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Antoni in the Kitchen

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Antoni Porowski, the food and wine guru on Netflix's sensation Queer Eye, meets people where they live—literally. With appealing vulnerability, he shows cooks of all levels how to become more confident and casual in the kitchen. The verve and naturalness of his approach earned raves from Food & Wine and Bon Appétit to GQ and the New York Times, which noted his dishes prove that “sometimes simple is anything but simplistic.”

Some of the recipes in this book are weeknight healthyish meals, while others are perfect for off-the-cuff entertaining. Visual stunners, they’re often composed of fewer than five ingredients. Whether Bastardized Easy Ramen; Malaysian Chili Shrimp; Roasted Carrots with Carrot-Top Pesto; or Salty Lemon Squares, all are visual stunners and can be carried off with panache, even by beginners.     

272 pages, Hardcover

First published September 9, 2019

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About the author

Antoni Porowski

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Antoni Porowski is a Polish-Canadian Emmy award winning reality tv personality, actor, chef and model. He is known for his role as the food and wine expert in the Netflix series Queer Eye.

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1,790 reviews2,133 followers
September 29, 2019
Is this a cookbook or a thirst trap??

I’m not rating the cookbook. I flipped through it, and there was honestly maybe one recipe I could see myself making. But I kind of figured based on what Antoni cooks on Queer Eye never seems super appealing to me. But I think lots of people will love this cookbook.

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908 reviews1,574 followers
Shelved as 'not-released-tbr'
May 24, 2020

Many thanks to Bridget at HMH for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review

[12/10/19] - Congratulations, Antoni Porowski, on winning the 2019 Goodreads Choice Award for Cookbooks!


i have it. now, i can stare at pictures of him in a not at all creepy way (just kidding it will very creepy)


He's a cook and he's hot

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1,102 reviews80 followers
January 2, 2020
Bizarre. Very bizarre.

I don't really know who this guy is but I felt deeply uncomfortable by the 47 photos of him included in this cookbook featuring absolutely zero food but only him gazing longingly into the camera.

After finishing this, I reread the blurb hoping to assuage my confusion. I'm more confused. Casual? Half of these recipes call for artisan cheeses or other ingredients I can easily attain now that I live in a large city but let me tell you boy if I asked for Emmenthaler in my small Midwest hometown they'd be on the phone to ICE faster than you can say ope.

AND THEN there is the inclusion of, "cast iron butter basted steak." What? How else are you cooking it? This seems deeply amateur compared to the majority of the book. As well as the raspberry mousse dome and coconut sheet cake. Did you know the 80s were FORTY YEARS AGO now?

Discombobulated. Completely lacking in cohesion. An utter flop.
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1,455 reviews707 followers
September 5, 2019
Antoni in the Kitchen is a delicious cookbook that combines scrumptious recipes, modern twists, with a Heartwarming look into Antoni's life and his inspiration.

I loved the his top ten culinary Mantras. They are fun and do able lil tips. But most importantly don't bit too much pressure on cooking it should be fun.

I loved the chapter names.

Apps and Snacks
Green Veg and other sides
Soups and stews
Peas and rice
Weeknight healthyish

A few examples of recipes
* slow roasted garlic
* radish in pink peppercorn & chive butter
* Olive oil & peppers marinated watermelon bites with halloumi
* roasted butternut squash soup
* five onion soup
* rich turkey chilli with dark beer & chocolate
* new style polish hunters stew
* pasta with sausage lemon and parsley
* salty lemon squares
* polish caramel Easter squares

The majority of the recipes have gorgeous photographs to show you what your aiming towards.
The recipes are easy to follow.
Some of the ingredients might be a little difficult or costly to get.
The ingredients are in grams, tablespoons, teaspoons etc.. So you might need to use a converter if you use cup measurements or oz.
I liked that some of the recipes have extra tips to help you.
I think that all levels of cooks will be able to use this scrumptious cook book as there is such a variety of recipes that it caters for everyone.

Overall a great cookbook that I will definitely look forward to using.
Profile Image for Nicole.
115 reviews20 followers
October 27, 2021
*74 Recipes Completed: Individual Recipe Ratings Below*

My husband and I dearly wanted to like this cookbook, but unfortunately I can't say that we did - which is a real struggle when you dedicate a full year to cooking the majority of recipes from a single cookbook. Ouch!

