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3.57  ·  Rating details ·  140,579 Ratings  ·  1,706 Reviews
Suatu tim ekspedisi Amerika ke Kongo mengalami musibah. Semua tewas secara mengerikan, Pembunuh mereka hanya tampak sebagai sosok buram di rekaman gambar yang dikirim ke kantor pusat. Maka dikirimkanlah tim kedua, dibawah Dr. Karen Ross, untuk memecahkan misteri ini. Bersama Dr. Ross ikut pula Dr. Peter Elliot dan Amy, gorila betina yang bisa berbahasa isyarat. Apa yang me ...more
Paperback, 544 pages
Published July 1995 by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama (first published 1980)
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Amy Wow, it's been 44 days since you asked this but no one answered yet so here you go. There are a few animal deaths but they are not without reason…moreWow, it's been 44 days since you asked this but no one answered yet so here you go. There are a few animal deaths but they are not without reason (self defense without ruining too much) and there's definitely a lot more people who die than animals. The book definitely does not condone animal cruelty. If you are an animal person, you probably will like the story about Amy the ape. She's based on an ape in real life (I think her name is koko). (less)
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mark monday
Feb 29, 2012 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: blood-and-danger
i'm having a little trouble with myself right now. i just gave this one 4 stars and Inner-Snob Mark is getting very twitchy, almost trigger-happy, ready to take control of my favorite hand and bump this one down to 3 stars. never fear, i have a tight rein on Inner-Snob Mark and have carefully compartmentalized him away tonight. but he does have a few good points. my God, i gave the timeless classic The Last Unicorn 3 stars. i gave Room - which wrecked me emotionally and had me crying like someon ...more
Michael Fierce
Aug 24, 2012 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of cryptid adventures and for those who love giant apes & gorillas

First off, I've always gone bananas over books and movies that have giant apes & big gorillas in them, going way back to when I was a kid, particularly with movie classics like, King Kong and Mighty Joe Young, that were a blast for me and my brother to watch together.

Reading books and watching movies about big apes helps me reconnect with those experiences I will always hold dear to me.

I've been going ape over everything & anything simian fiction-related ever since.

When I first saw the
peiman-mir5 rezakhani
دوستانِ گرانقدر، این کتابِ 302 صفحه ای، داستانی بسیار مهیج و معمایی دارد و البته در دلِ خود اطلاعاتی را در مورد طبیعت و نوع زندگی و قبایل و حیوانات آفریقایی، بخصوص مربوط به منطقه جنگلی «کنگو»، جای داده است
داستان در مورد یک تیم تحقیقاتی میباشد که به دنبال یک شهر افسانه ای به نام «زینج» در «کنگو» میروند که میدانند سرشار از الماس و گنجینه های بسیار است و هرکه به آنجا قدم نهاده زنده بازنگشته است
در طول داستان این گروه به همراه گوریلی به نام «امی» که با زبان اشاره سخن میگوید، اتفاق های عجیبی را تجربه
Rohit Enghakat
The book was interesting in the second half with the first half using lot of technical jargon which almost made me abandon it halfway. Once you overcome the first half, it becomes interesting and edgy. The author has described the African jungles so vividly that you visualise it right before your eyes. All about an organisation's quest to explore blue diamonds which sends a woman, Karen Ross accompanied by a primatologist, Peter Elliot who becomes the central character along with his pet gorilla ...more
Dec 26, 2010 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Michael Crichton's work should be considered the epitome of geek literature (AKA science fiction, genre fiction, or speculative fiction), but was somehow embraced by the mainstream -- so much so that even if the academic crowd doesn't take him very seriously, Crichton still addressed Congress. Genre fiction is such a dismissive term, so Crichton was given his own genre: it's not geek; it's a "techno thriller."

Congo, published in 1980, has all of Crichton's geekiest motifs, including a heroine wh
Jul 08, 2007 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: whativeread
I saw this on Chris' list and it triggered an old, funny memory. Now, I did read this book -- back in high school I went through a Michael Crichton phase and his books being as they are, I managed to read through his -- dare I say oevure? -- in a summer (don't recall which summer, tho')

The odd memory that Chris triggered however, has to to do with the movie Congo. I had a good friend in high school, wonderful fella, still a great friend. About the time we were seniors, he started dating -- or as
Jun 20, 2015 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
What did I think?

