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When we were younger, Temperance Price was the quiet girl with dreamy eyes who hung on my every word. She was always beautiful, but I had plans to get out of Red Oak and make a life of my own.

Ten years later, a crushing tragedy has brought me home again—right back to her.

The innocent girl I left is gone, and in her place is a sassy single mom I can’t get out of my head. She’s hired me to fix her house, but I have other things in mind.

She thinks I’m just a handyman.
She thinks we’re only friends.
She thinks I’ve never noticed her.

I think what really needs to be fixed is her whole perspective.

Published June 28, 2018

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About the author

Miranda Elaine

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Miranda is a loving wife and barely surviving mother of three occasionally good kids. Her hobbies include lying to herself about the calories in donuts and banana pudding, as well as running out of excuses when procrastinating. She's been an avid reader since she was a young girl. Whether she's by the pool, curled up in bed, or hiding in the closet, as long as she has a book in her hands she’s happy.

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June 21, 2018
Fixing Her is the debut novel by Miranda Elaine. I know Miranda as one half of the hilarious writing duo, Liberty Laine!

When Asher Kade was in high school, he was “that guy” that all the girls noticed, especially Temperance Price, who was a couple of years younger than he was. He knew she had a huge crush on him and to be honest, he had one on her as well. But Asher had big plans for his life. He wanted to get out of the small town he grew up in, Red Oak, get a college degree in architecture and work in a big city. He achieved all of these things but then his family suffered a tragedy and he needed to go home. To be honest, he was ready. Something was missing from his life and he was pretty sure it was just time to go back. His father was retiring from the construction firm he owned, Kade Construction, so Asher was going to take it over.

little girl hiding under the bed

Temperance Price grew up in Red Oak. She is now twenty six years old. Her life might not have turned out the way she thought it would but she wouldn’t change a thing. She is a single mother to the biggest blessing of her life, her three year old little girl, Ellie. Except for her best friend, Leigh, Temperance doesn’t have anyone else. She is working three jobs to try to make ends meet, but she’s barely holding it together.

It’s at the worst possible time, with stains on her shirt, in her rattiest sweat pants and hair a mess, that she finds herself at Leigh’s parents’ house and Asher is there. She didn’t even know he was back! She hasn’t seen him for ten years but one look and she realizes that the old crush is still there. He seems to be flirting with her! But what will his reaction be when he realizes that she has a child?

And so it begins! The chemistry is amazing between these two. Asher is more than interested. He never had time for a long term relationship in the city but he can’t deny that he wants more from Tempie. Tempie, though, is holding back. She knows that once Asher gets a good look at her chaotic life, once he really gets to know her, he will run the other way. There is also another reason why this would never work. But Tempie isn’t ready to divulge everything just yet.

“Just for today I’m gonna keep my demons to myself. Just for today, I’m going to pretend to be the girl who gets to date the one guy she’s always wanted. I’ll bury the sadness deep down, knowing that tomorrow everything changes.”

“I want to feel what it’s like to be his, even if it’s just for one day.”


Asher was falling fast for Tempie. He is also falling for her little girl. He never thought he’d be good with kids but with Ellie, it just feels natural. Tempie is scared and wants to go slow so he’s going to do everything he can to reassure her that he’s all in. If it’s slow she wants, he’ll go slow. But he’s not giving up.

“I’m a man on a mission and that mission is to win over Temperance Price. I’m in this for the long haul. No matter how long it takes.”

sexy times

This was a slow burn, very sweet book. But there is also a bit of a twist, a surprise. Temperance was such a good Mom. She was trying so hard to keep it all together. I really wanted her to trust Asher more and stop with the back and forth. But I also understand why she was the way she was. Asher was awesome. He was so patient with her and so good to Ellie. At the end, I think he could have handled something a bit better. But other than that, he was perfection. I did enjoy this and also loved Tempie’s friend, Leigh. I see lots of potential for future books with the secondary characters.

“That woman was made to be mine, and I was made to be hers.”

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May 6, 2019
At 75% I wanted to Throw my Kindle I was so Peeved

I wouldn’t call this a second chance romance, but it started well and I was engaged and smiling. Asher Kade was about two years older than shy and quiet Temperance Price; she had a massive crush on him, in high school, even as she thought he never noticed her. Boy was she wrong, Asher felt a strong attraction to her, but knowing he wanted to leave their small town as soon as he graduated, he kept away – which was pretty decent (he does throw her a wink and smile here and there, but otherwise he keeps away).

A decade later Asher finds himself where he never though he would, back in his hometown, taking over his family business after his dad retires. When he sees Temperance, now a single mum with an adorable little girl, he knows she’s it and he’ll not give up until he has her. Sounds good right, but the truth is I didn’t feel the connection between the two potently.

As the book progressed, I didn’t find myself enraptured by Temperance and Kade but things were going ok, and I enjoyed Temperance’s kid. However, I then got to the 75% mark, and my apathy turned to anger, annoyance and mild disgust, the reason why Temperance was hesitant to get together with Kade, and went hot and cold, was because

Acquired via KU.
Shelved as 'abandoned'
July 14, 2018
This is a second chance romance.
And this is those book where the h needs a kick from her friend to get her love life roaring. Ugh..
H was h’s crush in high school. He also liked her. But didn’t act on it because he didn’t want to break her heart as his plans were to go out of town. After some 10 years he is back and now he owns his father’s construction company. The h is now a single mom. She is still shy around the H.

