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Perfect Submissive #2

The Retreat: An Erotic BDSM Novel

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Just as Jess Sanders is adjusting to her new life as the submissive in residence on the fifth floor of The Fables Hotel, her employer, Mrs Peters, makes a startling announcement. She has agreed to loan Jess, and her dominatrix Miss Sarah, to one of their most demanding clients; Mr David Proctor.

Whisked away by the mysterious Kane to The Retreat, a house hidden in a remote part of Scotland, Jess and Miss Sarah find themselves teaching a new submissive how to meet Proctor’s exacting rules.

As Jess comes to terms with the techniques of The Retreat’s overpowering dominatrix, Lady Tia, she discovers that Proctor’s motives may not be all they seem. Just who or what is Fairtasia? And why does Jess feel like she’s walked into a warped fairy tale?

In order to get back to the fifth floor, Jess is going to have to be far more than just a perfect submissive...

268 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 1, 2013

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Kay Jaybee

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6,707 reviews1,306 followers
January 13, 2015
More smoking hawt kinky sex is dished up in the second in the Perfect Submissive series. In book one, Jess Sanders is introduced into sexual submission and becomes more than part of the hotel management staff. She's now also a sexual submissive as part of the entertainment floor. Just as she feels comfortable, Mrs. Peters changes it up on her by sending both Jess and Miss Sarah to another sexual retreat.

From the very beginning of this story, both the characters and the readers are wary. This adult retreat is being run by someone they don't trust nor do they like. Still, these are professionals and both Jess and Miss Sarah will not bring shame to Mrs. Peters. Hands down, the kinky sex in this story is five star. The perversion of fairy tales with even gender bending costume changes is fabulous. The constant tension with Jess not knowing what is going on and if she will return to Fables is a great mind fuck. What did bother me is the dubious consent in the BDSM here. Let me explain. I love dub-con and non-con. This one dances on the line because it comes across as BDSM lifestyle contemporary yet there are several violations to SSC or RACK. Still, this is fiction and the sexual fantasies will be vibrating humming good.

From a character perspective, Jess and Miss Sarah are the focus. Jess is a good submissive striving for perfection. Her kinky repertoire is growing in leaps and bounds. What is a bit baffling is her concern of not returning to Fables. This is hard for me to understand because it's almost as if she really believes she's a slave. This just doesn't work in my brain. Miss Sarah on the other hand is sexy smart goodness in her domination. Her character is attractive for submissive females looking for a female dominant. The secondary characters do help with the story and I wouldn't be opposed to having a spin off story about The Retreat characters.

When it comes to erotica, Ms. Jaybee is hands down one of the best. Her sex scenes are well written and inspiring. The plot of the story is fine and enjoyable. There are villains and the intrigue with different alliances to add to the story. The villains were fine if a bit abrasive. The conspiracies and double crossing dealings didn't do much for me. I guess when I'm in the middle of high sexual arousal, trying to figure out who is friend or foe kicks me out of my sexy mood. The ending to this book does feel a bit contrived yet it is needed as a set up for the third and final book in the series. This kinky erotica is recommended to those who enjoy elaborate roleplaying with a dark fairy tale twist.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review
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249 reviews5 followers
August 26, 2015
The Retreat by Kay Jaybee
Finally the second book is out but it ended too soon. This was an awesome follow up to The Perfect Submissive! Kay does an outstanding job of leaving you wanting more. I really don’t know how she comes up with her stories but lets hope she never stops.
Jess is really put to the test in this installment. Jess and Miss Sarah are chosen to help with the training at a new facility by a loyal customer of The Fables. Things don’t really turn out like they thought they would. She is trying to make everyone at The Fables proud of her but what will she loose in doing so? Turns out that Kay has left us waiting to see what happens to poor Jess until the next book comes out. It is going to be a doosie! I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review
314 reviews7 followers
March 31, 2015
A dark and delicious follow up book to The Perfect Submissive. This time our heroine Jess, along with Miss Sarah, faces yet more tasks set by the nasty David Proctor that we met briefly in book one but nothing is as it seems. The story twists and turns and the steamy sex scenes are enough to send your pulse racing a million times a minute! I loved the twisted take on the fairy tales and can't wait to read the final book in this outstanding trilogy.
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17 reviews4 followers
May 11, 2014
Oh My God!! Twists and turns around every corner.... I have waited along time to finally have time to finish The Retreat and i totally love it .... This makes you look at fairytales in a new light . kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish, just cant wait for pt3 to find out what happens next
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1,490 reviews31 followers
October 31, 2013
Took a little bit for me to get in this book but I ended up liking it.

There is so many twist and turns in this book and you never know what is going to happen next. I know I will have to read the next book when it comes out.
923 reviews4 followers
June 25, 2018
This book is very entertaining and the link with fairytale is unique. I enjoy the twists in the fairytales. I also enjoy the tug of war between the two hotels. I like the sex scenes too.
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665 reviews5 followers
March 5, 2017
I received this book for free from Goodreads Giveaways. The second of a trilogy, it finds the main characters, a sub and her dom, being sent to a new adult retreat to train the staff. Once there, they are met with hostility and threats to their return home. Interesting characters, imaginative scenes and a good pacing leads me to want to read the other books in this series.
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712 reviews
February 16, 2015
Book two in the series and it's six months on.

First off I have to admit it took me a while to read this book as I really, really did not like the protagonists of the piece. David Proctor - we meet in book one - is a creepy slime ball ... and Lady Tia - a spoilt brat compared to the elegant Miss Sarah.

Miss Sanders and Miss Sarah are 'loaned' out to The Retreat - somewhere in deepest darkest Scotland .... but things are not all as they should be. Full of twists and turns this story has Miss Sanders convinced she is not going back to The Fables as promised and after an erotically charged fairy tale party at The Retreat we find Miss Sanders having to take on a quest make her way back to England.....

I get so involved in books. I applaud any author who can make me feel so much in a book .... I went from midly worried to fretful to panicked .... I was scared for Jess...... Onto book 3. Jess has to get home, she just has too....
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132 reviews7 followers
November 21, 2013
It's been six months from the time when Jess Sanders approved herself to agree to that the position of subservient on the restricted adult amusement storey of the Fables tavern was a work she was instinctive to do. Now Jess's chief, Mrs Peters, enlighten her, and the local dominatrix, Miss Sarah, that they have been lent to one of her patrons, who desires to set off an adult recoil, concealed away in the distant glens of Scotland. Out of the blue, Jess has to draw closer to terms that she may not be as ideal an acquiescent as she had been led to reflect particularly when her recent supervisor means that she may not be going again to Fables after all.
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