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They came to earth—Pestilence, War, Famine, Death—four horsemen riding their screaming steeds, racing to the corners of the world. Four horsemen with the power to destroy all of humanity. They came to earth, and they came to end us all.

The day Jerusalem falls, Miriam Elmahdy knows her life is over. Houses are burning, the streets run red with blood, and a traitorous army is massacring every last resident. There is no surviving this, especially not once Miriam catches the eye of War himself. But when the massive and terrifying horseman corners Miriam, he calls her his wife, and instead of killing her, he takes her back to his camp.

Now Miriam faces a terrifying future, one where she watches her world burn town by town, and the one man responsible for it all is her seemingly indestructible “husband”. But there’s another side to him, one that’s gentle and loving and dead set on winning her over, and she might not be strong enough to resist.

However, if there’s one thing Miriam has learned, it’s that love and war cannot coexist. And so she must make the ultimate choice: surrender to War and watch humankind fall, or sacrifice everything and stop him.

502 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 10, 2019

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Laura Thalassa

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Found in the forest when she was young, Laura Thalassa was raised by fairies, kidnapped by werewolves, and given over to vampires as repayment for a hundred year debt. She’s been brought back to life twice, and, with a single kiss, she woke her true love from eternal sleep. She now lives happily ever after with her undead prince in a castle in the woods.

… or something like that anyway.

When not writing, Laura can be found scarfing down guacamole, hoarding chocolate for the apocalypse, or curled up on the couch with a good book.

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Author 32 books15.7k followers
December 18, 2019
07/02/2019 Update: And, June came and went ... but good news, War will release July 11! If you want to read more about it, here's the longer post I made:

05/27/2019 Update: I've received a lot of questions about War's release date! Originally I was hoping for a May 2019 release, but edits have been taking longer than anticipated, so War will most likely release sometime in June 2019. I know this news blows for those of you who've been waiting on news about War's release. I promise I'm working hard to get this baby polished up, and honestly, I'm enjoying the sh*t out of the book while I do so. (Normally edits make me regret all my life choices, hehe!) On the positive side, the book right now is over 130,000 words, which is more than twice the length of some of my other books (which is partially why it's taking me so dang long to finish--it's much longer than anticipated). Nonetheless, I hope you can bear out these last few weeks with me! So, so, SO excited to share this one with you all!
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45 reviews10 followers
July 16, 2019
2 minutes ago I finished "Pestilence" and I need this book NOW!!

It was SOOO worth the wait!❤ Awesome book!!!!!❤
Have to say, after waiting so long for the book, I was in love with it even before I started it😊
And now begins the wait for Famine😭
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1,091 reviews17.4k followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
December 30, 2019
DNF at 36%.

I just couldn’t do it any more. Everything about this story was not meshing with me. I was skim-reading way too early on, I found it cringe-worthy, and the story just felt empty and lacked depth.

I tried continue reading it for War, but when I saw the progress I’d made and that I wasn’t even half way through the book, I just had to quit. I couldn’t do it.

Also I wasn’t a fan of the whole ‘New Palestine’ and Israel angle. It didn't seem like enough research was put into it and it bordered on offensive at times.

April 5, 2020
♛♚♔UPDATE 10/08♛♚♔


AND THE COOLEST SETTING EVER!!!! Seriously this book in the middle East and with a multinational cast of characters and multicultural

*coughs* The Cover *coughs*

Yeah, I HATE THE cover, but believe me this book is GREAT!

I'm a huge fan of manga and gory stuff so this book came right into my alley.


I love love love love love it!!!

GUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSS if you haven't read a single book by Thalassa sensei, what are you waiting for? You don't know what you're missing!!! She's a writing goddess.

Read for free with your KU subscription, the best books are always part of KU.

*kisses kindle app in her cellphone*


My favorite horsemen is still Pestilence followed by Thanatos but War is so so hawt!

♛♚♔Pre-reading thoughts♛♚♔

♛♚♔UPDATE 07/14♛♚♔
My friend Parvati-chan (Goodreads was so rude to her) is hosting the QT's buddy reads for War.
Join the cutest BR elite in Goodreads.


The hype for this one is out of this world!! Join the conversation!

♛♚♔UPDATE 07/11♛♚♔
I repeat
(it's not erotica either, whatever that cover looks like)

🌈♩♪ ♫ ♬WAR IS LIVE♫ ♬♩♪🌈
*Kisses Kindle*

Live and already in the top of the charts. I'm so happy for Thalassa sensei, she's a writing goddess.


For all of us in the Kindle unlimited Elite it's

We look so so so so smug now!!

SMUG 'cuz it's FREE for us!!

No offense but not many readers are as cool as us guys in the Kindle Unlimited elite.

Guys without Kindle unlimited!!!!The price for this one is really reasonable!!! Just $3.99 but if you're unsure try a first month KU for free!!!! JOIN THE KU ELITE!! You're missing the best books and We're having so much fun!!!
♛♚♔UPDATE 07/5♛♚♔
🌈♩♪ ♫ ♬JULY 11 ♫♩♪ ♬🌈
I won't be part of the QT's BR but I CAN'T WAIT

It rarely happens but You can tell when I'm pissed off.
*looks at her old Pestilence cover*
* looks at War Cover*

Can you tell why I'm so angry? Literally I cried out of rage. This is bad. Really bad. Almost Ember in the ashes bad.

It's not Thalassa sensei's fault, but allow me to rage.


To the stupid plagiarist who stole from us the original cover I'm SORT OF a witch and I'm sending you bad vibes. What comes around goes around. You stole not only from original artist, you also deprived innocent, AMYzing girls from their beloved covers. Next time something bad happens to you you'll know it was ALL the people sending you bad vibes.


To all the Q-Ts, my amazing BR group. I was ready to start a War Buddy Read with all of you guys but I don't feel like starting a BR for that cover. It's not an ugly cover but it's not what I would've expected after the Pestilence's old cover stylistic approach. My apologies QT's. NO BR for us this time. Don't take me wrong, I'll read on release day, but I'm not organizing nor joining BR's because that stupid thief ruined it for me. I'm seriously pissed off.

GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS can you please help me send bad karma to the plagiarist? He deserves the worst for ruining my fun. I'm fed up with abs in covers!!!! This isn't erotica, you people!!!Thalassa sensei never used shirtless dudes in her covers before THE STUPID PLAGIARIST HAPPENED.