What I hated was the way the h’s friend try to bring them together. At first she makes the h look like a trash in front of the hero. Stupid. Then she smashes a hole in one of the wall at h’s house, so that gives h the reason to call the H to repair it.

Of course then the h’s embarrassment part. Ughhh.... I’m so fed up of them. Is it really romantic to catch h at her lowest or in her too short robes. Also the h’s daughter is the outcome of her one night stand.

And then the father of h’s daughter is

This book is a snoozefest and boring.
Not my type.
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1,082 reviews1,162 followers
June 28, 2018
4 ‘Made to be mine’ Stars

What a DEBUT for Miranda Elaine!!! Fixing Her is an amazingly beautiful and emotional love story!

Temperance and Asher were captivated for one another in high school. He was well aware of her crush, and was just and intrigued by her, but different life goals – and a very driven man, lol – took him out of their small town for ten years. Now back after being distant for so long, when he first gets a glimpse of Temperance he’s under her shy and sweet spell. But Temperance is not the same she was once…

Refusing his friendly gesture is hard but letting him in here for anything more than his job would just be teasing my heart. And that’s a dangerous game I’m not ready to lose.

Everything in me wants this woman. Maybe I need to show her exactly how I feel. The visceral need I have for her. Every inch of my body is hard and eager to find out what her skin feels like beneath my hands.

Life has not been easy for Temperance, a single mom working three jobs to make ends meet, fully devoted to her little girl, Ellie, she has now scars of her past, and ghost that haunt her, coming to surface even more by the return of her high school crush, her dream man, Asher – who is even more deliciously handsome in his adulthood.

He’s a remarkable man. A man that in a different life, at a different time, I would fight tooth and nail to make mine.

This might not be your dream scenario, but he is your dream guy. You can have the life you want. You can have it all, even if it’s messy.”

So Asher has a battle on his hands, which he’s fully aware and embraces from the start, he knows that Temperance – and Ellie – are worth all the resistance that she is going to throw his way. I adore how he was so in tune with his feeling and how much he wanted and craved her from the get go. He was such a man’s man that fought for what he wanted and I LOVED that.

Temperance was a complex and intricate character, her very few relations, showed us just how loyal and devoted she was, and we could see her early-on enforced maturity, as well as her dreams and wishes. Her fears were palpable, and when the plot twist – that I have to say I guessed beforehand, lol – was revealed, I truly wish Asher had reacted in a different manner. His more than once hurtful words and actions to her, the longevity of his ‘tantrum’ (not listening) and lack of apology and grovel for this attitudes after it was all cleared out, kind of stole from my enjoyment of the story, and therefore not the five stars I would have given had he shown a bit more maturity in their issues. Nonetheless, Asher has countless moments of swoon-worthiness – specially his Asher/Ellie times, that little girl was adorable – and some amazing words and thoughts.

That woman was made to be mine, and I was made to be hers.

Fixing Her truly was a brilliant debut novel for Miranda Elaine, and with such enticing characters, and interesting secondary ones, I honestly wish Ms. Elaine will give us all of their stories in the future! A beautiful, emotional and endearing friends to lovers romance that shows just how great Miranda Elaine writing talent is. I’ll definitely be following her every step of the way, and can’t wait to see what she brings us next! <3 <3 <3 <3

"I promise you this life we have will be the kind of life dreams are made of.”
“Asher.” Her voice is soft with a slight tremble to it. “I couldn’t dream up a better life than the one you’re giving me. I love you.”
“I love you, too. We’re going to be so happy. I promise you.”

ARC kindly provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR for an honest review
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January 21, 2019
Temperance had a huge crush on Kade Asher all through high school. He was a few years ahead of her but she enjoyed admiring him from afar, knowing that she would never have a chance with a guy like him.

In high school, Kade was focused on graduating and getting the heck out of town. His father owned a construction company and there was no way he was going to work for him and be tied down to his home town for life. He wanted to see the world and experience everything he could.

When a family tragedy brings Kade back to town, 10 years later, he finds himself doing just what he ran away from. Running his father’s business and getting settled back into his hometown. It’s not quite as bad as he remembered and things look up when he bumps into Temperance. She has gotten even more beautiful over the years.

The past 10 years have not been good for Temperance, she has had her own share of tragedy and bad luck. The one amazing thing she is the most proud of is her gorgeous wee daughter Ellie. Being a single mum has not been easy, she works three jobs to make ends meet and every day is chaos, whether it’s being told off for being late to work or trying to keep up with everything at home.

When she sees Kade Asher again she feels like she is 16 again. He is even more handsome than she remembers. He is still way out of her league but for some reason he is interested in getting to know her. He is flirting like crazy and going out of his way to help both her and Ellie.

As much as Temperance is enjoying this amazing attention from Kade, there are things she needs to share with him before things go any further and Ellie gets any more attached to him. She is fully aware that in doing so she risks losing him for good.

