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The Light Jar

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A story of fear and hope, loneliness and friendship -- full of the heart, engaging characters, and propulsive, page-turning mystery that made The Goldfish Boy so beloved.

Nate and his mother are running away. Fleeing from an emotionally abusive situation, they hide out in an abandoned cottage in the middle of a forest. Though it's old and run-down, at least it's a place of their own.

Then Nate's mother heads off for groceries and doesn't return. Has she run into trouble, or simply abandoned him? He is left alone and afraid, with the dark closing in on him.

But comfort can come from the most unexpected of places: like a strange girl trying to solve the mystery of a treasure hunt, and the reappearance of a friend from his past. Will Nate find the bravery he needs to face down his fears, survive on his own, and ultimately illuminate his future?

The Light Jar is a captivating story of fear and hope, loneliness and friendship, and finding the light within, even in the darkest of times.

240 pages, Hardcover

First published January 4, 2018

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Lisa Thompson

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703 reviews3,275 followers
April 4, 2019
Thompson can always be relied upon to tackle difficult subjects in her books. She provides a moving portrayal of OCD in her debut The Goldfish Boy, a thrilling mystery that gives a modern spin on Alfred Hitchcock's hit classic, Rear Window. In The Light Jar, she introduces domestic abuse and coping mechanisms in the leisurely and somewhat redundant story of eleven-year-old Nate, a sensitive boy who seeks shelter in an abandoned cottage with his mom. When his mom goes missing, Nate must survive the dark and face his fears. Distraction arrives in the form of a peculiar girl who requests Nate's help with solving an age-old treasure hunt.
"Not everyone wants to tell other people their business, do they, Nate? Just like your mum didn't want to tell your grandma about Gary. Remember? Sometimes people might appear to walk tall, but on their shoulders they could be carrying an incredibly heavy load that you know nothing about."
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Author 2 books45.6k followers
December 31, 2017
Whilst notably a bit young for me, I did enjoy this as a quick, relaxing read. Thompson's mystery is intriguing and, well, not something that I can say I've ever come across in this sort of novel (that's not a bad thing!). I especially enjoyed Nate's provincial routine after being left alone in the cottage - there is something quite comforting in reading about this.

Keep in mind that there is some referral to domestic violence but Thompson ensures that it is neither graphic nor inappropriate for younger readers. In fact, it is a great way to help children understand abusive relationships.
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46 reviews31 followers
November 8, 2017
I loved Lisa Thompson’s debut ‘The Goldfish Boy’ which a special book to me, so when I heard of her news of her new book at the beginning of the year I was so excited and intrigued at the story prospect of ‘The Light Jar’ and I’m thrilled to say I bloomin’ loved it!!

It’s always a mixture of feelings when an author whom you love their previous work brings out a new book - there’s excitement, anticipation and apprehension as to whether it’ll stand up to their other books and I can honestly say that Lisa Thompson’s done it! Fans of ‘The Goldfish Boy’ won’t be disappointed and new readers are in for a wonderful encounter with one of the best children’s authors around.

In ‘The Light Jar’ we meet 11 year old Nate who is woken one night by his Mum to go on an adventure to start a new life far away from the ties of his Mum’s partner & old life. They find themselves in an old family friends uninhabited country cottage that has only the surrounding woods, a lot of household ornaments and a rather weathered but hardy chicken to keep them company. But despite the remoteness and unfamiliarity of the situation Nate actually sees his Mum relaxed and happier in a very long time indeed and although their living situation is far from perfect, there seems to be some light through the tunnel. However one day Nate’s Mum doesn’t come back from buying some supplies and poor Nate is left wondering, worried and alone.

As time goes on he is reunited with happy and wise Sam - his long lost imaginary friend and Kitty - a determined, funny, treasure hunting girl from the woods who’s on a mission to uncover her families past. Together mysteries are solved, lessons are learnt and friendships are forged (with plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep you on your toes!)

The pace of the book was very easy flowing, kept you captured in the story long after you closed the book and was the type of book you can’t put down but equally don’t want to finish too soon!

I found the balance of characters, the ease of being able to relate to them and empathy you felt towards them was brilliant and the dynamics were real to life and accurate. The topics touched on (though difficult & sad at times) is executed with understanding, sympathy and accuracy and has the right balance of emotion and truthful insights of the topics featured (but never over the top) for her main audience of 9-13 year olds to be able to take in and understand which I think is really important.

