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Venators #1

Venators: Magic Unleashed

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The dark unknown beckons.
Rune Jenkins has a long-standing infatuation for anything from the supernatural world, and she's trying to hide it. If she doesn't, her reckless twin brother Ryker storms in fits of rage, and she starts feeling like her own sanity is slipping. But the closer she gets to Grey Malteer - an old friend who waves his fascination with fantasy like a flag - the harder it becomes to stifle her own interest. When supernatural creatures from another world suddenly come hunting for the three college students, they are forced to see the hidden truth as fantasy twists with reality. With help from a mysterious savior, Rune and Grey escape, but Ryker does not. They must follow Ryker's abductors into an alternate dimension, Eon, where they discover their true identities. They are Venators, descendants of genetically enhanced humans designed long ago to protect the inhabitants of Eon from themselves, and to keep them far away from Earth. After generations of separation, the ruling Council of Eon has decided to bring about the return of the Venators for their own benefit. In this new world of fae, vampires, werewolves, and wizards, power is abundant and always in flux. Rune's brother is missing, and she and Grey are being set up as pawns in a very dangerous game. Rune, Ryker and Grey must now find their way through and out of Eon, before it consumes them.

378 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 1, 2016

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About the author

Devri Walls

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Devri Walls lives in Kuna Idaho with her husband and two kids. She has worked as a music teacher and currently, a preschool teacher. She majored in theater and her love of a story still drives her today. Thankfully, she has finally found an outlet for all the voices in her head.

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March 6, 2020
Book Reviewed on www.whisperingstories.com

Venators: Magic Unleashed is the first book in a new series by Devri Walls. It has been a long time since I have read a book featuring mythical/supernatural beings and so it took me a little while to get into the story.

The book begins on Earth and the fantasy element took a few chapters to emerge. There were a lot of characters to understand and to get to know, so many that I ended up having to write a list to remind me who was who.

The plot opens with someone called Tate awaiting a portal to open. I wasn’t quite sure a first whether Tate was a supernatural person or whether he was some kind of creature. We then met Rune and Ryker, twin teenage humans. Rune is forever looking out for her brother who happens to be a bit of an arse. She is also experiencing some strange sensations and reactions within her body.

We also have Grey, another teenage human who was attacked six years ago by some kind of troll/eel/pig looking creatures. Ever since he has found he has special abilities including the ability to run fast. He keeps his abilities hidden in case people want to experiment on him.

I hope you are keeping up with me so far. Turns out that these teenagers are ‘Venators’, enhanced beings and they are wanted by hunters from another realm.

The book is fast-paced and there are a lot of supernatural beings thrown in together. The world-building was interesting and easy to imagine. The plot is filled to the brim with magic, mystery, and mayhem and it certainly takes you on an adventure.

There are a few subplots that interweave within the main and as the book progresses secrets are revealed and the roll of the Venators and why they are wanted is brought to the forefront.

If you are a lover of supernatural or even sci-fi YA books then this is certainly the book to pick up. I believe book two is already released. Unfortunately, whilst it was certainly enjoyable and intriguing I took so long trying to make sure that I understood everything that was happening and had to make so many notes that I don’t think it will be a series I will be following.
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March 9, 2020

Very grateful and excited to be part of the blog tour for this book, it's a pleasure, but as you always know, my thoughts are 100% my own.

Venator is a super entertaining and easy-to-read book that really surprised me. I used to be a big fan of the urban genre in the past, but I haven't read anything related for a long time and I enjoyed that aspect a lot, especially since I feel a lot of nostalgia reading it. It has very well created action scenes and the world-building seemed very successful for me, interesting to explore and easy to imagine.


3.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐💫

You cand find more of my reviews & other content on my blog A Book. A Thought.

The book is told in third person and we follow two main characters, Grey who was attacked by supernatural creatures who called him with a strange word ... "Venator" and since that day he has been obsessed with this type of night creatures and he has some incredible skills he still doesn't understand. Then we have Rune, who experiences a very strange sensation on her body when she's around something that's supernatural, without understanding why and little by little it's getting out of control. One day things get intense and they both end up traveling through a portal to a magical world where all the legendary and myths creatures exist. Once there they'll be surrounded by fairies, werewolves, vampires, among others and the boys soon understand that the council of that place has quite dark plans for them, the Venators. Gray and Rune will be forced to make a decision and decide their fate.

As I told you above, I enjoyed the book a lot, it's not usually something I read today, but some years ago I was obsessed with this kind of book, I use to love reading urban fantasy. And I discovered that I still do it, especially because of the creatures and seeing this world was very interesting. It was a bit difficult for me to be 100% committed to the main characters because of their personalities that didn't resonate with me , but even so, as the story progresses I think they become more complex and take a more intense tone, I liked much more than the beginning.

At the beginning, we have a lot of information about the whole magical aspects, it's kind of overwhelming and I thought that I wouldn't like the world, Eon, once we got there, butI loved it and ended up being one of my favorite aspects , it has something dark but whimsical at the same time, you know? I think it's a world that the author has created so that the reader suspects of everything because it's very mysterious and has a suspenseful vibe that fulfills its objective of keeping you expectant and alert because you know that anything could happen and that's super cool in this type of book, keeps you wanting to read more and more.

I really like that's super easy to read, so I would certainly read more from the author, it has a simple but effective writing style, so I would say that that's a good thing.

The characters, in my opinion, are the weakest point of the plot especially Rune, I couldn't connect so much with her because of her personality, I understand the hard aspects of her past and her family live, which I think is interesting, but her personality is annoying, so even when it grows a lot towards the ending, it's not my favorite. I think that in general, they're lacking a little depth and development so that we can commit to another level with them. We jump so quickly to the action that what we know about each one is quite superficial even cliché through moments. On the other hand, even though I don't like Rune very much, Grey has greater potential and has more smart dialogues, I like how his mind works, and I think he's generally more prepared for situations. Ryker has a pretty predictable fate in my opinion, but it's still fine. Undoubtedly my favorites were Tate, it's interesting, master type and a great source of information, so I liked it a lot & Beltran, it's that kind of character that you know is kind inside even if he seems like a calculating type of guy, you know? I hope it doesn't fall into being just a love interest because it promises good things.

The ending was abrupt for my taste but the intensity was really good, I just would have liked it to be a little longer and more developed instead of so abruptly cut, but it was pretty good and I think it intrigues you enough to want to know what will happen!

So to sum it up, I highly recommend it if you want to read an urban fantasy with all its components, characters with super abilities, a dark and treacherous world full of supernatural creatures & great action scenes! Which is a lot to say because I don't usually enjoy action scenes, but these are very good, in my opinion. Plus: super easy and fast to read, and very addictive! So no doubt, if you want to have an entertaining and fun moment, grab this book you'll not regret.

First Thoughts 03/03/20

There's always a bit of nostalgia when I read this kind of genre paranormal/urban, I enjoyed it, it's a book that keeps you entertained throughout the whole story without bored or disappointed. I also found the writing style super easy to read
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May 2, 2018
Check out more reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...

Attacked by creatures that can’t possibly exist 6 years ago, Grey hides strange new abilities. Whenever Rune’s around anything remotely supernatural, an angry pressure builds and she wants to know why… before she loses control. By order of an unknown council they are pulled through a portal into an alternate dimension where creatures of myth and legend exist. A realm that calls them, Venators.

The review...

