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Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear.
Fall for an angel, and he may just lose his wings. . .

An Archangel, a witch, and the Devil himself walk into a crime scene. The punchline? They're Heaven's only hope.

After centuries of life, Elissa thinks she’s seen it all. But when the one angel she trusts goes missing, Elissa is forced to admit this is a new one—she’s never seen anyone abduct an angel.

With the divine out of reach, Elissa finds herself praying for infernal intervention. Better to deal with the devil you know than the angel you don't. Luckily for her, Lucifer still haunts the City of Saints and given their history, he’s willing to help.

It would have been a match made in Hell if Michael hadn’t shown up.

Millennia have passed since they last spoke, and though Michael is on his own road to redemption, Elissa remains his biggest regret. His greatest desire is to make amends for his past, but how can Elissa and Lucifer forgive him when he can’t even forgive himself?

All the while, they stand in the shadow of a monster prowling the streets of New Orleans—a monster Elissa may have created herself.

Archangel is a 59,000 word novel containing adult content and is recommended for readers age 18+

For a limited time the author will include book one, Lucifer, for those that need to get caught up first!

216 pages, Kindle Edition

Published May 23, 2018

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Ava Martell

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594 reviews784 followers
June 7, 2019
Another fabulous read from Ava Martell !!This is archangel Michael's book. Michael has always been the hand of God and has done what is expected of him,but their was a time two thousand years ago that he fell in love with a beautiful witch named elissa. Michael made a choice to save her life and return to heaven and his duties,but he has not forgotten elissa. After Michael picked heaven over her, elissa's heart hardened but a pact with Lucifer has made her a very powerful human. Now she works with a Angel named calia who protects and takes care of women who are being abused. When someone takes caila from their home elissa and michael,Lucifer and grace will have to fight a evil witch who's lover was killed on orders from michael. When they find brielle not only does she have caila,but she has phenex and she has broken not only his body but his mind as well. Ava is a fabulous storyteller and her characters are so awesome. The chemistry between Michael and elissa is flame worthy and the return of lucifer,Grace and phenex, lucifers general and also the mysterious erzulie is back as well !!Love this series!! Up next is Phenex's book!!💖💋
December 11, 2019
Archangels, Witches and Lucifer. Oh My!

Another awesome book from Ava Martell about Angels and the fallen set in contemporary times. Though it does flashback to the war in heaven. We get to see what happened between the brothers Michael and Lucifer when Michael was given orders to take out Lucifer. I have always liked stories about Angels, and the fallen. Especially ones about Lucifer.

Also we get a close up look at what happened in Phoenicia in 53 AD with Elissa, the woman whose name Lucifer brought up in the first book to piss off Michael. Though Michael was one of Heaven’s soldiers, he fell in love with Elissa which is a big No No for Angels. That was why he has been so ashamed of that time when Lucifer taunted him.

Elissa is a witch and is still alive today due to the fact that when Michael left her, she contacted Lucifer and he bonded with her at the time over their mutual hate for Michael, so he gave her extra power and immortality. She has contacted Lucifer again because an angel she works with to save abused women has gone missing and she thinks Lucifer and Grace can help her.

However, Elissa is unaware that Michael has been ordered to watch over Lucifer and Grace to make sure no other Angels retaliate against Grace for killing Uriel. So Elissa and Michael are brought together for the first time in nearly 2000 years.

The romance is explosive and the storyline is awesome. The characters from the first book are included throughout this adventurous story. It was an enthralling story, like the first book.

The next book is about Phenex, who was Lucifer’s Second in command in Hell. Though he has been though a lot so It should be a good one also. I am looking forward to it. Good thing they are free on KU.

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January 10, 2020

I like this series,I needed to purge myself with some angels stories after my last read (don't ask😐)

This is the second book in the Fire from Heaven series and is Archangel Michael and witch Elissa's second chance at happiness story. They had a blissful year together 2000 years ago, but all went to dust when Michael is summoned to Heaven and forced to leave Elissa behind.
He is God’s Poison.God’s Blade.God’s Bloody Fists, and he sacrificed the love he found so long ago for being Heaven's soldier. He even accepted the hate from the woman he loves but !Not anymore!

