty politics and teenagers lusting after power (and each other) seem like they're taken from TV series like Gossip Girl. You're hooked. Stuck from the first line to the last. Even though said last line leaves you like this.

In Fallen Heir, it is Easton's time to shine, and to ruin people with his reckless behaviour and his abandon, his charming smile that hides the inadequacy and the hurt he feels. He doesn't want to ponder on his darkness. He uses alcohol and violence to numb his mind, he seeks the forbidden, and it constantly gets his in trouble, something that thrills him. But when his new, mysterious classmate gets in the way of his shenanigans, he faces the question whether he'll keep hitting on her, only to be rejected and alienate her, or become her friend, and shockingly, he chooses the second. He wants to know her. To protect her. But as past experience has shown, when Easton Royal cares, bad things tend to happen.
“No one has ever really needed me. Ella needed Reed. My mom needed pills and booze. The twins have each other. Hartley is alone. And there's something about her loneliness that strikes a chord in me.”

Easton describes himself as a self-destructive screw-up, and he proved himself right again and again. The authors did a great job delving into Easton's insecurities and troubles, and even though I wanted to throttle him for his childish whims, I somehow understood him. Hartley was a delight, he needed someone to say no and make him struggle for something, and my heart broke for all the ugly things she went through. The lack of a female POV added to the surprise factor, and I loved that they didn't let their attraction dictate the way their relationship evolved. There were many secrets. Distrust. Angst and desperation. And tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Once more, Erin Watt managed to ruin me.

*ARC generously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review*
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3,385 reviews1,991 followers
August 28, 2017
Amazon US * Amazon UK

I don't even know what to say about this book in order to describe how I feel about it. There's just so much that I want to scream from the rooftops, so I'm sure my review will end up being nothing more than a jumbled mess. You've been warned.

In Fallen Heir Easton Royal is now the reigning King of the school and back to his old ways of partying too hard and fighting too much. The school is his playground and he feels like he can do whatever he wants there. Until Hartley Wright transfers and is completely unimpressed with the "King". Easton is enthralled with the black haired beauty that looks at him with contempt, and he makes it his mission to get her on his side, no matter what it takes.

Hartley's character won me over and I loved how she wasn't falling all over Easton when he wanted her too. She was very aloof and I think it mixed perfectly with Easton's cocky attitude. Their constant back and forth bickering had me captivated and I couldn't wait to see who would come out on top once their battles were over. Hartley, in my opinion, was a unique character and I loved getting to know her and her secrets. There is still a lot to learn though, and she's the character that has me ready to stalk these authors and force them to give me the next book right away.

Easton was, of course, amazing. But he was also the character that had me feeling a little iffy at parts. From seeing him in the first three books of the Royals to now I felt like he changed and was back to his playboy ways, where at the end of Twisted Palace I felt like Ella had calmed him some. Now he was back to being self destructive, and while I did like that at parts, it also annoyed me some since I was looking forward to a more mature Easton. The reason I liked it though was because I felt like it really showcased how vulnerable he was and it made me want to just hold him tight and promise that everything would be okay.

Hartley and Easton together, though, completely swoon worthy. They could battle it out with the best of them but when they actually gave in to one another I think my Kindle was going to explode. We're talking sexual tension on ever single line and it had me at the edge of my seat.

Overall, this is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Even with the little issues I had with Easton and the fact that sometimes the story moved a little slow. There was just so much that kept me intrigued and I loved that about it. This is a family that I will follow all the way to the end, and I'm already dying to get my hands on the next book.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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173 reviews2,745 followers
December 4, 2017
“I’m gonna do it,” I say softly.
Her gaze whips up to meet mine. “Do what?”
“Kiss you.”


DNF at 34%

I really thought that if I gave this series another chance, it would work.
I really thought this would be good.
Someone refrain me from thinking again.


Background Information
I read Paper Princess a while back, before I was even on Goodreads - before I began book blogging.
I really really did NOT enjoy it.
There were and are so many robust and brilliant reviews of The Royals series, and I hate that I'm in the minority.

Something about the writing, and the characters, and the two dimensional development of the whole collection just does not rub right with me.

“There’s no way you don’t feel this,” I say, my voice sounding low and husky to my ears."

I'm going to be honest, maybe I didn't give this book enough of my time. The story did not capture me and it felt like I was forcing myself to read something, rather than wanting to read it.

Everything felt two dimensional. Do you remember, in primary school - teachers or book lovers used to always quote how books let you escape into brand new places and how it builds a world around you?

I fell asleep thrice while reading the escapades of Easton Royal. This book did not build any fucking world for me, it had the same function as a sedative.

"She’s not like Claire or the other girls I’ve been with, who fawn all over me and forgive me no matter what I do, since Easton Royal can do no wrong in their eyes."

Ok maybe I'm being a little bit harsh...

- The cliches killed me, resurrected me and then killed me twice over.
- The inner monologue we got from Mr. E'ass'ton made me want to call for help.
- The romance trope wasn't new. Neither did it take a fresh outlook on it.

I can't go on. Believe it or not, there was actually a plan to this review. I was going to approach the 1 star with grace and elegance and poise.
This review was actually painful for me to write.
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2,223 reviews8,031 followers
August 26, 2017

page_divider 4_STARS

FALLEN HEIR: Is the 4th book within the (Royals Series) by Erin Watt.

With Reed out of the picture, Easton Royal's now a senior and now the reigning King of Astor Park Prep High School, nothing has changed, a school for the privileged elite, the students run the show while the teachers sit back and watch, with their trust funds and their luxury cars, yachts and designer clothes, and private jets if you're a Royal. Easton's back to his old ways, partying too hard and fighting his demons, a thirst for violence.

I'm the Royal screw-up who gets into fights and drinks too much and pisses everyone off all the time.

He’s beyond caring about anything, school bores him though he’s extremely intelligent his grades don’t broadcast that fact. He just wants to stay being a teenager doing shit without having to grow up. He’s gorgeous and he knows it, and he uses that to his advantage with one flash of his dimples girls panties drop like flies, he also comes from a privileged family, the world is his oyster, he’s extremely conceited and every bit shallow.