I quite enjoyed this book. My brothers loved Dungeons and Dragons so I played that some with them and understand the world. This is like a D&D world but with vampires, werewolves, sirens and a whole host of races you'd find in an urban fantasy. This makes the world familiar but also a new take that is fascinating, especially when you throw in there the human Venators. Time was spent introducing us to the girl and guy who were chose to come represent Venators in this new world. I appreciated that as it helped me to really root for them big time when they took on their first big mission.

We get a glimpse of a kickass villain and her minions with some pretty great battles, plus meet some other badies who are on their own side. It's the mix of allies though that I loved. Beltran, our vampire mentor and our mysterious guide who chose Grey and Rune who has his own agenda! Then we have the council and a whole host of supernatural beings who can swing either way. They all have magic and abilities and our two venators don't have all the knowledge they need... yet. And that translates into fun interactions and political jockeying that made this truly delightful and fun!

Yes, I gave this a 4 star... Right now I haven't seen enough to say this is going to be the best... That familiar feeling can go either way in the second book... it can be blown aside with the introduction of more of the world building or it can sink into stereotypes found around supernatural races. BUT, don't let what could be coming keep you from enjoying this book! Seriously I loved the multiple POVs and I adored Grey from the get go... and Rune is a character to watch with a potential to grow into a kickass venator!

Cover & Title grade -> B+

You know I don't hate this cover. It has some stellar color on it and its got that paranormal vibe from urban fantasy. The thing is I don't exactly know who that is on the cover and I've read the book! It's kind of generic. Walking by I may not have picked it up... even the title is kind of ho-hum. They aren't bad but they don't draw me in. Some like The Venator Arch may have worked better. At least it gives the reader a concrete setting to draw out attention.

As a Writer...

As a writer I am a total fan of mixing genres and taking ideas that readers already know and putting a unique spin on them. Mixing paranormal races into a D&D setting sounds like fun and my first foray into the world was action packed and making me excited and hopeful for the next book!!

The only problem with using old ideas in new ways is that it opens you up to have the new ways compared to the old ways. Yes, all ideas are being revamped these days but with this you are clearly comparing vampires to vampires. It's a bold move and works with how the world works and where folklore on earth came from for supernatural creatures. As a writer I LOVE bold moves and hope it works even better in book #2!!

Magic Unleashed is a pretty fun ride through a new world that is closely aligned with our own. Be prepared for adventures with all manner of supernatural races and creatures. Diplomacy and action will be skills you need to develop, along with the judgement to know when to use which! GAH! Get me the next book STAT!

⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Authenticity
⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Writing Style
⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Plot & Pacing
⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ World Building

Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. It has not influenced my opinions.

You can find this review and many others on my book blog @ Perspective of a Writer. See my special perspective at the bottom of my reviews under the typewriter...
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March 12, 2020
3.75 stars!

I don’t tend to pick up urban fantasy books, since I’m not the most confident reader when it comes to lots of high stakes action and a range of supernatural creatures/occurrences. Venators was easy to get into. It certainly doesn’t hold back from the adventure and sometimes some brutality however, that’s what kept the story interesting. Each chapter contained something new that enticed me on further until the final page. I liked the fantasy world-buildings and meeting Rune, who is close to her twin brother and despite their differences, whenever he falls into danger, she wants to be the one to rescue him which I admired. Venators has it all from the magic of fae and witches to vampires and even a dragon. There was a lot to take in, but I’m pleased to have branched out of my reading comfort zone. It was a lot of fun!

Bonus note- At times, it was a little on the gory side for me!
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March 12, 2020
Venators: Magic Unleashed surprised me. I was expecting it to be good - it exceeded good. The book introduces Venators, beings who have specific abilities, and reintroduces every paranormal and magical being we only read and see on TV. This element of the story alone is enough for me to pick up this book, but I didn't know this because I decided to dive into the story knowing nothing. And imagine my surprise when little by little the fictional world and its magic system is introduced to me. Especially when I learned what "Venator" means, it added to the appeals of the story for me.

I really liked how the world-building is handled. There is never an instance that I found the author info-dumping, and every time, new information is introduced, I feel myself getting excited to learn more. Our main characters might be hesitant to stay in Eon but as a reader, I'm happy to be there. Eon has all the charms every fantasy reader loves. Its beauty equals the danger it offers which is perfect. Sure the concept of Eon is not new, the magical beings aren't new as well, but that's the thing. To use an old concept and reintroduces them into a new way and make them interesting and fascinating to read is a hard thing to do for a writer (I'm an aspiring author myself) and Devri Walls did a good job.

There is no single dull moment in this book. There is always something to excite the reader. In every turn, in every step, the characters are doing either something new or something intense -- usually a matter of life and death. I didn't read Venators in one sitting - which is rare for me - but it was only because I had to write an urgent blog post but I would've read it in one sitting and never notice the time passed. The pacing is perfect.

When I was reading, I felt like I was watching a movie. It's so intense and it's so vivid.

As for the characters, I love our hero, Grey and our heroine Rune, even though Rune appeared as whiny to me at first. But she grew on me and justifies her fears and concerns. Because I must understand, she's thrown into this strange world and there are markings on her body. Most of all, she knows her twin brother Ryker is in danger. She's also fighting a battle within her, which I know is one perfect element to show her character arc in the next books. I'm so excited to see more of Rune. Grey, on the other hand, what appeals to me about him is not his calm demeanor but rather the depths of his character. It's hinted all throughout the book that he's had a terrible past and I won't say it here to avoid spoiling it, though I will need to add a spoiler alert at the end for a trigger warning. There's so much more to Grey. He is a guy who's been hiding so much since he was a kid and since he was attacked and learned the secret of his identity.

I would love to spend more time with Ryker. Obviously, he's not just the bully he was introduced in the beginning. There's so much more to him. I want to hear his side of the story, but sadly there aren't many scenes with him here. It just made me more excited to read the next book.

Aside from our three Venators, there are so many interesting characters in Magic Unleashed. There are Tate and Verida, Rune and Grey's kind of guardians and trainers. The members of the council are also intriguing. I just love it when politics is an element of a fantasy story. And I love morally grey characters. There are a lot of them here and I'm pretty sure, I'll learn more about them in the next books. For now, my favorite is the shapeshifter, Beltran.

Yes, I love the characters and I love to learn more about them as the series progresses but they're also the reason why I don't give Magic Unleashed five stars. No matter how intriguing they are, I still find Rune, Grey and Ryker's characters a little cliche, especially in the beginning. Reading about them, in the beginning, felt like reading about characters who I've read already before. Thankfully, the plot itself made them interesting to read. I think the author did a lot for the plot and world-building and too little for the characters. This is maybe her own writing technique, I will make sure in the next book. Also, this is just the first book which means I can't possibly be so sure about Rune, Grey and Ryker's characters.

And oh the cover. Usually, I don't mind the cover, unless I'm buying a physical book, then it needs to be beautiful to look at on my shelves. The cover of Magic Unleashed is pretty and badass but when I read about the markings, I instantly swiped back to look at the cover and I looked for the markings. I don't know what other readers prefer but I was expecting to see the markings. :) :)

Finally, I highly recommend Venators: Magic Unleashed to everyone who loves Urban/Paranormal fantasy. you won't regret picking it up.

Trigger: Just one. Grey hinted about a sexual abuse. It was just hinted and there are only mentions (more like Grey's internal monologue about it) but I think I need to mention it.
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March 6, 2020
I'm rounding my rating up because I really enjoyed this fast-paced supernatural fantasy. There were some elements that stopped me from fully immersing myself in the story but it was a lot of fun to read and I'm looking forward to learning what happens next!