Fixing Her is a debut novel from Miranda Elaine. It had all things I enjoy in a sweet read romance story. It is set in a small town, has old high school friends reunited and a single mum with a very cute daughter.
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2,057 reviews311 followers
Shelved as '06-l-have-my-reasons'
July 2, 2018
I didn't enjoy this at all. It was good at the beginning but then it went downhill. The heroine got pregnant at a young age and since then has been looking after her daughter. She is a scatterbrained Mum she does her best and I really liked her that respect.

But then...

She gets a phone call from her bestie that THE GUY she had a crush on in highschool is back in town. And that he is currently in her parents house to do a quote about a renovation. This is where she then turns up in her sweats and her bestie thinks it is a good idea to give her a makeover or basically it looked like the 90s puked all over her. She went from cool to an imbecile.

The straw that broke the camels back for me was so that the heroine could see him again her bestie takes her high heel to the heroine's wall so that the handyman Hero can be called to reapair it.

After giving up at this point because I felt I was back in highschool I found out the secret. Boy am I glad that I didn't comtinue because I would have gone from annoyed to peeved off.

BTW I am tickled pink that 90% liked this book I just happen to belong to that 10% once again.

 photo New ARC_zpsdpyxs3wn.jpg
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,074 reviews12 followers
June 18, 2018
Fixing her is Miranda Elaines debut, and wow has she set the bar high for future books or what!

I was Captivated and enthralled by the end of chapter four. Temperance affectionately known as Tempie is just adorable and so realistic in her lifestyle.

A Whirlwind of chaos and stains had me chuckling along and nodding "yup yup I've had days like that" and that is what I loved about this book I was able to connect and sympathise with each and every situation that cropped up in her average morning.

Everyone has the one that got away or the guy you crushed on at high school, enter Asher Kade the former High school Quarterback loved and adored by all including Tempie.

This is where the rollercoaster of a ride that this book provides truly starts.

I found myself almost holding my breath, nails long gone, heart pounding in anticipation and expectation, teetering on the edge of my seat in excitement and then .. oh ..

*holds hands up* I openly admit I threw my phone.. I didn't drop it.. I threw it ..

Shocked, Astonished, totally didn't see that coming and to me the books that can do this to you are the ones that you remember, that you recommend to your friends, your peers and fellow book enthusiasts ..

So here I am telling you hand on my heart, you will wish you had a crazy shy friend like Tempie.  You will fall head over heels in love with Asher yourself and add him to your book boyfriend list.  Last but not least your emotions will go haywire, time will be lost and as your head and heart fill with one hundred different thoughts and emotions I suspect you will feel as I did.

So what is this story about, well what isn't it about is probably a better question. The past that never stays buried, the craziness of the unorganized. Love, life,  and the future of ... well now that I can't tell you :)

Just know you won't be dissapointed if you give Miranda a try. I can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.
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2,015 reviews105 followers
June 18, 2018

***4 ‘I’ll Never Regret Kissing You’ Stars***

I do love a good single parent romance and toss in the whole high school crush thing into the mix and I’m pretty much sold and Fixing Her was all kinds of sweet, sassy, funny and smexy with a nice little twist added in to give the story that punch of drama to keep you on your toes.

Temperance, I loved. She is a single mom doing all she can to give her daughter a good life and she handles the ups and downs that come with it as best as she can. She’s sweet, sassy, but still has a bit of the wallflower in her that comes out in certain circumstances. Asher is all kinds of charming, persistent alpha male and a really good man in general. He’s got a really good heart and while confident, isn’t an a-hole about it.

Temperance and Asher’s journey is all kinds of sweet and smexy, but it also has quite a bit of push/pull going on, and I’ll admit that I got a tad bit frustrated with it because here were two people so obviously interested into each other it was crazy, but I let it ride because it was kind of fun watching the chase and with Ellie added into the mix, there were some great laugh out loud moments. And then came the big old roadblock, that little twist that put a halt to things for a bit and all I can say is that I was totally #TeamTempie on this one. Thankfully, things do get cleared up and I really liked all that happened for them in the end.

Fixing Her was a lot of fun to read and I’m happy I took a chance on this debut. The writing was engaging, the pacing good as was the dual 1st person POV’s. All of the characters were very well written, especially Ellie who came through with many of the much needed humor throughout the story. Leigh is probably my fav, though Sam isn’t far behind and I’m crossing my toes that they both get books of their own down the road because I’d love to spend more time with all of these characters.

~ Copy provided by Social Butterfly PR & voluntarily reviewed ~
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1,414 reviews93 followers
June 25, 2018
This book. Oh my god. SO FREAKING GOOD! I can’t word anymore, my brain is still full of all the warm fuzzy feelings I have from reading this. Fixing Her is sweetness on top of feels on top of cuteness and I swear I might just explode from how happy reading this made me. Between the heart warming romance with Asher and Temperance and Temperance’s adorably sassy daughter there wasn’t a moment where I didn’t love everything about this book.
Temperance is my new favorite character. Real and relatable in not just the more serious parts of life, but the hilarious hot mess moments too. Literally right from the first page I was giggling while thinking “Been there too girl!” There’s just no way to read this and not feel like she could be one of your best friends. Asher is perfect book boyfriend material. Seriously, he probably has a closet full of shirts and they’re all made of book boyfriend material.
Aside from being all around sexy, he’s sweet, patient, and adorable with Temperance’s daughter. While filled with romance that melts your heart, their story isn’t all smooth sailing. The bumps on the road not only bring their story even more to life, they also add an emotional depth that takes their love to a whole new level and making this book impossible to put down.
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1,235 reviews87 followers
June 27, 2018
Miranda!!!!! Fixing Her made me feel sooo gooey inside...like warm chocolate chip cookies!!!