*roars like a lion*
*swears like a sailor*
*gets her butt kicked out of Starbucks*

So let's gather our spiritual forces, our powerful ki's and send them the worst, most hurtful vibes until the thief pays the copyright for the stolen artwork. With whatever he/she loves the most...or worse.

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Author 107 books20.4k followers
Want to read
March 1, 2019

Sorry for shouting.
November 27, 2021
War is so Awesome!

I loved the first book, Pestilence so I had a feeling I would like this one even better and that feeling was so right! At the beginning I wasn’t quite sure where this story was going to go, since it started out so different than Pestilence. However, I couldn’t turn away and I loved every minute. For one thing I love the fact that these heroines are so strong and capable.

Miriam is a survivor, she grew up in New Palestine, formerly known as Israel and is the daughter of a Jew and a Muslim. She survived the death of her father who was hit by a bus at the beginning of the apocalypse when everything with a motor stopped working. Then later Miriam, her mother and younger sister had to flee the city when there was a war. This was prior to the horseman “War” coming. Her city has seen many wars over the past few thousand years.

When Miriam lost the rest of her family in an accident, she returned to the city and lived alone in the damaged and condemned building where their previous apartment was located. She became adept at making weapons and had several rules to staying alive, the most important of which was to be brave. She was not afraid to kill in defense of herself, but when she sees the horseman “War” coming into her city she is brave enough to try to kill him.

“War” sees Miriam and immediately knows that she is his wife and was made for him. Though Miriam fights him at every turn. And it is no small thing since everyone else that goes against him ends up dead. Miriam keeps trying though because he is determined to kill all humans. He forces the people that are captured to either swear fealty to his cause or to die.

The fact that “War” sees her as his wife makes things both easier and harder for Miriam. Easier since he isn’t so willing to kill her but harder because she is both attracted to him and repulsed by what he is doing. It makes for some pretty steamy scenes. I won’t go further into what happens but to say that “War” won’t let Miriam go, so he takes her and his army from place to place destroying everything in his path while she tries to change his mind and thwart him in other ways.

The world building is terrific, the supporting characters are well developed and have their own reasons for doing things. The sites and smells are certainly well described. I couldn’t put this book down, and now I can’t wait for Famine!

August 26, 2019
4 for your soft (and safe) heart stars!!! (update to add links of Aubrey and Lex)
Henry Cavill as War.

Notes for safety gang. For those of you who don't know there's a group of Goodreads romance readers who hate to find things in our reads that ruin our fun. We don't have time to waste with cheating, rapist heroes, and we consider other woman interaction as cheating. It ruins the romance for us. Happy endings are a must for many of us.

Other Woman after meeting:
Other Men:
Violence: The graphic violence ratchetes up. In comparison, Pestilence's violence was less in your face.
Doormat heroine: In my opinion no. That's the reason for my high rating. I love Miriam more than Sara.
Bareback sex.
Mismatched sexual pasts: Yes because REFORMED MANWHORE!!! He doesn't have eyes for anyone after meeting the heroine. Thank you so much for that Thalassa. Would have preferred if his past hadn't been mentioned at all but it didn't play anything with the romance. No X's, no slutshaming of the x's. No OW drama. The romance was great, in my opinion.
RELIGION: I praised Pestilence to no end because it approaches religion in a non-religious way. This book follows the same BRILLIANT neutral approach. If you looked up the world "religion" in your ebook reader it will return 9 results and none of them favors a religion above another.

Case in point Result 2 of 9
All religions want the same thing-salvation. I can hear my father's voice like an echo from the past. We're all the same

Result 4 of 9
But not everything is normal. After all, there's no indictation that religion exits here. Granted, I've only been at camp for a day, so maybe I just need to be patient. However, so far there have been no calls for prayer and no public sermons. I haven't seen anything that indicates which god -if any- these people believe in.

Anyone who disagrees with my POV, could you please quote which parts of the book contradict my statements?

I didn't find anything here that could be offensive to the Abrahamic creeds: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. If anything, the mentions of religion in books like City of Bones and Angelfall are potentially more risky to become offensive for some creeds because the protagonists of those books, Jace and Archangel Raphael question the idea of God and their own biblical origins. Yet those books are insanely popular so I applaud Thalassa for the very unique way she transformed 4 biblical figures into interesting Romance heroes in a way that can be respectful to all creeds. BRILLIANT. It almost makes me give this book 5 stars.

There are some things here that didn't work for me personally but those have nothing to do with safety or romance. As a safe romance I highly recommend this book, almost as much as I recommend Pestilence. If you read only for the romance there's a lot of good things to find here. However, fans of post-apocalyptic books that don't care much for romance might find difficult to suspend disbelief around some situations because

I suggest to approach this book not as Post-apocalyptic story but as a VERY unique, VERY original Paranormal romance that stepped a tad bit into erotic romance territory (not as much as A Court of Mist and Fury, but unlike that book, War isn't marketed toward 11-13-year-old-children). Just don't expect this book to be as unique as Pestilence. The whole premise is still way different than most Fantasy romances out there. It's compelling and makes for a fun read, but some aspects of this story aren't as original (some overdone romance tropes here that in no way ruin the entertaining factor of the book) or thought-provoking as Pestilence. It's a totally different book with a totally different Hero, who isn't as willing to show his vulnerability as his brother, our dear Pest the conqueror.

Side note ABOUT THE BRILLIANCE OF THIS BOOK considering a bussiness perspective inside this spoiler tag. DON'T READ unless you're interested in the behind the scenes of publishers and the agenda against indie authors:

Now let's back to the book.

Reading this book as part of a Buddy Read was one of the best reading experiences I had this year.

Vicky- Death QT
Fotini- Pestilence QT
Chikiboom Mother-shocker QT
April- Death QT
Laura Elizabeth- Pierogi Princess
Bunny Mouse- War QT
Charlene- Sleepy Charlie QT
Tracy- Iron Maiden QT
Jordan-War QT
Karen-Pestilence QT
Parvati Patil- Desmond Flynn QT

I like the QT's review form. It was a great tool to analyze objectively my rating.

