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Tangled in Texas #3

Law of Attraction

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For single mom Bobbie Jo Weston, finding a husband is not on her to-do list. She's focused on turning a run-down chicken farm into a Bed & Breakfast. She agrees to let a friend’s nephew stay with her in exchange for his handyman skills, but she wasn’t counting on the super sexy Seth Landry being that guy. 

Seth has a special skill-set, all right, but it has nothing to do with hammering nails. As a retired member of The Resistance—an elite group of ex-military soldiers—his dark, unsettling past haunts him. He needs a place to lay low, and an out-of-the-way B&B is nothing short of perfect. The blonde beauty doesn’t trust men, and he doesn't plan on sticking around long enough to change her mind.

The closer they get, the more they can't seem to keep their hands off each other. And while Bobbie holds on to her fear of watching another man walk out of their lives, Seth's mere presence has put them all in jeopardy. The only way to ever be free of his dangerous past is for him to accept one last mission...

332 pages, ebook

First published June 13, 2018

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About the author

Alison Bliss

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Alison Bliss is a best-selling, award-winning author of humorous, contemporary romances. A born and raised Texan, she currently resides in the Midwest with her husband and her two kids. The youngest of five girls, she has never turned down a challenge or been called by the right name. Alison believes the best way to know if someone is your soul mate is by canoeing with them because if you both make it back alive, it's obviously meant to be. She enjoys writing fun, steamy love stories with heart, heat, and laughter. Something she calls, "Romance...with a sense of humor."

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569 reviews115 followers
June 7, 2018
This is the third book in the Tangled in Texas series and it can be read as a stand-alone [I haven't read book 1 and 2 yet either for example]. I was lucky enough to receive an e-arc in exchange for writing an honest review.
This is a story about a single mom who works her but off and tries to give her son a peaceful upbringing and trying to make him as happy as can be. She's trying to overcome hurdles you'd come to expect in certain situations [like her son's biological father being a first-class Ahole] and I think the author did a great job at writing this story since there is definitely some moments present that surprised me, whereas story-lines like these normally are quite predictable. It was the characters, Bobbie Jo in particular, that made quite a positive impression on me. There was a palpable angst throughout the whole book, while it also remained light-hearted at times, humoristic and extremely sexy.

I loved Bobbie's feistiness and her momma-bear-protective streak. I loved the balanced out character the author shows us in Bobbie. She's a great mom but I also love that she's willing to think about herself as well every now and then. She's strong and isn't scared to fight for what she wants and the people she loves <- so much respect for her!

And then there's Seth, a sexy alpha male, who's always there for Bobbie in the short time he's been living in her house [I had NO trouble whatsoever loving his character hehe] He's great with Austin, her son, and I love how fast these three characters seemed to be forming a little family on their own. It was adorable! I was just as enamored with Seth as Bobbie was and just as curious to find out more about his past. There's this palpable feeling hanging around Seth, that just lures you in. And I know he's fictional and all, but I could so easily lose myself in this story and connect with Seth *happy sigh*

The chemistry between Bobbie and Seth is off the charts and it only gets hotter when the story progresses, prrr. I loved the sexual and emotional build-up in their developing romance. I really loved how well developed the emotional part of their 'relationship' becomes.

Aside from the romance and the 'family' feels, there's enough angst woven throughout the book that had me glued to the pages from beginning till end. There's the Ahole of a biological father of Austin and then there are things going on revolving Seth's past catching up with him. Not all of the trouble in this story was necessary though, I think because it feels like some things couldn't develop well enough story-wise. In my opinion, it would've been better if not both main characters had trouble chasing them, that had to be fixed.

Alison Bliss has a great way of writing I think. It made me feel connected with the characters right from the start and like I said before, I was glued to the pages from the beginning 'till the end. And even though it's written only in 1 pov, whereas I normally prefer reading from 2 pov's, I still think all of the characters are really well developed. To me personally, it would've been more perfect if we'd had a chance to read Seth's pov as well. I was often wondering what his thoughts would be in specific moments and especially during the more angst-ridden scenes, I would've loved reading how he'd experienced it all. Not necessarily because I felt like things are missing, but more out of curiosity for his character, since I really liked him a lot.

After finishing this book, I'm really excited to read the prior 2 books as well.
I was intrigued by the minor characters and want to know more about them and their story, so they're now on my wishlist and I hope I can get around to buy and read them soon! This author was new to me and I'm glad I got to read one of her books. I love coming across new authors and I especially love it when their books are such fun reads! This is definitely a series you should give a go when you're into romance reads with some angst and drama, humor, a hot steamy and well-developed romance and just overall addictive writing.

