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Of Beasts and Beauties

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Five novels retell the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, each with its own twist. Meet a dark-elf prince, a dragonian princess, a brooding vigilante, mighty superheroes, and futuristic guards, and watch as Beast meets Beauty, falling in love across fantasy, science fiction, and romantic suspense.

Each of these novels is only available as part of this set, so don't miss enter the enchanted castle and break the spell today!

796 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 18, 2018

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About the author

Miranda Honfleur

27 books2,298 followers
Miranda Honfleur is a born-and-raised Chicagoan living in Indianapolis. She grew up on fantasy and science fiction novels, spending nearly as much time in Valdemar, Pern, Tortall, Narnia, and Middle Earth as in reality.

In another life, her J.D. and M.B.A. were meant to serve a career in law, but now she gets to live her dream job: writing speculative fiction starring fierce heroines and daring heroes who make difficult choices along their adventures and intrigues, all with a generous (over)dose of romance.

When she’s not snarking, writing, or reading her Kindle, she hangs out and watches Netflix with her husband, gets constantly tackled by her dogs Gizmo and Luna, and plays board games with her friends.

Her next book release is the fifth volume in the romantic epic fantasy Blade and Rose series, The Dragon King, slated for release (barring any further apocalyptic events and meteors) in Q3 2021.

Blade and Rose, a romantic epic fantasy series (ongoing), includes:
1. Blade & Rose
2. By Dark Deeds
3. Court of Shadows
4. Queen of the Shining Sea
5. The Dragon King – forthcoming
6. Immortelle – forthcoming
+ Winter Wren (A Blade and Rose novelette) – available for free on www.mirandahonfleur.com

The Dark-Elves of Nightbloom, a series of fantasy romance standalones (ongoing), includes:
1. No Man Can Tame
2. Bright of the Moon
3. An Ember in the Dark (forthcoming)
4. Crown to Ashes (forthcoming)

Demon Dropout, an urban fantasy series (ongoing), serialized on Kindle Vella and Patreon every Thursday, includes:
1. Slay Date

The Witch of the Lake, a mythic dark young-adult fantasy series (completed) with Nicolette Andrews, includes:
1. Feast of the Mother
2. Fate of the Demon
3. Fall of the Reaper

For regular updates on her releases, be sure to sign up to her newsletter on www.mirandahonfleur.com.

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Profile Image for Elizabeth.
3,776 reviews79 followers
January 12, 2021
So this anthology has 5 parts, so here is my 5 part review:
1) No Man Can Tame - I really liked this one. Lots of good world building; the leading lady has some nice development; nicely choreographed fight scenes!
2) In The Garden Of Gold And Stone - Ryan Muree -- It’s like Belle falls in love with Mrs. Potts…but if Belle was a guy and Mrs. Potts wasn’t a mature teapot. And with more intertribal warfare! It was different! Happy Reading!
3)Eye of the Beholder - This one was predictable, but enjoyable. This one was very Hallmark movie (which is not saying I didn't enjoy it because I like those). But if you are expecting a big reveal or plot twist...this is not your story. Still cute!
4)Excalliber - This may have been my favorite. It had a very slow start, but once I got into the story I loved it. Out of all of them, I want to know what this girl does next!
5)The Blooming - This was my 2nd favorite. Great heroine! Cool world. Excellent "Gaston" character - might have been my favorite character in the anthology because he was so deliciously smarmy. I have no actual clue why this title was chosen though, but it is very Beauty and the Beast sounding.

I would recommend most of this anthology! I did get an advanced copy of the first story, but it doesn't change my opinions.
Profile Image for Katrina.
711 reviews42 followers
March 14, 2019
This is review of Miranda Honfleur book only - I had to put the rest of this collection aside until who knows when. As far as Ms Honfleur book is concerned – there were too many similarities to Grace Draven "Radiance", except Ms Draven does it infinitely better. Radiance is gloriously witty and charming while Ms Honfleur's offering is a bit pretentious and tedious – our h’s continuous desire to build a library became tiresome after it was mentioned first dozens of times.
Profile Image for Tina.
319 reviews1 follower
April 29, 2018
Really good