Gurlll I laughed, cried and swooned all things about Asher and Temperance!!! These two were such a hoot and Temperance's daughter just about stole the show!! OMG this little girl was such a doll and a funny little shit!!! haha

Asher and Temperance went to school together. Asher was a bit older but boy did Temperance have the HOTS for him!! After graduation, he moved away, she stayed in town.

Ten years later. Asher decides to come back home to work for his dads construction business and finds himself right back in front of the cute girl...that has grown up a beautiful woman and also finds out that she is a single mom. Temperance ends up hiring him to come over and do a little handyman work after her BFF causes a bit of damage in her house. *giggle snort* There may have been some deliberate damage done to get Asher to come over and "fix it" or fix something..hahaha

I gave Fixing Her 5 iScream "Delicious" Cones. I have now read several of Miranda Elaine's books and I have to tell you that each book makes me fall more and more in love with her and her books!!! Thanks for another fantastic read girlie!!!
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1,543 reviews1,368 followers
Shelved as 'nope'
November 14, 2018
The blurb is not appealing to me. I hate it when they come back many years later and ask for a second chance. And I hate it even more when they are given the chance.

Oh, please ignore me; second-chance is not my cuppa. Go for it if it is yours...

July 3, 2018
*I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book*

4.5 "Muffin" Stars!

If you were to tell me that this was Miranda's debut novel, I would say you were the biggest liar. It seemed as though she'd been writing forever. Honestly, this book was well written and such an easy read. It flowed effortlessly with likable characters I couldn't get enough of. Definitely will be reading more by this author.

Temperance was always the shy girl in high school. She also crushed so hard on Asher Kade. Though she knew he was unattainable because of who he was and she didn't think he'd look her way. Years later, Tempie, now is a single mother and working nonstop to care for her daughter. She's taken by surprise when her crush waltzes back to town and all those feelings she had in high school haven't gone away and have multiplied as soon as she locks eyes on him. And she's reverted back to the shy and self conscious girl she once was whenever she's near Asher. Maybe, just maybe, Asher just needs to help her out of her shell.

Asher Kade always knew as soon as he graduated high school he would leave Red Oak. He had goals to make something of himself and that could only happen by leaving. Though, he's back now to take over his dad's construction company upon his retirement. What he didn't expect was Temperance Price. He always knew she had a crush on him, but knowing of his plans to leave, he didn't want to pursue something with her only to break her heart in the end. But now, all bets are off and and he'll stop at nothing for his chance with her.

Tempie and Asher were everything. From their first encounter it was evident there were sparks between them. These two were so freaking adorable. Their getting-to-know-you stage blossoming into friendship was paced perfectly. These two gave me so many feels, and then add Tempie's adorable daughter, Ellie to the mix I was a goner. Asher and Ellie had the most cutest relationship, ugh sweet as pie I tell ya. I couldn't get enough of these three and just wanted more.

Fixing Her was a beautiful story filled emotion and an abundance of love. Oh, and that revelation? Yeah, I'm patting myself on the back because I so called it. I knew it! For this being Miranda's first novel, it's definitely a winner.
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1,111 reviews99 followers
June 21, 2018
I can't believe this is the debut novel by Miranda!  This was such a well written, lovely story. 

This is the story of Temperance and Asher.  And it started for them in high school.

I could really relate to Temperance when she was in high school. The shy, quiet type, loving the popular boy from afar.  I was impressed by the fact that Asher, when in high school, chose what he did.  It showed maturity.

Forward ten years later and the two of them are back in each other's worlds again.  But with the years that have passed, some big changes have come about too! 

I loved the humor and relatability of Temperance.  As a mom I could sympathize with the filterless innocence of young children and the hopelessness of keeping a shirt clean! 

The chemistry between Temperance and Asher is off the charts! And the romance of Asher... "I will never regret kissing you..." Holy swoon! 

The twist in the story is such a surprise! It gave the story just the right amount of angst.  A little sour with the sweetness of the story.

The secondary characters are fantastic and I hope that Miranda gifts us with stories of their own! Keep writing Miranda, you are going places!

Congratulations on a fantastic debut novel!  
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968 reviews
June 28, 2018
I enjoyed this sweet single parent romance . Temperance was a likeable character , she was insecure with herself at times. I was happy to see Asher didn't give up on winning her heart. Ellie was adorable , you never knew what that tiny chatterbox would tell you. Sam and Leigh were great secondary characters.
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2,005 reviews261 followers
June 25, 2018
Rate: 4,5/ 5 stars

Fixing Her is Miranda's first book ever and it honestly didn't show. She wrote fluently and her words were so so good. She came up with two characters who were meant to be and there was no doubt there.

