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The Trust Fund Duet #1

Survival of the Richest

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A Park Avenue princess...
My story starts with a plunge into the cold water of Manhattan's harbor. A strong hand hauls me back onto the deck of the luxury yacht. Christopher was supposed to be my enemy, the son of my father's latest wife. Instead he protects me with fierce determination when I need him most.

This tale begins with a fall, but it doesn't end there.

Because another man wants me.

Sutton wants to consume me with a passion more feral than kind. In the lush emotional wilderness I'm not sure I want Christopher to save me this time...

Or if there will be anything left if he tries.

SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST is a book about finding your soul's desire, even if the search leads you places you never expect. A woman torn between two men. An impossible choice. And a war fought on the most dangerous battlefield--the heart.

354 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 12, 2018

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Skye Warren

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1,103 reviews97 followers
June 7, 2018
Holy drama Batman! This book is gonna grab you by the throat! This story isn't gonna let you go until maybe the end...It still has me thinking...

This is the story of Harper, Christopher and Sutton. Yeah, that's right, it's three people. And what a tangled web they weave.

Harper has a true artist soul. She is a child of divorce. She walks the fine line between her mother and her father, sharing only enough to appease both. She is fierce in her beliefs. She is a true rock star, even though she doesn't feel like it.

Christopher, so stoic, so stable. He saves Harper, even when she doesn't want him to. He hides his true feelings for everyone and everything. He wants what he feels he can't have. He is an enigma...I so hope to learn more about him.

Sutton is pure southern charm.  He is a player in the true sense.  He loves the hunt, he loves the chase. He knows what he is up against and goes for it anyway. Is he a true southern gentleman or is he hiding something? 

The chemistry in this story is just....man, I can't even come up for the right word. There is particularly one scene...you will know it when you read it, that is just epic! 

I am so torn! Which team should I cheer for? Team Christopher or Team Sutton? Trust me when you read this, you will have the same dilemma.  

 I have so many questions when I finished this! I need to know so much more! I am waiting on pins and needles for the next book in this series!

This is definitely a MUST READ! Skye, I bow down to your fabulousness, your talent, your epic storytelling skills! You have a gift and I am so glad you share it with us readers!!

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June 15, 2018
“I don’t want to die, but I want to live. People call that having a death wish.”


DNF at 51%

As much as I wanted to love this book, both of us just did not get along. There was too many cliches and lately, I've been noticing that those seem to get on my nerves the most. This (short) review will be of my own and does not take away from the fact that everyone who is thinking of giving this book a try - should do it!!


P.S This review is filled to the brim (staring now) with sexual innuendos. I'm making up for all the pent up sexual tension that this book did not deliver for me.

Things I Shall Take Away From This Book
- Try Skye Warren again, Alex.
Perhaps this book just did not rub you the right way (all the sexual innuendos for my romance hoes out there) and you needed something....more.

-Many of your friends have loved her books, Alex.
Perhaps her past work in dark romance will in fact hit all the right spots. (2 for 2, baby)

“A gentleman would add my name to the guest list.”
“Did I give you the impression that I was a gentleman? My apologies.”

Things This Book Has Taken Away From me
-My ability to tolerate love triangles.
I thought I could do it folks, I really did. I used to enjoy love triangles and when this ARC traveling its way onto my kindle, I did a little happy dance because who doesn't want some angst and drama in their romance every once in a while?

-The amount of shits I give for overused tropes and cliches.
Daddy issues, money vs. money, popping the cherry (pick me, pick me!!!), etc etc etc.

'nuff said.

Overall, I think this was a stellar case of "it's not you, it's me" and I want to go out and say that the blurb, the author and the cover reeled me in from the get-go. Had it been any other time I read this when I hadn't already read a myriad of other books with cliche and cringe - I wouldn't have minded and perhaps actually enjoyed.
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February 18, 2020
It’s in this moment that I can admit that I still want him. Still love him. That’s the only reason I could be thinking about him when another man stands right in front of me.”

I’ve been a fan of Ms. Warren’s for years, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she has once again written something totally innovative! In SURVIVAL OF OF THE RICHEST, she has created a very unique spin on the played out love triangle trope. It’s not just Harper and Christopher anymore but we now have Christopher’s business partner Sutton…
“It would have been impossible to choose between these two men, but sometimes love doesn’t give you a choice. The heart has its own balance sheet. It makes its own calculations. I’m the last person to find out what it decides.”

The plot is intriguing, the characters fascinating, the sexual tension palpable and nothing about this book is predictable!! SURVIVAL OF OF THE RICHEST is another Warren work of art!!