The story is set in two places: modern day earth complete with frat parties and college life, and Eon, the alternate world where all supernaturals such as faeries, elves, werewolves, vampires, witches and a wide range of other creatures, are real. Yep, we literally get all of the creatures but I didn't mind it! We spend a very small amount of time on earth before crossing over to Eon, although it took a while before this world's name was mentioned (our characters were there for several chapters before the name 'Eon' came up). Eon seems like a really shady and scary world that's full of unruly blood thirsty creatures. It's the kind of world that would very likely kill me within the first five minutes of setting foot on it LOL but death aside, it does sound like a cool world!

Walls' writing style is straight forward, easy to follow, and her descriptions of the setting are vivid, making it easy to envision the surroundings. I thought that the story flowed well although there were some transitions that jumped a little too quickly from one scene to the next. We are pretty much thrown into the thick of the action from page one; it was almost like picking up a book from the middle of a story, which was initially confusing but it didn't take long to catch on. The story seems to be more political than I thought it'd be but it's intriguing! The book is pretty full of tropes but I personally don't mind if the story is enjoyable and holds my attention. There's no romance as of book one but there is plenty to indicate that there will be much more in the coming books. I have a feeling there might even be some kind of love triangle too (nooooo) but I'm desperately hoping I'm wrong :) I'm looking forward to seeing how this plot progresses now that the motivations behind the council's summoning of the venators has been 'revealed'.

We're introduced to a lot of characters but many we don't learn much about. Grey and Rune are our MCs but we also see a lot of Tate and Verida, both of whom I liked a lot. I adored Grey! He's a smol cinnamon roll marshmallow man-boi that I just wanted to scoop up iand never let go of! He had a rough childhood and there are allusions to his experiencing abuse at some point and it's absolutely heartbreaking. He's soft but there's clearly also strength in that. Rune was difficult to like although she's much better than her brother, Ryker. I found myself swinging back and forth between thinking her okay and disliking her intensely. I empathised with her once we learn her backstory but she continues to act childish/petulant, and it was hard to see past that. I am curious to see how her arc will progress though!

We learn intriguing bits of information about the characters we meet, and I'm really hoping we get to learn more about them in the coming books. The council was evil and corrupt but not as bad as I thought they'd be. I'm keen to see if that will change in the next book. I feel like a few side characters have the potential to become more central in the future, such as Beltran and Tashara, who really intrigued me! I was surprised how much I liked both of them although Beltran's "romance arc" had me groaning and rolling my eyes just a *little* bit 😂

I'm not a fan of open endings and this ending seemed to come out of nowhere. Obviously it has me eager to pick up the sequel to see what happens next, but I thought it was just way too abrupt--almost as if the characters were cut off mid-thought. That said, this was a fun supernatural fantasy that was literally non-stop full of action. It's an easy and enjoyable read and I would recommend it for anyone who likes supernatural elements!
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March 6, 2020
Rune Jenkins is starting to freak out, her life isn’t going the way she expected and she keeps experiencing an unexplainable anger whenever she reads/see’s something remotely related to the paranormal or monsters. Grey Malteer is obsessed with monsters ever since he was attacked by indescribable creatures one night six years ago. Rune and Grey have known each other for years and have a tenuous friendship, mainly tested by Runes twin brother Ryker, but what they don’t know is just how linked they are. When a stranger appears and tells them they are Venators, an ancient race of monster hunters and drags them through a portal to a world where vampires, werewolves, the fae and much more exist, they will have to rely on each other and their untested powers if they are going to make it out alive.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about this book was reading from both a female and male perspective. Rune and Grey are similar in so many ways and then completely different in others. I loved how the author managed to make them both vulnerable but in an almost role reversal way; Grey gets paranoid about wearing skin tight clothing and Rune is annoyed that her relative fitness in our world is not enough to cut it here. Because of this I found the characters quite fresh and though they don’t have a whole lot of growth I enjoyed reading from their perspectives. My one problem was that I almost liked the side characters more. Beltran, a character that comes into the book late on made more of an impression on me in one scene than Rune did for a big chunk of the book, and while she and Grey grew on me I didn’t bond with them in the way I do with a lot of protagonists.

I found the premise for this book really intriguing, that there is a world parallel to ours but filled with all the monsters we read about and watch TV shows/ Movies about. At one point portals between the two worlds occurred regularly and so people could travel accross which is where we get a lot of our myths; Dracula, Van Helsing etc. But the monsters started to fear the Venators, humans with enhanced abilities, which led to an attempt to close the portals for good. Unfortunately they were unable to close them indefinitely but now random portals appear, leaving days, months and sometimes years in between appearances. I hadn’t really read any portal fantasy before this and so I had little expectations going in but I found this bit of the book the most gripping. I enjoyed learning about the parallel world, their council and the evil forces which forced them to allow Venators back through the portal.

The author brings us a whole host of creatures vampires, werewolves, fae, elves, succubus, shapeshifters, wizards and created a hierarchy within the races. The Council is compromised of one of each of the ‘higher’ creatures and beings not in this list are seen as lesser. It was a great way to show the divide between cultures and classes of people in the world she created. Her descriptive writing was expertly done and I found it easy to imagine myself travelling along on Rune and Grey’s journey and easily immersed in the battle scenes. One thing I will say is the book ends pretty abruptly, not even on a cliffhanger it just ends, which thew me a little, and I had to make sure I hadn’t missed a chapter, though it definitely leaves you eager to read book two.

It took me a bit to get into the swing of this book and a while for me to decide that I liked the main characters but I’m glad I stuck with it. There is so much promise for future books in the series and I will definitely be carrying it on.
October 9, 2016
Once again, I am blown away by Devri Wall's writing style and how she weaves these amazing stories with such creative and unique worlds and such interesting characters. First The Solus Series, then The Wizard's Heir and now this- Venators: Through the Arch- all which I have enjoyed immensely.

Venators was such a fun and captivating read. Such a unique take on the paranormal/fantasy genre. I really enjoyed every thing this story had to offer- the unique world building, the characters that continue to develop in such a beautiful way, and just how fast paced it is.

Venators follows the stories of two characters; Grey and Rune. Where in the beginning, the are living the usual college life but then are called to jump through an arch into a different world. A world that has every kind of mythical creature you can imagine - vampires, werewolves, faeries, elves, Wizards, dragons, goblins and even Giants. And they are called to be what is known as the Venators, which is Latin for hunter. And they are called to be basically the Warriors and law of the land.

This was such a fast paced and thrilling story I didn't want to put it down.

Now let's talk about how awesome the characters are. Because the way Devri creates such awesome characters is something to be discussed.

Rune- Rune is our female protagonist. For a while, it took me while to connect or really enjoy her character because she kind of starts out as a weak character. The whole reason , she agreed to enter this strange world is because her twin brother Ryker has been taken. And she's always been the one to look after and take of him and she's got to get him back. But she constantly freaked out in most situations. I don't think it was until more towards end of the book that I began to like her because she's slowly shedding that weak and scared girl she was in the beginning and she's starting to become really badass and I love it.

Grey- Aw Grey. Where do I begin? Grey is an amazing character. Very handsome too. Six years ago, he was already introduced to this new world by an attack from some of the creatures that came through to his side. And he's always been curious to go to this other world. And no matter what the situation is, he really knows how to handle it. He's sweet and compassionate and a fast learner. And he handles everything in such a calmly matter. He really thinks things through instead of caving into pressure. He's just an all around amazing guy and I can't wait to see how he continues to develop throughout.

