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Shades of Fae

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Not every fairytale has a happily ever after.

We only know three things about the Fae: They don't lie, they cheat. What they aren't given, they take. And if they can't rule...they conquer. Now the fate of humanity lies in a battle between good and evil where lines are not easily drawn.

Time travel to 19th century France, brave the gritty streets of New York City, or enter the realm of the Fae itself in this darkly enchanting collection from today's hottest USA Today, award-winning, and international bestselling paranormal and fantasy authors.

Shades of Fae is your ticket to a mystical realm where Sinister Sidhe and Dark Elves manipulate mortals, vengeful fae warriors battle nefarious vampire lords, and an apocalypse rife with werewolves, dragons, nymphs, banshees, shifters, and supernatural hunters brings unparalleled danger.

In 2018... The Fae are Coming...

Find out who survives and who dies when you order Shades of Fae TODAY!

Including stories from:

USA Today bestselling author CK Dawn
USA Today bestselling author Shawnee Small
USA Today bestselling authors Cheri Schmidt & Tristan Hunt
Elle Boon
Award-winning author Tameri Etherton
Award-winning author Cyndi Faria
USA Today bestselling author Rue Volley
USA Today bestselling author SJ Davis
USA Today bestselling author Amy L. Gale
USA Today bestselling author Katalina Leon
USA Today bestselling author J.A. Armitage
USA Today bestselling authors Megan J. Parker & Nathan Squiers
Lynda Kaye Frazier
Kim Carmichael
Colleen Halverson
Danielle Rose
Lynda Havilan
Dyan Chick
Award-winning author Cate Rowan
Award-winning author JB Michaels
R.S. Broadhead
Jen L. Grey and Heather Renee

Kindle Edition

First published July 10, 2018

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About the author

C.K. Dawn

20 books353 followers
Have you ever watched a cat stare at a wall, tracking something’s movements-- something invisible that sent shivers down your spine? Did it seem as if they were able to sense dark shadows lurking where the veil between worlds and reality thins? That’s precisely where the idea for the Netherwalker Series came from for CK Dawn!

USA Today bestselling author, coffee loving gamer girl, and Sci-fi enthusiast, CK Dawn always loved to snuggle up with her cat Hagrid (the shadow-seer) and read. But found writing was her bliss. So, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away CK let her unique modern tale of knights and Camelot dancing in her head take form and fly with Cloak of Shadows, her Readers' Favorite award winning debut novel. Now, you can find CK writing in the witching hours with Hagrid by her side while being distracted far too often by social media. There's more to come in the Netherwalker Series so stay tuned. Seriously, the story has only just begun.

CK loves connecting with readers and hopes to hear from you soon.

Let's connect!

Newsletter: https://www.instafreebie.com/free/OwbUe
Website: http://www.ckdawn.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ck.dawn.cloa...
Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/CK-Dawn/e/B00NE...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CloakedCKDawn
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Tsu: https://www.tsu.co/CKDawn

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615 reviews811 followers
July 15, 2018

This is the first review from shades of fae! What happens when a young girl lose's the grandmother that she loved and finds out that the guy she loved is not really dead but a vampire and oh ya finds out she's a powerful fae,all in one day!!! What a Great tale of vampires vs fae! Tris and Riley are great characters . They have awesome chemistry and the storyline is full of twists and turns and Secret's!! I enjoyed this read So much and Cyndi faria is a awesome storyteller too!!


imagine being held by a sadist son of a bitch who lied and said he was your mate for over 20 years!!! When talia finally is freed, the years of abuse have taken their toll,so she goes to the fae relm to heal.after all she s been though who could blame her for not wanting to be with any man again and certainly not a bad ass like torq,but torq knows talia is his mate and with patience just maybe he and talia can have a forever!! But first they have to fight the dark forces!!! I love these flawed strong characters!!! Elle is a awesome storyteller who writes with passion that leaps from the pages!!

Remnants of Ash by C.K. Dawn.

Loved it!!! The fae's have started the apocalypse and the only thing that is standing in their way is human chloe etain a college student and bram tice professor Hadley 's assistant. When professor Hadley disappears Chloe knows that what he said about trouble coming is true!! The light and dark fae are at war and mankind and earth are in the middle. The fae see humans as targets and they have their scabs killing and murdering every human in their path. Chloe must put her trust in the quite and mysterious bram,who seems more beast then man.Will he be her salvation or her destruction.what a awesome storyline!! And the characters and chemistry between Chloe and bram is hot!! Can't wait to read more of Chloe and bram's story!!

