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Caught in the Act

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Two callers a day.
Ten callers a week.
Over four-hundred in a year.
…and one has the power to change his life.

Liam Hardt, radio personality for an award-winning hits station in San Diego, is known for his sexy voice and pretty face. But also, for the increasingly popular segment, Caught In The Act—where he helps people corner their cheating significant others.

It’s all fun and games though until one call—one caller—hits him in inexplicable ways.

“This is incredibly forward, and…probably a lot crazy…”

When Kensley Cole calls into the show, it’s because she’s finished. She’s through with Mark’s frequent trips, his inability to care for their daughters, and with what she’s sure has been a dead relationship for the last four years. But with the help of Caught, she gets more than Mark’s mistress’s name—she gets an earful of all that was wrong with her.

She doesn’t expect to fall so quickly for the man with the dog.
The very man who had a front-row seat to the nasty things her ex shared with San Diego.

But Liam is everything Mark never was—for both her and her babies.
Still, having lived with Mark for eight years, she knows he won’t go down without a fight. She can’t very well ask Liam to sign up for that.

Too late—he’s already caught up in her.

211 pages, Kindle Edition

Expected publication March 23, 2108

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Michelle Minikin

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August 23, 2018
4.5 LIAM stars.

This was a sweet read and an amazing surprise.. My first book from this author but it won't be my last.

If you’re looking for an alpha controlling ass hero then this book may not be for you because this hero was amazingly sweet. Not a manwhore even though he had a bit of fame.
Heroine was a good mother.
Hero fell for the heroine fast and it didn't bother me his pursue for her.
Heroine was reluctant to start something and rightfully so, I agree with her, I understood where she was coming from especially after how her ex had treated her and her girls.. The hero was persistent without being an ass, he was sweet and gave her time and he was all in with her and her girls. Their relationship moved fast but there’s no doubt in my mind that they would make it. Like he said when you know, you know.

“I barely know these girls, but I already know, without a doubt… They are going to have a deep hold on me.”

“Are you using your dog to get to me, Liam Hardt?”
“Never.” But then his grin deepens. “Is it working?”

It’s no secret that I love dogs. And I love books more when there’s one in it!
Guinness (dog) was also so sweet with the girls.
Just a glimpse how sweet the hero was.

“I like this. I like you. I love your girls. I know we just met, but I feel like I’ve known you for years. And I can see knowing you for years. I can see walking London to school in the morning, and Guinness greeting her when she gets home in the afternoon. I can see caving and getting Sawyer her own puppy because even though Guinness will love on her, there’s something between London and him. And I don’t want to leave out my half-pint. I can see doing this very thing, hanging out in the kitchen with you, next year, ten years, twenty years down the road.“It just feels right. And I’m not going anywhere. If you decide you need space, I’ll give it to you. If you decide you need to put distance between me and the girls, for the girls’ sakes, I’ll understand. Guinness might not,” I try joking, thankful when Kensley smiles a little. “If this takes two weeks or twenty years, I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

I just love a man who learns how to braid hair for a little girl. A man who doesn’t care if his man card is taken away as long he makes his little girl happy. I absolutely love how he referred to her daughters as “his girls” this man fell for her daughters and he was the perfect father for them.

Anyone can fathered a child but not everyone can be a dad to a kid that is not his.

I also loved the girls grandmother (ex's mother) she was a good person and not like her son.
Anyway.. I loved this book and that’s the main reason that I’m rating 4.5 stars.

~No OW drama.
~Celibate hero.
~ Some OM drama.
~Cute kids.
~Cute protective dog.
~Did I mention the hero was AMAZING?

 photo image_zpsikzgtyfj.jpeg
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1,591 reviews311 followers
March 16, 2021
Spoilers ahead,

Liam is a radio host of a popular morning program that catches cheaters
Kensley a pregnant mom of two calls into the show and catches her boyfriend of 8 years as a cheater.
She takes her kids and moves out after her ex says some really hurtful and embarrassing things to her on the radio. Now she has to.figure out how to start over while pregnant with 2 kids under 5. The last thing she expected was Liam Hardt. Now with the man of her dreams asking for a chance Kensley has to overcome her fear and open herself to the possibilities of a love of a lifetime and a happily ever after.