Guardian angel, Caila is being kidnapped by unknown forces, fact that pushes Elissa to ask Lucifer's help in finding her.Along with Lucifer comes Grace , the couple from the first book, and in their shadow there is Michael , trying to guard Grace from Heaven revenge after the events at the end of the first book.

I like how the story jumps in the past and then back in the present.We get to see how they were together and why they become almost two strangers.We also get a glimpse at Lucifer and Michael relationship before the Fall, before the War . This was a book about regrets, forgiveness, change , subdued passion and feelings and love some much love.
Oh! and the group that is finally forming "An Archangel, a witch, and the Devil himself walk into a crime scene. The punchline? They're Heaven's only hope" plus a human not so human anymore, plus...well you'll have to read to find out 😁

The plot takes surprising twists and I m curios to know where the next book takes us, because the end of this one only started something bigger.

“You couldn’t have thought I would just lay on my back and let myself be taken, Archangel Michael.” Her words are teasing, forcing me out of my own head, and I kiss my way down her neck, nipping at the pulse that flutters beneath my lips.
“We’ll see who ends up being taken,” I murmur against her skin.

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301 reviews
June 27, 2019
I'm so tired.
Since even before the Fall, I've been God's Wrath, God's Blade, God's Fists. After watching my return from battle after battle, my skin soaked in gore from dispatching the Fallen that were once our family, the other angels began giving me a wide berth.
Some small treacherous part of me misses those first days when Lucifer was still the Lightbringer, before Uriel retreated to his garden, and Raphael lost himself in his books and potions, and Gabriel fell silent.
This witch, this beguiling creature who shows no fear when she looks at me makes me feel like I belong. I didn't realize how much I missed that.
If this is how I fall, so be it.

So, first things first, I was wrong. But since pride isn't my particular sin, I will happily admit it. And in this instance, this piece of humble pie is in no way bitter. Allow me to explain, in my review of Lucifer, I said that if Lucifer's story couldn't make me fall in love with the series, it was a long shot that the other books would. So, yeah, I was wrong. I loved this story. I loved Michael and Elissa. I even loved Lucifer and Grace in this book.
I think what made me love this one so much was Elissa. I liked her every step of the way. Learning what she was doing with her life now, her personal history, and her and Michael's past relationship and the new one they're just starting to forge. I liked Michael more than I was expecting to, too. He wasn't as cold as I thought he would be and he wasn't the unfeeling, "do without question soldier" everyone, including himself, thought he was. But I think the most interesting part of this story was when Elissa and Michael first meet. It's just such an unusual time setting, Phoenicia during the Apostolic Age. An angel of the new emerging religion of Christianity meeting and falling in love with a pagan witch in Sidon twenty years after the death of Jesus. I mean, really, how often do you see that in a PNR?
My only complaint, is that before the show-down at the end of the book, the history between the villain and Elissa is revealed. It all comes together, but I just kind of wished their history wasn't revealed at the same time the villain is. I think maybe if it was worked in or hinted at earlier in the book it would have felt more natural. The first half of the book is heavy with flashbacks to Phoenicia and there's one in there about how Elissa and Caila meet and start working together . But the flashback of Elissa and the villain's history is slapped in directly after finding out the villain's identity. And that's exactly how it reads, slapped in. It was an interesting part of the story, and I understand it's position in order to keep secret the identity of the bad guy, but I think it might have flowed better if half of that flashback, before things went bad, was introduced earlier. I'm not sure why I got so stuck on the placement of that little side plot, but it threw me a bit, took me out of the story, and bugged me until the end.
But that's my only criticism and I'll stop rambling. I'm really looking forward to Phenex and Caila's story now. Fingers crossed moving forward and as usual, possible spoilers below…

I've never seen Michael look so vulnerable…so human. His brow furrows, and his eyes dart back and forth behind his eyelids.
Do angels dream? I lean forward, brushing my fingertips across his brow, the skin clammy as his body fights off what infects him. There were so many things I never asked.
A year. One bright, beautiful year out of two thousand. After so much time, memories start to blur. The names and faces of the background players in my life recede into hazy recollections, but every day, every minute of that year stands out in glorious Technicolor as the only period in my life where I was truly happy.
Just happy.
I wasn't desperately striving for something I didn't really believe I could attain, carving out a fortress on the edge of the world to protect my heart.
One single year. And somehow even after I've watched the world I grew up in disappear into the ocean, and we've both seen a dozen other empires rise and fall, we both can't move on.
It feels inevitable that one day we would end up back here.


