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Zac Cinder is on the verge of making his dream come true. His punk rock band, Inferno, might have a shot at an audition for a record deal. Fame and fortune would mean he could finally help his parents. They'd raised eight kids in a loving household while barely scraping by, so Zac is determined to give back in any way he can.

Keeping Inferno together, though, means keeping his biggest secret. His bigoted bandmates would drop him in an instant if they found out Zac was gay.

Then he meets Adrian Frost, and Zac can't resist the shy man. Adrian gives up everything to be with Zac, but Zac can't bring himself to do the same. He doesn't want to lose Adrian, but he can't give up Inferno, either. Not when he's so close to realizing his dream.

When one cruel decision rips Adrian from his life, Zac will have to decide if ambition is worth the price of the greatest happiness he's ever known.

(Note: This story takes place in a fictional world, the same as in the Shifting Isles Series. There are multiple gods, different names for the days of the week, etc. A glossary is included.)

WARNING: Contains scenes of self-harm that may be disturbing for some readers.

341 pages, Paperback

First published April 27, 2018

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About the author

G.R. Lyons

66 books231 followers
G.R. Lyons stumbled into writing as a form of trauma recovery when traditional therapy wasn't working.

Then the story ideas just kept on coming.

Pulling from a vivid imagination as well as real-life experience as a trans man, a sexual assault survivor, and a person living with mental illness, Lyons has written multiple, interconnected series set within his fictional world of the Shifting Isles.

When not writing, Lyons can be found belly dancing around the house, studying anarcho-capitalist philosophy, buried in his never-ending TBR pile, or working out at the local CrossFit gym.

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845 reviews327 followers
October 23, 2018
So I got this book to review a few months back and I’m finally getting to it.

First the writing isn’t bad but the execution is fucking horrible.

We have Adrian who suffers from severe anxiety and panic attacks and can barely function when he leaves his apartment. He comes from money so his dad is an asshole and overbearing and with that Adrian can’t afford to be gay. That’s until he meets Zac and the two hit it off.

He gives up everything for Zac and the two rush into a relationship that they both aren’t ready for and its near disaster levels. Ok there’s that.

But there is also Zac and I can’t fucking stand him. He comes from a good home, has a few decent friends but he’s got these band mates that are horrible. You see Zac fucks girls because he can’t afford to be outed, Zac can’t be a fucking decent human being because Zac can’t afford to be outed, Zac will idly stand by while his friends drug girls for sex because it’s a party and shit like that happens at parties. I AM DISGUSTED! There should be a line where you realize that “shit, I’m just like my friends” and you can’t disassociate from them. There’s a saying that the upholder is worst than the thief, because by silently standing there you’re encouraging that behaviour.

I would have probably liked this book a whole lot because as I said the writing is solid but there’s way too many upsetting things for me, and I’m over it. Being kind and just a overall good person is not an indication of being a “fag” 😒

Sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️

I stopped at 80% I couldn’t continue anymore, don’t care what happens to Zac. He doesn’t deserve an HEA.
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2,234 reviews1 follower
April 26, 2018
Zac and Adrian

Adrian has it hard in life, his anxiety blows him of his feet every time again.
He knows how to find release and nobody else knows!
Especially his father not! That awful man!! His standard has to be his sons standard and worse! Forcing Adrian to do things he really don't want to.
There was a moment I couldn't handle the man anymore and wanted to throw my iPad through the window. But I'm a biter so I swallowed and read further.
Adrian admirers one man.. a musician.

Zac lives his life playing in a punk band and with other friends also as a classical musician.
In the corner sits a mysterious man, listening.

When faith decided it was time Zac and Adrian have to meet, they weren't quite ready. One of them thought in terms of 'fun' and the other in 'nightmare'
One of them in the survive mode and the other gentle trying to crumble down a wall.
Adrian can barely survive but with Zac he has to acknowledge that maybe... if he can hold on for a while.

Goshhh this story....it was intense and sensual, but also harsh and very painful.
I saw some steam coming out of my iPad... that's a very good sign!!

All those feelings...from great highs and back again to a deep pool of pain.
Feelings from the past affecting the future.
Two very different men connected in an at first sight impossible relationship... growing to each other, in need. Not out to the world but indoors life is good and almost bearable.

This story is written in an amazingly captivating way it took my breath away.
The emphasis on all the sensations was just stunning !!
Many different emotions past the revue and all touching my soul. I shivered and sniffed I was speechless by the hurt and the beauty. The environments were a nice add but somehow they didn't matter to me because it were the beautiful personalities of Adrian and Zac and their circumstances and interactions what hold me in their spell.

Kindly received an arc from the author
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Author 14 books67 followers
December 23, 2018
I usually stick to the “if you can’t say anything nice…” rule but very occasionally a book comes along that makes me feel deeply uneasy, and Ice On Fire is it. I don’t usually write such a long review but this one left a nasty taste and I want to explain why. (Potential spoilers.) It was nearly a DNF but I couldn't really write a review if I had. so here goes.

