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Love on Cue #3

Crashing into Her

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Relationships are a thing of the past for Eva Montgomery. Her current motto? You can’t spell “manipulative” without man. But Eva has needs, and a one-night-stand at her best friend’s wedding is the perfect way to kick off her new approach to singledom. Then a job opportunity puts her in the same city with the guy she can’t forget . . .

Anthony Castillo is a perpetual bachelor—no strings, just flings—a status he maintains by being honest about his intentions and never looking back. So why is he still thinking about the firecracker of a woman who rocked his world at his cousin’s wedding? It’s a question he refuses to answer, until she comes crashing back into his life, taking his emotional walls down with her.

When her father doubts her ability to make it in LA, Eva vows to go big and prove him wrong. With her athletic background, she’s an ideal candidate for stunt work. But first she’ll need training, and the instructor is none other than her former hookup, Anthony Castillo. Except he’s not as cocky as she remembers and he’s definitely still sexy as sin. The only problem is . . . Anthony doesn’t want her anywhere near his stunt school—or his heart.

400 pages, ebook

First published February 19, 2019

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About the author

Mia Sosa

10 books2,618 followers
Mia Sosa is an award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her books have received praise from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Library Journal, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, NPR, and more.

Booklist recently called her “the new go-to author for fans of sassy and sexy contemporary romances,” and Entertainment Weekly described her trade paperback debut, The Worst Best Man, as "rom-com perfection."

A former First Amendment and media lawyer, Mia practiced for more than a decade before trading her suits for loungewear (read: sweatpants). Now she writes fun, flirty, and moderately dirty stories about imperfect characters finding their perfect match.

Mia lives in Maryland with her husband, their two daughters, and one dog that rules them all.

For more information about Mia and her books, visit www.miasosa.com.

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1,318 reviews542 followers
February 6, 2019
3.5 stars

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

“Eva,” he whispers in a low groan. “Friends shouldn’t do this.”

Third in the Love on Cue series stars Eva and Anthony. Eva was the friend and Anthony the cousin to the heroine in the first in the series, Acting on Impulse. Series readers will enjoy the many appearances and inclusion of past heroines and heroes. However, newbies could comfortably start here as Eva and Anthony are just beginning their relationship. Eva and Anthony start off a little ornery with each other but when their thought to be one-night stand turns into now we're working with each other, their back and forth really heats up.

Eva was a gusty heroine, she moved from the east coast to the west, even though she lost financial and emotional support promised by her dad. She does gain proximity to her bestfriend and a job, which I must mention how wonderful it was to read about three women (heroines from #1 and #2 Pretending His Mine ) with varying personalities having fun together, encouraging, and being a support system for each other. It helps round out the heroine and series' world when they don't live in isolation or primarily for the hero. Even though I didn't get a great feel for Eva's relationship with her mother, I enjoyed how her issues with her father weren't heavy angst, more like family growing pains; it was nice to see them talk and work to improve their relationship.

Anthony had the often used, can't commit because my father loved my mother more than she did him and now I can never love because I don't want to turn out like him. This felt a little forced and I thought the overall theme and feeling of the story's two people trying to navigate life and open up for love, could have did without it. Anthony seemed like a pretty busy guy, he helps to run/instruct at a gym and stunt work business, just having him unsure if he could take time from his career while emotionally opening himself up could have worked.

“Last night was incredible, but I think you wanted to keep it impersonal, and only after experiencing impersonal did I realize it doesn’t fit the way I feel about you.”

I really enjoyed Eva and Anthony's back and forth and chemistry. There were a couple times where I thought they didn't have to be so clever with each other all the time but it was refreshing how they were generally friends through the majority of it. They both had a little bit of bitterness and fear of what could happen, instead of taking each problem as it came. It was enjoyable to follow along with them as their chemistry couldn't help but push their friendship into more heated situations. They also did a great job talking and owning up to mistakes or missteps.

This is written in first person point of view, alternating chapters, which not a personal favorite, I sometimes feel like I'm missing some connection between the two. *Per publisher's email, this was a formatting mistake and will be fixed in final copy. I read an arc of this, so not sure if this will be changed, but there were a couple times where the pov changed within a chapter, without any warning. An example:
When I cup her cheeks, sweeping my thumbs under her eyes to dry them, she leans into my touch, all soft and vulnerable. “Hey, hey, baby,” I say. “Talk to me. Why the tears?”
I look up at Anthony, not caring that I’m a blubbering mess. The warmth of his body is a balm that calms me like a magic cure for a colicky baby.

