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Bryn is back for her senior year at the Institute for Excellence, also known as shape-shifting dragon school. She isn’t sure which is scarier, the life-force sucking dragons stalking campus or the fact that she’s officially betrothed to Jaxon, a guy who will never love her. Not that she could ever love him, either… That’s just ridiculous.
Senior year should be fun. Her parents are alive, she’s finally fitting in, and she’s learning how to be a Medic. But what’s with Jaxon giving her strange looks? He runs hot and cold, and he doesn’t even have the excuse of being a hybrid fire-and-ice-breathing dragon like her. One minute they’re having a great time and the next, she wants to blast a fireball at his head. The marriage contract of doom looms over them--unless this match not made in heaven kindles a flame…

405 pages, ebook

First published June 4, 2018

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About the author

Chris Cannon

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Chris Cannon is the award-winning author of the Going Down In Flames series, the Crossroads Chronicles, the Boyfriend Chronicles, and the Dating Dilemma series. She lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and several furry beasts.
She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures or romantic comedies. You can find her online at www.chriscannonauthor.com.

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Author 1 book142 followers
June 10, 2018

Will they won't they.

Bryn is back for senior year and ready for another bumpy ride at the dragon shifter school. Bryn's family want her to be a social butterfly and stand proud. Her engagement to Jaxon means they both have appearances to makes. They have both been through a lot. Jaxon has lost the only girl he ever loved and Bryn has given up her knight. The pair never had romantic feelings for each other but have gained respect for each other.

There is a new threat on campus and it is literally sucking the life out of the students. It means curfews and hall monitors until the situation is under control. Jaxon is given the chance to show he can be there for Bryn. He is struggling with his own feelings, but they are getting along better than ever before.

Bryn and Jaxon are both stubborn characters. They have their flaws and strong personalities, but they also have lots in common. throughout the series, Bryn has dated a few guys but didn't find a perfect match. This book gives closure to the past. Her family is important to Bryn and she wants to keep her relationship with her grandparents on good terms. The more time she spends with Jaxon the more she sees potential. He may be a Westgate but he isn't his father. Will Bryn at last, find the right guy?

I read book one first and then this book, which is possible but I would not recommend it. After finishing the series I found so much love for all the characters. I like the creative world Chris Cannon has created and each book offers a new adventure. Bryns life is full of surprises. She is a great character and watching her grow up in a shifter world was fun. She doesn't always get it right but she has a support network who keep her motivated.

I really like the Bryn/ Jaxon relationship dynamics. It's hot, it's cold and it's so confusing. This is an arranged marriage and I liked this element to the story. It's about finding the middle ground, compromise and maybe more. When I read book one I was a little taken back by the dragon shifter rules but Chris Cannon really made them work. I would love another book in this series, but I think this is the last book. I just can't get enough! The romance between Bryn and Jaxon fit the story but I would have liked more heat. I liked the family dynamics and Bryn has some great friends.

Burning Bright is a great instalment to this series. Going down in flames is aimed at the sweet teen audience and fits perfectly into this genre.

4.5 star out of 5. This is the perfect gift for that special teens birthday.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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May 31, 2018
Okay Chris. Not fair. That ending was a total tease. Since I now feel you owe me I want another series of them in college! I demand it! *grabby hands*

I had so many heart flutters (the good kind) from this book! I loved that

I desperately need a second series or more of this series! Please!!!!!!!
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May 10, 2018
this gets all the stars.

"Probably." He grinned. "Stay with me for awhile?"
"Sure." She sat in the chair next to him. "I'm going to tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a cute princess and a handsome prince. When they first met, the prince hated the princess because his father was still mad at the princess's mother. Once they became acquainted, they went on many adventures together and became friends. Then the prince did something really stupid and scared the crap out of the princess, forcing her to see that she loved him, but that was okay because he loved her, too, and he swore never to do anything stupid ever again. The end."
"Never again? That might be a hard deal to keep."
"But you'll try, right?"
"I'll try," he said. "And now I'm going to tell you a story. Once upon a time, a prince thought he understood how the world worked. He believed everything his father told him. Then this strange princess with multicolored hair barged into his life and threw everything off course. She showed him there was more to life than shiny objects and fast cars. Not that those things aren't awesome—because they are—but she showed him that sometimes, all you need is someone who will sit with you, read books, and share their cookies and milk. Although she wasn't very good at sharing cookies, but that's a story for another time. The End."

i read this series for the first time somewhere around april of 2016, and it has been one of my favorites since. although it is ya and doesn’t have a lot going on in the ~sexy~ part of the relationships, i love chris cannon’s style of writing and the plot line of the book. this is a must read series for anyone who likes paranormal ya romances, and I would definitely recommend it. even though i know the series is over, fingers crossed that the author will write another book that takes place a couple years later!