The one star is for the technical competence. It’s okay. Not great, but forgivable.


I haven’t read anything else by this author, so I’m unfamiliar with the Shifting Isles world. There was nothing that made me want to check out those books. This story could have been set in London, Minnesota, Dallas (pick your own,) for all I noticed.


Zac - ambitious musician in both punk rock band and classical music trio, neither of which knows about the other. He is gay but not out, due to his homophobic punk bandmates. He needs money to support his loving family.

Adrian - super-rich, bullied by an autocratic father, gay but not out or he would lose everything. He has long-term mental health problems due to social anxiety, and self-harms to cope.

So we have two characters, each one troubled by different issues, falling in love but having to keep their relationship a secret. So far so good.


I’m all for authors pushing the boundaries, being edgy, not being afraid to take the reader to places they didn’t expect, but for me, this oversteps the mark in several ways. I’ll start with Zac.


⁃ In order to maintain his image as a wild-livin’ rockstar, he has sex with women (even though he finds it “disgusting,” and partakes in parties where drugs are used to make their female fans willing “to take that dick all night.” Okay, so we know his bandmates are revolting, but Zac never does anything about it. Not a peep. He just joins in with what is essentially date rape, only really getting indignant when his drink gets spiked. As a main romantic lead, he is supposed to be likeable, but no decent man would EVER let that happen, or want ANY part of it. Yuk.

⁃ Then there’s this justification, quoted from the book.

“Not that he thought the women had it coming, but they certainly had to have had some idea what they were getting themselves into just by being there.”

It’s this kind of bull that perpetuates the myth that drugging women to have sex with them is okay, because hell, that’s what happens at rock n roll parties. Right? WRONG! Rape is rape and it’s never okay. What the hell is this doing in a romance novel?

⁃ He takes Adrian in when Adrian’s father discovers them together and subsequently cuts off all his son’s finances, etc., That’s great, but in front of his friends he still calls him a “fag,” and goes along with the homophobic good old boy schtick. “Stupid fag passed out …” Nice one, Zac. Real classy.

⁃ His excuse to Adrian (and this is just after Adrian has had a panic attack, by the way,) is the following (quoted directly from the book.)

“….I’ve been friends with these guys since we were kids. I can’t imagine losing them, you know?” And soon afterwards, “Yeah, they’re assholes but …. They are still my closest friends.” Sorry Zac, this means you ARE a homophobe. You don’t pass GO on this one. Here’s a Must Try Harder badge for your sorry ass.


⁃ Adrian is vulnerable and mentally fragile, but obviously Zac’s magic cock will make him feel all better. Eeeh, that doesn’t really work in real life either, buddy. In fact, as someone who knows about mental health/self-harming, it’s frankly insulting. I KNOW everyone’s experience is different but yeeesh.

⁃ Adrian self-harms. Yes, there is a warning on the blurb, which I was grateful for, but suggesting he is wild with lust within half an hour of cutting himself is just horrible. Half a page of cutting, four more pages of hot sex with a man who won’t acknowledge you as a lover in public? Just … no.

⁃ Adrian will be married off to Miss Dawsen if his father has has way. We have no idea what Miss Dawsen thinks of this idea. She is a distant figure, obviously resigned to her fate as if it were the 1800’s not 2018. Lovely misogynism here, in this paragraph.

Those few dates had left him feeling sick afterwards…… Actually having sex with women rather than enduring the farce of dating them? The very thought made him feel ill….

⁃ The guilt he feels when he actually calls Zac out on his nasty behaviour nearly made me cry. Classic case of victim blaming themselves. At no point did he expect Zac to apologise for his actions. He was just grateful Zac had helped him when he was at his lowest. Again, for me that just didn’t cut it. And then they had sex. Because sex makes everything better, doesn’t it?

⁃ And if sex doesn’t then money does, because once Adrian gets his trust fund, everything seems to resolve itself. I just found that icky, TBH. Yes it happens, but it was just more ick on top of the mountain of ick that went before it.

If you’ve read this far, you get the idea. It’s okay to have tough issues in an MM romance story. In fact, shying away from gay men’s issues is tantamount to playing dress-up dollies and forgetting the gay community consists of real people, not just colourful characters to act out fantasies with. And sometimes, the truth can be pretty ugly.

I get that, I really do, but I’ve written this review because I think this book is irresponsible. If it’s aimed at women, how come more reviewers don’t have the same squeamish response I did? Is it because we still accept that age-old narrative perpetuated by centuries of male autocracy?

Mental illness – good for not shying away from it but the execution was terrible.

Homophobia – if you want people to sympathise with your character, don’t make them a bigoted dick.

Misogyny – Why go there? Women are used to this crap but they shouldn’t have to be.

Date rape/non-con/dub-con – they don’t belong in a romance novel. If you want to put them in, mention them as triggers.

Victim shaming - blaming the women for getting gang-raped whilst drugged-up, Adrian blaming himself for losing Zac, when he is obviously ill and has been for many years. Why wasn't no one else standing up for any of them?

