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The Imaginary Friend

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Samantha and Tracy have been best friends since kindergarten, but now that Tracy has gotten over her shyness and made new friends, Samantha is feeling left out. This is nothing compared to how she feels when a strange girl named Jessica tells Samantha that she’s actually an imaginary friend. Tracy has outgrown Samantha, and it’s time for Samantha to help another child who needs her. But will Samantha be able to move on and fulfill her duty as an imaginary friend?

First published July 4, 2011

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About the author

Kelly Hashway

119 books490 followers
Kelly Hashway fully admits to being one of the most accident-prone people on the planet, but that didn’t stop her from jumping out of an airplane at ten thousand feet one Halloween. Maybe it was growing up reading R.L. Stine’s Fear Street books that instilled a love of all things scary and a desire to live in a world filled with supernatural creatures, but she spends her days writing speculative fiction for young adults, middle graders, and young children. Kelly is also USA Today bestselling romance author Ashelyn Drake. When she’s not writing, Kelly works as an editor and also as Mom, which she believes is a job title that deserves to be capitalized.

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Author 3 books80 followers
September 6, 2023
Samantha and Tracy have been best friends since they were little. Now Tracy goes out playing with other kids. It’s like Tracy has outgrown their friendship, leaving Samantha behind on her own. It’s so bad that Tracy doesn’t even seem to register that Samantha is even there. Samantha then gets a visit by a girl who claims that she’s not real. Samantha is an imaginary friend. And her job is done here on earth.

Sweet little short story with a solid concept. This character-driven story revolves around an imaginary friendship. It’s about both moving on from them and treasuring them.
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Author 21 books445 followers
August 1, 2011
Sam is Tracy's imaginary friend, but when Tracy gets real friends, Sam is no longer needed. Sam is heartbroken so Jessica, another imaginary person, informs her of the ins and outs of being an imaginary friend and the purpose of the Land of Imagination. Another little girl will come along and need Sam as her imaginary friend, but Sam isn’t sure if she’s ready for a new girl yet. This is a sweet and touching tale about friendships both real and imaginary.
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261 reviews17 followers
August 26, 2020
This was so cute!
A very short story told from an imaginary friend's point of view. Never really thought about what happens to them when a child outgrows them, and this story has such a lovely and imaginative idea about that.
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Author 58 books242 followers
June 18, 2012
I've had Imaginary Friends on my mind, so when I saw this for free, I snatched it up.

It's a short story, only nine pages long, but it sticks in your heart, and may even bring tears to your eyes. The main character is a girl named Samantha, who has been friends with a girl named Tracy for as long as she could remember. In fact, her earliest memory is meeting a shy Tracy on the bus and saying hello.

However, lately, Tracy has been ignoring Samantha more and more and spending more and more time with new friends. Samantha is proud of Tracy for making new friends, but feels sad at being left out.

When a girl named Jessica announces to her that she is actually only Tracy's imaginary friend, she's doesn't know what to think. It seems so unbelievable .... yet so believable.

This story captures the power of friendship, and the innocence of an imaginary friend. The set up is amazing, the world Kelly Hashway creates is both fun and beautiful, and a bit sad. It has a lot for only nine pages. I wanted to read more, but the story was complete. I would love to see a few more books written in this world.
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Author 114 books139 followers
May 21, 2020
A reflective short story about letting go and moving on...

More often than not children relate themselves with the characters of a good story. In such circumstances, reading fiction can help them to get inspiration from the characters. These stories often portray real life implications through anecdotes, and as such makes it easier for them to understand the complex aspects of life. Moreover, reading these stories at regular intervals can actually help them to develop a positive outlook towards life, which eventually proves beneficial for good character development.

The Imaginary Friend by Kelly Hashway is a delightful story that had every element a good story should have. An intriguing plot, attention to detail, but best of all fleshed out, well-written and well-rounded character development. There’s an abundance of well-illustrated scenes that make you feel like you are right there in the story, and that’s something I look for in a good book. I read it with my grand-kids, and they loved it.

Author Kelly Hashway writes in a wonderfully simple and imaginative style that will guarantee the attention of young minds. If you ever wanted to bond even more with your children or grandchildren, this would be a lovely story to share with them. Recommended.
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138 reviews2 followers
September 29, 2016
This book is free to download on the Amazon Kindle store so I suggest you definitely pick this up as soon as you can.