In my opinion this was an average to below average cookbook. Antoni has a tendency to focus on very bright flavors that I feel are generally uncommon in American cuisine (enter: lemon/lime and anise accompanied w/almond and dates) Which sounds new, exciting, and refreshing! But in reality recipes tended to came out tasting very one tone. A perfect example, would be the Roasted Butternut Squash Soup which sounds utterly delicious and should have packed a rich umami punch but ended up tasting entirely of lime juice. Other recipes simply fell flat, with minimal flavor development - eg: Velvety Tomato Sauce which tasted like tomatoes out of a can (which essentially, it was).

On the upside, there are new ideas presented here and cultural bits that I was able to appreciate. I don't want it to seem that all recipes were under par, the average rating here is nearly exactly 3 Stars: an 'okay' rating. There were some hard hitters, recipes that we really liked and will likely make again - the Roasted Carrots w/Carrot Top Pesto, Bastardized Ramen and Farro Bowls come to mind. In general though, not a cookbook worth purchasing.

One final note: The Bakes section was - in a couple words - involved, but delicious.

Apps and Snacks: 14/19 Recipes
Medjool Dates w/Blue Cheese, Marcona Almonds and Prosciutto (3/5)
Warm Herbed Olives w/Marcona Almonds (3/5)
Reema’s Masala Nuts (3/5)
Green Mango w/Chili Sugar Salt (3/5)
1990s Porowski Goat Cheese Canapés (3/5)
Slow Roasted Garlic w/Parmigiano Reggiano Nuggets and Honey (3/5)
Cheesy Lemon-Rosemary Artichoke Dip (3/5)
Johnny’s Queso Blanco (4/5)
Olive Oil and Pepper Marinated Watermelon Bites w/Halloumi (1/5)
Spicy Fennel Frico (3/5)
Hi Lo Poutine (2/5)
Alsatian Tart w/Charred Red Onions and Creme Fraiche (3/5)
Alsatian Tart w/Melted Leeks, Gruyere and Prosciutto (3/5)
Alsatian Tart w/Miso Glazed Squash (3/5)

Greens, Veg and Other Sides: 15/20 Recipes
Southern Italian / Cold NYC Winter Salad (4/5)
Duck Fat Roasted Potato Salad w/Mustardy Sauce (3/5)
Carrot Ribbon Salad w/Ginger, Parsley and Dates (3/5)
Asparagus w/Oozy Eggs (2/5)
Crispy Brussels Sprouts w/Prosciutto Chips (3/5)
Braised Red Cabbage w/Pears and Cumin (3/5)
Roasted Carrots w/Carrot Top Pesto (4/5)
Cauliflower Rice w/Parmigiano (3/5)
Cauliflower Steaks w/Turmeric and Crunchy Almonds (2/5)
Summer Corn w/Chorizo and Cilantro (4/5)
Tender Peas w/Butter and Mint (2/5)
Baby Potatoes w/Butter and Dill (3/5)
Roasted Potato Wedges w/Montréal Steak Seasoning (3/5)
Roasted Sweet Potato Fries w/Chimichurri (3/5)
Frenchified Latkes w/Chive Sour Cream (4/5)

Soups and Stews: 8/9 Recipes
Easy Bastardized Ramen (5/5)
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup w/Ginger and Lime (2/5)
Five-Onion Soup w/Crispy Shallots (2/5)
The Polish Hangover Soup (1/5)
Rich Turkey Chili w/Dark Beer and Chocolate (3/5)
Pomegranate Walnut Chicken Stew (3/5)
Beef Bourguignon w/Parsnips and Cognac (3/5)
New Style Polish Hunter’s Stew (4/5)

Pasta and Rice: 7/8 Recipes
Baked Turkey, Mac and Cheese (3/5)
Mac and Cheese with Fresh Herbs and Peas (3/5)
Summer Pasta Salad w/Pickles Grapes (3/5)
Pasta w/Sausage, Lemon, and Parsley (3/5)
Champagne and Lemon Risotto (4/5)
Rice and Potato Tahdig w/Saffron and Turmeric (2/5)
Tomato, Basil and Melty Mozzarella Baked Rice (2/5)