Writers aren't devoid of responsibility in what they write. I'm not advocating censorship, but we do have to think about the dangers of perpetuating stereotypes and dangerous, outdated ideas.
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2,525 reviews22 followers
August 17, 2018
I loved the few other books in this series. I need to read the rest. This book was no different in that it was just as good as the others I've read. Heartfelt, emotional, brutal in some cases. It shows the harsh realities that some live in, and even though we've grown as a nation, to a point, it's still just as bigoted as ever. And the need to hide becomes worse. It's so sad people are like that.

Zac is working his butt off. Being in two different bands, working and going to school. But he refuses to ask for help, even when his parents offer, because all they gave up for their kids. He and his 7 siblings have done all they could to flourish and return the favor for their parents. But Zac has been hiding a secret that he's afraid of getting out. But one man, a shadow, at one of his performances is keeping him on the edge of his seat. He's trying to play it cool but he wants to speak to this guy so bad and the guy up and leaves before he can say a word. What Zac doesn't realize is Adrian can't stay, no matter how bad he wants to. His anxiety in crowds cripples him, but the urge to see and hear Zac play is too much to ignore. When they find out they are in a class together, the sexual tension is off the charts, but Adrian is so shy. A class project forces to work together and they set the world on fire. But they know they have to keep it a secret. Between Adrian’s domineering father and Zac’s assholish friends, they have to stay in the closet. But their caught and Adrian loses everything. Zac takes him in, but things are getting too much. In order to hide from his friends that he's gay, Zac says some very hurtful things and that's the icing on the cake. Now they have to fix things before it's too late. If it's not already.

Man, I hate that this world is so bigoted. Even in fiction you can't always have a happy ending. Well, you can but then it would be this perfect thing and it would suck bad. What's worse is having crippling anxiety and being forced to deal with anxious things anyway. Which caused Adrian to cut. I loved Adrian so much. He just wanted freedom and someone to love him. But his asshole father wouldn't even let him breathe. He was so domineering and such a dick! I hate that man. When you are a parent, you're suppose to love and nurture them, even if you don't agree with their lifestyle. Adrian couldn't even be himself. And when he got kicked out, he realized that he couldn't even find for himself. Which set him on a darker path. Being with Zac was hard but when the 'shit hit the fan’, he knew he had to grow up. He even finally realized he wanted to live, and that made all the difference. What I love about Zac is even when he felt he had to be a dick because of his friends, he still tried to do right by Adrian. Yeah, he stuck his foot in his mouth too much because of it. And it hurt, no matter how many times he apologized.

The fact of the matter is, they both had a lesson to learn. Adrian had to learn he could live without his father. Yes, the inheritance he got made things drastically better, but even broke, he had to take control of his life and be who he was meant to be. Zac had to stand up for himself. If that meant he lost friends….oh well. When you set out to deliberately hurt someone to make yourself better, it's never good. When you truly love someone, the things you used to tolerate should change. If they don't, reevaluate. Something isn't right. Zac had to realize everytime he accepted his friends bigotry, he hurt himself and Adrian. Which is more important? Assholes who spew hate, or someone who truly loves you and you them.

Being different is never easy. Having that difference constantly pointed out to you is even worse. And those of us who tolerate, should be ashamed. If we don't stand and make a change, it will never get better. Take a note from this book. Be a voice. Take a stand. Make a difference. This is a wonderful book and I can't wait to read the next.

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726 reviews25 followers
April 27, 2018
Zac and Adrian are aware of each other because one of Zac’s musical groups regularly plays at the club in Adrian’s apt complex. It’s not until they end up taking a class together and end up partners that they have any interaction.

They each have reasons to be closeted, so they spend a lot of free time together “working on their project”. Unfortunately Adrian’s dad walks in on them, and cuts him off, so they end up living together.

They have some ups and downs, including a short break up, but ultimately love wins in the end.

I liked this, but I hated how Zac almost waited too long to come out, constantly denying and hurting Ade in the process. Also, the school project brings them together, but they never actually work on it once they start having sex.

*ARc provided by author
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381 reviews60 followers
May 2, 2018
Set in a fictional world, Ice on Fire by G.R. Lyons, begins the new series - Treble and the Lost Boys. Ice on Fire is an opposites attract, poor versus wealthy, and outgoing contrasts recluse story, where love triumphs over impossible odds, and depicts real life situations that engage and entrap as events unfold.

Zac Cinder is a college student who has dreams of becoming a rock star, along with his presumably best mates of Inferno. On the side, he also performs as a violinist for the elite as a member of Treble. Zac comes from a large and loving family who struggle to make ends meet. His goals are simple: meet his obligations, provide what assistance he can to his family, and to find love for himself.

Adrian Frost, also known as Mr. Shadow, is a recluse controlled by his father and his family money. Adrian's family life is hard and his father is just a despicable excuse for a human being. While his every need is attended to, but with strings - he must submit to his father's wishes/demands for his life - Adrian struggles with anxiety and his dependence on medication and self-harm get him though the days.

