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Jackal Emerson has never taken himself seriously. Dubbed the “orgy king,” he’s renowned for his reputation as the wild End Man. But with the uprising on the horizon and his best friend missing, Jackal is having a hard time living the same carefree existence.

And then he meets a thief and everything changes.

Phoenix Moyo, principal dancer of a notorious ballet company, lives a life of rigidity. When her world collides with Jackal’s, their chemistry is evident to everyone except her. Forced to work with him to steal the most precious commodity of the Regions, she realizes too late that there is no escaping Jackal’s charisma.

When unimaginable crimes come to light, the Regions begin to crumble. No one is safe. Families divide and secrets are exposed, danger running rampant on every side. For some, sacrifice costs everything.

Book 2 in the End of Men Series

238 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 26, 2018

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About the author

Tarryn Fisher

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I would like to write a novel that every, single person loves, but not even J.K. Rowling could do that. Instead, I try to write stories that pull on people's emotions. I believe that sadness is the most powerful emotion, and swirled with regret the two become a dominating force. I love villains. Three of my favorites are Mother Gothel, Gaston and the Evil Queen who all suffered from a pretty wicked case of vanity (like me). I like to make these personality types the center of my stories.
I love rain, Coke, Starbucks and sarcasm. I hate bad adjectives and the word "smolder". If you read my book-I love you. If you hate my book-I still love you, but please don't be mean to me; I'm half badass, half cry baby.

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July 13, 2018
In a world where you're given everything, the thing they tell you not to want is what you want the most.

Jackal by Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster was a highly anticipated read for me. After reading Folsom, I needed to see what happened. I love this writing duo. The fluidity of their words reads like only one person wrote it, and I love that about it.

Jackal is known as ‘the orgy king’. He’s the wildest, most fun-loving of the End Men. He’s always seemed to be the one who enjoyed their job the most. Then he meets his little thief, Phoenix. Phoenix is a ballet dancer and the last thing she’s looking for is someone like Jackal. But things between them take a turn she never expects. I loved Phoenix. She was a strong heroine. That’s what I love about these books most. Even though the End Men are great, the heroines steal the show for me.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a dystopian series, and most of the ones I’ve read are YA. I love that this one is geared towards adults. It’s steamy and intriguing. It’s one of those books you don’t want to put down. You’ve got to know what happens next with these characters and their story. I’m completely invested.

This book brought out all kinds of anxiety in me. I was on pins in needles here! It’s sinfully sexy, angsty, and character driven. Though some of my questions were answered, after reading, I have even more now! I’m not sure what End Men will be next, but I need to know what happens with all these characters- not just Jackal and Phoenix, but Folsom and Gwen as well.
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July 29, 2019
View this review and many more at: Ashes Books & Bobs.

Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster have started a movement, a rise of women, that is absolutely astounding with the End of Men Series. I'll admit to being slightly more critical of Folsom, the first book in the series, than many of my blogging counterparts. However, as the story of Folsom sat with me, the more I found myself reflecting on what the characters would do next. I was attached and had my mind opened to an incredible Dystopian world these talented authors created. In everyday situations, I would find my mind imagining the current world becoming like the Folsom setting, imagining what it would be like if breeding was regulated by the government, or if we weren't able to care for our babies in the way we see fit as parents. I didn't know it at the time, but Folsom rocked my world.

I find it hard to admit that I love books that teeter on the edge of the Erotica genre. My Southern Baptist ways are cringing in shame as I type this, but this series is so much more than sex. This series tells a tale of the depths of humanity, about all of the things we hold near, dear, and essential to our well-being. This series makes me think, root for the underdogs, and want to cheer out loud for small victories...all while blushing and looking over my shoulder during the racy moments. I daresay no other authors could make me push through intense discomfort in the name of such a fabulous underlying storyline. I'm in awe.

"In a world where you're given everything, the thing they tell you not to want is what you want the most."

Jackal was everything I didn't know I needed for the second book in this series. I was scared about venturing into the minds of new characters when I had already become attached to Folsom and Gwen. How could I possibly be won over with these new perspectives and how could these characters in a separate region continue the story I had grown to know? If you have these questions too after finishing Folsom, have no fear. Willow and Tarryn always take care of their readers and bring us everything we need and immensely more. In my opinion, Jackal's story tops Folsom! I couldn't resist giving this title five stars for going above and beyond my expectations. I fell in love with the new characters, especially Phoenix. This ballet dancer is flexing all over the Blue Region! In the story, Jackal describes her as "hard and soft", and it's the picture-perfect depiction. She's a walking contradiction, but I couldn't help but love every piece of her character.