This chapter was under the heading “Anthony” and was all from his pov, until suddenly it switched to Eva. This is exactly how it read for me, no spaces or acknowledgment that the pov was changing to Eva. I, personally, found this incredibly disruptive to the flow and had me backtracking and some confusion as to was speaking for a little bit. This example was easier to catch on because of the “look up at Anthony” right away but the “I” at first made it read funny to me. Others who read a lot of first pov may not have the problems I did.*

This author does a fantastic job writing family and friendship dynamics, I believe in her characters and world. I do think that while this is contemporary right now, the character's parlance could have this not aging well, even within 5/10 years; a lot of current/pop culture word usage. The author's use of food to immerse and showcase in some small way the characters' cultures was delightful and had me wishing there was a companion cookbook. All in all, an entertaining contemporary where two people try to just be friends but their chemistry can't be denied.
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2,120 reviews1,364 followers
February 5, 2019

I've been loving the Love on Cue series and couldn't wait to dive into the last book, Crashing into Her. It was just the kind of greatness I've come to expect from this author and from this series. It had me laughing and swooning and fanning myself, because hello steaminess!

I knew from the previous books that I was going to have a ton of fun with Eva and oh my goodness, this girl was a complete riot. She had me laughing my butt off with her witty comments and her sense of humor. I love a good heroine who can make me keep me choke on my tea (or coffee, I don't discriminate!) and Eva totally had me gasping for life multiple times throughout the book. I know it sounds like I am focusing only on her humor, but Eva was a character with lots of layers. I loved how confident and self-aware she was. She went after her dreams even when some people didn't believe in her. I loved that she pushed through and didn't back down even when life threw a whole bunch of obstacles in her way. Anthony was another great hero from Mia Sosa. Even though he could be log-headed at times, there was something very endearing about him. Maybe it was his genuine kindness or his utter loyalty to his father, but this reader here was dying at his softness.

I really liked the romance between Eva and Anthony too. Neither wanted to be in a relationship at first, but they somehow kept getting pushed together. Add to that their intense chemistry, they couldn't resist falling for each other. I loved watching them connect, go on dates and eventually fall in love. There were so many sweet moments. I especially loved a scene that involved Anthony's father and his cooking! Then there were the sex scenes! Phew! Mia Sosa truly brought the steam in this book. The intimate scenes were HOT. Besides the romance, I enjoyed seeing the couples from the previous books being all cute and coupley. Getting glimpses into favorite couples' lives after their HEA is one of my favorite things about companion series. Also, the friendship in this series is just one of the best I've ever read. I especially love how close Eva and Tori are!

Crashing Into Her was a great way to wrap this series up. Contemporary romance fans looking for a spicy, romantic and hilarious book should not miss out on this one!
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1,321 reviews285 followers
August 13, 2019
She sighs. "I don't know what to do with my feelings."
"Neither do I."
She throws her head back, leaving her delectable, kissable neck exposed for my viewing pleasure. "What's the point of honesty if we remain in the same place we've been since Day One?"
"If you think we're in the same place as Day One, then you are being dishonest with yourself again."

I'm happy to report that I feel Mia Sosa has offered up her strongest book in this series yet. she's had the bones since the beginning- Acting on Impulse stumbled with some weird, direct humor at the audience but a sweet, breezy couple that did a good job fleshing out secondary relationships. Pretending He's Mine definitely was a huge stumble, with internal lust and no real conflict. This book feels like a cleaned up version of both of them, with a more understandable yet very low angst conflict. (Frankly, the conflict isn't entirely convincing, but it's not to Eva either)

Eva is Tori's best friend and Anthony her cousin. After the wedding, the two have a quick one-night stand and go their separate ways. When Eva ends up in LA with Tori to teach classes at her fitness center, she begins to cross paths with Anthony a fair bit. And this is where the set up smacked of a couple other romances. There's nothing new here, but there is something refreshing. There's strong nods to Puerto Rican flavor and family, Eva is black and often--in an upbeat and understandable way--makes mention of being the exhaustion of being the 'only' in a room. That is, culture and race don't take a back seat here. They also aren't preachy, and I found the internal and external dialogue on it easy to buy. Hurricane Maria came up, and while portions of that conversation did get a tad didactic, it isn't anything I wouldn't hear people discuss in my regular life.

So the main barrier is Anthony. He's honestly unavailable. He's designed it that way, it's not necessarily convincing, but it doesn't really get hung up on that. Because while he is emotionally unavailable, their lust exists, and their intimacy--real intimacy--begins to build. In romance, this tends to be one of my favorite romance trajectories. Thankfully, the cousin angle was a sneezable non-factor. Tori and Eva have plenty of conversations that aren't about Anthony and Carter, there's a lot of stunt & fitness talk, and appreciation of food.