Temperance was a strong single mom who would do anything for her sassy little girl. But she's also very shy and self-conscious. When the guy she always had a crush on comes back to town, she reverts back to the young girl who was crushing and lusting after Asher Kade; the girl who got tongue tied when he was near and who was always staring.

Asher always thought Tempie was cute and if he hadn't known that he was leaving town as soon as he graduated, he would have pursued her. But he wanted to leave, he wanted more out of his life other than working for his dad's construction company. So he left, he got his degree and is now an architect who is now also back in his hometown. After losing his brother a couple of moths back and his dad announcing his retirement; it feels right to be back and spend more time with his family and old friends.

When he sees Temperance for the first time, he's blown away. She's the same sweet girl but all grown up to be the most beautiful sexy woman he's ever laid eyes on. Asher sees how he still affects her so he grabs this second chance by the horns and doesn't let go. This time he isn't going anywhere and he's getting the girl.

It comes as a shock to him that Tempie is a mother, he doesn't even like kids but he soon falls for the sassy little cutie. It was inevitable. These two were super cute. I loved watching them become buddies. It was honestly the best. For someone who didn't like kids he was amazing with Ellie.
Now winning over her mother is a bit harder, she's scared, skittish and second guessing everything between them. She knows that the secret she's managed to keep for the past 3 years is about to come out and she doesn't know what to do. She knows it will change everything and she's not ready. Only the truth comes out before she could tell it and knowing who Ellie's father is threatens to ruin everything.

Miranda wrote a beautiful story full of love, secrets and heartbreak. For her first book I think she did beyond amazing and it's definitely a book worth checking out.

➳ARC kindly provided by author, in exchange for an honest review.

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2,154 reviews359 followers
June 27, 2018

Fixing Her is Miranda Elaine’s solo debut novel, and I am in love with this author’s sweet, sultry storytelling style! I always give a new indie author a lot of leeway with their debut novels, but I didn’t need to do that here. Miranda’s writing is crisp and engaging, brimming with endearing characters and a slow burn romance that was so addictive, I had a hard time putting my Kindle down.

Fixing Her was a well-paced, deliciously slow burning romance. The plot packed a serious one-two punch of emotion and humor, and there was one heck of a twist looming in the background that had the potential to change everything. I love the friends-to-lovers trope, and this author’s take on it was refreshing and unique with a bit of a second-chance feel to the story. She did a great job building the romance between a hero and heroine who clicked immediately as adults, recalled each other fondly as teens, and who weren’t going let this chance slip through their fingers.

Temperance, a single mother whose daughter’s father isn’t in the picture, crushed on Asher in high school, so getting this chance with him is the manifestation of all her teenage self’s fantasies. I loved the way the author captured those warring feelings between both the teenage and adult heroine. Asher was a smart man who found something he didn’t realize that he needed—or even wanted—in Temperance, and he wasn’t about to let her get away.

I’m thoroughly impressed with Miranda Elaine’s writing, and I absolutely loved her debut novel, Fixing Her. There is a whole of humor, heart and heat to be found on the pages of Fixing Her, and I absolutely devoured every single word of it. If this is what we can expect from Miranda Elaine right out of the gate, not only can she count me as a fan, but I’m very eager for more from this talented new author. Five smooches from me for Fixing Her by Miranda Elaine!
~ Danielle Palumbo
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1,737 reviews
November 23, 2018
Oh I really enjoyed this, quite a slow burn with lots of 'will they, won't they' feels. I loved the ending . 4.5 stars
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581 reviews26 followers
April 22, 2019
First book from this author. I really enjoyed the writing style. It flowed very nicely. I wish I didn't know the twist when I started the book. But my own fault. And what a twist it was!
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3,322 reviews54 followers
June 24, 2018
I enjoyed reading Miranda Elaine's debut novel, Fixing Her. A second chance romance of sorts with lots of heart and an emotional and sexy journey.

Happy reading!
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1,241 reviews56 followers
June 27, 2018
I really enjoyed this book! I was intrigued by the blurb and couldn’t wait to dive in. It was fun, it was sexy, and at times, it squeezed my heart. I am so glad I took a chance on this new-to-me author!

Temperance (Tempie) is a hot mess most days and I could totally relate! She is a single mom and I immediately felt a connection to her. One of the things I loved most about this book - it’s real, and makes you say, yes, that has happened to me!

Asher Kade was the high school crush, who’s back in town and determined to get what he wants – Tempie. He is a romantic and quite the gentleman, with the patience of a saint – I couldn’t help but fall for him. I loved his dedication and adoration he had for Tempie and her daughter, Ellie.

Little Miss Ellie...so adorable! She sorta stole the show sometimes. She was a perfect character for this story, making the story that much more heartfelt and believable.

Leigh is Tempie’s BF, the perfect best friend - the one every girl (me) wants and needs in their life. This book had many laugh out loud moments, and it was usually when Leigh was involved. She is an awesome secondary character. I think she should have her own book. *hint to the author*

This story was sweet & sexy with lovable characters, and I found myself thinking about it when I wasn’t reading, eager to get back to it. It was the perfect combination of heart, sass, and delicious sexy times. I cannot wait to read more from this author!
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383 reviews35 followers
July 1, 2018
Fixing Her is an amazing debut novel by Miranda Elaine. It was a very well written, lovely read full of heart, humor and heat. It drew me in from the very beginning and had me devouring each and every word, page after page.