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1,107 reviews
May 28, 2018
This is a great read right from the beginning to the very last page. Bobbie Jo, single mom to a cute as a bug 4 year old boy, deadbeat sperm donor to her son and has bought herself an old chicken farm to turn it into a B&B. She works hard, great mom to that little guy and needs some help finishing up the rooms in her house. There's a lot of work to be done and she's done so much, but the money ran out and she's working just to keep things rolling. Her boss at the diner she works at has a nephew coming into town and he needs a place to land for the summer. He's got some hands on experience doing all sorts of jobs. Meet Seth, sexy, one liner expert and the steam just kept coming. Bobbie kept trying to set boundaries with Seth and Seth would just nudge the line a little closer to his liking. His relationship with her son was fun and tugged at those mom strings. Some of the dialogue had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. The story also had a more serious side, as Seth didn't talk about his past no matter how much Bobbie pushed him and then toss in the obnoxious ex. The story had great flow, and I loved Seth and Bobbie together. It had just the right amount of sexual tension and serious steam. Great story and Seth Landry can build me a new chicken coop any day!
Read this gem, you'll enjoy it.

*advanced copy from NetGalley and Entangled for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*
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946 reviews7 followers
July 6, 2018

Gosh there are no words for this book! First let me say I'm so glad the author wrote in Austin's character to the story and gave him a pretty significant role. All too often the children are given minor rolls and in fact are rarely present in the book. This story portrayed what it is really like to be a single mother and to have a 4 year old who is very inquisitive.

Seth...you want to hate the cocky bastard in the beginning of the book. He's so full of himself it's sickening. But then we see that side of him back down as it feels more comfortable around Bobbie Jo. We see that for the most part he uses this side of him to keep the focus off of who he really is and allows him to put the focus on the other person. Oh, but seeing him with Austin....adorable.

Great read! Loved Bobbie's strong character and her desire to not rely on everyone else for help.
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1,046 reviews32 followers
July 3, 2018
A view years back I read the first book in the Tangled in Texas series ‘Rules of Protection’. I seriously devoured that book and couldn’t get enough. I just really loved it. So when the second book ‘Playing With Fire’ came out I immediately started reading that one too. And it was just as good. Although I have been reading less due to my pregnancy I saw that the third book in the series ‘Law of Attraction’ came out and I knew I just had to read it. So I was super excited when I got approved to reading this book and I started ASAP.

In ‘Law of Attraction’ we read the story of Bobbie Jo Weston. We read a little about her in the previous books, so I was happy that this book was all about her. Bobbie Jo is a single mom and has had enough of the bad men she seems to attract. All she wants to do now is focus on her little boy and getting her Bed & Breakfast going. But she definitely needs some help with that. So when a handyman comes to town, in need of a place to stay it seems like the perfect deal. Seth will help Bobbie getting the Bed & Breakfast going, and Seth has a place to stay. But what they didn’t expect and wanted was the chemistry that is flowing between them. And there are many secrets in Seth’s life. Soon it’s getting harder and harder to stay only ‘friends’.

Every time I get further in a series, I always expect the books to get a little less good. The excitement of the little town and the characters gets less because you already know lots about them. But you still want to keep reading because you like the characters and want to know what happens to them. Well, in this series the books definitely don’t get any less good. They possible get even better and I loved reading every single page of ‘Law of Attraction’.

Alison Bliss has a way of making her characters come to life and I honestly felt like I knew Bobbie Jo. And the chemistry between Bobbie Jo and Seth was definitely intense and so much fun to read about. I loved their story and everything about it. Obviously it was also fun to get to read a little about the characters from the previous books to, but above all I loved to read Bobbie Jo’s story finally. Bobbie Jo is a tough woman who has made some bad choices in the past. But all she wants to do now is to make a good life for her little boy. And I loved how determined she was.

This book had it all. Romance, friendship, humor, excitement and plenty of steaming scenes that makes you want to keep on reading.
If you haven’t read a book in this series yet, you should definitely start reading. These books can be read as standalones too, but I definitely would start with the first one.
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1,642 reviews129 followers
July 2, 2018
Bobbie Jo, a single mom, has quite the to-do list, but finding a husband is not on it. She's too busy to sleep at times, okay, maybe not really, it just feels like it. She's determined to make a bed and breakfast out of a chicken farm, yes, she knows how crazy that sounds. When a friend asks for a favor, a place for her nephew to stay, she agrees as his handyman skills will come in well, handy. Sexy Seth is not at all who she was picturing.

Seth is quite skilled, just not really with the tools his temporary landlord was led to believe. He's a retired member of a group of former soldiers and he needs a place to hide, err stay for a while he continues struggling with the ghosts of his past. Bobbie doesn't exactly trust men, and though she has reason and he is lying to her, as much as he wants to show her he isn't like any she's met before, he can't. He's not staying permanently.