Weeknight Healthy-ish: 14/17 Recipes
French Omelette w/Cheese and Chives (4/5)
Rainy Day Grilled Cheese w/Prosciutto and Easy Tomato Bisque (3/5)
Farro Bowl w/Sweet Potatoes, Arugula and Chicken (5/5)
Crispy Skin Salmon w/Horseradish Cream Sauce (4/5)
Blackened Swordfish w/Polenta Hushpuppies and Roasted Tomatoes (3/5)
Fish Tacos w/Chipotle Mayo (4/5)
Smoky Chicken Skillet Fajitas (3/5)
Chicken Milanese w/Baby Tomato Salad (4/5)
Pulled Chicken w/Cilantro and Lime (3/5)
Turkey Meatballs in Velvety Tomato Sauce (2/5)
Turkey Kefte w/Hummus and Spicy Crushed Cucumber Salad (4/5)
Moroccan Style Pasta Bolognese (3/5)
Kielbasa Polish Style (3/5)
Hanger Steak w/Charred Limes, Fresh Chiles, and Herbs (3/5)

Animal 8/13 Recipes
Pineapple and Shrimp Skewers w/Green Sauce (3/5)
Malaysian Chili Shrimp (3/5)
Chile Maple Roasted Chicken (3/5)
Souvlaki Arahova (5/5)
Turkey Meatloaf w/a Block of Sharp Cheddar (2/5)
Cast Iron Butter Basted Steak (3/5)
Pork Chops like at Kiki’s Taverna (3/5)
Rosemary Pork Tenderloin w/Maple Bourbon Onion Jam (4/5)

Bakes: 8/13 Recipes
Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies (4/5)
Salty Lemon Squares (3/5)
Ginger-Cardamom Cowboy Cookies (2/5)
Polish Caramel Easter Squares (3/5)
Vanilla Pots de Creme w/Mango Coulis (3/5)
Raspberry Mousse Dome (4/5)
Jim’s Pi Pie (3/5)
Kansas City Coconut Sheet Cake (3/5)

5 Stars: Amazing, Loved
4 Stars: Really Good, Will Make Again
3 Stars: Good, Average
2 Stars: Didn't Like
1 Star: Hated
Profile Image for Han.
783 reviews26 followers
December 17, 2019
Will I make anything in this photoshoot of Antoni being hot in kitchens? I will not. But I sure enjoyed flipping through it.
228 reviews1 follower
October 6, 2019
There are some good recipes in this book. (Try the turkey keftes!) I would have preferred more pics of the food and fewer of Antoni, cute as he is, lol.
Profile Image for Carol -  Reading Writing and Riesling.
1,126 reviews114 followers
September 27, 2019
A great read - Antoni shares with the reader memoirs from his childhood; family meal times and shares recipes that you will love. The best thing about the recipes is that the ingredient list is very specific - instead of saying a juice one lemon (this is one of my biggest gripes about some cook books - I grow citrus, the size of the fruit varies so much, so when a recipe calls for the juice of a lime or lemon or orange for example - what size are we talking? Antoni provides an actual measurement in spoonfuls...so helpful. And the recipes for "bakes" indicate what shelf to place trays on - again so helpful.
There are so many inviting, easy recipes in this book. Loved this one.

PS the Ginger-Cardamon Cowboy Cookies are easy to make and delicious.
Profile Image for The Candid Cover (Olivia & Lori).
1,150 reviews1,289 followers
October 29, 2019
Full Review on The Candid Cover

Antoni in the Kitchen by Antoni Porowski is a cookbook that is unlike any other that I have read. The recipes are fresh and fun, while the images and commentary will satisfy fans of the Netflix series, Queer Eye. It is an easy to follow book that contains a multitude of ideas for home chefs.

One of my favourite TV personalities, Antoni Porowski, has created the ultimate book for his fans. Even if cooking isn’t quite your thing, the cookbook has so many gorgeous images of Antoni that it is actually hard to focus on the recipes. Also, the foreword and the recipes themselves are packed full of personal stories that it feels like Antoni is sharing his life story through food.


It is hard to decide what recipe to start with when you open this book. There are ideas for things like Apps and Snacks, Soups and Stews, Weeknight Healthyish, and Bakes. Most of the ingredients are easy to source and the tools required are minimal to create the dishes in the cookbook.


What I love most about the recipes that I created was the fact that they are not only simple, but a step-up from the norm. There is always an ingredient or two that takes something like a traditional oatmeal cookie to an intense flavour combination. For example. the addition of crystallized ginger gives a bit of unexpected spice to a sweet treat. Even Chickpea Masala gets updated with a little bit of dried apricot.