Ultimately, this is a very uncomplicated, straightforward, easy read. I'm happy to watch and continue to read Sosa's development as an author, and am looking forward to the time when the romance development seems as well-rounded as the characters. 3.5
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2,484 reviews246 followers
February 28, 2019
Crashing Into Her by Mia Sosa is the third story in the author’s fun and sexy Love on Cue series. I loved the first in the series, Acting on Impulse which made my list of best of 2017 romances. This one stars a cousin to the heroine of that first book and her best friend in a one night hookup that leads to something more.

Eva Montgomery is ready to make her mark, and if it means leaving her safe home haven of Philadelphia and heading for the bright lights of L.A. where her best friend Tori lives with her new husband, so be it. Teaching fitness classes at Tori’s gym is a good start, but when she finds out about the money she could earn from stunt work, she’s intrigued. The drawback? The class is taught by Tori’s cousin Anthony Castillo, the man she had a one night stand with after Tori’s wedding.

Anthony is working hard to prove he’s ready to be a partner in the stunt work training business he runs with a friend. When he’s not teaching, he’s on set proving he’s fully capable of anything required for the movies. It leaves him little time for romance, and that’s fine since he has no plans of leaving his bachelorhood behind. He’s up front with his partners that he’s looking for a fun time with no commitment. After he and Eva slept together, he never thought he’d see her again, never mind that she’d show up wanting to be a student in his class. Anthony doesn’t do repeats and students are off limits anyway so it should be easy to keep her in the friend zone, right?

For more of this review please visit Harlequin Junkie: https://harlequinjunkie.com/review-cr...

A copy of this story was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for review.
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1,409 reviews191 followers
February 7, 2019
One of my favorite tropes!! An unforgettable night with an unforgettable man you thought you'd never see again. YES!!! Give me more!! LOL! Oh, the longing, the butterflies, the nerves, the chemistry. Sigh... it's all the things. Crashing Into Her is a funny-sexy read with real chemistry. It's also my first read by Mia Sosa. Absolutely won't be my last. I adored this read.

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Author 1 book183 followers
August 29, 2020
**4.25 stars**

This book was sooo good! The characters were mature and interesting (POC!!!), they had good banter and their Misunderstanding Argument at the end was actually valid! I even enjoyed the side characters. And surprise wedding at the end (not the two mains)! So cute! Loved it.
Profile Image for Sofia (Bookish Wanderess).
956 reviews612 followers
September 25, 2020
This book is funny, entertaining and a quick read.

I really liked the main characters, they were opinionated, hard workers, and very energetic. I enjoyed their dynamic that went from dislike to like, and their relationship that went from a one night stand to a friendship full of sexual tension to finally a romance. The banter and chemistry between them were amazing, the sex scenes were steamy, and the romance was heartwarming.

I also really enjoyed the hero's relationship with his dad and the way that relationship developed. I think this book does a good job of allowing the characters to have lives outside the romance, we get to read about their jobs, their families, and their friends.
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708 reviews5,595 followers
July 10, 2019

I took Crashing into Her on vacation and it was perfect. It was engaging, highly readable, fun, funny and just different enough from the standard romance tropes that I truly wanted to keep reading. I love a story that gives you a little background on the characters and that lets their families or friends or work exist in a full way.

I appreciate that this cover features people of color, but honestly, it does no justice to the story which is about two stunt people in LA with large, vibrant personalities. I loved how bright, determined and driven both our main characters were and their chemistry was fantastic.

I picked this one up before reading any other in the series, but this book has characters from books 1 and 2 so now I have to definitely read them.
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1,164 reviews144 followers
March 19, 2019
Rating: 4.5 stars

I love a romance that's about more than the relationship between the two leads, and Crashing into Her completely delivers. Both Eva and Anthony go through so much soul searching and growing out of old fears (on Anthony's part) and into themselves (on Eva's), it's just really wonderful.

Eva is awesome, and I totally want to be her friend (and take her fitness classes!) Her relationship with Tori is great, and I'd definitely want to join Every Body if, y'know, it were a real place and in my neighborhood, haha. I adore strong, supportive, and empowering female friendships in romances!

Anthony is kind of swoony. He's got his emotional hang-ups and baggage, but who doesn't? Also his relationship with his dad is adorable - though Luis (Anthony's father) does totally steal the show in basically every scene he's in, haha. He's basically the best character in the entire book, which doesn't mean the other characters don't totally rock, Luis is just THAT next-level adorable.