But their close proximity makes their chemistry even harder to ignore, and finally they act on it, exploring their growing feelings for one another. Even if Bobbie is scared that he'll be the next man to walk out of her life, knowing this time it would destroy her. Unfortunately, as much as they love being together, Seth's presence creates problems of a different kind, a dangerous kind.

Can Seth protect the two people that have come to mean the world to him? How will Bobbie's son feel about another male in her life? Will they hit it off? Can Bobbie risk her heart again? Will Seth take a chance even knowing who or what may come after him? Is a HEA possible?

One-click now and follow along as two people, both with defensive walls for different reasons, must choose whether the love they could find is worth the risk they may not.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.**
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4,995 reviews404 followers
June 26, 2018
This is the third book in the Tangled in Texas series and can be read as a standalone; this is Seth and Bobbi Jo's story. Bobbie Jo is a single momma to a cute 4 year old boy. She doesn’t get any help from the father to her son-her son was the result to a one night stand. She has bought herself an old chicken farm and is working into turning it into a B&B. There is so much work to be done and she has run out of money to finish some of the rooms so she's working just to keep things going. Bobbie Jo’s boss at the diner has a nephew who has come into town and is looking for a place to stay for the summer. Seth Landry is super sexy, has these witty one liners, and generates tons of steam among women. Bobbie knows things need to stay professional between them yet Seth wants to take their relationship into a more personal zone. I loved how Seth related to Bobbie’s little boy. He was so good with him and showed him so much attention and caring. It was beautiful. Seth and Bobbie had this hot and sizzling chemistry. Then add in the jerky sperm donor causing trouble , the push/pull between Bobbie and Seth and majorly funny scenes in this book plus the red hot love scenes, this is a hit!! You cant miss Law of Attraction!!

My Rating: 4.6 stars *****
“I received an advanced copy of this book from the author at no cost to me."
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268 reviews50 followers
July 15, 2018

Oh goodness. What can I say about this contemporary romance?
Swoon worthy bad-ass overprotective hero meets independent and driven single mom makes one helluva entertaining read !!

Here's the official summary:
For single mom Bobbie Jo Weston, finding a husband is not on her to-do list. She's focused on turning a run-down chicken farm into a Bed & Breakfast. She agrees to let a friend’s nephew stay with her in exchange for his handyman skills, but she wasn’t counting on the super sexy Seth Landry being that guy.
Bobbie Jo is a single mom trying to co-parent with an absent and selfish Ex. She's headstrong, confident, and stubborn as all heck!

Seth is initially very mysterious, yet a huge flirt. Their initial meeting is met with explosive chemistry and their innuendo-laden banter between him and Bobbie Jo kept met turning the pages. But as Seth and Bobbie's friendship grow, eventually Seth's shady layers are peeled back to reveal a broken golden heart that Bobbie Joe and her son start to glue together.

Be prepared when all the build-up comes to a crazy climax that I did not expect. Lots of action, suspense, and appearances of prior bad-ass Heroes from books 1 and 2 kept me reading non-stop until the beautiful, sweet end.

Although this is the 3rd book in this series, it can be read as a stand-alone. It has been awhile since I read the first the first book of this series, Rules of Protection. Although did do a re-read of book one before starting this book, it is not necessary.


An ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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2,154 reviews359 followers
June 26, 2018
Law Of Attraction is the third book in one of my favorite series, the Tangled In Texas series. Alison Bliss mixes humor, heat, and intrigue in a way that always holds my attention. I love a single mom book and Bobbie Jo was relatable, fun, and everything I’d hoped for.

Seth is all kinds of sexy mystery man and even better he’s living with Bobbie and helping her fix the place up. I was drawn to Seth from the minute I met him and knew he would be a character easy to fall for.

I was rooting for these two to have a forever sort of HEA from the beginning but Ms. Bliss took us on quite a journey to get there. It doesn’t matter if you already love this series or are reading it as a standalone, I know you too will fall for Law Of Attraction.

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1,550 reviews
July 23, 2019
This is the first book from this author and I was glad that I did. It was a really good story. Bobbi Jo was a single mom to Austin who is 4 and who has bought an old chicken farm to turn into a bed and breakfast. Enter Seth, he is looking for a place to stay for a little and Bobbi Jo will give that to him if he helps her fix up her place. Seth becomes very protective of both Bobbi and Austin. The chemistry between them was very hot. They try to fight but the attraction but when it is that strong, you can’t. They have to deal with a few things before they can actually get their HEA. I am going to have to go back and read the other books in this series.