A HUGE thank you to Chris Cannon for an ARC copy of this book-god knows how long I’ve been waiting for it;)

**more in depth review to come after the release
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328 reviews38 followers
May 29, 2018
This book was a nice quick enjoyable read. The characters are well written and Bryn's friendships with Clint and Ivy strengthen as they all deal with grief and guilt in their own way. The politics are very present and weigh on Bryn. I would say this is for the younger readers of the YA genre by the way it is written but it definitely can be enjoyed by all ages. Bryn is a really brave MC who stands up for what she believes but also chooses her fights. I also liked how Bryn was willing to go out on a limb and make new friends rather than be alone in her classes.

It's Bryn's senior year at The Institute for Excellence, a school for shape-shifting dragons. Only this time she isn't the only hybrid. She doesn't really want to go back but really she doesn't want to be around Jaxon, her legally bound fiancé for their arranged marriage who also happens to be her ex-enemy. The perk is to not have to go to all the Blue events. When they get settled in, Bryn and her friends realize a lot has changed. Now there is a new threat where someone is sucking the Quintessence out of other dragons. Readers of this series will enjoy this finale!

Thank you to Entangled Teen and NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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2,915 reviews10 followers
July 17, 2018
I read this cause I needed to see the series to its conclusion but for me I lost interest around book 3. Why you might ask, well basically because the fiery, take no prisoners Bryn who called the dragons on their elitist, sexist bullshit has been assimilated into that culture she railed against. I have no problem with her tempering her behaviour out of respect and affection for her grandparents but she totally bows to their every dictate. Then there is the relationship with Jaxson which felt rushed and unrealistic. Kind of like oh I am finishing the series who is left for Bryn to end up with oh Jaxson is the only viable candidate lets put them together. And a single date at the end with a throwaway line that by going on a date they are choosing each other does nothing to take away the sense of dissatisfaction at what amounts to relationship of circumstance because they are contracted to marry, forced to spend time together so why not. My other problem with this series was the whole marriage as a business arrangement thing. And all the 'advice' from Lilith and her grandmother about accepting whatever the man offers, but not expecting anything better and making the best of her life. Very uncomfortable with that whole message.
Oh yeah and the story itself was kinda boring with events just happening in the background on the whole dragon-pire thing which felt anti-climatic. In fact the whole book felt anti-climatic.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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845 reviews19 followers
June 4, 2018
I just need a minute to breathe.....This review is so hard write for several reasons. A) This is my favorite dragon shifter series - and now it's over, no more Bryn and Jaxon (and all the other, too). B) This was a rollercoaster ride from the very first chapter. C) My heart stopped a few times, then I had to laugh so hard I almost cried and then I really cried. As I said, this is my favorite series involving dragons, I love Bryn's snarkiness, Jaxon's snobbiness and I like every other character as well. Even the villains, it's good to have someone you love to hate, right.
When the new school year starts, Bryn can only hope that it will be better than the last. She still isn't fully back to feeling like her old self, she misses Valmort, her former Knight, and grieves the students, who lost their lives. That she has to be a, pretend, couple with Jaxon and meet with his family so often, doesn't help her feeling better. The only thing right in her life, are her parents, alive and well in the Sanctury.
But, this wouldn't be Bryn's life if there wouldn't be bad guys, threatening to take over and rule the dragon world. So, Bryn and Jaxon have to work together to safe the world - again. And as if this wasn't enough of a challenge, Bryn isn't sure anymore how she feels about Jaxon. Could they be more that friends? Or just friends, playing nice? And why is Jaxon like a ticking time bomb around her? And what about Valmont? Is she sure it's really over?
I'm not gonna reveal the ending. But, I can say, that I think it was perfect. I'm very happy with the choice Bryn made (had my hopes up for this relationship since book 1).
I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing!
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4,949 reviews305 followers
August 5, 2018
Bryn at the end of the last book discovered her parents were alive, and she farewelled Rhianna and lost her bond with Valmont. Her life has been an uproar ever since she arrived at the Dragon Shifter academy and into this world. Now she is engaged to Jaxon who was Rhianna's meant-to-be and trying to keep the peace. More Danger looms as it seems that the Silver dragons are coming out of the woodwork and siphoning off the energy of the other dragons around them. Once again it looks like it will be up to Bryn, Jaxon, Ivy, and Clint to save the world from Danger. Can they do it and stay alive? I hated and loved this book as I am still not happy with Jaxon and Bryn being forced together in marriage and then the way Valmont treated her - that annoyed me as I thought that he might have had true feelings for her as she did. The other part I loved was the fact of the reuniting of Bryn and her parents. I had hoped for a bit more Ferrin and Sara interactions, but maybe in the next book if there is another adventure in the works? Going Down in Flames is a fun series if you love YA, Boarding Schools, Friendships and Dragon Shapeshifters. If you have loved this series as I have and looking for more Dragon adventures then try Deborah Cooke's The Dragon Diaries as it is very similar in theme and style.
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1,157 reviews167 followers
June 6, 2018
Burning Bright is the conclusion to Bryn's story. We've watched as she found out that she was not only a shape-shifting dragon, but a hybrid one at that. Which was not something anyone thought was in the realm of possibilities. We witnessed her make friends, enemies and fall in and out of love through out the story. It seemed like with this final installment, we were finally going to get some answers and see Bryn finally find her place in the world.