"I can't be tamed. I won't be tamed"

One of my favorite tidbits of this story were the quirky animal facts at the beginning of every chapter, such as: "During mating with a honey bee, the drone's genitals explode and his penis snaps right off." I feel like an Animal Sexual Biology Major after reading! ;)

Despite the sometimes hard topics within this story, it is broken up by light moments and unexpected additions of humor. Truly, this book has everything and I'm completely dumbfounded by the Fisher + Aster duo. I can't figure out how in such a short amount of time, these two were able to write a second book and somehow make it even more exciting than the first. I'm hooked and ready to see this series through. 

Be sure to pick up Jackal today! If you haven't met Folsom yet, start there!
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December 16, 2018
After falling in love with Folsom and Gwen in the previous book, I was looking forward to seeing where the heck they ended up after the cliffhanger. I was hoping to see more of them than I did in this book but I am glad for the glimpses I did get. The real plot was still moving forward despite the fact that this wasn't their story. This was mostly about Jackal and Phoenix and how they fit in to Folsom and Gwen's story.

In a world where you’re given everything, the thing they tell you not to want is what you want the most.

Jackal was one of the 12 End Men, but unlike Folsom, he found a way to enjoy the life he was leading. I found it hard to like him because after learning what their lives are really like, I couldn't understand how he was so okay with it all. Then he met Phoenix and realized that he was only fooling himself. She not only pushed him to finally see his situation for what it was, she challenged him to finally stepping up for something more than the directive he was given. Simply participating in orgies and giving the women what they want weren't the ways to fix his nation and he slowly learned how big of a role he could play.

“Love is something that happens to you. You don’t necessarily invite it in.”

While this couple in no way measured up to Folsom and Gwen, this story was still interesting. I realize that there are still more books to this series, but I really wish the story could be about the original couple and told from their perspectives. Am I the only one? I don't think there's anyone I'll like as much as them. The movement is all about them, no matter how much I'm told it isn't so. I hope to see more of them in the next book.

Oh and I'll leave you with my favorite quote in the book:

If a male Tasmanian devil is not very good, the female will just get up and walk away during sex.

As it should be! 😂😂😂
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June 29, 2018

I loved Folsom and I adored Jackal, another fantastic book from Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster!I don't know where to start my review with this one.There were so many things I enjoyed!


I should first say about the amazing characters.So unique and original.Phoenix is one of my favorite heroines, independent , strong and sassy.I loved her so much.

Jackal is another captivating and fantastic story.Don't expect anything less, this duo did an amazing job with this series.I loved every minute of Jackal and I can't wait to see what they have for us next!!


July 13, 2018
4 ★'s

This is the ongoing saga of the End Men series with the story focusing on Jackal. That means, you really need to read Folsom for a lot of this story to make sense.

Jackal's very easy going...the life of the party. He's happy with his place in the End Men and he genuinely enjoys what he does. Even after he's somewhat "awakened", I still felt like that was the case.

However, I loved, loved, LOVED how much Phoenix affected him. That is the very best thing...seeing how taken he is with her right from the get go.

Of course, she is just as affected by him which makes things even better. I quite enjoyed her particular skill and that she wasn't all crazed about having a baby make their relationship even that much sweeter.


But I felt they got the short end of the stick relationship-wise. It didn't help that this book is short. Understandably, a good portion of the story has to deal with the ongoing story line.

And I'm not (really) complaining too much about that. I needed more about Gwen and Folsom especially after we were left hanging. I LOVED that last chapter...thank goodness!

Next up is Kasper's book, unknown release date, but since Jackal came out fairly quickly, I'm hoping we have the same luck with his. It will definitely be interesting.

♦ BTW - anyone know how long this series is going to be? There are some other interesting End Men and I'm hoping they get to them all! ;)
July 4, 2018

There's something about those End Men and it’s something that has me addicted. This series has firmly become my guilty pleasure, a fun read, despite the intensity of the themes, and I’m eager to see where the story and the characters will end.

Jackal Emerson has a wild boy reputation, the bad boy of the End Men, some might say. However, after all the happenings in the first novel, this second part sees our male protagonist finding it difficult to carry on his business as an End Man with his usual enthusiasm, especially when he sets his sights on someone in a way he never has before. Enter Phoenix Moyo, professional ballet dancer and secret thief. This is where the plot thickens, we discover more about the regions and experience further uprising.