Characters: 5 stars
How can't I love Miriam more than Sara? Sara was a good heroine, but she was more willing to accept Pest's logic and his role in our extermination until almost the end of book 1. Miriam?
War on the other hand was so difficult to love AT FIRST.
Character relationships: 4 stars
It was only War and Miriam and for me it was hard at first to root for them. I was rooting solely on Miriam. In general, Thalassa's books are always focused on the couple and their relationship. There wasn't an equivalent of the elderly couple here like there was in Pestilence and I missed that so much.
Pace: 5 stars
Despite my not caring much for War and his raids this book grabbed me and it was difficult to put down. The last 25% of the book is unputdownable. Ignore the DNF's reviews because this book saves the best for last.

Steam: NO STARS. I remember several sex scenes but only two worked for me. One of these sex scenes was as disgusting as the one described in a court of wings and ruin, but Hey! at least this is marketed towards adults and not to 11-13 YO children. I also hated the overuse of porn language. Nothing wrong with dirty talk, but Rhapsodic is one of my favourite books ever and that kind of classy, romantic, creative, not over-descriptive and yet supersteamy sex scenes is what rocks my boat. In other words I only liked the sex scenes that were similar to those of Pestilence and Rhapsodic and there weren't enough of those.

Beginning: 4 stars
The opening chapter didn't pull me the way Pestilence did, but if you don't compare, it was still engaging and well-written.
Middle: 4 stars

Ending: 5 stars
The last 25% is the best part.
Overall: 4stars
Trigger warnings for (cheating?, rape?, gratuitous angst?):
I already posted my warnings, and I wouldn't call the angst that comes with the end of world as "gratuitous angst". The title itself is a trigger warning.
What I liked the most about War in 10 words or less:
I can't say everything I liked about this book in 10 words. So many things worked well here. Again if you don't compare to Pestilence you may enjoy this one a lot.
What I didn't like about War in 10 words or less:
An ancient powerful paranormal being using modern porn language.

Thank you QT's for inviting me to read with you. I'm so glad to see honest, real users who PAY FOR THEIR OWN BOOKS (not a single ARC or booktour review on this BR) enjoying a safe book like this one. Bravo QT's.

I just realized Pestilence changed cover. What happened? Does Anyone know? I can't take this series seriously anymore with a cover like that.
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475 reviews244 followers
July 13, 2019
”Pray for the world.
War is coming”.

Where is the synopsis? I have no idea what will happen in this book, and I couldn’t be more excited 😆.
I took a quiz to know which horsemen I am, and I end up being sometimes War and sometimes Death, so yeah. I really want this one.
Profile Image for Corina.
781 reviews2,091 followers
December 19, 2022
How is your book hangover doing?? I'm still thinking about this book....

4.5 stars

WAR, I’m still speechless and amazed, but incredibly happy, it was EVERYTHING I hoped it would be.

War, the second of the Four Horsemen, was deliciously dark, dangerous, swoony in a warlord kind of way, and very much everything I wanted him to be!! Again, it just shows how much I like these kind of heroes. He was all kinds of FINE!! His determination, possessiveness, protectiveness and later on struggle made a beautiful man. And I’m going to come out, and say that I LOVED War even more than Pestilence. There I said it!!

War had such tender sides, which were the stark opposite to his ruthless pursuit of his duties. I loved how easy it was for him to accept Miriam for what she was, his wife, with a stubborn streak, there to make his life challenging.

I was also impressed by Miriam, she was incredibly strong, but also as I mentioned above quite stubborn. Brave, but lonely, and hardened by war, she was no damsel in distress. Used to surviving on her own wits she was surprisingly resilient when it came to War and his duties. She fought for a different outcome, even after multiple setbacks, she never gave up. And sooner or later her soft heart chafed on War in wondrous ways. My favorite part of the story.

Both War and Miriam were lonely people. Finding another person that would care about their well-being was foreign to both of them. And although Miriam was forced to be close to War, she didn’t succumb to his ‘charms’ immediately. The change came over time. Because even though War was never overbearing, he also was who he was – ‘nothing’ would change that – inhuman, a warlord, and fixed on his duty as one of the Four Horsemen – he was there to destroy mankind.

There were parts of this book that left me raw, drained, and heartbroken. It’s always an eye opening experience to see the Four Horsemen in their elements. I sometimes forget what they are – which is inhuman. They came to earth to do a job. And that’s what they’ll do.

One of the things I loved the most about this book was that WAR was located on a different continent. It was perfect for the story, and delivered a fascinating background story. And now, I can see how the cover fit the story beautifully – kudos to the cover designer.

As I said before, war on itself is never a topic that induces hearts and rainbows. Following a horseman on his reign of terror is nothing to laugh at. Because of it my heart was full but also heavy, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any differently. Can’t wait for Famine’s book.

I received a copy of this book from the author for free in exchange for an honest review. My opinions have not been influenced by the publisher or the author.
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1,838 reviews6,210 followers
July 18, 2019
As far as this apocalypse goes, I'm ambivalent. I mean, sure, we all expect to die soonish, but I think we are all expecting it to be the robots who kill us, not the four horsemen. It's more of a modern solution. I mean four horsemen? That's so old-fashioned.

Why is this taking so long? I haven't even had one robot offer me cake yet.

If you loved the first book, Pestilence, like me, you will like this one too. But, you will also feel like it's not as good, and you will think it's a bit too long and maybe a tad slow in the middle. Then, you will want some cake. Probably chocolate. Served by a robot.

So, one of the best things about Pestilence was that he was so very inhuman. He was learning to human from Sara. But War has been human for a while before he meets Miriam in this book. He's been humaning all over the place. Maybe a little too much since he has been like a fucking machine. Not machine like a robot - I've already established that. A literal fucking-machine. He's been all about killing people and fucking bitches... and everyone is already dead around him...
So, yeah. Not as innocent and other-worldly as Pestilence was.
But, their main missions were the same: kill all humans. They just had different techniques when it came to accomplishing the same goal.

As long as they are enjoying their work - that's all that really matters.

War meets Miriam and decides she's his wife. He takes her back to his war camp, but doesn't rape her. He waits for her consent, even though he believes she was sent by God to be his wife. And, I really gotta wonder... if the fucking God of War can understand the concept of consent, what the hell is wrong with Chad at the frat house? Passing out in your bed from drinking too much at the party is NOT consent Chad!

This is so wrong. That is obviously not a Pringles can. Not long enough. Jilly knows a Pringles can when she sees one.

