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Heartbreakers #3

Once Upon a Wild Fling

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My brother's best friend has a proposition for me. Have I mentioned he's a sexy single dad? Tell me more...
There are a million reasons why Miles Hart isn't the man I should date but allow me to enumerate the top three. He's friends with my brother, he's a single dad, and he's a sexy, in-demand rock star. He might as well wear an off-limits, totally unavailable, and don't-even-attempt-to-ride-this-ride sign.
Then he asks me to be his plus-one when his band plays at his high school reunion, and the night unfolds in ways I never expect.
I have three good reasons to keep my hands off Roxy Sterling--her brother's my business manager and good buddy, my kid is the center of my world, and the last time I fell hard for a woman I was burned so badly that my interest in relationships has gone up in flames. But once I bring Roxy's body next to mine on the dance floor, I want all the not-safe-for-work things I can't have with her. So I make a proposition.
Then I learn exactly how risky we might be.

286 pages, ebook

First published October 8, 2018

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Lauren Blakely

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A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. Her heroines are strong and smart and her heroes have hearts of gold and fantastic funny bones. She'd love to give you a free book today! Check out her web site to grab your free read: https://laurenblakely.com/one-free-book/

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1,089 reviews282 followers
October 17, 2018
Lauren Blakely saved the best for last with Once Upon a Wild Fling! I absolutely loved Miles and Roxy's story! It was sweet, flirty, sexy, and adorkably fun! Even though these characters were introduced in the previous books in this series, it can certainly be enjoyed as a standalone.

One thing I love about the Heartbreakers series is that the characters are a little older and more mature. They've already lived through some of life's ups and downs and have come out stronger (though somewhat scarred) from their battles. The characters know what they want and there isn't any unnecessary drama or back and forth. Once Upon a Wild Fling was part friends to lovers, brother's little sister taboo, and single parent romance. Miles and Roxy had amazing chemistry and I loved how devoted they both were to their families and friends. I loved their sexy banter and innuendo and how their attraction was always simmering under the surface. Ben was absolutely adorable and I have to say stole the show any time he was on the page. There is some angst, but it's understandable considering the baggage and history that Miles and Roxy have when it comes to relationships. I loved that the drama wasn't overblown though and that both recognized their errors and worked quickly to make their intentions clear. The epilogue was incredibly sweet and was a wonderful ending for this blended family. I wouldn't mind an extended epilogue further down the road though with updates on all of the Hart siblings. ;)

Once Upon a Wild Fling is a light and feel good rom com that you're sure to love!

*I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*

Edited 10/17/18:
The audiobook of Once Upon a Wild Fling is amazing! Sebastian York and Andi Arndt bring Miles and Roxy to life so well. They were the perfect duo for the Heartbreakers series and I loved experiencing each of these stories in audio. I also loved that the text messages were read almost like the 2 were doing duet style narration. Their voices mesh seamlessly! The bonus novella Little Big Rock performed by 4 (YES, 4 narrators) in the duet style was fantastic! Each character had their own voice and you really can't get better than hearing Sebastian York, Andi Arndt, Joe Arden, and Erin Mallon all together. I really enjoyed the Unzipped teaser as well and can't wait for that one!
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2,154 reviews359 followers
October 5, 2018

I am a bundle of romantic comedy reading bliss today courtesy of the super-talented storyteller, Lauren Blakely, and her completely captivating Heartbreakers series. These stories were exactly the kinds of feel-good, made-my-heart-race, smiled-the-whole-time romances that I love to read. Deliciously sexy, totally swoon-worthy and utterly charming heroes paired with witty and smart heroines with a few cute, bright kids (and some pets!) swirled into steamy romances are my drugs of choice, and Blakely left me in high spirits and with a book buzz I’ll feel for days.

Once Upon A Wild Fling is the third book in this wonderfully binge-able rock star romcom series. Blakely effortlessly blends the sweetness of a single dad romance with the slightly taboo best-friend’s-little-sister trope to produce a story that was an absolute joy to read. The youngest Hart brother, Miles, has been burned in love before, so he keeps his focus on his whip-smart and adorable six-year-old son, Ben. Roxy hasn’t had much luck finding love herself, and with her biological clock tick-tick-ticking away, she has decided to pursue her dream of motherhood without a partner. From their first meeting, the sparks flew between Miles and Roxy, and their connection was immediate and natural. But with their previous experiences and Roxy’s brother hanging over them, they instead settle into a plus-one-pals-but-no-benefits scenario. Chemistry like theirs can’t be ignored without eventually exploding, though. Blakely does what she does best by gently stoking that fire with months of innuendo-filled, flirty banter, a few wickedly wanton kisses and some dates that weren’t really—but totally were—dates that leave them with a powder keg's worth of repressed desire just waiting for that one spark that will finally ignite an inferno of fiery passion.