Temperance, a single mom to a very cute and witty three year old girl, is working three jobs just to make ends meet. Never was she expecting to run into her high school crush again, but ten years later that is exactly what happened and she was not prepared. Now she must find a way to explain a long buried secret without destroying any relationships in the process.

Asher, faced with family tragedy and his dad's retirement, moves back home to take over the family business. He is surprised to find out that Tempie, the sweet and shy girl who used to crush on him, still lives in town. He had nothing to offer her before, but now that he is back, he is very patient and persistent in pursuing her. But will this newly formed relationship be able to survive the secrets of the past as they come to light?

This was a nicely paced, sweet story told in a dual point of view. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good friends-to-lovers romance that leaves you with all of the feels.
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June 11, 2018
I really enjoyed this debut novel by Miranda Elaine. I can’t wait to read more books from her. They can only get better and better.

Temperance is a single mom struggling to give her daughter everything she needs and still find time to spend with her daughter. Her daughter Ellie is a spitfire. She keeps Temperance on her toes. I love he bond between them!!!

Kade Asher is the guy that Temperance crushed on in high school. But 10 years later he’s even better looking and knows how to melt the panties right off you with a look. He wants Tempie. He isn’t planning on leaving town anytime soon so he’s giving her all his attention. How long can she hold him off?

There is a twist with this story. One that I figured out right away. I was hoping that I was wrong, but I wasn’t. I think I wanted a little more mystery there (I can’t say what because that would be spoiling the book.).
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June 27, 2018
I’m giving Fixing Her 3.75 stars, not bad at all for this authors debut novel. Well edited, sweet story, of a single young mom (Temperance) just trying to survive her day to day life. I laughed a few times at her devilish little girl, actually every page with her daughter warmed my heart, especially when she was with Muffin AKA Asher. Lol
My issue with this story is it seemed to drag a lot. There was a bunch of times I felt the information given was repeated or their inner monologue was over done. As absolutely great, and wonderful I felt Asher was there were times his persistence annoyed me.
By 70% I felt the story pick up and the characters developed much better. A big secret is revealed later into the story that I think would have been better earlier. Overall the author shows a lot of promise as her skills grow and I can’t wait for her next book.
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June 27, 2018
Fixing Her by Miranda Elaine is a sweet, hilarious, and swoonworthy friends to lovers romance that I loved every single word of. From the very start of this book I was completely swept up into the magic, feels, fun, and unforgettable moments these characters were sharing. Temperance and Asher, and all of the other incredible characters of this book, made me smile, made me laugh, made my heart go pitter patter through every page, and I truly can’t say enough how much I enjoyed that.

This is Miranda Elaine’s debut novel, and let me tell you, you will be completely wowed by her writing and what she brings to life in the pages of this book. Her writing is so easy to sink right into, and she creates such a real world with authentic characters you will immediately be drawn to. Through her phenomenal writing she crafts a story that blends the perfect amount of humor, heart, and feels that will have you rooting for Temperance and Asher and all that they’re sharing together.

Miranda Elaine brings it all to life in this book that is so charming, so sweet, and so heartfelt. It has the best amount of moments that will have you laughing your ass off, moments that will have your heart and your ovaries swooning, and so many moments that will send your heart to these characters a million times over.

I was completely swept up into the literal sweetness and charm that Miranda Elaine so amazingly creates in this book, and I truly cannot say enough good things about this book, what it gives you, and this author and her incredible writing. I am telling you, if you give this book a chance you will be so beyond happy you did. Whether it’s making you laugh until you cry, whether it’s melting your heart and all your feels, or whether it’s tugging at your heart with what these characters go through, you will love this book.

You will love this book so damn much.

Temperance Price is a girl that I can wholeheartedly relate to, and I loved her fiercely from the second I met her. She is funny as hell, she’s not afraid to tell it like it is, and she’s doing the best she can for her and her daughter Ellie. What I loved about Temperance’s character was how strong she was, how honest and vulnerable she was too, and how she was doing all she could to give her daughter the life she deserved. That girl is tenacious, she is hysterical to the point that you might start tearing up or peeing your pants from laughing so hard with her, and she is just an honest to goodness good person. I loved that girl something fierce. I loved getting to be with her in this book as she learned more about herself, what she wanted, what she was willing to fight and hope for, and as she fought hard against what was happening between her and Asher, while falling so hard in the same breath. That girl is a gem of a character, and I am telling you, you will love her, respect her, and relate to her on every level.

Asher Kade is a man that is good, that will melt your heart, and that you will just love. That man completely won me over when I met him. Whether it was his charm, his goodness that just lit up every single page of this book, getting to be there with him as he went through his own journey, or whether it was his sweet determination to show Temperance just what they could be, I was smitten with that man. What I loved about Asher was not only getting to go along with him as he came back home and put his own life back together again, I loved how bound and determined he was to make sure Temperance did the same. He didn’t quit her, he didn’t waver, and he had more tenacity and determination than you can shake a stick at, which I absolutely loved. Asher Kade is a good guy who will make you blush and laugh and melt again and again in this book, and I absolutely loved every moment I got with him.