I figured my senior year was going to be boring as hell. Ella spends most of her time talking to Reed on the phone. The twins are busy with their lives. Gideon’s at college. I’m the odd man out and have been my whole life.

Until a new plaything is thrown in his lap when he’s caught in a compromising position with a teacher, Hartley Wright a newcomer to the school. She’s a nice distraction but all her puzzle pieces don’t add up and I think that’s what intrigues Easton about her, ignore the fact that she’s the only girl that’s ever said no to him. And he's not above stalking her. She also brings out a vulnerable side to Easton we’ve not seen before.

This girl is a mystery. Her parents live in an expensive mansion. Her dad is a big shot prosecutor. Hartley, meanwhile, lives in the worst part of Bayview. And yet she attends the best school in the state.

Easton kind of rubbed me up the wrong way in this book, his immaturity and his old ways started to get on my nerves. His aspirations were his whoring ways, fighting, and wanting to fly.

I'm a bad, selfish person. I drink and I fight and I screw girls I shouldn't screw. I'll own that.

We saw him kind of settling down into a rhythm with Elle in his corner but in this book it was like he’d taken many steps backwards. And it's fair to say I didn't really like him in this book. There were many a time where I wanted to bitch slap some sense into him, but even with his flaws you couldn’t stop reading even if you wanted to.

I'm Easton Royal and my goal in life is to do what makes me happy. So long as no one gets hurt, it's all good. The problem is someone is always getting hurt.

I’m still as good looking as ever. Charming and hilarious. My body could be on the cover of a magazine, partly thanks to good genes, but I work on it, too, lifting and football. Nah, I haven’t lost it.

The best part of this book overall was the ending. A cliff hanger like no other before it, screams as we all fall over it, needing, wanting, waiting for January to arrive before we can all get over this ending. So many unanswered questions that are left hanging!

“There’s still another book in the Royals saga. Cracked Kingdom will be published the beginning of January. That’s not too long!” (Says no one ever) 😫

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2,239 reviews3,513 followers
March 2, 2018
Easton Royal's turn to ruin you.

"I’m Easton fucking Royal. What do I have to be insecure about?"

I hope there will be many more books in this series, because I always eat them up like pizza, chocolate and pop corn.

Every time I have Dawson’s Creek’s cravings, “The Royals” series is my go-to harbor for my personal entertainment. And though I really love Dawson, Joey and Pacey; I have to admit that no family can be compared to Royals.

Easton is :
-The guy that everyone likes.

“Everyone’s always loved me best. Mom, girls at school. Hell, old ladies get stars in their eyes any time I come into their orbit.”

-The guy that all the girls want.

“I screwed my brother’s ex-girlfriend in his bed. I hooked up with Niall O’Malley’s mom during an after-party at his house. I took on two of the Pastels a year ago in the Carringtons’ pool.”

-The spirit of the parties.

“Anyway, about the party, you don’t have to text that you’re coming or anything. Just show up. You’re always welcome at my place.”

-The favorite player in the team.

“Now that Reed has graduated, I’m the unspoken leader of the defense. If I welcome Mathis, the other guys will follow my lead.”

-The most popular boy in school

"if you can’t overthrow the Royals, then you join them. The easiest way for me to rise to the top is to be with you."

-A guy full of himself

“I catch a reflection of myself in the glass cupboard. I’m still as good-looking as ever. I’m charming and hilarious. My body could be on the cover of a magazine, partly thanks to good genes, but I work on it, too—lifting and football. Claire can’t stop chasing after me and it’s been ages since we went out. Nah, I haven’t lost it.”

When a new mysterious girl comes to school, she will grab Easton’s attention. Although she attends one of the most expensive schools in the country; she lives in a cheap small flat, she works at a part time waitress and she is always hungry.
Easton will try to sleep with her and since she is not interested, he will try to be her best friend. A really hard task indeed, because Easton does not know how to be a best friend. But he does not know this in the beginning.

“I didn’t need my brothers. Plus, I made friends easier than any of them. I had dozens of friends. My contact list was full of them.”

Easton is truly a clever guy who pretends that he does not care, but all the troubles of his broken family really influence him.

Unfortunately he has to fight his addictions. No more drugs for him, but still he cannot say “no” to alcohol. Being drunk constantly does not help the self destructive Royal. He keeps taking the worst decisions and besides himself, he is also destroying all the people that love him and really all the people who get close to him. Easton will make one mistake after the other and he will bring out the worst in people.

After a certain point, being cute and rich does not work anymore. Easton will become a villain and he won’t even realize it.

New enemies for the Royals, old friends, Ella and Reed play a big part in this book too (I am so happy about this) and a new story line completely dedicated to Easton and his messes.

Faithful to the previous books in the series, this book finishes with a cliffhanger and possibly one huge revelation that I am sure it will be exploited in the next book.
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624 reviews963 followers
August 28, 2017
4.5 Stars!

(I buddy read this book with sis Bea . :). Click her name to read her awesome review.)

THAT ENDING. I was so not prepared! Ugh.


Fallen Heir is a continuation of The Royals series. This time, it's Easton Reed's book. In this book we are met with high school drama and intrigue just like the previous installments of the series. After reading this book, I decided that I liked Easton more compared to Reed. He's an amazing character and he actually reminds me of Deen DiLaurentis of The Score. Of course he has flaws but he's so real to me and I liked how his character developed in this book.

The plotline was a little monotonous during the first up to the middle part of the book but the last remaining chapters moved in an interesting pace which took my breath away. That feeling when you think something big is about to happen. Boy, I was right! There was a huge cliffhanger slash twist that was like a world-shaking bombshell I'll never recover.

The romantic aspect of this book was a little slow for me, but I liked it since I don't want Hartley and Easton's feelings to progress quickly. I loved how they started off as strangers and then they eventually became friends. I wasn't a fan of Felicity, though. I hated her. And don't even get me started on Lauren!

I loved Fallen Heir as a whole. Sure, I had issues with the pacing and the plotline but the ending did it all for me. I was so shookt and my world turned upside down after that. I need the next book NOW! *cries

(An ARC was provided by authors Erin Watt in exchange for an honest review.)