I rock against him, and despite the fact I threw aside cumbersome gowns and dresses the moment it became socially acceptable in society, I silently curse whoever invented pants. Too many layers of fabric still separate us, and I'm not yet willing to leave the circle of his arms, even for a moment.
My hand is splayed out across Michael's side, and I drag my finger's across his ribs, smiling as his muscles twitch. I feel his lips curl where they're still pressed against mine, and I know the memory he's recalling. I was relentless the day I discovered he was ticklish. The Archangel Michael, the mighty warrior, brought down low by my mortal fingers on his ribs.
I'd never heard him laugh like that before.


"She showed up at our door this morning with grass in her hair and immediately started plotting with Grace. I'm guessing the arrow was the least eventful portion of your night."
I can't help glowering at him and Lucifer rolls his eyes. "I'm the one who spent eons locked in Hell, Michael, but most days you seem more maudlin than I do."
"Last night doesn't matter." I want to believe in second chances, that something more than random fate crossed our paths again after all these years, but I still have far too many doubts. "She still hates me. She should hate me."
Lucifer stands still in the middle of the yard, the amused banter quickly giving way to irritation. "I'm going to say this once, brother, and once only," he snaps. "Make a fucking decision." I bristle at his insinuation, opening my mouth to interject an argument, but Lucifer's patience has run out.
"You made the wrong choice all those years ago. You've regretted it ever since, and it's taken you this long to admit it." Lucifer paces, the dying grass crunching under his feet as the frenetic energy that always seems to follow him boils over. "You convinced yourself what you did was right and proper and for her own good, but all those lies you told yourself have finally come crashing down, and you have to face the cold hard reality of truth." Lucifer's eyes narrow as he finally pauses, and I want to put my fist in his face, tentative fraternal affection be damned.
"You did all this for what?" he spits. "Father? We don't matter to him any more than they do. He's gone somewhere and found himself a new toy, and the humans are left in the dust just as we were. You threw away your one chance at happiness for that?"
I round on Lucifer, wildly telegraphing my punch. Lucifer dodges easily, but doesn't bother throwing one of his own. Instead he rocks back on his heels, just out of arm's reach and waits in infuriating silence.
I want to yell, want to scream in my true voice until I splinter all the glass in the city and the car alarms drown out Lucifer's words.
But I don't. My voice is barely above a whisper when I speak, finally giving voice to the decision I've let haunt me for centuries.
"You think it was easy?" Something in Lucifer's face changes, some flicker of understanding, and it gives me the strength to continue. "I did it to save her. I didn't choose Heaven. I chose to keep her alive." The words fall out of me like purging a sickness, and I sit down in the grass, the weight of admitting the truth after so long pressing me into the earth.
Humans say they feel lighter after confession, as though their burdens have been eased. All I feel is the weight of every last year spent without her.
The bright sun burning through my closed eyelids darkens, and I feel Lucifer's hand on my shoulder. I peel open my eyes to look up at him.
Once, years beyond telling ago, we were closer than twins. When the world was young I watched my brother light the stars, watched his joy at bringing light into the darkness. He was my confidant and closest friend until humanity and pride became the wedge that drove us apart.
Pride. It was always seen as Lucifer's sin, but I'm just as guilty.
The Lucifer staring down at me isn't the angry vengeful creature I remember clashing with over the years or even the wary ally of the past few weeks. Looking down at me with dawning comprehension of just what I did is the Lightbringer, the brother I thought was lost to the darkness forever.
For the first time I can look at him without hearing the crack of wing bones breaking.
"Metatron," he says.
I nod stiffly, and Lucifer grabs my hand, pulling me none too gently to my feet. He is, after all, still Lucifer.
"You get something very few do, Michael. A second chance."