There are elements of the story that did not comprehensively work for me, the first section pulled me in, made me eager for more and the ending had me gripped but I feel there is a definite lull in the middle where I was not feeling attached to the story as I should have been. Here and there I did not feel the motivation was true enough, I may have rolled my eyes on occasion, I hasten to add that it’s not when the End Men have their necessary sexual relations, that can sting but it adds to the tension of the story and made me feel for the characters. The story is set in a world of total make believe, a dystopian world where human beings are at risk because of the low numbers within the male population. As a result, their world and their people have a completely different structure and rules to the world that we know so perhaps the elements that bother me really shouldn’t. I have to admit that despite my grumblings, I find myself strangely addicted. I often find myself chuckling and thinking that despite the intense feelings I find the story is also quite fun, a guilty pleasure. It’s certainly different to other stories I have experienced recently which is a refreshing change.

When I think of the series as a whole narrative it gives me plenty to dwell on. The couple from the first book have a part to play in Jackal and it is their story that has my total attention, perhaps more so than the featured couple in this second part. Secrets, lies and sex all have a part to play in to play in the End of Men series. A series comprising of three books that are romantic and erotic with a fascinating plot that can’t help but grab attention.


Advance copy provided *
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July 6, 2018
Find this review and others at Carlene Inspired.

You must read Folsom prior to reading Jackal in The End of Men series, do not read on without having read Folsom first. I thought I loved Folsom, but Jackal was better. Fisher and Aster bring us back down to earth a bit, removing some of the dystopian elements in favor of giving us a glimpse at how another district acts. The thoughts of the citizens are far more progressive since Gwen's reveal of the truth, that End Men are slaves and the male babies you produce aren't like your female children, you don't get to keep them forever. They belong to the Regions. The uprising is bringing out the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Regions, revealing that the leaders are willing to commit unthinkable crimes in order to have more male children, but also to stay in control.

"I am a god without power. I belong not to myself, but to everyone in this room, everyone in the Regions."

Like Folsom, Jackal begins to look at his own humanity differently, realizing that while his life is lavish it isn't necessarily his own. He initially seems content to keep up his usual persona, being the orgy king, but an endearing women grabs his attention one evening and shortly after he too realizes he is not given the opportunity to love another. Phoenix is a beloved ballerina, though she's jaded by the fame and fortune. Jackal describes her as "hard and soft," which is so very accurate for the real life she leads once the tutus come off. Additionally, these two have some of the greatest dialogue in a book, with constant bickering and these really unique moments where they reveal parts of themselves that even they didn't know themselves. How them come together is unexpected, but it's nice to see how another couple, a very different couple, could work in this Dystopian world. I especially enjoyed the secondary characters in this book. They bring a new perspective to the story, revealing to us the rich, the poor, and those willing to bend the rules in order to preserve life. There is a lot of darkness in this book and heavy topics discussed that ache, because not only are they easy to picture, many of them are real events happening today.

”I want something just for me. I don’t want to share you with anyone else.”

The story does continue shortly after the events that take place in Folsom, so don't think that just because the story features two new main characters that everything prior is forgotten. The unease in the regions is so apparent and I really appreciated how Fisher and Aster bring to life the quiet murmuring that soon crescendos into rebellion. We watch the women realize the truth, soon we see that men have fought the system far longer than we once knew, and we see that Gwen's battle is not yet over, it's only just begun. Folsom was just one tiny part of the story and Jackal only scratches the surface of how Gwen's voice has changed everything in every region, I can only imagine what is to come from Kasper.

Free the truth teller! You can't keep us quiet."

The End of Men series is fiction, but it makes you think. What would life be like if men's lives were numbered and women ruled the show? Would we forget our humanity? Jackal introduces us to two strong-willed, beautiful characters and the power of perspective as they help lead the resistance. I love this series, it's absolutely guilty-pleasure reading material, but I can't put it down. Fisher and Aster have done something unique and if you've not yet read Folsom, get on it, because you will want to meet Jackal.

and my favorite quote...
"'Armor up,' my mother would say. 'Hurt is something you allow.'"
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May 19, 2020
Thief and the Party Dude

The World and plot was developed more in this sequel. I liked the romance but I really hoped for more Folsom and Gwen. I enjoyed the book but I wanted to know more of why Gwen’s mom just gave her up to the wolves. I hope book 3 is coming soon.
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1,139 reviews217 followers
July 23, 2018
Edit: I changed my initial star rating from three to two stars after writing my review and realizing I had only negative things to say about the novel.

