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Eric Carle's ABC

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A. B. C. D. Unfold the full-page flaps to reveal an ant, bear, camel, and duck! Eric Carle’s illustrated alphabet and animals make learning your ABCs as easy as . . . well, A, B, C!

16 pages, Board book

First published January 1, 1999

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Eric Carle

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Eric Carle was a children's book author and illustrator, most famous for his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which has been translated into over 30 languages. Since The Very Hungry Caterpillar was published in 1969, Eric Carle illustrated more than seventy books, many best sellers, most of which he also wrote, and more than 71 million copies of his books have sold around the world.

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777 reviews2 followers
October 24, 2021
Very cute book. Interesting book for children to page through and then name the things.
May 6, 2019
- This book did not receive any awards.

- Pre-K-Kindergarten

-Eric Carle's ABC is a children's book that teaches them about the alphabet, and also use the representation of animals which shows the first letter of their name. The font in this book is much larger as this book is made for younger children, which will make learning the alphabet more clear and easy for them to understand.

-This book is very clever and enjoyable for read, and I believe this is a great read for children who are starting to learn about the alphabet. I also think using animals in this story very clever as this will not only help the child gain a sense of learning the alphabet, but will also gain an interest of learning about animals, as well. I would strongly recommend this story to children.

-If this book were to be read in the classroom, the activities that would best match the story and to help children learn more about the alphabet is simply creating a word game that either involves matching the letter to the correct word, like a card game, or have the children make their own class pages in which they draw something that starts with the letter of their choosing. Afterwards, these pages will be handed in and would be put together in a class book.
60 reviews
December 2, 2017
1. Awards: None
2. Preschool-Kindergarten
3. Eric Carle’s ABC is a simple book about the alphabet. Animals are shown on each page in accordance with the letter they start with. The font size is large and is easy for children to read.
4. This book is both simple and enjoyable. The children gain an understanding through bright, unique pictures. The book would be especially excellent for a child with a keen interest in animals.
5. In the classroom, the children could have fun with activities having to do with this book. One idea is a matching game, where children must match the letter with its corresponding picture (the children could have the book easily accessible). Another simpler idea is to use it to just reinforce the alphabet in the class, and give each student a smaller independent sized copy.
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27 reviews1 follower
March 12, 2017
This book would be great for Pre-schoolers and early kindergarten.
There are no awards for this book.

This book has nice simple pictures. Each page represents a letter and an Animal to go with the Letter.
There are page that can be lifted up.

This book is great for younger children. Because the Illustrations are simple it helps younger kids with reading the book. The simple pictures also are great for children to focus on the point.

I would use this in the classroom as a great read aloud story for younger kids. You could also use this book to talk about different types of animals and their names.
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26 reviews1 follower
March 26, 2018
Awards the book has received: This book has not received any rewards
Appropriate grade level(s): Preschool and Kindergarten
Original summary: This book features flip out pages that have the letters of the alphabet. Each page has a letter of the alphabet and an animal whose name begins with the corresponding letter of that page.
Original review: The thicker pages of this book make it easier for younger children with less developed fine motor skills to turn the pages. The flip out pages help to engage the children in the book.