If you are looking for some interesting and non-traditional recipes, Antoni in the Kitchen is one cookbook to check out this season. Not only are there some beautiful images and lovely anecdotes in the book, the recipes are unique and simple. I look forward to trying more of them.
Profile Image for Camille.
463 reviews19 followers
September 4, 2019
I have to admit I don't know Antoni Porowski and I've never watched Queer Eye (I've heard of it though). So this isn't a fan review. I wanted to read this book because the recipes sounded interesting and different. Boy was I not disappointed!

The design of the book is beautiful, the photographs, fonts, etc, everything works perfectly in harmony. The recipes are original, varied and sound delicious. I would call them healthy but hearty, which is what I love. There are some cool tips and ideas as well. I never thought of making carrot top pesto, for example, which is a brilliant idea as I never know what to make with my carrot tops.
I love the addition of Polish recipes, as well as recipes inspired by a lot of other places. Honestly I want to try so many of these recipes, I'm going to have to meal plan for the next few weeks so I can try all these delicious ideas!!

Disclaimer - I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Nic.
1,572 reviews59 followers
October 24, 2019
I don't usually read all the way through cookbooks, but I did this time. I mean, I didn't read the full recipe every single time - especially meat ones, since I wouldn't make those - but I read all of the recipe intros and all of Antoni's little cooking tips. Interesting, useful, and often cute and fun. I enjoyed it - and look forward to making some of the recipes! I'll try to remember to update my review once I've done so and can comment on how they turned out.
Profile Image for Z. Yasemin.
122 reviews4 followers
October 30, 2020
My 2020 kitchen game was changed with this book! not only I got to try some delicous food but it also encouraged me to do more cooking and be more adventurous in doing so!
Profile Image for Nicole.
336 reviews37 followers
December 29, 2019
I made some delicious recipes from this book! I like that Antoni stayed true to who he is as a cook & what he is interested in food wise.
The book also has beautiful images.
Profile Image for Vanya Prodanova.
666 reviews26 followers
February 12, 2020
Ох, откъде да почна...

Това не е кулинарна книга, а наръчник как да се докараш до двоен байпас до 30 годишна възраст. Отваряш книгата и от всяка рецепта тече лой и мазнинка. Без да съм яла, имах чувството, че ми става тежко. От друга страна, е чудесен начин да си убиеш апетита - две прочетени рецепти и ти се е отщяло всичко. :Р

За някой, който готвенето е хоби или страст, книгата може и да му хареса, но за човек като мен, който приема готварските книги като начин да научиш нещо ново, лесно, вкусно и здравословно за ядене, тази книга беше отвратителна. Да, осъзнавам, че тази книга е повече артистична кулинарна книга, отколкото готварска книга за... хора, но пак дори и в т.н. по-артистични книги с рецепти, намираш вдъхновение и нещо, към което да се стремиш или пробваш. Тук нямаше нищо такова. Някакъв млад мъж, взел че му се усмихнал късмета да участва в някакво кулинарно предаване и вече видиш ли готвенето му е страст, макар преди това да е било просто за удоволствие. Толкова ме дразнят такива неща, че не е истина...

Така и не разбрах защо беше необходимо да има толкова много снимки на автора, при все че някои рецепти бяха без снимки. Къде е логиката на рецепта за бисквити да си сложиш собствената снимка с куче вместо снимка на бисквит��те... не знам.
Отделно, рецептите бяха толкова сложно обяснени, че четенето на Юнг ми се струва като песен, сравнение с половината сложни имена на продукти и начин на приготвяне.

Беше си живо нещастие, че се оказа, че книгата я има в библиотеката, защото ако я нямаше, щях да си спестя малоумните и абсурдни рецепти, които минаха през очите ми. :/

Книгата я прочетох като част от предизвикателството ми да прочета всички победители от Goodreads Choice Awards 2019.
Profile Image for Maryna Ponomaryova.
466 reviews27 followers
June 17, 2020
Зі мною певно щось не так: Третя кухарська книга за рік, і я навіть не збираюсь нічого з неї готувати, хоче тільки може якісь аперитиви (бо багато чого з м’ясом), але загалом гарно, душевно, і ентоні молодець. Food is love.
Profile Image for Miss Susan.
2,404 reviews51 followers
October 29, 2019
food photographs are super pretty but there's not a lot here i'd actually cook -- i think i snapped photos of maybe half a dozen recipes? also my man antoni does a lot more entertaining than i do, god as my witness, i do not and will not spend time making pretty appetizers the way he does, at most i'll do a side salad + dessert if i have company over