Fixing Her is a fantastic friends to lovers romance, which is one of my all-time favorite kind of stories. I love friends to lovers romances because it creates such a solid foundation to everything these characters are building, plus it’s just oodles of fun getting to be there with them as they start as friends and lead to something so much more. Getting to see the budding friendship between Temperance and Asher, getting to be there as they affected each other, as they were so taken with each other, and as things started to cross that line into something more territory was nothing short of spectacular. Miranda Elaine does the most incredible job of putting you in the heart of it all as these two characters build that friendship, as they share those moments that push them towards more, as they start to feel that tangible spark overtaking them, and as everything changes. I loved getting to be there through every single step of that journey, and Miranda Elaine completely brought that to life in the most spectacular way.

Let me tell you something right now, this book will make you laugh your ass off. Between the hilarious antics and moments with these characters, to their distinctive and vibrant personalities, they will have you laughing and smiling so hard your cheeks will hurt. Whether it’s Temperance or Asher, or Temperance’s precocious daughter Ellie, or any of the fantastic supporting characters of this world, they will have you smiling something fierce. The laughs and humor in this story make it a highly enjoyable read that will show you Miranda Elaine knows how to craft one helluva romantic comedy. Not to be outdone, the feels and heart of this book will melt you in your seat. I loved that about Fixing Her. I loved that on one page I could be laughing so hard I was tearing up, and that on the next page I would be tearing up with all the feels and the sweetness of it all. Miranda Elaine perfectly balanced that dynamic to create a story with heart and laughs that will truly touch your heart in more ways than one.

Fixing Her is a book that takes place in the small town of Red Oak. I loved the feel of this town, I loved how Miranda Elaine made it so genuinely real with such memorable characters. I loved how I just enjoyed being there, spending time with all of these characters and getting a feel for that place. I especially loved how that town was almost like a character itself with what it did to these characters and what it made them think about with their pasts, presents, and futures. This author did such an amazing job of adding that dynamic into this book with these characters. The supporting characters and friends of Asher and Temperance are a big part of this story, and I absolutely loved getting to know and fall in love with them all!! I’ve got my fingers crossed that Miranda Elaine will take us back to Red Oak because I for one never really wanted to leave!

I know this is Miranda Elaine’s debut novel, but seriously y’all, if I didn’t know that I would’ve never guessed it because she her writing and style is so fantastic. There is so much life and personality to her words, so much heart and honesty, so much vibrancy that paints a very wonderful and alluring picture that I could not get enough of. Her writing brought the world of this book and characters to life in a way that made this book so easy to read and enjoy, and I for one can’t wait to see where that writing takes her and her books after this phenomenal debut. Her writing was truly fantastic, and I loved how it put me right there with her characters as it all unfolded. That is just one of the many things I loved about this book.

Fixing Her by Miranda Elaine was a seriously fantastic read that made me laugh, made me smile through and through, and that completely stole my heart from start to finish. This debut novel is charming on every level and tells a friends to lovers romance that will truly sweep you off your feet. What you get with Asher and Temperance as they become friends, as they fall for one another, and as they see what really could be between them will have you beyond in love with everything you get with those two.

What Miranda Elaine so incredible brings together in this book will have you believing in everything Asher and Temperance are sharing together, all while hoping that those two tenacious and determined characters can find a way to make it work.

Every word of this book pulled me in even more to what I was reading, and when I reached that last page I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. This book, the world and dynamic characters it brings to life, and that moments that will have you so in it all with them will have you loving every single second of this book. I truly can’t say enough good things about it or what Miranda Elaine gave me with them along the way, and I am telling you if you read this book, you will love it!

After I read this book my heart was happy, my cheeks hurting something fierce from laughing and smiling so hard, and I felt so fulfilled with what I got with Temperance and Asher, along with every other fantastic character in this book…and honestly, it doesn’t get better than that.

So do yourself a solid, and read this book. Read it, love it, and embrace every lively and memorable moment of it.

You won’t regret it. I promise.
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June 28, 2018
This is a debut novel from author Miranda Elaine.

Temperance is a single Mom to a 3 year Ellie. She is still living in the same town she grew up in working 3 jobs to make a good life for her and Ellie.

Asher Kade is back in town after being gone for 10 years. Between a tragedy in his family and his father retiring he is home for good to take over his families business Kade Construction.

Temperance was the quiet girl from high school she crushed on the quarterback who happened to be Asher. He was aware that she had a crush on him and he returned that crush but he had plans to leave town after he graduated and did not think it was fair to pursue her.

She didn’t even know he was back in town until her best friend Leigh summoned her to her parents house. When she arrived in baggy sweats and stained shirt she panics and allows Leigh to dress her in her high school clothes. As she is leaving she comes face to face with her high school crush. She realizes that she still has the same feelings for him and while he lived in the city he didn’t have time for a relationship but he is ready now and has set his sights on her. She’s reluctant to start a relationship with him.

We begin a rollercoaster ride I was on the edge of my seat anticipating what was going to happen. Because Temperance has a huge secret that she fears will change Asher’s feelings. She did drive me crazy a little bit with her back and forth actions. I don’t want to spoil it for you so read and see what the secret is and to see if they get their HEA!!