Zac puts on the required facade with his band mates, while holding onto the nights he plays his violin, dreaming of the elusive Mr. Shadow, who never misses a performance. Both Zac and Adrian pine for the other from afar. But, fate intervenes when they are paired together during their academic studies.

These men share the same secret, for different reasons. Yes, they are gay and deeply in the closet. Zac fears the loss of his loving family while Adrian fears his father and the loss of his livelihood. The connection between them is strong and beneficial for both. But, it goes without saying, they have a rough road to travel.

The secluded times between Zac and Adrian are beautiful as well as gut wrenching. Zac is understanding while Adrian is trying to cope and be the man Zac deserves. When their secret is revealed, and the proverbial crap hits the fan, things become what appears insurmountable for them. Zac bears the burden until Adrian realizes what they share. Is it too late? Can words be retracted? And… is it so bad being out of the closet?

Ice on Fire is realistic, heart wrenching, and beautifully written. The men’s fears are believable as are the reactions and evolution which occurs for each man. Lessons are learned, truths are revealed, and the good/bad of humanity accurately depicted.

A copy of Ice on Fire was provided to Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter, by G.R. Lyons, at no cost and with no expectations in return. We offer our fair and honest opinion on behalf of our readers.


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1,738 reviews
August 22, 2018
Adrian is afraid of everything. He takes medication so he can go out in public. The only time he leaves his apartment is to go to school and to watch his favorite band. His father totally rules his life. Making every decision for him. If his father knew he was gay, it would be a disaster.

Zac works full time and is in two bands. Inferno, a punk rock group on the verge of making it big and Treble, a fusion group where he plays piano and violin. He has has a large, loud family that he has never been able to come out to. Wanting to be successful so he can take care of his parents.

Zac has long been intrigued by the large man sitting at the back of the audience when Treble plays. When they are paired up in a college class, Zac is ecstatic. They have a lot of issues to get through before they can be a couple. After Zac does something unforgivable, Adrian spirals down.

I fell in love with both these guys. Adrian's pain is so intense this is not an easy read.

Review Copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads.
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Author 18 books34 followers
June 4, 2018
I am not one to give five star reviews to every book I like. In my mind anything above a 3.5 really has to be earned. To get a five star a book has to be truly exceptional and world changing for me and this book doesn’t quite hit that mark. It comes close, though, so it has definitely earned its 4.5
I loved this book, simple as. Given it’s set in another world, it doesn’t have a sci fi feel. Yes, there are touches, like the fact that the car drives itself, and the police and criminal justice system are run by private enterprise. There are brief mentions of gods and great events in the past, and even two suns. However these are details. They’re baubles on the Christmas tree, not the tree itself. The tree itself is fresh and natural and beautiful.
I absolutely love the fact that Adrian is so flawed. He’s unable to function at all without medication and even with his daily pills his anxiety is so great he can only just manage to get through the day, and that’s when he doesn’t have much adulting to do. Zac is pretty much his exact opposite – very much the adult, despite his appearance with is long black and red hair and goth persona. Actually, he has two personas – his goth image which is perfect for the rock band he plays with, and a far more sedate, respectable image which he uses when he plays for his fusion string trio. He’s holding down a job to pay his own way through college as well as trying to help support the family he loves.
At first sight, these two do not belong together. In fact, to begin with Adrian is sure Zac is one of the very people who had made his life a complete misery when at school. He starts off terrified of the boy he’s partnered up with for a college project, and even more terrified by Zac’s less-than-subtle flirting. It was pretty cringe-worthy but all in good fun. Some of the things Zac says are outrageous and his puns are out of control but it all works.
The writing is flawless, fluid and cohesive and there are so many things that shouldn’t work but do because they are so well written. There are times when both men skate the edge of becoming caricature, but they never go over that line.
I felt for them both from the very beginning. They both have their crosses to bear – Adrian in his father, and Zac in his pretty appalling friends – but they bear them well and somehow manage to make it work, right up to the point it doesn’t. Even then, Zac looks after Adrian, until Adrian reaches a point where he is able to look after himself. At that point please have tissues ready. I don’t cry easily when it comes to books. It takes a special book to make me sob like a little bitch and this was one. There was no sentimentality but the raw honesty of these two had me bawling.
There are so many gems and lovely touches and so many phrases I’m going to steal for real life.
It’s hard to find anything to complain about in this book, although perhaps I would like to have seen some payback for big bad dad. I’m satisfied that the scuzzy friends were paid back enough, although a case of the pox might be nice.
All in all this was a lovely story of two very different men learning to live together. In Adrian’s case it’s more learning to live. I love Adrian’s progression from someone who is effectively a prisoner in his own mind, to someone who is strong and brave and infinitely generous and caring. I think he had to find himself before he and Zac could actually make it work but the separation was painful.
This is not a piece of fluff. It has a lot of weight. If you like strong characterization, flawed heroes, mild D/s play, lots of quirks, music, laughter and some very weighty issues, including self harm and deteriorating mental health, then this book is most definitely for you. Just keep in mind there is a happy ending for these two, happier than you could have imagined at the start.
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Author 17 books95 followers
April 30, 2018
Although this story takes place in another world I wouldn’t class the story itself as fantasy as there were no fantasy elements in the story, apart from the suspicion that another character might be a mage—so I suspect others in the series might be more fantasy driven—and the setting of another world. I thought setting what would have worked well as a contemporary in another world was a brilliant idea as it meant the author was free to world build and use settings and a history that isn’t ours.