So, this book is basically Miriam living and traveling in a war camp with occasional outings to massacre the next city. She gets to know War and, for some reason, falls for him. Stockholm Syndrome at its finest. It's pretty much equal to finding the biggest, baddest guy in prison and becoming his bitch because he will protect you from the others. Sure, you are getting ass-raped, but he's also pretty sweet when he forces other inmates to give you their puddings during dinner or he'll shank them. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Bring on Famine!!
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1,447 reviews1,162 followers
September 11, 2020
War isn't our problem at the moment...

This was my first re-read and my first listen of War and I'm again left emotionally drained. I can't believe how much this reading experience was affected by what's going on around us at the moment. It's scary to think that for the first time, WAR is not the biggest problem in our world and seems to be a past event. I know the 'war on terror' is still happening though, with war-torn countries devastated by death and destruction. But, Covid-19 seems to have surpassed the WAR and become the biggest worry in our world. Those poor people have to deal with the repercussions of war AND the Corona Virus.

Maybe I felt this way because WAR is not in my backyard. I'm not directly affected or connected to the war and I can only 'see' what the media wants me to see. The media wants me to see each country that is struck down by the Corona Virus, how many have succumbed and how many have died. Like looking at a historical event, it seemed like War was in our past.

Laura Thalassa writes AMAZING stories, and Susannah Jones brings them to life for me. I was very happy with my listening experience and thought the narrator did a fantastic job portraying the characters. I will definitely be buying the Kindle and Audible versions of Famine when they come out.

The one thing that struck me while listening was when War mentions that his brothers, the ones who have not been awakened yet (Famine and Death) will not stop, and they are even stronger than him. Oh my LORDY! That is a scary, scary thought.

Famine, I'm looking forward to your awakening and I can't wait to meet who brings you down.


It’s hard to love War

This review is a wee bit spoilerish if you haven’t read Pestilence yet. Please proceed with caution.

I think the hardest part of reading an EPIC book like War is deciding whether to surrender. You are faced with so many internal dilemmas about choices, sacrifices, deciding whether to have faith and whether there is redemption for those who sin. Can we look at someone like War, and judge him for something he has no power over? War's purpose was to judge the hearts of men and send them onto their maker if they are sinners. It’s like reading Pestilence all over again. I can’t help but look at the world around me, and think, we’ve done wrong by our people and our planet, when will we stop?

War is nothing like Pestilence. Well, in some ways he’s like Pestilence, as they’re both mean buggers and their purpose and mission is EVERYTHING. But, in a lot of ways, they are different. Pestilence could kill a city just by walking through it. War brings an army to help him kill a city. I think the biggest difference for me was that I felt sympathy for Pestilence a lot sooner in his story than I felt for War. I hated War for a lot of his story. His single-minded focus on killing, narrow-minded views, and judgemental attitude made him less than desirable. I found War, hard to love.

I spent most of the time reading War thinking Miriam made ALL the wrong decisions. The only problem is…I don’t know if there was a right decision Miriam could have made. Do you kill, or be killed? If you protect, will you let someone else pay for it? When your “husband” is the evilest man you’ve ever met…and he can’t be killed, what do you do? Like Miriam, I spent a lot of time trying to work out how to get through to War that what he was doing was wrong. BUT, in the next minute, bloody humans do what comes naturally to them…fight, rape, kill and steal…and I’m back to thinking maybe War’s right. Well, maybe not right, but not completely wrong either.

Laura Thalassa has an amazing talent for making you think beyond what is in front of you. I’ve had a cold this week and I’ve felt extremely sorry for myself. How can I complain, though? I have a roof over my head, access to medicine and doctors, electricity to heat my house and loved ones to care for me. Not even comparing my situation to War, there are a lot of people who are not as lucky as me. Like after reading Pestilence, for about 2.5 seconds I want to be a better person and do better by my fellow humans. The problem is that this task is bigger than just me, we all need to want to be better and do better by each other.

Ok, ok, I’m off my high horse. But, wouldn’t it be nice if there was no War

I honestly LOVED this journey and I think Laura Thalassa is a master at her craft. War flowed in a way that felt intimidatingly long but was over in what felt like the blink of an eye. This is a story that will make your skin crawl, heart beat extra hard, and mind whirl with unanswerable questions. You want to kill but know that killing isn’t the answer. You want to care but know that caring will not save them all. You want to love but know that loving the monster means loving what you hate most. I loved that I hated War, but I loved that I came to love him too.

War took me from the highest highs to the lowest lows. I never thought I would end this story with a goofy smile on my face, but I did. It’s ugly, dark and sinful but it’s also about bravery, determination and dedication.

At the end of the journey, I surrendered to War.

I find it almost impossible to finish an EPIC story like War…and just move on. I can’t read anything similar because it will be hard to beat. If I change up the genre, then there’s a chance that I might misdiagnose my mood and pick the wrong sub-genre. The next book after an EPIC is always hard to pick. Maybe I should take a break from reading…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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170 reviews38 followers
August 12, 2019

I don't know where the problem is.
Is it the book or is it me? Or both?
Okay, apparently it’s me.
And this was the most anticipated book of 2019 for me, but of course it went downhill, cause why not?


I know The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not supposed to be "good" and they are not cute puppies, but we still have to root for them in some way, right?
So when I started Pestilence I almost immediately like Pestilence (character not book), but when I started War I just wanted to...choke him a little?
I think this was hate at first sight for me.


I know he's not Pestilence and he's a completely different person, but I was expecting them to be at least a little similar.
What disgusted me the most was that the women had to offer themselves to War for sex just to keep soldiers from raping them and War didn't even care.

„Better his woman than someone else’s.“

I hated him.
But than when someone tried to rape Miriam (his lover), he was suddenly like :

„Anyone who lays a dishonest finger on another woman will suffer the same fate.“

NOW you care?! Really?! Until now you didn’t give a shit about those women!
And I almost forgot this shit he said:

„Why don’t I fuck you raw and feast on your pussy and keep you chained to my bed like a proper husband?“


So Pestilence was a cuddly teddy bear compared to War. I know Pestilence wasn’t a saint, but still I think he was better person than War.
Pestilence didn’t like killing people, but War did. He was just horrible.
And what should I tell about Miriam (War’s lover)? I guess I am going to repeat myself, but Sara (from the first [Pestilence] book) was wayyy better.
Miriam was smitten too soon with War. She was always thinking about his “sexy” voice, lips, body and blah blah blah.