I received a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for a voluntary and honest review.
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1,627 reviews39 followers
July 1, 2018

Bobbie Jo Weston is determined to achieve her dream of turning the place she owns into a bed and breakfast. However, doing it alone isn't easy. But when she finds herself with a houseguest who is good with his hands and knows his way around a hammer, things begin to progress. Yet, Seth has secrets and Bobbie doesn't trust easily. Will he be able to convince Bobbie to take a chance on him or will they walk away from their shot at happy ever after?

Although I haven't read the previous two books of this series, I found this book could easily be read as a stand-alone. Really, and right from the beginning, this story drew me in, as the heroine is determined to go things alone, but she needs a night of fun. Just one night to let her hair down with a man that she'll - hopefully - never have to see again. Will things work out the way she's hoping? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time that I absolutely loved, as there's plenty of chemistry between Bobbie Jo and Seth, which had me wondering what would happen between them.

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters back stories, as the father of the heroine's child is an absolute jerk that has put her through a lot and is still putting her through a lot while the hero has secrets that could end up getting people he cares about hurt. Moreover, the heroine is feisty, resilient, courageous and I liked how determined she was to keep things platonic with the hero, and yet, he's hard to resist. I also liked how good of a mom she is and that she would do anything to protect her son, especially when it comes to the battle she faces with her child's father. Yet, what I liked most of all about the heroine was the close friendships she has with several of the secondary characters that would do anything for her.

While the hero, he has secrets that could come back to bite him and it seems that the past will always have a hold on him. Will he be able to keep Bobbie Jo and her son safe? Furthermore, the hero is confident, cocky and I liked how determined he was to win the heroine over, even though there's a chance he could hurt her because he's a drifter and incapable of staying in one place for too long. I also liked how protective he is of the heroine and that he would do anything to keep her and her son safe. Including making sure her son's father doesn't make any more trouble for the heroine than he already has.

Overall, Ms. Bliss has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was powerful; the scorching romance heats up the pages with plenty of heat and passion; and the ending had me loving the lengths the hero would go to in order to keep the heroine safe, even if it means he could lose the heroine's trust in him. Yet, in saying that, I liked how things worked out for the best for these two, as Seth isn't about to let Bobbie Jo get away. He wants the heroine and her son in his life forever and isn't above proving that with his heartwarming words. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up wonderfully, as the hero and heroine have come so far in their relationship and have so much to be happy for, especially since Seth got his wish. I would recommend Law of Attraction by Alison Bliss, if you enjoy the mysterious strangers trope, the sexy protector trope or books by authors Rachel Higginson, Tee O'Fallon, Scarlett Cole and Layla Hagen.
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1,201 reviews3 followers
June 2, 2018
**I received a copy of Law of Attraction from Net Galley in exchange for a voluntary and honest review**

Law of Attraction by Alison Bliss is the third book in her Tangled in Texas series. I have't read the previous books and it was fantastic plus a great stand alone story. This is my first book by her and now I need to go back and read the others to catch up. This is Seth and Bobbi Jo's story it will provide you with giggles, four over protective "uncles", a very determined single mom who has accepted help from her boss and his nephew to renovate a farmhouse into a Bed and Breakfast so she doesn't have to work so hard. Definitely worth all 5 stars.

Bobbi Jo had a one night stand with a precious 4 year old son Austin whom she loves more than anything. Jeremy the sperm donor now all of a sudden wants visitation time with Austin but only on his terms. Her over protective guy friends, Junior, Cowboy, Jake, Judd and Ox watch over her but she wants to break her five year dry spell with a one night stand. Little does she know that Seth who needs a place to stay while he decides what he would like to do after being a mercenary will be more than willing to break her self proclaimed lack of sex. But he comes with baggage and she has one rule, she and Austin are a package deal.

Seth Landry needs a place to lie low after his last op in the Amazon went sideways with the loss of a hostage. But his uncles farm is under flood waters so when Junior asks Bobbi Jo if he can stay with her in exchange for work on her farm he accepts. But he makes it clear: It's short term and he'll be gone soon once his boss gets a lead on Bishop who took the boy hostage. Soon both Bobbi and Austin become very important to his life and he may decide that her farm can be a place to settle finally. Can he keep her safe from his past and teach Bobbi that he's the other half of her soul mate and willing to be a dad for Austin?

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3,146 reviews42 followers
June 20, 2018
The third Tangled in Texas book, Law of Attraction is a great read that grabbed my attention right from the start and held me captive throughout.