Lauren Blakely has done the impossible by outdoing herself with the Heartbreakers series. No heavy, angst-ridden, gut-churning romantic sagas here—this, my fellow rom-com lovers, is a trio of the good stuff.  Light-hearted and easy-to-read, all three of the books in this series were the kind of love stories that leave the reader happy, humored and hopeful when they're done. Once Upon A Wild Fling was sweet and heartwarming and oh-so-sexy. I loved every single word of all three books, and the whole Heartbreakers series is not only a top favorite of the year, but it's also a top favorite of mine from Blakely's entire catalog. Five smooches from me for Lauren Blakely's Once Upon A Wild Fling!
~ Danielle Palumbo
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1,856 reviews46 followers
October 4, 2018
Once Upon a Wild Fling is that beautiful ray of sunshine just when you need it most. This last book in the Heartbreakers trilogy just might be my favorite. Miles Hart, single Dad, 'chicken' magnet and talented musician is as swoony as they get. Sure I loved brothers Campbell and Miller, but Miles, he has that subtle charm about him that is truly contagious. But perhaps it's the way he is with his son Ben that makes him the sexiest Hart of all. OMGoodness, that father/son relationship is almost beyond too wonderful for words. They have this rhythm, this connection that you can't help but want to savor. With a wit between Ben and Miles that had me smiling throughout, I honestly couldn't get enough of these two.

And then you add Roxy to the mix. Mackenzie's bestie (from book 1), she is the quintessential modern woman. Running her own pet pampering business and deciding that motherhood can be hers no matter if there is a man in her life or not. But once she encounters Miles Hart once again, now that he is back in the States for good, oh boy, watch out. Their chemistry is insanely addictive and I could not wait until their 'plus-one/bodyguard' status changed permanently. And I will just say this: I was not disappointed one bit!

With Once Upon a Wild Fling, sex with heart never looked so good. And that is what Blakely continually gives me: a respite from a dreary day or a not so great week and suddenly I'm happy once more.

With each new book Lauren Blakely writes the most pleasing of stories. She flawlessly combines sharp humor, independent (yay!) women, men who measure up both physically and mentally, and the most glorious of sex scenes you'll ever read. A winning formula that I am in forever awe of. With each new book, I'm reminded why I picked up her very first one all those years ago.

I adore this series and encourage you to enjoy the Hart brothers and the women they love, the family they can't live without and the requisite fur babies that are a mainstay in anything Blakely writes.

A solid 5 stars!
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2,645 reviews3,216 followers
April 1, 2021
5 It Was Always You Stars
* * * * * Spoiler Free
Sometimes a series can be Just Right... It can know exactly what types of feels it is going to produce for its readers... and hold true to the unwritten promise it gave. It takes each storyline, weaves a specific story, and allows the reader to bask in the endorphin high of feeling so happy with what they read.

Lauren Blakely more than delivered with this series. She took the idea of older characters who have lived a life and had grown from their experiences. They each had experienced heartbreaking love/or relationships and also were single parents to amazing kids. These characters were at a place, a juncture where they were needing more than what they had been doing and were presented with a new path through a budding relationship.

Once Upon a Wild Fling is the third in the series and tied up all of the brothers we met in the other books.
It can be read on its own as the love story is solid. A man, who has been interested in the woman who is the sister of his financial adviser...Both have been harboring feelings for a very long time but are afraid to pursue and ruin a friendship that is so strong...

All I can say is this touched all of the bases perfectly... the want, the longing from both...
The surprise kiss then opens the door to maybe more...
The tentative agreement to thinking they can keep things friendly and still enjoy what they have discovered...
And oh the feels from them both...Delicious!

This series has been a huge winner for me and with all of the books out...It is a No Brainer to get them all, put your feet up and be ready for Bliss!

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Oh My, What Fun... This is right on my Kindle and I am in Love!
❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
What do you do when the man you have been thinking about...
Breaks every Rule you're supposed to follow...
You know the ones...

He's a friend of my brother's...
Oh, Complicated... He's a Single Dad...
And the biggest No No...
He is a Rock Star...and I mean Sexy, Hot, Rock Star...

So he has NO written all over him...

But that doesn't stop my dreaming...
And then the dream comes true...

He needs a Plus One...
Makes sure I know His Kid Is Everything to him...
He doesn't do relationships, Blah Blah Blah....

But when We Lock Arms around each other at this event...
He is going to have a Surprise of his life...
He better Buckle Up and Get Ready for his...

Once Upon a Wild Fling (Heartbreakers, #3)- October 8th 2018

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Once Upon a Wild Fling (Heartbreakers, #3) by Lauren BlakelyOnce Upon a Wild Fling (Heartbreakers, #3)
The Heartbreakers Collection (Heartbreakers, #1,2-3) by Lauren Blakely The Heartbreakers Collection (Heartbreakers, #1,2-3)

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October 8, 2018



Roxy and Miles.

We already met Roxy as the best friend in book #1. And Miles is obviously the last single Hart brother. He's single because the mother of his six year old son Ben left them only two days after he was born. But Miles is totally ok with that now. He loves focusing 100% on his little boy. Ben is his world.

That's what Roxy wants too. But how will that ever happen with ten years of bad online dating behind her?

For now she's perfectly happy to be Miles' plus-one to his highschool reunion!
And the sparks are mega flying on the dance floor and all through that night.