I turn around to see Michael, and I can't pretend I didn't expect this. He shifts from foot to foot, filled with the same battle-ready energy that flows through all of us.
This isn't the time or the place. I need to focus on finding Caila and not getting anyone killed, not on my love life, but I can still hear the low hum of Lucifer's voice, whispering to Grace in a language I'll never understand. I can still see Michael's stricken face as he watched it all, and whatever embers of hate and anger I still hold for him sputter and die.
Two thousand years is long enough to hold a grudge.
"I was wrong all those years ago." The words spill out of Michael as he rushes to get them out before I go inside.
Just in case one of us doesn't make it out.

So much time and so many mistakes.
"You have terrible timing," I murmur as I grasp the collar of Michael's shirt and yank him downward, pressing my lips against his. This isn't goodbye. It's not one last kiss before dying.
Year after year of longing pours into that kiss. Michael's hands slide around my waist, pulling me against him, and I don't need a bond or shared memories to know that he understands. This kiss is a promise that we don't die today.
Heaven doesn't get to win, but neither does she.
We do.
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2,050 reviews122 followers
April 13, 2019

A second chance/paranormal romance, book two in the series, focuses on obedient Archangel Michael and powerful witch Elissa – the two have a long history one that continues to cause them heartache, even as they attempt to remain aloof/indifferent. Michael has always done what is expected of him, but there was one year, 2 thousand years ago, where duty and his shackles were forgotten as he fell in love with the beautiful Elissa. But duty and the weight of his ties/obligations to Heaven and his father led to him leaving Elissa.

After Michael’s abandonment, Elissa’s heart hardened as she attempted to push memories of Michael to the dark recesses of her mind and soul, making a pact with Lucifer she becomes something more than just a human witch. In the 21st century she works with an angel named Calia to protect and defend women who have been/are being abused. When Calia is abducted, Elissa finds herself going to Lucifer for help, and in doing so she crosses paths with the lover she thought firmly in her past.
The key things I enjoyed in this book:
- The world and characters the author has created draw you in.

- The author incorporates some interesting biblical and religious ideas/commentary into her writing.

- I do love the twists she has put on heaven, hell, angels and the devil.

- I relished the shades of grey the author illuminates through her characters and the plot in book 1 and 2.

- I enjoyed the fact that we get more insight into Michael and Lucifer’s relationship and how Michael feels about his brother.

- Lucifer and Grace are key secondary characters in this book, and it was lovely seeing them again.

- I liked the flashbacks to when Michael and Elissa first met, the author incorporated these into the story quite well.

The things I wasn’t so keen on in this book:
- The connection between Michael and Elissa didn’t ripple of the page, a connection was apparent, but I didn’t feel it potently (I was expecting more heat and coiling tension).

- I feel the language used when depicting the flashbacks should have been a little different, in order to reinforce the different time period in which events were taking place, this would have also helped foster a richer image in my mind.

- I wanted a plot that made Elissa and Michael’s story more distinct from book 1.

- For me some of the inner monologue could have been edited down a tad, this may have prevented me feeling like some small things were being repeated.

Unlike in book 1, with this book I did do some tiny, tiny skim reading, I know shame on me. Nevertheless, the author's imagination, and the world/characters she has constructed, overall mean, I will be going onto the next book.

Acquired via KU.
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3,536 reviews11 followers
May 25, 2018
Phenomenal! Ava Martell is a new author to me and I love her writing. I love paranormal Romance! Archangel is the second book in the Fire From Heaven Series and it's better to read the first book before. This Series is captivating and intriguing and all the characters are well developed and their chemistry is intense. I love the story of Elissa and Michael and I love how they work together in this book with Lucifer and Grace. I was hooked from the first page until the end. The storyline is well written, from book one to book two. I'd like more about this universe and can't wait for the book three, the final book in this trilogy! I wonder why this Series wasn't already on audiobook. It'll be a blast! I received this book as an ARC with HiddenGems and purchased it before writing my review. This is the kind of books you'll like to read again and again. This Series is now on my bookshelf of my most selecting best books.Thanks HiddenGems to help us discover new such good authors and gems!
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1,090 reviews5 followers
May 24, 2018
Archangel Michael is God's Blade, God's Poison, God's Bloody Fists. Does he have a mind of his own? He has a heart, but can he follow it? Should he follow it? Lucifer has followed his. Why can't Michael follow his own heart too?