In Burning Bright we come across a new enemy to keep our eye out for. Apparently there are dragons who go around stealing the life-force from other dragons... sort of like vampires. However, they can do it by simply brushing up against you and touching you for a second. You never even know it's happening until it's too late. So, with that being said, there was a lot of looking over your shoulder going on throughout this book. When students start popping up lethargic and dizzy, you know something is going down, but you never quite know who. Well, okay, I knew who it was but I suppose no one else in the story put it all together.

Ever since the start, Bryn has been destined to marry Jaxon. Their relationship started off rocky and with some hostility due to the family's history together. However, we have slowly watched these two get to know each other and become more friendly towards each other. I knew we were finally going to see these two connect and prepare for their future, and I was really looking forward to seeing how it would all pan out. I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed in their romance. At first Jaxon is depressed and pushes Bryn away because he's upset about the love of his life being killed recently. Which, is totally understandable. However, his wishy-washy attitude towards Bryn that went from friendly to hostile in the blink of an eye was a bit much. Not to mention that when they finally become a legit couple, it seemed to come out of nowhere. I never really saw Jaxon show any attention to Bryn to even hint that he was interested in her. He goes from ignoring her, being rude to her, to confessing his love for her. I just wish I could have seen more of a softer side to Jaxon that led on that his feelings for her had shifted instead of some switch randomly flicking on.

While I was let down by the romance aspect of this story, I enjoyed this story and the series as a whole. Over the course of six books we watched the characters create lasting bonds, fall in and out of love, mature into young adults, and survive some pretty horrendous tragedies. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to read this series from start to finish over the last handful of years. It's not all that often that I actually read a series from start to finish, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for dragons.
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Author 3 books90 followers
May 11, 2018

Burning Bright by Chris Cannon is the fifth book in the Going Down in Flames series. I have loved this series ever since the beginning and this book was no exception.
Chris Cannon has this unique way of writing that completely eases you in to the story smoothly though it's been a while since you've visited the world.
Bryn was quick to draw me back into the intrigue.
This is their Senior year at the Institute and Bryn was resolved to move past all the drama and tragedy they've had.
Focusing on maintaining the Blue facade of perfection and hanging out with Clint and Ivy took most of her time but being with Jaxon and pretending to be together began to get less unappealing but no less frustrating. The thing I love most about Burning Bright is that we get to see how their life is without chaos, sure there's drama but it's not world shaking. And the normalcy is quite entertaining, there's not nonstop action but I loved every single moment. It's a testament to Chris Cannon's amazing writing that it works so well.
There is a lot of time spent on showcasing her relationship with Jaxon which is something this series needed as we go into the endgame. We see both the bad and good, I was completely sold on it by the ending though the path is rough and troublesome.
The romance is amazing, the dragony aspect is still great as we get more familiar with the community and the Directorate. Bryn has been instrumental in the changes put it place and it's nice to see just how far these characters and their world has progressed.
That's not to say there isn't villains, there is and they're quite nasty but Bryn and the gang are pretty formidable at this point.
Lovers of the series are going to love this book, I recommend this highly.
The cover is also my favorite in the series so far.
P.S: Bryn does not lose her badassness and her love for food.
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3,139 reviews81 followers
May 21, 2018
"Burning Bright" is the fifth (and sadly, final) book in the "Going Down in Flames" series. This wonderful YA fantasy series has followed Bryn from the time that she learned she can actually shift into a dragon and about the whole society that comes along with that. Bryn's parents were from two different clan colors, Blue and Red, who ran away together and violated the Directorate's rules. This makes Bryn a hybrid in a society which does not interbreed. As we've learned, each color clan has their own special traits and powers. As a hybrid, Bryn has some traits/powers from both clans.

The Directorate rules the dragon world with an iron fist and must approve all marriage contracts, which are typically set up when they are relatively young and in the Institute. At the age of 16, they come into their powers and go to the Institute for training and eventually college (if so desired). Bryn has been fighting against the Directorate's harsh laws and has gained some advances for hybrids and people who cannot be confined by the traditional rules. She also seems to be a "chaos magnet" and this book is no different.

Bryn is still navigating dragon society, but now, she finds she fits so much better than she ever could have expected. Her Blue grandparents have really taken her in and wrapped her up in the society. Add to this acknowledging the differences from her parent's lifestyle and her marriage contract to Jaxon, someone who started as her archnemesis and transformed into an almost-friend, and Bryn is confronting who she wants to be in the future. On top of that, some dragon-pires seem to have sprung up, sucking out students' Quintessence and leaving them severely weakened.

I've actually read this series out of order, but I found that it was easy to find your place because everything is recapped so well as you go through (also helpful for the time between releases, so you don't have to go back and reread earlier books). Bryn has been through a lot in these 5 books, and she is starting her senior year- considering how much there is ahead of her, I feel like there could have easily been 5 more books or 20- this is a great series and I really wish it could keep going!