Pages of Pearl

Profile Image for Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog.
337 reviews1,005 followers
September 1, 2017
4 stars!

Review at Of Pens and Pages.

Keeping my review as spoiler-free as possible. It sucks a little, but I got spoiled and it took away the element of surprise for the ending, so yes. If ever I spoiled you guys in my reviews in the past, I’m so sorry. The feeling sucks.

Erin Watt is back at it again with more drama, scandals, and characters you will love and love to hate. The book had amazing flow and pace, a wonderfully-written male POV, an amazing new heroine, and twists and turns that shook me to the core. Fallen Heir has captured me exactly like the first three Royals books did, and I wholeheartedly surrender.

I was so excited when this duo announced new books for my favorite Royal boy, Easton! My main man. The Royal who owned my heart. When Twisted Palace ended, I had a lot of questions about Easton. Who’s the mystery girl? Is she the one he told Ella when they were dancing or is it a whole new different person? Will it be smooth-sailing for the Royals from now on?

The story starts at the start of Easton and Ella’s senior year. With the things that happened to the Royals (and Ella) a few months ago, you’d think their family will be tighter and closer.

Instead, Easton Royal, the most fun and carefree of the brothers, feels more left out now that Reed and Ella are stronger than ever, Gideon and Savannah are back together, and the twins are still preoccupied with Lauren. And the worse thing is, no one really notices. He masks his loneliness and downward spiral with booze, sex, and fighting. When the new girl sees him doing something no one should have seen him doing it, he runs after her and is left more than a little interested in her.

Finally back in Bayview, Hartley Wright starts senior year at a new school and plans to keep things low-key. Stay unnoticed and study hard until she graduates. She has a problem she needs to fix and she can’t risk mucking it up. Unfortunately for her, she becomes the object of Easton’s interest, and soon, the third Royal son is tailing after her and she can’t shake him off and his offer of friendship. And Easton Royal is hard to resist.

I told you, trouble follows you wherever you go, Easton.”

With Easton falling deeper and deeper into his self-destruction and Hartley struggling to fix her own problems and survive on her own, will their friendship and the possibility of something more survive or fall along with them?

The world will never run out of Jordans, Dinahs and Brookes; they just exist in different forms and appear at different times of your life. This time, we have Felicity Worthington, some Astor Park senior who wants to ‘take over the throne’. I want to throw her under a bus. When you read the book, you might have a similar compulsion. Seriously, this girl is nuts. What an entitled brat.

Easton is still my favorite Royal, but there were times I wanted to smack him at the back of his head so hard. He would deliberately say hurtful things to both Ella and Hartley—whom we know he absolutely adores—and make choices that show how spoiled he is and how conceited he can be at times. And thank goodness for Ella and Hartley for calling him out on it. This boy has been left unchecked for too long.

I sympathized with him and felt so bad for him. I even related to him with some of his issues. But he annoyed me sometimes, and it hurt because I love him so much.

Nothing you do is for anyone else. It's for you, always."

The story is told solely in Easton’s POV, and although it was great to finally be inside that boy’s head, I would have loved to see some things in Hartley’s eyes. I want to get to know her more because I didn’t really see much of her in this book. From what I’ve seen though is a strong girl who has been on her own for too long. She guards her heart and keeps her secrets close to her chest. She’s a lot like Ella, personality-wise.

But that ending killed me. My babies. My Royals. Trouble seems to love following them, I swear. It’s another cliffhanger, dear friends.

I love the duo that is Erin Watt, but why? Why would you do this to us? Bring us on a rollercoaster ride then keep us suspended just before the big drop. And we have to wait ’til January! Haha. Let’s hold on to each other, readers. If somebody knows CPR, please resuscitate me.

All joking aside, thank you, Erin Watt, for welcoming us back into the Royal household with Fallen Heir (and Tarnished Crown , Gid and Sav’s story, for those who don’t know about it. The whole story is posted on Wattpad). I eagerly await Cracked Kingdom to get ruined all over again. We all know we love it. LOL.

This young adult book is for more mature teens since it deals with violence, drugs, and sex.

Tropes: Friends to Lovers, High school drama, Sports—American Football
POV: First Person, Male POV
Standalone: No
Cliffhanger: Yes

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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August 29, 2017
3.5 Stars

Last year, I took a chance on a book called Paper Princess written by two authors that I had never read before, and I think of it as one of the best decisions I’ve made in my whole reading life to date! The Royals is the most addictive and captivating NA series that I have ever read! It was easily one of my favorites of 2016, and it’s just one of my favorites period.

The first three books in this series focus on the second oldest Royal brother, Reed, and his girlfriend, Ella. In Royal Heir, Easton, the Royal’s middle child, takes center stage. I loved Reed and Easton equally in the previous books… so much so that I was hoping that they could maybe just share a girlfriend. We all know I love a good menage! Lol Needless to say, I anticipated the hell out of this book! When it finally landed on my kindle, I was more than ecstatic to start it as soon as I possibly could!

I’m not going to give a summary of the book, because I know it’s so popular that it will be reviewed to death soon enough. This book has left me feeling extremely conflicted, so I want to talk a little bit about why that is. I’m also having trouble deciding how much weight I should give to the fact that I have been hyping this book up in my mind since the third installment came to an end, because I didn’t enjoy this book nearly as much as I had hoped. I see 5 stars left and right, so clearly I’m in the minority. That being said, I can’t in good conscience pretend that this one was as amazing as the rest of the series. 

I expected this book to make me fall even more in love with Easton, but instead it had almost the opposite effect. I spent half the time wishing he didn’t seem so pathetic. I know he is a troubled kid, but the way it was portrayed in this book was just completely unattractive. He chased around a girl that was overly mean to him practically all the time. I get that she was supposed to have reservations about being with him because of what she was going through, but I don’t get why he kept coming back for more. He messed up over and over again, and he whined through half of the book about having no one. I am so sorry, but that is just a slap in the face to his relationship with both Ella and Reed. Not to mention, he has friends, and he could forge more meaningful relationships with them and any of the many girls he’s dated if he put forth any real effort. Despite all of that, I couldn’t bring myself to give up on him completely. I fell too hard for him to let him go that easily. I’m holding out hope that he will impress me in the next book. 