But he's a forever single single dad and she's done dating.....

What will happen with Roxy & Miles?
Will there be a HEA?




Awww ... adorable!

Such a cute and fun single parent/friends-to-lovers-ish romance!

I loved reading it!

It was funny, very sparky, sexy, sweet, New Yorkish.

I just adored those two and Mini-Miles Ben - such an adorable little guy!


And of course I love the other brothers and their ladies and kids!

Amazing cast!

We don't have an insta happy end of course ... it will take Roxy and Miles a little while until they realize that being single sucks. But they'll get there. And we have an amazing time witnessing their journey to that happily ever after!

Great Romance! I will miss those Heartbreakers!

Plus also ... I wouldn't mind seeing this on Netflix one day!

ONCE UPON A WILD FLING was such a fun and adorable & sexy & parenty & New Yorky Rockstar love story!! Run to your nearest amazon asap for your own Miles - this one is MINE !!!


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2,378 reviews204 followers
May 6, 2020
This was by fun audio read for this week.

Roxy has recently come to the realisation that she really wants to have a family. The time feels right and not having a boyfriend doesn’t factor into it. She knows the time is perfect to bring a child into her world. When her brother’s best mate, Miles, asks her to be his plus one at his high school reunion she is happy to help him out.

Miles is gorgeous, plays in a successful band and is a single dad to his son Ben. Agreeing to help him out is a no brainer for Roxy, she has always enjoyed spending time with him. However, the night does not go as expected, in fact it exceeds both of their expectations in a satisfying way.

Thus begins a very beneficial relationship between them. Roxy knows she is falling for Miles but is wary of having her heart broken by a man who could have any woman he chooses. She is not only falling for Miles, but his gorgeous boy Ben is winning her over too. She can totally envision a future with them.

The only problem these two face now is communicating what they want with each other. Will this developing relationship giver Roxy the family dream she is wishing for or will it just be a temporary wild fling?
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1,447 reviews1,158 followers
January 9, 2020
A Wild Fling...becomes a wee bit more

Another fantastic Lauren Blakely treat that left me grinning. I absolutely loved that we got a glimpse into this couple's future and their happy ever after.

The narrators do an amazing job and I really feel like these two work to each other's strengths. It flowed well and the chemistry between the main characters was well portrayed.

I really loved the Heartbreakers series and I'm sad that there are no more Hart's to find love.

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3,152 reviews98 followers
October 10, 2018
Oh my word Lauren Blakely does it again; I loved how this book was not only a single dad but that he was so freaking EPIC I can’t even. He fell in love with the woman and didn’t care for anything but who she was.

Ahh, it’s so hard not to give spoilers.

I love the other two Heartbreaker novels but I think this might be my favorite.
Roxy knew what she wanted and she does something about it she doesn’t let anyone’s judgment of her sway her. She knew what she was doing was right for her. She stands up for herself and her choices and isn’t that what we want all our heroines to have? OF COURSE!

Miles is exactly what all MEN need to be like. He falls for the person and not anything around them. He then accepted her for herself and makes her situation his. I loved this so freaking hard.

And his little boy omg he steals the show I loved it. I want more more more!

The narration sweet lord it is fantastic. I always love the narration of a Lauren Blakely book.
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1,604 reviews1,241 followers
October 8, 2018
Available Now - FULL REVIEW


Once Upon a Wild Fling solidifies that the Hart brothers officially own my heart, and Lauren Blakey has written my favorite romcom series EVER. These books not only tell a tale of romance but they also tell a tale of second chances for families.

Miles is the epitome of a single dad hero! I LOVE him! Not just the because he is hot or because he is famous or many of the other reasons, but because he loves his son. Every moment we see with him just had my ovaries ready to burst, because there is nothing sexier than a good dad. Add single dad to the equations and I’m dead! Just dead. When he starts to fall for Roxy, that seals the deal! The Hart brothers own my heart, with Miles completing the Hartstealing trifecta.

Roxy is fantastic! I adore her and the way she grabs onto the future she wants with both hands. She doesn’t wait for a man or love or romance. She creates the future she wants and she does it on her own terms. I also love that she chases her dreams, and that she is brave enough to change the course when she realizes she isn’t happy. Roxy just made me happy for her demeanor, for her fortitude, for her ability to love.

One cannot discount the adorable nature of Miles’s son, Ben. He has the cutest moments, and I love how he makes Miles hotter with all their interactions , is an impetus for Roxy and Miles to consider their feelings, and melts your heart with how cute he is.

This series has just been filled to the brim with characters I adore. Each of these books have centered around “broken” families - single dad, divorced parents, etc, but the focus is about finding home and a family. Lauren Blakey shows that family is much more than who birthed you. It is about acceptance and support and heart. When this book ended, I just felt euphoric.

Like the previous books, Lauren Blakely has created a couple with insane chemistry and amazing dialogue and banter. She almost never gets it wrong when it comes this aspect of her couples. Roxy and Miles are a bit of a slow burn, which is necessary based on plot developments, but readers won’t even notice because the chemistry is that tangible. The conflict is one readers will expect but I enjoyed the resolution. I reveled in the family aspect that came into play. It was romcom perfection from beginning to end.