I really enjoyed this book. Some stories more than others. I think Excalibur and the Blooming were 2 of my favorites, with No Man Can Tame coming close behind them. I’ve got some new authors to check out now. Definitely love that.
This was an enjoyable few days read, and can definitely recommend.
1,964 reviews6 followers
June 12, 2018
NO MAN CAN TAME by Miranda Honfleur: What a lively, lovely romantic story! There are action, thrills, heroic heroes and heroines, vile villains and sweet love a aplenty. Great book!
IN THE GARDEN OF GOLD AND STONE by Ryan Muree: A warrior captured by scaled beasts and one half-beast/half-human. Will they eat him? Kill him? Force him to mate with their Queen in some weird ceremony? A heart warming twist on Beauty and the Beast!
EYE OF THE BEHOLDER by Emily Allen West: 5 Stars!
A girl being stalked by her cop ex-boyfriend runs off to hide as a maid in a secluded mansion owned by a damaged billionaire bachelor. Yeah, yeah—but how do they get there? And will they? That’s where the story is!
EXCALIBUR by Emerald Dodge: Gangs in the barrio. Well written; just not my cup of tea.
THE BLOOMING by Katherine Bennet: 5 Stars! A sweet, sweet romance with fast paced black ops action, treachery, and a good plot.
Profile Image for Scarolet Ellis.
7,445 reviews48 followers
April 25, 2018
This is an amazing box set. Each story is retold from my childhood fairytales but with a twist but not enough that you can't follow the elements from the stories you grew up on. They take you into a whole new genre and all kinds of new worlds. Love this box set.

I received an ARC and am giving an unbias opinion.
Profile Image for Shannon Risdon.
557 reviews
November 21, 2018
Magical and sweet collection

These are a great collection of books with a beauty and beast twist. All are well written, have a twist, and if course a HEA, although they are not always obvious as you are reading them. Definitely a nice intro to new authors too
Profile Image for Meghan.
630 reviews63 followers
May 12, 2018
A book full of Beauty and the Beast retellings?? Don’t mind if I do! This is my all-time favorite trope and one that is so much fun to read over and over again. I enjoyed each and every one of the stories in this bundle, so I’ll take the time to go through each one below and let you know what I thought.

No Man Can Tame – Miranda Honfleur

Princess Alessandra is the unwanted princess, known for desiring an occupation beyond the mother of future royalty. Eager to get her off their hands, her parents give her hand to their kingdom’s fiercest enemy, in order to broker peace. Although Prince Veron stirs fear is Aless’ heart, she soon learns that he was forced into this marriage too. Bound by their circumstances, they must try to create their own future, and within it, find love and happiness. This story was my favorite of the group, because it reminded me so much of another book I love, Radiance by Grace Draven. If you love her work, you’ll love Miranda Honfleur. She created a wondrous world full of intrigue and politics, and it drew me in. Very engaging read!

In The Garden of Gold and Stone – Ryan Muree

Two human species live side by side and don’t even know it. That is, until one foolish young man steals fruit from a garden surrounded by high walls, and once caught, his brother takes his place as prisoner. Now the human Rowec must face a bizarre new society, full of women with scales and reptilian features. They require a man to continue their species, and it looks like Rowec is going to be that person. Unless Nida, a woman who looks more human than the rest, can find a way to save him. I was a bit apprehensive of this story at first – what could possibly be romantic about a reptilian heroine? I draw the line at reptiles. However, the author did a great job of showing the two species’ similarities, and Nida soon became just another human to me. I really enjoyed her bravery and her interactions with Rowec. It was a great story full of qualities sure to delight strong women of today!

Eye of the Beholder – Emily Allen West

After serving twelve years in the Marines and surviving a botched rescue mission, Burke Masters is scarred, crippled by PTSD, and determined to live out his life alone on his island sanctuary. If only his friends would let him. Seeking to help him in his recovery, they hire a new maid, Rose Benoit, to clean in the main house. Confident and spunky, she soon gives Burke a reason to live again. But danger has never left his life, and when her secrets find their way onto the island, Burke must work to save not just their newfound love but also their lives. I’m a sucker for military romance, and when you give me one set in a Beauty and the Beast trope…*swoon*. I love it! This definitely was at the top of my list for this bundle. Thrilling, action-packed, and romantic, it tugged at my heartstrings!