Bobbie and Seth are well developed and strong, captivating characters with lots of sizzling chemistry sparking between them and their romance is one that is ‘real’ with lots of tangled up emotions and trust issues that keep the relationship on a rocky slope. Sparks fly and lots of passion heat up the pages but at no point is their relationship a sure thing which keeps readers in suspense regarding their happily ever after until the very end, it certainly had me wondering if they would overcome the emotional strife and the secrets Seth is holding back. Seth’s interaction with Bobbie’s son adds sweet and heartwarming feelings to the story along and there is also some chuckles to be found in this story as well.

The plot flows smoothly with a steady to fast pace and of course lots of suspense and romance that kept me glued to the pages. The suspense regarding the romance is only part of the story as Bobbie has problems with another male from her past and Seth has an enemy that causes some excitement as well as does Bobbie’s overprotective friends with a few intense scenes.

I have read all three books in the Tangled is Texas series and I have to tell you that each and every one of them has been a joy to read. Each of them can be read as standalone stories but for me reading all the stories makes them even better because of all the personal connections between the characters. The stories are full of insight and everyday life occurrences and provides wonderful heartwarming happily ever afters and I can’t wait to read what Alison Bliss has in store for us next.
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1,810 reviews55 followers
May 29, 2018
4 bookies photo: 4 bookies BLI4Bookies.png

Advanced Copy Courtesy of Netgalley....:)

I really enjoyed the 3rd book in this series and I was so glad to see it was Bobbie Jo's book. It can be read as a stand alone, but I would suggest reading the other books in the series too get to know the rest of the gang and also how Bobbie became a single mom to her cute little 4 year old boy

She buys a run down chicken farm with the intention of turning it into a B&B and when her boss at the bar she works at approaches her for a place for his nephew to stay, she takes him up on it, especially when she learns he is a handyman and will help her get the place ready for guests.

Seth needs a place to lay low for the next 3 months and when his uncle suggests he stay with Bobbie Jo, he does not expect to be so attracted to her. He is a guy who due to his job, does not get attached to anyone, especially not a single mom.

However fate has more in store for these 2, and fighting their attraction to each other, wont last long especially when they are sharing close quarters.

A great read from start to finish, and I highly recommend this talented author to anybody who has not read her before....
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1,925 reviews28 followers
May 30, 2018
I’ve enjoyed each and everyone of the Alison Bliss books I’ve read and this is no exception. Light and easy, lovable characters with the added bonus of an alpha male hero. Single Mum Bobbie Jo is struggling to get her bed and breakfast in a suitable state to open for guests. Ex mercenary Seth Landry is looking for somewhere to lay low for a while. No surprise that they both get more than they bargained for when they end up living under the same roof. Sparks fly, and I’m not just talking about the sparks from the farm machinery. With Bobbie Jo’s douche of an ex and Seth’s dangerous past coming to rear its head, can their relationship stand so much drama? I loved Seth, he was the perfect book boyfriend, and although I’ve liked Bobbie Jo in previous books, she did annoy me at times with her interactions with her ex, because let’s be honest, he had a real mean streak. Enjoyable action romance. Even though this is a series spin off (Tangled in Texas), it can quite easily be read as a standalone. I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is my honest opinion.
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1,003 reviews
June 25, 2018
3.5 stars.

Here we have Bobbi and Seth. She’s a single mother trying to do the best she can for her little one; and Seth is just looking for a place to lay low while he thinks where he goes next in life. Because Bobbi is trying to fix a B&B and Seth is good with his hand, she offers him a place to stay while he helps her (an idea initiated by Seth’s uncle).

Anyway, it was a fun story all in all. I loved her little one, Austin, and it broke my heart the story with Bobbi’s ex, what a jerk. I loved Seth with Austin, he was much softer than he gave himself credit.

There was a little bit of everything here, not just sexy times, there was some suspense and the finding of answers. I wasn’t much of a fan of Seth’s push and pull, tbh. I felt like he was teasing her and I didn’t like that.

Still, a fun read overall.

*Thank you to Entangled Publishing for providing a copy for which I’m giving my honest opinion*
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5,051 reviews37 followers
June 25, 2018
I love that Alison Bliss is once again taking us to her fictional small town of Liberty, TX with letting us revisit all it's quirky crazy residents as well as introducing us to some new ones. Seth Landry is new to town. Staying just for the summer he needs a place to stay. Bobbi Jo is a single mom working hard to raise her son and turn a rundown chicken farm into a B&B. Perfect place for Seth considering he has all the handyman skills she needs and maybe a few skills she just wants! These two work great together and before long they have a nice cozy family unit going. Is this something that could last or will Seth's secrets and his past tear them apart?

This book is filled with humor, witty banter, sexy times, and good family fun. It's a story you don't want to miss. I highly recommend it.
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775 reviews28 followers
June 25, 2018
Seth and Bobbie
This is the third book in the Tangled in Texas series and it can be read as a stand-alone. Alison Bliss writing is great she can give you a romantic story that has laugh out loud humor!