Lauren Blakely has created a must read series. Each book is funny and sexy with lovable characters and insane chemistry. It doesn’t get better than the Hart brothers.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review
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2,835 reviews922 followers
October 13, 2018
4.5 “chicken-magnet” stars

Love, love, love this book! A single dad rockstar, a fun, feisty and pregnant heroine, a fake relationship and a whole lot of chemistry… so much win!

Miles is the youngest of the Hart brothers – a trio of singing siblings who hit the big time during the 90s as The Heartbreakers. Miles was the only one to continue singing after the band broke up, and he has gone on to create a hugely successful solo career, touring the world and performing for millions. But he’s now home in NYC, wanting to settle to give his 5-year-old son, Ben, stability, and to be close to his family. I loved Miles from the very beginning. He may be famous, but he’s incredibly down to earth with a great sense of humour, he’s a devoted Dad who adores his son, and he’s an absolute sweetheart!

Roxy is the best friend of Mackenzie from the first book in this series (Once Upon a Real Good Time), and is also the younger sister of Miles’ best friend. She’s a smart, independent woman who, after a decade of failures, has given up on dating, so she’s said goodbye to men and is embracing her impending motherhood, all on her own.

Miles and Roxy have met, of course, and there is a definite spark there, but both of them know that nothing can happen between them. She is completely off men, and being his buddy’s younger sister, Miles knows that Roxy is off limits to him. But when he asks her to be his plus-one to his high school reunion – in order to keep the clingers away – it’s the first time that they’ve spent actual quality time together, and they discover that they connect in more ways than one.

She raises her fingers, ticking off her list.
“Let's see, sexy rocker and hot single dad? Bring it on.”
I lift an eyebrow. “You think I'm hot and sexy?”
“Most of the female population does.”

I loooooove this romance! It’s flirty, swoony, fun and sexy, and I loved Miles and Roxy together. They don’t jump into anything, they become friends, knowing that that’s how it has to be, but their feelings for each other can’t be stopped and they easily and naturally become a part of each other’s lives, and I loved every moment of it! Their chemistry is fantastic, and there’s a wonderful sense of anticipation just waiting for it all to happen for them. Yes, there are some things they need to overcome and they have to figure out their hearts and what it is they truly want, but it’s no surprise where the story is going and how it’s all going to end up, the fun is in watching it all play out.

“I feel like she belongs to me. I want her to belong to only me.”

Miles absolutely stole my heart. Not only as a wonderful father to Ben, but as a man who falls for a pregnant woman. It takes a special man to accept that and throw himself all in, and Miles does just that. And Ben! OMG, what an adorable little character he is! His relationship with Miles will melt your ovaries, and the little boy himself is an absolute delight!

Miles and Roxy are fantastic together – fun, sweet and passionate with so much heart and I loved their story. Wonderfully narrated by Sebastian York and Andie Arndt, it’s definitely one to listen to!

I loved this one so much! 4.5 stars!

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2,901 reviews1,509 followers
May 13, 2019
At about 20%, we find out that Roxy is deliberately pregnant. Because she wants a baby and the only dates she finds are losers. So she's setting herself up as a single mother on purpose. She has a degree from an Ivy League school and owns her own business and we hear that she's careful and meticulous. So you'd think she'd read the studies about family and child health and know that she has pretty much chosen the worst possible circumstances for herself and her child. And if she hasn't then that's on her for being negligent in this very important decision. Look, if you can't find a partner to put together a family for your child, then that's your focus. If you don't have the brains and/or emotional capital to figure out that part of the equation, then what makes you think you'll do any better at the rest of what you need to provide for a child?

Romance authors try to make this work, but it's almost always a very shallow examination of the problem space. A person has to be either selfish or ignorant (or both) to make that choice. Having a character who is both giving and smart doesn't work. A smart person would know the inevitable trials and challenges and a giving person wouldn't want to bring that kind of pain to a child.

Disclaimer on single motherhood: And since it tends to come up when I bring this kind of thing up, no I don't mean to denigrate single parents. There are lots of ways a person can find themselves the sole provider for a child/children and those almost always suck and kudos to all those who step up and do their very best in difficult circumstances. Once you're in that position, it's time to do your best and I know many people who do courageous work. And I don't believe in denigrating single parents or calling for anything but great compassion and whatever assistance you can spare in helping those you might know. Heaven knows they need both the compassion and assistance; as do their children.
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3,000 reviews637 followers
December 4, 2018
Miles Hart is a single Dad, and he's been crushing on Roxy Sterling forever. But her brother is his friend and managing business partner. The man is a financial guru. He can't risk messing that up.

Roxy and Miles are good friends, that doesn't mean she hasn't noticed how off the charts sexy he is.  The single Dad and friend of her brother may get her panties in a knot, but the man has never asked her out. She has been relegated to little sister.  When, Miles asks Roxy to be his plus one at his reunion things get interesting!