I just finished Shawnee small's Shaded Veil !!!
What a action packed read with great characters,from a wise ass best friend Daryl to aria a darkling mage who has been sent to protect him and get him to the gate and then theirs the bad guys sid and motre who have other plans for our hero and his rag tag gang of misfits!!! It's a laugh out loud read and I loved it!!

Resisting Moonlight by Amy L.Gale.

This was such a funny sexy read! Shayla winters is your typical college girl who is at a frat party with a cute guy that has a secret.jace Connor is a werewolf,but wait not only is jace a werewolf,but the guy who keeps hitting on his date is a vampire.Owen is on the hunt for blood and shayla smells good. When things start getting out of control and Owen won t take no for a answer out of nowhere two hunters will change everything shayla knows about jace and owen,but also who and what she really is. The characters are awesome I loved them all especially dex and cora!!
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386 reviews5 followers
June 25, 2018
This review is only for A Fey’s Wolf by Elle Boon.

I have really liked Talia in her appearances in the other stories. She is so totally amazing and strong in a way that no one in her life, other than those in the Fea realm, can understand. What her character went through and the pain that she constantly carried around was torturous. But she is definitely not a shy and retiring flower and she will not be taken unawares again. But that doesn’t mean that she is going to roll over and allow a mating that she doesn’t feel that she is ready for.

But Torq has been patient enough. He knows that Talia is his mate and he and his wolf will not stop until they are near her again, which is starting to cause some problems. But he is also patient. He knows that she has been tortured and treated in a way that no being ever should. But there is danger stalking his lovely mate and he is ready and willing to tear it apart and destroy it for good. Like the other Mystic Wolves, he is definitely dominant and dangerous, and he proves that awesomely in this story!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Lulu! She definitely has a way of livening up the storyline! No, this is not her story (and she so needs one – hint, hint!!), but she and her mother play a part in what is to come. My only complaint about the story was that I didn’t get to see my hellboy! But we did get more interaction with the other luscious members of the Mystic’s and it was wonderful and Gizmo and Arynn did make an appearance, which I utterly liked as well.
Profile Image for Kalli Bunch.
403 reviews17 followers
May 7, 2018
This is a collection of noteworthy full-length novels written by amazing authors. But let me take a minute to talk about one book in particular that I just set down. (I'm hoping there will be a second book in this series)...when you think of fairy tale reversals, what do you think of? In this, we have a reverse telling of Sleeping Beauty. Even the name of the title is reversed: Beauty Sleep. Now, in the original, we had a beautiful princess who was put to sleep for 100 yrs until a handsome prince came along and kissed her awake, then they rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after...*cue screech noise* Yeah, ok...this is the 21st century...did they even know each other's names? Did they even love each other? Pfft! In THIS story, the Prince is the one who falls asleep...but what is true love anyway? No matter how many times you kiss the prince, he won't be waking up!! And HOW did the Prince and his entire castle fall asleep anyway? A terrible accident...a terrible, terrible...OK! It wasn't so much terrible, as a giant oops...I mean, it was really supposed to be a heroic move! I really enjoyed this book. Ok, enough "spoilers"...This book is included in the Shades of Fae bookset, which you're really going to want to get to read all these epic full length novels. I mean, all these books in one? You might find a new favorite author! A new great read! An epic adventure!!! *deep breath* ok...time for my Beauty Sleep...
July 6, 2018
I reviewed FAE 101 by Cyndi Faria. 5 STARS!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I am not one to usually read paranormal romance. I have read some, but I tend to stick to non-paranormal books. Fae 101 is seriously one of the best paranormal romances I have read!! No joke. This book had me captivated right from the start. That very first page pulled me into their world. Cyndi painted me a world so amazing that I did not want to leave at all.

Tris is just coming into her faery powers. She is a quite girl, with a bit of a sad background. I felt for her. I cried for her at a point or two. She was a wonderful character, and I loved watching her become such a strong women.
Riley, oh sweet Riley. He is swoon worthy through and through. The way he cares about the people around his is admirable. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the ones he cares about. I really loved his character.