This was cute AF. As my thoughts below show this is not an author I trust, maybe it's because these books were written under a pen name originally but this is 100% different to what I've read from her.
Liam was EVERYTHING I hoped for in a book boyfriend
Kensley was a sweetheart, she did some pushing away but given her asshole ex who could blame her?I do kinda judge her for having yet another child for a man who showed no.interest in the first two though.
If you know me you know single parent romances are my jam, even better when the kids are realistic portrayals of their age, have actual roles and are allowed time to.bond with the new person and this book delivered on all 3
This was Insta at it's finest, everything moved fast and while I'd have preferred a little more time to develop the relationship Liam was so sure I was convinced
The kids were sweetness itself, I loved their relationship with Liam
2 sweet epilogue
This wasn't perfect, a couple of things niggled but I'll definitely count this as a huge, gooey win!

No cheating
h just out of a relationship
Single parent/pregnant h
H not a manwhore
Slight OM drama that fizzled into nothing

My original thoughts before reading, I decided to leave these thoughts as a sort of reminder to myself not to go buying all the author's books just because I loved this one. This seems to.be the exception to her manwhore loving rule

I've read about 4-5 books from this author and all except 1 had truly disgusting manwhores, the exception had the female version of it. A friend recommended this so I'm hesitantly given this a shot
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1,568 reviews1,140 followers
April 3, 2018
3.5 stars

Please read Leonor's review

I enjoyed the story, the hero was amazing!
But... I couldn't understand why the heroine got pregnant for the 3rd time, when she already suspected her bf of cheating? Why? It bugged me a lot, maybe because her ex/their relationship weren't explained/shown better?..

Otherwise it was a sweet fairy-tale.
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1,217 reviews479 followers
June 19, 2018
3.5 stars - I didn’t get his sister and her issues.
The sister wasn’t bitchslapped and also the issue was left unresolved.
The sister went from calling the heroine a gold digging slut to being her bridesmaid. Talk about whiplash!

I FLOVED the mother in law! Yes, she failed raising a good man, and she’s the mother who has to offer him unconditional love. But she also took the responsibility of being a mother (in law) to the heroine seriously! If she has to offer her son unconditional love, she’s going to offer her unconditional love AND support! And it’s a mother’s duty to make sure their daughter finds happiness and a good guy if she does want the guy. So she uses whatever dirty trick she has to make sure heroine has everything.

@Alex: the third pregnancy, the ex was obsessed about a son, heroine WAS vine like creature to begin with, easily manipulated and borderline doormat. So you do the math. I was glad to see her grow into a mature woman.

No safety issues for me!

Also even more than how the hero loved the heroine, I loved how the hero loved her daughters and they loved him back. From almost day one! Hero and his dog were a combo deal, heroine’s eldest daughter gets the dog and it’s undying devotion, the second daughter gets the hero.
I loved how hero was talking about getting a second pet for the second daughter and in the end how it was very evident that he loves her the most among his 4 kids. It’s not like a father can play favourite but sometimes a child and father have special bond, and heroine’s second daughter had that bond with hero!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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336 reviews215 followers
March 31, 2018
I loved this! It is such a sweet love story! I loved the kids and the dog! Liam is the sweetest hero! Such an enjoyable read😍
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930 reviews2 followers
March 25, 2018
I could not put this book down! I pretty much put my life on hold while I finished reading it. It was that good! I'm a little disappointed in reading the description that there's no Crossover with this book and the next book. Because I want more of Liam and Kinsley! This book was so sweet, and real and just adorable, I think I had a permanent grin on my face the whole way through . For it not being as long as I had wanted (because I always want more!), there was a lot going on. Not just between the couple, but with families and everything else that comes along with life. Plus Liam's dog, how could you not love him? I'm sure everyone that reads this book is going to fall in love with Liam, he's just about as perfect as you can get. Of course I got a little misty eyed at the end, but this was worth it!
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1,070 reviews7 followers
March 27, 2018
Such a doormat h. I just dont know, is she for real?
1) We are in 21 cent. Why did she get her pregnant 2 more times, if she knew her exbf was a cheater, and just held his first babygirl 4 times in 2 or 4 years??? He wasnt a good bf, a good father... Why did she get pregnant 2 more times? HUH...

2) She let some strange man babysit her 2 children after 2 weeks of *relationship*??? Huh, i dont know, this just didnt go well with me.