Zac and Adrian are opposites in personality and backgrounds, yet complement each other well. I always enjoy stories in which one of the characters is a musician, and I thought the author did a great job in describing the differences between Treble, who play fusion, and Inferno, as well as the ‘persona’ Zac takes on when swapping instruments from violin to guitar. I really felt for both Zac and Adrian, and as the story progressed realised that although they are different, in many ways they are similar too. At several instances through the story I wanted to hi-five Adrian for some of the difficult decisions he made. At first glances it might seem as though Adrian is the one who needs Zac, but I thought they needed each other, as Zac could not have made the strides forward in being really true to himself by the end of the story if Adrian had not been in his life. Both men have a lot of things thrown at them, and although some of the decisions made are not great, they’re all part of a learning curve, and I think they come out as more rounded individuals for having gone through them. At one point Adrian tells Zac a few home truths and they were exactly what I’d been thinking someone needed to say to him. That scene made me very happy and I liked the realism in their relationship, and how they had to work through their different issues in order to have a chance at a happy ending.

I thought the theme of this story was really about being true to yourself despite the cost. Although Adrian has been trapped in a gilded cage for most of his life, Zac is stuck in a prison of his own making. He sticks to his principles when Treble is asked to be something they’re not, yet he struggles to admit to his family and friends that he is gay. The author does a great job in showing the growth in both Adrian and Zac as the story progresses, and I enjoyed reading about their journey immensely. A word of warning though: as the blurb says there are very graphic scenes of self-harm, although I didn’t think any of it was gratuitous. I thought the author handled Adrian’s issues very realistically, and I liked that he had to sink down to bottom before turning himself around, rather than his relationship with Zac being the only reason he is able to move forward.

The supporting cast in this story is very well drawn. Adrian’s father is a controlling piece of work. I wanted to smack the guy on several occasions for the way he treated Adrian. I hope he gets what he deserves at some point. Grrr. Zac’s so-called friends from Inferno were shallow and bigoted, and I thought the author did a great job in portraying them without resorting to stereotypes. On the flip side, I loved Vic and Ryley and I was very excited to learn that Ryley is one of the MCs in the next book in the series! Zac’s family are interesting characters, and I loved reading about the banter at their regular dinners.

I’d recommend Ice on Fire to readers who enjoy a story set in another world with likeable flawed characters on a journey to be true to themselves, an interesting supporting cast, and a plot that kept me reading far too late at night because I had to know what happened next.
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73 reviews19 followers
June 15, 2020
Writing is probably a high 4 for me, but there are a few topical issues for me. Props to GRL for addressing issues like emotional abuse, extreme anxiety, barriers to mental healthcare, and self-harm. They also did a great job showing how difficult relationships are when mental health is untreated, circumstances are difficult and when one side is closeted.

Poor Adrian is emotionally abused which exacerbates his existing social anxiety disorder and then is forced to live in an environment that is not really safe for him and THEN denied access to the healthcare that he desperately needs. This is all well described in painful detail. Thanks for the trigger warning about self-harm because it was difficult to read at parts.

It was easy to hate on Zac at times because, although he was "dirt poor" and had to work really hard to finish school and support himself, he was making it. He had a support system in place and good friend. He chose to remain closeted because he was afraid of losing his dream, which I do sympathize with, but he had a MUCH safer environment than Adrian. To his benefit, he did "save" Adrian from his father, in a way, and he worked really hard to support him and help with his episodes, but his situation was inherently toxic. I don't know if I can fully forgive him for letting his friends treat his boyfriend so badly.

Ultimately, I wasn't really rooting for Adrian and Zac, I don't think they work well together or at least there wasn't enough time for them to really develop into a healthy relationship. They were each others' first, they both come from difficult situations, their relationship is falsely accelerated due to Adrian getting kicked out and neither of them are equipped to deal with these issues. Personally, I was excited when Adrian moved out and got independent. I think they could work together but they both need to get healthy first.

Speaking of, Adrian needs therapy. I mean he really needs someone to help him deal with his triggers independently, without relying on a romantic relationship.

4.5-5 starts for acurrately depicting the horrible storm of mental health, homophobia, and abuse. -1.5 starts for implying that love will make it all okay in the end.