1-2 possible in-class uses: This book could be used to review the letters of the alphabet.
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26 reviews
April 25, 2018
1. No awards
2. 2-5 years old (PreK-K)
3. An unfolding alphabet book including an animal for each letter. It is a simple book to learn the ABC’s.
4. I liked that the book is interactive with the unfolding of pages. This book makes the alphabet relatable by relating it to animals that the children will know and like. It’s very simple and for young learners.
5. This book can be used for young learners to learn the ABC’s in relating them to animals and teaching letter-recognition. The students could create their own class book by having them each make a page for each letter and putting them all together to form a book. It could also be used in a lesson about animals.
27 reviews
March 6, 2019
Awards: None
Grade Levels: Pre-K/K
Original Summary: An ABC book with large pages and flip pages that alternate to help keep young readers interest.
Original Review: An ABC book by Eric Carle so it contains bright, colorful pictures to capture young readers attention. Each page has a letter of the alphabet and an animal (that starts with the letter of the alphabet) on the same page to help with the word association. Young readers make connections between words they use, or between things they see in their everyday world so a book like this can help them in the literacy growth.
Classroom Uses: Emergent readers can use this book to learn their basic concepts for literacy.
April 26, 2019
1. Awards: n/a
2. Appropriate grade level(s): Preschool-Kindergarten
3. Original Summary: Eric Carle’s ABC is an alphabet flip book. On each page there is a letter and a picture of an animal thats first letter corresponds with the letter on the page.
4. Original Review: This book is simple, engaging, and efficient. I enjoy that the large printed letter is a capital letter, but in the space where the name of the animal is written, the letter is lowercase.
5. Uses in the classroom: Within the classroom, I could use this book for a read aloud to reinforce the ways letters are written, letter sounds, spelling, and/or names of animals.
21 reviews
October 16, 2017
ABC (Eric)
1). Awards the book has received: none
2). Appropriate grade levels: preschool-2nd grade
3). Original 3-line summary: ABC by Eric Carle is about the alphabet. Each page contains a letter and an animal that starts with that letter. Various pictures include, an ant, a camel, a bear, and a duck.
4). Original 3-line review: This book is a great tool for teaching young children the alphabet. The illustrations are simple and very detailed. The animals are very enjoyable to look at.
5). 2-3 possible in-class uses: One possible in-class use is to teach students about the alphabet. This book is great for teaching them about letters and animals. Another in-class use is to have students create a class book by modeling the book. Each student can contribute a page to the book. This creates a good classroom community.
27 reviews
April 30, 2018
No awards given
PreK- Kindergarten
This book is about learning your ABC’s. Each letter correlates to a specific animal.
I enjoyed this book, it was bright and colorful. It also taught a wide variety of animals that kids probably wouldn’t see in their everyday life.
I would use this in my classroom to teach the ABC’s and animals. It would be good for a rhyming activity and even alliteration.
26 reviews
May 6, 2019

Awards: None
Summary: Introducing the alphabet by using beautifully illustrated images of animals in the signature Eric Carle style!
Review: As always Eric Carle does not disappoint! Beautiful to look at and engaging this would provided great support in teaching students the ABC's!
Age: Pre-K to Kindergarten
Uses in class: Teaching Alphabet/ Discussions/ Leisure
26 reviews
February 16, 2019
This is a great book to help children learn the alphabet. Eric Carle is a great author and this book is just one of many that he has written.
October 21, 2020
love this book. Teaches children the alphabet using different animals. A great book to introduce young children to the alphabet. As always Eric Carles illustrations keep readers engaged.
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2,063 reviews19 followers
March 14, 2022
Readers are introduced to the alphabet one letter at a time, with an accompanying animal.

A bit basic, and I didn't see the purpose of the flaps.
39 reviews
March 13, 2017
1. This book has not won any awards.

2. Appropriate grade levels: Pre-K and Kindergarten

3. This is an alphabet book by the famous Eric Carle. The letters are shown in both capital and lower case form; the font size is large. Each page is simple with the capital letter enlarged and a word that starts with said letter. There is only one illustration per page.

4. This is a great first book experience for any child. The pages are simple and illustrations are clear and detailed. I recommend using this book with toddlers at an early age.

5. Teach the alphabet, begin the day, and writing activity.
38 reviews1 follower
March 13, 2017
1. N/A
2. Pre-K -K
3. This book is an abc book about animals. The pictures were bright and were very well illustrated. The pages were fun to flip and the book was enjoyable.
4. I liked this book a lot because it was very eye-catching. The animals were exotic and drawn vividly. I would recommend this book for any child who loves animals.
5. Abc's, patterns, animals.
June 13, 2017
(6 yo)

"It's about ABCs. It has animals that start with the letter. My favorite part is "A for Ants' because my name starts with 'A.'"
October 27, 2016
1. This book has not received any awards.

2. Recommended for grades preschool and kindergarten.

3. This ABC book written by Eric Carle is a great tool for teaching young children their ABC's. Each page goes through each individual letter followed by an illustration of something that begins with that letter, allowing children reading to make a connection between the letter and the beginning sound of that word. The letters are big and colorful, making them easy to see.

4. Learning the ABC's should be fun, and this is exactly how this book does it! Carle's books are always illustrated with captivating pictures that keep the reader, especially children, drawn in. By using familiar animals, children will easily be able to create lasting connections with the alphabet.