Tris and Riley's story is just so intriguing. The action in the book kept me on the edge of my seat and there was never a dull moment. Every page is filled with captivating words that will draw you right in. And talk about twists!! I must have said OH MY GOD more than a couple of times. I was truly surprised by how this book went. I can not wait to read the rest of this box set!
I received and early copy of this book. The words expressed above are that of my own.
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50 reviews
July 4, 2018
Only a review for Hunted by Dyan Chick

Hunted follows a half mage, half dark fae girl names Jess through her life in Realms Gate. Realms Gate may be a familiar place for readers who have enjoyed Ms. Chick's Dragon Mage series, and it is a great setting for both that tale and this one. Unlike the main character from Dragon Mage though, Jess knows exactly who she is and where she comes from and she wants nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, while there is intrigue about her royal past and tidbits about the untimely deaths of her siblings, not much more is said about it.

Similarly, I very much liked the character of Roan, as you can tell there is more to him than meets the eye. He has a past that involved a desire to be more than just a Dark Fae Hunter and he is not a brutal as most. He has a lovable mother and a noticeably absent father; but for being one of two main characters, not enough is said about him in my opinion.

Of course, as with many of Ms. Chick’s other novels, the pace is good with action interspersed with well written dialogue. The plot was pretty simple but I am interested to see where she takes the story, whether it will continue to include fun characters like Paige and Aideen and stay mostly in Realms Gate or if Paige will confront her father and past and hopefully bring to light more about Roan in the process.

In full disclosure I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review
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552 reviews4 followers
June 21, 2018
⭐️⭐️This review is for A Fey’s Wolf by Elle Boon.⭐️⭐️
I really loved this book! Torq came to the Mystic pack years ago when he felt a pull to be there. He had been living with the Iron Wolves and his brother Arynn (Arynn's Chosen Mate: Bad Alpha Dads). Talia was held and tortured for 20 years by a sadistic man who tricked her into believing he was her mate. When she was rescued she retreated to the Fey realm to heal. Torq new at the time of her rescue, a year before, that she was his mate. He didn’t know if she would ever be able to mate with him after the things she had endured. When dark forces gather once more will they be able to defeat them together? Will Talia be able to heal from her past in order to claim her true mate? I can’t wait for more books in this exciting world. This is book 5 in the Mystic Wolves series and another great read by Elle Boon.
Profile Image for Melissa.
378 reviews4 followers
June 27, 2018
I read Marked Paradox by Heather Renee and Jennifer Grey. I just love Rian and Jaren is a hoot!! Tayvon grows on you. I really enjoyed this story and I love the authors!
June 29, 2018
This review is for Elle Boon's story. I was so happy to see Talia get her happy ever after. Torq as a mate and bonus, she's now close to her daughters. It was supposed to be a short story but it was actually longer than I thought it would be, which was great. Another great addition to the Mystic Wolves series. The story line was very good and there was plenty of action. We had our humor. Visits from our other favorites. Some new creative things, I loved it. Bring on the next one!!
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Author 9 books6 followers
September 4, 2018
With 22 authors contributing to this monster collection of fantasy tales I expected to have plenty to read. So I would have ... if every story appealed to me. Alas, they did not. Of the 22 only 3 scored a Yay! with me:

Sleeping Beauty's Very Untimely Murder by Cheri Schmidt & Tristan Hunt:
Set in C18th England, the Lady Fair wakes to find herself a ghost in the newly inherited castle of (Earl) Christian Henry Sparks. There follows an intriguing and paranormal version of a 'whodunit', and how did they do it, and why, laced through with an increasingly complicated love story which rises to a calamitous climax (OMG will the lady survive?). Truly, I could not put it down. But, while I found the twists and turns of the tale gripping, I was disappointed by the lack of historical accuracy. Not so much in regards the setting, but the frequent references to Lady Fair's original time, e.g. she remembered chocolate from before her death. Really? In C14th England? I think not.

The Shaded Veil by Shawnee Small:
I do enjoy a tale full of twists and reversals, that has me glued to the pages and on the edge of my seat. The Shaded Veil didn't fail me, and to boot, it had the kind of quirky characters I love.
Douchebag and general loser, Ash is really a prince but in the wrong realm; indeed, in the wrong world. Aria is a Veil mage sent to fetch him and deliver him safely to claim his crown. Sid and Morte are hit-men hired to prevent her success; they're also lovers. There follows a trail of comedic errors and narrow escapes, people killed to be brought back to life--at a price. Funny? Perhaps in the beginning, but it soon turns to more of a horror tale, complete with the undead.