If you're dealing with depression, anxiety or self harm, please please please reach out to someone and find professional help, don't look for healing in love alone. ;

**EDIT**I was super excited about the idea of Adrian being both shy and painfully insecure but also having dom-like tendencies. Too often books that feature D/s dynamics portray dom/mes as all knowing, all power, super confident and fully developed humans. We rarely get to see the insecure sides or the nascent stages. There is so much potential here for Adrian especially. I want more of his development and would love to read a book about him when he's 40.

I feel bad for giving a "bad" review because this wasn't a bad book! Well written and soo many good ideas. They just didn't quite land.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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119 reviews4 followers
April 27, 2018
This author has amazed me again. He’s a definite must buy immediately for my book collections. I love how this author writes about real life issues that tug at my heartstrings. He really tells a story with real-life problems, consequences for their choices (good or bad) and has solutions with usually happy endings. Warning, this book does have self-harm and can be a trigger for some people. The way G.R. describes each character and the way they feel, I find myself holding my breath for them or crying with them and laughing with them. I found myself angry at some of the characters and falling in love with others. Getting frustrated with them and would yell at them, like they could hear me.

First, we meet Zac, aka Blaze. Zac is a very talented musician and leads a double life. As Blaze, he plays his electric guitar with his two childhood buddies in a rock band. And they are good and getting more and more recognition. Then he plays his violin for Treble at Underground. Playing the different styles can get to be a pain in the arse, but he loves them both so much. But playing at Underground has given him new inspiration. The man that sits in the back corner and can’t take his eyes off Zac. No one knows Zac is gay, but Zac must meet this guy, and after each show, the mystery man disappears.

Adrian Frost is the only son of the very wealthy Sebastian Frost. Adrian has huge social anxiety and has to take pills specially formulated for him just to deal with college. But he manages to get to the lounge anytime that Treble’s playing and gets lost in the violinist’s everything. His petite body, the long braid, how the suit he wears fits him so well and the music. He loves the whole package, but every time the show ends, he leaves so that he doesn’t talk to anyone including the violinist.

Well, they end up being in the same college and at the same table in a class. When Zac recognizes his dark shadow, the endless flirting begins. Adrian doesn’t know how to take all this. His father has kept him away from the reality of the real world and is a homophobic prick. These two are total opposites but are so good together, if they can figure things out. Zac has friends that are homophobes too, and trouble lies ahead for these two.

I can’t really say more, but I will say this—I rooted for these two from the get-go. Can these two come to terms of who they really are and not care what the world thinks? Will they get through the hardest times of their lives? Will they let the world conquer or will love? I can’t wait for the next book.

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April 27, 2018
This is the first book I have read by GR Lyons. I am so glad I gave it a chance. It was a wonderful story.

Zac is a college student who dreams of becoming a rock star. He fights hard for this dream because he needs money to help out his family. But, to stay in his band, he needs to hide the fact that he is gay. And is doing so, he is hurting himself mentally and physically. He is lucky to still be alive.

Adrian is an extremely shy college student who is basically a recluse. He is completely controlled by his father. He is also mentally ill and needs medicine to help him even leave the house. His path is life is set for him - graduate college, work for his father's company, and marry an appropriate girl. Unfortunately, Adrian is gay. And his only way of dealing with not being able to be true to himself is to self-harm. He is on a path that could kill him.

When Zac and Adrian are forced to work together on a class project, they get to know each other. And their are sparks. Some hot sparks. Unfortunately, Adrian's father catches them together. Adrian is kicked out of his house, all his money is taken away, and he won't be able to get the medicine he so badly needs.

The road to happiness for these two is not an easy one. They will both have to sacrifice a lot. And it won't be easy. They have to both decide what they really want and if they really want to be together. And they need to admit that they actually love the other. Harsh words and miscommunication is a big problem that they will need to overcome.

Again, I am new to this author. But, I am so grateful to have found her. I loved this story. The love between these two is passionate and intense. The sacrifices they each make will bring you to tears. The overall crap they need to overcome is heart-breaking. The mental issues that Adrian faces when forced to deal without his meds is gut-wrenching. These are two men who both come with so much baggage and desperately need the other to help them through everything.

I seriously loved these characters and was rooting so damn much for them to get their happiness. I am excited to see what else GR Lyons come up with for the side characters.
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3,480 reviews97 followers
November 27, 2018
Ice on Fire is the first book in the new series, Treble and the Lost Boys. Set in the same world as the Shifting Isles series, it can nevertheless be read without any prior knowledge of that series.

Zac is leading a double life - he is the violinist in Treble, and the guitar player in Inferno. He can't tell his longtime friend in Inferno that he plays violing as they will see it as 'gay'. So he definitely can't tell them that he is, in fact, gay too. So he pretends, and hates every minute of it. His family life is a good one, but he is worried about telling them he is gay as well. So, all in all, Zac is firmly in the closet. The only bright spot, which he keeps to himself, is seeing the mysterious Mr Shadow when he plays with Treble. This unknown man is the root of all his fantasies.