„Stop ogling a horseman of the apocalypse, Miriam.“

Yeah, I told her that too and she would totally deserved an amazing slap or two.
And then there was this:

„One day my vagina might stage a coup and overpower my brain—but that day won’t be today.“

She was kind of right, but it didn’t last long. OF COURSE.
She thought that everything was about sex.
She was thinking and talking about sex like every 5 minutes.
She even offered sex to him in exchange he didn’t burn the aviaries.
She wanted it to look like she was doing it for people, but of course she just wanted to BANG HIM.


I also didn’t feel much chemistry or love between them. Maybe a little bit, but I cringed hard at all their sex scenes.


If I am not a fan of the characters then the whole book is not great experience for me.

Storyline of the book:
-making out
-making out
-making out
-making out
The end.

The story was (mainly) set in Jerusalem.
I think it was not a great choice, because it seems to me like Thalassa didn’t know much about the people, who are living there and about their religion. I don’t want to offend anyone, but it just seems like it.

P.s. I think that the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is so not true right now.
I think the cover is as ‘meh’ as the book🤷🏻‍♀️
And I hope this is The second book syndrome and the next book (Famine) will be better and Famine won’t be such a pig like War.
Like okay, War kind of redeemed himself, but I still don’t like him.


Finally we have a release date! It’s July 11! 🙌
I’m so excited 😍
Eeew! Am I the only one, who is sooo pissed off, because this cover doesn’t match with the 1st edition of the first book, but match with the 2nd edition, which was not so damn pretty?! 🤬😡
It looks like some cheap erotica.
Why they do this? WHY?!
Teaser for War ☺️:

His eyes search my face. “You’re going to be trouble, aren’t you, wife?”

He studies me some more. “Yes, definitely trouble.”

War steps in closer, close enough for his leather armor to brush against me. Close enough for me to see the gold flecks in his eyes. Those eyes are terrifying. Beautiful and terrifying.

“You’re wrong to think that angers me.” His smile is menacing. “Everything you are was made for me.”

This arrogant bastard. I bet he thinks all humans were created for his entertainment. To fight, to fuck, to kill.

The horseman reaches out and draws a finger over my collarbone, his gaze never leaving mine.

“I saw you and for the first time, I wanted.”

His words pucker my flesh.

“And so, I took.”


Yayyy, Laura Thalassa finally confirmed that she started working on War today 👏👏🙌
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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146 reviews
April 14, 2020
Edit September 29
Admittedly, some things here didn't work for me. War used to be a manwhore (his manwhore ways are in the past) while Miriam is barely experienced and I hated that. My 5 stars rating reflects my overall enjoyment of the story, it was hard to put down and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The twists and turns were great and I love the cameos of the other horsemen.

However, I had small issues, from the cover, to the constant repetition of the same plot: they fight-they have sex. But on the other hand, so many things were working for me, like the way War was evil to everyone, but a lamb when he was with Miriam.

Overall a great book, only some small issues that aren't a big deal. Having said that there's something important I have to say: This book isn't racist at all.

To all of those who posted misleading reviews about this book:


I recommend this series. I can't wait for Famine.


I still hate the cover, but now that some "people" are posting opinions without a back up and trying to get everyone to jump on their bandwagon I want to read this book more than ever and I hope I'll love it. I see many people trying to pull a stupid campaign on War: Making people Hating a book without reading it.

I haven't seen so far any reliable back up based on the book to their negative claims. They posted negative reviews and say the book is potentially offensive but did they even read the book? It doesn't seem like it. If you read their reviews you'll see that everything they post reads as a generic rant that has nothing to do with the book. It's like they can't talk about the specifics of the books because they didn't read it.
Where are the controversial Highlights that triggered them so much?
Where's the Analysis? If you claim something is offensive why don't you explain why?
Where are the offensive Quotes? What in the writing was so triggering to you that you can't quote it?
Where's something to back up their opinions that this book is problematic? And why do these people not only don't back their claims but they also want to impose their opinion on everyone? I love the idea of the setting of this book. I'm tired of every fantasy book being always a variation of medieval England or a variation of American culture. If the setting is so offensive to you it doesn't have to be offensive to everybody.

I'm going to block anyone jumping on the I'll-hate- on- this- book -without- reading -it- because someone- said- something- bad- about- it bandwagon.

Can you please block me if what I say offends you? The people who are jumping on the hate bandwagon without thinking, without reading, without questioning the opinion of a few reviewers who aren't exactly reliable (no backup to their claims), are mentally weak. If you're gonna hate on a book, read it first. Think for yourself.

I read for entertainment, for escapism. Please don't try to impose on me your SJW agenda.

I love that this book will help me to clean up my list of friends.

I'm going to post very good insights from people who never jump into bandwagons and are reliable reviewers, all of them post reviews and interact with their friends.
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211 reviews
April 5, 2020
Edit October 19
Our BR is officially over. This was an amazing reading experience. Thank you for Buddy reading with me. I loved this book.

Let's BR famine next year.

Goodreads continues its campaign against authors outside the established publishers forgetting that indies and their fans are contributing to its Alexa rating as much, if not more, than the fans of traditionally-published books. They modified this post to erase the links to my BR friends and their updates. They erased my previous updates, the invitation to our BR which was open for everyone and our official gif. During our BR they put our updates on hold, and they erased the paperback edition which affected our links and deprived me of my original votes. Right now it's marking 50 likes but in reality this post has more votes and it should be ranked higher in the reviews page.


Notice how the first edition of Pestilence, another book in The Four Horsemen series, and the one I read, is missing the original cover.


In behalf of all the fans of indie authors I'm going to ask the Goodreads staff and librarians to please treat us readers, our reviews, updates, and ratings with respect. No need to be rude.

Update 02 18 20
The links keep being removed, but the slanderous reviews for this book remain.
Staff members: Could you please don't remove the links to the other reviews? It's common practice to link to reviews and I've seen top reviewers use their post to link other reviews. Or is there a double standard? Show you're respectful of readers and their reviews disregarding if they have reached top reviewer status or if they're just regular members. Demonstrate you're civilized and fair.