I also love that Lisa creates awareness of ‘taboo’ subjects in her books such as mental health, hard home life’s , loosing someone or parents separating and gives children the chance to be able to relate, feel less alone, understand and break down the barriers of these generally skirted around subjects that effect all of us in our lives at some point.
She gives her readers stories that not only help get us talking about these things but stories that will keep your mind and imagination swirling in the stories and mysteries they hold, that’ll make you smile and laugh and ultimately gives you books that act like a Light Jar in their own ways, to brighten up this busy, confusing old world we live in. I can’t wait to share her new book with readers young and old! :)
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3,342 reviews524 followers
February 4, 2019
Rounded up from 3.5 stars. This book was mysterious and eerie at times yet heartwarming as well. Nathan and his mom flee to a cottage of a friend to escape the emotional abuse of the mother's boyfriend, Gary. As we learn throughout the book, he was a twisted human being. Mom leaves the cottage to buy groceries and does not return leaving 11-year-old Nathan alone in the winter with only a chicken for real company. He does, have two companions during this time and they contribute to his survival in unexpected ways considering the fact that they may or may not be imaginary. An interesting read, especially for kids who love a mystery with a creepy side.

Thank you to Scholastic and Edelweiss for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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386 reviews41 followers
May 2, 2020
Es una historia preciosa que se devora de una sentada.

Es la segunda vez que leo a la autora, y reconozco que su pluma me tiene enamorada. Sabe crear historias tiernas, personajes adorables, con buenas dosis de misterio y enseñanzas humanas que hacen sonreír.

La historia transcurre en una vieja cabaña aislada de la sociedad, cercana a una mansión misteriosa. Nate y su madre huyen de algo, y se refugian en ese lugar. Al día siguiente, la mamá va en busca de alimentos, pero no regresa. Extrañas personalidades se encontrarán con Nate, un niño que se quedó solo y no sabe muy bien que está pasando.

Mediante una narración apta para todas las edades, Lisa Thompson nos cuenta una entrañable historia que se quedará con nosotros, en nuestro corazón, y que es ideal en esos momentos que quieres leer algo bonito.
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1,396 reviews234 followers
August 14, 2019
WHA! Dit boek!

Alles van Lisa Thompson vind ik SUPERGOED, maar ik denk dat dit mijn favoriet is.

Wederom echt een superspannend avonturenboek, maar eentje die ook een groter onderwerp aansnijdt. Wederom erg ideaal dus voor een boekbespreking bijvoorbeeld.

De achterflap geeft bij deze redelijk wat spoilers over het verhaal weg, dus ik ben erg blij dat ik deze gewoon blind op basis van de auteur heb opgepakt. Dan komen delen van het verhaal als verrassing, en dat blijf ik toch het leukste vinden.

Maar wow wow wow, deze zal nog lang in mijn hoofd blijven nazinderen!
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11.9k reviews361 followers
January 25, 2018
A boy, a guardian angel, a girl, a treasure hunt, and a past that wasn't the best.

Welp, this was so promising, and this was one of the book I looked forward SO MUCH. I loved the author's first book, adored it even, and I was hoping to find the same magic in this one. Sadly, no. There were good parts and a lot of bad parts.

Instead of writing a normal review I will write a good/bad review:
-The Treasure Hunt, and this one will also pop up in the bad part as there were things I didn't like. I just adore treasure hunts, and this one seemed really fabulous as it was an old one, one that has been forgotten. I wanted to know what the treasure was, I wanted to see what those kids back then would have found. Plus I just adored seeing them go through the entire grounds to find clues and stuff.
-The parts were Nate tells us about Gary, about his life before he ended up at the cottage. Those parts were really interesting, they pulled me in, I wanted to know more about his life, about Gary (and how terrible he was/is), about his mum. Everything! These parts were the best out of the entire book. And I wouldn't have minded if the whole book was about them.
-The worldbuilding, even though it takes place only at the cottage/grounds (and in the past parts also at Nate's school/home) I could just see everything. I could see the overgrown maze, I could see the cottage, about to fall apart, when those kids wandered I wandered with them.
-The mystery as to what happened to Nate's mom.
-The cover and the illustrations in the book.
-What the Light Jar is (yes, we see what it is on the cover, but we don't know yet how it is so important to Nate).