The H was alright, a bit stalkerish... but whatever. He was sweet and patient.
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452 reviews26 followers
April 2, 2018
Caught In The Act by Michelle Minikin is a sweet romance about love when you least expect it. I loved this story idea of a radio host who reveals cheaters live on air. In this day of social media and online dating cheating seems almost to easy to happen so this plot seemed not only realistic but something a radio station would do in this day and age. Kensley finds herself in a pretty horrible situation - pregnant with two small girls already and with a cheating long-term boyfriend. I love that Kensley always thought about her girls before herself, each move she made seemed completely realistic. Liam's character is every woman's fantasy and I'm pretty sure a couple of guys too. My only downfall was I was looking for a little more drama ~ things fell into place a little too nicely for me but I still enjoyed the story. 4 Stars for Caught In The Act by Michelle Minikin

** Reviewed for Sweet & Spicy Reads - ARC provided for an honest review ***

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874 reviews
March 25, 2018
I’ve gotta be honest, I went into this book blind, hoping for a bit of a fluff read between intense books... but this book surprised me, sure it’s instalove, sure it’s super sweet but it isn’t over the top, or cheesy or so overdone that you end up rolling your eyes every few minutes.

I loved Liam, it’s nice to read a story with a nice, wholesome hero for once, I loved Kensley and the strength she had for her girls and lord do I wish that my mother in law was even a bit like Sharon!

Super excited for Homewrecker now!
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1,341 reviews78 followers
December 30, 2018
Looks like I'm going to be the first 1-star read. Sigh. Sorry. But it is what it is. We all don't like the same books.

I admit that I got sucked in by the hot guy on the cover. Ugh. Why do I do this to myself? I also got sucked in by all the positive reviews about this. But here's why I didn't like this book...

The story (chapter 1) starts off good but as I moved further into the book, I just couldn't buy into the story.

Profile Image for Lily.
535 reviews29 followers
April 18, 2018
I just loved this sweet story. Especially after I read something dark – it goes so smoothly after that, like slowly eating a chocolate cake after a cup of strong coffee. The hero is one of the best I’ve ever read. Kids are beyond cute. Couldn’t get enough of them. Great side characters – loved H’s parents and h’s mother-in-law. If some details about former relationships or other characters were off or something – I didn’t feel them at all. Oh God, I enjoyed this one A GREAT DEAL.

Safety: no cheating, no OW drama, little to none OM drama.

Leonor's review here is more detailed.
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146 reviews38 followers
March 25, 2018

HOLY CRAPOLA GUYS. This was SO good! Liam and Kensley were so real I was so in love from the first page! 

Liam is a radio personality that has a segment called "Caught in the Act" that exposes cheating spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends/partners. One morning, he gets a call from a woman, Kensley, who suspects her boyfriend of eight years and father to her two children and one unborn child, is cheating on her. Spoiler: He's cheating. Liam is hooked from the first sound of her voice. That first phone call. But Kensley literally just ended a relationship, and Liam technically shouldn't even be asking her out. But he does. 

He's shot down.

Kensley has known for a long time things weren't working out with her boyfriend, Mark. Eight years, two kids and one on the way, and he didn't want to marry her, took long "work" trips, and barely paid any attention to their daughters. She's suspected the cheating for a long time, but didn't know what to do. Once it's confirmed he's cheating, she leaves him (yay! Go Kensley!). Now a single mom, she has to find work willing to give her time off once she has the baby, and she has to find child care. 

And she has to deal with Liam. 

By complete accident they run into each other. Some cyber stalking happens, on both ends of course, and Liam pushes his way into Kensley, London, and Sawyer's life. What I love about Liam, is that he knew going in there were kids involved, so first worms his way into Sawyer and London's heart. Kensley is wary, obviously, but the connection between these two is off the charts crazy. Liam and Kensley are both instantly attracted to each other, instantly have a connection, are instantly hooked, but Kensley, after four years of disappointments from Mark, is rightfully wary. 

This is a love story. But not just between Liam and Kens. This is the story of Liam and Sawyer; of London and Liam; this is the story of Liam and Kens as a family unit, learning how to do things with more feet running around and more support around the house. This is the story of Kens loving herself again and learning to trust Liam with her heart, and the hearts of her children. 