The QT's: (sorry, for repeating myself: please staff don't remove these links)
🌸Vicky- Death QT

🌸Fotini- Pestilence QT

🌸Chikiboom Mother-shocker QT

🌸April- Death QT

🌸Laura Elizabeth- Pierogi Princess QT

🌸Veronica- Henry Cavill QT

🌸Charlene- Sleepy Charlie QT

🌸Tracy- Iron Maiden QT

🌸Jordan-War QT

🌸Karen-Pestilence QT

🌸Twyla-War QT

🌸Parvati Patil- Desmond Flynn QT
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Author 10 books7,420 followers
Want to read
December 18, 2019

So fucking here for this.

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1,654 reviews978 followers
December 18, 2019
This is the second book in the Four Horsemen series; and it’s War’s story! Obviously, the story had a lot of violence in it; but like the first book...a unique love grew between War and Miriam. In Pestilence’s book there was a lot more touching moments between him and his woman... whereas War and his “wife” ( he truly believes Miriam was given to him by God to be his wife) were against each other for the majority of the story. Even with them being enemies at first, they have attraction and loyalty of sorts towards each other. Once again I was intrigued by the story and loved it all the more for it’s uniqueness.

If a dark tale doesn’t turn you off and you don’t mind a bit of supernatural in your reads... this is a series I highly recommend! If you’re worried about it having a ton of religion thrown in... it’s not like that at all. I am so pleased I found this series and I am hoping hard that the author won’t take too long in writing Famine! I wish I could have waited until they were all out but I am glad I read the first two books! I have definitely found an author that is new to me and I can’t wait to check out her other work!
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July 16, 2019

All religions want the same thing—salvation.
I can hear my father’s voice like an echo from the past.
We’re all the same.

Miriam is trying to live in post apocalyptic Jerusalem when the second horseman of the apocalypse War makes his way there.

She is terrified, but when she is cornered by War, he spares her life. She is taken back to his camp where he claims she is his wife and she will eventually be his.

It’s a slow burn romance between two enemies.

Miriam is brave and funny.

“Is my wife concerned for my wellbeing?”
I fix my gaze on a horse stall up ahead. “I forgot—you’re used to hotter climates,” I say. “I hear hell is particularly warm this time of year.”

War knows Miriam belongs to him, even though she fights with him.

War gives a malevolent laugh, and despite myself, it raises the hairs on the back of my neck. “Fight all you want, wife. Battle is what I’m best at—and I assure you, you won’t win this one.”

Laura Thalassa writes fantasy enemies to lovers romance so so well. If you’re looking for a post apocalyptic fantasy, give this series a try. Free on kindle unlimited.

My only complaint is the wait for book 3!


Remove one book from the tbr pile, another one takes its place 😃
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321 reviews584 followers
December 28, 2020
The horseman reaches out and draws a finger over my collarbone, his gaze never leaving mine. “I saw you, and for the first time, I wanted.” His words pucker my flesh. “And so, I took.”

OKAY THAT WAS SO GOOD. It’s nothing less than I expected from Laura Thalassa. I'll admit I didn’t love this as much as I loved the first book, because I think Pestilence had that little pinch of otherworldly heartache I didn’t find in this book, but it was still amazing nonetheless and I just really love this series in general.

Let me just say I adore Miriam. She’s brave and she’s strong and she’s funny -- I laughed quite a lot reading the book because she just couldn't give a damn about so many things. As for War, he’s brooding and cruel and so so INTENSE, which is the biggest reason why I love him. His cruelty was immense at the start, but somehow Laura makes us look past that and fall for him anyway. (At least, I fell hook, line and sinker for the fucker, just like Miriam). His character arc was very believable. My heart absolutely melted after he gave up his purpose for Miriam and was eager to start a normal human life with her.

Eventually he pulls away enough to gaze down at me, his eyes intense. “I love you,” he confesses. I don’t breathe. “I love you, Miriam,” he repeats. “I hadn’t known until last night what this strange happiness I felt around you was. But I do now. Being with you makes me feel as though I have swallowed the sun. Everything is brighter, fuller, better because of you.”

Let me leave you with a quote from my beloved horseman:

“Over the course of human existence, your kind has come up with hundreds of thousands of words for everything imaginable, yet somehow none of you have figured out how to actually speak your mind.”
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Want to read
December 18, 2019

I don't know why but the minute I saw that cover this guy came to mind:
description description

Remember him?! Showing my age here. He played Ares (God of War) in Xena Warrior Princess. I guess the two just connected in my brain lol. Is it bad I'm hoping War in this book takes after him a tiny bit?
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July 5, 2021
Reread July 5, 2021

I love this book so much! War and Miriam are so great together. Also, I had forgotten how amazing War is. I love him so much!

Original review-July 19, 2019

Loved it!!! This series is so unique! I can’t wait for the next one :D
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December 6, 2021



I'm writing these reviews after reading the entire series, so I've had time to think at length about the plot of every single book, my feelings about the characters and their romances, and how each story compares to the others. Usually, when I binge a series, the details of each book become less clear with every book I read. The stories just kind of all begin to mesh into one giant blob in my head. That wasn't the case with The Four Horsemen. Each book as well as the emotions they evoked are still fresh in my mind, and I credit the author's brilliant storytelling for that.


Okay, okay! Let's talk War!

For starters, War is my probably my favorite hero in the entire series. Even though I adore his brothers, something about him just hits different for me.


The character development War goes through is the most thorough and well done of all of the horseman. I appreciate how he goes from being this violent brute of a man that literally gives zero fucks about humanity to one that falls in love with a human woman and finds compassion for mankind itself. He begins to relate and care for them on a personal level, and it is absolutely fucking beautiful!


I appreciated that though the heroine, Miriam, was falling for War, she never forgot her purpose. She didn't put her personal happiness over saving the world. Every chance she got, she was out finding ways to warn others of what was coming and sabotaging things as much as she was able to. She intervened on other people's behalf when she could, and she tried to use War's affections for her for the greater good. I couldn't fault her for anything she did.



When I finished Pestilence, I was worried that the rest of the books in this series would be carbon copies of each other, and if you're worried about the same, please know that isn't the case at all. The author makes sure that each individual story and couple dynamic is unique. The setting of every story is different than the last, and the endings differ more and more as the series goes on.


If you're interested in The Four Horsemen at all, please don't hesitate to pick them up. You won't regret it! This series is one of my favorites of the year, and if these books are any indication, Laura Thalassa will be going on my list of unicorn authors in the very near future.