The heroine, Hartley, was hard to get, but instead of that making the romance hotter and drawing me in, it was simply aggravating. I grew tired of all her rebuffs and her attitude pretty quickly. I wouldn’t have wanted to date her that’s for sure, so for the life of me, I couldn’t see why Easton did. She didn’t take his shit? That’s refreshing and all, but you have to make me see what she actually likes about him at some point. As you may already know, when I dislike the heroine it’s hard for me to love the book. That was certainly the case here. 

The last thing I want to comment on is Ella and Easton’s relationship. I was hoping for some of their awesome bestie behavior, but all they did most of the time was fight. The conflicts were usually Easton’s fault, but there were plenty of times where Ella could have been a little nicer and more understanding towards him, too. I have always loved the dynamic between these two characters, and it upset me to see this version of their friendship. 

Regardless of any of the issues I had with this book, Royal Heir had Erin Watt’s signature engaging and addictive writing style, and I read the whole book in one go. I enjoyed the introduction of a couple of the new side characters, Bran and Pash, and the story held my interest and managed to make me want to read the next one. Badly! If you have ever read a book in this series, then you know that the cliffhangers are killer. Our blog named Erin Watt “Cliffhanger Queens” last year, and it looks right now like they might retain their title! Holy shit! I didn’t see that ending coming! It was nothing short of jaw dropping. That scene alone was worth reading the entire book! If you are a fan of the Royals, I recommend this book to you. Even if it’s not your favorite, you don’t want to miss it! I promise you that! If you have never read any of these books, please go pick up Paper Princess asap!! I guarantee you won’t regret it if you do!

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February 28, 2018
If you're scared of even the tiniest of spoilers - please do NOT read my review. I'm pretty sure that I'm not spoilering anything, but some people are extremely weird when it comes to spoilers! (Not sure why those people would come to goodreads to read reviews at all?) As a reader I wouldn't be scared of my review ;)





We're back with the Royals!
And if you haven't read the first 3 books and the 3.5 novella AND you're scared of royal aka king and queen and princess books - don't be - this is called the Royals series because that's the last name of those boys! ☺ And now hurry back to amazon and buy the first book!!! → PAPER PRINCESS
Because Easton's story should not be read as a standalone - it's possible, past things are being explained a bit in here, but it would be so much better to have read the whole series first!

OK ..... Easton's book - it's finally here!!!! ☺☺☺


He's the bad boy of those five brothers. Hm, yeah ok, they are all bad boys. But Easton is his special brand of bad boy. He doesn't care about his last year of high school. He doesn't care about anything. He just wants to enjoy these last moments as a teenager as much as possible.


He loves flying, his brothers and Ella, but that's it.
He tries to enjoy life. Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Only without the drugs, because he promised, and without rock'n'roll, because this is not a rockstar romance!☺
So what I'm saying is he loves sex!☺☺☺
And that is exactly what's happening the moment when he meets Hartley for the first time.
He's in school doing non-schooly things with someone who is not a student!
And new girl Hartley walks in on that.
That's how their relationship starts - Easton just wants to make sure she won't tell anyone. But that completely fades into the background once he starts getting to know her.
Which she doesn't make easy .... But he is completely fascinated.
Hartley is not mega beautiful like all the other private school millionaire daughters.
But she's so much more....and he wants her....badly.


But she's not really interested. She thinks he's cute and if things were different she would be all over 'that', but things are not different.
Only we don't know what those kinds of things are?
What is Hartley dealing with? What is she hiding? Where did she suddenly come from?
We - and Easton - have to find out!!!!
But that might not yet happen in this book - those two will get another book soonish!!!

What will happen to Hartley & Easton?
Will there be a HEA?
Will we get a Cliffy???


- but don't worry, book #2 will be with us March 1st!!!!!




Eeeeeeeep - finally Easton's book!

I was so happy to finally be back in that Royal world!
Reed is gone :( at college, but Ella is still here and she's trying her best to keep Easton in line! Lol!

Poor Easton. He never met anyone like Hartley. He just can't figure her out!
It's mega adorable to watch that!
We have so many funny and cute moments, but also moving and sad and frustrating moments.

Hartley's life is very complicated!
And of course some people, aka girls, at school might stir up trouble again too.
Easton and Hartley have a long way to go until we might get that Happily Ever After!
Things are only getting started!!!!!!!

FALLEN HEIR was another amazingly beautiful book in this amazing series.
Funny, adorable, moving, exciting, mysterious - just plain perfect! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Easton - this one is MINE! ☺

And now hurry EW - I NEEEEED to know how what happens next!


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August 28, 2017
3 stars

“You are charming, Royal. That’s the problem.”

First things first: do NOT come at me asking for spoilers or posting about them in the comments of this review. I will not answer any spoiler questions, and I will delete any comments giving away spoilers or asking for them. You’ve been warned!

Secondly: People, please do not hate me. I wanted to love this book, I did.

Erin Watt books are like a drug, you get a hit of that first amazing one, and you keep on reading them hoping for that same high you got the first time. I loved Paper Princess and Broken Prince, but I haven’t really clicked with any of their books since. I was hoping Fallen Heir would be different, since I loved Easton in the first three Royal books, I was so excited to read his story. I kept reading this series because I know Erin Watt is capable of amazing stories and characters, and because of their first two books they published I will pretty much always read their books.

Fallen Prince is the story of Easton and Hartley. Easton is the brother that’s a mess, in fights, sleeping around, getting into trouble. Now that his brother Reed is off at college and his twins are tied up in their girlfriend, there’s really no one around to keep Easton in check. The first week of school he meets Hartley, a girl who isn’t his type but one that he’s intrigued by. Hartley wants nothing to do with Easton, she’s just trying to get by without any problems. But the more Hartley resists Easton, the more he wants her.

This book is a strong 3 stars for me, I enjoyed the story and was able to keep my attention on it, but the more I thought about the book, the more issues I had with it. But first, the way Erin Watt wrote Easton’s POV was amazing, it never not once felt like women trying to write from the perspective of a man, it just flowed and felt like Easton on his own. Not many authors are good at accomplishing the male POV in a way that’s believable, but Erin Watt does it flawlessly. The pacing was also really great, at no point was I bored or wanted to put the book down.

