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360 Living: Practical insight & guidance for living a balanced life

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Ever feel burnt out? Missing a deeper meaning? Inexplicably unhappy? Sometimes life gets off-balance, but with the right steps, we can find the personal path to authentic happiness and balance. This guide will help you define your unique path to better living.

"Refreshing & empowering" "A STUNNINGLY beautiful discussion on happiness and how to achieve it. A must read!" "More than inspiring...allowing me to start feeling that I can do anything"

360 Living is your go-to guide for practical, actionable solutions to improve your life in every area -- starting today.

PACKED WITH personal reflection, research-backed strategies, and groundbreaking insights into the connections between our life factors. You'll get step by step guidance on optimizing your work, relationships, health, and more, based on dozens of award-winning books, blogs, and studies on the art of living the good life.

YOU'LL LEARN why happiness matters, what really makes a happy life, and how to cultivate your own intuition and define your own best life. For example:
-How meditation changes the brain
-Why spending less time working can actually make us more productive
-What really makes for a healthy diet & a toned physique

Preface: Goodness expands from the inside out
Chapter 1: Why Happiness?
Chapter 2: Diving into the Data
Chapter 3: Life-Work Balance
Chapter 4: Productivity
Chapter 5: Achievement
Chapter 6: Social Connection
Chapter 7: Connection to Places
Chapter 8: Life Vision
Chapter 9: Self-Fulfillment
Chapter 10: Nutrition
Chapter 11: Sleep
Chapter 12: Physical Activity
Chapter 13: Stress Management
Chapter 14: Emotions
Conclusion: A Wide-Angle View: Putting it all Together

ALSO INCLUDED: the free digital 360 Living toolkit, full of valuable tools to track your strategies and plan your trajectory toward your best life.

You already have everything within you to change your life for the better. This book is just a catalyst to put it all into action.

There is no better time than today. Start your journey with the guidance and support of 360 Living. We can't wait to see what you'll make out of all that potential.

Kindle Edition

Published March 22, 2018

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About the author

Jacquelyn Salvador

7 books2 followers
After spending all my life trying to perfectly follow the rules, in 2016, I realized I was anything but happy, so I booked a 1-way flight to Europe, quit my job, and spent 6 months living out of a backpack. I couchsurfed, farm-sat, tutored English, and even enjoyed a month-long stay in a castle for NaNoWriMo.

During that journey, I learned that true happiness and meaning isn't what most people think, and each person's path is unique. Keen to share that message and practical guidance on how to find balance in life, II partnered with the Authentic Happiness project to helps readers develop a life-changing growth mindset through an interactive guide.

360 Living accompanies readers through personal assessment, reflection, and planning out intentional action in various areas of life (relationships, work, health, etc.). You can find 360 Living on Amazon as an ebook, print copy, and audio version (aussi disponible en français).

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1 review
March 29, 2018
I've just finished reading 360 Living and although I'm not usually a reader of so called self help books this practical and insightful book is hopefully destined to be a great hit with many people because its really fantastic.

It is based on solid research and information but is very cleverly distilled into simple to understand and implement changes to aid periodic self reflection and help to bring about or maintain balance in ones life. It felt like bringing a car in for a check up and coming away reassured about what needs tuned up and therefore empowered not bamboozeled by an expert.

Filled with choice about personal strategies, the research and also the experience of authors really address some common blocks like motivation from new perspectives.

As a nature lover, I really liked the use of the web of connection between all the things we need to be aware of when mapping our needs in order to develop or restore balance like our own expertise, connection, meaning, healthy bodies and healthy minds. The approach is very pragmatic, giving tools to make sure we work on what's actually possible now.

The various profiles the authors have come up with for the kinds of people seeking happiness/balance are a great framework for exploring one's strengths and also gaps in our approaches. This really highlights stuck patterns and new things to try. Each chapters also breaks down what's not working well for example in our productity, common barriers to finding flow and explores other competencies like our social connection, and or our life visions.

There are some great little tips and links along the way like an app that links tracking your steps while excerising and gives to charities according to your count. What a great motivation to help exercise aims!

The research also brings to light how life work balance varies across cultures and this reminded me how much we have a choice in what we do to navigate our way through life in todays world if we open up to new perspectives. This book certainly gave me new ones.
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April 30, 2018
I enjoyed reading this book in the past week. The book is easy to read and well-structured, each chapter focusing on one of the five categories (expertise, connection, meaning, healthy body, and healthy mind) and supporting elements that influence individual happiness.

In addition, the authors used the data gathered through the Authentic Happiness Project to come up with four happiness-seeking profiles: Catalysts, Great Oaks, Docked Ships and Supernovas (more info about these in the book). You can also take an assessment to see to which typology you mostly subscribe to. Each typology has strengths and weaknesses; the authors structured the chapters around those profiles and offer practical strategies for each one to pursue better living.

The book comes with many self-assessment questions and exercises that anyone can try out. In addition, the authors mention throughout the book many free or low-cost resources to use in your daily life. They also recommend additional books to read at the end of each chapter – which is a nice feature.

Overall, the book is helpful in learning about ways to create a balanced and happy life for yourself.
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May 3, 2018
Hard data and science on the softest skill: being happy.

I liked that this book gives the subject of happiness a scientifical approach, and makes you feel like all the claims are not backed by what the writers believe (as is often the case on this topic) but on what actual facts and figures have to say about happiness.

If you like charts, data visualization and infographics you'll enjoy the many that the book offers, making it an effective page turner where you feel like your time is being put to good use.
1 review
March 29, 2018
I'm reading 360 living at the moment and I just couldn't wait to share my opinion. I feel it includes so much more and gives practical tips to transform your life. I love the reflections and questions at the end of each chapter and I keep making notes while I'm reading.

The apps and websites mentioned in the book are very useful and I immediately downloaded some of them.

This book is a must read if you want to take a look at your whole life and find out what makes you happy. Finding a balance is so important in today's society that I feel this book could really help find your way.
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 reviews

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