***ARC gifted from Author in exchange for an honest review.
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197 reviews19 followers
June 8, 2018
I devoured this in one sitting... I mean, I really couldn’t put this book down.
Wow!! Skye Warren.. holy mother of triangle filled angst!!
You had me torn the entire book. I kept swinging for one man then then switching teams to the other.
I was confused. I didn’t know who to believe. I kept reading every sentence expecting a double meaning.
I... I... I’m at a loss on what to say that will give this book the proper gold review it deserves.
You have these two men fighting for Harper. One that steals all of her past the other other trying to take her future. Who is the right man to trust? Who is trying to play games? Those last few chapters in the book had me shaking my leg continuously. I needed to run to the restroom because my bladder wanted to explode, but I refused. I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!
It was definitely a battle field of the richest and the baddest.
And, really?? Another cliffhanger?? It was a good one, y’all! I am anxiously waiting to see where the next installment will take us in this Harper, Christopher, Sutton web.
I also loved that we got to see a little of Warren’s previous characters from her other series.
Last thing I will say is I am 100% #TeamChristopher
I don’t care what he did, he has my heart. I love him!
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1,139 reviews36 followers
June 8, 2018
5 Survivalist Stars!!
Review by Amy W.
Late Night Reviewer
Up All Night w/ Books Blog

"There's nothing personal between us. You made sure of that. There's only money between us."

It's a travesty I tell you. A travesty that I waited so long to read Skye Warren. But now that I have... sorry Skye, I may be a bit stalkerish. So have you read Ms. Warren before or are you like me and a virgin? Know what? It doesn't matter. You need to read Survival of the Richest ASAP!!!

One of these men sees me as competent. The other as a helpless girl. One sees me as powerful. The other as weak.

I normally like to give a little backstory to the book whenever I write a review. But sometimes even that gives away too much. The blurb that is posted is sufficient enough that I don't feel I need to do that anyway. But I will give you my thoughts on Christopher, Sutton and Harper.

I'm not sure who I am if I'm not the girl hopelessly in love with Christopher Bardot.

Christopher is a controlling man. He is loyal to a fault. And frustrated me soooo freaking much while reading. GRRR!!! I don't know what else to say that won't give anything away. I both hate and love Christopher, especially toward the end.

I think out of any man in the world, Sutton Mayfair is the only one who could make me forget about Christopher Bardot.

Sutton, holy efff Sutton!! That man ignited some pretty hot fantasies in my mind with his goodnight kiss. I am totally #TeamSutton if we are picking teams, even though he is every bit the jerk Christopher is, just subtler with it. You don't know it until after the fact and it's too late. Good God, *fans self* he is freaking hot though.

I can't decide what I want, can't decide who I want, and it hurts both ways.

Harper is in some ways the spoiled rich girl that others see her as, but in others she is an amazing young woman with a huge heart. I loved how she made big statements, or you might say Graffiti, to show her feelings on subjects. Medusa and Cleopatra now represent women in a way I never thought of before.

I probably highlighted half the book while reading, so here is one more quote because I like fairytales and I will never look at this one the same again :)

I'm the princess and the pea, my heated skin sensing even the slightest bump beneath layers of cloth. Who knew she was just turned on?

I think it is safe to say that I LOVED this book. I know how I want things to end, but I'm pretty sure I also know how it's actually going to end... they are not one and the same, shame really. Fair warning that it ends on a cliffy, which I knew going in but it still felt like there was a HEA coming until that last chapter, then BAM! I sat there just staring at the last page for a moment, then cursed Skye because the end of summer, really??? I need my Sutton fix now!!!

**ARC provided by author for honest review**
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June 15, 2018
My god..... Ohmigod.......

I have no words to describe the feelings I have in regards to this book. I seriously went left, then right, up, then down, I even bended backwards, jumped up multiple times, heck I even laid on the floor screaming a time or two or ten.

You get it...... I’m a mess.....

If you are ready for a slew of emotional feels, pick this one up. All I can honestly say is I have no idea where the frick my mind is. It’s left wondering what the heck Harper, Christopher, and Sutton were really thinking. I can’t seem to know..... I’ve never been a fan of books involving more than one partner, cheating, other woman, other men, but this book, the writing sucks you in, completely takes over your mind... Yeah, my mind is still lost in the book.....

Seriously though, I need the next book NOW!

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June 11, 2018
Whoa. I don't even know where to start. Survival of the Richest was everything I was hoping for, more, and still not enough. I've been hoping for a Harper-Christopher coupling for a very long time and I thought (hoped) that's what I'd be getting. Until Sutton walked in. All of a sudden my allegiances and desires are all over the place. Christopher is a hard man to get a read off. He's so cold, seeing him be anything else is confusing, and not just for Harper. There were moments when I really didn't like him. He said some things that were just cruel and mean. But then he kept showing vulnerability and that made sense.

