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Two Dogs in a Trench Coat #2

Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Start a Club by Accident

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Sassy and Waldo love school! Everything smells like meat and dirty socks! And they love being able to help Stewart.

When Stewart has to stay late after school for a Junior Office Supply Enthusiasts meeting, Sassy and Waldo are left alone to raid the cafeteria's refrigerator. As Sassy and Waldo's after school antics escalate, hilarity ensues as the two dogs start a club...by accident.

208 pages, Hardcover

First published January 29, 2019

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About the author

Julie Falatko

13 books135 followers
Julie Falatko is the award-winning author of picture books and novels, including Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book), the Two Dogs in a Trench Coat series, The Great Indoors, Yours in Books, and many more.

Originally from New Jersey, Julie now lives in Maine with her family.

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46 reviews3 followers
September 21, 2018
There’s nothing better than 2 Dogs- their loyalty to their owner, their love for meat and cheese, and their obsession with clubs. I loved this book so much. Waldo and Sassy did not disappoint.
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2,381 reviews
August 23, 2020
200 pgs. Ok, I am now hooked on this series. I think kids will love it. The humor is great. The illustrations are fun. This time the two dogs who love their owner Stewart's school decide to go and see what he is doing after school. They try his club but find it is not very fun. While hanging out in the cafetorium they accidentally invent their own club and seem to have quite a following. Great fun! Highly recommended for Grades 4-5.
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784 reviews91 followers
November 11, 2018
Thank you @kidlitexchange and @scholasticinc for a review copy of this new middle grade, chapter book. All opinions are my own. Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Start a Club by Accident will release 1.29.19!!!

I read this book with my 8 year old daughter. She had recently bought the first book, Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School, and was excited to introduce me to Waldo and Sassy. This is such a fun concept for a book. The two main characters are dogs who follow their owner, Stewart, to school. One stands on top of the other and their disguise is a trench coat. They are known as Salty. This story is all about joining after school clubs. Salty is not too thrilled when Stewart attends the Junior Officer Supply Enthusiasts meeting. Talking about highlighters and index cards isn’t too thrilling and there is a major shortage on snacks. It’s especially hard to concentrate when you hear the word club and can only think about sandwiches. They set off to wait for Stewart and find themselves in the cafeteria. They play lunch line and discover the Queen’s refrigerator full of yummy treats. Before long, other students start hanging out with them and they unknowingly start their very own club.

Kids are going to love this book. Waldo and Sassy are hilarious and absolutely entertaining. They don’t quite understand everything and get quite confused by the meanings behind a lot of words. The dog puns are spot on and the book is full of delicious foods. The chapters are short, making it easy for young readers to stay focused or would make a fun read a loud - especially if you are studying homonyms. It also contains great illustrations that will help bring the story to life. We enjoyed reading this one together everyday after school and will definitely be on the lookout for book 3, Two a Dogs in a Trench Coat Go on a Class Trip.
4 reviews
July 6, 2021
This book is great! Best for aged 6-14. The book is about two dogs, Sassy and Waldo, pretending to be a student named Salty. No one knows that about this secret, except for their best friend, Stewart. They participate in a parade with tons of other floats.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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166 reviews1 follower
July 19, 2020
These books were just ok for me, but my 9 year old daughter found them entertaining.....so I'll bump it up a star since she's in the target reading age, and I clearly am not!
Profile Image for Miriam.
447 reviews2 followers
January 17, 2019
#kidlitexchange #parther - Thanks @kidlitexchange and @scholasticpress (with a little help from Julie Falatko and Colin Jack) for the Advance Readers Copy of the second book in this fun series!
Yippy dog Waldo standing on the shoulders of bulldog Sassy continue to disguise themselves as Salty. In Book #1, they followed their preteen master Stuart to school to make sure he wasn’t getting eaten by monsters. (Spoiler: none of Stuart’s teachers are nuns).

Unfortunately, Stuart is up against a worse fate: His parents, who once wrote an ode to highlighters, have enrolled him in the Jr. Office Supply Enthusiasts club in an attempt to pad his college applications. As soon as Waldo and Sassy discover sticky notes and paperclips aren’t snacks, they invade the cafeteria for some food and accidentally start the Rover Scouts club.

Hey, with food and fun activities like “running really fast in circles”, how were they not going to beat the Glue Hands, Tea Parties, and Grover Cleveland Admiration clubs?