Archangel Michael has been the one to bring down God's punishments when told, without questions. He has done things that he now wishes he hadn't. He has lived his life doing as he was told. The one time he ignored the calls from Heaven he was in his own Heaven and didn't want to let it go. Although he had to eventually, or he would lose it for good.

Elissa is a woman who was conceived under pretense so that her mother could bear a son for her father, but it didn't happen. When she was born she was shunned by her family, and it was of no fault by her. She lives a life of neglect and finds her way to a real life at an early age. When she finds her own life she helps those who are shunned and mistreated. After two hundred years, Elissa is still helping the mistreated in the world and has joined forces with an angel to do it. They are not flashy about how they go about their business, but their work is passed through quiet channels. 

This was a good story and I really enjoyed reading about Michael and Elissa. They have to find their way back to each other and their strength that comes out when they are a team. I look forward to more of the Fire from Heaven Series and hope that a story is in the future for Caila and Phenex. 
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444 reviews1 follower
July 24, 2018
I would really recommend that you read the first book Lucifer before reading this (I got the Archangel copy which had book one added - which I read again after reading Archangel) I love paranormal romances and these books hit the spot. I got to chapter 4 before I went to bed, but I couldn't leave it unfinished so had to get my kindle so that I could finish. It's addicting this book.

Like the first book Lucifer, I absolutely loved Archangel. Archangel is the second book from the Fire from Heaven series. I was hooked from the very first page, it's thrilling and captivating, it sinks it's teeth into you and doesn't let go.

I love this series. Archangel Michael, God's warrior finally lets go of all the orders that he's been following since...well forever and follows his heart. The chemistry between Michael and Elissa is electric. One amazing read and I really hope there is more to come from these books in the future.

A very recommended read for anyone who loves angels, Lucifer, a battle between Heaven and Hell. This is the one for you.
1,745 reviews13 followers
May 25, 2018
Immortal witch Elissa needs all the help she can get when her angel friend Caila disappears, even if it's from her ex, Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is sent to Earth to ensure Grace, Lucifer's love, isn't harmed by rogue angels, which would lead to a war between Heaven and Hell. The only time Elissa was truly happy was the one year she spent with Michael until he casts her aside and returns to Heaven. Michael had known happiness with Elissa until Heaven's meddling and his fears stole it from them. Michael won't allow it to happen again. Elissa still loves Michael but she can't go through the heartbreak again. Will Michael get his second chance with Elissa?

Ava Martell delivers an action-packed, exciting and suspenseful story that will suck you in

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book
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142 reviews1 follower
June 14, 2018
Holy. Hell. This book revived my love of all things Paranormal! I've been caught up in more contemporary romance lately, but this book stole my soul and won't let go!

What happens when the weapon of God falls? Apparently nothing, because despite how much Archangel Michael sympathizes with his fallen brother Lucifer, or how desperately he longs for the embrace of the witch Elissa he will never abandon his place as the right hand, the Killing hand, of God. That is until Lucifer shakes things up yet again, and Elissa finds herself smack dab in the middle of a power struggle between Heaven and the hellish desires of mortals. Will Michael continue to cling to the role he has played for so long, or will he finally stretch his wings and exercise some of that free will everyone speaks so highly about to right the regrets of his past and save everyone he loves?
36 reviews
May 13, 2020

I started book 1 two days ago and just finished book 4. Wow!!!! So hard to find the one author who captures that special blend of great writing, creativity, love for their story and characters and the joy of being a part of it. This author is excellent at showing you around the world of the war between heaven and hell right here on earth. Love love love the writing, the story line, the characters and the detail information to help you understand it all with out losing you to boredom in the explanation as many writers do. I am so excited to read the next books in this series. Wink....I hope for many more books
1,104 reviews
June 27, 2018
I am really enjoying this series. To see someone go from blindly following orders, to following their heart is always great, and the action and adventure is good too. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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Author 14 books466 followers
February 8, 2019
I really enjoyed this follow up to Lucifer. I wasn't sure I was going to like Michael very much, but I ended up feeling for both him and Elissa. I also really liked the continuation of the story and how it wove in more details about the conflict between Michael and Lucifer. Elissa's past was also quite intriguing.