Beltran- my personal favorite. I love Grey, but the minute this character was introduced, I knew he was a keeper. He's kind of your troublemaker , bad boy not entirely certain you can trust him kind of character which I absolutely love those kind of characters. He's witty, and fun but he's also really smart and kind. And I call dibs on this guy so nobody else gets to have him .

This story is also told from other point of views aside from the main two which I really enjoy because I love seeing the different thoughts and getting to know all the characters .

I would really recommend it to those who love fantasy and looking for something that's a little different then your usual story.

I really enjoyed this book so much and I can't wait for more!!!! Thanks Devri again for yet another exciting story and such amazing characters. Can't wait to see how this story progresses! Beltran forever!!!
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Author 6 books105 followers
March 15, 2020
Venator is my first encounter with Devri Walls, but given how much I enjoyed it, I’m sure it won’t be the last. Her writing style is fluid, without many embellishments, which helps with the fast-paced action of the story. I found the difference between the two realms exciting.

The story starts in the human world with relatable situations such as family problems, frat parties, and getting drunk. The world as we know it disappears once we get to Eon, another realm, a different reality where every mythological creature you could imagine is real and hints towards a rather medieval setting. We encounter shifters, succubi, incubi, vampires, goblins, and even a fire breathing dragon. The intricate storytelling, characters, and the world-building reminded me of Kingdom of Exiles, by Maxym Martineau, which I reviewed last year. However, the action and fight scenes surpassed anything I have ever read before, both in intensity and creativity.

Character-wise, I connected with both main characters, Grey and Rune, and loved to watch them come into their powers. They are like different sides of a coin. It’s hinted that Grey is an abuse survivor, broken inside but puts up a brave front. He’s trained hard for years, he physically strong but hides under baggy clothes and doesn’t open up to anyone. Rune, on the other side, seems to have it all, but deep down, she crumbles under her family’s expectations and the perfectionism forced upon her by her mother. Her allegiance to her twin brother, Ryker, who acts like a jerk all the time, is hard to relate to.

They are venators (the Latin word for hunter – for once I was happy I studied Latin in school), genetically enhanced humans who hunt the supernatural being. The Venator markings, intricate tattoos are dormant until they come in proximity of a supernatural creature. That’s when they activate and start glowing red and green from underneath the skin.

Besides the venators, I loved the supporting characters Veridia and Tate, and last but not least, Beltran, the shapeshifter with a trickster mindset, and I’m confident a hidden agenda.

Devri Walls lightens the mood with bits of humor and even sarcasm, especially when describing the characters.

“Rune faced down life with all the reserve of an attacking polar bear.”

“So, how are you doing?”
“I’m sitting on the outskirts of a black faery forest that’s filled with little demons. I’m great. Thank you for asking.”

Verida is an enchanting character, smart, sassy, and cunning. I noticed a certain similarity with Pam, the vampire from The Southern Vampires Mysteries by Charlaine Harris.
Before introducing Rune and Grey to the council, Verida shows them pictures of the council members, so they’ll know who’s who.

“The next image was so stereotypical it was almost comical.
“It’s Merlin!” Rune said.
“Merlin’s son, actually,” Verida said.
Rune’s jaw fell open. “I was kidding.”
She shrugged. “I wasn’t.

Perhaps that matter-of-factly tone is why I thought of Pam.
Read the whole review here: https://www.summonfantasy.com/book-re...
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March 3, 2020
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Rune Jenkins loves all things supernatural, but has to suppress her fascination around her twin, Ryker. For some reason he’s taken an extreme dislike of the things she likes and it’s exhausting hiding it from him. One person she knows embraces the supernatural though and Grey Malteer doesn’t seem to care that people think he’s weird. When creatures suddenly come hunting for them, Rune is in for a rude awakening. The things she’s been drawn to are not fantasy, they’re real and she, Ryker, and Grey are sucked up into their world. It’s not all fun and games in Eon. In fact, it’s not fun at all. It’s terrifying and Grey and Rune don’t know who to trust. But Rune knows this…she will do anything to rescue her twin from the crazy bitch (and Council of Eon enemy) who took him from Earth. This Zio chick better watch out. Because Rune is coming for Ryker whether he likes it or not. Family is family.

While I’m a little iffy on the whole Council reason for bringing the Venators back to Eon after so long, I do enjoy the action. The characters are complex and yet simplistic. Grey has had a shitty upbringing, but he’s a good person. Rune has had an uncomplicated upbringing and she’s reckless and, to be honest, an idiot. At least she has good instincts and hasn’t gotten Grey killed. Yet. Ryker is completely unlikeable at this point, but who knows what the future holds? Side characters are pretty awesome. I think I almost like them more than the main characters. I didn’t rate this higher simply for personal reasons. Or one reason. The Council. They seem so cliché and all this double (triple, quadruple?) secret dealing is something I really hate. I get it. They are immortal creatures who thrive on this devious shit, but I really truly hate it. What can I say? Not a fan. However, the story flows fairly smoothly with no overly explained scenes and the world is fascinating. I look forward to seeing where this is headed.
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March 15, 2020
My Rating: 4.5 stars

This review is part of the #Venators Blog Tour Hosted by the WriteReads.

Thanks a ton, Dave from @TheWriteReads and the author-Devri Walls, for giving me this opportunity and providing me with a free e-book copy of ‘The Venators: Magic Unleashed’ on exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

What are Venators first of all? They are a group of humans with genetic mutations which render them immense power, strength and agility and immunity to vampire bites, fae magic, werewolves venom amongst other things, but certainly not all things. They are beings to be feared and with so much potential and uniqueness, they once became the law enforcers and keepers of peace in another realm. But due to internal political turmoil, the Venators are extinct now in that other realm.

Three Venators- Grey Malteer, Rune Jenkins and her twin brother, Ryker– are teleported from this side of the world to the other side where all the myths about fairies, vampires, werewolves, dragons come true. And what is the purpose?- To re-take control over the law and order of the realm just like before, only this time the council’s policies are a bit different- more sinister, self-serving and with a purpose so fierce and menacing.

I could relate to Grey’s persona so much- full of secrecy and soberness. Grey Malteer is bullied in college. Because of his calm and reticent demeanor and seemingly unique choice of clothing and also his interest toward supernatural things, he is often mocked by his college mates, especially Ryke, Rune Jenkins’ twin brother, who has gone way too far harassing Grey. Grey is a hidden ball of wonders. With the Venator blood flowing through his veins, Grey constantly trains to boost his power and strength though the purpose seems quite nebulous when he comes to think of it. Grey who seems so fragile at the beginning, shows his true self when he is in the world he has always fantasized about- the other side. The confidence, power, courage, intellect all seem to have ruptured the shell which has been hiding them all this while in this side of the world. Grey’s character has impressed me very much. His character is such a fine blend of pacificity and vigor, with so much maturity and balance.

Rune Jenkins character on the contrary is a bit too angsty. Rune has always lived her life in subjugation- that is one reason. She is constantly in a state of confusion and worry, unsure and very much unaware of why she reacts so oddly whenever she is around anything that is remotely supernatural. After reaching the other side of the realm, Rune seems to lack behind as a venator. The constant backing from Grey and frequent encounters with deadly instances in this other realm, gradually ameliorates the “Venator” fervor within her. By the end of the book, Rune does quite well. She is totally a different person- more strong and determined. I really hope to see more of her courage and strength come to light in the next book in the series.