Adrian is also leading a double life, but although it looks like he has it all, he is actually more trapped than Zac. Suffering with acute anxiety, he has to toe the line his strict father lays down, or he will be kicked out with no money to his name. He manages to go to the club every time Treble are playing though. There is no way he would miss out on seeing the vibrant and passionate violinist.

These two definitely have a bumpy road, and both of them annoyed me at times. It was heartbreaking to see their relationship splinter under the pressure of studies and exhaustion. With high expectations, and only manageable reality, we see them fall apart and can only hope for a HEA, or at least a HFN!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and can't wait to continue with this series. A brilliant start to the series, and I am waiting patiently for Rylie's story! Absolutely recommended.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
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April 24, 2018
This story takes place in a fictional world, and I rarely pick up anything other than stories with a contemporary setting. I was glad I did with this one as it was a veritable treat.

I was pulled into the story right from the start and the setting of the tale was so interesting and different, almost pulling you into this other world that was quite familiar at times, but then wasn’t and I loved the authors description of this place, because the more I read the more I wanted to know.

The two MC’s, Zac and Adrian were very likeable characters. Adrian was a shy guy, with his own set of troubles; having to hide his sexuality and cow tow to his father, which affects him so much but then he meets Zac .They have such great chemistry, but this isn’t an easy ride, far from it. Zac is torn between having his dream or having love. I really felt for him as no one should have to hide who they are and they deserved it all, no hiding from parents or peers, no sacrificing love for safety but I couldn’t see a way forward for the couple, where they could be together and be happy, but Zac has a come to God moment and has to make some choices.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and I’m so glad I read it. I loved the setting and the author tells this tale beautifully.
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2,489 reviews31 followers
May 6, 2018
Wow.. A Fantastic story that I loved, written brilliantly with scenes with emotion. I loved how both MCs finally meet. The chemistry between them was beautiful and I loved the super sexy scenes between them with them having an eliminate of Dom and Sub spankings.  I really Disliked Adrian's controlling father which is an understatement. Adrian really needed to say No to him. This book is never boring with storylines leading to their struggle. There time definitely wasn't easy and this book includes triggers of self harming with cutting. I may have skipped a page or two regarding this being to much for me. I loved the ending it definitely tugs the heart strings. I'll look forward to the story in another brilliant series, high recommend this author.
Zac aka Blaze was the guitarist of Inferno but he had a secret he'd kept from his band mates.  Also playing for Treble playing at the Underground lounge. Zac was also a student studying and works part-time as a waiter earning his rent and food. The Underground was were he always searched out Mr Shadow a man he lusted over. Adrian suffers with social anxiety but was captured with the dark haired violin player. Adrian starts school shortly ooh no he's a Frost surname, lol.
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Author 27 books298 followers
April 20, 2018
🕊️I loved this book. It had such a great story line. This is my first book by this author. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what else Lyons has out there for me to read.

There were a couple times I watched to reach in the book and strangle the life right out of Zac. 😤

💖 The chemistry between Zac and Adrian was intense. And when Adrian found himself in a bad spot Zac took care of him. We new long before they did that what they were feeling was love.

⚠️⚠️⚠️There are scenes of self harm. I know it could be a trigger for some. There is a warning in the blurb but I'm just throwing it out there in case your that person who likes to blind date with the books based on reviews only. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

I'm really excited for the next book in this series. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out.

💖🤓📚⭐⭐⭐⭐Remember, my 4 stars could be your 5 stars. This review is just the opinion of one lady.⭐⭐⭐⭐📚🤓💖

🦄I was gifted with an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review🐞
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April 27, 2018
This is the first book in The Treble And The Lost Boys Series. The writing was okay but unfortunately this book didn’t work for me. It’s not that it was a bad book it’s that the some of the storyline I just didn’t care for. It was hard to get past my own preferences on certain events throughout the book to enjoy the story. This doesn’t include the self-harm portions. I have read this sort of event before and though I don’t care to read about such sad things. I do see the purpose of including such things. It was more of Zac actions that I had a hard time with. I also had a hard time with Adrian’s panic attacks the way they were written. The plot was steady throughout the book. I found the story and characters interesting. Zac Cinder and Adrian Frost are the MC’s of this book. Although I didn’t care for this book others might. I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book for an honest review.
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516 reviews12 followers
April 27, 2018
This is such a well written story. Firstly we have Zac who is a student with only one semester to go until he gets his degree. He is self financing working a part time job plus he plays in a rock band then also plays in a trio called Treble which is where he finds he has an admirer. The man sits in the back of the room just watching and disappears at the end of the performance.
Adrian is a student who enjoys watching an amazing group called Treble. It is his only pleasure being totally under his father's control, has serious anxiety issues and is medicated but also self-harms.
The two eventually meet when they are sat in adjoining seats during lectures but can they ever becomes friends and what will Adrian's father have to say about it?
Even though this happens in another world, it is easy to follow and not so very different. Who wouldn't love to live in an apartment half-way down a cliffside? Think of the view!!
103 reviews17 followers
April 12, 2018
I absolutely fell in love with Adrain and Zac’s story and them individually. Even though I’ve never faced anything like what they had to Lyons’s manages to get you to connect with them. And oh I love their bedroom dynamic I would say the only draw back is I would have loved to see that even after their ending :) . Without giving a spoiler I would have liked a little bit of an after or bonus scene after ending but otherwise loved the conclusion and am very much look forward to the next book. This was just a wonderful romance and while I’m looking froward to the next treble boys tale; I would also love to here more from Adrain and Zac in the future. This is definitely one of those books I will eventually reread.