Excalibur – Emerald Dodge

Set in an age where superheroes are out in the world fighting the bad guys, this book is only loosely based in a Beauty and the Beast trope. It follows Heather Harris, a superhero who goes by the name Excalibur, who just wants to live a normal life and experience things that civilians take for granted. Unable to do so without defying the elders of the cult where she grew up, she is forced to take drastic measures. She and her superhero friends make a pact with a local group of boys who need street cred to protect themselves. If they pretend they have slayed the “Beasts” as the superheroes are known, then Heather and her friends can go live in peace with new identities. But Heather never counted on falling for her rescuer, and now it may be too late to take it back. Again, this book was really straining to meet that trope the bundle was based on. I liked the book and how it was written, but it didn’t feel like it fit with the others. It had a big YA feel to it, which is okay but not my usual read. Definitely would recommend this to YA or New Adult readers! Characters were engaging and unique, and the worldbuilding was top notch.

The Blooming – Katherine Bennet

Sophia Anuva is determined to save her father, after he is assigned to a dangerous Black Ops unit within their military. She volunteers to serve in his place, under the guise that it’s a position she’s always wanted, and soon she is thrown into very dangerous situations. Her commander, Niko Kalos, sees her as a burden and tries his best to get her to quit, but her stubborn spirit drives her to prove him wrong. Soon he realizes that she has something to offer to the team, even if it does seem like she was only given this assignment to appease his superior, who wants her for his own. I liked this story, even though I felt the worldbuilding could have been more solid. I was confused by what was going on in this world – who were the enemy and why, what war was going on, and why were they so technologically advanced? All these questions felt unanswered. I enjoyed the characters, and there was a lot of laughter for me as a reader. It’s a good addition to the bundle!

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**
865 reviews12 followers
March 16, 2019
No Man Can Tame 4 Stars
In The Garden Of Gold And Stone 3 Stars
Eye Of The Beholder 2 Stars
Excalibur 4 Stars
The Blooming 5 Stars
Profile Image for Lynn's books.
540 reviews1 follower
May 30, 2018
Rating 1 book

I wasn't sure if I was going to even rate this collection as I only read 1 book but the story I read deserves to be reviewed. My rating is solely for "No Man Can Tame." I started reading Miranda Honfleurs' series Blade and Rose and this book is an extension of a character in that series. I love how she can create a knew world and imaginative characters. Vernon the dark elf!?! Umm...Yes please! Yum! Valor, honor, loyalty, respect and inner/outer strength. Yep. Wrap him up, I'll take two. Alessandra.? Well I've known her from the main series. She was kind of a hate her now I like her character. From what she did in the previous books I'm not a fan but she is not the sole character to blame for the major downfall. She is,an assistant though. This book gave her story depth and a better grasp on her personality. So I do like her now but she is so reckless.
What surprised me the most is how Honfleur gave Aless a somewhat smooth story. She didn't twist the knife and shred her characters to the point her reader is left gutted. . She's very talented in that in Blade and Rose which I obviously am still recovering from. Scarred possibly. If Ms. Honfleur reads this please give Rielle peace, love, everything. Back to this story. I liked it and am wondering how these Elves our going to collide with the rest of realm. I will wait and see. A girl needs closure.
Profile Image for Shelley Kubitz Mahannah.
47 reviews6 followers
May 29, 2018
When I first sat down to write this, I was going to say something that this is the perfect summer beach read, but to be honest - these are stories for all seasons. I was particularly enchanted with Emily Allen West's "Eye of the Beholder" which introduces to Rose Benoit, a woman with a past but more importantly a dame with moxie; and Burke Masters, a man who has given himself up as damaged after seeing the horrors of war and the worst that humanity has to offer. West is a rare gem of a writer and I appreciate her ability to write action scenes AND steamy love scenes. She's given the reader a cast of characters to root for and (a bit of a spoiler alert?), a heroine who not only saves herself but the man she loves.
Profile Image for Courtney.
1,088 reviews150 followers
May 19, 2018
*ARC from NetGalley for Honest Review*
I Give this books a 3 star rating