But what I really, really liked about this book? Both Eva and Anthony have their hang-ups and issues, and yet they repeatedly have open and honest dialogue with each other and try, again and again, to reach out. Especially Anthony, the self-proclaimed lifelong bachelor.

“Last night was incredible, but I think you wanted to keep it impersonal, and only after experiencing impersonal did I realize it doesn’t fit the way I feel about you.”

There's a lot of great two-way communication and great modelling for healthy relationship building in this book (and also some next-level moping, are-we-broken-up-forever?-drama, because hello, drama). It's just really awesome to see the development of Anthony and Eva's relationship down in a mostly realistic (okay, maybe stunt training isn't quite super realistic for most people) and mostly healthy way. There's not a lot of toxic BS here (though Eva has toxic men in her past and is quick to read toxicity into a situation, which causes some of the aforementioned drama), and it's just very refreshing.

Crashing into Her is the third book in the Love on Cue series. It can be read as a stand alone, but there are some minor spoilers for the first book in the series, Love on Cue, so consider yourself warned about that. The couples from both prior books in the series also feature in this book as side characters a couple of times.

An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss+ for review.

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292 reviews293 followers
February 21, 2019
I freaking adored this book. I couldn’t put it down! I actually got on the wrong train during my morning commute because I was so engrossed in finishing this fabulous contemporary romance.

Finally, a book that not only lightened my mood, but also added depth to a tough trope. Okay, well Mia Sosa actually plays with tropes in CRASHING INTO HER, and it totally works. This was part friends to lovers, part enemies to lovers (frenemies to lovers?), and part best friends brother… er… cousin. Whatever. Eva, our heroine, is making significant life changes. She picked up her whole life and moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, she took a financial risk, and she doesn’t have the support of her father. Moving means she is now in close contact with her best friend/employer’s cousin, Anthony, who she had a one night stand with months prior.

I think I ended up highlighting half this book with a massive smile on my face. I didn’t highlight passages so I could remember pivotal scenes or conversations, I noted the scenes and quotes that were SO relatable, funny, witty, or made me say “YES.” Something about the way Ms. Sosa writes her heroines just works for me. They’re all complex, multifaceted women with rich backstories. I felt like I knew Eva from page one and I liked her.

My favorite part of this book was the chemistry and open dialogue between Eva and Anthony. It is so refreshing to read about two characters who just genuinely click and did from the first. Even Anthony’s anti-relationship stance (something that usually makes me roll my eyes) actually made me sympathize with him. Plus I am a sucker for a hero who just can’t help but adore the heroine for everything that she is. Bonus, he really loves his dad and that made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Overall, I could rave about this book all day. This might be my new “go-to” contemporary romance recommendation for people looking for a funny, sweet story with the perfect amount of steam. I am devastated to see this series come to an end, but I can’t wait to see the world Ms. Sosa creates next! I am all in!

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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464 reviews64 followers
February 19, 2019
Every time I read one of Mia Sosa's books, I fall more and more in love with the way she writes and constructs the pacing of the plot. This is something that I've seen only in a few other authors and that is that she keeps me on my toes, she doesn't create the normal plot that we see in romance where the characters meet, sleep together, fall in love, something happens and they fight at the 70 or 80% mark and they get back together. No, she constructs her own pacing and I love that. Even though Pretending He's Mine is still my favorite from her and one of my favorite romances ever, this one is very close. She gave us moments that are imprinted in my mind and that I can't stop thinking about. That reggaeton scene was one of my favorite things that I've ever read just because it was so hot and original but it also had a nostalgic factor that reminded me of a lot of scenes of romantic comedies where dancing brought two characters together even when they didn't want that.

I absolutely adored the characters as individuals. Eva was smart and intriguing and I was constantly interested in what she was going to do next. She was ambitious and I loved the determination that she had to prove herself to her father. She's a character with flaws, with lots of courage, with lots of goals and spirits and she makes you root for her all the way. Anthony shares a lot of her qualities. He's headstrong and spirited and intelligent. He also wants to prove himself and is full of flaws. None of them want to be in a relationship but they're very attracted to each other. They want their one night stand to be just that and that makes their meetings so much more entreating. I love how they call each other out on their bullshit when they need to and how they keep each other on their toes.