I loved their story, from Roxy and her personal decisions to Miles as he figures it all out. Blakely delivered all the feels and swoons as the two spent time together and shared some moments before my earbuds began to melt. I loved the twists and that the drama came in the form of character growth and some miscommunication. I confess, if not for their friends I would have locked these two in a closet.

Laughter, banter, delicious heat and adorkable epilogues made this short and sweet audio the perfect romance.  Sebastian York and Andi Arndt perfectly narrated from pacing to capturing the humor, emotions and heat.

Despite all the reasons these two shouldn't be together, I think like me you'll find one-hundred and one reasons why they are perfect for each other.

Bonus: The audiobook contains a bonus novella, Little Big Rock with a full cast of narrators including, Sebastian York, Andi Arndt, Joe Arden, and Erin Mallon. This is a dual narrative short you won't want to miss. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer
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1,345 reviews104 followers
October 9, 2018
*5 Stars*

ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review.

As always, Blakely has provided us with another unputdownable and addictive story. I literally sped through this in one sitting, staying up so that I could finish it.

Miles and Roxy were such lovable characters, and the chemistry and connection between them was amazing. The way they act with each other, and the ease of their interactions was just perfect. Not to mention that we also have Ben, who can I just say, is damn adorable!

Whilst not an entirely "conventional" situation (from Roxy's state, not throwing in any spoilers here, you will know when you read this), everything just works so well and clicks for these characters, and I think this will be very relatable for readers. I know there were particular parts where I just thought, Lauren has this spot on!

While Ally and Miller have my number one spot in this series, Miles and Roxy are close behind, and I highly recommend reading this one. All the ease, comfort, sexual tension and humour that we have come to expect from Blakely is present, and I for one am sad to see this series come to and end.

Review also on my blog - Once Upon a Wild Fling - Lauren Blakely

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804 reviews93 followers
November 4, 2018
Another 2.5 star read...

And you know, I don't quite know how to explain what the problem with these books is, other than...the author's style apparently just doesn't resonate with me. Because parts of this story were sweet and cute and I liked them a lot but as a whole...maybe it's because it's the third book in this series and I can now see that all of them follow the same pattern. Then, there's the weakness of conflict that's just...irritating, especially when you read pretty much the same thing third time in a row.

More than that, I couldn't help but notice how there's lack of any personal development/overcoming of their issues? Both these characters have some kind of past and commitment issues/fears of getting hurt and yet it gets swept under the rug the minute they have sex the first time. Which is followed by eureka! moment "OMG I LOVE HER/HIM!", which is subsequently followed by some minor miscommunication (or what should be minor miscommunication) that escalates to the two love birds swiftly breaking things off, only to realize they indeed DO want to be together and get back to each other, no issues solved.


And that's a shame, because the characters are likeable and it could be a very decent romance.

Well, I guess that's my cue to take a break from this author's writing *shrugs*
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2,245 reviews106 followers
October 8, 2018
*** ARC Provided by the Author and Inkslinger PR***

Here’s the thing.  I could tell you how much I loved Roxy and Miles.  Or how perfectly the story was written, or how much I liked the characters and the secondary characters from the other books.  Or how much I enjoyed the romance in the story, how hot the scenes between them were, and how much I enjoy books about main characters who shouldn’t be together because…reasons.  Lots of them.

I could mention how much I love books that have a forced proximity due to an event that one, or both, of the characters really would rather not attend alone…family reunions, weddings, high school reunions (you know, all of the things that, depending upon who will be there, you pray for a temporarily debilitating disease or work trip to darkest Peru in order to give you a valid excuse to skip it) although, in this case for some inexplicable reason, Miles is looking forward to the reunion…just not all of the women who will be sure to hit on him.  And, since he won’t have the distraction of a chicken sandwich (read the book or keep an eye out, as the scene is in some of the promo materials for the book, this made me laugh so hard I snorted coffee) he is going to need something to keep the women distracted…and what better way to do this than a fake girlfriend?

Note to Miles…the fake girlfriend thing goes a LOT better, and is a lot easier to keep “fake” when you aren’t wildly attracted to the person you have as your fake date.  And, when there aren’t a few things happening in her life that make you even more attracted to her. While the reader finds out quickly what I mean, I am not going to spoil that here, I will just say that some actions from characters give you a real glimpse into who they are as people, the things that they want, and the things that are important to them.

I’m also a sucker for the fact that the band is back together in this one.  It actually is an event that happens at the end of the previous book (and something that makes me say the 2nd book in the series is still my favorite of the 3, if I had to pick just one) so mentioning it in the review for the second was a bit of a spoiler…but totally fair game in this.  I am such a sucker for the 3 brothers, and how badly they want to be making music together.

Oh, and as this is in the very first few pages…it’s totally possible to give a cat a bath…without requiring stitches.  I totally believe Roxy can do it…as she can clearly do anything.

I enjoyed this title, a lot.  I definitely recommend reading the 2 previous books before diving into this one, but this is a standalone, and you can start here if you really want to.
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842 reviews34 followers
October 20, 2018
5 Best Social Experiment Stars

While reading this book, I found myself thinking that there really wasn't a hero from Lauren that I didn't swoon for.