No doubt, you will fall in love with this family, just like I did. This book had me near tears with the sweetness, had me smiling like a goofball, cracking up laughing, and made me so mad at Mark it wasn't even funny. This had everything you could possibly want in a novel. 

I'm obsessed. This book was a no brainer for me- 5 stars all around. 

By the way, when you're finished reading, go to Michelle Minikin's Facebook because she has two extra epilogues that I read and they were so freaking sweet it's not even funny.

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763 reviews63 followers
June 19, 2018
Dnf 40%

Basically the H fell in love and became an instant father and a husband to a two cuit girls and their boring twenty four years old going seventee mom. All this over a course of two hours.
Very believable.

I didn't dig their chemistry and I didn't see it goes anywhere from here.
Zero angst between them. Like an old couple. After 30%, when I understood that there will be no Chase from his side because she gave up wayyy too soon, I got bored and started skimming.

Nonetheless, I liked this author's writing style. She's new to me. I'm gonna try the next one.

We'll see.. 🤔
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232 reviews2 followers
August 3, 2019
This was a cute instalove book. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and likely not the last. I liked the duel POV. I really liked both characters. I do normally like a more slow burn but this was cute. I really liked Liam. Was definitely a different start to a book how he was the radio dj who helped people figure out with their significant other was cheating. So it was an interesting start. Kensley calls in for help because she is certain her long time boyfriend is cheating. Her soon to be ex was such an a$€hat who didn’t deserve her or the kids. After everything she had gone trough I definitely understood her hesitation with Liam. I loved that he was patient and understanding with her. He was a really genuine guy. There was really no angst which sometimes is a little refreshing. But all in all a cute quick read if your looking for insta love with minimal to no angst.
379 reviews6 followers
April 30, 2022
This is instalove done right in my opinion. Liam was just swoon worthy. Cheating ex makes way for the right guys to swoop her off her feet.
Profile Image for Karen.
5,201 reviews52 followers
March 28, 2018
Ok, this is truly a fantasy that I know isn't real but it doesn't piss me off for being stupid. Liam is the fantasy. You kind of wonder why Kensey would allow herself to get pregnant three times by Mark but she only knew him as they met young. He's managed to string her along but she's getting her sense of things as his absences are getting longer and more obvious of his lack of care. Kensey calls the radio station that "catches" cheaters" by telling them they won a honeymoon trip and would they name the second name on prize registration. If it's the wife's name then it's ok but Kensey's guy says "Britt". He gets caught by radio personality, Liam.

Liam loves Kensey's voice and spirit. He arranges a public play date and manages to do exactly all the right things to make my womanhood soar in appreciation.

You'll find the cover model to be Liam alright but I still like the backwards ball cap look in my mind too.
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95 reviews10 followers
February 21, 2019
Sweet romance. H's didn't just fall for h; he fell for her kids too, in the sweetest way. Love him. Heroine had a lot of growth. She deserved an HEA and got it. Safe.
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559 reviews1 follower
May 27, 2019
DNF... I didn't even make it through her call. Of course she was with her douche ex who didn't believe in marriage for 7 years. Of course she has never been with anyone else. Gag me.
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326 reviews29 followers
June 15, 2018
Add this to your summer reading. This book is refreshing and full of sweetness. Kinsley and Liam are too cute for words. Buy it, read it and enjoy!
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100 reviews9 followers
May 31, 2022
this was so freaking precious. i love liam. he was such a cinnamon roll. and the epilogue??? amazing. this is such a feel-good story.
Profile Image for Charlene.
668 reviews
June 26, 2019
Liam is a morning radio show host with a very popular segment called “Caught in the Act” where he outs suspected cheating spouses or significant others. After having Kensley call into the show and finding out that her douchebag boyfriend was indeed cheating, he can’t stop thinking about her. And it would seem that Kensley is rather interested in Liam as well. To say that Kensley’s life is complicated would be an understatement, but when it feels so right, the complications take a backseat.

An incredibly unique type of romance with characters who are anything but run of the mill. I was engaged and invested in their story immediately. This book is so refreshing with depth and sweetness...I cried so many happy tears!