In Cannon's usual style, the book moves quickly and is hard to put down. The writing flows so beautifully and is absolutely action-packed! You can see some maturing from the first to this final book in Bryn, her friends, and the writing style, which has evolved with Bryn. One of the main points of the earlier books was the need for change- to allow people to marry across color/race and to get out of the rigid social structure currently imposed on dragon society. In this book, it felt like that was completely dumped on its head. While they can consider careers outside of the imposed, the marriage contracts are still in full force, and surprisingly, Bryn begins to embrace them.

I was expecting a little more calls for change, instead of support for forced marriages within colors/races (supposedly due to creating "bad" offspring) and denial of contracts for unknown reasons (now somewhat concluded that there are good reasons, even though in earlier books, it seems that women are denied more than men to create a pool of mistresses). All of this context seems ignored here. This is now turning into people past reproductive age who never married but are the same color can maybe get married (question has to go to Directorate). I was really hoping for some bigger changes in dragon society- other colors joining leadership and opening of marriage/not restricting based on race (dragon color). I mean, I guess now they let the hybrids/misfits live in "Sanctuary"- which is a isolated shanty town in the woods for which they have to pass repeated intense scrutiny and interrogations, so... I guess take that as you will. The lack of big changes (and instead, Bryn's conformity to dragon society) actually disappointed me. I liked the bigger picture messages of social justice which seemed to actually be thwarted by the end of this book.

Maybe I read too much into the overall plot. If you can ignore the lack of social justice, the book reads very well and has the mystery/danger that we've come to expect in this series. Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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2,439 reviews21 followers
May 14, 2018
I received this free eARC novel from NetGalley and Entangled Publishing. This is my honest review.

Bryn has had a rollercoaster of the last few years - since she found out she was a dragon. From then on, she has been a magnet for bad luck and always seems to draw bad attention to herself. So she is really, really hoping that her senior year will go off without a glitch and it will be smooth sailing. It would also really help her to keep her image as the perfect Blue for her grandparents, too.

But, of course, she is Bryn, and that is too much to hope. Because trouble always finds her, and senior year is no different. What is weird, though, is that she isn't REALLY sure what is going on. Only a speculation that her friends Clint and Ivy stumbled upon, so they may just be imagining these things.

And to top it all off, her agreement for marriage with Jaxon has started early, where they are constantly around each other. Both of them are grieving over past relationships for different reasons, and now it seems that Bryn may just be growing some real feelings for Jaxon... Until he makes her mad and treats her like crap again, which just wants to make her breathe fire at him.

So a lot is happening with Bryn, and she is also wanting to see her parents more, but the rules for visiting other places seem to be getting more and more strict with each passing day.

All Bryn wants to do is make it through senior year, but it may not be meant to be with everything happening around her...

Sigh. The series is done. I'm sad!

Okay, I am so so so excited that I was asked by Entangled Publishing to read and review this book. It made my day!!! And of course I dived right into it. It's been awhile since I've read the other books, but the second that I started reading, I remembered this amazing world and soon was on another adventure with Bryn.

I do have to say, books 3 and 4 were a bit of a downer for me because Bryn was becoming all Blue and sophisticated and she was losing the spunk that I loved so dearly when she was dating Valmont. I was a bit bummed by that, but it wasn't going to stop me from reading the last book in the series, which I am so glad I read because I loved it again, like book 1 and 2!!

Bryn is still a well-trained Blue, but she is learning how to use her sarcasm and when the appropriate time is for that very amazing skill she has. Most of the time it's with Jaxon, but she does slip up a time or two in public, which is just amazing!

Also, I've never been Team Valmont, so I was a happy girl during this novel :)

The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the storyline with the 'bad people'. It felt too distant, too rush, and not enough information for me to be satisfied with it overall. I know this was about wrapping everything up, and at one point I didn't think it was the end, because I was nearing the end of the book and there was still a lot more left to be resolved. So the ending was a bit rushed for me, but I was happy with the ending, so all is good in the end.

I have loved these dragons for a long time, and I'm very sad to see them go. But I have all 5 books on my kindle, so I may be revisiting them again when I get a hankering for this story again!