My oh my, was this an amazing book. Such a simple concept from most everyone's childhood being turned was something that I had ever imagined I would have seen in a book.
This is a short story about a girl named Samantha, and she is best friend's with a girl named Tracy. But one day, Tracy seems to have forgotten all about Samantha, leaving her very sad. Then again, another girl, named Jessica, claims to be an Imaginary friend, taking Sam to imagination land to explain how the whole "imaginary friend" really works.
This is all I will say without spoiling this short story for you.
The author makes such a simple concept into such an imaginative story that mesmerized me. I just loved the friendship aspect, and the innocence that comes with joy of having an imaginary friend. This has definitely become one of my favorite short stories of all time.
Profile Image for Andrea Fleury.
950 reviews82 followers
January 10, 2022

What an absolutely amazing book. The authors imagination is so beautiful. I love how she told the story of imaginary friends.
Profile Image for Mary Walling.
48 reviews
May 18, 2012

The Imaginary Friend
Kelly Hashway

Kindle Edition, 9 pages
Published September 3, 2011
by Kelly Hashway
Book Source: Bought
5 stars

Book Description:
Samantha and Tracy have been best friends since kindergarten, but now that Tracy has gotten over her shyness and made new friends, Samantha is feeling left out. This is nothing compared to how she feels when a strange girl named Jessica tells Samantha that she’s actually an imaginary friend. Tracy has outgrown Samantha, and it’s time for Samantha to help another child who needs her. But will Samantha be able to move on and fulfill her duty as an imaginary friend?

Mary's Review:
Samantha is Tracy's best friend. They have been friends since kindergarten. Now Tracy doesn't seem to see Samantha anymore-doesn't have as much time for her since she has made new friends. Did she say or do something wrong?
Samantha soon learns that she is Tracy's imaginary friend. An imaginary friend that made her see the good in herself so that she could reach out to others and make friends. Now that Tracy has learned confidence in herself and has the ability to make new friends, she no longer needs Samantha.
Now Samantha needs to learn how to let go of Tracy so that she can become an imaginary friend to another child who needs her.
This book is a good source for teaching children about change and growth, getting over shyness, learning confidence, and reaching out to others.
I recommend this book for ages 4-10.

About the Author:
Kelly Hashway writes books and short stories for children through young adults. She is the author of the picture books, MAY THE BEST DOG WIN, THE PURRFECT PUPPY, and SANTA BUNNY. Kelly's full-length middle grade and young adult fiction is represented by Lauren Hammond of ADA Management. Her debut YA, TOUCH OF DEATH, releases January 2013 through Spencer Hill Press with the sequel, STALKED BY DEATH, releasing July 2013. Her debut MG, CURSE OF THE GRANVILLE FORTUNE releases January 2014 through Month9Books. For more information about Kelly and her published works, please visit her website at http://www.kellyhashway.com and her blog at http:kellyhashway.blogspot.com.

" see full review at Little Red Reads" http://littleredreads.blogspot.com/20...
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213 reviews53 followers
August 23, 2020
“We can hear the thoughts of children when we’re there. Soon enough, you’ll hear a child who needs you. It’s almost like the child calls on one of us specifically.”


Review: Spanish and English

Reseña: Español e Inglés.


Será una reseña muy corta, solo para decir que este libro de 9 PAGINAS es bastante entretenido y puede ser encontrado gratis para kindle aquí.

Solo quiero decir que es un libro… Bueno. No puedo decir nada más, simplemente me entretuvo, aunque no demasiado. Creo que la historia da para mucho más que un relato corto. Fue tierno, pero no resalta. Simple. La forma de escritura es bastante normal y me pareció que se desperdició mucho contenido.

Me disculpo por la reseña de 2 palabras, pero el libro tiene 9 paginas y no mucho contenido, así que no hay casi nada que decir, sorry.

Se despide MontFort.


It will be a very short review, just to say that this 9 PAGE book is quite entertaining and can be found free for kindle here.

I just want to say that it is a book… Well. I can't say anything else, it just entertained me, although not much. I think that the story is much more than a short story. It was cute, but it doesn't stand out. Simple. The form of writing is quite normal and I found that a lot of content was wasted.

I apologize for the 2-word review, but the book is 9 pages long and not much content, so there is almost nothing to say, sorry.

MontFort says bye!

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1,894 reviews232 followers
November 22, 2015
The Imaginary Friend by Kelly Hashway

3 stars

Samantha and Tracy have been best friends ever since Tracy's first day of school. Tracy is finally getting over her shyness and has made new friends and Samantha feels left out. A strange girl named Jessica approaches Sam and tells her that she's no ordinary girl. She's an imaginary friend. Tracy has outgrown Samantha and she can no longer see her. Samantha needs to help a new child, but will she be able to move on and fulfill her duty?