The most amazing thing for me about this book is the chemistry between them. They're one of the best couples that I've read. I love how they think they're super different between them but in reality they're the perfect match. Their sex scenes were some of the hottest scenes that I've read. Also, their discussions about life and family were really interesting to read, they didn't try to hide their feelings and they worked together through them, they helped each other out with the problems that they had to figure out especially with their families and you can tell they were good for each other. And I adored the descriptions of food! This was a brilliant series that definitely goes to my favorites and Mia Sosa goes to my favorite authors list!!
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2,739 reviews711 followers
February 10, 2019
I had never read anything from this author, but I really liked the premise, so I jumped on the chance when I got the invite.

I really liked Eva and Anthony. She’s so sassy and strong and I love that she always spoke her mind. Anthony is maybe a little stubborn, but so good and secretly a marshmallow. Together they had some excellent banter. The chemistry was decent, but did have a lot of telling instead of showing. I also really liked Tori and Anthony’s dad and they easily stole whatever scene they were in.

Plot wise, it was okay. There’s a lot of push and pull and while I get having to build up to a relationship, I could have done without the repetition. I did love the grand gesture and the epilogue was fantastic.

Overall, it was the characters that kept me reading. I am a little curious about Tori’s story and just might go back to read it.

**huge thanks to Avon Impulse for providing the arc free of charge**
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147 reviews
October 22, 2020
I loved this book. Realistic main characters who solved their problems like adults. Started it a 7am and was finished by noon. Couldn't put it down.
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313 reviews1 follower
March 26, 2019
Smart and sexy—caliente!

I want to be friends with Eva! She could really inspire me to get off the couch and into the gym. Her upbeat attitude and charisma made her character so real. And sexy stuntman Anthony is her perfect man. What a fantastic finale to this series highlighting diverse characters and cultures. More from Mia, please!
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4,902 reviews141 followers
February 20, 2019
Would it be fair to say that I think that I am in love with both Eva and Anthony. I love multi/inter racial relationships. I love that they find a common ground between to cultures and two individual people that are more than their heritage. I love that I could love them both as people first, then as a couple together.

I loved the characters. I loved the complexity/ or not of the coming together of these to both times. Crashing Into Her was a perfect name for this romance.
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775 reviews16 followers
November 16, 2021
Wow, this series closed out strong. All three of these books are delights. If you're looking for well written, trope-tastic books, look no further than this LOVE ON CUE series from MIA SOSA!!
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2,427 reviews69 followers
March 14, 2021
The previous book gave us a glimpse of the antagonist chemistry between Eva and her best friend's cousin, Anthony. It haven't stopped them from having a one-night stand after her bf's wedding. Not living in the same state, they won't see each other again anyway. But three months later, Eva is starting a new life in L.A, working as a trainer at her bf's gym and trying to show her father she have what it takes to succeed in a big city. Not quite sure what she wants to do though, she end up taking classes at a stunt school, the same one where Anthony the Hollywood stunt professional, teach. As much as they want to deny the attraction between them, they can't, but who says they can't pretend ? Neither wants a relationship, having been badly burned before, but a friendship should be okay? Keep telling yourself that, Eva and Anthony and in the meantime, we'll watch you fall in love, panic when you become aware of your true feelings, messed up and then try to patch things up😜.

Once again, Mia Sosa brings us a fabulous romance with a diverse cast of characters and plenty of ideas for Spanish recipes. We're still in the entertainment industry but not the famous/celebrity/gossip part and it was fun to read about stunt work. It's interesting to follow two extrovert MC. She's cranky and bold. He's confident too, but more in a teasing way. The book also deal with family's expectations, how it doesn't always align with your dreams and how, even with good intentions, the people who love you have the power to hurt you, and how your parents's choices, directly and indirectly, influence your owns.
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619 reviews274 followers
March 13, 2019
Content Warnings:

I really enjoyed this last installment in the Love on Cue series, which centers characters who are linked closely by family and friendship, where at least one of the MCs is involved in the movie business. Like the rest of the series, it has a lovely balance of heat, heart, and humor, has wonderfully complex characterization and MCs that grabbed my heart, and these friendships that I completely adore. I fell hard for Eva when I first met her in book 2, and I am so glad that she got her own book, and with Carlos, who she had amazing chemistry with right from the start.

Read my full review on my blog.
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3,600 reviews37 followers
February 13, 2019
~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~

This is the third book in the series - and although it relates to a new romance, the characters do carry over from the previous books, so reading them in order will definitely give you a richer experience. That said, this is a well rounded and fun story in its own right.

Told from the point of view of both leads, we get a deep insight into why they have such negative views on romance. Both having suffered from parents who split, and the split being due to an inequality in the depth of love of one spouse ... unusually, (I think) in both cases resulting in the Mother choosing to move away alone. It takes a good while for each of them to see this similarity, but thankfully the chemistry between them has cemented a friendship at least by then already.