A disastrously hilarious climax at the town Founders’ Day parade packs in a message about self-acceptance and friendship without being heavy-handed.
Running jokes about dogs’ insatiable appetites, dumb humans who fail to see “Sassy” for… two dogs in a trench coat, insufferably dorky adults, and Waldo’s stereotypical canine enthusiasm are cleverly woven throughout.
While Waldo is a boy and Sassy is a girl, the dogs aren’t heavily gendered.

Give to: Fans of Weir Do, Captain Underpants, and Spy Toys.
Frequent pictures and mixed-font text break up the page and may make the transition from Chapter Book to proper Middle Grade less intimidating.

TWO DOGS IN A TRENCH COAT START A CLUB BY ACCIDENT hits your shelves Jan 29, 2019, but is currently available in your Scholastic #bookorder !
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268 reviews9 followers
March 18, 2019
The 7-year-old dog fan gave this one "a high five stars" -- which is his highest award so far, for a book. I have to admit, this was a LOT of fun to read aloud and we are anxiously anticipating the arrival of our copy of the second in this series.

I read some of the other reviews, and please allow me to say, as a parent: NOT ALL BOOKS HAVE TO TEACH SOME MORAL LESSON!!! Jeesh, can't we just every now and then have some FUN? Plus, I seem to remember that in my college and graduate school years, sometimes the assignments done at the last minute were the most successful. But back to the review:

The plot is funny, as the dogs (masquerading in their trench coat as a human student named "Salty" -- I know, right?) confuse various situations and phrases and general hilarity ensues. While I wouldn't classify this as a graphic novel, the artwork is sweet and cute and helps to illustrate how funny the story is. The clever typography and large pictures also help break up larger sections of text, for kids who are reading on their own but who are intimidated by a wall of words.

We had many laugh-out-loud moments reading this book. If you absolutely HAVE to have every book your child reads include some kind of "teachable moment," there are plenty of opportunities to discuss good and bad decisions in the book, as well as discussing what kinds of chaos can happen from misunderstandings and unclear instructions. Alternatively, you can appreciate this book as a piece of comedy and just enjoy laughing.
April 10, 2019
This is the first of the TWO DOGS IN A TRENCH COAT series that I’ve read, and it was so great! Its such a funny premise for books: Waldo and Sassy are two dogs who wear a trench coat and pretend to be a student at Bea Arthur (ha!) Elementary so they can be with their boy, Stewart. 🐶

This is the 2nd book and this time around, the dogs START A CLUB BY ACCIDENT. Mostly because the they can’t ever figure out that a club isn’t a sandwich.
And they don’t want to join the Office Supply Enthusiasts Club with Stewart (I’d join that club) because there aren’t any snacks.
And no surprise, but their club has a whole lot to do with snacks. 🥩

Julie Falatko has mastered that middle grade silly humor that kids just eat up. It’s just such funny writing, especially Waldo’s “dog as a human” voice. I found myself laughing out loud in a bunch of sections and I’m not even 8. Colin Jack’s illustrations are really great, too, and add the perfect amount of goofy fun to almost every page. 🐕

I read it first so that I could share my review but I’m really looking forward to introducing this series to my girls.

Thanks to the #kidlitexchange for the review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
Profile Image for RedPoppyReading.
213 reviews3 followers
December 15, 2018
“Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Start a Club by Accident,” written by @julie_falatko and illustrated by @colinjackstories, is a pure delight. This comedy of errors had my seven-year-old, five-year-old and I laughing through the whole book! The main character is Salty, two dogs stacked on top of each other, who come to school as a human student to keep their human owner, Stewart, company. Salty accidentally starts a club (a club sandwich?) that focuses on activities of napping, eating and running in circles. When Salty learns the club has to participate in the Founder’s Day Parade and make a float (a root beer float?) comedy ensues! Everyone needs a friend like Salty (aka Sassy and Waldo). He is loyal and encouraging! One thing I especially loved about this book is that it is 100% positive – no “bad guys” or mean characters. My daughters know that this is a book we need in our home permanently, so we will be buying our own copy when it is released on January 29, 2019, and so should you!