Wow. Was that ever a let down compared to the first novel, Folsom. Everything about Jackal reads like a means to an end for Gwen and Folsom’s story despite their very limited appearances.

The world building in Folsom was a great start to the series. It excited the reader enough to want to continue reading and discover more about the Society and how it functions. Unfortunately, Jackal does absolutely nothing to further the world building. Instead, Fisher and Aster almost regress by allowing their characters to run wild while still trying to assert the Society’s control. There are too many moments where Jackal is able to do something without anyone’s knowledge in order to push the plot along or further his “relationship” (will expand upon that further) with Phoenix. It’s hard to believe that this all-powerful government would let the End Men continue with their freedom, or whatever they considered freedom before Folsom escaped, let alone allow them to speak to one another. My suspension of disbelief was destroyed to say the least.

I put the word relationship in quotations earlier because I did not see any semblance of a relationship between Jackal and Phoenix. Fisher and Aster know how to write sizzling hot chemistry between two characters, but that was all Jackal and Phoenix had. They had no deeper connection besides their intense physical attraction to each other. They had no meaningful conversations or eye opening moment about how disgusting their world had become. This is due in part to Jackal’s enjoyment of his lifestyle. There isn’t a moment where Jackal becomes disillusioned by his work. He only does the things he does because he’s following Phoenix.

The aspect of this novel I hated the most was Phoenix and her eating disorder. For whatever reasons, the authors’ chose to have Phoenix struggle with an eating disorder as a ballerina. Unfortunately, they do absolutely nothing with it other than glamorize the shit out of it. It’s referenced here and there for no other reason than to make the main character petite. Phoenix has no internal struggle, no defining moment, or no step towards recovery. Her eating disorder is featured to glamorize it and that’s it.

And finally, the epigraphs. The beginning of each chapter features an interesting fact about the animal kingdom and matting. These epigraphs do not relate to the story whatsoever. None of the characters are interested in animals or insects. None of the characters have a background in research or anything even remotely related to entomology or zoology. It’s a complete waste.

Overall, Jackal is a complete and utter disappointment after the compelling dystopian romance that was Folsom. Where Folsom succeeded at asking questions about gender norms, reproductive rights, and the lengths people are willing to go to control those rights. Jackal succeeds at creating expendable characters and tearing down the already established world building.
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July 2, 2018
Jackal > Folsom.

I was really disappointed with the first book of this series. There was super insta-love, women turning into sex-crazed maniacs in the mere presence of an End Man, and not enough character development to really get me invested in the story. But I persisted because this series is partly Tarryn Fisher so how could I not? I’m glad I continued because I did end up enjoying Jackal a lot.

Jackal enjoys his job as an End Man and he has a good time with it until he meets Phoenix Moyo. He is instantly charmed by her but she resists him, which is not something he’s used to. Their attraction is palpable and more believable than Gwen and Folsom’s. I liked that that Phoenix is her own person and has her own strengths apart from Jackal. She already plays a small part in the rebellion before she meets him, which eventually turns into a bigger part when she teams up with Jackal on a dangerous mission.

Overall, I liked this book a lot more than I did the first one. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat for a good majority of it. There are still a few cringeworthy moments where Jackal is forced to go to his appointments after falling for Phoenix but given the world this story takes place in, I have to remind myself that he doesn’t have a choice. We also do get a fair amount of Gwen/Folsom and are introduced to plenty of new characters that keep you wondering if we can trust them or not.
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1,854 reviews69 followers
September 2, 2018
I'm blaming myself for not doing a thorough job checking this series out. Dang. Shame on me for just assuming it was a duet because book 1 and 2 came out back to back May and June - I usually know what is what. LOL! I'm losing my touch.....because I failed on this one >>> this is a major cliffhanger series of books and none of them are standalone, at all. Now, I have put myself right smack in the middle of cliffhanger book #2, and no actual publish date for book 3 Kasper - UGH!!!! and who really knows if it will wrap up next book???

Thankfully this book ended softly(for me), even though it is another major cliffhanger ending with 1000 questions - the overall angst in Jackal was not bad as Folsom(which I loved). I've given in to the wait. Book 1 was awesome, I loved the instant chemistry. Book 2 is definitely lighter in emotions. The wait is long for the connection between Jackal and Phoenix, but it seemed normal as there was so much more going on with the extended story lines. This one is harder to rate as I really don't know what to expect going forward - lets hope I care enough when Kasper comes out to find out!!!
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June 25, 2018
”It starts with one look. I’m sure many things start that way: fights, affairs, lies… With Jackal...with me...us—that look changes everything.”