Bobbie is a single Mom of little 4 year old Austin, she is very protective a great mom and strong heroin. She does not take crap from anyone except for Austin’s biological father who she had a one night stand with, he is an absolute loser and all of a sudden wants visitation time with Austin. She is very sweet and a devoted Mom who works hard to give Austin a good life. She bought an old run down chicken farm to turn into a B&B. She has work hard on it with great progress but she has run out of extra money so she has to do it little at a time.

She works at a bar in town when her boss asks her for a place for his nephew to lay low for 3 months with mixed emotions she agrees to it. It helps that he is a handyman and will help her get the work done to open the B&B.

The chemistry between Bobbie and Seth is off the charts but Bobbie is not sure she wants to get involved she starts setting boundaries with Seth and he continually pushes it. He comes with a massive amount of baggage and she makes it clear she and Austin are a package deal. With sharing close quarters they are having difficulty fighting their attraction to each other. Loved the flirty banter between Seth and Bobbie. And Seth was great with Austin even though he thought he wasn’t. There are a few bumps in the road they have to get thru before they can have their HEA.

The guys that we met in the previous stories Junior, Cowboy, Jake, Judd and Ox they are over the top protective of Bobbie and Austin. There is one scene that had me laughing out loud!!! Great to visit with the entire cast of characters.

A great read from start to finish and I was so happy that Bobbie got her own story!
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504 reviews7 followers
June 21, 2018
Law of Attraction was everything I expected from the talented Alison Bliss plus so much more. Right from the very start, this story had me hooked and I found it impossible to put down. I absolutely adored Seth and Bobbie Jo's story so very much. Funny, sexy, and thoroughly captivating, Law of Attraction has every possible element needed to make this a truly amazing read.

Although this is the third book in the Tangled in Texas series, it can be read as a complete stand-alone. With exceptional writing and an engaging plot line that flowed seamlessly, Law of Attraction is a book I would highly recommend to any reader of this genre.
7 reviews1 follower
June 25, 2018
Alison has another hit on her hands. Was an amazing read
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1,251 reviews
July 3, 2018
Law of Attraction

Another Tangled in Texas standalone full of humor, suspense and lots of smoking hot chemistry. Alison Bliss never fails to deliver a well rounded and thoroughly enjoyable book.
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1,316 reviews6 followers
July 7, 2018
Law of Attraction by Alison Bliss is book three in the Tangled in Texas series and is definitely a keeper! A book by Bliss is a like a chocolate covered strawberry. When I have one in front of me, I devour it. I’ve been patiently waiting for Bobbie Jo’s book since the series was first introduced, and I can confidently say that this author did a remarkable job and readers will be delighted in Seth and Bobbie Joe’s story.

Bobby Joe is a strong, single mother trying to turn her farm into a Bed & Breakfast. She’s a great mother and really cares about her son. She has her reasons to not trust men, but Seth, is always there for her and her son. Bobbie Jo’s ex, on the other hand, is a giant douche, but provides the drama, to keep the book thriving. Overall, an enjoyable read!
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577 reviews20 followers
June 25, 2018
This is one of those books that I just can't decide how I felt about it. I liked the premise as it's normally a favourite troupe for me I just really struggled to find any connection with the main characters.

I liked Bobby Jo in the first two books so was intrigued to see her get her HEA. She's a strong women to go through the dramas with the ex and try and get something more for herself and her son Austin. They have a great relationship and I think all the scenes with Austin were definitely my favourite.

Seth I struggled with a little at the beginning as he seemed liked a good guy then he'd be abit too cocky and it came across as arrogance for me so I kinda didn't like him. I warmed to him as we got further into the book and again I loved all the scenes with Austin. He really stole the show at times but I do tend to find that when reading these types of stories. The kids always get the cutest lines.

I think when they weren't fighting the attraction they had really good chemistry, they were good fun when they were both pushing in the right direction. It's an interesting story and I think as long as you enjoyed the first two books you should definitely give his one a go.
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June 3, 2018
Loved this book!!
Bobbie Jo is a single mother of a cute boy, Austin, and trying to fix up a Bed and Breakfast she bought.
Seth is the nephew of Bobbie Jo’s boss and a drifter looking for a place to visit for a while, so Bobbie Jo give him accommodations in exchange he helps her fix her place. But Seth is a ex military who now is a retired member of The Resistance
Love the relationship between Seth and Austin. And Seth was so protective of Bobbie Jo. Love the chemistry between them.
Liked the suspense very much and great to read about the other couples in this series
Awesome read.
June 3, 2018
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I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

GUUURL!! Bobbie Jo you know I was not your friend in Book 1 right?? You know I was plotting with Emily to have some disfiguring accident happen or that you would get run over by Flossy’s tractor?? Something bad would happen!! THEN, like Emily, I warmed to you and saw the real you…not the superficial one that everyone else sees. The more I read about you and being a single mom, the more I felt bad for being so awful to you. I have been PATIENTLY waiting for this book….for your book because if ANYONE needs an HEA, it is YOU!!