I did like Hartley, but I never understood why she liked Easton. Maybe because we only get his POV most of the book (and the downward spiral he was on it would have been nice to maybe have a break from his POV) but I felt like we didn’t get to know Hartley. Especially since everything Easton did in regards to her seemed like a colossal mess up or a mistake. So I really wish we had gotten to know the girl a lot more, instead all we have is Easton’s slightly skewed perspective of her to go on.

The ending was a bit too much for me, it felt like a parody of a soap opera with all of these bombs being dropped. It actually made me not want to read the next book, instead of wanting to read it right away. It felt like the authors were trying to top themselves with the shock value and it was just a step too far.

Anyways, for the most part I enjoyed this book, just some issues I couldn’t look past dragged the rating down. Lots of people are going to love this, so if you are on the fence, read it anyway. Erin Watt is a talented duo and I am sure they will bring us some amazing books in the future.

ARC provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review

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August 29, 2017
3.5 stars!

You guys!

I'm sorry. Please don't hate me.

I liked Fallen Heir and I enjoyed it but I just DIDN'T love it the way I did Paper Princess.

*cue my awkward face
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Before I go into the whys, let me tell you what I did enjoy about this book.

One. The writing as usual was impeccable and seamless. The way they write the dialogue and East's POV is on point.

Two. I adored the secondary characters especially Pash and Bran. Pash is Easton's best buddy and comic relief in the book. Brandon is the new guy in Astor Prep and his character is a breath of fresh air full of farts. Privileged Astor farts. I hope he doesn't get screwed over by that crowd and lose his innocence too soon. He's the perfect foil for Easton's rich boy arrogance and privilege.

Three. The Easton-Ella dynamic. Boy, this one...I knew a few chapters in that something is up and I have my suspicions (which was proven to be right, by the way!) but I just like the way Erin Watt slowly unraveled that thread. It played out perfectly. And nope, I won't spoil it for you. You have to read the book yourself. Trust me. It's worth it.

Now for the so-so parts...

Easton. I know, I know. I loved him in PP. Maybe not as much as the other readers but I was interested to know what made him different from Reed and his other brothers. And I gotta say...he's OK. I sympathized with his issues and feel for him but other times, he annoys the crap out of me.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm SORRY but he does. The whole book is written in his POV and sometimes I wish I could take a break from it because he can be real douchebag.

I would've loved to get Hartley's POV because I want to know what she sees in him. I want to see him through her eyes. I want to see what she thinks of him. I want to read her thoughts about Easton and whether or not he's redeemable.

Like I said, I needed another POV, another lens through which I could see his character grow and change. Which brings me to my second so-so. Hartley.

I needed her POV. Did I say that already? Yes, I did.

I needed it to get to know her and relate with her. Without it, I'm kind of apathetic towards her. Aside from being the girl that Easton like, she's...meh so far. I think that would change once we get her POV...maybe in the next book but for now. I'm not loving her but I'm also not hating her.

Now for the not-so-great part...I only have one issue, which is why I said I still enjoyed this book. But the main reason why I didn't outright loved Fallen Heir is that it's a little repetitive.

Okay, more than a little.

What I'm saying is for most of the book, about 70% of it, we get the same Easton-Hartley interaction which basically goes like this: Easton pursues, Hartley demurs and then acquiesce. Easton then does something stupid and Hartley gets hurt and pulls away. Easton gets wasted and does something even more idiotic things. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Just when there's progress in their interaction, you get pulled back into the very beginning and start all over again. One step forward, two steps back. It's great for maybe one or two instances but after the second time, it became annoying and frustrating.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It wasn't until the last 30% where the plot got tighter and we see breakthrough in Easton that the book really took off! Only to have the rug pulled out from under me with that wicked cliffhanger!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But I ain't even mad. I was just so happy that the story progressed beyond the Easton and Hartley drama. But OMG, that last scene is stressing me out.

The wait for the next book is gonna be brutal.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ARC provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.
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August 28, 2017

What just happened?
*looks around at other Royal fangirls.*
Did they just...? Did that just...?

Well, at about 75% I thought I had my review locked down. I had plans to say that Easton Royal is a misguided, very flawed, drunken f-boy. (Who I still love, despite these descriptions!) Who becomes infatuated with Hartley Wright. A girl who is attracted to him, but not interested in the least in "a Royal," and all that comes with that last name. She wants to get through her senior year at Astor under the radar, and Easton is the one consistently setting that radar off. I mean when she first sees him he's... well you'll just have to read it to find out!

When it comes to Hartley, East is persistent and unrelenting, and at times it was a bit uncomfortable. I sometimes didn't know whether their "relationship," was unhealthy or good for the both of them. I actually enjoyed that Fallen Heir wasn't just a typical reluctant romance. The relationship wasn't easy, but it is theirs. Eventually East starts to have a bit of growth, and so does Hartley. They still have leaps and bounds to go, and I'm really hoping they will only get better and better in their second book.

With Easton, Erin Watt took a character that we saw as funny and a little broken, and showed us ALL OF HIS LAYERS. Even though they are not all pretty. We got the REAL deal Easton Royal from his POV. The good, the bad, and the ugly. If you're going to read Fallen Heir I highly recommend you prepare yourself to be a little mad at Easton. It's ok. Redemption is a thing. Trust Erin Watt! They give us a new love interest in Hartley and kept her mysterious and unfolded her backstory slowly. If you had any preconceived "ships," established... throw them out and embrace Hartley with an open mind. She isn't a simple character by any means! I really can't wait to see where book two goes with everything we now know.

In summary, this was a really good first part of East's story. It was shocking. Full of the drama and angst only the Royal family and the students of Astor Prep can provide, and had me turning pages like a mad woman. I'd for sure say this one stayed more in the realm of a mature YA than the first three books. There are characters that we love that return to make some short appearances. I always love how Erin Watt can take banter between someone who is only a side character and still make it important and entertaining. This book is full of GOOD MEATY bits, not filler!! If you enjoyed books 1-3, I highly recommend Fallen Heir. This book is the perfect addition to The Royals series!