Just color me surprised...again. Because honestly- I was afraid with such a long series like this one, the books would be dragged out. I feared they would be redundant and slow instead of straight to the point and action packed but with Jackal I was wrong. The story line never once felt jumbled or slowed down in any way. In fact- I couldn’t put the book down. I was still finding myself impressed with this world these two authors had built and the characters within them.

I actually really enjoyed the fact that we didn’t jump right into the ending of Folsom at the beginning of Jackal. I’m probably the minority, but it really worked for the story. Setting us up with Phoenix and Jackal first was just what I needed. It was a super exciting build up that led us to the answers we wanted to know about Gwen and Folsom. I looked at it as a healthy distraction from Folsom and Gwen followed by lots of little treats and teases of them. I was really into that.

PHOENIX, YALL! Phoenix is fierce and 10x more defiant than Gwen and I love it. I am here for it. I am here for HER. Her character involvement in this story was the cherry on my End Man cake. And I love cherries.

I’ll admit that I didn’t feel the emotional connection that Phoenix and Jackal had quite like I did with Gwen and Folsom but what I felt for them was something different. It was more an adventitious connection for me. I really craved them being together and scheming together. The two best schemers around.

”I want something just for me. I don’t want to share you with anyone else.”

I loved seeing more interactions between the End Men as the series progressed. It got me way more excited to meet who is next and see where this crazy story will take us next.

Jackal was a more compelling read for me. I found myself on many parts holding my breath and gasping because my anxiety was peaked or I just couldn’t believe what was happening with Phoenix or even Jackal.

I’m here for the End Men! And I’m so here for Fisher + Aster! Keep it up, girls.
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September 15, 2019
Buy the book or borrow it with Amazon KU.

Something unique and I loved is that this book is filled with a lot of very interesting facts about the sexual adventures of our wild kingdom. I got an education and a fantastic story!


Another cliffhanger but not as bad as the last one. I mean... I only got a little bit of resolution from book one but now I have more unresolved feels!


I know I did this to myself. I don't know why I continue to read book series that aren't finished.

I have so many questions! Will Gwen and Folsom ever be together? Will baby Rebel be safe from here on out? I dont think I could handle another kidnapping. What side is Sean truly on? I dont really trust that guy. Will Jackal ever be free from the death grip of The Society? Will Phoenix get caught? What about the bigger pictures stuff?? Will all the babies be reunited with their true mothers? Will the End Men ever be free? What is going on underground with people having babies without the End Men? Will there ever be any redemption for Gwen and Sophie's mother? Wait.. I'll answer that now. FUCK NO! Speaking of mothers... what about Jackals mom? Does she have Alzheimer's or did someone scramble her brains? OMG! I just dont know whats going on? How many more books will there be and will they all be released within a month of each other? Is this real life? I'm not dealing with this very well.


Buy the book or borrow it with Amazon KU.
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224 reviews15 followers
August 12, 2020

I don't know why I did this to myself, but I did anyways... The End of Men series is about the world going to shit with the lack of men and to reproduce more men. So at this point, women are totally ruining and ruling the world. Everything is happening while the two main characters slowly falls in love which I solely admire.

I can't even honestly tell you if I liked the first book better or this one. That's how good these books are. Totally recommend if you are a romance lover like myself....

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928 reviews731 followers
July 1, 2018

Watch out, Divergent series! There’s a new dystopian super star stealing your thunder and shining in the book universe: End of Men. Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster prove they are a force to be reckoned with in this unique genre, delighting romance readers with not only compelling fictional characters but a masterfully-crafted fictional world that will even have non-sci-fi romance fans clamoring to meet the tales of the End of Men.

”There’s no logic in love . . . It starts small and grows into something very big and endless. Something you’re willing to die for.”

I didn’t do dystopian books . . . until now. The last dystopian series I read was Divergent in 2012-2014. I didn’t do dystopian as futuristic world settings and characters aren’t my thing . . . until now. Until the End of Men, this succulent sci-fi series I keep sucking down like oxygen that has quickly become my world. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!

This author duo of Fisher and Aster write so flawlessly together as one solid voice, so seamless that you’ll be hard-pressed to tell where one starts and the other stops. A perfectly plotted, action-packed and achingly-addicting adventure, Jackal satisfies the psyche as well as the heart. Its powerful and passionate plot of a female-run world with male pollinators CAPTIVATED ME. The strong and smoldering hero and heroine melted together—so dominate they dominated me—and I fell hard in love with the Jackal and the Phoenix. With characters that seamlessly come to life and a vivid storyline so raw that—despite the fantasy—it feels real, Jackalplayed like a sci-fi thriller and romance movie in my head while reading. I couldn’t put down this DELICIOUS DYSTOPIAN DELIGHT!

