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Self-Trust: How to Build Trust, Heal Burnout and Navigate through Life on Purpose

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How do women use their energy? Are women too exhausted to live the life they planned? Are they getting burned out with the choices they make which were meant to bring them joy?

In this inspirational self-help book, Ana Barreto invites the reader to be part of a wider conversation about women and their work. She opens the floor to break away from the established mindsets women and men have, which are leading them to self-sabotage their accomplishments.

Teacher, personal developer, and mentor Ana Barreto shows the readers how to build self-trust which is the cure for burnout and find the inner guidance they need to take themselves as far as they intend to go without depletion while living on purpose.

The author unmasks the stress factors working women use to avoid feeling, being and becoming their true selves.

In the book, Ana Barreto shares hers and other women’s experiences to get you excited about making the changes you know you need to make but have not been able to make. It will give you the tools you need to give up self-depletion and self-sabotage.

The book will open your awareness and teach you how to be loyal to yourself regardless of what is happening around you. You will build your enthusiasm for life and help you make decisions that honor you.

224 pages, Paperback

Published March 27, 2018

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About the author

Ana Barreto

11 books25 followers
Short Bio
Ana Barreto is a Brazilian-American teacher, author, meditator, coach, Feng Shui Consultant, and Energy Healer living in upstate New York. At eighteen years of age, she left her parents' traditional patriarchal home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and broke the established female roles of her upbringing. She moved to New York two years later and began her college education.
While attending Marymount College, at that time a women-only institution, Ana began to learn about women's rights and empowerment. Her passion for women's development and growth led her to study psychology, women in history, business, leadership, meditation, spirituality, and Eastern philosophies. She holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration.

In 2016, Ana published her first book, Women, Rice and Beans – Nine Wisdoms I Learned from My Mother When I Really Paid Attention. She hopes to inspire women who are overwhelmed in their lives to find daily wisdom and break the old patterns of thinking, believing, and being that don't honor their spirit.
In her second book, Self-Trust – A Healing Practice for Women Who Work Too Much, published in 2018, Ana shared sixteen healing practices to help women trust themselves and change old mindset patterns that don't serve humanity.
In There is a Higher Power Within ̶ 28 Meditation Prompts to Find Peace & Happiness Within, Ana shared an easy meditation practice for busy people, including daily reflection and gratitude prompts.

In 2022, Ana released The Nine Powers of Women. Ana guides the readers to awaken their Divine Feminine through the energy of the chakras.

Ana's purpose is to help women improve the quality of their lives. Her mission is to inspire, guide, and coach women through her books, classes, meditations, and inspirational material, helping them find their inner compass and live extraordinary lives.
When Ana isn't working or writing books, she enjoys cooking, traveling, hiking, biking, kayaking, and spending time with her partner, Jim, her daughters Erica and Isabel, her stepdaughters Cindy, Janet, and Christine, and her friends.

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Profile Image for Carla Fair-wright.
44 reviews2 followers
June 18, 2022
I am a self-help junky. I love to read books that explore areas of the mind that can be helped or enhanced by some type of routine or practice. I think that self-help books provide people with options that are not expensive, do not require inconvenient travel, and fit one’s schedule.

One of the books that I have added to my top 10 self-help books, on the shelf with Earl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret” is Ana Barreto’s “Self-Trust”. What Barreto has done is create a process with steps and sequences to help people who are dealing with situations where they may be overwhelmed or stressed or burned out.

I read this book because I was stressed out at work. Using the techniques and the guidelines from the book I began to restore that love for my work and my vitality again. I think that this book is best suited for people who are in the early stages of burnout. I would say for people who are further in I'm not quite sure that this might be helpful. I think that when you reach a point of complete and total burnout you probably should seek professional help, but this could be a guideline for someone who's like myself is starting to feel a loss of spark in doing their job or life.

I found it a well-desgined book. I had the Audible version. I love Audible because I can listen while I work around the house, drive, run, or hike. I did not like having to go to her website to download companion materials. That was a big turn-off because I am used to audiobooks that include a downloadable PDF. I understand the marketing process but I would recommend Ana put in a downloadable companion or guide with the next audiobook.

This is a book that is very helpful to people who are experiencing the early stages of burnout. I think that the exercises and the content are great. I like how the information is served to the reader and I am thankful that I read the book.
Profile Image for Truly Trendy PR.
234 reviews2 followers
May 14, 2018
Self-Trust is an inspirational read for woman that helps to encourage and let you know you are not alone. Today's world is full of stress and responsibility that can bring some people down when they cannot keep up with all the demands. This book is a lovely read that is full of personal stories and life lessons that prove you can do this, you are not alone. Overall, a very encouraging read!
Profile Image for Susan Csoke.
506 reviews10 followers
May 27, 2018
An inspirational guide book for women of all ages. And men too. It is about burnout>self sabotage>lack of self trust >insecurity>stress and more. How they are detrimental to our overall health and how to overcome each one by awareness. Thankyou Goodreads for this free book!!!!!
75 reviews
June 26, 2021
There's a difference between encouraging others to take responsibility for their actions and empower themselves vs blaming victims of abuse or systemic inequalities for "putting themselves in their situations." The author seems to either not know the difference or doesn't care. Just... yikes.
Profile Image for Bethany Woodcock.
101 reviews6 followers
May 11, 2020
Unfortunately I just couldn't get into this book - too many brutal metaphors! Wasn't for me but rated 3 stars because I didn't get very far. Also quite 'spiritual' in some places.
Profile Image for Kristina Adams.
26 reviews5 followers
January 16, 2019
Very helpful book! I had no idea how much I needed this book until I started reading it. Really has been a godsend that has opened my eyes to why things have gone the way they have in my life. This book is definitely a keeper that I see myself reading again and again to help me stay on track and in control of my life.

I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway but my opinions stated in this review are my own.
Displaying 1 - 7 of 7 reviews

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