Miles was no exception. His big heart, honesty and sweetness made me weak in the knees. I also adored Roxy, she was a brilliant woman, who knew what she wanted, and knew how to get it.
"I like, too, that he’s unabashed about drinking me in. That he’s shameless in the way he stares. He raises his gaze to my face, and his blue irises are fiery again"

These two together were amazing. I adored the organic way their friendship developed first and then it turned to more. Roxy with Miles and Ben (the chicken magnet conversation just melted me on the spot), were the cutest. I felt so much love pouring out from the pages. But let me tell you, Miles and Roxy melted my reader, damn hot.
"I don’t know how to not want this.
I don’t know how to move beyond this.
I want everything with him."

Also the banter and the love between brothers was amazing, I adored how they teased Miles as the youngest one. Also all the friendships and the whole big family they created was just wonderful.

What can I honestly say other than this was another amazing story with beautiful characters from Lauren, and I just can't wait to fall in love with all her future heroes and heroines.
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1,813 reviews591 followers
October 7, 2018
“I feel like she belongs to me. I want her to belong to only me.”

I’ve absolutely loved and enjoyed every book in Lauren Blakely’s Heartbreakers series, but Once Upon a Wild Fling has to go down as my FAVORITE of the series! Miles is just swoony and delicious, Roxy is strong and so loyal, and Ben…my god, Miles’ beautiful son absolutely stole the show! I devoured this ‘brother’s best friend’ romance so quickly that the minute I was finished, I wanted to start it all over again!

A plus-one arrangement between Miles and Roxy is no big deal…or so they thought. Miles always knew that Roxy was off-limits, oh, for so many reasons. But the more time they spend together, the more the “pretending” starts to feel all too real. Miles has to think about his son. Roxy has to think about her thriving business and the fact that Miles is friends with her brother. There is so much at risk here but in the end, their connection is too strong to ignore and that risk…well, it’s starting to feel so worth it.

These two characters are somethin’ else! I adored their toe-curling connection and their happily ever after was so perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic end to a delightfully charming and sexy romance series!

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3,322 reviews54 followers
October 8, 2018
Absolutely loved this series! Full review to come!
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6,316 reviews157 followers
October 7, 2018

4.25 stars--

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 8, 2018

My brother's best friend has a proposition for me. Have I mentioned he's a sexy single dad? Tell me more...

There are a million reasons why Miles Hart isn't the man I should date but allow me to enumerate the top three. He's friends with my brother, he's a single dad, and he's a sexy, in-demand rock star. He might as well wear an off-limits, totally unavailable, and don't-even-attempt-to-ride-this-ride sign.

Then he asks me to be his plus-one when his band plays at his high school reunion, and the night unfolds in ways I never expect.

I have three good reasons to keep my hands off Roxy Sterling--her brother's my business manager and good buddy, my kid is the center of my world, and the last time I fell hard for a woman I was burned so badly that my interest in relationships has gone up in flames. But once I bring Roxy's body next to mine on the dance floor, I want all the not-safe-for-work things I can't have with her. So I make a proposition.
Then I learn exactly how risky we might be.


REVIEW: 4.25 stars-- ONCE UPON A WILD FLING is the third instalment in Lauren Blakely’s contemporary, adult HEARTBREAKERS erotic, romance series focusing on the Hart Brothers. This is musician and single father Miles Hart, and thirty-one year old, dog groomer Roxy Sterling’s story line. ONCE UPON A WILD FLING can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Roxy Sterling is Mackenzie Markson’s best friend (Once Upon a Real Good Time-Book one).

Told from dual first person perspectives (Roxy and Miles) follows the friends with benefits relationship between musician and single father Miles Hart, and thirty-one year old, dog groomer Roxy Sterling. Miles Hart needs a plus-one for his fifteen year, high school reunion, and who better to take than Roxy Sterling, his friend and business manager William Sterling’s sister, and a woman off-limits in more ways than one. Having been burned once before Miles is in no hurry for relationships, romance or love, but something about Roxy calls to Miles’ heart. What ensues is the friends with benefits relationship between Roxy and Miles, and the potential fall-out as Roxy is hoping for something more.

Roxy Sterling is tired of the single’s scene and is determined to move forward alone. Meeting Miles Hart finds our heroine reconsidering the future with the man with whom she will fall in love. Roxy has plans for her immediate future, and she is hoping Miles is willing to go along for the ride. Miles Hart is a single father, burned in the past, by a previous relationship, leaving him a single father to his newborn son. As the youngest Hart brother in the one-time boy band the Heartbreakers, Miles is about to bring fame and fortune back to his front door, and starting a new relationship was never in the plans.

The relationship between Roxy and Miles is one of immediate attraction; a friends with benefits, each other’s plus one that turns into something more but Roxy has a secret that is about to be revealed very soon. A strong-willed and independent heroine, Roxy never expected to fall in love after years of failing in the world of dating. Miles Hart is the perfect father, and a sexy rock star, both equally attractive in the eyes of his adoring female fans. The $ex scenes are intimate and intense, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

The colorful secondary and supporting characters include Miles’ son Ben Hart, as well as Mile’s brothers Campbell ‘Mason’ (and Mackenzie), and Miller (and Ally); and Roxy’s brother William Sterling.