Harper has always had chemistry with Christopher, but she had it in spades with Sutton too. I still can't tell you who I'd like Harper to end up with. I wouldn't be averse to a three way polygamous relationship, but I know neither Christopher nor Sutton are good with sharing in the long run. And I know Harper has been in love with Christopher for a long time and I could swear he feels something significant for her too, but I wouldn't count Sutton out yet either. He brings her to life in a way Christopher doesn't. But I'm not sure I trust his purposes for getting involved with Harper.

One thing that didn't surprise me is how angsty and emotional this story made me feel. There were moments that really made me choke up and others that made me feel like my heart was going through the wringer. While the story is told from Harper's point of view, you can still pick up on Christopher and Sutton's feelings. I also loved how much calmer Harper's mother was compared to her behavior in Trust Fund. Of course after all she's been through, it's easy to see why she'd change.

The ending is a doozy. I'm still reeling from it. To say I can't wait for The Evolution of Man is an understatement. Skye Warren is the queen of building up this intense passion between her characters and then leaving you and them on an edge. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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Want to read
April 9, 2019

A Park Avenue princess...
My story starts with a plunge into the cold water of Manhattan's harbor. A strong hand hauls me back onto the deck of the luxury yacht. Christopher was supposed to be my enemy, the son of my mother's latest husband. Instead he protects me with fierce determination when I need him most.
This tale begins with a fall, but it doesn't end there.
Because another man wants me.
Sutton wants to consume me with a passion more feral than kind. In the lush emotional wilderness I'm not sure I want Christopher to save me this time...
Or if there will be anything left if he tries.

Book 0.5: Trust Fund
Book 1: Survival of the Richest
Book 2: The Evolution of Man
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2,111 reviews7,097 followers
June 8, 2018
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MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog:

SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST: Is a Full length, romance novel by 'Skye Warren'

As the story goes it all started with a fall..We meet the poor little rich girl Harper at fifteen years meeting yet another one of her fathers wives, and her short term gorgeous step brother Christoper on board her fathers boat.

He looks like some kind of conquering warrior, like a knight from the old medieval days. The kind who would have defended the peasants but who would also have demanded his due.

One reckless incident and her falling overboard has Christopher jumping into the cold waters to save her. But no one knew about that, that was their little secret.

That one week spent at sea forged a bond between them. No one knew that they corresponded via letters either. At eighteen things change in the blink of an eye when her father passes away.

Harper is now aged twenty-four. Four years have passed since Harper’s father died, and made Christopher the executor of her vast trust fund. Her mother is now in remission from cancer and Harper needs some of her money to help her mother acquire a new medicine that's under trial, that's where she needs Christopher to come on her side and sign some funds over which he declines.

Which has Harper storming into Christophers office but instead of encountering him she's face to face instead with his business partner 'Sutton'

Both men want her..But which one is worthy of her?

0800therapy!! God this book put me through the wringer, the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the emotional pull, the love of two men, my heart and mind were at war, this was one of my most highly anticipated books, when I opened and read that very first page and closing the last page my country could’ve been over taken by aliens and I would’ve been none the wiser, it’s very rare to be so lost within the pages that nothing else matters, and that’s what I love the most about this author, is her effortless ability to transport me away from every day life. Nailed it!!

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2,101 reviews1,249 followers
June 18, 2018
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review


Skye Warren once again delivers a sizzling romance that will have readers begging for more. In her latest release, Survival of the Richest, Warren showcases an angsty, unforgettable, erotic love triangle that will have you on the edge of your seats as her heroine decides on which man to be with. With her addicting and magnetic prose and characters, Warren will have you obsessed. Yes, I was hooked right from the opening pages as this book was my drug as it satisfied my thirst for angst and steam. So if you are looking for a summer read that was wild, thrilling, erotic, sensual and twisty then this book is for you.

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg

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June 10, 2018
Both Men and money have a way of disappearing when you need them most. It's something I learned early, but clearly I needed to learn it again.
Neither if them were anything I could trust


A heroine who fights for her rights, even abetting the enemy to accomplish her goal of saving her wronged mother. She's tenacious and kickass and I love her.
There’s a sense that I’ve done more than submit to him; that I’ve ordered him to his knees. Not with words but by need. Everything about his broad shoulders and his hard features speak of power, and it’s an unspeakable thrill to realize that he bows to me. God, what power a woman can wield.
Lots of passion and heartache are woven together in this story. It tugs and pulls out all the emotions possible. Harper is at loggerheads with Christopher Bardot, the executor. She has to scrap for dollars, while her mother waits her verdict . She gets to meet Sutton Mayfair , his partner and from then on, they are three beads on a string, bumping into each other, grinding and dangling off of each other.
The story has a pulsating rythm. It's very spellbinding. Passion is just below the surface and it becomes a very very intense read as it nears the end. Some scenes are so scorching hot, I still have book imprints on my behind!!!!