Bobbie Jo has had a DRY SPELL…..no play since her little accident with her sperm donors little gift was received. So, she has finally decided to give a one night stand a try. When she spies a tall glass of water she is hopeful he can help her out buuuut as usual Jeremy screws that up or did he???? After yet another confrontation Bobbie Jo and said tall glass of water start to get hot and heavy and he walks away?? WHU??????

Bobbie is like PFFT with men and that is when her life changes forever….ya see Mr. Tall Glass of Water happens to turn up at her door and is her new Guest Boarder at her house…yes friends que to intense sexual chemistry!! Oh yeah Mr. Tall Glass of Water just happens to be Bobbie Jo’s boss’ nephews, Seth. Seems Seth needs to settle for a few weeks and clear his head.

Seth is like WTF when he sees Bobbie. He is then super confused when he is thinking his summer of clearing BOTH his brain will include a little bed hopping with Bobbie when he little Boy, Austin, comes home. Seth kinda freaks but sees how the 2 adore each other. Plus Austin us a super cool little kid!!!

So Bobbie and Seth have come to an “understanding” of no sex because she is his boss wile he is doing repairs on her farm…friends we ALL know that is so not gonna last. THE CHEMSITRY is crazy and then when he think they WILL…cock blocked …then we think they might and again more tension. Lets just say when they finally do…its was on like Donkey Kong!!

Now as we are beginning to see hearts growing and love forming, Seth’s past comes back and causes trouble as does Bobbie Jo’s sperm donor. This causes all kinds of complications for the two. They are so confused over what to do and what to say at times that that further causes issues.
So my favorite part of the book is when Seth gives Bobbie Jo a certain code word. Now I cant tell you the code word because when they pick the code words it was hilarious as hell but when he uses it……Lump in my throat friends….huge lump.

I have got to say, I loved this story. I loved seeing everyone together again and the epilogue was THE ABSOLUTE BEST EVER!!! It ties everything together for all the characters in the series.
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June 18, 2018
4 Stars
Review by Morgen
Late Night Reviewer
Up All Night w/ Books Blog

Law of Attraction by Alison Bliss is the third book in the Tangled in Texas series. The story is about how hard it is for the two main characters to fight the chemistry between them.

Bobbie Jo is a single mother and has given up on romance. She loves her son and works hard to provide the best she can for him. She is loving, independent, sassy, stubborn, and smart. Seth is a mysterious stranger who wants to forget his past and drift through life moving from place to place. He is cocky, physically fit, and good with his hands.

She buys an old run down farm with the hopes of repairing it and turning it into a bed & breakfast. She quickly realizes this might be a bigger task than she can tackle on her own. Her and Seth strike up a deal. He’ll work on repairing things around the farm and she’ll give him a place to stay over the summer. He is the nephew of her well meaning boss so she at least knows he’s not dangerous. Bobbie Jo and Seth share a strong chemistry, they’re both constantly fighting it. With all the trouble her son's father brings, her job, working on the farm, and being a loving and attentive mom she doesn’t think she has much left for anything else.

I really liked how much depth the characters have, they’re more than one dimensional beings. Bobbie Jo tries so hard to be a successful business person, but she doesn’t want a hand out she wants to work for it. The people around her love her so much and are very protective of her but her need for independence fights them at every turn. Her sassiness is fierce and one of the things about her I fell in love with most. Seth fights so hard to not talk about his past but in doing so it makes it even harder for him to move on. They fight their feelings for so long the angst is palpable. That’s what truly pulled me in, I will forever go weak in the knees for all the angsty goodness and it is aplenty in this story. The passion between Seth and Bobbie Jo lights the pages on fire. Every innocent touch makes the burning need for more grow stronger. Can they fight their feelings forever, what happens when the heat grows too hot? The pacing is great, the story unravels in a way that keeps the mystery alive. While giving us a little at a time it gets us hooked and wanting more. I would recommend to anyone interested in an angsty romance filled with passion and heartfelt moments.