ONCE UPON A WILD FLING is a story of romance and love, family and friendship with sexy and sassy characters, and a ‘chicken magnet’ for a dad. The premise is entertaining, engaging and endearing; the romance is passionate and seductive; the characters are courageous, fun and lively. ONCE UPON A WILD FLING is a fantastic addition to Lauren’s HEARTBREAKERS series.

Copy supplied for review

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629 reviews652 followers
October 6, 2018
If you’ve been following along with Lauren Blakely’s Heartbreakers Series and you’ve read your fair share of romance novels, you probably saw Miles and Roxy’s story coming a mile away, right? Just because I suspected the two would be paired together the minute Roxy mentioned Miles and her brother in the same sentence (helloooo friend’s sister trope), doesn’t make it any less exciting having my suspicion confirmed. Especially when said friend’s sister romance is also a rock star romance AND a single dad romance, all of which is wrapped up in one lighthearted, steamy rom-com in Miles and Roxy’s story, Once Upon a Wild Fling.

Needing a plus one to his fifteen-year high school reunion, Miles Hart recruits his friend’s sister, Roxy Sterling, as his strictly platonic, but nevertheless tempting, date. The Wall Street worker turned pet salon owner is more than up for the task of protecting Miles against overly friendly groupies. She’s certainly not supposed to be attracted to her brother’s close friend and client and she really shouldn’t want to rip his clothes off when their fake date seems all too real. Miles is likewise tempted by vivacious redhead, though the two self-professed commitment-phobes have more than themselves to consider, which prevents them from diving headfirst into a hot and heavy romance. Instead, they strike up a friendship, tip-toeing around their attraction, and stoking the sexual tension between them with flirtatious, innuendo-laden banter.

What I love most about the slow-burning romance between Miles and Roxy is that it gives the reader ample time to get to know every aspect of these characters. Their playful rapport and effortless connection left me with butterflies in my stomach and a big smile on my face, while their unadulterated, blatant passion for each other had me blushing nonstop. And then there’s Miles. *sighs* Being a dad to six-year-old Ben is a huge part of his character’s identity, so getting to witness him interact with his son is just as sweet, just as adorable, and just as swoon-worthy as his rock star persona. The youngest Hart brother definitely gives his brothers a run for their money in terms of charm and sex appeal.

With a fast-paced, engrossing narrative, characters that are emotionally compelling and endearing, and a fan-your-face steamy, whirlwind romance, Once Upon a Wild Fling is the perfect end to Lauren Blakely’s binge-worthy rock star rom-com series, Heartbreakers. From the ups, downs, and everything in between, we get to see how far the entire cast of characters have come in their love lives, their personal lives, and in their careers. As much as I’m reluctant to say goodbye to these characters, the journey was wild and unforgettable, and I loved every minute of it.

*complimentary copy provided by publisher for an honest review

Rating: 5 Stars
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144 reviews3 followers
December 15, 2018
So I guess I never finished a review for this when I read it… like eight weeks ago. Whoops. I just have a bunch of random notes of things I liked and comments about how hard it is to talk about this book with giving a huge spoiler right off the bat. So this review will be brief, to say the least.

I loved the first two books in this series and this was a perfect ending to a great trio. Once Upon a Wild Fling tells the story of the last (and youngest) brother from the Heartbreakers. Miles has definitely been burned when it comes to love and his son is the most important person in his life, so when it comes to needing a plus one for an event, it makes sense to ask his friend (and business manager’s sister…) Roxy to be his. Roxy’s in the perfect position to fill this void, she’s also in need of some plus ones and has absolutely written off relationships. But they’re both too wildly attracted to each other for it to stay platonic and before long, they’ve become friends with benefits. Benefits that are starting to include things that feel like real relationship stuff. But neither Roxy nor Miles are sure that a real relationship is really what they want, especially when they have to consider the feelings of Roxy’s brother and Miles’ son.

I adored both Roxy and Miles, equally enjoying each of their POVs and loving being in both of their heads. I feel like too much detail of Roxy’s story could be considered spoiler territory, but suffice it to say, I was intrigued and liked exploring a twist on a relatively common romance trope. There was a lot of laughs and a lot of, as the kids say, feels, as the relationship between Miles and Roxy developed into something more than just friends and then friends with benefits. The drama existed, but it wasn’t drawn out or overblown and overall, felt like the right fit for the story. As with the previous books in the trio, the romance aspect was great, but the expanded world of all the characters’ friends and family and the exploration of familial love in addition to the romantic love was truly what made this book great.
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3,985 reviews319 followers
October 8, 2018
4.5 Stars
It's the baby brother's turn for a book and if you are anything like me and have just fallen in love with the other two Hart brothers, then just wait until you get a piece of Miles. I loved him just as much and would never be able to choose between the three.