-The treasure hunt. I am sorry, but Kitty took weeks/months to try and solve 1 effing hint, and Nate just pops in and suddenly everything is hunkydory and he solves the clues within minutes or hours? That just made my eyes roll as it was just too ridiculous. I get that they probably can't take months to solve a clue, as Nate is only here temporarily, but yeah, it still stood out like a sore thumb.
-Kitty. The worst character in the entire book. I disliked her from the beginning. I kept calling her Little Miss I should take a hint, but what is a hint? Nate clearly tells her off a few times yet she keeps on coming to him, even barging into the cottage a few times (which made more sense later on but still pissed me off). Sjeesh girl, learn some basic politeness and also get the effing hint. :| She was just soooo clingy.
-Sam. Another character I disliked from the start. He is an imaginary friend/guardian angel and I just disliked him so much. He was pretty much a dick to Nate. I get that he probably wanted to help out Nate, but I am sure there are better ways to do that than to show him videos of other guardian angels and making very hurtful remarks.
-The magic aspect. Sam mostly, but also that he could show videos, and then that part with Nate's birthday. It just didn't fit for me. It just felt off. I get that they are imaginary, but it felt like it was much more than that, given they could do all sorts of things.
-The Freaky book thing. I just didn't care about those, if anything they also interrupted at times when it was just getting good.
-What actually happened to Nate's mom... wow, that sure was anti-climatic.

The truth about Kitty? Eh... frankly, due to how much I disliked her I wasn't that surprised or enthusiastic about it. I just couldn't care.

So yeah, this book had its good points, but also sadly enough that I didn't like, and thus I can't rate this book much higher than 3 stars. Which is a shame as that means it can't go on my bookshelf (4.5 or higher these days, only rare special cases can stay with a 4 star, but anything lower...), I was looking forward to putting it on top of its brother. I hope it will find a new home somewhere with someone will love the story more than I did.

Review first posted at https://twirlingbookprincess.com/
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1,155 reviews73 followers
May 26, 2019
This is a book to give you so many feels. Poor Nate, his Mum chose an unsuitable man who made their lives a misery, even keeping them in the dark for months on end, controlling and manipulating them, now his mum has run away, taking Nate with her, to a cottage in the middle of nowhere. A cottage that is a lot worse for wear to the point where there is a chicken roosting on the couch. Nate is a nervous boy and now his mum needs to go out to the shops and get them some supplies to start their new life, but she doesn't arrive back. Nate is frightened but copes with the challenges with the help of a friend who arrives back in his life, his imaginary friend that he thought he'd left behind a long time ago.

This is just the sweetest book, it has poignant moments and has a serious undertone, but the awful experiences of abuse the his mum suffered and which still bring fear and trembling to Nate's tender heart are well handled. I'll be recommending this book to our juniors for not just it's story but it's lovely tone.
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Author 12 books307 followers
April 11, 2019
A lovely mixture of realism, magic realism and gothic stately home mystery elements.
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66 reviews199 followers
March 9, 2019
" were safe here Nate "

Lisa Thompson's second book.
Nate and mum run away from evil gary. Nate rencounters his imaginary friend, Sam.
Then he meets Kitty.
And his whole world turns upside down. As mum disappears the minute he meets Kitty.

The ending was just like a fairy tale. I read his when I was 10, so I thought it was good then. But now, I must say its not what I last thought.
This book is kinda strange in some ways. And a lot of odd hiding places and adventures.

I reccomend this to younger readers.
4 stars.
Give it a go older readers if u want.
6,155 reviews69 followers
December 2, 2019
2,5/5. Can't say this book as big flaws or anything. It was well enough written, has a decent story and characters and the thinking of the kid seem realistic which is good because... not always the case. But... for some reasons, I never really get into it, just flow over the story, never felt invest in it. Probably more a case of personal taste, but it was lacking a je-ne-sais-quoi to make it enjoyable!
238 reviews4 followers
July 21, 2018
Really enjoyed this book. I think it had some eery and tough subjects that may upset some children which is why I suggest only year 6 children read it such as broken family relationships and the suggestion of emotional abuse by one of the characters. However, I think the tough topics were lightened by the inclusion of the imaginary characters. I think the reader went through all the emotions that the main character did. I would recommend this book to children as I think it does introduce and address some themes that may be relatable to children such as being scared of the dark. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as there was an air of mysteriousness which kept the reader enthralled to the end.
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432 reviews112 followers
April 16, 2018
Ahhhhh Lisa Thompson kan echt zulke mooie boeken schrijven, ik heb de Nederlandse editie als ebook mogen lezen, maar ik ben nu zo benieuwd naar het fysieke exemplaar die deze week uitkomt! Zeker een aanrader :) Recensie volgt!
Profile Image for Scott Evans | The Reader Teacher.
51 reviews96 followers
February 5, 2018
A deeply original mystery so tenderly told in the most profound, sensitive, intricate, authentic and moving of ways.