(on my own the dessert stays but otherwise, i don't believe in sides, when there's a salad on my table it's hearty enough to be a whole meal)

i was entertained by the fact that antoni is clearly willing to lean in to his role as queer eye's resident thirst trap, there were almost as many photos of him as there were of the food :')

3 stars
Profile Image for Sarah H.
176 reviews12 followers
December 9, 2019
I don't even know how to rate a cookbook...I made a bunch of the recipes. The pizza rice bundt cake thing was a big hit at Friendsgiving. There were as many pictures of Antoni as there were of food. The foreward talked about his personal history with food, but I thought it could have been much more personal. But this is a cookbook, not a memoir.
170 reviews
December 26, 2019
I feel like I should only mark this read after having tried out every single recipe, but I want to share the joy. So. Much. Great. Food. Omnomnoms
Profile Image for emily.
340 reviews200 followers
December 1, 2019
When I first got the book, I was very ready to give this a 3 although I love Antoni & Queer Eye, etc.. However, after I finished reading the book, it was very hard not to give it more. To give it any less would be so unfair. Yes, the recipes aren't fucking extraordinary/weird in the super cool ways like Adria or Redzepi, but there is so much effort and love put into this book (read it then you'll know what I mean; like fucking heart emojis coming at you). The book feels like the warmth of a comfy/familiar hug in the midst of winter. Fuck radiators, get into the kitchen with this lovely cookbook and turn on the fucking oven. The recipes are very easy to follow - and Antoni's personality sparkles through each page with the lovely and clear descriptions/instructions. The 'champagne risotto' grabbed my attention almost in the way like when 'hot priest' in the TV show Fleabag first met the character Fleabag (when she ignored him, and he was like 'Fuck you then'; and she turned back - and they both smiled). It's 'just another risotto recipe' but also - since not too long ago, I've been trying to cut alcohol completely from my life. & so I've also occasionally entertained myself with the thoughts of not-boring date ideas (w/o alcohol); and a fucking champagne risotto is so fab because it has got all the cheeky aesthetics of champagne but w/o the alcohol (since you're gon' burn/cook it away - so win win ain't it). Enough about the risotto, I also love the 'Malaysian chilli shrimp' recipe. No it's not a 'legit' M'sian recipe, but I didn't want a 'legit' Malaysian recipe - I want Antoni's rendition/take on the recipe - and this is exactly what you get - with all the cute personal bits ! Also, I grew up in M'sia, and I lov this recipe for a happy handful of reasons. Also, really love the concept of the 'Turkey Kefte'. It's such a 'healthy' and balanced dish, but it's so wholesome and light (I feel like that's almost an oxymoron). I never really know what to do with turkey; and this seems like such a fab way to go about it. When I was younger, I used to cook turkey legs like lamb shanks, but that's way too much effort for a gal in her mid-twenties trying to balance everything in her life!
Profile Image for my bookworm life.
501 reviews21 followers
October 13, 2019
I was very kindly sent a copy of this book from the publishers via Instagram, all views are my own.

This is one of the best, if not the best, cookbooks that i own! , it has a bit of everything and it put together brilliantly! , the recipes look delicious and are so easy to follow too. It has a wide range of dishes to choose from, covering appetisers, snacks, pasta dishes, meat dishes, vegetable sides and bakes. I have made a few things from this book and found each one very easy to follow the recipe for, and loved Antoni's little comments and notes alongside the recipe itself too.

I love how much of his personality comes through with this book, from all the beautifully shot photo's included to the little stories and notes that accompany each recipe and at the start. You can tell how much heart went into it, and how much food truly means to him.