The Last Ringmaster by Lynda Haviland:
It was for this story that I bought the book; judging by other stories I've read by Lynda I knew I'd be in for a treat. I wasn't mistaken.
Abandoned by humans, bullied by fae, hunted by hell's army, Harley is 'adopted' by an ageing fae drag queen in New Orleans. That description alone was enough to grab me. But what happens to her when a fae hunter in company with hell's army comes to kill him? Harley must run. Hell's army and fae hunter close on her heels, she heads for the last fae Sanctuary on Earth, managed in the guise of a circus by the Ringmaster. Yet when she reaches there, not being full fae, she finds no welcome. Now she must convince them of her worth. Not easy when she has the fae hunter and hell's army on her tail and worse still, they bring with them a threat that could destroy them all.
I love the way Lynda allows her characters to have multiple shades of grey, not even the least of them are left as pasted cut-outs. She gives us time to meet the main character (Harley) and to get to like her, quirks an' all, before she plunges Harley into unremitting danger, awhirl with unanswerable puzzles, both assuaged and exasperated by the emerging intrapersonal relations with the circus performers at the Sanctuary. The climax, when it comes, draws on the support and talents of her fellow fae, yet it is her own talents now drawn into being that 'wins the day'.
My only complaint is that I want a sequel, and I want it now.
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Author 5 books281 followers
July 10, 2018
Being the voracious book reviewer that I am, it doesn’t take me long to know what I’ve got when it comes to reading anthologies revolving around a particular genre, which in case are fantasies and fairy tales.

It gets to be rather mundane when every story one reads ends in the proverbial HEA [Happily Ever After], which is one of the reasons I found this collection to be refreshing. Faes go against basically everything we know about what should be good and decent regarding our fellow man. Being dishonest, greedy, and dominating is what drives their very existence, is what lies in the cards for humanity when the ultimate final battle of good/evil occurs.

Shades of Fae transports its readers to magical lands where mere mortals are controlled by menacing Sidhes and wicked Eleves, where despicable vampire lords confront unforgiving fae soldiers, and where a catastrophic struggle fraught with all of the fantasy, paranormal characters we’ve come to know creates environments containing unequalled risks.

When you consider all this at cost of only 99 cents [less than 4 cents/story] how can anyone go wrong, which is why I’ve given this limited-edition collection and all of its authors the 5 STARS I’ve given it.
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3 reviews1 follower
July 8, 2018
This review is only for R.S. Broadhead's book Desolation.
I was hooked from the beginning of this awesome book! From waking up covered in dirt, to being rescued, then to being sold to dragon shifters. Emotions will have you feeling some kind of way. It quickly entered into action and the fights are brutal. Not to mention, who doesn't love hot dragon shifters? The tension between Bram and Hava could be cut with a knife. Got to love how emotions mess with the best of us right? A very gripping read all the way till the end. But I wasn't ready for it to end. I am ready to read more about what happens with Hava (Dakini), Jedi, Bram and Aslak. I must admit R.S. Broadhead never ceases to amaze me in all of her writing. She can do it all, paranormal, horror, romance and fantasy! Thanks for another fantastic read!!
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2,936 reviews65 followers
July 11, 2018
So I haven't read ALL of the stories but the ones I have read have been awesome. One of the favorites so far is Elle Boon's "A Fey's Wolf". It was really great to see Talia get her story with Torq. I loved the humor, the visits from other characters in previous books. Very well written and you can't help but love Torq! These two deserved their HEA!!!!! The other stories that I have read have been really good and I can't wait to read the rest of them.
Profile Image for L.A. Johnson.
Author 10 books412 followers
July 4, 2018
This review is for Hunted by Dyan Chick. This is the first book in a new series and it was fantastic!
Jess lives in the magical city of Realms Gate. She's running from her dark past, but her freedom is in sight.
Suddenly everything falls apart, though, when a Fae Hunter comes to town. Jess has to figure out if the super hot Fae Hunter, Roan, is there to kill her or to help her. It also doesn't help that bodies start piling up all around her. If you love a good mystery with magic and Fae, then you do not want to miss out on this story! Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Crystal.
1,141 reviews6 followers
July 6, 2018
I read Elle Boon's and just adored it. Talia so deserved to find her true mate after all she had been through. Torq was perfect for her. A couple of family reunions, old favorites and new ones in the making. Can't wait for her next book in this world!