Sidenote: Can I mention how much I still love and am obsessed with Val, *sigh* can she get a novella or something please? The fangirls need this! Right... I'm not alone?

*ARC provided for an honest review!*

Links to books on Amazon.

Fallen Heir #4 http://amzn.to/2wgjsOX
Paper Princess #1 http://amzn.to/2wTryiD
Broken Prince #2 http://amzn.to/2vu9Z5a
Twisted Palace #3 http://amzn.to/2xEI8jg
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August 28, 2017
3.5 stars

This is one of my most anticipated books since I freaking love this series.I enjoyed Fallen Heir but not as much as I wanted.And believe me this make me really sad because this series is epic and I was expected this one to be awesome but for me something was missing.

Hartley was simple ok for me,there were many times I was frustrated with her behavior, and Easton wasn't my favorite in this book too.Sadly both characters didn't catch all my attention.

I enjoyed the story, the plot was interesting but my issues with the characters make me not to rate it higher. However, I would like to know what will happen next.


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August 22, 2017
✮✮✮ 4 STARS ✮✮✮

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

I'm keeping this deliberately short because this review is supposed to be spoiler-free.

If you have read the previous installments of this series you know what you'll receive if you pick up Fallen Heir. These two authors follow their now well-known formula of an addicting plot with lots of drama, a seemingly unredeemable hero and a strong likable heroine.

Easton is totally different from Reed. He isn't as brooding, he actually wants to enjoy his life. He always has a joke or comeback on his lips, takes nothing really seriously and is cocky AF - all he is occupied with is his pleasure and how to get into women's pants and fast. Easton definitely drinks too much, so much that you actually worry about him. He numbs his fears and worries and deep emotions in alcohol. I did sympathize with his issues, the death of his mom did a number on him.

Easton doesn't have a brain-to-mouth filter and never considers the consequences of his actions. Throughout the book I was waiting for him to show a sign of maturity. There were glimpses of it - for example when he actually started to give thought to how he treated people...but ultimately no major breakthrough. Although everything of the above would actually be a deal breaker there is something about him that just made me hold on to him, something that made me care about him.

Hartley is easy to like, she is a hard worker, has a history of her own. She gives Easton a run for his money. I loved that she didn't trip over her feet just to please him. I felt for her and admired her for how she mastered her special situation. She did fall flat for me sometimes but I think that was because this book is told solely from Easton's point of view.

Again we get a cliffy at the end of the book and if that one doesn't make Easton grow up nothing will. I actually shrieked and blurted out "no-way".
These two authors have given us again an utterly addicting and un-put-downable story. I can't wait to see how Easton will handle all the events from Fallen Heir. Until then, I'll be curled up in the corner with a bottle of wine and rock myself forth and back until I hold Cracked Kingdom in my hands.

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January 17, 2021
omg. O. M. G. WHY? HOW? #royallyruined is a damned understatement! Look up evil genius in the dictionary and you will find ERIN WATT.  I had 2% left to read and still had dinner to finish. What did I do? I held my Kindle in one hand and stirred my sugo with my other. I began walking in circles. CIRCLES. with that ending! Then I threw my Kindle at the love seat and went back to my kitchen. To grab a bottle of wine.

Oh, Easton how do I love thee, let me count the ways! My poor, poor broken and lost boy. He makes me want to hug him and show him he is worthy of love! He is the middle child, the attention seeker. He hides behind his bad boy persona, tries to find acceptance, while fighting the voices in his head that tell him, "the world's opinions be damned". Even though he has good intentions, his actions are reckless and careless. Damaging those in his path.
❝I told you, trouble follows you wherever you go, Easton.❞

He's the oldest Royal left at school, the one left in charge. He wants carefree, he wants fun. He wants the antithesis of responsibility. The problem with responsibility is, it comes in all forms.

Enter Hartley Wright. The girl with the unremarkable looks. The girl who doesn't dress to get attention. The one who doesn't want him. A product of a house of falling cards, Hartley is just trying to survive the hand that life dealt her. Attention of any kind, but especially from Easton, is a complication she doesn't need. So why can't she push him away? Why does he keep coming back for more?

With 'Fallen Heir', Erin Watt provided me with the crack that I have craved since ' Paper Princess '. This is the writing and story development that I have come to love from them. Characters that feel real, story and plot development that suck you in and don't even let you go with THE END.

**I received an Advanced Reader Copy. This did not influence my opinion of the book, nor my review.**

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August 30, 2017
Maybe...another time would have been better.

I hate to say it but my life ruined this book for me. Sounds a bit extreme? Well, unfortunately, I read this book at the wrong time. I'm busy. I know, we're all busy, but it's kind of sucky busy at the moment. The boys are coming up to exam times and end of school term, so they need to knuckle down and Mum needs to get the whip out. Hubby and I are busy with work and.. duh... duh... duhhhhhh...we're in the middle of renovations.

That last bit is the big and dodgy bullet. Our house is like a madhouse. It's a pigsty but we're also waking up at the crack of dawn to let tradies in. Then, at the end of the day, hubby has to prepare for the next tradie to come in. Hubby is hands on, so there are constantly buzzing and whirring sounds, with a few bangs, crashes and cracks to go with it.


Which is why it was a bloody bad time to read about high school shenanigans, immature spoilt brats and petty squabbles that turn into decisions that ruin lives. What was exciting and riveting reading with Paper Princess, was frustrating and disappointing in Fallen Heir. Easton is one messed up kid who needs to be disciplined and better monitored. His answer to all of his mess ups is throw money at the problem. He regrets each and every one of his mistakes but never learns or grows from them.

Easton is like a recording being played on repeat. A few bangs won't make it stop. It goes faster, then it slows down. The tape sounds wrong but nobody knows how to fix it. Distorted and a little wonky, the tape keeps playing TRYING to do its best. The fun tape that you once loved is now frustrating you, making you scream and driving you crazy. It has to go. You can't try and fix it anymore.

I felt sorry for Easton and wanted to pick him up and mother him. At the moment, I'm seeing no hope. The Royals are falling apart and I'm not sure if their fallen heir will ever recover.