Fantasy/apocalyptic romance fans, this one's for you!
December 18, 2019
Buddy read with The QT's


I stayed up on the eve of July 11th until it went live so I downloaded and finished the same day. Fell in love with this book after the first couple of pages. It's quite large book and I read it all in about 12 hours, could not put the thing down. Definitely worth the buy!

Just one thing before I post my Buddy read review form. I'll follow the advice of Parvati, our buddy read organizer, and block all the negative reviews that don't make sense. I bet you many people just started to backlash this book hoping their vicious lies would gain momentum and they didn't even read the book. I did. And I stay categorically they're lying, I don't understand why, but I don't need people like that in my escapism place that is Goodreads.

Within the pages of this book, there's nothing, absolutely nothing...

... political anti-political
... religious anti-religious
... pro x ideology anti x ideology
... racist anti-racism.

It's just a paranormal romance.

The female main character is agnostic. Her mother was Jewish, her father was a Muslim and Miriam loved them both fiercely.

War, not the main character, but the real thing doesn't respect...
...creeds ...
... ethnicities...
...ages ...
... ideologies...
... countries...
... political postures...

... and this book reflects that. So I'm baffled about those people using their review space to lie about this book. I just don't get it.

So without further ado, here's my review form.

Characters: 4 stars
Both were way too stubborn, but I liked them. They are great together.

Character relationships: 4 stars
Just when things were getting interesting the book ended.

Pace: 6 stars
I didn't get bored once.

Steam: 1 stars
Just when things were getting good the book ended. I could have done without all the bj's of the first act.

Beginning: 4 stars
It went straight to the action, instead of getting to know Miriam and War. I'm a character-driven reader, and I like books better when things are the other way round.

Middle: 4 stars
It got a little bit repetitive, but it was never boring.

Ending: 6 stars
It was intense. I need Famine now.

Overall: 4 stars

Trigger warnings for cheating? rape?, gratuitous angst?):
No, kind of, no.
Graphic Violence. But you can infer that from the name of the book.

What I liked the most about War in 10 words or less:
War's feelings for Miriam.
War went from I would do almost everything for Miriam, except that. To I would do absolutely everything for Miriam, even that.

What I didn't like about War in 10 words or less:
War's pigheadedness.
I get it, he's here to kill people and frankly many deserved it, but if he could have at least listened to Miriam and see where she was coming from, if could have only seen her reasoning to stop him. He claimed to love her, but wouldn't do this thing for her, but if he had listened, the steamy moments would have been amazing.

My conclusion
Long story short read this book is well worth buying.

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1,253 reviews336 followers
December 18, 2019
“Blood sprays, and part of the man’s body goes one way, the rest, another. It takes everything in me not to sick myself at the sight. Around me, a cheer rises up from the crowd. The world has gone mad. “

What a ride!


What you have here is:

- Formidable and sexy warlord;
-Compassionate, resourceful and feisty heroine;
-Gory battle scenes filled with living dead;
-Philosophical questions about human nature and its possible redemption;
-Slow burn romance with lots of chemistry.

First of all I have waited a looong time for this book but it was so worth it!
I adored Pestilence and could not wait for his brother War to have his story.

If the theme is the same as in following one of the four horsemen exerting God's judgement on earth War and Pestilence are two beings and stories totally different!

Now if you pitched both against each other it would be hard to choose!

If pestilence was angelic in his appearance with long blond hair and blue eyes War made me think of Khal Drogo with long dark hair, savage dark eyes rimmed with khol and a huge body heavily muscled! And don’t forget his blood red steed!

Pestilence in the beginning of the story was really puzzled by some human habits. He had a kind of innocence and naivety to himself.
But War is the only horseman who has lived into the human’s hearts. He knew men's hearts intimately and judged them.

For as much as Pestilence was a loner, traveling alone to bring illness on men War traveled with an entourage. Phobos warriors as his close guard and men, women, children who had lost everyone to war yet swore their allegiance and helped him annihilate the human race.

For all their differences both were inhuman beings and …lonely.


There is a longing in War that thawed my heart and made me wish for Miriam to surrender and give him her warmth and love.


I loved Miriam our female main character. She was courageous, selfless but also lonely.

When she meets War she has lost all her loved ones and has had to learn to live alone in Jerusalem since she was a teenager.

In that apocalyptic era forget all modern amenities like electricity, cars, running water etc.
Can you imagine as a teenager living all by yourself in a country who has always known violence?

It would take tremendous moral strength yet that's what Miriam did. She was resourceful and used her mother's historical manuals to design weapons. Arrows made of wood and heads made of old glass or plastic.
She survived for so long thanks to some simple rules she followed religiously.

War will invade her city leaving no human alive except if they swore allegiance. The battle scene was brutal and allegiance was sworn bathing in the blood spilled on the earth by dozens of prisoners. Don't agree then get beheaded. Brutal, bloody and savage!

Miriam will refuse to surrender and choses death but War will spare her as she is destined for him. She will be his wife.

Needless to say that Miriam absolutely denies being the wife of such brutal and blood thirsty man. Because where there is war there can’t be love.

That's when it gets highly interesting and entertaining as Miriam will get creative in her goal to save as many humans as possible. I was really curious to see how she would sway war. The dude did not seem to be easily manipulated and he was dead set on succeeding contrary to his brother Pestilence!

I was gleeful when I saw both butting heads. Both stubborn. The human versus the formidable warlord.

She is working against War but he is so determined to care for her, to concede to her “tender heart” that Miriam had a hard time resisting this other side of War.


That’s where Laura Thalassa did a real “tour de force”. She wrote War in such way that it was impossible to mistake him for human. Impossible to forget his holy nature.

Yet all along respecting his otherness she softened War and had him love, doubt and suffer like human does. All because of Miriam. That lonely and stubborn soul so perfect for the warrior.

I have just two words for you: read it!

I can’t wait to read Famine’s story!!!
Have you read pestilence?
Thanks for reading!

Find me on:
Wordpress: Beware Of The Reader
Facebook: Beware Of The Reader
Facebook group : Beware Book Boyfriends Alert
Instagram: @bewareofthereader
Twitter: @BewareOffReader
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September 20, 2019
Trying to get my reading mojo back, I finally finished War after enduring a HORRIBLE reading slump for months. I am busy with work and most of the time I'm exhausted to write my full review. Anyways, I enjoyed it. It's action-packed, thrilling and its romance is slow burning good!