I enjoyed the girls all catching up and being supportive, and it was fun to see earlier plans turn into reality, and the dance/exercise studio is really flourishing. Eva definitely gets the chance to find her feet away from her somewhat domineering father, and this is no small part due to her good friends being there for her. She is undoubtedly a strong character, and no doubt Anthony grows to recognise that the relationship that they are starting is on a more even keel than his parents. But is it really enough?

A good, satisfying romantic read, which also gives an interesting insight into the behind the scenes life of a stunt double.

Wicked Reads Review Team
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Author 14 books446 followers
February 28, 2019
Ever since I read their introduction in Pretending He’s Mine, I've been looking forward to Anthony and Eva’s story. Crashing Into Her didn't disappoint. Mia wrote a sexy and witty one-night-stand-turned-to-love novel that is filled with her signature snappy banter and which celebrated her rich multicultural heritage.

I loved Eva’s sass and confidence and Anthony’s sensitivity. I like their reluctant fall into love. I adore the cherished friendship and love for family. I enjoyed the unique setting and competence porn. It could have used less push-and-pull and fewer daddy issues, but overall a fabulous series ender.
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1,724 reviews
February 6, 2019
Crashing into Her (Love on Cue #3) by Mia Sosa
3 stars
M/F Romance
I was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.

Eva is trying to figure out what she wants in life. While she loves what she does, she also knows that she might be made for more. When she picks up and heads to LA, she knows that her father is not super excited about her choice. What she doesn't expect is his blatant attempts to get her to move home. He manipulates her like nobody else can. But, Eva is determined to stick it out and make it work. She loves her job and when another opportunity presents itself, she can't help but be excited about that one too.

Anthony is not a relationship type of guy. Sure, he likes to hook up, but he never plans on being in a relationship because he's seen the damage they can cause. Watching his dad pine over a woman who didn't love him enough has made Anthony extremely wary of commitment. But, he knows that Eva will be hard to resist. Especially after he knows what she sounds like in bed. After their hookup, Anthony thought he'd be safe in LA. But with Eva moving to be closer to her best friend, Anthony knows he is in trouble.

Eva and Anthony's relationship is a slow burn. They try to be friends, try to hang out with their other friends, but their chemistry is just too much for them to handle. I will admit that I found myself bored at times, with their dialogue and relationship. It seemed like a lot of the same situations over and over again. I wanted to really love this book, and while I did enjoy their banter back and forth, this story just kind of dragged for me. Overall, it was developed well, the characters were well planned, but the story just didn't come together for me.
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2,449 reviews45 followers
February 20, 2019
Eva and Anthony were so much fun! They both fought so hard to remain unaffected by each other.

Eva as a heroine ticked so many boxes. She was smart, ambitious, and straightforward. I liked her immediately. I also liked Anthony. He was a real gentleman, and cared about what Eva wanted and her dream fulfillment. I also liked his relationship with his dad. Their teasing and competing was fun and entertaining.

The reintroduction of past series characters was good, and I enjoyed the food/culture mentions.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book, which I received Edelweiss.
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Author 4 books24 followers
April 23, 2019
Eva and Anthony drive each other wild in more ways than one. But can they back up their big claims of "one and done" after a wedding hookup? Crashing Into Her spins a popular trope into an emotionally nuanced love story about re-examining one's beliefs and being mature enough to accept responsibility for short-sighted choices while exploring other options. Lots of laughs, too.

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1,013 reviews281 followers
July 27, 2020
While I’ve had some difficulties with Mia Sosa’s romances in the past, I’m happy to report that Crashing Into Her was an excellent romance that achieves a near-perfect combination of humor, steaminess, and honesty. Add in a dash of some super authentic Puerto Rican representation, and we’re in business.

What I love about this book is that it takes some tropes that I usually associate with a bananapants level of drama and instead gives readers a more low-key version—all without compromising the emotional intensity of a good romance. We meet the main characters as they’re embarking upon a “secret” one night stand; a few months later they’re thrown together and try to make the best of it “as friends” (even though they know and we know that things are not platonic).

Firstly, nobody was outraged that Eva and Anthony slept together. Sure, their mutual friends provide some raised eyebrows and jokes, but there’s no drama associated with the fact that they have family/friends in common. I like that because, generally, the people in your life want you to be happy, and they're not usually immediately opposed to a new relationship without good evidence.