Like a moth attracted to the light, I was instantly drawn to reading The Light Jar due to its intriguing plot however I hadn’t anticipated anything like just how captivating it would end up being. So much so, that I read a whopping 106 pages within the first hour of receiving it!

We first encounter Nate and his mum hurriedly speeding off in the car in the middle of the night towards their idea of salvation in the form of an abandoned and ramshackle cottage, belonging to a dearly loved family member’s deceased friend, only having been visited previously infrequently by Nate and his family.

So many questions follow from Nate during the trip.
So many questions, that unfortunately for him, just can’t seem to be answered by Mum.

From the opening page, we start to sense that something is not quite right and on arrival at the cottage, this is when we really begin to feel for Nate as he himself becomes increasingly aware of the fact that something is not quite right either. And when they start to explore their supposed place of solace, that too is not quite as homely as they had imagined it would be.

Desperately seeking provisions after one night’s stay, Mum heads off in search of a place to buy food however her return never materialises leaving Nate all alone to swallow in his new surroundings. Doubt, despair and darkness creep in.

Anxiously fending for himself whilst fighting his fears of the shadows, Nate slowly whiles away the time by reading his well-thumbed book, hoping his magic ball will give him all the answers he so desperately needs and trying his best to avoid the only thing that resembles any indication of life in the place: a scrawny chicken.

But as time ticks away, and trepidation ensues and the hours turn in to days, Nate soon becomes distracted by the reappearance of an imaginary friend (Sam) and also entangled in an unsolved treasure hunt led by a girl (Kitty) and her cryptic riddles, who doesn’t really seem to belong in the real world either. Sam and Kitty soon develop in to Nate’s companions and confidants – acting as Nate’s closest humanly equivalents to the lights from his light jar – who try to guide, console and feed him through the remaining nights. Whether they’re just being nice, playing devil’s advocate with Nate’s conscience or they are just as lonely as Nate himself remains to be found out…

The story’s many layers continue to unravel themselves to allude to and reveal elements of the troubling home life and the manipulative, coercive and damaging behaviour of his mum’s emotionally-abusive new partner together with the lingering control he progressively possesses over Nate, his mother, his social life and even the fixtures and fittings of his own house.

Yet as you read on, there’s this innate sense of unburdening hope; optimism; faith; belief; warmth; courage; strength and character that shines through to the very end and that is what will stay with me from reading this story. That even after adversity, if you’ve got something to hold on to and can grasp even a glimpse of positivity then that can sometimes feel like the most powerful feeling in the world as Helen Keller once said “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart”.

Like the lights in the light jar offer Nate some comfort, attachment, reassurance and relief from the situations he finds himself in, The Light Jar could potentially highlight and raise awareness of personal, social and emotional (PSHE) issues in an appropriate classroom context leading to powerful discussions; promoting deep questioning and high levels of inference. However, whenever approaching emotive topics within the classroom, caution is to be evidently advised and sensitivity considered. So whilst I highly recommend this book for its thought-provoking and empathetic qualities, teachers contemplating using it should – as they should with all books they choose to use – ensure that they pre-read it to decide on its suitability for their class of children.

Lisa not only does it once again after the richly deserved success of The Goldfish Boy – leaving devoted fans of The Goldfish Boy feeling only ever so slightly disappointed if it means they will have to replace that as their favourite read with this (as I now have to do!). Once more, she achieves it so well in such an understated manner handling yet another intangible and complex issue in such a way that is both highly accessible and as relatable as it can be to readers, which to me is one of the highest forms of writing.
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788 reviews
May 2, 2018
De auteur van ‘De Goudvisjongen’ heeft met haar tweede boek ‘De Nachtlantaarn’ weer een bijzonder indringend verhaal geschreven. Thompson schrijft over grote thema’s.
De elfjarige Nathan maakt nogal wat mee in zijn jonge leven. Een vader die hij niet meer ziet, oma en vriendjes die hij mist, maar als er psychische mishandeling plaatsvindt en het gevolg eenzaamheid en onbegrip is, is het moeilijk om nog een onbezorgd kind te zijn. Toch is dit ook een verhaal van hoop, sterker worden, loslaten en vriendschap.