I received an ARC for honest review.
5 reviews
May 1, 2018
An Emotional Beautifully Written Story
Yet again G.R. Lyons did not fail to produce another quality piece of literature. Such an emotional and poignant story about two guys whose paths cross, Adrian, who has so many issues from being mentally abused by his father all his life and Zac who thinks he is so far in the closet he will never find the door out. My heart ached for Adrian and the mental anguish he endured all alone and was hoping desperately that they could both overcome their demons and trust the love in which they shared for one another. I love how this Author is able to emotionally get you invested in his stories. I am so looking forward to the next book in this series.
October 30, 2018
So I gave this book a begrudging 3 stars because even though it pissed me off I still got some enjoyment out of it. The main characters definitely shouldn't have been in the living arrangements they were in due to the fact that Zac, one of the MCs, was kind of a douche. Even though he helped Adrian, the other MC, he treated him like dogshit when his friends were around.

It was hard to read, but still well-written. The world building was odd, because the things that made it just the tiniest bit fantasy happened in other books and wasn't aptly explained in this one. Still, I am going to read the next one which is about other people that were in this book.
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January 26, 2019
Wonderful story, beautiful, realistic characters

I love it when I try a new to me author and they exceed my expectations astronomically. This was a wonderful story, set in what seems to be a world formed after some kind of apocalypse. There wasn’t too much world building in the book, it may be that the author has introduced this world before. Zac is my ideal character, a punk/goth/emo young man with a prodigious musical talent. He plays guitar in a punk group and violin in a classical fusion trio. He doesn’t want to admit he is gay and does all he can to deny it. He meets Adrian Frost, from a wealthy, who suffers from severe social anxiety and the story is mainly concerned with their relationship. Zac may irritate those who expect him to say ‘okay, I’m gay’ and come out immediately. This doesn’t happen. Zac’s punk group is very homophobic and he grew up with these guys. The world he lived in is also very homophobic and it’s understandable that, given this, he is reluctant to rock the boat when his band is about to become successful. Adrian is not so lucky and is kicked out of home. It’s a wonderful story with awesome characters and I highly recommend it.
2,319 reviews8 followers
April 28, 2018
An emotional story of two total opposites who are attracted to one another. Zac/Blaze and Adrian are wonderful characters and sparks fly when they finally meet. There are a lot of roadblocks that they need to get through and conquer in order to get any kind of a shot at a relationship and an HEA. There are quite a few issues in this story that are difficult to read about but the author did a wonderful job.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
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Author 11 books29 followers
April 29, 2018
Powerful read with deep emotions. There were times I found myself wanting to reach into the pages to hold Adrian and comfort him because his pain and anxiety were so real. At the same time, I wanted to shake Zac and slap some sense into him. This was a wonderful read and the was storyline engaging. The only thing I didn’t understand, was it is set in a fictional world yet it didn’t really impact on the storyline. I will be reading more novels by this author.
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Author 18 books168 followers
May 6, 2018
The road for Zac and Adrian was a rough one and while I enjoyed the journey, it isn't without its rough patches. Both of the men aren't out, both are worried how their families will react to the news, but it's their relationship, the issues both are dealing with, along with the miscommunication at times that bog down the story. It's an emotional roller coaster and a reader should be prepared for that.
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974 reviews8 followers
March 9, 2019

I loved this. Full of emotion, anxiety, angst, coming to terms with sexuality, homophobic friends. Love, loss, self harm. A brilliant story based in an alternate universe. The story of Zac and Adrian was compelling to read. This is my first book by this author and I'm looking forward to the next one in this series.
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March 24, 2022
DNF 39%

Set in a different world: high tech, high fantasy, but where seniors in college gay bash other students, and a closeted musician sleeps around to keep his friends and family from knowing his deep dark secret.

Gave up after the second hetero groupie orgy. Should have outgrown those friends after high school.
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429 reviews18 followers
April 1, 2022
I am not going into the long list of issues I personally had with this book. Other reviews have pretty much explained the vast amount of Disturbing acts going on. This book is not for me...

I believe in free speech, I believe no one should censor another.. All I'm asking of authors is to please put trigger tags on their work. That way people can make informed choices to read the book or not.
May 2, 2018
This is a new author me, and I love reading something by someone new to me especially books like this one. It was passionate, intense, painful.... I immediately fell in love with these two boys and this book. It was beautifully written, hard to read at times, but I loved it so much.
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