I LOVED this first book/story and would love to read more from that world.
The other books were ‘ehhh’, I could take it or leave it. The rest just didn’t seem to one up each other, which should’ve been the case, I wanted to be so enthralled I couldn’t imagine putting the book down and sadly the first book was the only one to do that for me.
Profile Image for Amanda.
692 reviews9 followers
September 6, 2018
I LOVE Beauty and the Beast retellings and this did not disappoint. I can't wait to see what the next compilation from this series will be. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves Beauty and the Beast!
Profile Image for Jonathan Pongratz.
Author 4 books179 followers
May 4, 2018

I received an advanced copy of this book for my unbiased opinion. I read two of the five stories and here are my lasting impressions:



A superhero’s life is the only one Heather Harris knows. Stationed with her team in San Diego, they fight crime and serve justice. But when the city faces cutbacks, the camps they originated from demand one of them return, and they want Heather.

As the gangs of the city grow more and more restless, and Heather is reunited with a long-time admirer of hers, she must make the impossible decision of returning to the torturous camps she came from or fighting for her freedom.

I have been a fan of Emerald Dodge's writing for quite some time, and this novel definitely didn’t disappoint. There’s a great balance of action, drama, and superpowers in this book, and I am totally living for it! One thing that definitely stood out is the characters. Each of them felt so relatable and real it was like talking with one of my friends.

The Blooming:


Living in the futuristic society of Nios, Sophia Anuva has trained her entire life to be a member of the Guard. To save her dad from potential harm, she enlists in the black ops, a deadly squad sent on dangerous missions against their enemies the Tavians.

However, when her squad leader Niko is accused of leading their squad into hostile territory against orders, Sophia, Niko, and her team must find a way to prove their leader innocent. As Sophia’s feelings for Niko grow, she must make the impossible decision of staying in the black ops or leading a life she’s only dreamed of in fairytales.

I’ve been a fan of Katherine’s writing for quite some time, similar to Emerald. This novel has it all: drama, action, suspense, and some good humor. Some things that definitely stuck out for me was Sophia’s relationship with her dad. I really felt their connection was authentic, and I love that she was willing to do whatever she could to prevent him from endangering himself at his age. I also thought that Royce’s character was original and really stuck out.