Obviously egos get trampled, jealousies arise and competition gets hotter as the story progresses.
There’s a sense that I’ve done more than submit to him; that I’ve ordered him to his knees. Not with words but by need. Everything about his broad shoulders and his hard features speak of power, and it’s an unspeakable thrill to realize that he bows to me. God, what power a woman can wield.
Skye has a very unique style of writing, her language is embellished with adjectives and metaphors, creating a very sparkling visual. I fell in love with the characters and cannot wait for the next book in the series.
4.5 "Butterfly Garden" stars
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September 7, 2018

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DNF @ 72%

That's it, I'm tossing in the tea towel. I was buddy-reading this with my friends Shruti and MG, but after several days of struggling to maintain my attention with this book, I can't stand it anymore. I think my honeymoon period with Skye Warren is over, and I'm deleting all of her books off my Kindle except for the Masterpiece series, which is the only one I feel like finishing.

You can't say that I didn't give Ms. Warren a fair shot. Including this book, I've read seven of her novels and novellas. I really liked the first Endgame novel and I liked the prequel to Masterpiece. About the others, my reaction can be summed up as "meh."

I had several problems with SURVIVAL OF THE RICHES, however, that just couldn't be ignored.

❌️ The first 99 pages is LITERALLY the free-to-read prequel, TRUST FUND. When I picked up SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST, I felt like I'd read the beginning before. That's because I had. The first 99 pages of this book contains the prequel, TRUST FUND, which I'd already read and reviewed. And sure, you can say that it's nice of the author to bundle the prequel in to the novella - but when this novel first went up, it still cost $. I got it when it was free, and it was still free, but I imagine her fans aren't cheapskates like I am. They probably shell out $ for her work because I imagine they read the books as soon as they come out (as loyal fans do) and I can't imagine them being very happy at being forced to skim through nearly 100 pages of word-for-word regurgitated content. Maybe it was the author being nice and trying to make things convenient for her fans, but it also could be a sneaky attempt to bulk up the page count of this "novel" to make people feel like they're getting more.

❌️ The plot of this story revolves around whether or not to save this abandoned library that the rich love interests want to tear down and turn into the mall. I'm sorry, is this an erotic novel or a back to school special from the 90s about cultural values and community outreach? Also, how can you possibly expect me to root for a love interest who wants to bulldoze a library down. Think very carefully about who your target audience is. Now think about what you're doing. #Nope

❌️ The sex scenes are tired and uninteresting. I thought the sex scenes in THE PAWN, the first Endgame book, were hot. The ones in here were gross and stupid. You should hear what the heroine shouts while the hero gives her oral sex. Also they have sex in that library he wants to tear down while he spanks her with a book. That poor, poor book. It didn't ask to be a part of this.

❌️ Love triangle. Need I say more? Between two heroes I don't care about, because they are apparently library-haters. Also, I don't dig the whole alpha showdown of "who's got the bigger D?" that these dudes apparently have going on. Any dude who acts like I'm a trophy that he must win would be better off playing in a bowling league... or maybe Mario Kart. If you're into that thing, bully for you. Maybe you'll like this. I thought it was a pretty lame love triangle, as far as these things go, and if you read the prequel, TRUST FUND, before this, the love triangle basically shatters your expectations about who the heroine will end up with.

Overall, not for me. *deletes all Skye Warren books from Kindle*

1 to 1.5 stars
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2,102 reviews171 followers
June 10, 2018
Reading a book by this author is a pleasure on so many levels. Deep, subconscious, beautiful levels. There are so many things to love about this story. The sharp triangle of a woman torn between an unrequited love and a new powerful man who truly pursues her. The desperate longing to be valued and loved by a man who pushes her away in a twisted sense of righteousness. The sensual awakening, the subtle layers of male pride and desire.

To me, this story goes to all those places with masterful intensity, yet it also goes beyond to create a female soul full of light, sorrow, creativity and wonder. I absolutely loved Harper, the artist in her, the feminist voice of her inner thoughts, her love for a place whose ruined splendor called for an act of saving heroism.

As to whom would I choose? Sutton is presented as this charismatic, all-man alpha male who sees the potential in Harper. Of course, you’re going to root for this perfect specimen who can master a woman’s body. This novel is quite partial to him. Though if you read first the prologue, Trust Fun, you’ll do one thing and one thing only. Fall in love with Christopher.

My admiration and compassion are for Harper. That woman is the epitome of vulnerable, strong heroine.