Perfectly sexy Liam has just taken over top spot of any book boyfriend out there!
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914 reviews19 followers
November 23, 2021
I don’t know how I haven’t read this book yet!! But I’m so glad I found it! First of all, Sawyer and London are just the cutest little things in the whole world!! I love them so so much! And Liam? Yea he’s perfection! And Kensley? She’s had a hard go of it and deserves nothing less then what she got! This story was amazing, fun, and so so sweet!
Profile Image for Kacie.
66 reviews
March 26, 2018

I was intrigued by the blurb but right from the very beginning I was sucked into the lives of Liam and Kensley.

Liam is a hot shot morning radio host and I do mean HOT! But he’s more than his looks, he is a sweet, gentle, and kind man. He spends all his time outside of work with his dog and his sister and nephew. Kensley is a stay at home Mom with two beautiful girls and a baby on the way. Her babies are her life and she goes “mama bear” to protect them.

I love Liam and Kensley and their entire relationship. It’s instant and it’s fast but it’s love and it’s real. Liam proves time and again his love and devotion for his family. He would do anything for them. I especially love Liam with Sawyer, talk about sweet!

Liam and Kensley meet first over the radio. I think they both felt the instant connection, even though Kensley probably wouldn’t admit it. The second time, the meet by accident thanks to Guinness and his wanting to meet London. Not only does Liam fall for Kensley and her family but so does his dog! You can’t get much sweeter than that.

My favorite part of the book is whenever Sharon is around. She is an awesome mother in law! She is loving and caring and only wants the best for Kensley and the girls despite the circumstances. She welcomes Liam with open arms.

Once you finish the book, go like Michelle Minikin’s Facebook page and look to join the Caught You... bonus group for more on this family ❤️
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827 reviews9 followers
April 1, 2018
When Kensley Cole calls a morning radio show looking for confirmation the man she’s been with since high school is actually cheating on her, she doesn’t expect to hear the things he says to justify his unfaithful ways. But she’s had enough of him and his indifference toward her daughters and is more than ready to walk out.
Liam Hardt, the host of the popular show, has never been hung up after a particular call and after an average of 400 calls per year, he doesn’t expect to. But Kensley’s voice does something to him and when they finally meet, he knows he’s in for the long haul.
This book was quite different of anything I’ve read before and I really liked it. I was immediately immersed in the story and enjoyed the main characters personalities and dynamics.
Kensley is a proud woman fresh out of a more than disappointing relationship and trying to find her way while doing the best for her kids and Liam is a man who finds love while he’s not even looking for it. There will be doubts, conflicting situations and the looming presence of a father who might pop-up to make claims about the children at any given time.
Even though I’m not a fan of the insta-love type of relationship, I enjoyed the story and its development, which IMO works out well in this case.

4.25 stars
*Received an ARC for which I voluntarily provided an honest review*
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1,056 reviews137 followers
March 26, 2018
Can you say book hangover?!! I need to stop having preconceived ideas when reading books from this author. She ALWAYS impresses and takes me on different journeys. What an amazing book about finding true love even when to the outside world it would look impulsive and crazy. Liam our hero is pass swoon worthy. Holy hotness with an extra helping of daddy material. Kensley is a beautiful combination of maternal and spicy. Love the message about trust and following your heart. Expect your ovaries to kick into overdrive with this read. Meeting the little people in this book only adds to how much I love it. Ugh plan to be swept away into the magic that is this story. Definitely worthy of five stars. Happy Reading.
Profile Image for Nicole.
537 reviews
March 27, 2018
Caught In The Act by Michelle Minikin is book 1 in the Unexpected Series.
This is the first I've read of Michelle's work and her writing is so good.
I loved so much about this book, from the characters personalities, backgrounds and uniqueness to the story arc, from the supporting characters to the writing style.
It's told from both Kensleys and Liam's POVs and is told with such transparency and honesty. So much emotion is conveyed in this sweet contemporary romance. With little conflict and a HEA and swoons leads, I can see this series becoming extremely popular very quickly.
119 reviews
January 6, 2019
This book was great!!! It was so sweet and I just fell in love with Liam from the beginning and my heart hurt for Kensley. He ex just put her through so much and she was hurt and trying to put her life back together. I loved her determination and the fact that even though she was hurt she picked herself back up and pushed on for her babies. Liam and his love for her and his own determination to be there for his girls was amazing. I loved the epilogues and also the bonus scenes on the authors fb page!!!
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