Fallen Heir is messed up and I, unfortunately, don't have the patience to pick up the pieces. I think I just read it at the wrong time. I liked it, I didn't love it.

To each, his own and all that jazz, don't judge this book on my opinion alone. Take the time to read what other's say, and you may find that, unlike me, now is the perfect time for you to read Fallen Heir.

Stacey is Sassy, received a complimentary copy of this story. The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.

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July 24, 2020
This is the worst book in the series. It was boring and dull. I had high expectations from this book and it was totally disappointing .Everything was repititive and it got old very quickly. The previous books were filled with drama, romance, friendship etc. But this book didn't had anything. It was just plain. Even the drama was ridiculous and mundane.

I am very upset because I was enjoying this series and suddenly I am confused.
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August 27, 2017
I received an ARC from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

Full review posted at Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic

I buddy read this with sis Pearl (Click here to read her wonderful review)


Erin Watt once again dropped an explosive cliffhanger. I got goosebumps. Seriously, that one is INSANE. Then, we have to wait till January for the next one. THIS. MERCILESS. CLIFFHANGER.

Fallen Heir is the much awaited fourth book in the Royals series because it's about Easton Royal. In the previous books, he's introduced as a supporting character who has a great potential to be the main lead. Many of us rooted for him and among the Royal brothers, he's the Casanova. He's irresistibly charming, cocky and flirty. Women are easily drawn and thrown themselves to him except for the Astor Park's new student, Hartley Wright.

Their first encounter was when Hartley accidentally walked in the classroom and caught Easton fooling around with a professor. He asked her to keep what she'd witness a secret or else they'll get in trouble and lose the professor's job. Hartley promised she'll keep her mouth shut and forget it ever happened. Unlike the other girls Easton met, Hartley is immune to his charms and as much as possible, she keeps her distance to him because he screams "trouble". The more she evades him, the more he's curious and decided pursue Hartley, hoping they'll be friends and get to know her story.

Hartley is guarded, lonely and aloof and she has a lot of family issues. She may not be as sharp and feisty as Ella, I like she's independent, genuine, persevering and selfless. She knows how to keep a secret. It pains her not to be with her family but she's trying her best to keep herself together. I love how she doesn't easily fall for Easton and I enjoy her giving him a hard time. Both of them are getting to know each other and slowly breaking their walls. The push and pull between them makes the story fascinating and I really like their chemistry. Their sweet moments are good though it's not over the top. I think I'm just craving for more spice. Another thing, I find Easton annoying. He makes dumb decisions most of the time and I think he needs help to stay sober. I love Easton but he needs to get his shit together.

Despite of my issues, I think it's a great start for Easton and Hartley. Hopefully the next book is in dual point of view because I'm curious on Hartley's thoughts. I can't wait for Cracked Kingdom!!


Can we just talk about Felicity Worthington? I hate this opportunistic, social climbing wannabe. She's more annoying than Jordan. I swear.

Final rating: 4 / 5 stars
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August 17, 2017


2016 saw Erin Watt whip us into frenzy with the Royal brothers and the 90’s boy band type hysteria they left in their wake. Handsome, young and rich, these boys have world at their fingertips and no shortage of girls wanting to share it with them.

Although the first three books in the series focused on his brother, Easton Royal stole the show in my opinion. He seemed the fun, lively one (if not a little out of control), but there was also some vulnerability to him also that made him endearing.

His critics would describe him as a as quite the royal f*ck up, pardon the pun. He’s directionless, takes no accountability, is impulsive, and has his finger firmly on the self-destruct button. Even so, there is something about Easton that makes evokes the role of protector in me. He harbours guilt over his mother’s death and maybe even some resentment towards his brothers even though he loves them fiercely.

With his two eldest brothers in college and the twins occupied with their girlfriend, Easton is finding himself more and more at a loose end. His usual outlet of flying is off the cards as a result of a punishment doled out by father, but just as he’s about to find some new trouble to get into, in walks a new distraction, Hartley Wright.

Hartley is the new girl at school, and the only one who does not seem to be affected by the Royal charm. She finds Easton childish and she has no desire to get caught up in his antics. He tells himself it’s the thrill of the chase, but Easton is way more bothered by Hartley’s opinions of him than he cares to realise.

I’m going to be really unpopular here and say I spent a large portion of the book not liking Hartley. I felt her friendship with Easton was one sided and she lashed out rather harshly at times. I’m not completely unsympathetic, she’s going through an extremely tough experience and anything that could lead more trouble into her life was a door she was not willing to open, including a friendship with Easton.

Going into this I was Easton’s balls to the wall defender, but when I'm faced with receipts of his transgressions, I'll admit my conviction shrivels slightly. I felt there was not personal growth to be remarkable, and I also didn’t feel enough of a connection with Hartley to be fully invested in them.

However THAT ending! Erin Watt have been perfecting the art of effed up cliffhangers since 2016 and that does not look set to change. I predict gaping fish face impressions everywhere. There was so much (too much?) that happened in a short space of time, I really didn’t know what to focus on first. Although I’m not completely convinced by everything, I’ll definitely be back to see my Fallen Heir rise.

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April 19, 2018
When I discovered the Royals I was extremely intrigued and couldn’t wait to continue the journey after the first 3 books. As expected, the lovely ladies united under the pen-name Erin Watt, had something bigger in stored for Easton and continued this wild ride, as I called it, in the 4th book “Fallen Heir”.

We all know how Easton is, wild, reckless, acting on impulse and not giving a damn about the consequences. Well, in this book nothing much changes, he is still the same character, trying to calibrate his life, but failing miserably. Even if he is a really good guy, with a great heart, trouble sticks to him like glue, generating a lot of interesting situations, sometimes hilarious, sometimes dramatic. The perks of being a Royal..

Things kick off soon after “Twisted Palace” wrapped up, seeing Reed and Ella having the long distance relationship and Easton just being…..Easton. We also get to see a lot of the twins, but I will let you discover the circumstances. Going back to Easton, he is terribly bored of school, nothing managing to catch his attention more than 10 minutes, but everything will change when Hartley will enter the classroom and see him making out with his teacher. Oooops? Yap and so Easton-ish, he will try to persuade Hartley to not tell anyone what she saw, but in the process, he will be extremely captivated by her, beginning a lovely pursuit for this girl’s attention.