The final part of this drama pulses with sacrifice and loss and surprises and betrayal. Not until the very last pages do you realize the whole truth about these two men, and it was glorious. I’m completely consumed by Harper’s dilemma, and I cannot wait for the next novel.
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June 11, 2018
This book starts off with how Harper and her one time stepbrother Christopher met in Thrust Fund.

In Survival of the Riches four years has passed since Harper’s father died and made Christopher the executor of her trust fund. Harper is now 24 and has finished college and is visiting Tanglewood. Her mom is in remission from cancer and Harper needs some of her money to help her mother get some new cutting edge trial medicine; but she needs her stepbrother’s approval first, which he won’t give.

The meet cute of Harper and Sutton is Harper storming into his office thinking he was Christopher to demand he pays her bills. But instead of a dark haired man with dark eyes she meets blonde hair and blue eyed Sutton.

Sutton seems to be more fun and dirty mouthed than his business partner Christopher with his Southern accent but you shouldn’t be fooled, he is just as ruthless as him and more manipulative than Christopher. If you’ve read Escort by Skye Warren you know he has plans for Harper and Christopher. He hires Harper to help them smooth things over with the Historical Society of Tanglewood so they can build a mall and raze an old library.

Christopher keeps his feeling close to his chest, especially his feeling for Harper. He shouldn’t want her but he does and is very jealous that Sutton was on his knees while Harper’s dress is up. He doesn’t feature a lot in this book but the scenes he’s in I just wanted him to drag Harper away from Sutton and claim her for his own.

Harper is shock and intrigued that two men seem to want her. She has always loved and wanted Christopher and now he seems to be displaying some feeling of wanting her too but she is confused because she also wants Sutton.

*Spoiler alert*

Harper does lose her V-card to Christopher as she always wanted but Sutton is in the room with them as he watches and throws Christopher a condom. Christopher then leaves while Harper is sleeping then a few hours later Harper and Sutton have sex.

So who will Harper choose or will the choice be made for her? Will she finally get to be in charge of her thrust fund? Will her mom get the medical help that Harper wants for her? Will she get to save the library that she come to care for?

**This is the first book is a duet series** [The Evolution of Man book 2]
March 24, 2020
Holy crap! This book!!! I’m trying to recall a time when Skye has written a love triangle before and coming up short. And I think I know why - the utter annihilation of feelings these three caused was devastating.
I’m not saying it’s a bleak book - far from it. But the push-pull is intense. I was firmly on #TeamChristopher going in. I challenge anyone to read Trust Fund and not be. Even through his heavy-handed protectiveness of Harper, and her love-hate for him, I could see that his intentions were good. But then, we get Sutton. Now, when Sutton first came up... I can’t remember if it was in The Queen or Escort, but that’s irrelevant.. anyway! When he first popped up, I had this thought like, no! He can’t have Harper. Of course, I didn’t know the backstory of Harper and Christopher at that stage but we were always given this hint that Harper was hung up on her stepbrother. Even before we met Christopher. So Sutton was enemy number one for me.
Except then we met him properly. And, God! I didn’t think I’d waver on my team. But I did. There were times that I was resigned to the fact that Sutton was going to get to keep Harper, and even as much as I was still rooting for Christopher, I knew Sutton deserved her more.
As always, Skye’s writing is evocative; a hint of well-timed melancholy to help set and hold the intensity in some places.
This world she’s created in Tanglewood is so rich and structured that I feel almost like an inhabitant each time I read a new conflict there.
Of course, all wasn’t at all what it seemed. A few big moments happened, a few conclusions were drawn, and then the plot twisted dramatically again all in time to say The End of part one.
I’m left reeling. It’s like I can feel the metaphorical razor blades that tore Harper apart. Waiting for the next part might kill me... but until then, I’m just going to sit here and plot how #TeamChristopher might yet get the girl in the end. ❤️
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1,215 reviews19 followers
June 6, 2018
What have you done to me, Ms. Skye Warren??!! My jaw was dropped. My heart break. My emotion is all over. And my head...i need time to actually write this review and i'm still not sure what to write.
Finish in one sitting, this book makes you feels everything. Swoon, jeolous, anger, lust, anxieaty, love, passion. And not to just one man, but two impossible to denied men.
I was torn to choose side. Team ChrisHarper or team SuttonHarper. Cause my oh my these two man sure can make the smartest girl go crazy.
And Skye Warren know how to play that string to reel you in, hooked and sink you until the only thing you want is more.
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422 reviews20.5k followers
December 31, 2018
the men in this were annoyingly possessive but I am a hoe for a good love triangle
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June 12, 2018

There is such a thrill when meeting words by a new or new-to-you author, that new discovery, that new experience, that new everything. I’ve been hoarding a book or two by Skye Warren and even briefly met her at ApollyCon this past March. Now that I’ve finally met Skye Warren’s addictive words, I want ... no .... need more.