I am so, so, so glad I was asked to read and review this book, and, as always, I will be keeping an eye out for more by Chris Cannon in the future! :)
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June 15, 2018
Received in exchange for a honest review.
I think this is my favorite in the series. Why? Jaxon. We see so much change in Jaxon. We see his raw emotions, his confusion, his anguish and pain but we also see him mature and grow. He becomes more open to ideas and change. He also goes from tolerating Bryn to liking her and respecting her to loving and supporting her. He doesn’t have this be instant but a journey. His pain over losing a loved one is hard on him and at times he is cranky and mean but he works through it and begins to forgive himself for moving on and feeling for someone else. His gift for Bryn at Christmas was so amazing. You see his thoughtful soft side.
Bryn still has a temper and can be just as sarcastic as Jaxon but she has grown as well. And as she begins to realize her feelings she tries to deny at first but than is lost in wondering how Jaxon feels. I love how she puts Jaxon in his place and gets him to see the light on things.
The story is fun, fast paced and filled with adventure and danger. Now Jaxon, Bryn and her friends are facing a breed of dragon that can give you nightmares. They are like vampires only they suck on your essence so they can gain power. For the Silver dragon wants power and are greedy when it comes to it. They don’t care who they hurt and are selfish when it comes to getting that power. We see students in a fog and having lost memory on things. They are dazed and confused for a bit and feeling sluggish. At first no one seems to get what is going on but than Bryn and her friends remember something that they were taught and it gets them wondering. Soon that wonder becomes reality and wow the danger that is around.
At the same time this is happening, Bryn and Jaxon are navigating his mom and her grandmother and their engagement. They are also trying to see each others views on things and Bryn is adjusting to where her parents are. Meanwhile Bryn and Jaxon are figuring out where they belong and how they fit in the other’s world. They still give us sarcasm galore but we begin to see Jaxon tone down and show he cares and respects Bryn. I love the ending and how Jaxon shows how he feels.
A great ending and story to finish the series. I hope that we occasionally get a look at them down the line in novellas or other books for this is a couple that went through a lot to get where they are and show such growth in character and maturity over time. I love how they went from loathing and hate to tolerance and respect and than friendship to love. They show us that with time and understanding of who the other is and getting to see others views and perspectives you can change and fall in love with those that push us. We see this with Jaxon and Bryn especially in this book that keeps us on our toes and edge of our seat with a great buildup to love, wonderful expansion of the world building that has already occurred and danger that has us on edge trying to figure out who and why.
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338 reviews17 followers
May 9, 2018
4.50 So long Bryn stars

I was so happy to start Burning Bright, that lasted right up until I remembered this was it, no more Bryn! And although it took me just two days to read, rather devour, this final instalment did seem slightly longer than previous offerings but I certainly wasn't complaining.

This time around there is again a strong focus on relationships with the first half of Burning Bright centering on connections both past and present as well as the challenges of trying to work as a team with a Blue, yes Jaxon but Burning Bright does welcome back pretty much all characters old and new and yes, this includes both Zavien and Valmont!

I don't think as much time was spent on the overarching mystery and although it may have been a little rushed towards the back end of the story it didn't feel detrimental to the whole.

In true Bryn fashion there are numerous laugh out loud quips, usually at Jaxon's expense and although the conflict did seem a little shorter this was overall a satisfying conclusion to the series which left me wearing a smile but I'm not gonna lie man, she could have definitely written another 3, 4, 10 books!

Now then, for those of you interested in the romance you'll get to point once Bryn makes her decision in terms of her personal life were you start to get a bad feeling, you'll think to yourself surely this isn't going were I think it's going, and I feel it important that this torture be shared so no, I'm not going to tell you whether it's unfounded, happy reading!

Just kidding, but not really :)

ARC provided by Entangled Publishing.
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654 reviews11 followers
May 11, 2018
The is last in the series, I loved the book overall, the only issue I found was that the ending was rushed it went from conflict to resolution without a lot of story to back it up.  It would have been better with a few more chapter but otherwise a great read, I hope we get more stories from this "world".  This review was originally posted on Books In Brogan
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2,359 reviews58 followers
June 6, 2019

I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

3 stars — So it looks like I read this one as well already! How in the world did I not review it, it BAFFLES ME!!

I’ve enjoyed this series and Bryn and the dragon world, but I will admit that this book, particularly since it was the final book in the series, disappointed me. It’s not that I didn’t still have fun and enjoyed the things that were happening. But I was also left feeling very unfulfilled in SO MANY AREAS. The rest of this review is going to have a bunch of spoilery stuff, so if that bugs you I’d skip the rest…I just need to get my thoughts out. Basically just know that I felt like things were wrapped up hastily and left me wanting for a series ending.

The biggest disappointment for me was probably the romance. It’s something I struggled with throughout this series, and while I was always intrigued by the possibility of a love story with Jaxon, it felt rushed and unrealistic. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel butterflies, but Jaxon behaved like a right ass one too many times, and it felt like he didn’t understand the consequences of his actions/choices, which didn’t make sense. It’s not that the grief wasn’t a good excuse, but it felt like he never really got Bryn’s side of things. It was all just so abrupt and it didn’t allow me to invest. And quite frankly, I was feeling burned and wary after investing in 2 other romances, I just didn’t have anything left for Jaxon and Bryn. Not only did we have to wait until the 5th and final book, but we also had to wade most of the way through this one as well before the romance really develops. In the end it felt too sudden, and I didn’t understand Jaxon’s change of attitude. There were places where Ms. Cannon could have expanded and massaged to develop the relationship, but it just wasn’t there.