What did I think?!?

This book has:

-Talking monkeys
-Sinister Japanese businessmen
-Laser guns
-The actual phrase "laser gun"
-African revolutionaries
-Hippo attacks
-Blue diamonds
-Wildly inaccurate predictions about the future of supercomputing
-Speculation on the nature of language
-Gorillas bred to kill
-Milquetoast academics forced by circumstance into acts of badassery
-Sky-diving gorillas
-An ancient lost city called Zinj
-A volcanic eruption

and a flippin
Vimal Thiagarajan
Aug 06, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
A seriously good techno-thriller which had me wondering for the most part. Of course, it being written in the eighties not all of the technology that Crichton uses to construct the story are still relevant, but their canny placement in the narrative to resolve tangles or deliver surprise twists was simply too neat. The characters where typical thriller material - not sufficiently developed, but not boring either. Amy the talking Gorilla simply stood out, and I learned a good deal about the tropi ...more
Mike (the Paladin)
Not bad in places...other times it's sort of a "puleez" book. Again Crichton has one that could have been better. The best I suppose I can say wasn't as lame as the movie. So full of PC political rhetoric it seemed to me that any story got lost.

************ Spoilers below Line ***********

(view spoiler)
Karl Marberger
Crichton loved to go into intricate, technical detail with all of the little scientific specifics in his writing. Often they’re informative and interesting. But in a novel, this only lasts so long before it actually gets a wee bit repetitive and even annoying.

One example in this book; at one point, you’ll spend 3 pages reading about the biology, habitat, and behavior of hippos in order to build up to a 1/2 page confrontation with a bull hippo.

Often, Crichton spends to much time on these lectur
Wayne Barrett

Just as bad as the movie.
Michael Sorensen
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jun 20, 2017 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: sci-fi
I was at Costco the other day and saw the cover art for a book that looked a lot like Jurassic Park, then did a double take when I saw Michael Crichton’s name on it. Apparently Mr. Crichton is the Tupac of fiction, now with his 3rd book released since his death. I was nearly intrigued enough to buy the book and then thought to myself, “how many of his books have been out for decades that I haven’t even read yet?” Remembering I had Congo sitting on my shelf for years, I decided to finally read it ...more
Dec 02, 2013 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: reviewed
what could have been a great adventure book turned out to be a barely mediocre writing effort on behalf of Crichton. Not that it is bad, it was just boring for me. Even the scenes where they were attacked were pretty boring. I know the author tends to dedicate a big portion of the book on background research but in this case I just did not care much for any of it.

I felt the ending might be building up to something big but it got resolved in what seemed like to be a page or two. I felt let down.
Sep 24, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This book is one of my favorite from Michael Crichton. The treasure hunting, the crazy adventure. I especially touch by the relationship between the chimpanze and human. Above all the adventure is really setting the heart pace on a wild rate.

I also like the movie.
Bodosika Bodosika
'The more experience and insight I obtain into human nature, the more convinced do o become that the greater portion of a man is purely animal'-Henry Morton Stanley,1887.
Only prejudice, and a trick of the Mercator's projection, prevents us from recognizing the enormity of the African continent.Covering nearly twelve million square miles,Africa is almost as large as North America and Europe combined. It is nearly twice the size of South America. As we mistake its dimensions,we also mistake
Bah!, se deja leer y ya.

Para mi gusto se lía demasiado con los datos (supongo que reales) sobre previsiones tecnológicas de finales de los 70. Hoy esas predicciones están desfasadas y suenan viejunas. Lo mismo nos combarde con datos técnicos sobre gorilas que sobre avance en microelectrónica o en predicciones de tecnología armamentística.

La historia en sí no está mal, pero hay muchas cosas mejores que leer. Llega a las tres estrellas (de milagro) porque me lo he acabado y se lee fácil y con agra
Oct 03, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: sci-fi
Congo was written in 1980 by Michael Crichton. With a few, very minor details (such as gushing over how awesome it is to have a comuter with 256K memory) this is a tale that reads very well to this day.