Will update as I read others in this set.
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1,214 reviews
July 6, 2018
This review is for A Fey's Wolf by Elle Boon. I have been waiting for Talia's story and it's here! Talia and Torq are great together. They have such great chemistry. I loved their story.
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86 reviews2 followers
July 30, 2018
The book I have read is Marked paradox by Jen Grey and Heather Renee. This has twist and turns and the authors put there own take on fae.
This anthology has different types of books. There are some authors that I have already read their books before and others that are knew to me. Some of the books are full novels whilst others are short stories or novellas.
I would highly recommend this book. There is something for everybody.
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1,318 reviews23 followers
July 11, 2018
So far I've read a Fey's Wolf by Elle Book and I totally enjoyed it! Beautiful and powerful Fey and a hot alpha wolf are a great combo! Talia is a Fey warrior princess who has been through a lot in her life who finally finds acceptance and love in Torq's strong arms. There is magic, passion, love and a fierce battle in this book! I had so much fun reading it and I couldn't out it down! This is definitely a great story and one you want to get your hands on. If this story is anything to go by then this anthology will be awesome!
Profile Image for Sue Brooks.
463 reviews6 followers
June 29, 2018
WOW - the book by Katalina Leon - Destiny's Fae - was the story that I have read. OMG - it was so good!!!

Maya Rousseau saves her money and finally is able to go to France on vacation. She is wanting to try to find information about Andre Bosco. She ends up time traveling to 1903. I can't tell you much more or it will ruin the story for you -- but, OMG, this is one that once you start reading, you will find it hard to put down until you finish.

What an awesome book in the Shades of Fae collection!!!
207 reviews1 follower
July 1, 2018
FAE 101 BY Cyndi Faria
Tris and Riley cross paths again after tris thought he was dead they fight to figure out who the master of vampires are  and they fall back in love again. They stop a war between the fae and vampires now they are queen and king. This was a good book if you love Fae and vampires this is book for you. I received a ARC and am freely leaving a review
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8 reviews1 follower
June 28, 2018
A Feys Wolf by Elle Boon is absolutely amazing. Talia finally goes to earth leaving the Fey realm behind to try to make amends with her daughters. Her mate has waited for her to recover from ordeal her ex out her through. Is she ready to be with her true mate? Will her children forgive her for being absent in their childhood. Darkness lurks around the corner can she defeat it and become the warrior she once was?
173 reviews1 follower
June 27, 2018
Review of A Fey’s Wolf.
I was so excited to get this book and it lived up to expectations. The characters as always are interesting and engaging and 5he storyline kept you reading. It’s a magical read and if this book is anything to go by the the rest of the collection just looks a load better. I would read it in order with the Mystic Wolves as I think it reads better.
Profile Image for Amber Peters.
187 reviews
June 28, 2018
Marked Paradox by Heather Renee and Jennifer Grey is the only one I've read from this. I really enjoyed it, had lots of magic, intrigue, and of course the fae! Loved how Rian and Tayvon grew toward each other, as Jaren was the comic relief throughout.
Profile Image for Chrissi.
1,309 reviews8 followers
June 28, 2018
Loved Marked Paradox!!
Enjoyable read that I couldn't stop reading! I love a good story with magic, sinister characters, long kept secrets, and characters with humour and sass! This ticked all the boxes for me!
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321 reviews13 followers
June 20, 2019
So far I have had the privileged of reading A Fey's Wolf by Elle Boon. A Fey's Wolf is the 5th book in Boon's Mystic Wolves Series.
Our heroine, Talia is broken Fey on the mend from a marriage with a psychotic and evil husband.
Torq, the all alpha hero, is a badass shifter who has waited forever for the the one missing piece in his life, his mate.
I loved Boon's book, she makes her heroines strong and independent and her heroes protective of all the hold dear.
This is the perfect read for someone who likes a paranormal romance or a suspense romance.
I can't wait until I read the rest of the books in the anthology. I know I will love them all.
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136 reviews2 followers
July 10, 2018
Shades of Fae is a collection of Urban Fantasy & Fantasy Novels. I'm excited to read more of the boxset to be introduced to authors I haven't read before.

Fatal Illusion is the first book in The Fatal Fae Series by one of my favourite USA Today Bestselling Author Tameri Etherton.

The story revolves around Aurora 'Rori' MacNair who is employed by the Seelie Queen Eirlys as an assassin and spy. Rori  must discover why the Fae are going missing in Faerie before it's too late. Who can she trust?  her new friend Therron Mistwalker, who is harbouring his own secrets.? Her brother Cian, who is working for the Unseelie Queen Midna? The mysterious Meg who has her own agenda?  Can  Rori keep the amulets safe?