I did feel that the love element was a little sudden for my taste, but that’s just my opinion. Overall, this is a gripping sci-fi story that will definitely have you turning those pages wondering what happens next.
Profile Image for Nextbookaroundthecorner.
871 reviews8 followers
July 3, 2020
Re-tellings of fairytales are usually a hit or a miss for me. The fact that it took me well over a year to complete the total arc is a telltale sign that it wasn't a big hit for me. But to be honest: there is a big difference in all five of the stories, so some where more my cup of tea than others:
No Man Can Tame – Miranda Honfleur: an interesting story about a princess who is forced to marry the kingdom's greatest enemy to ensure peace. An intriguing story, but I didn't hold my attention for very long.
In The Garden of Gold and Stone – Ryan Muree: this story has a more alien twist to it: a man is captured by a reptilian species. His brother trades his place as a prisoner and falls in love with one of the reptilian woman. This one was one of the better stories, I think.
Eye of the Beholder – Emily Allen West: this story is resembling the Beauty and the Beast story the most I think. It has a fierce woman (Rose) who tries to get the heavily traumatized (and scarred) Burke out of his isolation. With a nice twist in the story about the secret organization Burke is running. The best story of this arc I believe.
Excalibur – Emerald Dodge: this story has only a very loose connection: there are gangs called The Beasts and The Beauties and they are living in a kind of Urban Fantasy world. It was very hard for me to get into the story and even harder to relate to the main characters. So, more of a miss for me.
The Blooming – Katherine Bennet: actually, this story has more of a Mulan theme than a Beauty and the Beast setup. A nice story in all, but it also didn't knock me off my socks.
For the total arc: three out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
Profile Image for wonderfullyweird88.
688 reviews14 followers
June 10, 2018
This box set gives us five retellings of the classic theme Beauty and the Beast there is no one genre in this box set however fantasy is the main genre.
In No Man Can Tame the human princess is forced to marry a dark elf by her father to bring peace to the warring country.
In The Garden Of Gold And Stone, Nida a descendant of a reptilian race needs a human male to hatch her new sisters. Rowec, a human is held hostage by the reptilian race. The two factions are raised to hate each other. Can they discover the truth?
Eye of the Beholder is a contemporary romance where two people join together to fight their enemies risking the bond they have forged in the process.
Excalliber is a superhero romance. A dangerous gang helps a team of superheroes to escape punishment for a crime they did not commit. Heather (excalliber) finds herself drawn to the mysterious gang leader and is reluctant to leave when the time comes.
The Blooming is a sci-fi story about a special forces team specifically two individuals who battled each other but now have to work together
Like all boxsets featuring different authors some stories are better than others. Each one does offer a different take on the theme of beauty and the beast.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. For more reviews please visit my blog:
Profile Image for Nickole.
1,208 reviews6 followers
May 8, 2018
rcvd an advanced reader copy from the authors for giving my two cents. a nice collection of stories of beauties and the beasts that make their heart go pitter-patter. my fav was Miranda Honfleurs No Man Can Tame. we meet Aless, the Beast Princess bc she has a fiery temper but when her father arranges marriages for her and her sister, she steps in to take her sisters place as the bride of Nightbloom. its s trade for food and protection from the evil that lurks but there is evil afoot too that makes Aless worry. Her soon to be husband is intimidating, has claws and fangs. gulp.. and she is determined to build her library and talk to Vernon about friendship. Vernon is marrying a human princess to bring peace and food to his ppl, his new bride isnt what he thought shed be. Aless is sad about all the violence and convinces Vernon that the ppl need to see them as an United front dedicated to bring peace. Vernon sees Aless as a strength to be reckoned with and has fallen in love with his wife...but can that love protect her? will Aless' stubbornness keep Vernon and their ppl safe? will the truth be learned about what's really going on and what's at stake?
Profile Image for Aly.
679 reviews20 followers
June 26, 2018
I give this a 3.75 out of 5 stars. I actually really enjoyed all 5 of these short stories in this book. They each had their own personal touch and spin on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast. Some I enjoyed more than others, but this review is rounded up to 4 stars since the average is closer to that. I'm personally a major fan of Beauty and the Beast, so I was looking forward to being able to read this, even knowing that I would possibly be very nitpicky on the stories. They were all really good retellingings, with characters I grew to love, with immersive worlds, and an overall great flow of story. I didn't find myself saying "no i don't like this". I also didn't find myself skipping pages. I read every page of this book and I really enjoyed it. I say that if you love Beauty and the Beast, and you love books where the authors put their own spin on classic stories, then this is perfect. You get 5 great retellings of a classic fariy tale, some more dark or lighthearted than others. Overall, great compilation. I would definitely buy this for myself.

I received this ARC for free from NetGalley in exchange for my completely honest review.
Profile Image for The Mysterious Reader.
3,581 reviews55 followers
May 2, 2018
I grabbed “Of Beasts and Beauties: Five Full-Length Novels Retelling Beauty & the Beast (Enclave Boxed Set Book 1)” because I live the classic fairy tale used as the starting point for its five tales, and because I’ve read other books by one of its contributors, Miranda Honfleur, and found them to be consistently great. No surprise that her contribution, No Man Can Tame, was great (I loved how princess Aless and dark-elf prince Veron’s unique story fit so well into the desired starting template). Happily I can report that the other contributions to the collection worked just as well. A truly enjoyable set. But for the fact that I’m literally dictating this review to my husband from my hospital bed I could go on and on with praises - the collection of stories definitely deserves it. Since I can’t do that I will simply note that “Of Beasts and Beauties” is most definitely a set to read, it is easy to highly recommend.
Profile Image for Iliana.
33 reviews
May 3, 2018
This anthology, written by five incredibly talented authors, is brimming with intricate, powerful renditions of the tale we all know and love. From magic to magic powers to elves to superheroes, every story illustrates our own human weaknesses, and the fears that have driven worlds and hopes apart. Each hero or heroine has their own trials they must transcend, whether it be arranged marriages, or punishment or the very darkness in their own hearts, but their stories are not too far from our own. How far would we go to defend those we love or what we believe in? Yet how often do we fall, shackled by our own fears? Perhaps most impactful of all is not only Fear’s chilling, destructive hold, but the ability Love holds in freeing us from our fears. The journeys may twist through difficult paths, and the light might be hard to find, but the message is always there, shinning clear and true. We may never have need to fear the darkness if we but only search for the light found in love.
May 7, 2018