The book is like an all in one combo offer! Every mythical being you have heard of and fantasized about as a child, pays you a thrilling visit here, in this book. Faeries, vamps, werewolves, succubi and incubi, elves, dragons, halfbloods- all in one! Among all these mythical characters, I really liked Verida (daughter of Dracula, quite interesting) and of course the shape-shifter- Beltran! I love him! Full of wit and humor. Really looking forward to getting to know more about him.

The Venators is an action packed YA fantasy story. Devri Walls is an amazing writer. You feel like you are breathing and thriving in that other side of the world where these three venators are persistently fighting for their survival. The total atmosphere of the story and the narration is so powerful and extraordinarily detailed that a reader is bound to be engrossed in it! Each and every chapter is a thriller and full of action! The constant fight for survival and the malicious detailing of the powerful beasts in the story are so very riveting that you can’t get off your mind of the pages of the book! It is a complete page turner! As you gradually progress with the story, that curiosity within you grows- and this allows you to read the story at a much faster pace. I have come across several books where in the middle of the story you’ll feel that you are just dragging yourself reluctantly, just to complete the book because you have that slight feeling within you that this book might end well and so you want to finish it, and in most cases it does, the endings are quite satisfactory! However, that apathy you have developed on your way to completing the story, brings the overall rating and experience down (exception- when the endings are extraordinarily fabulous). It has happened with me so frequently. But with this book my experience has been different. The novel ideas behind each and every chapter ensure that the readers retain their interest in the story and look forward to completing it with an enthusiasm. So I would say that I am very much impressed by the author’s imaginative powers and of course her writing style.

I would 10/10 recommend this book to anyone who is interested in folklore and fantasy novels. This will not disappoint you in any way! I am eagerly looking forward to reading the next book in the series! There are so many questions and assumptions inside my mind that I am curious enough to learn more about the Venators and the world of these amazing supernatural entities!

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March 26, 2020
You can read my full review on my blog, The Writerly Way, here.

Many thanks to TheWriteReads and Devri Walls for a finished copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

I was basically told I had to read this book, under pain of … well, I don’t actually know, but they used or else, and you know that New Yorkers mean business when they say that, so I took notice.

Magic Unleashed is a portal fantasy to a dark, unforgiving world where danger lurks around every turn … so, you know, my kind of place.

I’m not for sure I’d want to live there, but visit? Heck yes! Spoiler alert: there’s even dragons. If I were a Venator, that’s all you’d have to say to convince me. Yes, please.

My Thoughts:

- This book is just chock full of relatable characters, and I can see parts of myself in all of them.

- The other world (Eon) is dark and foreboding, and it’s absolutely glorious. Be still, my dark, withered heart. Oh how I just absolutely loved this world. If you’ve heard of it, it probably exists. It’s a pretty big generalization, but also, imagine the possibilities. Terrifying, right? I love it. There’s a great juxtaposition between the wonder and beauty of this world and the downright deadliness of it. The world-building here is a little bit of a double-edged sword, because it felt both wonderful and also a bit vague. I suppose what I mean is there were parts of the world where I had a really freaking good picture of things (like the forest they first land in), and then other times, it was a bit foggy and I really wanted some more grounding.

- There’s a bit of a political game hinted at here from all the powerful parties, and I’m really hoping book two explores it more, because gosh was it fun. I am all for underhandedness, betrayal, and playing the politics game to win. I actually really enjoyed the councils’ interactions with each other, as strained as they were, and all the little hints that things may not be quite as they seem. Everyone in this book has an ulterior motive. Even more exciting was watching Grey and Rune learn how to play the game, little by little, to further their own purposes. The only big problem I had with this was that in this political tug-of-war, there were so many characters introduced that I had a hard time keeping them all straight, especially when they were all on a page together.

- This book pulls absolutely no punches when it comes to the ugliness of this world. Because it ain’t pretty, folks. I mean, okay, parts of it are, absolutely, and I loved the juxtaposition there, as Grey and Rune wonder at the gorgeous scenery and then five minutes later are facing yet another potentially lethal danger. There are quite a few scenes that are absolutely brutal when it comes to how callous the world is, and it really highlights what a dangerous journey our intrepid heroes are on.

- Once the main characters cross over into Eon, there’s not a lot of downtime, and it’s just one thing after another, keeping things moving at a pretty fast pace. So if you’re into action and fast-paced stories, this one’s for you. I thought the beginning was a little slow, but also sort of out of necessity, as the scene was set and everything was introduced. It definitely didn’t stay that way for very long. Once the action got going, it got going. I had a hard time putting it down, because I wanted to know what was going to happen next or what new creature might be lurking in the next chapter.

- I really enjoyed Walls’ writing style, which was easy to fall into, but also lovely and descriptive. I’m not going to lie: sometimes the descriptions tripped me up a little with the metaphors that were used, but for the most part? I just loved it. There were some really stunning passages that were so poignant I had to read them twice.

- Sorry, ladies, but I’ve decided that I get to marry Beltran, so y’all will just have to find someone else. Beltran is just my kind of guy. He’s undecided about where he stands as far as “sides,” except that he’s thoroughly and completely on his own side, to whatever end. His allegiance seems … wavering, at best. At worst, he’s a liability, which makes him all the more interesting. I can’t wait to find out more about his character in the next books.
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March 12, 2020
TW: Sexual Assualt, Child Abuse, Abuse, mention of slavery, mention of forced prostitution, Victim blaming verbiage.

When I was approached about this book tour, I knew I needed to jump in. Magic Unleased is right up my alley, and I couldn't wait to get started. I ended up low on time, so I snagged the audiobook so that I could read it while reading a few other books in between. The narrator did a good job of portraying the characters, though, at times, his voice bordered on monotone.

Devri Walls sure knows how to write a vast world. The descriptions were great, and at times I felt like I was walking around with Rune & Grey. The setting itself was well done, and I liked to see the author's interpretations of the supernatural characters. My favorite was how the fae were portrayed. They weren't sweet, helpful things but tricksters. I just loved it.

The characters were also well done. I wanted to get to know more about Grey and Rune, and I liked seeing how they interacted with all of the characters. I enjoyed the side characters, as well. It seems like everyone, for the most part, was three dimensional. I will admit, I struggled with how young Grey & Rune acted though this is more of a me issue and not a book issue.

The one thing that didn't sit well with me was some of the victim-blaming verbiages in a specific scene. I felt that the character had every right to be upset, and I feel like she was gaslit because she didn't just accept that something "had" to happen. This scene soured me on the book, and I have to admit, I almost DNFd right then and there. After that scene, I started to notice just some of the ways that Rune was treated, and I hated how she was consistently berated instead of helped.

Though I did find some faults with this book, I ended up pushing through. In the end, I enjoyed the world that created. It was fun to see a more sinister side of faeries, and I enjoyed how fast-paced the plot was. I'm not sure that I will continue in the series, but I do understand why so many people have enjoyed it.

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March 5, 2020
Venators is a fast-paced novel about two intertwining stories, Grey Malteer and Rune Jenkins and Rune Jenkins. At the beginning of the story, Rune and Grey are just typical college students. Rune and Grey study for classes and avoid bullies and studying for classes. Rune has a fit of wild anger that erupts whenever she is around anything paranormal. Gray has powers that that that he tries to keep quiet. Through a bit of craziness, Rune and Gray are pulled through a portal into a world of the paranormal: fae, vampires, werewolves, and more. What happened when two unlikely heroes are pulled into a new world?