”And all that’s left is the predator and the bird.”

“Will she fly away?”

Thrilling, tender, and thought-provoking, Jackal takes you so far to the edge that you’ll be powerless to stop the fall of feels. This tale is as tantalizing as it is thrilling, a cat-and-mouse game that is one hell of a HEADY HIGH. This BOUNDARY-BREAKING BOOK beguiled me the whole time reading! Like Folsom, Jackal is so DARINGLY DIFFERENT that it’s in its own UNIQUE UNIVERSE. This book is BLISSFUL CHAOS that burned holes in my heart. I loved Folsom but Jackal is a pure fire-breathing dragon that hit my heart and slayed my soul!

”One man’s privilege is another man’s sacrifice. Make sure you know what you’re fighting for.”

Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster knocked me off my axis into the delicious dystopian world of End of Men with Folsom, but now Jackal stampedes all over my soul and holds my heart. The End of Men series made me want to raise hell, go to war to fight for justice and the underdogs, and give voices again to those who have been quieted. I wanted to embed myself in this fantasy world that felt like my reality. IT’S THAT GOOD! The End of Men series continues to SLAY ALL THE WAY in another adrenaline-filled, roller coaster ride of an adventure that’s heart-pounding, hang-on-to-the-edge-of-your-seat exhilarating!

”Say you love me, little thief. Say it.”

Sorry, Folsom, Jackal is my new End Man now. Jackal UNEQUIVOCALLY OWNED every ounce of me. Every thought. Every feel. Everything. Jackal and the End of Men series are EVERYTHING and I can’t rate these books highly enough! There aren’t enough stars for this out-of-this world romance! ANOTHER TOP 2018 READ from the unstoppable Fisher and Aster duo!!! What a BANG-UP BOOK! What a SENSATIONAL SERIES that is so good for the soul!

”I can’t be tamed. I won’t be tamed.”

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 daringly different and delicious dystopian stars

➡️ https://amzn.to/2KjtWHi

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375 reviews35 followers
July 3, 2018
This was just ok. I didn’t feel the angst and emotional connection like I did with Folsom. I found myself skimming a little to get to the meat of the story. Still excited to see where this series goes.
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272 reviews148 followers
July 10, 2018
4.0 Stars

These "End Men" are addicting. Jackal is the wild party guy. He enjoys his lifestyle. Always happy to accommodate more then one woman at a time. He is known for his long stamina and orgy's. Until he meets dancer-ballerina, "Phoenix". The banter between these two are remarkable. The sexual tension bounced off the pages. And when the deed finally happens wholy moly!! Just reading gave the tingles. A must read!!! Be warned this is a hot hot hot read!!! The ending leaves us with a cliffhanger. Can't wait to read and learn about Kasper.
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51 reviews1 follower
August 23, 2019
I am one member of a wife/husband review team. Here is the review from our book blog shesaidhesaidbookreviews.com.

She said:
Holy highlighter pink. If you thought Jackal’s cover was intriguing, wait until you read the book. Jackal has heart and layers—more so than Folsom. Hold up. Don’t take this the wrong way. We’re not knocking the first book in the series. If you’ve read our Folsom review, then you know we’re fans. But Jackal was…more. Just more.

Jackal and his counterpart, Phoenix, frequently spar in this book, making it hugely entertaining and also hugely unpredictable. Will they get together? Won’t they? These questions aren’t immediately answered. And so, from a romantic standpoint, you’re left on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. Same goes with the End Men movement. How will they become involved? Will they make a difference? And where the hell are Rebel and Gwen and Folsom—AND SOPHIA? Is she…behaving herself?! I promise—some of your questions will be answered. (I’m just not going to tell you which ones.)

My favorite part of Jackal was the man himself. I’m not downplaying Phoenix’s role. Like Gwen, she is one badass female ready to make a difference in the Regions. She is snarky and witty and resolute. She has bite, and she is brave. This is the kind of character I expect from two powerhouse female authors. But Jackal… Jackal was unexpected. He evolves. While once a party-going playboy, he becomes part of the bigger picture. He takes chances. He cares. But what makes Jackal even more multidimensional is his backstory. We learn about the man behind the ego and antics. We learn about what makes him who he is. And because of this, he becomes a character of substance, someone you want to root for and respect.