I really liked the concept of this little story. It was cute and imaginary friends always fascinate me. My mom once told me that I used to have more than one imaginary friend and they were the cast of The Wizard of Oz. I kid you not. I don't remember this at all, but according to her until I made a friend I had Dorothy and the crew. A lot of what this story touched on made sense. Of course, I'm sure there's no place for imaginary friends called the Land of Imagination. I prefer to think they all live at Fosters.

Some of the things that I liked were how once a person finds a new friend they no longer need an imaginary friend and therefore can't see them. Imaginary friends can be created, but not all children are able to create imaginary friends. Again this is where Fosters comes into play.
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I really enjoyed this story. It was really short, but it was cute and just so fluffy. It touches your heart and makes you go awe. At least it touched mine.

Whimsical Writing Scale: 3

Character Scale: 3

Plotastic Scale: 4

Cover Thoughts: It's not a very good one, but I kind of like it. In a way it's like the story childish, but purposeful.
Profile Image for Heather.
381 reviews14 followers
March 20, 2014
I have never felt so emotional over a short story before. I felt for Sam and the heart-ache she was going through. This would be a great book for a child who has recently had a friend move away (or similar situation).
Profile Image for Toni.
291 reviews7 followers
April 13, 2021
Fantastic book.

This book is really neat in how it shows the other side of an imaginary friend. It is a fantastic read, one that I definitely recommend that you take. You won't be sorry.
3 reviews
January 29, 2021
This is a very nice book it is sweet and I like that she finally moves on I mean don’t you want a another friend am I right this is my favorite book it is just so sweet well that’s really it
Profile Image for Sophie Bowns.
Author 12 books50 followers
May 2, 2022
I rarely give anything 5* but this book truly moved me. It was such a beautiful short story idea!
Profile Image for Joey Susan.
714 reviews39 followers
May 24, 2020
This was a very cute book, it was a really creative idea showing a story from the imaginary friend having to move on.

Lots of children have an imaginary friend for a time, to help them deal with everything or to overcome something and I love that this book shows the after story and how it can be hard for the imaginary friend to move on.

It was an incredibly adorable short story but it left me wanting so much more. I wish we would have gotten more of what happened when Sam met with Amanda and saw how they built their connection. Also would have loved to have seen more of the other imaginary friends with their new friends. Maybe in a second book? Or make this into a series? There are many more things that could be explored in this cute world.
Profile Image for Beverly Diehl.
Author 5 books71 followers
October 6, 2011
Like many kids, I had an imaginary friend, but never thought about what happened to him when I abandoned him. (Yes, *him* - I liked playing with boys as a child, and haven't outgrown it.) This delightful short piece takes a look at how s/he must feel when that occurs - and what happens next.

It's very well written and the characters are very believable. Would recommend to any young person (or parent of same) going through that period of change and growth.
Profile Image for Chrys Fey.
Author 20 books335 followers
July 9, 2014
The Imaginary Friend is clever, cute and so sweet. Kelly Hashway created a beautiful story about imaginary friends, their world and their jobs. Children who don't have an imaginary friend will sure want one after reading this story (or having this story read to them).

I had an imaginary friend when I was little, so this story spoke to my inner child. I couldn't help but smile at the end. Adults will enjoy this story just as much as kids!
2 reviews1 follower
November 9, 2014
Okay Read

So far this is a good story about two friends and I think it is not the best way to get the reader to love your book and to make sure that your readers love it add more information about the friends. And I think that it needs a little more details. This is an okay read.
May 20, 2014
Great Book

A nice, short book. Great for kids and really anyone. I am young and do not have a imaginary friend, but I do remember having one. Thus was a really great book and I will always remember my first imaginary friend thanks to this book.
Profile Image for Sophia.
154 reviews8 followers
April 26, 2020
I found this a sweet, short little read. It was a nice time filler. I wish I had been given this book when I was growing up because knowing me, I'm I would have made up my own imaginary friend and world like this. Overall it was a nice read :)
Profile Image for Robert Zimmermann.
Author 6 books165 followers
April 15, 2012
This was a very cute short story. I think it'd be ideal to read to young children or even for adults to read. It brought a smile to my face and I'm in my 20's.
Profile Image for Onna.
61 reviews2 followers
October 8, 2012
Sam doesn't know she's an imaginary friend. It comes as a shock when Jessica comes to take her to Imaginary Land. This is a fun short story that just made me smile.
1 review1 follower
February 22, 2014

why did it have to be that short it is a good book but as I said it is to
March 20, 2014
This book is amazing

I didn't even like it I loved it
it was amazing we're is the rest
I need to get like a sequal
1 review
April 13, 2014
Very heavenly

I love how it just touches my heart.
if you are a Catholic you should have this book.
it really touches my heart.
June 9, 2014


very nice I lov it its very good and details are great I lov it

francesowens156@gmail.com yeah yay good book
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