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The Locked Tomb #4

Alecto the Ninth

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The Locked Tomb series—Gideon the Ninth, Harrow the Ninth, Nona the Ninth, and Alecto the Ninth—is an epic science fantasy that blends necromantic theory and thrilling swordplay with a wicked, sacrilegious sense of humor; a modern mix of Dune, Riddick, and Gormenghast.


Expected publication January 1, 2024

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About the author

Tamsyn Muir

39 books10.8k followers
TAMSYN MUIR is the bestselling author of the Locked Tomb Trilogy, which begins with Gideon the Ninth, continues with Harrow the Ninth, and concludes with Alecto the Ninth. Her short fiction has been nominated for the Nebula Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, the World Fantasy Award and the Eugie Foster Memorial Award. A Kiwi, she has spent most of her life in Howick, New Zealand, with time living in Waiuku and central Wellington. She currently lives and works in Oxford, in the United Kingdom.

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435 reviews43 followers
Shelved as 'release-2022'
December 30, 2019
*whispers in your ear* who is Alecto?
Profile Image for Emily ★.
83 reviews18 followers
Want to read
November 3, 2022
If this book ISN'T from the perspective of a tired God eating biscuits and drinking lukewarm pea soup in a ratty bathrobe that was a last minute birthday gift from a lyctor five thousand years ago, then I demand a trial by combat, and by combat, I mean some enthusiastic squabbling and coded hand gestures.

08-08-2020: After reading Harrow, I am absolutely astounded at how accurately I pegged John. He most certainly owns a ratty bathrobe, has been confirmed to only eat ginger biscuits (blatant lack of taste as everyone knows shortbread is best with tea), and everyone on the space station eats (drinks?) an uncomfortable amount of soup. What a guy.
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20 reviews12 followers
Want to read
May 7, 2023
have already begun planning my funeral in preparation for this book🙏
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309 reviews136 followers
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July 22, 2023

Broke: Alecto the Ninth is pushed to 2024 because editing took too long
Woke: Alecto the Ninth is pushed to 2024 because Muir wanted to add Barbenheimer (aka Jod) references and memes to the book
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253 reviews7 followers
Shelved as 'not-released'
June 29, 2020
If Harrow the Ninth is anything to go by, this book is going to be an absolute *ride*. We're all sitting in the backseat of a car while Tamsyn Muir drives us off a cliff.
Profile Image for mj.
44 reviews21 followers
Want to read
February 4, 2020
gideon the ninth and harrow the ninth both murdered me and i’m ready for my third death asap please
Profile Image for library fairy.
190 reviews83 followers
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September 26, 2022
Don’t text don’t call I’m busy thinking about Her… the dead Barbie queen
Profile Image for Nicholas Perez.
441 reviews97 followers
Want to read
July 30, 2021
UPDATE 7/30/21. Everybody, quickly! Go to the Amazon page for the Harrow the Ninth paperback. Click look inside and then scroll to where it says Tor Books by Tamsyn Muir

NONA THE NINTH!?!?!?!?!?

UPDATE 6/1/21. It is my birthday...No cover. Tor, y'all are mean.

Dear Tor,

My birthday is June 1st. For my birthday could you reveal the cover for Alecto the Ninth?

Please. Thank you.
Profile Image for ashes ➷.
924 reviews77 followers
Want to read
March 12, 2023
EDIT: looks like Alecto has been confirmed a 2024 release by TOR as per this GoodReads Librarians conversation. I’m as disappointed as everyone else but also reassured that hopefully Tamsyn is doing what is right for both the story & her health

i don't think you people understand. when this ARC comes out i'm going to start eating paper
28 reviews
Want to read
January 9, 2023
I’d prefer death over Gideon and Harrow having a Paul situation
Profile Image for georgia.
7 reviews
Want to read
January 15, 2023
i hope alecto says "it's alecto time" and alectos all over those guys
Profile Image for Mallory Rosten.
16 reviews16 followers
Want to read
January 22, 2023
I’m getting married this year and that’s my second most anticipated event of 2023
Profile Image for Zoe.
106 reviews4 followers
Want to read
November 27, 2022
(pre alecto // slight gideon/harrow/nona spoilers

guys we have a release date anyways here my alecto requests and expectations:

-griddleharryanthe moments. i want to know about ianthe and gideons friendship bracelet. i want to know what happened during harrows nona era


-paul saying literally anything and i will get upset

-alecto barbie bimbofication to the max please don’t have her narrate in whatever the fuck the last chapter of nona the ninth was like though because i am genuinely so stupid and already can’t understand this series im so fucked is alecto the ninth is narrated like that

-MORE IANTHE BITCH SLAPS!!!! she deserves it. also i want her to be so terrible so i hate her (want her) more!!! tamsyn please

-the wedding scene. who is this. what is it. who is getting married and who is crashing the wedding.

-some upsetting metaphor relating to love i know tamsyn will do it and i know it will destroy me.

-griddlehark kiss. sorry i am a simple woman.

-maybe???? a slight happy ish ending??? i don’t think tamsyn will do it because i can’t conceive the locked tomb with an ending that isn’t batshit crazy. i might still have hope (there is a speck)

don’t even ask me what i’ll do after this series ends. im gonna need a new personality trait. finishing this review when the actual book comes out if it doesn’t kill me.

Profile Image for ….
137 reviews220 followers
April 11, 2023
I read all the time, but no book or series has managed to affect me as much as the Locked Tomb Trilogy. I am so obsessed with Alecto the Ninth and it won't come out until 2023.
Profile Image for Izzy.
622 reviews289 followers
Shelved as 'to-be-released'
March 7, 2021
just remembered i need to wait another whole freaking YEAR for this and i hate :) everything :) about :) that :)))))
Profile Image for Alexx.
310 reviews61 followers
Want to read
April 27, 2021
(4/27/21 Finally had the time to update this) The release date has been pushed back to 2022 and I don't know whether to laugh cry because yes, I have time to prepare myself, but on the other hand, I'll have to suffer waiting first.

I just finished reading my e-arc of Harrow the Ninth and I'm distraught. Now I'm quite positive Alecto the Ninth will END me. In that case, see y'all in the other side or something. 🤧

Find me elsewhere: Blog | Instagram | Twitter
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1,100 reviews962 followers
Shelved as 'to-read-so-bad-it-hurts'
February 8, 2020
I only have one thing to say and that's
Profile Image for Mari.
390 reviews31 followers
Want to read
December 31, 2021
Something in me broke when I saw the release date being pushed back to 2022....

What have I done to deserve this?!? I’ve been nice!

[I am pain, now it's 2023, which is so far away and I'm going to be so old]
12 reviews1 follower
Want to read
August 17, 2020
*pauses shrieking into the void*

Just finished HIX. Am now deceased. Would raise the dead for an ARC copy of AIX.

*resumes void shrieking*
35 reviews
Want to read
June 21, 2023
My demands:
1.More Gideon being snarky and swearing
2. More melodramatic Harrow being rude and competent
3. Less Nona
4. Full Disclosure of what the heck just happened in book 3
5. Final closure so I can stop torturing myself wondering

Checkout https://mija-bookreviews.blogspot.com/ for my review of Alecto and more
Profile Image for lei.
216 reviews35 followers
Want to read
September 11, 2020
taking a break from the five books i'm currently reading at the same time to say I NEED THIS BOOK NOW PLEASE.
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