There are so many wonderful moments in this book that caused a full range of emotions. I cried. I laughed. I cringed. I gasped. And I most definitely cheered. There’s one moment in particular that took my breath away and gave me chills. It’s been over a week since I read Jackal, and I still think about it. That’s how good this book is. It makes you think and keep thinking days later.

I’m so excited to read Kasper’s story next. When I read Folsom, I thought, how are they going to top this? They did with Jackal. And although a part of me wonders the same question about Kasper, I have absolute faith that Fisher and Aster will make it happen.

He said:
I struggle reading sequels. More often than not, I feel like they don’t live up to the original story (I’m looking at you, Allegiant!). The novelty is gone and, unless the characters are really amazing or the story is told from a different perspective, it can sometimes feel clumsy and forced. After reading and liking Folsom, I wasn’t sure what to expect with Jackal. Could Fisher and Aster do something different enough with Jackal to make it stand out on its own? Or, would this be more of the same? And what the hell am I doing reading these books about sexy dudes?!

But I went into it with an open mind and tried to let the book speak for itself. And speak it did. Jackal started leaping off the pages. I found myself constantly saying, “Oh man, this dude…” to just about everything he does. Surprisingly, I think Erica (my wife) and I agree on this book: not only does Jackal live up to Folsom, but I actually liked Jackal more.

While the way Erica describes Jackal is true, to me he is the smart-ass-funny-guy who doesn’t take too much seriously. He enjoys his day-to-day life and seems content. Until he isn’t. We learn about his past and how the characters he meets influence his changing mindset. Like Erica mentioned, we see him develop, and I like that a lot.

Phoenix, the female lead, is the opposite, to start. She’s a focused dancer who has spent her life working toward being the best. But then she meets Jackal and… READ THE BOOK. I think I liked her more than Erica did. I feel like she stands her own against Jackal and, in some respects, steps up even more than he does.

I like their dynamic. In a dystopian future that can seem unreal, their interactions (verbal and non-verbal…heyyyy-ohhhh!) feel entirely realistic. They challenge each other and piss each other off—yet grow together, as they both change their perspectives and views. They seemed real and, to be honest, I might actually miss reading about them. He’s a thinker. She’s a doer. Together, they are fun to read about.

There is some suspense and action in the second half of the book, which made it hard to put down. No spoilers here. While this is a separate story from Folsom, it takes place in the same universe and does move the overarching story forward.

What’s especially interesting, style-wise, with this book, is that the authors provide short snippets of animal mating facts at the beginning of each chapter that help sets the tone for what you are about to read. I am not sure how well it set the tone for me, but there were some really interesting facts. I learned that some flies can be real dicks. Also, worms have both male and female parts, then try to shove their male bits into each other. The first one to be penetrated becomes the female. For many reasons, with this now being the main one, I am super grateful not to be a worm!

There are a dozen End Men total and at one point Tarryn and Willow shared they have a goal of producing ten books, giving each one to a specific character. With the first two books being done so well, I am definitely interested in seeing how this plays out. I’m with Erica here, too. I don’t know how they can do so many books and not just repeat the same formula. Then again, I am not an author. They hit it out of the park with Folsom and Jackal, so I can only assume they will do the same with Kasper (next) and the others in the future.

So back to my original question, why am I reading a series of books about sexy guys? The story and the way the men are written makes them more than just sexy dudes, they are Sexy Avengers! (Okay, now I am seeing the Hulk in a whole new way…)

She said:
Note to self: always sell sexy-time books as sexy-time-Avengers books.

I knew you were going to bring up the animal facts! As I read them, I thought, Matt is going to have a field day with these! Honestly, I loved them. They really helped set the book apart from Folsom, making the novel truly unique. It became less like a sequel and more like its own story. I didn’t see it as them trying to set a tone, but rather, they were reinforcing their hashtag #riseofthewomen. These facts were pro-female and hella empowering. They were unexpected and educational. I hope we see something different like this in Kasper as well.

I think you misunderstood my feelings about Phoenix. She excited me, and she was one of the reasons why I cheered at times. I seriously bow down to her. But I expected nothing less from Tarryn and Willow. They are known for strong female characters, so I expected them to produce a character like Phoenix. But Jackal? He knocked me on my ass.

Read it and weep, people (literally)!
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1,811 reviews
August 7, 2018
4.5/5 stars

Jackal is the second book in the End of Men series. These books are part dystopia and part romance. This series must be read in order.

In this world there are not many men left. Twelve Men - The End Men are used to impregnate women.