Voor ieder kind is een veilige thuissituatie de basis en helaas ontbreekt die bij Nathan. Hij woont met zijn moeder Fiona en stiefvader Gary. Nathan is bang in het donker en heeft hiertegen een pot met kerstlampjes, zijn ‘Nachtlantaarn’. Zijn stiefvader vindt dit niet nodig, vernielt de pot en gaat vervolgens zo ver totdat er geen werkende lamp meer in huis is. De pesterijen zorgen ervoor dat zij uiteindelijk geïsoleerd leven met veel beperkingen.
Het lukt Nathan en zijn moeder op een nacht te vluchten naar een huisje van oma. Als Fiona niet terugkeert van het boodschappen doen, doen er imaginaire vriendjes van Nathan hun intrede. In dit gedeelte van het verhaal wordt het grote belang van vriendschap duidelijk en kan gezien worden als een tweede verhaallijn.

De spanning wordt opgebouwd: want komt Fiona terug, overleeft Nathan alleen in het tuinmanhuisje, komt Gary erachter waar ze zijn, ziet hij zijn oma weer, viert hij zijn verjaardag alleen? Lees zelf hoe dit verhaal verdergaat. Op het eind wordt alles duidelijk, ook de gloed rondom de vriendschappen en het belang van een lichtpuntje in donkere situaties.

De Nachtlantaarn is een met zorg vormgegeven boek. Een aansprekende en opvallende omslag, een mooie binnenkant van de omslag en boven ieder hoofdstuk een bijpassende illustratie. In een prettig lezend lettertype, fijn papier, niet te lange hoofdstukken en voldoende dialoog, leest dit boek vlot weg door de prettige schrijfstijl. Leuk detail: in het verhaal staan diverse ‘waanzinnige weetjes’.

Lisa Thompson durft het aan om veel thema’s bespreekbaar te maken en het is bijzonder hoe dit zonder de nadruk erop te leggen is verwerkt in dit mooie jeugdboek. Een boek voor iedereen en de goede lezer vanaf ongeveer groep 7/8. Laat iedereen een nachtlantaarn zijn voor een ander.
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34 reviews9 followers
January 29, 2018
2017 was a superb year for children’s literature. Established authors produced some outstanding books, but, for me, 2017 was about discovering new authors. One of the outstanding breakthroughs of 2017 was Lisa Thompson’s Goldfish Boy, a whodunnit seen through the eyes of a teenager with OCD. It was a captivating read which shed light on mental health issues for children.

Now as 2018 begins, the year of books has begun with a bang. January has already seen a handful of books which promise to become modern classics, including Lisa Thompson’s follow up to Goldfish Boy – The Light Jar.

The books begins with Nate and his mum leaving home in the middle of the night. Eventually, they arrive in a run-down cottage. This is to be their new home for the foreseeable future. It is damp, dirty and desolate. As Nate begins to adapt to his new home, his mum pops out to the shop. She doesn’t return, leaving Nate to fend for himself.

Soon Nate rediscovers his childhood imaginary friend, Sam. Together they reminisce about the good (and bad) times from the past. Slowly but surely, Nate’s troubled past is revealed to the reader. This is where Lisa Thompson’s skill shines through. There’s a divorce, family feuds and a controlling step-father. In each case, Thompson presents these in an accessible way which will strike a chord with children.

At the same time, Nate meets the mysterious Kitty. She lives nearby and is determined to solve a decades old treasure hunt. Together they set about solving the mystery. This intriguing mystery is the perfect counter-balance to Nate’s history. Thompson keeps a rapid pace which keeps the reader guessing and wanting to find out more.

If Goldfish Boy was Thompson’s breakthrough, The Light Jar cements her place as one of the most innovative writers currently around. Once again, deep issues are dealt with sensitively, while the main plot keeps the reader hooked. Ultimately, it is a book about hope, about succeeding against the odds and about never giving up. A great start to my 2018 reading!

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73 reviews1 follower
January 5, 2018
I really enjoyed Lisa Thompson’s first novel The Goldfish Boy and so was thrilled when her next one, The Light Jar, landed on my doorstep.