** ARC provided by author for an honest review **
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June 3, 2018
Bobbie Jo Weston's friends are always trying to help her find the right guy, but for her there are more important things to focus on, like getting her B&B up and running. Her track record with men has never really been good, most are only after one thing, or seem interested in her until they find out she has a son, so she figures it's best just to write them off completely for a while. But when her new boarder shows up on her doorstep, and quickly finds a place in her and her son's lives she starts to think maybe having a man around isn't so bad after all, but his stay is temporary. Which means getting involved with him would only lead to a broken heart...

After learning that his uncle has lined up a place for him stay and hide-out for a while, Seth Landry can't help but be a little excited about the escape it is bound to allow. Things in his life have been a little intense, and so having the opportunity to work with his hands, and deal with his demons on his own terms brings him a sense of peace that he has been craving. He's there to help get Bobbie's B&B ready to launch, but somewhere along the way he realizes that spending time with her and her young son has been good for his soul. But sticking around and getting involved with her could only bring them unnecessary danger...

Within the pages of this wonderfully crafted tale you will met two wounded souls in dire need of saving, one hell bent on staying single to keep her heart safe, and the other, a man riddled with guilt and determined to outrun his demons. But when they find one another they instantly discover a chemistry they have never known, a sense of peace they both have craved for so long, and of course a partnership they never knew they needed. It was so much fun to watch these two maneuver through life and find their little piece of happiness, it was an engaging and heartfelt story that left my heart overflowing. Once again I find myself dazzled and touched by Ms. Bliss's words, and moved by her characters painful pasts and new beginnings, I highly recommend you make time to read this one, you will not be disappointed with what you find!

I requested an advanced cop of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
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June 24, 2018
Law of Attraction is the third book in the Tangled in Texas series but can easily be read as a standalone.

Bobbie Jo and Seth meet at a local function and after one explosive kiss they part ways. That is until the next day when he turns out to be the nephew of her boss of who she has offered free board and lodgings in her home for the summer.

Single Mom Bobbie is devoted to her son and he has been her focus for the last four years. However after a five year period of abstinence of the sexy horizontals she is yearning for a man to love and treat her right. After all her one night stand sperm donor turned out to be a douche and good for nothing as had any other man since him. So finding out she was going to be in close proximity with sexy alpha Seth was going to be a huge temptation.

Seth came to stay with his Uncle to unwind and readjust but finding out his uncle’s place was a flood swamped mess, he took up the offer to stay at Bobbie’s house in return to do some construction work for her on the Bed and Breakfast place she was building. What he didn’t prepare for was his huge attraction to the sexy single mom.

This was a sweet and somewhat slow burn that built into a passionate connection between Bobbie and Seth. Both had to find a level footing on trust with each other but with Bobbie opening herself right up she could not understand Seth’s reluctance to share his secretive past. I just wish this past had been revealed earlier and played on more as once it was revealed the action connected to it happened pretty quickly and was over in a matter of pages.

Overall though this was an engrossing read and I loved both Bobbie and Seth from the start. I had not read the previous books but those characters made an appearance within this storyline.
I would definitely recommend this hot romance and give this a four star rating.

ARC provided by the publishers, Entangled, to Foxylutely


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July 4, 2018
This was a lovely read about single moms and their fierce Momma Bear instincts and the people who love them. I really felt for Bobbie Jo in her desire to be a good mom and citizen. This was my first time reading a book by this author.

This book features Bobbie Jo and her son Austin. She's currently content to work on her old farm to turn it into a working bed and breakfast while providing for her son. But her friends conspire to get her some much needed help around the farm. Seth is her boarder working on the farm for Bobbie Jo. He's got many skills...

Bobbie Jo is a confident and loving mom to a precocious four year old Austen. Austen is a great kid, and Bobbie Jo does her absolute best for him. She tries to have Austen's father Jeremy be a part of his son's life, but Jeremy has other plans. Seth is a man with a past, but a true set of morals and skills. Each of the characters had endearing details and backstory (well, except Jeremy). They each worked well within the story.

I loved Bobbie Joe and Seth's first interaction, even if it was anonymous. It started off their character chemistry with a bang! From there it ran hot and cold, as life often does. The ups and downs, highs and lows of their romance worked for the story line and their characters.

Ms. Bliss had a lovely style of writing to draw the reader in. She wrote her story in a steady, easy to read manner. There were a few moments of mystery, which just added to the story and characters. It all added up to a great, solid, easy, fun romance read!

While I enjoyed this book and all the characters, it didn't stand out as an amazing read or a book I'll come back to re-read later. It was a good solid read with all the right details provided to make a sexy boarder meets single mom book. I'd be interested to read other books by the author, as the characters had some interesting friends I'd be interested in finding out more about.

Star Ratings:
Plot = 3/5 Characters = 5/5 Heat = 4/5 Writing Style = 4/5 Overall Rating = 4/5

**Reviewed for Seraphim Book Reviews**
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