On to the next - Phenex!
July 24, 2020
I want to say this one exceeded all expectations and was better then the first book but I love the first one too much. This one was also an amazing read tho and I can't wait to finish the 3rd one. As soon as I finished it I just had to buy the next edition 😍
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162 reviews1 follower
May 28, 2019
A fabulous follow up to Lucifer, this revisits Martell’s New Orleans which is steeped in magic and the war between Heaven and Hell. She is so good at creating a fully realized, visceral world!
445 reviews
February 2, 2019
Did not disappoint; another spectacular read

Archangel continues the saga that Lucifer began. Ava has used her words to create this movie in your mind that you don't want to end. Can't wait to read the next book.
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45 reviews
September 4, 2019
Love 😍

I found myself reading this book in two days! I cannot wait to read the third book and am buying it now.
47 reviews
January 18, 2020
Really good read

Very enjoyable.I enjoyed meeting the characters from Book1 from a new standpoint. It is a fast paced and vividly written story that doesn't pull its punches.
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1,647 reviews
July 6, 2018
Am loving this series, the plots are convincing and the characters are intense. Well developed plot and I can't wait for the next one.
318 reviews2 followers
June 11, 2018
The eternal fight between good and evil, but for some this is reversed and has many grey areas. Brilliant story from Ava. Really makes you think. Very well written and entirely engrossing.
197 reviews
June 6, 2018
better than the first book loved all the action as well as the reuniting of elissa and micheal can t wait till the next book comes out
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852 reviews4 followers
May 30, 2018
An interesting read

So this download contained both Lucifer and Archangel. I've always been a fan of Angel Romance. I like the idea of challenging the norm and pushing the envelope on what people are comfortable with in regards to religion.
442 reviews1 follower
May 26, 2018
Heaven is in an uproar - the Last has chosen Lucifer and turned her back on the angels. Elissa, a witch made immortal by the Devil himself, devotes herself to saving battered women and families, trying to use purpose to push back the memories of the time she spent with the Archangel Michael. Michael returned to Heaven when summoned to protect his precious Elissa; the angels threaten her death if he continues his dalliance with her. Separated for millennia, they are suddenly thrown back together when the divided angels both want to protect the Last and end her life for daring to love the Devil.

In the midst of the chaos, Michael gets that rarest of things - a second chance with the love of his existence. In addition to the threat against the Last, Elissa's partner in saving women, the angel Caila has been taken by someone and is hidden from them. Working together with Lucifer and the Last, Michael and Elissa must save Caila, while also protecting the Last from those angels that threaten her existence. Their enforced proximity stirs up old feelings for both of them and Michael begins to doubt his blind obeisance to Heaven's whims. He wonders if he can exert his own free will, like his Fallen brother Lucifer and have what his heart desires most - Elissa.

The story is action-packed and well-paced, the chemistry between the reunited lovers is off the charts. Their wanting and struggle to overcome the painful way their relationship ended in the past pulls the reader in and holds them until th end. Readers who love paranormal mystery as well as second chance romance will enjoy this book.

A four-star voluntary review of an ARC of the story.
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2,152 reviews61 followers
May 29, 2018
Review Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

“Archangels can make bad choices, too!”

I received an Advance Reader Copy for ARCHANGEL (Fire From Heaven, Book #2) written by Ava Martell and voluntarily reviewed this book. Two millennia have passed by since Archangel Michael last spoke to his human love, Elissa. Not that he never thought of her again or never wished to be with her again. He just made the one choice that he thought he had to make, because Heaven needed him more, and he was created with one sole purpose: to serve Heaven and his Father.