One of my favourite parts of Fatal Illusion, is the sentence and words that made me laugh out loud. Whether this was intentional or not I'm not sure but I think it shows Ms Etherton's humour. For example, the use of the name Cian the with it being described as "like rhyming his name with 'pee in'  for starters. Or elongating the name to keeee-innnn"  This made me laugh out loud as well as the use of  "flippinshitgibbon" and "Snickertits"  

As one of Tamari Etherton fans, I was delighted with the crossover of the character Taryn. Even though she only makes a brief appearance it has me all excited for the conclusion of Taryns story in book three The Ruins of Betrayal  in the Song of The Swords Series that I hope is coming out soon. This series is a must read, especially if you love Fatal Illusion. I'm hoping that we might see the MacNair clan in the Song of The Sword Series.

Fatal Illusion will bring you on an enchanted journey that's full of mystery, betrayal and friendship. It's the kind of book that you wish you lived in and that you could jump portals to Faerie whenever you wished. Especially if one of those portals was in Edinburgh Castle!

I'm excited to read more about the MacNair Clan in book two of the Fatal Fae Series called Fatal Assassin which is Cian's story. I hope it won't take too long to come out.
237 reviews2 followers
July 10, 2018
This review is only for A Fey’s Wolf by Elle Boon. This the 5th book in the Mystic Wolves Series. Our heroine, Talia is a Fey Warrior Princess who was temporarily broken by a sadistic husband who held & tortured her for 20 years. After being rescued she retreated to the Fey realm to heal and find her way back to happiness.
Torq is a badass alpha hero shifter who has waited forever for his mate. He knows that Talia is his mate, and that she has been tortured and treated in a way that no being ever should be. He doesn’t know if she will ever be able to mate with him, but he had faith.
Once again, dark forces are stalking his lovely mate and the wolves are trying to figure it out with the help of all the special creatures, Lulabell included. We had our humor magic, passion, love and a fierce battle in this book! I had so much fun reading it and I couldn't out it down! This is definitely a great story and one you want to get your hands on. If this story is anything to go by then this anthology will be awesome.
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365 reviews34 followers
July 11, 2018
My Fave Story in this gorgeous boxed set is Marked Paradox it's an Epic Fantasy read that will capture U from the very first page!

I love this fresh take on Fae Mythology The idea of Solar and Lunar Fae realms is brilliant!  Heather Renee & Jen L. Grey have created a world full of Danger, passion magic, mystery, and wickedly funny humor I couldn't put it down!

The Banter and chemistry between the characters is awesome and keeps U craving more!

Rian is a beautiful, sassy, badass Assassin with a wonderfully mischievous personality and mysterious powers!

Tayvon is A tall dark N delicious Warrior
a with a bit of a chip on his shoulder he is a brooding, sexy, protector who can be both sarcastic and sweet! 

Jaren is My favorite character in this story he is a Devilishly handsome Rogue, charming, crazy smart and caring with a sharp tongue and a cheeky sense of humor! I would love it if he got his own book hint hint! ;)

I can't wait to read all of theses Enchanting tales from this group of Amazing Author's!
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2,207 reviews27 followers
July 11, 2018
I read A Fey’s Wolf by Elle Boon
Talia has made appearances in other books but this one focuses on her, her story, and where she will go next. Talia is finally ready to move forward with her life. She has come back to earth from the Fae realm. Torq has been patient. He has known for awhile that Talia is his mate but that she needed to heal. If she is moving forward with her life he is going to be a part of it. Things aren’t going to be easy though. She can feel a dark fae in the area and she wants to find out what they are up to. Everyone is in danger if dark fae are in the area. Torq just wants to be there for Talia and show her how much he cares for her and how she should be treated by the man who loves her. Talia does want a chance with Torq but she also wants to reconnect with her daughters. She missed so much of their lives. I can’t say enough about this book and these characters. These characters are so fantastic and I can’t wait to read more about them. Elle is such a fantastic author and I recommend all her books. I can’t wait to read the rest of this anthology.
Profile Image for Texas.
1,691 reviews392 followers
July 10, 2018
CK Dawn, Remnants of Ash - This is my first book by this author and I enjoyed it. The story has a couple of unique elements that I haven't seen in this genre before; like minions adapting the code of Japanese honor and seppuku self sacrifice. The story line is interesting with a twist here and there and fast paced. The main characters are interesting, both the human, fae and witches. The supporting characters add meat to story.

The use of vulgar language was very limited, thank you CK, and there was a sex scene, which I skipped; written sex is so boring. While the book didn't end with a cliffhanger, again thank you CK, the next book is set up. Has an overview, which I appreciate knowing what the story is about.

Other than using several lower case "God" and one upper case "gods", this book is edited. 4*
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