Miles is back in New York to put down some roots after going solo for a while. He is a single dad, funny, charming, and his son is his number one. Being burned once was enough for him to swear off relationships for a while. But every hunky rock star needs a plus-one.

Roxy has tried and failed at the falling in love game. After a string of unworthy suitors, she has decided life is too short and is going to do the adulting thing alone. She is not looking for love and in her current state, she doesn't even think it is to be found. But she has no issues flirting and being a bodyguard for Miles when he needs it.

Another witty and lighthearted story, just this time about brother number three. This is one of those books that is just fun to read. The flow is good, the characters are interesting and the storyline was easily enjoyable. Ben might have stolen the show a few times though, because really, "chicken magnet" I couldn't even stop laughing. This was the perfect wrap up to this series and perhaps we might even see them around in the future.
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1,424 reviews24 followers
October 8, 2018
4.5+ stars

Miles Hart is a sexy single dad, recently returned to rejoin his brothers in a music career. Roxy Sterling is his business manager’s sister, and though he’s wildly attracted to her, his last relationship crashed and burned, leaving him with a broken heart. When he needs a plus one at his high school reunion, Roxy is his first choice. They are friendly and have a rapor that will keep any single women on the prowl away from him. As soon as they realize just how smoothly things go on their first plus-one night, they decide the arrangement could be beneficial to both of them.

Miles and Roxy are so much fun together. Their banter and camaraderie is clear from the beginning, when they really do think their arrangement will be little more than a plus-one when needed. When the sparks start flying in a way they can’t ignore them anymore, the story shifts from one of friends being there for each other to one that forces Miles and Roxy to examine what is most important.

I love that each of the books in this series also have a precocious, spirited child as the center of his (or her in Sam’s case) parent’s attention. Ben is such a cute kid, and his ability to see things clearly is a fun piece of the story. Miles’s siblings and their families add further fun and lightness to the story, and I loved seeing what each of the brothers was currently up to (including ribbing their youngest brother incessantly).

This was a fun, sexy story full of ups and downs. I love the attention to family and chasing dreams as Miles works to get back what he once had with his brothers and Roxy starts the book going after what she has always wanted. Watching these characters become a family even when they couldn’t see it happening was an especially enjoyable part of the arch.

I received a copy for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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1,610 reviews14 followers
July 7, 2020
The last of the trio of brothers to find their mate, but possibly the best! Witty, endearing, sexy, sad and so much more is wrapped into this romance book to keep you delighted and entertained for hours! The narration is outstanding so you once again get lost in the story and enjoy it even more.
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2,530 reviews
December 7, 2019
This whole series was cute and fun. The books are short and get right to the point. The characters are sweet and click well and I liked the addition of the kids so when the couples get together, they're a family. Miles is a famous singer, but he keeps down to earth and is a great father to his 5 year old son, Ben. Roxy is pregnant by a sperm donor and of course happens to meet a hot, single guy. Miles and Roxy had great chemistry and I loved seeing him care for her and get excited to go to her doctor's appointments and find out the sex of the baby.
Great narration and a well written plot. Lauren Blakely always delivers!
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October 8, 2018
5 Chicken Magnet Stars!

Oh. My. God. Lauren Blakely has done it again! Just when I thought her books couldn't possibly get any better. Once Upon A Wild Fling is steamy hot, witty, sweet, fun and absolutely heartwarming. It's complete and utter perfection with endearing characters and an addicting plot. From beginning to end, I found myself smiling, laughing and swooning like crazy.

This story follows Miles, the youngest Hart brother, and Roxy, Mackenzie's best friend. Miles is a single dad to six year old Ben and has recently moved home to New York to reunite with his brothers and their band. He is sexy, charming, funny and an all around good guy. Roxy is kind, brave and determined to create the future that she wants. In fact, she takes matters into her own hands to make sure that it happens. Although, as she begins to fall for Miles, she starts to worry that her big secret may scare him off. Will the two of them find a way to make this relationship work despite this big news?

If you're looking for a fun and lighthearted romantic comedy that will steal your heart, then I highly recommend you picking up this book. In fact, the whole series is a must read. Each of the books are so sexy and fun with such lovable characters. So please, do yourself a favor and make sure to grab your copy.

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October 4, 2018
ARC received for an honest review

Lauren Blakely has left the best till last with the Hart brothers.

I have been eager for Miles Hart's book since we first met him in Campbell's book, and I was not disappointed.

I mean single dad? Check! (and hot!)

Friends to lovers? Check!

Sexual tension up the wazoo? Check!

Miles and Roxy's story was all kinds of adorable. I just can't with them!

Their's is a bit of a slow burn, I mean they each want the other but fight it - whilst I am on the other side of the kindle screaming at them to go for it!

I cannot lie though. Ben (Miles' son we have met in the previous books) is the real chicken magnet here.

Oh how that boy has stolen my heart!

I loved getting more of the other Hart brothers and their ladies. I love the banter between them all, I love their support and love for each other. Gah, I want to be in their circle of friends.

I am going to miss the Heartbreakers series, and I hope the Ms Blakely comes back to them some time in the future.


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