Secondly, while Anthony is a fairly standard emotionally closed off guy who has a vendetta against commitment because of Mommy Issues and a bad breakup, Sosa isn’t too over the top with it. There is zero angst in this book, and that made the commitment-phobe attitude from Anthony (and to a lesser extent Eva) much more tolerable. Along with that, I thought that the scene where Anthony owns up to his own issues re: relationships and long-term commitment was lovely. Not only was he self-aware, he was willing to try something new when his current way of life wasn't turning out to be all that.

I also loved that the Dark Moment was the result of a realistic, everyday miscommunication/mistake. Yes, Anthony fucked up. And then Eva made it worse by her reaction, and then Anthony made it even worse. That’s real life. A semi easy to fix problem snowballs until it's something worth breaking up over. And while the problem itself was not small (Eva felt that Anthony was making decisions about her life for her, without consulting her), neither was it truly momentous. I felt like Crashing Into Her, at every point, portrayed a believable image of two closed-off people attempting to come together but stumbling a bit as they figured out their relationship.

Toss in some well-placed shoutouts to “Suavemente” and empanadillas, and I’m a happy lady.

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February 20, 2023
My favorite out of the three!! This one ended the series on such a high note for me. I can’t. The book hangover over is real, people.

Okay, so get this. Eva is trying to prove to her overbearing father that she can make a stable living in L.A. so she tries for this “stunt“ boot camp thing to make some extra cash. The thing is her best friend’s cousin, Anthony, is the instructor. Why is that important? Well, they had a one night stand on the best friend’s wedding night, they’re trying to navigate that situation, he is emotionally unavailable and she is not into that so OBVIOUSLY they won’t fall in love, right?

Eva and Anthony were a match made in heaven! They are so perfect for each other it’s ridiculous. I enjoyed their chemistry and banter since book 2. Both fine AF, athletic, sassy, sarcastic, funny, down-ass Bs that gave it as good as they could take it (pun definitely intended🥵🥵) and they were willing to work on their 💩 to make their relationship work. I mean… COME ON!!! And the way Eva embraced the Puerto Rican culture was one of my favorite things about her. I really wished that instead of the “break-up before the make-up” we got a moment with Eva and her Dad. I mean…we kind of got it but there were more things to unpack in that dynamic.

Okay, pero like can we talk about that PERREO scene!?!? Look, I miss going out and “perrear” till my knees can’t take it no more but I was not ready for that!! The MFNG sexual tension WAS PERFECTION 🥵🥵🥵 and it set their entire dynamic. That scene made this book my fave, the rest of the book made sure it stayed my fave. Just saying, before reading this, if you don’t know what “Perreo” is look it up, okay.

Y’all know I love me some Mia so just GO GET THE DAMN BOOK!!! You’ll be happy, I promise.
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July 21, 2019
Honestly, I'm used to there being some initial confusion at the start of a book, but that doesn't excuse lack of plausibility and realism. This dove headfirst into a "you're hot but we can't be together for flimsy not realistic reasons" within the first chapter. Perhaps because this is #3, and my library system labelled it as #1, so I'll give the *actual* first one a shot and see if I fair any better.

I had to stop reading due to cringing.
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February 27, 2019
Repeat after me: I cannot go wrong with a romance from Mia Sosa. Yes, there it is - I cannot go wrong with a romance from Mia Sosa. Her stories have everything! Hear, heart, laughter and characters who could be snatched from any street in the country and put in a Benetton ad – diversity that just is, like real life, with characters who have flaws and strengths just like every other person in the world, regardless of how they ‘fit’ an image. And these three (squared) are lovely – from Tori and her loud, flamboyant Puerto Rican family with her best friend Eva – both fitness trainers, and now Ashley, Tori’s sister in law who is with her brothers Hollywood agent. Everyone comes together at Tori’s wedding in Connecticut, where Eva meets her cousin (favorite cousin that is) Anthony and he is the rescue from an oversold, overbooked flight and a layover at the airport. Oh the sparks are amazing, and everything is fine as Anthony doesn’t “do” relationships (or repeats) and Eva is convinced manipulation is foremost when she lets a man into her life.

That would be fine and the one night would be just that if Eva wasn’t moving across country from Philly to LA to work at Tori’s fitness studio, and running into Anthony right off the bat. Oh he’s busy avoiding relationships or the ‘possibility’ of them by proclaiming in ever-increasingly idiotic pronouncements that just set off Eva’s let’s F with him button – because that AMUSES her. From the laughs to the snark – there are laugh out loud moments that break up the electric connection – strong enough to steam up your eReader! And growth – because while it takes two to truly make (or break) a relationship, the growth that everyone experiences along the way (or should) is stunning – from right in their face moments of clarity to those thoughts about the other person that just won’t go away. When you add in family (Anthony’s father is cooking and completely adorable), good friends and the underlying story of Eva’s taking a class in stunt performing – and her own rather ‘well defined’ relationship with her father – these two are so much more alike than different, even as they have approaches that are completely opposite.