Besides that, I was left with quite a few unanswered questions, or plot lines that weren’t wrapped up. And a lot of that had to do with the directorate and where it was heading in the future. We saw small changes, but for the bigger things, how were they implemented? Were they accepted by the population? How were the hybrids doing going forward? What exactly was going to happen to the bad people? What did the students think? In the end, will anything change? What about Garret and the walking wounded? What exactly did Valmont and the knights contribute in the end? I was sad that their roles just disappeared. Or what about Jaxon’s baby brother? What was the point of that? Was he really never going to develop a relationship with him?

Then we come to the bad guys…it kind of felt like the previous books didn’t matter quite as much. Where did these silver dragons come from? Why was there no clue about them beforehand? What were they doing in the months before? Were they involved with the rebels, or was it all separate? I was kind of hoping for some big twist where Ferrin or her grandfather was actually bad, so it was kind of underwhelming when in the end it was some people we’d never met before.

I feel like Bryn made small changes in the dragon world, but I was disappointed with how much she was willing to just accept of their shitty lives because that’s the way it was. That’s not a happy ending. I mean sure, in the end it worked, but that’s a bit too convenient. What about the mistress stuff? Was anything going to change? It just made me sad for her.

There were a lot of little things that made me feel ranty, but since I don’t want to get cranky, I’m just not going to go into the little things.

What it comes down to is that while I enjoyed so many different aspects, and the series as a whole, I needed more from this book.
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June 13, 2018

Chris Cannon soars with BURNING BRIGHT, the fifth book in the Going Down in Flame series. It is Bryn’s senior year at the Institute for Excellence. Someone is sucking the life force out of the dragons to gain their powers. In addition, she needs to spend more time with Jaxon now that they are betrothed. This shape-shifting dragon fantasy is suitable for young adult audiences.

I loved this story. Bryn has come a long way since book one, GOING DOWN IN FLAMES. BURNING BRIGHT takes place three months after the Rebel dragons attacked the campus and all the fallout that followed. Her parents along with the hybrid dragons have been moved to a town called Sanctuary.

Bryn has begun to take medic classes. She is studying Quintessence. The Silver dragons attaching the student body is the perfect storyline to go along with this since the silvers use Quintessence in a negative self-serving manner.

Bryn and Jaxon get to know each other better. I like that they open-up to one another. It’s a bit of a struggle at times. Jaxon is still devastated over Rhianna’s death. Bryn misses her knight, Valmont. Bryn’s grandmother and Jaxon’s mother, Lillith, give Bryn a lot of advice throughout the story on how to handle being married to a Blue and what is to be expected. Bryn and Lillith turn out to have a few things in common. I like that Jaxon is more open-minded then the stereotypical male blue dragon. For example, he admits his faults. I appreciated Bryn’s Christmas present to Jaxon. I adored that the two become a team.

Chris Cannon does an amazing job with both her character development and plot. The series is creative and full of action. I love all the changes that Bryn helped to make their dragon society a better and more equal place. I don’t want Bryn’s story to end. I would love to see a spin-off series of her college years. Going Down in Flames is an amazing series. The Going Down in Flames series would make an excellent movie or television series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
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May 18, 2018
This is the fifth book and last book in this series. I happened to have the pleasure of reading books 1 & 2 before hand.. I do suggest not skipping books as you will miss a lot. That being said here's my thoughts on this amazing series.......

I really loved this fifth installment! I was super impressed at how well this book was written. normally with series you feel that books should have ended a long time ago and the author is just dragging things out. however this is not the case with this series. Each book has only gotten better and better and now my heart is aching to see it end. I really need to go back and read books 2 & 3 like yesterday, as this is my favorite dragon shifter series. i really feel like in this novel Bryn has finally grown into who she is supposed to be and has accepted herself as who she is finally. 

As far as world building goes, I can assure you that the author does a fantastic job of it and never disappoints. This book truly shows how much the author has grown this series into something amazing and you can see just how far the writing has come.

Overall I think this book should get 5 stars and that it shouldn't end, as i want to see more so maybeeeeeee the author could rite us some small novellas....*wink wink*