We had some great laugh out loud moments. Especially with Leigh she was hilarious throughout the entire story but she was an amazing best friend. All the secondary character were great and added to the story. Her daughter Ellie is quite the little spitfire.

This was great single parent romance told in dual person POV’s.
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June 27, 2018
Read and reviewed an ARC copy for an honest review on behalf of Everything Marie http://everythingmarie.com

Loved loved loved Fixing Her! Such a fun read! Absolutely adored all of the characters! The story line is phenomenal and the writing superb!

Temperance (Tempie) a single mom product of a one night stand is a hot mess most days. Hot mess in the sense of being a mom through and through- wrinkled clothes, stains, tardiness and not putting much into herself as her kid comes first. Made me giggle being a mom myself like yup been there lol

Asher is the guy who she crushed hard on in high school- always gawked and stalked but never approached. She thought she lost that chance when he left to make something of himself after graduation......... that is until...........

Asher is back in town and has no plans to go anywhere. Life showed him he belongs home taking over his dads business which leads him to a job at Tempies best friends house.

Let’s just say Temperance’s first run in with Asher is hilarious-

Sparks fly and little does Temperance know..... Asher always had his eye on her as well.

Having a child did not keep him away. They had their
Struggles in trying to find a relationship with Tempies doubts.......

Then when they finally get comfortable HOLY PLOT TWIST. I wanted to scream and shout , my heart broke and soared at the same time.

Sorry folks but that’s all you get from me! Lol.
Read it! Feel it! You won’t be sorry!
Definitely a must read.
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July 3, 2018
Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author..I enjoyed story, could be considered an friends to lovers or second chance. We meet Tempie who is a single mom to the cutest little girl (Ellie) I loved how important Ellie was to the story and she got her due amount of time in it. Tempie has no one but her friend Leigh who helps her out as much as possible, but she works a lot to give her daughter the best and you have to commend her for it. Her long ago high school crush comes back into town after being gone for 10 years and the only reason he came back to this small town was to the reigns of his fathers company something he never wanted nor thought he would do. They reconnect and he wants something more from Tempie, she goes back and forth and thru out all of this we are rooting for them and hoping she would just give in. Unfortunately when she finally gives in and they fall in love her big reveal comes out before she gets a chance to tell Asher this, and he is understandably mad, a little too harsh and I think he needed to apologize after he finally gives her the chance to explain herself, that is my only issue, just an apology I don't she got it, but we get out Hea. Enjoy
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June 24, 2018
4 Stars
Review by Allyson
Late Night Reviewer
Up All Night w/ Books Blog

Miranda Elaine's debut novel Fixing Her is filled with emotion and nostalgia. A second chance story in a way, Temperance and Asher wait a long time to finally let their feelings be known.

Temperance was the shy, quiet girl in high school. One of many girls with a secret crush on Asher. A crush that doesn't go anywhere but years later is still there.

Asher has always wanted Temperance, but he had goals. Mainly to leave his hometown and live in the great big world outside Red Oak. Now that he is back, the town feels more like home than ever. And Temperance is a big part of that. He's finally going after the girl he's always wanted.

I’m a man on a mission and that mission is to win over Temperance Price. I’m in this for the long haul. No matter how long it takes.

This was a slow burn second chance love story. Asher and Temperance's love was a long time coming, and when it finally happened it was perfect. Temperance's daughter Ellie was adorable and Asher was great with her. There were a few unexpected surprises in this story, but overall it was great tale about love and friendship. I really hope that Temperance's BFF Leigh gets her own book in the future.

**ARC provided by author for honest review**
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June 28, 2018
This was an incredible debut novel from author Miranda Elaine!

In high school, Temperance Price was always the quiet girl who crushed on the popular athlete from afar, but never had the guts to do anything about it.

Years later, she’s older and a single mother, but she’s still the shy girl from before. She’s not prepared to come face-to-face with the man of her dreams. The guy she thinks never knew she existed.

Asher Kade always noticed the beautifully shy girl who not so secretly ogled him in high school, but he had plans and non of them included sticking around his small town. He couldn’t make a move on her because he had nothing to offer her but heartache.

But things have changed. He’s back in town and he finally has her in his grasp. She’s reluctant to be in a relationship with him, but I adored how persistent he was. A man on a mission, and his was Tempie. I also can’t forget the relationship he formed with her young daughter. Hello, ovary explosion.

All in all this was a fantastic story. It wasn’t rushed or forced. It flowed beautifully, and I fell in love with the characters. Fixing Her is a must read from this debut author.
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June 28, 2018
5 star

I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, secrets, pain, and heartbreak.

This is Temperance and Asher’s story. Asher always knew he wants out of his home town. He knew Temperance but she was quiet and innocent. But after 10 long years he is back in town. Temperance needs help fixing up her house. She is a single mother and needs a handyman. But Asher is much more then a handyman. He wants her and is not afraid to show her just how much. She wants to be friends and he wants so much more. Can he break down the walls she built around her heart? Can he get her to fall for him like he is falling for her?

I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read.

I highly recommend this book.
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