This is an exciting story. It took me a while to get into it and get to know the characters, but once I did, I enjoyed the plot quite a bit. Rune, for instance, is a flat character in the beginning. I found her reactions to the paranormal to be too much. However, as the book continues onwards, her personality changes, and she comes more into her own. Grey was attacked six years ago. This attack forever changed him. He has spent the last six years living with what happened to him, but knowing that there was more in the world.

I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys some light fantasy. The characters are fun, there is narrative progression, and by the end, you are cheering on the characters.
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March 10, 2020
Grey and Rune are seemingly typical college students, but they have powers they keep relatively hidden.

They are pulled through a portal and enter a very different world. A world of magic and chaos, of vampire, werewolves and so much more.

With a large cast of characters, great world building and an exciting plot, this fast paced fantasy tale is enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining.

Thank you to The Write Reads for the opportunity to take part in this blog tour, for the promotional material and a free ecopy of the book. This is my honest and unbiased review.
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March 2, 2020
Favorite Character: Beltran

A shapeshifter who relishes the role of trickster, he seems an unlikely choice for favorite character. He is dastardly and self-serving and follows only his desire for fun and what’s best for Beltran. Tate tells Gray and Rune not to trust him, ever, and I took him at his word. So why is he my favorite character? You’ll have to read the novel to find out.

What I Loved

The setting is our world and another world that exists alongside ours, accessible only through special gates that appear randomly. This other world is full of supernatural creatures – the kind of beings who cause fear in the hearts and minds of humans from both worlds. A realm with castles and a dragon, villages with medieval-like cottages and no electricity, Rune, and Gray have to quickly learn the rules that this realm is run by, or it could be disastrous.

The characters are each complex and sympathetically flawed. Everyone has a secret goal they are working toward, so no one is what they seem to be. Gray and Rune are the main characters – the Venators. Friends for many years, Gray is shocked when Rune and her twin brother Ryker end up at the same college as him. Gray tries to hide in loose clothing and hair that conveniently covers his face when he wants not to be noticed. Rune is a talented athlete, pushed by a perfectionist mother, who feels that only she can keep her brother from being his own worst enemy. Rune and Gray, along with a cast of various supernatural beings, give us many compelling stories that create a thrilling tone and keep the pages turning quickly.

The theme of self-discovery is perfect for a YA book. Rune and Gray are discovering their true selves in a world that is alien and scary, not unlike the real teens who are the intended audience. Their journey is not complete by the book’s end, and I imagine it will be carried throughout the series. Learning to find our place in the world and figure out who we are is a journey that plagues many of us well into adulthood.

I love the wisdom dispensed in the novel; Wisdom, such as the following:
“You’ll have to determine that for yourself—also an important lesson you’ll need to learn. And quickly. You decide who you are. You decide what’s right. And you decide where you stand. Stop trying to pick a side, because—speaking from one highly valued species to another—everyone you meet will try to get you on theirs. In this world, you are a tool for those in power. Nothing more. You must stand where you are, on your side, and decide just how exactly you’re going to change this world. For better or for worse—the choice is yours. But it’s a choice you need to make now.”

Overall, I found this story at times to be magically fun and, at other times, to be tragic and heart-rending but at all times, unique and compelling. Rune and Gray are two authentic teenagers whose lives have been less than idyllic but whose hearts are pure, and it takes a magical journey for them to discover their potential and their purpose. A fantastic read on many different levels.

To Read or Not to Read

The Venators is a fantastical tale of self-discovery that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as the pages turn faster and faster. If you love fantasy and the creatures of myth – you will want to pick up this book and discover the unique story contained within its pages.

Thank you to The Write Reads and the publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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March 7, 2020
Review originally posted on Geeky Galaxy

You didn't think I was going to get my hands on an urban fantasy and not review it did you? I started Venators: Magic Unleashed only a few days before this post is up, because I work best under pressure, apparently. Or, that's what I keep telling myself. From the description, I went in with high expectations. Read the summary above, "fae, vampires, werewolves, elves and succubi". What more could I want?

The Plot

The introduction was short and action-filled, with only a few chapters before we dive right into the action. The action doesn’t really slow from there, and I mean all the way up until the end! Because of that, I felt like the book wasn’t really a full book. It’s not a standalone story, so much relies on the next book that it feels like book one and book two may have been randomly cut down the middle. The end didn’t feel anything like an end and was a bit too abrupt for my liking. Of course, it’s making me want to read the next one, which serves its purpose, but I wish there’d been more of an end, rather than a sudden stop.

The Characters

After about 20%, I couldn’t help but feel the characters were a little cliché. You’ve got Grey, the “weird kid” with long, black hair, always wearing a trench coat. Using his long hair to hide from the world. And then Rune. The beautiful girl, mostly achieving straight As, great at sport, and somehow still friends with the weird kid, even though everything says they shouldn’t be. It’s a trope I’ve seen a lot, and it’s a little bit tiring. Despite that, I did enjoy the relationship Rune and Grey had. And as the book progressed, they grew into their own characters more, stepping a little away from their clichés. Come the end, they’d grown into two defining characters and I’m intrigued to know where the path takes them next.

As well as Rune and Grey, we’ve got Beltran, Verida and Tate, all very different characters. Again, Tate could fall into the “old warrior mentor” category. Beltran, though, was probably my favourite character of the lot. He’s fun and has a sense of humour, but is also calculating and clearly intelligent. I think there’s a lot more to come from him, and I can’t wait to read it.

The World

So, this is the fun part! In Venators: Magic Unleashed, we’ve got somewhere called Eon, which is a separate plane from the world we know. The world was filled with every supernatural creature you could probably imagine, and perhaps some you can’t. The author did well balancing the world-building so as not to bombard with too much information in one go. It also has similarities to your average fantasy world, elves have a sense of arrogance, vampires are elegant but violent etc. It’s all very familiar, but also different. The introduction of the Venators was an added element that really pulled me into this, and I look forward to reading more about them. The political intrigue with the council of supernatural beings could definitely be explored more, and I hope it is in the next book. There's an element there that could really add something to the world if done right!
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March 7, 2020
After reading some awesome reviews my first thought when I picked up this book was ‘where is Beltran’? Butt i was captivated by this world and characters and therefore forgot about Beltran for a while… maybe… hehe

The world building and characters where (as I said) definitely the main thing that caught my interest. We are introduced to so much of this world at once that I was afraid I wouldnt be able to understand it but I could imagine the world so vividly in my mind that I felt like I was their.

Each character that I was introduced to had characteristics that I could relate to or a sarcastic comment that made me instantly like them. Rune was such a great character and reacted to the situation that she was thrown into in a realistic way. Which was refreshing to read. Her character development and her confidence in understanding the world around her grew so much by the end of the book. But every character, whether it be Tate, Tamera or Gray, where all really likeable to me. However, none of them compared to Beltran😂 (even though we don’t see him that much) he was just the best! Andddd (spoiler alert) I’ve heard Devri say that he appears even more in book 2 so… I am very excited hehe.

I don’t really know what to say about this book other than you should read it. It was exactly was I was looking for, I wanted a paranormal fantasy world with fae, magic, great world building and a tiny bit of romance that was an easy and light read and that is exactly what I got!