In 1979, due to the increasing demands of the computer industry there were a large number of companies that were seeking to find industrial grade diamonds, as opposed to the jewelry type of diamonds. Specifically they were looking for Type IIb boron-coated blue diamonds used to build a variety of
3.0 stars. Not his best book but much better than the movie made it appear to be. Overall, a decent read.
Benjamin Stahl
A Heartbreak Hipster Review

Congo is definitely the most boring and disappointing Crichton book I have read so far.


That's right, nineties Dad. It was boring.

I had expected this one to be rather silly, but also fun. I haven't seen the movie, and I can't say I'm in any hurry to do so, either. The only thing I did know about this book, was that it involved a talking gorilla, a bunch of scientists, and an unknown species of hostile primates.


Fucking horrible creatures. But gorillas are okay.


Apr 22, 2016 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Michael Crichton fans
This was a thrilling adventure, and Crichton gave the story a deal of credibility by interjecting so much scientific and technological detail into it (view spoiler). Additionally, the characters tasked with finding the lost city of Zinj -- expedition leader Karen Ross, mercenary Charles Munro, gorilla expert Peter Elliot, and of course, female gorilla Amy -- were very well developed considering how fast the story moved and ...more
Crichton is not the most subtle when it comes to foreshadowing. I enjoyed this but wasn't impressed. The ending was full of action and somehow anti-climactic at the same time.
However, I do recommend it to fans of techno-thrillers.
Michael Chrobak
Feb 24, 2018 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Going into this book, I’ll admit I was really excited. I had heard so many good things about Crichton, and though I don't recall reading any of his books, I’ve most likely watched all of the movies based on his books. For the most part, I loved it!

Crichton is such an fantastic storyteller. The pace of the book is near perfect, and the progression of events throughout the first 90% of the book kept me more than intrigued. In fact, this was easily one of my fastest reads and could have been comple
Enjoyed this immensely! I have vague recollections of the movie, group goes to the Congo, take a communicating gorilla, bad gorillas attack, volcanic eruptions and Tim Curry haha but the book is so much better. I loved the amount of detail, the science parts, the historical parts and the 'atmosphere' that the author evoked of being in the Congo, brilliant!
Mar 01, 2015 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
an outdated sci-fi is never a good written sci-fi. as an IT expert it was such a pain reading through false promises of technology and some how bold yet compeletly wrong & dumb visions of future.
of course as usual with Crichton, he just can't seem to finish his books properly, so yes, another totally underwhelming ending. strongly not recommended for reading.
Mar 13, 2008 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Nobody.
Amy good gorilla! Amy good gorilla! Yikes. The book is NOT that much more intelligent. The only thing worse was the movie. Starring Laura Linney. Go figure.
Asghar Abbas
Apes are smart, even without tampering of any kind, and humans, not so much.
Tiffany PSquared
One day - one that seems like a lifetime ago - my dad said, "Hey, I've got a book for you." I was excited until he pressed this book, Congo, into my hands. It was a sad-looking, beat up paperback with curled edges and faded lettering on the cover. "Who is Michael Crick-ton?" I asked. He laughed at my mistake and said, "Just read it, I think you'll like it."
He wasn't wrong.
That was my first foray into this particular genre. And though I initially read it just to please my dad, I am now an avid fa
Mar 31, 2018 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
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Michael Crichton (1942–2008) was one of the most successful novelists of his generation, admired for his meticulous scientific research and fast-paced narrative. He graduated summa cum laude and earned his MD from Harvard Medical School in 1969. His first novel, Odds On (1966), was written under the pseudonym John Lange and was followed by seven more Lange novels. He also wrote as Michael Dougla ...more
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“No one escapes from life alive.” 178 likes
“The purpose of life is to stay alive. Watch any animal in nature--all it tries to do is stay alive. It doesn't care about beliefs or philosophy. Whenever any animal's behavior puts it out of touch with the realities of its existence, it becomes exinct.” 107 likes
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