I’m only feeling. Only falling and letting him catch me, as if were meant to do that forever.

Besides the thrill of discovering a new-to-me author’s work, another thrill is skipping the preview and going right to the main event. I dove into Skye Warren’s latest book blindly. Survival of the Richest is ONE WILD RIDE! What a roller coaster of tantalizing twists and thrills, addicting angst, and pulse-pounding pleasure! This whirlwind of a heart-racing read POSSESSED ME. I was rendered BREATHLESS.

”You’ll be the death of me.”

With a rich but beautiful and bold heroine along with not one but two intense and mouth-watering heroes, a plot with twists and turns, and witty writing with words that are a flame of fire-hot intensity that burns through the pages, Survival of the Richest is PURE PLEASURE!!! This tale is a bit forbidden, a lot fierce, and all the fun. Survival of the Richest was my aphrodisiac ... my addiction ... my ache ... my all. I drank this delicious delight—every last intoxicating drop! I was so DRUNK ON THIS BOOK! Survival of the Richest was my GUILTY PLEASURE and I NEED MORE.

It’s a testament to female power that she was able to create a shadow of her own beside two men of incredible ambition and renown.

💋💋💋💋 bold and breathless kisses


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June 23, 2018
Survival of the Richest by Skye Warren
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
BOOK DETAILS: Standalone

A 15-year-old Harper St. Claire's attending her yearly one-week holiday on her father’s yacht, he is a billionaire and onto wife number 6 or is it 7? Either way Harper is use to meeting a new one every year. This year his new wife has come with a stepson, Christopher. Harper is not bothered by the attentions her father pays him as she knows next year he will be gone like they always are.

Christopher Bardot's is a tad older than Harper but their connection is immediate, they stay in touch via some random letters in the years after their parents’ divorce.

Now graduated and attending art school Harper sees Christopher again for the first time in 3 years and the connection, that spark she felt, it is still there. However, their circumstances change quickly, seeing them go from friends to enemies in a twist that Harper did not see coming.

Years pass, and a new man in on the scene and he will test Christopher’s true intentions whilst burying himself inside Harpers mind, body and heart.

I don’t want to say too much more in fear of revealing too much, so I will just leave you with this:
Two men, one woman. Undeniable connection, chemistry, lust and hot sex will all play their parts but only one man can truly win the heart of the girl.


Wow, so I can honestly say I didn’t see that one coming! The road this one takes is one less travelled, and I was not sure how I felt about it at first, but the more I read the more I was fanning my face. Seriously did someone turn up the heat or is it just my cheeks that are on fire!! (This most likely won’t make a lot of sense until you read the book and then you will have the “Ah ha” moment)

The emotional push and pull between Harper, Sutton and Christopher is almost too much to take. I honestly didn’t know what to make of Christopher, the first third of the book I loved him, he was sweet and kind and then going into the story further I wanted to slap the stupidity and ignorant attitude out of him, what a jerk he become towards Harper and not to mention a coward for not confessing his true feeling to Harper sooner.

I like that Sutton from the get go, he was dominating, he knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go for it, embrace it and fight like hell for it. That’s my kind of man. Sutton was selfless in knowing what Harper needed from Christopher and handing it to her before he took what he wanted. But is it just lust, is it all just a competition to him, or is it love?

I can honestly say I have never read anything like this storyline before and I didn’t think I would like it but I was wrong I love it. I cannot wait till the next instalment comes out to find out who she chooses!

MY RATINGS: (All ratings are out of 5)
OVERALL: 4.5 Stars

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June 10, 2018
"The heart has its own balance sheet. It makes its own calculations."

Holy Smokes. I was craving a book that will make me freak out. I was craving a book to shock me right out of my seat. I was craving a book to make me so anxious that I was biting my nails so much. I was craving a book to sink me in so deep to the point that I needed air to breathe. Survival of the Richest abated my cravings. Man, this book was PERFECTION. The poetic writing. The sexy but dynamic characters. The titillating storyline. Every page just meshed together to produce a world class story with a mind blowing and addictive plot I fell head over heels in love with. I freaking adored Survival of the Richest. Trust Fund was an introduction but Survival of the Richest was the freaking Titanic and that ship absolutely crashed into me. My soul BLED. My insides BURNED. My heart set AFLAME. Survival of the Richest was a MAGNIFICENT book that I absolutely KILLED me. But I enjoyed every moment of it.