To begin with I enjoyed fairytales as a child and one is never to old to read a good fairytale and all of theses stories are a rendition of the popular well known classic beauty and the beast but this version is for adults.
This is an amazing package of stories that will keep you put in your seat until you are completely done. I liked every story and it was a perfect weekend read for me. Vernon and Aless, Nida and Rowec, Rose and Burke, Niko and Sophia, Miguel and Heather.
I voluntarily received an of this story for my honest review.
Profile Image for Joyffree.
2,951 reviews49 followers
May 11, 2018
💞 Such a wonderful collection of romances based on the fairytales I adored as a child but with a grown-up twist
I loved the variety - I loved that they were full-length stories-
Not every story was a four or five-star read - but everyone was enjoyable - and worth reading
Such great world building and unique twist on age-old storylines
I even found a couple new authors within this set
Definitely worth reading
Profile Image for Christine.
297 reviews38 followers
June 11, 2018
Five great novels in one powerful collection. The collection is varied in content, fantasy, sci-fi and contemporary. The first novel was my favorite. I loved the tension and drama between the characters. I enjoyed the fantasy world the author created. All of these stories were beautifully written! Broody heroes and feisty heroines! Great collection!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, all opinions are my own.
Profile Image for Michele.
144 reviews1 follower
April 29, 2018
I was not sure about this set at first but I really enjoyed the re-telling of the fairytales. The variety of authors and the great writing made this fun. Each story stands alone and stand well. I tried to pick one I enjoyed more than others and I just could not. Recommend this set and I don't like boxed sets.
Profile Image for Kelly.
43 reviews
May 9, 2018
A wonderful collection of Beauty and the Beast tales! Fairy tale retellings are all over the place today, but these 5 tales different authors turn the classic Beauty and the Beast tale into tales as old as time for reading and rereading over and over again! I loved reading my favorite tale set in various fantasy and romantic suspense settings.
Profile Image for Alexa.
Author 4 books12 followers
May 12, 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed all of the novels in this boxed set. My top three would be the first three: 'No Man Can Tame' by Miranda Honfleur, 'In the Garden of Gold and Stone' by Ryan Muree, and 'Eye of the Beholder' by Emily Allen West. 'No Man Can Tame' would be my absolute favourite of the series, but I am looking at buying books from all of the authors involved!
2,533 reviews1 follower
April 28, 2018
This is a wonderful box set written by five authors and their version of the story Beauty and the Beast. The storyline and characters are as they want but are get to read their story. This is a must have set! I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
Profile Image for H.M. Gooden.
Author 36 books710 followers
May 4, 2018
I received a copy of this book and I found it very enjoyable. While based loosely on a fairytale, I found each story unique in its own way. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best and was grateful for the chance to review this collection
Profile Image for Cecilia Rodriguez.
3,415 reviews34 followers
September 27, 2018
This is a five novel collection, with the same trope of Beauty and the beast.
No man can tame by Miranda Hofleur and In the Garden of gold and stone by Ryan Muree, are two stories that follow the trope closely.
The other three stories, drift off.
September 19, 2019
What a wonderful selections of stories from brilliant writers, each a different take on Beauty and the Beast. For any fairy tail lover this is a great addition for your collection a must have, must read. All wonderful writers you'll love each and every story.
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