Mouthy, funny and neither having a fully-functional ‘edit before you speak’ button – this mix of cultural references, friendships, laughter, romance and some seriously rip the clothes off scenes add up to make a lovely series, and this story may be my favorite of the bunch. The mouthy Eva – so self-reliant (and giver of sex toys in rainbow colors with long flowy tails) was the one who most needed to find “her person’ and there aren’t any better who can match her wits, mouth or humor than Anthony. I’m going to miss this series and the people – but they all have their own happiness to look forward to – and I can only look forward to more by Mia Sosa

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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March 2, 2019
3.5 Stars in my Sky!

I enjoyed the "active" moments in the book - Eva's action woman antics definitely made me feel lazy. The book has a real coming of age element, although I wasn't entirely sure it fit with the age range, but I did enjoy it!

Eva is lost. She's always been beholden to somebody, whether it be to her dad or her unfortunate ex's. In a bid for freedom, she moves across the country to California and gets a fun job as an exercise class instructor with her friends company. As an action junkie, she's good at all kinds of things including martial arts, dancing and swimming. When the opportunity to train as a stunt performer comes around, she's all over it, much to her father's dismay. Added bonus = she gets to work with the handsome but illusive player and former hookup, Anthony.

Anthony doesn't do relationships. He's all about the no strings kinda fun, but finds something intriguing about his cousin's bestie, Eva.

I enjoyed the back and forth *ahem* arguing, and their antics were certainly entertaining. I enjoyed seeing them struggle to be friends, although there were times I just didn't quite 'feel' them together. I also would have liked a more developed ending, but I seem to be saying this a lot these days.

The friendships and family units were really fun. I loved Anthony's dad. Another highlight was reading all the cultural references. I'd love to go to a Puerto Rican food and dance festival one day - yum!

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!
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February 7, 2019
Enter Eva and Anthony in the third book in the Love on Cue series. Eva and Anthony appeared in the first book "Acting on Impulse". Series readers will remember Eva as the friend of the heroine and Anthony is the heroine's cousin. If you've read the series, you'll enjoy the appearances of past heroines and heroes. However, if you're starting with this book you won't feel confused as these books are stand-alone novels. This series has all been humorous and steamy. Eva is a total riot and her witty comments and sense of humour had me laughing my butt off! Mia Sosa is a talented writer with her incredible dialogue.

I love that this story is between an Interracial couple - she's black and he's Latino. Alex is a stuntman in Los Angeles and she's a fitness trainer in Philadelphia. They meet at her best friend's (his cousin) wedding. When her flight is delayed it turns into a one night stand. She ends up moving to Los Angeles. The chemistry between Alex and Eva is off the charts amazing! Plus the banter between them was refreshing and so so funny! They were very connected on an emotional level as well as a physical level. I'm sad to see the series end but I'm glad to see it end on such a high note! I'll be looking forward to Mia Sosa's next release!

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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February 20, 2019
possibly more like 3.5, but rounding up.

i liked this one a lot, more than the first book but not as much as the second book. i was really excited to get to eva and anthony because of the glimpse we got of them in book two. this book starts off with them having a one night stand, which is glossed over - which is fine, i don't particularly like when we get a sex scene first thing because i have no connection with the characters yet. that being said, because we did get that glimpse of them in book two, i wouldn't have minded a teeny bit - especially because the next thing doesn't really happen until well over 50%, i forget exactly. i love a slow burn as much as the next girl and i don't read these books for just the sex, but i felt like i wasn't getting any of the other good stuff that you need in a slow burn - the chemistry, the tension, the will they won't they.. i was more than a little frustrated at 70% when things finally happen and they embark on a relationship. it just feels like the last 30% happened way too quickly, after the slow first 70%. that being said, i still liked this a lot. i loved Eva, she was such a fun character. Mia Sosa writes family and friends so freaking well and realistically. i also liked Anthony, loved his relationship with his father. i liked Eva and Anthony together, just wish there had been a bit more development before the 70% mark, and i don't mean sexually. yes they spent time together and were friends, i just.. i don't know. it was missing something for me. on top of that, there were a few things i just didn't 'get', or small things that felt forced... but nothing too drastic. i liked seeing the other characters again, perfect balance without them overshadowing this book. so yeah, i didn't love it all the time, but overall it was a fun cute book and it still deserves 4 stars from me. i will 100% read more from this author in the future.

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