There was no time when I was reading this book that I felt bored, every page left me wanting more and I am so glad I have book 2 already on hand!! I will be picking up Devri’s others series now as well! 100% worth the read
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March 14, 2020
I loved this book so much! It's been so long since I've been totally caught up in a book like this one, totally engulfed by it and I read it so fast that I was so sad when I turned the last page and hit a brick wall! I really wanted this to continue and the reason I'm giving it 4 stars is that I wanted just a little bit more. Everything was so good, the characters were so well developed and fleshed out, but I really wanted to keep reading it for a long time ahah! I'm really looking forward to book 2, I'm sure it's not going to disappoint!
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March 10, 2020
This is the first book in a series (there are only 2 books?) about a world that is parallel to our own. There are doorways that connect the two, except these have been cursed to open at random times and there’s no set time the door will be open for. This makes it super hard for anyone to move between the two worlds.

Given all the fantasy creatures like werewolves, dragons, vampires, elves, faeries etc are all in this alternate world and many of them aren’t that friendly that’s probably a good thing! Except the only people capable to enforcing laws in this world are Venators. Bred from humans and modified to be especially invulnerable to the supernatural (for example, a werewolf bite won’t turn them).

Due to their bloodlust and hatred of all things supernatural they got banished from Eon back to Earth. I think, a few hundred years later we get to follow the first two Venators to enter Eon and their struggles as they come to grips with their new lives, roles, powers and their own moral conscience.

Reading the blurb and checking it out on Goodreads I was a little unsure about this because it sounded like it would be a YA novel. After chatting to Dave, he assured me it was closer to a New Adult read than YA, so I agreed to read it. And I’m glad I did.

Contrary to what Goodreads suggests, the writing style to me screams New Adult. The focus is on the world building, one’s conscience, politics and espionage. Those silly niggly things I don’t like about YA novels wasn’t evident in this book at all. The two Venators (both 19) are aware that they don’t know everything, they seek advice and they learn from their mistakes. Something most YA seem to miss out on.

The first couple of chapters were a little boring, but they are necessary to set the scene and the Venators personalities. Once Tate join’s them though, everything changes. It becomes full of action, so full that the whole 416 pages only spans like 3 days. There’s so much depth to each character, the locations, the sights and the politics that it’s impossible to be bored.

By the time you get towards the end you feel like you’re exhausted from all the adrenaline pumping through your body. Every description had me on edge and feeling like I was there right with the characters, experiencing both physically and emotionally what they were going through.

And then I was suckered in by people’s motives so much that when the book ended on a short chapter from one of the side characters where you get a hint of those motives. All I could think was “No! Why is he thinking that? What does that mean? What is he? What’s he mean to this world? Why did you have to end like THAT?!”

Suffice it to say, I’m going to need to get the second book to find out what happens coz I need more.
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June 8, 2020
Magic Unleashed transports you to a new world full of vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves, succubi, and Venators. My favorite character for this novel was Rune, a strong college-age girl who spends most of her time trying to keep her twin brother Ryker out of trouble for her parents. She was tired of her normal life, but she wasn't ready to be transported to this new world. Her first thought when she was there was worrying about whether or not her brother was safe on the other side. I was excited to see how she would grow into her powers, as she was brand new to everything in this new world.

Grey was Rune's friend, but his relationship with Ryker was very different. Ryker seemed to hate his guts, and no matter how Rune tried to draw the two together, Ryker refused to be cordial to him. Grey wasn't sure why Ryker hated him, but he tried to stay out of his way as much as possible. I wish that the reason why Ryker hated Grey had been explained more in this book, but I hope it is expanded on in future installments of the series. Now Rune and Grey are both away from Ryker in this new world, but they have new dangers to worry about. Grey knew about these dangers from an event that occurred many years ago, but he still couldn't have imagined what the future would bring.

My favorite part about Grey's storyline was how he knew about the world from years prior. Most characters who have some sort of traumatic event happen to them at a young or preteen age tend to convince themselves that they were dreaming/hallucinating. Grey knew that something had really happened to him, even if he didn't understand everything about the event, and decided to prepare himself. He did not know when this world would try to hurt him again, and he wanted to be prepared. He trained physically daily in order to be strong enough to fight back next time. Even if he didn't understand/know his powers he knew that he would stand a chance against these unknown creatures if he was strong enough.

The side characters in this book are pretty amazing. I don't want to go into too much detail about them because of spoilers, but I enjoyed every scene with them. The only thing that I disliked about the book was that I felt that the ending scenes were a bit weak. I was looking forward to an action-packed ending/action-packed fight scenes, but they felt weak to me as I was reading it.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new YA fantasy novel.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.
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March 15, 2020
Whenever there is a chance to participate in an Ultimate Blog Tour with The Write Reads, I always jump at the opportunity because the books are always top notch, and Venators: Magic Unleashed was no exception.

Six years ago, Grey was attacked by supernatural beings that couldn’t possibly exist. Since the attack, he has gained some interesting supernatural abilities that he must go above and beyond to hide as to not draw attention to himself.

Rune and Ryker are twins. Rune is sick of cleaning up after Ryker who has turned into a massive bully and drunk, but she can’t just turn her back on her brother. Rune notices that she keeps getting an itch sensation that seems to keep building, but she can’t seem to put her finger on what is going on.

Everything changes when Grey and Rune are attacked by goblins, which leads to Tate opening a portal to Eon to get them both to safety. In doing so, Rune has no idea what will happen to her brother Ryker, and neither Grey or Rune understand the danger they are in as Venators (humans with enhanced powers) in this other realm.

Holy smokes was this a fast-pace, thrilling read packed with a hoard of supernatural beings (vampires, werewolves, goblins, faeries, etc) and complex world building. There is so much magic and adventure in this story that I honestly just couldn’t get enough!

I was immediately pulled into the plot with the lure of supernatural creatures lurking in the background surrounding both Grey and Rune. I was a bit unsure of Tate since his role wasn’t quite clear at first, but you do get to learn more about him as the plot progresses. Grey was such an easy character to gravitate towards. You can tell he’s suffered, and he just wants to always do the right thing. Rune was a bit much to handle at first because she is a bit whiny. However, it becomes clearer later why she acts the way she does with the fears that she keeps under her surface.

Then there’s Beltran. He’s the mysterious vampire guide that clearly has a thing for Rune and is probably the only reason he decides to help Grey and Rune. He’s the cocky, bad boy type that you can’t help by love.

Overall, if you’re a fantasy lover like me and looking for a new world filled with magic and supernatural beings to get lost in, definitely pick this one up!

Thank you so much to Dave for my tour invite and providing my review copy! This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own.
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July 31, 2020
To begin with, I have a confession to make... I haven't finished the book yet... I know, I know, bad scheduling on my part but my current hectic work life has affected my reading (Boo! When am I going to earn a living by reading all day... )? But, I am three quarters of the way through and I am absolutely hooked! From the outset this was just the kind of book for me. Anyone that has read my blog previously will know I love a fantasy novel (vampire series anyone), so I knew I was going to enjoy it.

The first thing that struck me about the story was how descriptive Devri Walls was, her way of describing places and people really helps you get an image of the characters in your head. The other thing I liked, and it's something that I am in awe of with most fantasy writers, is the imagination and plot lines - I am always so envious of authors that can create these fantasy worlds and beings, its something that I would love to be able to do.