Skye Warren is one of my unicorn authors. Everything she writes, always turns to diamonds. Her writing truly captures me and I just become a straight up junkie for it. She wrote a triumph of a book with such an explosive and heart punishing story that made me lose control. Seriously, I was on pin and needles. My heart was beating so hard. My knees were shaking. Survival of the Richest put me on a damn ringer. I was on a roller coaster going so fast that I was in a rush. I was definitely in a rush. Intoxicating. Exhilarating. Seductive. Sensational. Mind fucking. Survival of the Richest was an intense and emotional read that poetically and intelligently depict a twisted love triangle featuring a feisty heiress and two delicious alpha males. I was bursting at the seams. So much angst. So much drama. Where is my popcorn? Hahaha. A tale of lies and deceit. A tale of sex and sin. Survival of the Richest definitely ruined me. Skye Warren is a great storyteller. Her power of words absolutely drenches me. Her writing absolutely captivates me. Her books manages to always ship me to her world and forget about her writing. I adore her writing. I freaking love her books. And I am absolutely excited for this series. So many shocking turns. I can't wait.

At the end of Trust Fund, I was #TeamChrstopher. I was for sure that Harper will be with Christopher. But this book took a huge LEFT. I am a confused pile of mess. I feel like Skye Warren is in her writing cave and laughing her evil laugh to us. She definitely got me. Right now, I do not know. Harper and Christopher have so much history. The chemistry so infectious. The push and pull so exciting. Add in Sutton to the mix, and the book just electrified. Harper was feisty, independent and kickass. I loved that she fought for her rights and took care of her mother. Christopher was calculating, alpha, hard to read at times and straight up unnerving. Sutton was warm, tantalizing, sexy and charming. Right now, I can't choose who Harper should be with. I am lost for words. I really need the next book asap.

Dear Skye Warren, please hurry with The Evolution of Man. I need my answers. Fans of Skye Warren, you will love this. FYI, this is not typical girl has to choose one boy type of book. It is more than that. Trust me.

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.
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508 reviews386 followers
January 5, 2019
5 stars?! It’s not enough! 10, 100, 1000 stars and it wouldn’t be enough!
I’m in love with this book! And what’s the most important, I fell in love with Sutton... God, that man knew how to manipulate my feelings! And I wasn’t even a part of the book! But I felt like I was... and this proves that Skye is such a great author. Not a lot of authors achieve this. And especially not in every book they write. I’ve read 7 of her books in the last days and I felt like I was part of the action in each of them.
So, I only have two more words: thank you! 🙏
June 7, 2018
Survival of the Richest was a story jam-packed with angst and delicious tension. Through her seductive and thoroughly captivating writing style, Skye Warren delivers a story that will leave readers aching for more.

Harper and Christopher were two characters who intrigued me from the moment we met them in the Endgame series. Two former step-siblings with a huge amount of tension between them and a push-and-pull relationship. Add in Sutton, a sexy and charismatic alpha male who has his sights set on Harper, and you get a trifecta of emotional turmoil and sizzling chemistry. I absolutely loved Harper's character. She was sassy and intelligent, and a truly good person who wears her heart on her sleeve. I loved the back and forth between her and both Christopher and Sutton, and I really enjoyed how she held her own with both of them. If I were Harper I would find it impossible to choose between these two powerful forces. Christopher was dark and broody, a man of honor and values, and he was there for Harper at a time when she needed someone the most. I feel like there is so much more to his character than what's on the surface, and I cant wait to learn more about him in the coming book. Sutton was a charming, sexy cowboy who wanted Harper from the moment he set eyes on her. Both men full of ambition and strength, both have an inexplicable yearning for Harper. Harper faced such a tremendous emotional struggle, which Warren conveyed flawlessly through her writing.

The intimate scenes in the story were smoking hot and extremely well-written. The storyline was perfectly balanced with romantic and emotional elements, and I loved the underlying story involving the library. The parallels the author makes to ancient Egyptian history added another layer to an already fabulous story. And just when I thought things were going one way in the story, Warren hits us with a twist at the end that completely turns things around. This book ends with one heck of a cliffhanger, and I will be not-so-patiently waiting for the next book to see where the author takes Harper's story next.
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July 21, 2018
★3 Stars. Survival of the richest..
“You’re plenty better, Harper. Don’t you ever doubt that. You’re fucking gold.”

From art, adding another devious and wealthy man to the mix, drama, jealousy and denial to death, distance, money, rebellion and love
Harper and Christopher somehow continue to find themselves at odds..and still fighting their feelings and undeniable attraction and love.

Survival of the richest was an overall good read.
It was quite intriguing and enthralling, I was eager to know what was going to happen next!

In beginning, Survival of the richest gave me something I had not expected but I liked so much more than what I had imagined.
I loved the back stories of both Harper and Christopher and their parents, one was sad and the other was unhealthy and dysfunctional.

I enjoyed their blooming friendship, bond and trust that they had in the beginning and I hope to see more in the next book.