Book one ended in such an interesting place. So I was beyond excited to read Jackal. However this book has different narrators from the first book. So I was very curious to see how this would work. How big a part would Folsom and Gwen play in book two?

Jackal and Phoenix are the narrators of this book. Jackal is an End Man and one of Folsom's friends. Phoenix is a ballerina and thief.

Even though Jackal and Phoenix are the narrators Gwen and Folsom's story is still discussed a lot and is a big part of the story.

I am trying to decide if I like how this story was told. Jackal and Phoenix are both very interesting characters. And I really liked both of them. But obviously readers desperately want to know what happened to Gwen and Folsom.

I think that giving each End Man his own book is an interesting idea. And it does work quite well in this case. Jackal and Phoenix are the main focus of the story. However Gwen's story is such a big part of the book. And I loved that.

There were definitely some interesting twists and reveals that I enjoyed. And I really was not sure how this story would play out. The last chapter was super interesting. And I am really looking forward to the next book. I only have one small complaint:
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306 reviews
July 2, 2018
Even worse. The difference with Folsom is that the Jackal likes what he's doing 😐
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July 28, 2018
3.2 Out Of 5 "the Jackal and the Phoenix" STARS

I'm not going to lie I'm having multiple issues with these books so far, and yet, I'm still mildly fascinated with them…It definitely has to be due to the f*cked up world they are set in.   It's an oddly engrossing and a disturbingly titillating prospective world that they have created here.  It could also be due to the fact that they leave the reader completely hanging at the end of each book, some serious cliffhangers going on here. 
The little facts of animals sex lives and courtship rituals at the beginning of each chapter, always kept me going and laughing throughout, like this little gem...
"Female hyenas have a clitoris that's so long it's sometimes mistaken for a penis"
...these were by far the best part about this book.  They made Jackal and Phoenix's story infinitely more appealing.  I wonder, though, if the Authors added these because of the play on names (Jackal? Phoenix?)...maybe so...either way, I loved them.
Honestly, though, the writing is not up to par with what I've read from Tarryn Fisher so far.  It's almost as if they tried to keep each book in the series as short as possible, so they've streamlined the stories to the bare essentials because both stories so far have left me feeling like something is missing from them. 
~~~~~MY RATING~~~~~

Plot~ 3.3/5
Main Characters~ 3.5/5
Secondary Characters~ 3.7/5
The Feels~ 3.8/5
Pacing~ 3.5/5
Addictiveness~ 3/5
Theme or Tone~ 3.5/5
Flow (Writing Style)~ 2.5/5
Backdrop (World Building)~ 3.5/5
Originality~ 5/5
Ending~ 3/5 Cliffhanger~ Yeah, and then some…
Book Cover~ Meh…
Series~ The End Men #2
Setting~ Blue Region & some Red
Source~ Kindle eBook (KU)

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July 2, 2018
“There is no logic in love, little thief.”

These ladies are freaking killing me! All you cliffy-haters out there, you are going to despise this series, but me? I just CRAVE MORE of it! I NEED MORE of it! The End of Men Series by Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster is getting better and better even though we are left with more questions than when we started. It’s bold! It’s thrilling! It’s exciting and SEXY AS HELL! Jackal and Phoenix are quite the match and their chemistry burned hotter and hotter with each turn of the page! I’m absolutely BLOWN AWAY with how invested I am in this world, these characters, and their angsty, forbidden, and seductive lives. JACKAL was mesmerizing, addictive, entertaining, and SCORCHING HOT! I have no idea where this phenomenal writing duo is taking us with this series, but I DO know that I’m in it for the long haul! I have trust that we are going to get a happily ever after that none of us will see coming!

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July 9, 2018
This series is not a HEA or HFN. It's more of maybe they'll stay together but they gotta go through shit first where maybe one or both of em die for the cause. Am I invested enough to continue...eh...

Let me just state that overuse on exclamation points will have me lower my rating on a story. The first sentence began with an exclamation point and I knew it was gonna be not to my liking.
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January 15, 2019
Loving this series! Wishing the other books were out already. I need more End Men.
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September 11, 2018
The Revolution has started!
Folsom is hidden somewhere. And Gwen is in jail.
In this book, we know more about Jackal. He is another End Man. And when he meets Phoenix, a dancer who is also a thief, he feels a strong attraction immediately.
They both decide to get involved in the revolution and to help Gwen and Folsom.
I love this story. It's original and amazing!! You don't really know any of the characters because they can be traitors or not. And now, I have to wait to know what it's going to happen. Again!!!
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