I'm dying to read this as soon as it's released and our second of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is War (look at that Jason Momoa lookalike model). His mission is pretty obvious. To bring wrath and destruction to the path he crossed. He dominates and everyone feared him, even his loyal soldiers. The guy just screams alpha hot and he's destined to meet his wife, Miriam Elmahdy.

Without her family, Miriam fights for survival as War's army tears down her hometown. She's brave, resourceful and legit badass. She despises War for it and she won't let him slaughtered more people. She's sick of losing innocent lives for his gain.

The horseman claims her as his wife and boy I love whenever they clashed. However, Miriam discovers his good side and she's responsible on bringing out of him. She's hoping that someday he'll be capable of love and conscience. Maybe both of them will surrender to have peace.

Just like Pestilence, I fell in love with War's story. Though I still prefer the latter just a bit, this book shines in its own. I have to give all my praises to Miriam. She's a warrior through and through and I love how independent she is and shamelessly breaks War's rules. Let's admit, War is an irresistible guy and he's allured with her, but it took time for him to win her heart. Man, I swooned over them. My favorite part of the story was when Miriam tries to save War's life without self-preservation. Reckless as it may seem but our badass sis STILL FIGHTS despite of .

The only part I disliked was how too long this book is. It dragged on and I doze a little. Overall, it's a great sequel and MY BODY IS READY FOR FAMINE!! But just so you know, I'm most excited for DEATH.


12 / 25 / 2018:
- http://www.laurathalassa.com/2018/12/...

Me after reading the teaser:
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1,391 reviews926 followers
July 30, 2019
This was kind of weird and I didn't particularly like it for several reasons:

(spoiler alert!)
- Why originally have the setting be Israel/Palestine? That seemed unnecessary and problematic and the author tried to gloss over it by making the heroine come from parents who were Muslim and Jewish, but yeah, that was still a bad choice of location to say the least.
- He's War, I get it, but why the zombies?
- Miriam swings wildly between hating and lusting over War and then suddenly she loves him because he has made very small exceptions to his "kill everyone and everything" ways. I don't get it.
- This just seemed too much like the first book. Only with active killing and zombies (again, why zombies?!)
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1,039 reviews463 followers
August 21, 2021

I enjoyed War so much more than the first book in Thalassa's Four Horsemen series. What an epic journey these two characters embark on: War's task of meting out biblical retribution and one woman's hope that she can somehow avert the extinction of the human race.

I loved all the Angelic languages, the zombies, and the sweetly special bond between War and Miriam. Miriam was such a super badass. Loved how she pushed War each and every time, and I loved how he could never punish Miriam for all of her outrageous plots to undermine his mission.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And have you noticed a recurring theme here? The HORSEMEN as well as the human race have something to learn from the biblical scourges which are decimating the world's population. Could it be that, as the Beatles refrain goes, "Love (truly) is all you need..."?

War had me on the edge of my seat: I couldn't put this book down. Almost non-stop action and "awwww-worthy" moments. I am looking forward to the final two installments: Famine and Death. Thalassa's writing just gets better with each new release!

Profile Image for Vicky .
114 reviews
March 29, 2020
Setting a book in Jerusalem doesn't make the book problematic, nor racist, nor disrispectful to any creed. Why all the slanderous reviews? I don't get it. The MC is ready to kill everyone, some people are writing reviews to make it look like

Jerusalem setting= Antimuslim plot?


That's a falsehood. The main character is War and he's here to kill humanity: all ages, all creeds, all ethnicities.

The truth?

Jerusalem Setting = Refreshing fantasy that is respectful to all creeds, political positions and ethnicities.

Not that I care about SJW I'm just here for the writing. Even if the book had been "anti-this" or "anti-that" I would have enjoyed it because I don't read to support political correctness. I read because I love this author and this series.

Some reviews are trying to coyly insinuate that the Jerusalem setting is disrespectful not explaining more. A quote would help, but nobody can quote a book they never read and all those reviews that complain of the setting? I bet you the readers haven't even opened the book.

You, on the other hand, you can read the book. You should read the book as it really good. There's a free preview, in amazon, you don'teven need to read book 1 of the series. Read the preview, you'll see that I'm telling the truth and that the ones posting about "problematic" content or "disrespect for muslims" are dishonest. They must have thought that because War is underrated nobody would notice the complains they're posting are false. It's very easy to see who's telling the truth.


Admittedly, War isn't as good as Pestilence, but boy! I was so into this book. Pretty darn good. My rating doesn't mean this one is better than Pestilence, just that I enjoyed it more. I couldn't put this down, I loved the plot twists, I loved how different and darker War was, both as a character and as a book. Pestilence is a dark man but compared to War he's a sweetheart. I love my men dark and villainous so I can't wait for more of Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. BTW I'm calling dibs on Thanatos. He made it to the top 10 of my favorite book boyfriends.

Miriam 5/5 She gave War a run for his money. That's the kind of heroine I love.
War 5/5 I love dark protagonists.
Thanatos 6/5, couldn't L.T. skip Famine and get to Death first?


Zara 2.5/5 Underdeveloped. I wanted more of her.
Camp people 6/5 I'm glad
Hussain. 2.5 Underdeveloped. Instead of all those sex scenes more time could've been spent on developing his arc.

Character relationships:
War and Miriam: 5/5 I love the enemies to lover trope.
Others: I wish Hussain and Miriam had been friends.
Pace: 4.5/5
It was a long book that I devoured in an afternoon because I couldn't put it down. The middle drags a little, though.
Steam: 2.5/5
I'm sorry, but I didn't like half the sex scenes. I needed less sex and more character development. The dirty talk pulled me out of the story because I didn't expect a horseman to talk like that. I really enjoyed the sex scenes after
Beginning: 5 stars
Middle: 4 stars
Ending: 6 stars
I was shocked to my core.
Overall: 4 stars
Trigger warnings for (cheating?, rape?, gratuitous angst?):
Rape attempt, but it was handled well.

What I didn't like about War in 10 words or less:

What I liked the most about War in 10 words or less:
War, Miriam, Thanatos, The twists, the enemies to lovers. Miriam's spunk. The zombies, the darkness. War's devotion to his wife. I cheated there's more than 10 words, so sue me.


I need Famine and Death.
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