Elissa had only one person to whom she could now turn to for help, one person who had still has access to Heaven, and it wasn’t her friend Lucifer. Archangel Michael, the celestial being who had broken this witch’s heart so many years ago, has access and the ability to carry out recon for her, to hopefully find information which will save her one true friend, Caila, an angel just as dedicated to saving women and children from bad situations.

This second-chance love story for Archangel Michael was an entertaining read, calling into play the help of Lucifer (Book #1), another Archangel who may just hate him as much - if not more - than Elissa for his past betrayal. But first, they have to deal with their past before they have a chance to move forward.
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Author 26 books290 followers
May 26, 2018
As soon as I finished Lucifer, I jumped right into this book. I was high on the Devil and couldn't wait to see what the Archangel was going to bring. I enjoyed it. I read it through in one sitting. That being said, I didn't like it as much as the first.

I don't know if it was what she was going for but to me it seemed like this book mostly focused on Elissa. What she was doing, how she was feeling. And not so much on Michael. I felt like I got to know Elissa on a deep level but Michael kind of felt like a side character at times. And, when it wasn't focused on Elissa I felt like it was focused on Lucifer and Grace. Not that I mind more Lucifer. I totally love him.

The plot was amazing. I really loved what Ava Martell was going for. This is a great story line and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

It does end with a PLOT cliffhanger. But not one that leaves you hanging on by your pinky.

Overall, regardless of my feelings of not enough Michael time, I thought this was a great book. I highly recommend this series to you Angel/Demon book lovers. It's truly amazing.

💖📚🤓I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.🤓📚💖
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November 7, 2021
V tomhle pokračování jsou hlavní postavami archanděl Michael a Elissa. Elissa zjistí, že se její andělská kamarádka ztratila, požádá Lucifera a spol o pomoc. Máme tu dvě časové linky. Jedna se týká Elissiny minulosti, tam se dozvídáme, proč je vlastně tím, kým je a jakou má historii s Michaelem. A ta druhá je přítomnost, jak se snaží zachránit svoje přátele - jj množné číslo, oni při tom pátrání zjistí, že se ztratil ještě jeden anděl. Musím říct, že ta historická linka mi moc nesedla, pro mě byla moc dlouhá. Já spíš chtěla to plánování, tu akci, tu záchranu, kterého tam klidně mohlo být víc.

Ale i tak to bylo super čtení a třetí díl čeká ...

In this book, we follow Archangel Michael and Elissa. We have two timelines Elissa's history and present time where they are trying to save their angelic friends from an unknown villain. I liked the present time better, that was what I wanted to read about, the planning, the action. But I have to admit, some parts of her history were really interesting.

Overall I still enjoyed it and moving on to the next book.
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October 18, 2019
Another engrossing read by Ava Martell

I thoroughly enjoyed the second book in the "Fire From Heaven" series. Although this is the story of Michael and Elissa, both Lucifer and Grace play a large part in the storyline. I love it when a series keeps us in touch with all the characters instead of progressing from one couple to the next and tossing their predecessors aside. As with the first book, Ava's use of descriptive prose is excellent. At times, we are transported back in time to Elissa's youth in Phoenicia and the reader can almost smell the sea air and feel the sand beneath their feet. There are quite a few editorial mistakes in the second half of the book which is a shame because they detract from the author's amazing writing style. Overall, a great story and I am anxious to read about Caila and Phenex in the next book.
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May 28, 2018
Wow, Ava did it again, what a rollercoaster ride ! I am totally hook , line and sinker with the Fire From Heaven Series.

Archangel is the second book in the "Fire From Heaven" series. I recommend for you read Lucifer , book one, because it's a phenomenal read and it will introduce you to this "world" and you "get it" faster ; however, Archangel can be read as a standalone.

Ava Martell weaves a fantastic, fast pace, intriguing romance; where passion, history and mythology blends and zigzag you into a suspenseful , offbeat , layered and well-conceived story . This writer's voice is fluid and captivating ; and her stories even though , you know, it's paranormal tale , somehow it feels real.

*I received an ARC of this book from Hidden Gems and I am voluntarily leaving a review*
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