Harper is strong, headstrong, insecure, artistic, bold, confusing, independent, indecisive, rebellious and very naive.
Harper has been through a thing or two, since a young age she has always been stuck in the middle of her parents love/hate dysfunctional relationship. She has always been more of a parent to her own mother than the other way around. And she's always had a lot of responsibility. My least favorite thing about Harper is that she was all over the place and it was exhausting. My most favorite thing about Harper is that she wore her heart on her sleeves the entire book - I love that I could not only feel her love and passion for art, but everything that she stood for and believed in. She would and could not be swayed otherwise.
A fighter's mentality!


Christopher is hardworking, honorable, ambitious, selfish and selfless, determined, quiet, brooding, loyal and a complete and utter mystery. And I am definitely look forward to learning more about this man!

Overall Survival of the richest was good.
For me personally, I was a little disappointed to find out that the blurb told me one thing, but the book told me another.
I do wish there were more interactions with Christopher and Harper later on in the book, rather than the sole focus being on her and Sutton.
I also hope that the next book will let us get to know Christopher as a person more. He was a bit underdeveloped.
The book went in a direction that I had not expected and it did fall short for me, but it never changed the fact that I read this book in one sitting.
I was momentarily addicted and I have no regrets.

Despite my minor disappointments with the book, I will be reading the next book.

A big thank you to Skye Warren for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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2,156 reviews56 followers
March 28, 2020
Holy Love Triangles Batman!!!

This book had me anxious from almost the beginning. Two seriously hot alpha dudes. One innocent heiress. I was torn between the guy I loved (who did the wrong thing IMO) and the guy I lusted (who did the right thing - but for the wrong reason) - Gah!!!!

Talk about complicated emotions. I flip flopped all over the place with this one. There were so many lies, so much deceit & best of all so much sexual tension I thought my Ipad might combust.

Gotta say though - that ending made me want to throw my Ipad at the wall. I need more!!! This author is killing me with her cliffhangers. Definitely recommend and can't wait for book 2 in this amazing series.

I received an arc of this book
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June 10, 2018
4.5 Stars!

Skye Warren gave us a hint of the fire between Christopher Bardot and Harper St. Claire in Avery and Gabriel's series and introduced us to the mystery that was Sutton Mayfair in Escort but she honestly blew my mind in Survival of the Richest. This story had passion, fire, intensity and heat that singed my fingers while reading. I never wanted it to end.

In full disclosure I was not sure what to expect when I embarked on reading this book. After reading Trust Fund I could not help but be team Christopher and Harper based on their history, (former) friendship and family connection. But after that shocking ending and then seeing their somewhat acrimonious relationship in this book, I was confused, twisted and unsure about them. Enter Sutton. I thought he was the sexy and charming match to Christopher's hot and broody persona, but what they both never failed at was twisting and confusing Harper to a tee. She was torn in two directions and never expected to feel for both. But when secrets are revealed, who will Harper choose?

Gah!! This story was so intense. I loved the storyline and the angst and while I am TeamChristopher all the way, I did feel like Harper had a genuine connection with both men. This story had sexy spitfire banter, was deeply sensual and the sexual tension was combustible. And while that ending DROVE ME INSANE, I seriously can't wait for more. Bravo! 4.5 stars! ~Ratula
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1,469 reviews260 followers
June 9, 2018
Ohhh no. That ending ugh! 4.5 stars
It has been a while since I’ve read a Skye Warren book. I had forgotten how well she writes. Her books are always extremely well written, full of intelligent conversation, with subtle wit and plenty of anticipation.

This new release is a perfect example of her stellar storytelling ability. She definitely kept me on my toes wondering what’s next. Who is it going to be? When will they ever figure it out? And the ending…. Oh my gosh. While not a cliffhanger, per se, it is definitely not the way you want it to end. Frustration!

One thing I loved about this book is the way she writes about the steaming connection between Christopher and Harper. You knew it was going to be explosive. But I had no idea the depth of the connection was going to be what it was. Gah! Heartbreaking and painful are a few words that come to mind. Stubborn is up there too.

And Sutton - what a naughty boy... Oh, what a tangled story we read. With Harper torn between two men, the emotional push/pull was so tangible. My heart was a bit bruised by the end.

Skye Warren has crafted a story full of detail, emotion, pride, stubbornness, deep love, and a load of other adjectives. But the heated love connection and the build up to the cliffhanger... She's killing me. Now we wait for book 2 ....

* copy received fore review consideration
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June 17, 2018
ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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November 6, 2018
Really what do I think? I gave this bloody book a one star love, what do you think I think.


Me before I started this book-

Me during the book-

Me after I finished this book-

Fuck man. Seriously. Fuck. This. Book. I'll just review this and The Evolution of Man together because like an idiot, I read that as well hoping to give Ms. Warren here a chance to redeem herself. A wrong choice obviously.

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