The whole story revolves around Easton and Hartley trying to get to know each other, even if Easton is doing all the work, Hartley being extremely guarded and mysterious. Even if she was raised in a rich family like Easton, she now lives in a small place, taking up a job to support herself. She is a puzzle that can’t be put together so easily, but I had fun discovering her through Easton’s eyes. She is not interested in having a relationship and there were times when she kept on throwing mixed signals, confusing me a little in the process.

Continuing on the same pattern, Easton was very hard to read as well. If you don’t have his background from the first 3 books, it would be very complicated to understand him, because he is very consuming and shifting all the time. Because I know the struggles he lived, I get him, but there were times when I wanted to slap him and make him focus and be more alert. His addiction is worrying and this caused a lot of trouble for everybody. He really is a nice person, but adding this in the mix, it’s a very disturbing combination that only makes him believe he is the villain from the story. He is also very immature and in various situations will do a lot of silly things that will even make you laugh.

I really thing that “Fallen Heir” managed to capture both sides of Easton, but the focus was on the bad. You know the journey every guy has when following an evolving path, becoming someone better? I think this is it for him, because the amount of bad situations is high and I really hope Easton will learn from all of them. The plot is not extremely alert, being a slow burn romance between East and Hartley, but the focus is on the characters, digging deeper into their souls and searching for clues and answers.

I know “Cracked Kingdom” will deliver everything we want and hope to find out from this story, and maybe seeing a more healthier Easton and a more at peace Hartley. They are really good together, but just have to solve their internal conflicts in order to embrace happiness 100%. And I don’t want to spoil, but no one warn me about it, and it would have been very nice to know this book ends in a cliffy. So, now you know, prepared to be ruined, for the 4th time :D

4 stars!!

For more reviews please visit https://readwithloveblog.wordpress.com
September 10, 2017
3.5 ★'s

Easton, Easton, Easton...boy, is he one hot mess! Even more of a hot mess than we were lead to believe. But I was happy to finally get his story, I just wish I was happier with the way things played out.

And things are super crazy right from the get-go! I was a little surprised at the direction things were going but surprisingly up for the challenge. However, that's not the way things went...instead we do about a 180 turnaround!

Right to the seemingly most mousy of girls, Hartley. Hartley has huge problems of her own to say the least but one thing she is not to Easton and that is boring. She perks something up in him and he can't get enough of her.


Of course, he wants to get in her pants but since she said no, they decide to be friends. But believe me, Easton pushes for every little thing he can get from Hartley.

Unfortunately, when he doesn't get his way, he gets rip roaring drunk and does some crazy stuff. And unfortunately, all the other girls don't like him spending time with Hartley and there's even more drama!

I like drama but this one takes the cake. In fact, I thought it was overkill especially when we have the huge drama at the end only to get hit in the head with a 2x4! WTH??!!

But...I do have to say that I'm totally pulling for Easton. I loved getting to know more about him...the real him. *Fingers crossed* that he steps it up in the next book, Cracked Kingdom, set to be released in January 2018 at this time.
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August 19, 2017
My favorite writing duo has struck again! I remember very clearly reading Paper Princess for the first time - the nail biting, the heart palpitations, the unimaginable angst, the drama and secrets oh my. Anyone who knows me at all knows that these qualities are a winner in my book. And I am SO happy to say that Easton's book did the very same for me!

Fallen Heir follows Easton Royal as he takes on his senior year and tries to win over Astor Park Prep's new girl, Hartley. We all know Easton doesn't do girlfriends, so he does what Easton does best. He flirts, he changes his entire class schedule, anything to work his way into Hartley's pants. As he says, it's just what comes naturally to him. But the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes how much he likes this girl. What started out as an attraction and a bit of a challenge, turns into a genuine connection between our two main characters.

"I need to treat her as a friend. A real, give-a-shit-about-each-other, don't-need-to-be-naked-to-care-about-you friend."

If you've already read the previous three books, then despite Easton's actions you know how broken this beautiful boy truly is. Oh man do I love myself a broken boy! I just want to hold onto him tight and let him know how special he is.

Being the middle child, Easton has always felt left out. The two older brothers always hung out and the younger twins always had each other. That's left Easton feeling alone and begging for attention his entire life. He plays up his bad boy persona and is damn good at hiding behind it, but what he really wants is someone to love and accept him, demons and all. The problem is, no matter how good his intentions, trouble always seems to follow him. And more often than not he hurts more than he helps.

"I'm the only one here, drinking crap I can't stand because I don't want to spend a minute of my life alone. My head's a bad, bad place."

Oh Easton, my love. I'm so happy that this book was told solely from his POV. It's something that I have been craving from the very first book in this series. Being able to read and feel his inner torment and know that his intentions are good, I was able to empathize with him even more so. I fell in love with my broken boy all over again.

The pacing of the story is perfect and the writing is as addictive as ever. The relationship between Easton and Hartley grew gradually and felt very organic. I adored the side characters, especially Bran and Pash. I may have wanted to throat punch a certain conniving female. And I was so happy to see Ella and Easton's friendship was still as strong as ever.

And now the ending....holy freakin shit! I mean I know these ladies love their cliffy endings and I love them too! But whatever I expected, it definitely was not this! The secrets, the revelations, and that TWIST. I don't think I can survive until the next book, I almost had a heart attack! January is much too far away. If you've been a fan of this series since the beginning as I have, then this book is for you. It does not disappoint!

*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.*

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February 11, 2018

“I feel like I’m cracking open my chest and letting her see inside. It’s not pretty there, but I don’t want to let her go.”

Erin Watt is the irrefutable queen of cliffhangers. I read the first three books. I was fully aware of that fact. But... THIS ONE?? This one was just batshit crazy and over the top! I cannot handle this.
And I'm supposed to wait another year to see how this continues? Nope. NOPE. N.O.P.E.
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February 4, 2018
I actually thought I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy this book because I thought I'd miss Reed and Ella too much; but instead I actually really liked learning more about Easton and his story!

Overall, this was a fun, quick and enjoyable read and I can't wait for Cracked Kingdom to be released!
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