Our story follows Rune and Grey, two college students with not a great deal in common. Rune spends her time putting her twin brother, Ryker, first, a constant battle to keep him on the straight and narrow. Grey is a loner, from a troubled home life with a fascination, verging on obsession, with the supernatural. It is this attraction to supernatural beings that bring the two of them together, literally throwing them into another world where they discover who they really are - Venators (think super natural police officers). Not only are they now having to learn what this means and how to adapt in this new world, Ryker has also been brought through the gate, but not by his own free will.

And so, here we are, will Grey and Rune master their Venator training? Will they be able to rescue Ryker before it's too late? How will they get on in their new world, filled with fae, vampires, werewolves and wizards. As I said, I am totally loving the book so far, squeezing in a sneaky read during work breaks and bedtimes. I am so pleased I was asked to take part in this blog tour, I would recommend this as a read to anyone looking for a new fantasy series to get involved with. It's definitely going to be the next series for me and I can't wait to see where it ends.
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April 29, 2020

The majority of this book takes place in an alternate dimension where werewolves, vampires, and oh my so many things live and breathe. The book is fantasy and keeps to the fantastical elements when it comes to the alternate dimension. This book doesn’t get bogged down in details which, I feel, fit the story. With how fast paced the plot is, it would be weird if the narration took a turn into describing everything. Thus, while I have a preference for more details in setting when it comes to a fantasy world, I didn’t mind that it gave basics and let the mood set the scene even more.


While I did find myself rooting for Grey (an all around good person who wants to help those in need) and Rune (a gal who wants to be independent and, at the same time, help her wayward brother), it was the other ensemble characters that stole the show for me. Beltran, a shapeshifter, will no doubt be a fan favorite. He’s snarky, mysterious, and does care for other characters….I think. Even Tate, who has a dry personality in my eyes, has my attention due to what we can gather of his backstory. I can’t wait to learn more about him.


As stated before in this review, this book is fast paced. A lot is packed into this first book from Grey and Rune going to the alternate dimension, their dealings with the council, and their first “mission” in this world. If I didn’t try to stick to brief summaries, the summary itself would be quite dense because so much happens. This is great if you’re looking for an action packed fantasy with all sorts of mythical creatures. Also, if you like a darker kind of fantasy. A lot of grim material is presented in this book and the heroes don’t always win their fights. If you like a bit of court intrigue sprinkled into your action, this is definitely the book for you.


This is a great start to a series. There were many unanswered questions that I can’t wait to have revealed when I get to the next books. Even in my own time of difficulty, I found this book fantastic to read as it flowed well and the pacing worked wonderfully.
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June 12, 2017
Hey guys, so I just finished Venators:Magic Unleashed(used to be Through The Arch) (#1) by Devri Walls. I have no idea why it took me so long to read this amazing novel. Seriously, I loved her other series, why did I have any doubt that I wouldn't enjoy this one? Silly me. So obviously, I loved this novel. It was descriptive, but I liked how...causal it was. It wasn't too fancy or hard to read. The description added essential background information to the characters that I grew to love. Oy, let me tell ya, this book had no shortage of surprises and shocks embedded in the cream pages. In addition, it had lots of action, mostly battles, which were wonderfully written and not boring at all. I didn't get lost in the battle scenes, I felt like I was battling alongside them. Basically, I was sucked into this novel from the very beginning. I just, couldn't put this book down. I probably would have read it in a day if I didn't have other duties to attend to. Okay, that felt like I went off in a tangent..oh well. Anyway. This book also had traces of romance. Not sure if the romance is coming from me, or the characters though, lol! Speaking of the characters, I just can't wait to ask the author how she developed these adorable and scarred babies. Grey. Oh baby Grey. My heart aches for you...and then Beltran! Gah! My heart beats for your cocky and witty attitude that probably hides a horror filled past as well. And then Tate, poor little guy, already g0ne through so much, I just want the author to give you a happy ending. Sighs. Alright..I should probably stop typing before I spoiler something for you guys. I just can't wait to read the second book.. I need me some BeltranXRune. Rune is fiery, I think she and Beltran...ahhh... okay, bye.
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May 3, 2020
Thank you to The Write Reads for inviting me to be a part of the blog tour for this amazing book.

Magic Unleashed follows Grey and Rune as they get transported to a whole new world full of creatures and species that they thought only existed in books. In this world, they are Venators, a species with super-human abilities and are feared by many. They’ve been brought to this world at the council’s request, and now they’re forced to play a dangerous game of politics that could lead to the end of their existence.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a fantasy book, but I’m so glad that I signed up for this blog tour because I had a difficult time putting this book down. This book was fast-paced, action-packed, and it was constantly leaving me on the edge of my seat. I loved the world-building and all of the politics and game-playing between the different species.

I loved the two main characters in this book. I loved watching Grey and Rune learn to embrace their abilities and grapple with their fears. I liked how caring Grey is and how much he cared about Rune. I liked how even though he has no reason to help Rune save her brother, he takes steps to support her with this quest. I liked how determined Rune is, and even though she’s terrified and her world is falling apart, she’s willing to play the game. I also loved the chemistry between these characters, and I can’t wait to see how their friendship unfolds in the next book.

Overall, I loved this book. The characters were great, the story was exciting, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.
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June 21, 2020
When I read the synopsis, I though this book is not for me, but wanted to read something new and let me tell you this book didn’t disappoint me at all, shocking right. No it is not that shocking, the books is well written and easy to read. If you like reading urban fantasy then you will absolutely adore this book. Also those who judge the book based on the cover *points at myself* just pick this book up and you will like it and like I said very interesting story line.
The story line is explained very well. As we are in this new world we don’t know much about. So explanation is given in the details. We are introduced to this world and different kind of supernatural being, which was my favourite part.
The characters Rune and Grey are the main chosen one or venators in the book. Grey is the character who is ready for this world full of supernatural and wants to help. And Rune is not sure about the whole thing but she wants to save her brother so that is why she is in that world. Also main reason I loved  about these main character is that they are in university. It so rarely you get to see university going chosen one,My favourite character is Beltran, he is a shapeshifter. I am not going to say anything other than this because if I do then you will get spoilers and we don’t want that.

In short I want to say go read this book. Even if you don’t love it, you will like it.
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March 15, 2020
A fantasy novel is nothing without great world-building and well-developed characters. In Venators: Magic Unleashed, Devri Walls shows off her expertise in this genre. The story grabs you in the first chapter and keeps you turning pages until the end.

When the book begins, Rune and Grey are somewhat typical college students trying to find their way in this world. Before long, they are thrust into a magical realm where they must accept the unbelievable. They show steady maturation and growth throughout the story. They become what they must be to survive.

Devri Walls displays incredible world-building skills. Her settings are lush, real, and well-written. As the reader, you travel along with the protagonists to an alternate reality. The mark of a great book is when the reader doesn't just read the book; they live it. Be prepared to live every minute of this one. It's as if you are in the scene of a vividly colored movie.

Book one provides enough closure to satisfy you while setting the stage for the next book in the series. Don't be surprised if you immediately reach for Venators: Promises Forged.

I recommend this book to lovers of fantasy, suspense, intrigue, and characters you love to fear. Well done, Devri Walls!
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March 4, 2020
If you're wanting to see my full review check out my blog at entertaininglynerdy.com.
I always enjoy books that kind of deal with the supernatural. The concept of this story kind of reminds me of van helsing. Just more of a young adult version. I do like the idea of there being people with some sort of power to help those that they thought were just stories. And to also put them in their place.
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