I received this free e-ARC novel from NetGalley and Entangled Publishing in exchange for my honest review.
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June 5, 2018
Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings about this story... it left me feeling unsatisfied and wishing there was more especially if it is the final book. Sure they have challenged here and there but I’m missing the red/blue character of Bryn that I really admire in the first book. Some may have describe Bryn to have matured but the mature ness could have been woven more that she did not have to sacrifice her personality. It did not really embrace that Bryn appreciate herself & should have put those guys who broke her heart in their place. Also, her mentality that she could not fall in love again with her being so young is just so sad . I did not see the gestures and sentiments of Jaxon towards Bryn nothing exciting romantically just kind of wrapped up hastily in the end ... it was anti climactic ☹️.
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July 7, 2018
So excited! Also just really wanted to be first review....
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July 2, 2018
Oh My God that was awesome! This is the fifth book in the phenomenal young adult series going down in flames. Like the other books this is so well-written and though through. It was so hard to put down. And had such a twist I was floored.
This is Bryn's continuing story. As you know the last book she broke it off with Valmont. And now she is alone, or rather stuck with Jaxson as she is betrothed to him by the dragon law. But things are changing. She has her mom and dad back and life is almost sane. That is till chaos finds her again. She seems to attract it and the new threat is a crazy cult. And just wait till you see who the leader is. It was a total shocker. And the omg moment when she gets kissed at the Christmas ball. And you are in for a heck of a surprise as to who it is that kisses her. And I absolutely loved the gift Jaxson gives her for Christmas. It is nice that they are finally getting along. But as they return to school things get really bad and Bryn has to face a nightmare she never dreamed of. And the ending was amazing. I hope this is not truly an end to the of Bryn’s story as I want more and to see where college leads them.
Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do; they value your opinions too.
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July 13, 2018
I think part of the reason I was underwhelmed by this book is because I loved Bryn’s story so much. I was so invested in her story, that I yearned for a happy ever after. I was not disappointed. Watching the love blossom and evolve and grow was like a sudden discovery of something that has always been there. Bryn is one of my all time favorite characters. She’s sarcastic, headstrong, brilliant, and so brave. A risk-taker, a leader-she breaks down walls and questions authority, unwilling to give into the archaic ideas of gender roles-especially for the upper class dragons. Bryn is a true warrior and she deserves someone equally as fierce.

My biggest issue with this final installment in the Going Down in Flames series was not the plot, because that was epic, but the uneven focus. So much time was spent dwelling on the will they/won’t they of the impending relationship that it disrupted the pacing, making it much slower than the previous books.

I adored Bryn’s internal dialogue. How she questions herself, sorts through her feelings, and pushes herself to be bold, further, to see things in a new light made me admire her even more. Everything was so genuine, from the confusion to the surprise lust.

Read more here:
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June 11, 2018
Okay, I must ask - did you read the other books in this series? Going Down in Flames and the others all the way down to Fanning the Flames? Yes? Well, go ahead, you are right where you need to be. If you haven't read the other books - yup, exactly - go back and start at the beginning, it's definitely worth it!

You didn't really expect Bryn to lose her ability to find trouble wherever she goes, right? Admittedly, considering the events in the last book, Bryn and her friends -and also her non-friend who also happens to be her future husband- are having a bit of a hard time recovering despite the fact that on the whole things start to look up but a true chaos magnet like Bryn will always find trouble.
Jaxon who is still reeling from losing someone due to the events in the last book, can't decide whether he wants to play nice or not - though "nice" would be rather great considering all this marriage of doom thing looming over them, right?
When things get rough, again, they'll have to stick together in order to survive and with her grandmother in her corner and her friends at her side, Bryn may be able to make him see that she is very special, chaos magnet or not.

I must admit that I loved the story on the whole and I found myself chuckling and giggling but at the end, I felt as if some things were a bit rushed, especially when it came to their relationship. Sure, I get that Bryn is special and obviously it is easy for people to like her or fall in love with her but it felt as if a switch was turned and things fell into place. I read about their feelings but I couldn't feel them.
Apart from that, I really enjoyed the book and couldn't put it down!
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June 4, 2018
I read this over the course of a few days, I struggled with the one before this. probably because I was so invested in the couple at the time.
Bryn, and Jaxon are so very nice to read about, they are both hard headed and I didn't liked the hot and cold it was a little too much and at times confusing. Burn Bright is a great instalment to this series, with it being its last I was nicely tied up. Dragons have become my new fav sub genre in paranormal romance. What I did enjoy are the characters, they are lovely, and also that you could probably pick up any of the books start them as the author info dumps (nicely) as you read them. It reads quickly, and flows nicely and at times hard to put down.
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July 1, 2018
I would like to thank the Netgalley website and the Entangled Teen Publishing House for the ebook format for this partnership.

I was immediately attracted by the cover, for this series all covers are beautiful, it makes you want to read the book.

We see for this volume the beautiful Bryn who returns for his last year at the institute for excellence: the school of dragons. She is engaged to Jaxon, whom she does not like. She integrates well and learns to become a medic.

I loved this fifth volume filled with suspense and twists with endearing characters. The author takes us to the world of dragons brilliantly. Look forward to reading the complete series if it comes out in digital full time.
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May 29, 2018
I need to state that this is the first book in the series I have read. That being said I didn't really feel lost with this story but I was not as involved in the characters as I probably would be after reading the whole series. The romance of the story didn't really hit until near the end. Bryn and Jaxton were thrown together as more of a tradition and this happened after both had suffered losses and trauma. Not a good time to start a forced relationship. They were complete opposites also and this made for skirmishes on top of the family drama. Story was split up between the evil that was draining people of their Quintessence and the drama of Bryn and Jaxton, along with their families, while trying to come to terms with their new future together. I wish there was more of the search and fight for artifacts and the evil in this one. The family drama got a bit boring so I gave it a 3 instead of the 4. I received an ebook at no charge for which I voluntarily provided an honest review.
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June 3, 2018
*voluntarily and honestly reviewed the ARC I received from Lady Amber's PR*

It's between a 3 and 4 for me. I read the entire series over the course of three days, so I've been able to see how parts were repetitive while other things progressed to better things. It's really obvious now that Bryn's matured and I really appreciated that. Some people are still the same but others like her and Jaxon have changed. It's like they're finally starting to be the people they were meant to be. I've shipped her and Jaxon from day one because of their constant bickering, and despite Jaxon's mean exterior, I thought he was one of the stronger characters.