Thanks to @scholasticinc for sharing this book with #kidlitexchange and thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book – all opinions are my own.
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13k reviews269 followers
June 24, 2019
In this, the second in this humorous series, Sassy and Waldo continue to accompany their beloved human, Stewart, to school. They attend classes in a trench coat and are known as Salty, a transfer student. They love cafeteria food and learning new things. But mostly, they love being with Stewart. But when he joins an after-school club focusing on office supplies, something his parents love, the two canines have to find a way to stay busy while waiting for him. Naturally, they head to their favorite place--the school cafeteria--where they end up finding lots of good food and starting their own club. There is plenty of confusion over the term "club" since the dogs think it's a type of sandwich, and quite a lot of focus on all the clubs building a float for the town's Founder's Day Parade. Despite the importance of the event, the two dogs still manage to find plenty of time for naps and snacks and dreaming of sausages. Third, fourth or fifth graders looking for a book to make them laugh will find it in this one.
Profile Image for Margaret Boling.
2,186 reviews35 followers
June 20, 2019
6/17/2019 ~ Perfect for readers who are ready to move beyond Junior Fiction (i.e. Notebook of Doom and The Ghost Patrol); Waldo & Sassy (a.k.a. Salty) are hilarious. I can't wait to introduce this series to the readers in my elementary library. In addition to the humor, each book (so far) has a bit of a problem that the human character, Stewart, has to overcome. By the end of the story, he's figured out how to speak up for himself; in this case, he wants to be in a different club than his parents were.
Profile Image for Brenda.
1,160 reviews18 followers
August 12, 2019
Waldo and Sassy pick up on the fact that their boy, Stewart, is not thrilled about the club his parents signed him up for - Junior Office Supply Enthusiasts. As combined dogs/person, Salty tries to help makes things more exciting for Stewart, but a lack of snacks make that difficult for the dogs. While they are off in search of food they mistakenly start a club. Waldo and Sassy see it as an after school playdate, but to the other kids it is more - and there's a float and a parade involved. Fun!
Profile Image for Kristen.
779 reviews21 followers
August 9, 2019
If possible, this book was even funnier than the first. I just love the absurdity of it all. Who would really believe that two dogs in a trench coat are really a human boy? How can dogs talk? Are these people blind? None of that matters, because this story is played entirely for laughs. And frankly, that's just what a lot of kids want and need. Hilarious, well-written nonsense wrapped up in a zany plot.
Profile Image for Melissa.
2,326 reviews16 followers
March 3, 2019
I loved the first book in this series, and read this one right after and was confused and underwhelmed. Maybe like humans and club sandwiches, (you have to read the book) there are only so many you can eat in a row before you need a break. I look forward to checking in with kids and finding out if they feel the same or if perhaps adults can only stand goofy, non-sequitur fun in small doses.
Profile Image for Dawn.
1,027 reviews8 followers
July 30, 2019
One of my students gave me this book to read. He said, "This is really good. You have to read it."

I can see why he thought it was really good. It's silly and fun. Ever wondered what your dog is thinking? This book will give you insight into that! These dogs love their owners, meat, cheese and running in circles. Seems legit!
130 reviews16 followers
March 19, 2020
Putting aside the absurd pretense- that no one would notice two stacked dogs aren't a human student- every character in the book had the exact same sense of humor, and that was irritating. If you pulled a random quote out of the book, it could be any student speaking. Really long and not that great.
6,953 reviews26 followers
March 4, 2019
The humorm continues as Waldo and Sassy create an after school club to eat and run in circles. Elementary level readers will enjoy the concept of dogs attending school in disguise and fully participating in activities.
36 reviews
July 25, 2019
This was a very entertaining read, very fun and kid-like. I like how the dogs act, and how the kids look up to and like the dogs, while the dogs are just being themselves. Definitely recommend for an entertaining read.
56 reviews
October 19, 2020
The plot in this book wasn't very earth shattering, but it was appropriate for children in the younger grades for sure! I read this for the Triple Crown Award review, so I approve of it for the award. I don't know if it will compare to other books whose plots are much better.
Profile Image for Tracey.
2,744 reviews
March 8, 2021
audiobook (children's fiction/beginning chapterbook series). I like this series, and the audiobook is well-produced, but I really miss the visual element of the accompanying illustrations. This would be really funny (for kids) if they can follow the story along okay just with the audio.
Profile Image for Sara.
151 reviews
February 2, 2019
I laughed and it was so lovely and I love the Can I Pet Your Dog references as well.
Profile Image for Nora.
28 reviews
February 6, 2019
Someone in my family wrote this and it is such a funny story but you should read the first one to understand it fully. Also my dogs name is Jeffy because she took dog name suggestions
Profile Image for Marlee.
1,661 reviews
April 22, 2019
So much fun! I read this aloud to my daughter, and she laughed out loud in almost every chapter. Hilarious characters and plot.
Profile Image for Lesley.
403 reviews8 followers
June 7, 2019
Not as good as the first one but Waldo and Sally are still excellent!
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