I would recommend this cookbook to anyone! it literally has recipes that i feel would appeal to anybody, and you will find it hard to decide what you want to do first!.
Profile Image for Karrie Wagner.
151 reviews11 followers
March 6, 2020
A picture book of Antoni in the kitchen or recipes from Antoni in the kitchen? Still out for debate. Thankfully Antoni is as delicious as his recipes so either way I'm thankful to have a copy in my kitchen.
Profile Image for Enhee Tsoodol.
116 reviews16 followers
March 12, 2020
Хоолны жоруудыг нь гүйлгэж харсан ч эсрэгээрээ энэ залуугийн зургуудаар хоол хийх гэж байгаам шиг л тогтож шүүрс алдаж харлаа даа (ижил хүйстэн юм байлээ гэхдээ лол). За тэгээд гарын ганц шар тайлах польш шөл эндээс хийж суръя гэж бодлоо. Өөр ч тайван дөө.
“This tangy, fortifying soup has brought millions of Poles back to life after a hard night of bad decision-making. (Read: vodka). The healing quality comes, ostensibly, from a fermented sour rye soup starter called zakwas”
Profile Image for Erin.
657 reviews42 followers
January 23, 2020
This is actually one of the best cookbooks I've read. Which brings me to question: can you really read a cookbook? Does it count? It's a book and I read it, but also I feel like it doesn't count. Anyway, this one was very good. And although my cookbook-reading history isn't extensive, I still think that means something. This is exactly what I expected of Antoni, and it's great. Sometimes I feel like cookbooks are too far out of reach for people just getting into cooking, but this one doesn't do that. It takes the things you already love and elevates them several notches. I love that Antoni has taken the opportunity to throw all sorts of spins on classical - and even not-so-classcial - dishes. From his Polish-Canadian background to putting a Middle Eastern twist on a traditionally western dish, it felt a bit like coming home but also stepping outside of your comfort zone. I also thing this book balances really well between personal histories and cooking. You know when you find a recipe on Pinterest that you want to try, but you have to read about someone's whole life story first? Antoni doesn't do that, thankfully. But there's still some backstory there, which is perfect for Queer Eye fans who just want another glimpse into Antoni's soul.

When it was (separately) announced that each of the Fab 5 would be releasing a book, all before the show had been out for barely a year, I admit I was a bit skeptical. It felt like publishers were all capitalising on the success of the show, focusing on how much they could make rather than let any projects arise naturally. Even the Queer Eye book I gave a little side eye. I've read one of their releases, which I was extremely disappointed by. I won't say which one, but feel free to take a look through my reviews. I'm pleased to say that I have a vastly different opinion of this one, and that it's totally worth reading (even if just for the very, very attractive photos of Antoni handling vegetables. Seriously. It's like he's staring into the linings of my soul on every page). This book has heart in it and holding it in my hands actually makes my own heart sing.
Profile Image for Rebecca Ann.
2,696 reviews
November 7, 2019
Swordfish is not paired-down, Antoni! I'm straight up only going to make this grilled cheese recipe because my version of paired down is a pack of ramen with frozen vegetables, but I was just here for the pictures of food and the fashion-model catalog of Antoni in different outfits.
Profile Image for Tara.
515 reviews8 followers
December 10, 2019
I got this book from the library a little before Thanksgiving and thought I might try a recipe to incorporate, but I didn't end up trying any of the recipes. The book starts with a short memoir-like introduction from Antoni and then a billion pictures of him, so many photos of him it's quite amusing. Since I'm vegan there weren't that many recipes that started out vegan, but I am usually fine adapting, there were a few I would have tried. I liked how he incorporates his polish roots and culture into his recipes and the blurbs before the recipes are lovely and his personality shines through a lot throughout the book. I ended up having to return it before I could try any- there's a long waitlist! I would check it out again to give it another shot though.
Profile Image for Chantal.
176 reviews
September 4, 2020
I have no idea who this guy is. The bio is interesting but it’s a bit too much IMO since I’m not flipping through to get to know his life story. I’m looking for recipes.
I didn’t try any. They range from recipes I can do with my eyes closed and a pinch of creativity (ahem, fancy grilled cheese) to recipes I would order in a restaurant instead of making because they fancy and time consuming to make.
The appetizer section was the most inspiring.
I will try the watermelon halloumi combo (been loving it with mint and feta).
I got this book from the library to check out before buying it. I will not be purchasing this book.
Profile Image for Sarah.
1,607 reviews59 followers
September 26, 2019
I think I’d eat most everything in this book though I don’t expect to actually make any of the recipes.
Profile Image for Diane.
18 reviews19 followers
February 15, 2020
This cookbook is beautifully photographed with easy and very tasty recipes that are mostly gourmet comfort food.
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