I didn't like the way Bryn was in this because she seemed very vague and thoughtless when it came to remembering people they'd lost. It turned me off, and I tried to remind myself that months- and then a year -had passed, but it got lost to me when a lot of other things happened, like the dragon politics and relics that are still being sought out and whatnot. The bad guys are also changing, and it's kind of like you're holding your breath waiting for them to finally do something huge.

Because I've been shipping her and Jaxon since forever, I was kind of disappointed (just a little) when they finally did get together. I mean I loved it, but after everything they've been through, and with everything she's done or felt with the other two guys, I was kind of waiting for that special thing that always sparks between them to happen. Instead they both seemed kind of exhausted and were now like, super calm about things. It also seemed weird, the way Bryn's perspective of Jaxon changed. Just felt a little abrupt. If there was one thing I had to say annoyed me, it was

Overall, it was a good read. It's completely different from the last four books, the format's a little different and seemed faster paced (better paced?), and it had a clear objective with the romance and bad guys. I think I could be okay with the new pacing, as long as Bryn doesn't say any more seemingly thoughtless things that could've used more tact. Or time.
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August 23, 2018
I love Jaxon and Bryn!!!

But that was not enough of them together!! I need more?????

Like it seemed rushed near the end of the book when they actually got to together!! Also the whole ending of this book seemed rushed in general!

Also I would have liked to see their wedding!

Also whilst I did love them they didn't seem to have much chemistry? This book is definitely meant for younger readers of YA, there was not enough chemistry between the two MCs! And whilst I loved them when they finally got together, it didn't seem real, it was like the love she had for the first two guys was more than she felt for Jaxon? And this series was definitely quite slow burn, it is only in the last book of five that she ends up with the guy she'll be with forever? I feel like she should've had more books with Jaxon, or just less with the knight!

So the only reason that I have this book 4 * is because I have been waiting for Bryn and Jaxon to happen since book 1, but the rest of the book seemed to need like a bit more oomph.

Also I'm still pissed Jaxon ditched her for the first dance in the Christmas ball, after how everyone treated her when she messed up socially, he just seemed to get of top lightly...

And we never found out what happened with Rhiannons sister? I was expecting her to try and say something to Bryn. Also I 100% saw that Janelle being evil surprise coming..

*** Sorry if there are any grammatical errors this is the unedited version
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 15, 2019
So, this was the final book in the series, and I'm crying. But at least it was amazing, right?

Buring Bright was a nice, well-plotted conclusion to the series. While at first I had a bit of trepidation, I grew to appreciate Bryn as she truly finished becoming herself, if that makes sense. I also loved her and Jaxon together, and I loved how they evolved from allies to being together. And Bryn and her parents were nice to see, too, along with Bryn and her grandparents, who are some of my favorite characters. I really do love this series for the characters, honestly. They're the best!

Anyways, this was an exciting, well written conclusion to a series I've been reading from the beginning, so for about four years now! 5 stars.

Reread March 14th, 2019
Really good on the reread as well! Seeing Bryn and Jaxon get together was cute and fun. I enjoyed the plot overall. I love this series! It's incredible to see Bryn's growth from book one to book two. She's pretty mature now, and knows (for the most part) when to talk and when to keep her mouth shut, which is rather refreshing. And she's still funny, with a lot of heart. Her grandparents are great characters as well. Oh, and Jaxon completely grew on me in this book - we get to see him a bit more vulnerable, and hurting, and see Bryn help him heal and move on a bit. It's sweet, and I'm more sold on him than I was before. Anyway, 5 stars on the reread. Great stuff!
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July 28, 2018
I was thoroughly disappointed with this book. Don’t get me wrong I loved the rest of the series and I counted down the days to this books release but I was not so happy with the results. It was anticlimactic and I found everything came too easily. The dictorate conformed so easily and the silvers were defeated almost too easily. When Bryn and Jaxon, who I’ve been shipping since book one, finally got together it was two quick kisses then done! What is this! I needed more! I’m very sad that this is the last book and not only because an amazing series is ending, but because the ending was ruined. Chris Cannon you ruined an amazing series.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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September 5, 2022
This is my favorite book of the series! I seriously want to read it again right now. And I am bursting with spoilers! I will resist, because you deserve to enjoy the excellent twists and turns without a preview. Bryn feels like one of my friends, and I am sad to close the book and leave her behind. :(

Content warning: The profanity is more frequent in this book (Bryn is inordinately fond of calling certain people a**hats and occasionally says sh**).
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