The Light Jar, written in the first person, is narrated by eleven year old Nate who welcomes you into his world and takes you with him on an intriguing and heartfelt mystery. The cast of characters is vivid, the story is enticing and the setting for Nate’s extraordinary adventure cinematic. I was right there with Nate in the tumbledown cottage in the frosty wood. I dare not write much more for fear of giving something away. Order The Light Jar from your local library, implore your school to stock it or treat yourself to a copy. You won’t regret it.
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Author 52 books2,100 followers
December 28, 2017
I loved Lisa's first book The Goldfish Boy, and this is another wonderful mystery from her. It's about a boy on the run from his abusive stepfather, who ends up alone in a strange place in the middle of winter. Nate has to survive - and also learn how to make friends and help others, as he's asked to solve a very important puzzle ... This is a lovely story and I was completely gripped by it. You will be too! (8+)

*Please note: this review is meant as a recommendation only. Please do not use it in any marketing material, online or in print, without asking permission from me first. Thank you!*
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421 reviews
September 18, 2018
I didn’t enjoy it as much as Goldfish Boy, but still like that the author writes from the child’s viewpoint, and with simple prose conveys so much more underlying meaning. A tender story of Nate and his mum escaping a domestic situation, and hiding in a derelict cottage. When Nate’s Mum disappears, Nate must draw on his own strength and resilience to cope alone while he hopes for his mum’s return.
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111 reviews3 followers
November 27, 2018
Although this book is clearly targeted for younger readers, I enjoyed it nonetheless. The author tackled difficult issues such as neglect, abuse and divorce in an imaginative way; we see events unfurl through the perspective of a troubled child called Nate. Even though there were moments where I lost interest in the plot through too many delay tactics, the ending was effective and left me smiling.
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407 reviews7 followers
January 1, 2018
First book of the year and it was a good one. The story of a young boy coping in his own after his mother mysteriously disappears. The gradual revealing of his back story really hits home. The imaginary friends theme would link beautifully with AF Harold's The Imaginary
Profile Image for XOX.
339 reviews12 followers
September 3, 2020
Nate is 12 years old and living with his mom. He is afraid of the dark and his mom made him a light jar as a night light.

It is a mystery and a suspense story. Nate was woke up in the middle of the night and packed their bags and go. It seems like they are running away. The boyfriend of his mom Gary seems to be problematic.

Nate and his mom arrived in a old house, a very broken down one. They spent the night with a chicken in the living room.

Nate's mom went out to get some supplies. It was supposed to be only for a few hours, but she was gone longer than that.

After Nate spent a night alone. He started seeing an old friend. An imaginary friend Sam. More mystery to come when a strange girl asked for his help to find a hidden treasure by the old gardener William for a girl who died long ago.

The whole story is full of suspense and mystery, And there is much darker thoughts. Did Nate's mom abandoned him in the house all alone? What about the boyfriend, what has he done?

Really good read. Highly recommended.
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126 reviews4 followers
December 15, 2019
Non sono solo" segna il mio primo incontro con questa scrittrice e la sua penna " delicata", adatta a trattare temi importanti come la separazione dei genitori, la salute mentale, la solitudine, le paure e la vita difficile a casa, temi che fanno sentire il lettore o chi vive una vita con queste difficoltà meno solo e può trovare il coraggio in Nate e ispirarsi a lui per superare le prove.

Non sono solo dà l' opportunità di far parlare di temi importanti ai lettori più giovani e ai genitori, con grande intensità, leggerezza. Un libro che consiglio ai lettori più giovani, ai ragazzini che si avvicinano per la prima volta alla lettura.
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163 reviews3 followers
August 23, 2021
Told from Nate’s point of view. Nate worries that his mum has returned to Gary, his mother's abusive boyfriend.

A nice story with the main topic in this book about domestic abuse. As you read this book, you will understand the connection of the title of the book (the light jar ) with Nate, the main character in this book.

Sprinkle with little bit dust of magical and details about backstory had me hooked up with this book. Only took me a day to finish it
90 reviews
January 23, 2022
Mooi boek, verhaal met ook veel vage kanten. Deze vage kanten zijn niet storend voor mij, maar wat lastig te bevatten. Ik denk dat dit voor kinderen juist erg interessant kan zijn.
Bijna 4 sterren, dat wel
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32 reviews
April 7, 2023
Letto in un giorno solo woooo
Also amici immaginari>>>>> yes Leopoldo im watching you
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55 reviews2 followers
August 27, 2022
Overall: 5/5

Honestly, I am lost for words. This book is beautifully written, albeit too easy for me. The ending took an unexpected turn, and I was deeply moved by the plot. I even shed a few tears, to be honest. I kind of wanted to have an imaginary friend when I was little. I think most kids have an imaginary friend at some point in their lives due to various reasons. I was the only child at home, and I felt very lonely at home when my parents were at work. This book is healing to me and takes off the stress I have these days. (Actually, I am still stressed. But reading helps)
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