5. Possible in class uses:
-Teaching the alphabet.
-Discussing and exploring the different animals that are featured in the book.
53 reviews
September 6, 2012
The ABC book by Eric Carle is a great book for young children. The book is a classic alphabet book that goes through the alphabet, easy enough with just the letter and illustration on each page. This book is a great teaching tool for children to help them understand the alphabet by corresponding pictures. I would recommend this book for younger children like kindergarden or younger. Beginning to teach children how to read and helping them understand the the shapes of the letters and helping them remember what they are. The design and style of this book I thought was perfect. The letters were large and colorful and underneath each letter was a picture to illustrate the letter, for example there is great picture of a Crocodile under the letter C. This is a great attention grabber to children, they can recognize there favorite animal while learning how to read.
39 reviews
October 26, 2016
No Awards
This book goes through the alphabet with big bold letters for each page. On each page there are letters that are alphabetical and has an animal for each letter. This book does a good job associating letters and highlighting each letter in the animal's name.
This is one of the easier alphabet books and it is great for teaching children how to read. This book has pages flipping up so it makes it enjoyable for children because of its interactive style. If children are struggling with their ABCs this book is good for them because it designates each page to a specific letter.
Grade Level: Kindergarten
In Class Uses: Great introduction book for the teacher to do a read aloud when learning the alphabet. If children are struggling with phonics this book will be helpful by giving a nice visual on how the alphabet is used in their everyday lives.
Profile Image for Sara.
50 reviews
April 10, 2016
Eric Carle's ABC book is a classic alphabet book. It features an animal that corresponds to a letter (A - Ants, B- Bird, and so on). The illustrations are bright and engaging, and I believe would be enticing to any children learning about animals and the alphabet (which they will likely be learning concurrently).

The book is versatile because it contains common animals, such as ants, and more obscure animals such as a narwhal. This might prompt further discussion and exploration of these animals. The teacher and student may make the book more interactive by discussing the sounds these animals make.

The only thing I didn't like about the book was the flip-pages; this would render the book to be used only with supervision with very young children if you didn't want the pages torn out.
47 reviews
October 17, 2012
I thought this was a quite interesting book, seeing that it flaps and has nice pictures that go with the letters. I think young children would enjoy this as they learn their alphabets and see a picture that starts with that alphabet. It will help them connect animals and the letters, that would be easy to remember. Simple words used for younger children, perhaps get to know how the letter looks like or shape of it. I guess to see if the child is learning you could play a game with them, cover the picture and ask them to name an animal that starts with whatever alphabet presented to them. Eric Carle, like most of his books, uses vibrant colors in his books and cartoon like images.
29 reviews1 follower
April 15, 2014
What could you not love about Eric Carle? I remember being younger and gravitating towards the Eric Carle books. His pictures draws children in and always leaves them wanting to read more Eric Carle books. This is a perfect ABC book because of the colors and pictures that children will love. As well, each letter of the alphabet is dedicated to a specific animal. These animals are drawn on the page to show the children what kind of animal it is. For a toddler or 3/4 year old who is just learning their ABCs, this book is the one to get. It is simple to make it not too difficult for the child, but also the vivid colors will keep the child engaged.
49 reviews1 follower
February 8, 2016
In this alphabet book, Eric Carle has a letter on each page with flaps that reveal a picture of the animal and its name written that corresponds with the letter. For the letter A there is a picture of ants and the word written out, and so it goes for each letter, showing children that letters and words serve a purpose.

In Eric Carle's beautifully illustrated ABC book, he compliments each letter with brightly colored pictures. The pictures are simple, but creative and highly artistic. I really like how simple the overall concept is.

Grade Level: Nursery/Kindergarten
Classroom uses: This book could be used in a lesson on letters and animals
51 reviews
September 6, 2012
To begin with, Eric Carle is a fabulous well known children's author that also wrote the famous Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see. This counting book is very lively and fun to read because of the drastic colors that are illustrated for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. The book is only 16 pages but it has flaps that reveal pictures of Carle's beloved animals. This book is meant for children ages 4-8 but i believe that the earlier you start reading abc and counting books the better your child will be off in the long run.
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